Clown Game vs Good Man Game

In the past I gave advice on what type of game you should run based on your geographical location. Western game, which I liken to clown game, is based on entertaining and exciting the girl while Eastern game is more about showing that you’re a good man and possible provider. A minor but noticeable trend is that a growing percentage of girls in more prosperous Central and Eastern European countries are shifting to wanting a man with clown attributes. How do you know which game to start with no matter where you are? Allow me to present some guidelines.

Start with clown game if:

  • You are in a nightclub and girls are focused primarily with dancing
  • The girl you want to approach is doing things which suggest her attention is fractured (e.g., taking selfies, having short conversations with many people, not staying still, being part of a huge group, etc.)
  • The girl is expressive or displaying wild dance moves which suggest she wants people to notice her
  • The city you’re in has a far greater percentage of men than women
  • On average you see girls dating up and guys dating down
  • You look around and see many guys with larger muscles and better style than you

Clown game is required when the overall quantity and quality of men is higher than that of women. If this condition is met, women are in scarce supply and will be choosing to leverage their relatively high status for the treadmill of validation, fun, attention, and sexy cock. Putting out signs that you are a good man will be seen as boring or even needy, so you must approach her as a clown and make her excited instead. On the other hand, if you’re in an environment where men are more scarce, or low economic development requires women to find a man for her future stability (or even survival), you should run good man game.

Start with good man game if:

  • You are in a nightclub and girls are solemnly standing around as if hoping for men to talk to them
  • The girl you want to approach is giving inviting eye contact or otherwise checking out men to judge their worth
  • The girl is not overly occupied with her social group or smartphone
  • The city you’re in has a greater percentage of pretty women than decent man
  • It’s not uncommon to see troglodyte men dating beautiful women, and they don’t appear to be rich
  • You look around and see very few guys who look or dress better than you

Good man game works in those environments where a woman is not getting approached regularly by datable men. There, a girl is not seeking machine gun casual sex encounters because she would only be able do it with men who are relatively low value, whereas in a clown environment, girls can have their pick of of good men to play with like toys. Obviously, you know which type of environment I’m seeking and which I have spent the last few years of my life in, but I’m beginning to increasingly see clown game see effectiveness in Eastern Europe.

It’s important to note that you must start with the right approach. The reason is that if you start with the wrong game, the girl will be turned off and any attempt to switch over will be seen as either weird or ungenuine. If you’re confused, you can ignore the above guidelines completely and just focus on running clown game 100% of the the time in America and good man game 100% of the time in Eastern Europe. You’ll be wrong less than half of the time, but to increase your success rate, try to understand what factors are present in your environment that hint at the best game to run. Within our lifetimes, however, I predict that clown game will become the optimum game everywhere in the world.

In spite of the fact that I know when to run clown game and how to execute it, I am exceedingly hesitant to do so. If I encounter a girl where I know a clown approach would work, my energy has to be especially high to succeed with it. Otherwise I’ll just wait until finding a girl wouldn’t mind a more “boring” man.

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