Clown Game vs Good Man Game

In the past I gave advice on what type of game you should run based on your geographical location. Western game, which I liken to clown game, is based on entertaining and exciting the girl while Eastern game is more about showing that you’re a good man and possible provider. A minor but noticeable trend is that a growing percentage of girls in more prosperous Central and Eastern European countries are shifting to wanting a man with clown attributes. How do you know which game to start with no matter where you are? Allow me to present some guidelines.

Start with clown game if:

  • You are in a nightclub and girls are focused primarily with dancing
  • The girl you want to approach is doing things which suggest her attention is fractured (e.g., taking selfies, having short conversations with many people, not staying still, being part of a huge group, etc.)
  • The girl is expressive or displaying wild dance moves which suggest she wants people to notice her
  • The city you’re in has a far greater percentage of men than women
  • On average you see girls dating up and guys dating down
  • You look around and see many guys with larger muscles and better style than you

Clown game is required when the overall quantity and quality of men is higher than that of women. If this condition is met, women are in scarce supply and will be choosing to leverage their relatively high status for the treadmill of validation, fun, attention, and sexy cock. Putting out signs that you are a good man will be seen as boring or even needy, so you must approach her as a clown and make her excited instead. On the other hand, if you’re in an environment where men are more scarce, or low economic development requires women to find a man for her future stability (or even survival), you should run good man game.

Start with good man game if:

  • You are in a nightclub and girls are solemnly standing around as if hoping for men to talk to them
  • The girl you want to approach is giving inviting eye contact or otherwise checking out men to judge their worth
  • The girl is not overly occupied with her social group or smartphone
  • The city you’re in has a greater percentage of pretty women than decent man
  • It’s not uncommon to see troglodyte men dating beautiful women, and they don’t appear to be rich
  • You look around and see very few guys who look or dress better than you

Good man game works in those environments where a woman is not getting approached regularly by datable men. There, a girl is not seeking machine gun casual sex encounters because she would only be able do it with men who are relatively low value, whereas in a clown environment, girls can have their pick of of good men to play with like toys. Obviously, you know which type of environment I’m seeking and which I have spent the last few years of my life in, but I’m beginning to increasingly see clown game see effectiveness in Eastern Europe.

It’s important to note that you must start with the right approach. The reason is that if you start with the wrong game, the girl will be turned off and any attempt to switch over will be seen as either weird or ungenuine. If you’re confused, you can ignore the above guidelines completely and just focus on running clown game 100% of the the time in America and good man game 100% of the time in Eastern Europe. You’ll be wrong less than half of the time, but to increase your success rate, try to understand what factors are present in your environment that hint at the best game to run. Within our lifetimes, however, I predict that clown game will become the optimum game everywhere in the world.

In spite of the fact that I know when to run clown game and how to execute it, I am exceedingly hesitant to do so. If I encounter a girl where I know a clown approach would work, my energy has to be especially high to succeed with it. Otherwise I’ll just wait until finding a girl wouldn’t mind a more “boring” man.

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  • Christopher Bear

    glad i live in a place where i can spit good man game. clown game looks like unnecessary effort!

  • Inside UoM

    Clown game excites women who have had their necessities met and seek fun and casual sex.

    Good man game allows women to find a reliable guy to persue something more than a random cock ride.

  • John

    While clown game is necessary it makes me feel like I’m auditioning for a woman’s attention; I can’t help feeling slightly degraded when I do this. I much prefer what Roosh referred to as ‘boring man’ game, especially now I’m nearly 35. I can remember being younger and going out when I had unusually high energy and little game, but inadvertently running clown game.

  • Jason

    The girl is expressive or displaying wild dance moves which suggest she wants people to notice her
    Reminds me of this…

  • Hugo

    Why do all these American girls have this need to have an infantile lunatic/clown entertain them? Are they that brainwashed by all forms of media as to think pair bonding must mirror half ass, sensationalist, socially engineered Khazar bullshit?

  • Gordon

    To be perfectly blunt, I’m actually much better at ‘Clown’ game than good guy game. It’s extremely effective & works more often than not.

    The big BUT however is that I hate it. It’s a big fake effort essentially having a conversation of zero value. I know the responses a girl will say before she’s said them & in essence it’s like a ‘choose your own adventure’ when you know all the answers.

    Having been involved in game for nearly a decade & approaching 30, I wish clown game would just die. Unfortunately I think Roosh is right & it will be 100% of all game within my lifetime.

  • Dave

    Do you usually kiss girls on a date before bringing them back to isolate and close, or do you prefer not to so as not the scare them off before isolating?

    Do the results of kissing before isolating differ between Clown game regions and beta provider regions?

  • Roosh_V

    Perhaps, but sex gained from clown game is much faster than sex gained from good man game.

    CG hits a girls emotional, impulsive buttons (fast sex)
    GMG hits her logical, long-term buttons (2-5 dates)

  • Roosh_V

    Do you want to be a girl’s “reliable” man that she can count on week in, week out with a series of escalating commitments that result in monogamy, marriage, and family? Or do you want a fun encounter with a slut who has banged half the town and is flakier than snow? It’s easier to find a girl at these extremes than one in the middle.

  • Roosh_V

    I always kiss before inviting to my apartment. Many guys disagree with me but I find this results in more sex. Too many times I’ve invited girls over before establishing a sexual frame and end up getting nothing. Try both and pick which is best for you.

  • anonymous

    Short answer: Yes.

    It really is a fucking tragic state of affairs. Girls just wanna have fun, writ large.

  • Christopher Bear

    i’m in Chile so both methods get fast sex (presumably if you speak spanish)

    I shall decide to coin a new game……Good Clown Game

  • Tom Dane

    What about MIMITW game ?

  • Tom Dane

    The thing is, how is that even “fun” ? Sometimes it’s unbelievable how stupid western women are.

  • Tom Dane

    In Denmark you need Clown Game 100% of the time. Forget about good man game at ALL.
    Good man game would insinuate that you could actually add value to her life that she cant provide herself, a huge insult.. Don’t forget, she is a A Strong, Independent woman. You might as well write Thai Sex Tourist Misogynist on your forehead.

  • бай Хуй
  • anonymous

    I agree with you. The entire clown game approach is a colossal, mind numbing bore.

  • anonymous

    Roosh continues to build a compelling case for the importance of the coming collapse of western economies.

    The end of the dollar can’t come soon enough.

  • TyKo Steamboat

    I will only practice Clown game in the presence of Yankee women. The end. & in the midst of Mid-20’s Slavic girls, the Good Man Game with about 20% of that being Clown as I feel I am slightly older than these girls & I want them to see I know how to have a good time.
    I was practicing this formula before I ever found out who Roosh V was. This site with Roosh’s excellent tips & basic, but brutally effective teachings only enhances my previous philosophies while strengthening some of my weaker views.
    I feel another reason I practice this formula is that I have absolutely no desire to be with an American girl long term whereas the hunt may be slowed or even over if I am able to find the right girl from an Eastern country.

  • Clark Kent

    I saw a buddy of mine making a total fool of himself for this blonde modelesque woman last year.

    He saw me and ran up to say hi kuz it had been a long while. He was dressed up all Mystery-style like I’d never seen him before.

    She called on him and with a torn look on his face said see you later and ran off back to entertain her. Literally acting like a clown in front of her to maintain he amusement and attention.

    I was left with mixed feelings… flat out… he was hitting it and I was wasn’t. On the other hand… I don’t think if I could stomached behaving that way for her.

    Being silly and having fun with a chick is great but he literally looked like a performer.

  • John

    I agree 100% with the article, and I agree with you on hating clown game. In places like clubs and bars where there are plenty of hot girls (or at least a large number of women concentrated making a target rich environment) there is nearly always a larger number of guys (exception being some equal ratio bars, usually the higher end trendy ones which are harder for men to get Into) and they’re nearly always thirsty. Behavioural economics then leads even the ugly girls to experience a spike in value which results in their ego going out of control. The more this happens the greater her expectations and the greater the lengths a man has to go to to attract and then hold her attention, in order to gain vaginal access. And this clown game was born.

    When I was a teenager the local meat market disco was like this, the pussy was unbelievable there, but for every hot chick there were three men. Ugly girls must have lover the artificial increase in value they enjoyed there, and this was 20 years ago.


    Mostly likely these women grew up having constant attention and drama, which is why they’re less receptive to anything else.


    I would say that at least 95% of today’s women don’t care if they find a “reliable” man. They’ll ride the carousel until they are incapable of riding anymore, then find some desperate beta to wife them up.

  • TyKo Steamboat

    I guess I missed the correlation in this piece…

  • rpg

    American girls have been trained to fear rapists around every corner. My mother scared the living shit out of my sisters when they were growing up and one is now a lesbian. Clown game lowers the perceived threatening presence of a man.

  • Phil

    Can you just talk at a relaxed cadence with the Euro girls, chill, be comfortable with silence and pauses in the conversation, have a few beers, then take her home and bang?

  • szymon pokutnik

    Dude, clown game is already here in Poland, so dont forget your clown suit

  • Taj

    If that’s so how will all the Yankees be able to subsidize their location independent lifestyles outside of the USSA aka Clown game 49er Land?

  • Acehole

    Running clown game at the expense of your own personal dignity is not recommended. A man should only stoop so low to get pussy.

    Is getting mediocre pussy really worth feeling like a total moron?

  • Lamar

    Dr. Henry Maow who is a Jew himself has written about how the elite Illuminati central banker Jews(they’re really ethnic Khazars but use the Jew card for clever manioulation read The 13th Tribe)
    Designed the media and feminism to tear down families, brainwash the masses into behavior control, tax two incomes instead of one by putting her out in the workplace and taking her kids from her knee and brainwashing them all day at these pieces of shit gubbament buildings that resemble factories and teach route mundane tasks that don’t really make you smarter but lies away your time and creative juices called “Schools” in order to royally
    Mind fuck the next generation into total slavery. Then everyone comes home in front of the talmudvision and watches brainwashing that agitates and erodes all members of the family. It’s all bullshit and its bad for you like George Carlin said.

  • Acehole

    That seems to be the current female mating strategy in the West, given the societal circumstances. It is perverse, but it simply is what it is.

    It will not end well for this current generation of women, or the men for that matter. When the entire generation of women are bitter, lonely spinsters, who will they blame for their bad decisions?

    You guessed it…men. I wonder what kind of bizarre, Draconian laws will be enacted to punish men in the future. Women will be highly entertained by it, I’m sure.

  • HawkWrites

    Probably because they’re children. Children typically love clowns (unless that clown happens to be Ed Gein).

  • Exiled Princeling


    From what I’ve read of your posts, you’re not looking to settle down. So why live in a place(Ukraine) where good man game is predominate?

  • Ron

    How do your women look compared compare to Argentinians and Colombians?

    Are your Chilean women brown, round faced, thicker bodied,and more native tribe looking or fair skinned, small hips and bodies, thin nosed European looking?

    Describe the a average looking woman for us and any regional differences in looks/culture in Chile?

  • Acehole

    Putting the future of Western societies in the hands of women is proving to be a very, very bad mistake.

    Dark times are likely ahead. The only difference between the coming societal ‘collapse’ and societal breakdown of past civilizations is that the current male population is going to be much less likely to run to the aid of women during this meltdown. Modern women are a major liability during peaceful times. What do you think they will be like when it all turns to shit?

    All the white knights that try to defend women will likely get slaughtered wholesale. The women they are defending won’t bat an eye over their deaths. They will be too busy furiously fucking the marauding alpha conquerors for protection.

    As in the past the situation will be the same: many dead betas, many alpha harems.

    Either that or we will all be trapped in a fem-centric style totalitarian regime of which the world has not yet seen.

    I’m not sure which situation I prefer.

  • Ian

    Imagine a time machine:what would 25 year old Roosh have done (after 35yo Roosh came to visit him to tell him-Vegas is whack, Paraguay has reptiles and shit in the hotels, Poland has big jug butterfaces, Moscow is talent filled but you need $200/day to operate, American girls neurotic consumption of cats cupcakes i-phones and Starbucks is at unprecedented levels,etc,) for choosing a region of poosy paradise to live full time in? Would the 25yo Roosh have said I’ll be in Romania and Poland-F all this other noise?

  • Christopher Bear

    there are lots of everything but certainly they arent up there with colombians

    nevertheless there are quality women here
    not too much competition either
    in Valparaiso there are mostly small bodies, lightskinned women. tribeys are in the north (near bolivia)

    anyways there are good girls, fuckable girls and not quality girls. people here strictly go out to meet people, street game would come off as bizarre. yeah, nice place

  • Tom Dane

    Not in Denmark which is also “euro” girls. Not anywhere in the Western world. But places in EE it’s possible. And Asia and South America.
    Be sure to do research before you go anywhere because the western virus spreads at very high rate.

  • Tom Dane

    Again, how stupid can they get. If I was a serial rapist or killer I would just play Clown Game to appear harmless.

  • Will

    Or combine the two (clown + provider/stable) with one girl…

    I always find it harder to keep an hb 9 than get her in bed once

  • Monument Man

    “you’re a good man and possible provider. A minor but noticeable trend is that a growing percentage of girls in more prosperous Central and Eastern European countries are shifting to wanting a man with clown attributes”

    ^^^^^^^ THIS is saddening to hear. Are the remaining areas of Europe turning to shit? If you have a sell sheet for your next book do you care to share it?

  • A Karing Friend

    If a girl needs clown game, that ought to disqualify her right off the bat, bearing in mind that the purpose of a clown is to distract a bull. If you both amuse each other, that’s a different story.

    A more important s**t test for Roosh’s potential mates: can she handle discussing one of Foucault’s more obscure essays over breakfast.

  • anonymous

    That’s not accurate. Roosh has shown that he likes a mix of ‘fun’ and ‘settling down’. He has had many medium-term girlfriends recently. And he likes the idea of a (relatively) ‘good’ girl to sleep with for 3-6 months.

  • Anon.

    He is making the distinction between lover (r-selection) and provider (K-selection).

    In all of Europe, with the exception of the Former Soviet Union, women under 30 are primarily r-selected. They may have K-boyfriends (these provide companionship, social caché…), but they are chosen through social circle (or sometimes nightclub, but the man must be a reliable local beta) and having one is a logical decision with its own shopping list (the fact that you are a foreign cad who cold-approached disqualifies you).

    They either cheat on these boyfriends in r-selected affairs at nightclubs or they spend several years without a boyfriend (despite having plentiful options, they simply don’t want a boyfriend). A painful breakup (women do not learn from experience, they become bitter and change their approach to dating) mixed with feminist ideology leads them to reject the idea of a K-provider completely. There are varying degrees of this, in Poland most young girls have K-boyfriends, who you cannot replace due to who you are, so you must play the r-selection game (which means that, while you get the girl faster, you also lose her faster when the excitement ceases and she stops texting back). In other Western countries, like America or Western Europe, most young girls refuse to have a K-boyfriend at all, so r-selection (pushing extremely quickly for sex, open relationship not boyfriend frame) is the only strategy that works.

    Then you have girls over 30 who wish to get married, and their standards are looser, as their SMV (sexual market value) is lower. You don’t need “good man game” (which would be equivalent, essentially, to beta game), but as long as you are alpha, willing to wait for sex and show signs of commitment, you have her (these girls would love to snag an alpha for marriage).

    In the FSU, all girls are K-selected (which doesn’t necessarily mean money, but that monogamy and medium to long-term companionship is the only possible mating strategy). They also believe in juggling men (all thinking they are in monogamy) to cover all of their needs. In the FSU you should not try to out-alpha the men (there is plentiful supply of alpha, and although you should be alpha, this is not what sets you apart), or play the provider game (an attractive girl can get a millionaire sugar daddy, and unless you are willing to play in those leagues, refrain). What works is a combination of alpha, and the ability to connect, kind of a nice guy and a bad boy all in one. Think of the psychopathic criminal with underlying sensitivities. They need a strong man, but they also want a strong connection (and Russian girls are great for this), and their men are idiotic brutes and can never provide both. Refrain from being a provider (expect her to have a guy on the side for that, don’t worry about it), and you provide her with the emotional journey, but always in monogamy.

    My point is that “good man game”, or beta game is not necessary anywhere. It would only work if you are going for 28+ girls, and even then it is not necessary because alpha works better (as long as you balance with signs of commitment). If you are in the FSU, alpha+connection (so clown+sensibility game). If you are in the West (or Westernized Eastern Europe), remember that K-selection doesn’t work (or is incredibly ineffective) with girls under 28. In some countries, girls have a lower alpha threshold, because the men are terribly beta (like Poland), which is why it can seem that beta game works, but alpha game works better. No girl really wants an affair with a beta male.

    In the West, men are in a similar dichotomy to what women fact with bad boys and nice guys. Unless you make the girl fall in love with you (for which you need really good connection game and luck), you cannot get a girl under 28 to become your long-term-girlfriend (although you can in the FSU). So, if you want a girlfriend without the worry that she will disappear on you at any moment, go for 28+ (they aren’t as exciting, but they are ok and more reliable). 28- should be for ONS and short flings, with the exception of the FSU where you can make the girlfriends.

  • Anon.

    They are the same girl, just at different ages.

  • Roosh_V


  • Roosh_V

    The beauty is so high.

  • anonymous

    Great post.
    The prediction that within our lifetimes the clown game will predominate everywhere is bang on, thanks to globalization of western values.
    But still there is hope, in places like Hungary and Ukraine, where female beauty, very high, is still not afflicted with this.

  • Professor

    We have super powerful brains capable of art and humor because women have been attracted to and selecting those qualities for hundreds of thousands of years. Do you fools honestly think the beta cavemen collecting the most nuts and berries got laid just for their provider contributions regardless of their looks or personalities.

    Women have ALWAYS found the best entertainers among the most desirable and the provider role has always to some degree rested on the tribe or family unit as a whole. During rare times of hardship being a provider or protector was obviously a bigger factor. However, leisure time has been abundant for most of human evolution. The cavemen who slayed the most pussy were often the ones who could transcend the boredom with artistic creations, elaborate mythology, or by doing the sickest dance moves in the drum circle. Preference for the “clown” is a preference deeply rooted in the human genome.

  • America Is A Big Lie

    When you boil down nature to its core essence even when you walk down the street in a City its The laws of the jungle. The baddest, smartest, most ruthless predators win the chumps ride bitch. People suck in many places now so I guess it will all collapse and revert to a wholesale collapse, slaughter, and guerrilla warfare in the US all those 7.62 NATO shooting and .50bmg totting lunatics with guns will all kill each other. The Jews will hide in bunkers- rebuild it all and charge the next group of suckers interest and it will happen all over again-ascension and collapse.

  • Kurt Bukowski

    You read like a prophet. I’m in Anytown/Mediocore Suckhole USA mall plaza walking and all these lame bitches who are 6s walking around with their heads in an iPhone, procuring clothes or cat related paraphernalia, or being 49er when you’re just walking down the street myob- like oh don’t look at me creep.

    In EE when you walk down the street do the women have such unwarranted 49er pride and bitch shields?

  • Gordon

    It’s true. Inflated ego is a big problem. Unfortunately for women the successful nature of ‘clown game’ is indicative throughout all aspects of a women’s life.

    Style [In a lot of cases] is valued over substance. This is just as apparent in the workplace as it is in the social sphere.

    Sadly, when you see articles such as ‘where have all the good men gone’ in the newspaper every week you wonder whether logic will eventually kick in…

    If your standards regarding a suitor are dependant on the witty nature of his contrarianism & his ability to disguise ‘artificial attraction’ as natural ‘spark’ you’re just asking for trouble.

    Personally, I’d much prefer to chat about substantial topics but unfortunately it doesn’t work.

  • rpg

    How is beauty defined? I still can’t put a finger on it. I banged a petite girl in Mexico, full tits, tight ass, carmel skin and a super tight vag. I could bang her every day forever. They only girl I wouldn’t care to bang again had a super flat ass that made missionary nearly impossible due to pointing her vag down instead of angled up. Anybody married to a flat ass woman has to be miserable.

  • TyKo Steamboat

    Gacy was the clown killer not Gein.

  • ClownsRUs

    “Clown game” isn’t necessary if you’re an interesting person. Roosh knows that many of the readers here are autistic guys with almost no ability to act normal, so I can understand his push for clown game.

  • DannyB

    I guess many of the readers here heard the Dan Bilzerian interview yesterday. Normally I wouldn’t mention a celebrity, but since he is considered very successful with women, I think it’s worth mentioning. He has a very straightforward, no nonsense attitude and tells women directly what their worth is. Sure, you may chalk up all of his notches to his fame, but that’s not a totally fair explanation of things. His style of straightforward normal male behavior would be neither clown game nor good guy game, although he considers himself a good guy and it’s arguably closer to that. Roosh’s theory doesn’t really address high value successful males in any way, but it would have been worthwhile to mention. I’ve noticed in almost any society, successful men tend to do well (“hey, that’s not fair, he defies the clown game rules we studied on the web!”), and average men tend to look for shortcuts and excuses.

  • WomenAreLosers

    American women (or at least 99% of them) are low net worth losers who have never had to do anything difficult in their lives. When men succeed and do something difficult, nowadays only men are impressed. Women, in their quest for record-defying stupidity, sit there confused.. watching, waiting to follow the herd and learn how they’re supposed to react to someone else’s successes.

  • AlphaFucksBetaBux

    No, he’s not making a vague distinction between alpha and beta. There would be no reason to think that clown game is synonymous with alpha male, high value behavior. There are so many vague, unsupported theories in this post it’s hard to know where to begin. The way you separate FSU from the rest of the Europe only makes it appear that you’ve never been to most countries in Europe. It sounds a lot like a low value American man went to 2 or 3 countries in Europe and acts like he can now do a detailed analysis of the entire dating spectrum. If so, please submit articles on ROK (your posts tend to be that long) comparing the countries. If not, you won’t persuade anyone. I’ve seen your outbursts at other commenters, so no need to direct your angst at me. Just hit the submit an article button if you have something useful people should know. Qualify your statements and you may convince someone.

  • GirlyMind

    I hate how long some of the comments are. It’s also
    very funny how this comment shows how much these guys overthink things
    and turn it into a science where none actually exists. Women make
    emotional, inexplicable, and illogical decisions (many of which they
    wouldn’t make 1 hour earlier or later). Most of them cannot be
    predicted. There’s no reason to imagine women think everything through
    totally logically and have a perfect meter for measuring alpha and beta.
    This is attaching male rationality to women’s thinking, which we know
    is a rookie mistake. Are you new to the manosphere?

  • RickyDelabonte

    I agree completely. That basically sums up why I think most manosphere shit is a huge waste of time; junk science at it’s finest.

  • BizarreLost

    I don’t know what your rationale would be for
    choosing Romania over Hungary. The women are darker and lower quality,
    worse religiously (which benefits you in no way and concretely will lead
    to less sex), worse economically (which surprisingly benefits you in no
    concrete way) and you’ll have a harder time earning an income (if
    that’s what you want to do) and finding fun leisure activities (if
    that’s what you want to do).
    In summary, I don’t know what would be going through
    your head if you chose Romania, and I don’t know what was going through
    Roosh’s head when he did.

  • KidnapBloodDonor

    I agree with your sentiment. I wouldn’t want to live in a place where my life is worth 0, as in you disappear and nothing happens; no investigation; nothing. I especially wouldn’t want to be considered wealthy in that area, as that’s a perfect motive. That rules out many places in Romania and Russia. I guess no one in the manosphere cares about that, but it seems like a very valid point to make.

  • okane24

    Clown game plus A%shole game beats Good guy game. I’m 37, decent looking, and this 23 yr old, Persian hottie, petite, big fake boobs, small waist, nice butt, I’ve been seeing on and off for a while now… she calls me to pick her up. Apparently she got into a fight with a dude she’s been seeing. I don’t care or want her because she’s bad news. She’s just hot!

    He gave her a $2,500 ring and they had a fight. I pick her up, make fun of her because she has no car, we make out in the car. I take her back to my place, give her some soup I made. She says she has to go home. We proceed to make out during eating and after. She says she’s sad and has to go. She lays on my couch. We make out more.

    The whole time the dude is texting her telling her, “I just gave you my heart and you run out on me.” We have a laugh about it. I tell her how to extort money out of the guy. She tells me she owes rent soon. I tell her he will probably pay for it.

    I feel bad because I have always been the “romantic”, typical beta nice guy and it never got me anywhere! And I’m killing this guy. She asks me how to get money from him. I tell her to not text him back for a few days and get back to him later. I lie and tell her it’s my full time job to teach girls how to extort money from Beta guys and then use that money for me.

    I tell her to get $2,000 from him and pay me 10%. We laugh about it and make out more. I feel horrible, but it’s soo easy. She doesn’t give a F&*# about this guy. She doesn’t care about me either, but at least I’m getting some action. I suck on her C sizers and give them both a pet name. She loves it. I try for more, but she gives some lame excuse about needing to go home.

    I don’t really care because I was just chilling at home watching a movie before she called. I take her home, make out some more, feel up on her soft, plump a#$ and leave her. I spent about $15 with gas and food from home and got some action when he dropped $2,500 on a ring for her and he got dumped. I feel sorry for Mr. Good Guy, because that was and is sort of still me…

  • Monument Man

    Good point. Do the research based on reliable manosphere info, not politically correct bs.

    For example, in argentina the women do not find whit north american all that attractive; added into the fact their females are very superficial and materialistic. One would think that a country such as Argentina that struggles so much one would expect more humble attitudes from the women there.

  • Monument Man

    ” I wouldn’t want to live in a place where my life is worth 0″

    Don’t forget to include the US on your list of countries.

  • Anon.

    If you go to a Western country and try to set a boyfriend frame with a girl under 28 you will fail.

    This is a template garnered from personal experience. If you break it, you WILL fail. Period.

  • Kayvon

    what the fuck is good man game?

  • Model 800

    It spreads with the net. Once an area becomes infected the affliction quickly metastasizes and contaminates the surrounding healthy areas as well. The only thing keeping it back thus far is cultural tradition backed by local constraints forcing the women to “play along” (for now) in certain more remote parts of the world. The only way to stop it, anywhere around the globe, would involve:

    1. Introduce a “counter-virus” into the degenerate global media stream preaching a return to more traditional wholesome values.

    2. Constrict female promiscuity and general freedom by way of direct harsh material consequences for those who step out of line.

    3. Neutralize or wipe out the white-knight enablers and sustainers of the current supercharged feeding frenzy.

    Good luck gentlemen!

  • Model 800

    Reminds me of some of these ultra-Puritanical self-deluded fathers who sought to protect their “poor defenseless sweeties” from the “evil horny boys” at all costs only to later dumbfoundedly stare in misapprehension like a deer stuck in headlights at the fact that they are not getting any grandchildren for some incomprehensible reason. Way to go refusing to honestly learn about human sexuality and stubbornly sticking your head in the sand instead hoping that everything will somehow magically fall into place all on its own with nothing more than a healthy helping of Jeeeeeeeesus. Quite a life service you have provided to your daughters there.

  • Model 800

    Probably something along these lines:

  • HawkWrites

    Damn it, you’re right. I have to get my serial killers straight again.

    On a side note: I remember we went through a drive-thru in Vegas years ago for some chicken restaurant. They had a kid’s menu too. One of the items was “Kid’s Legs and Thighs”. My dad called it the “Jeffrey Dahmer Special”.

  • TyKo Steamboat

    Yea, Gein offered girls rides in his car. So I guess that means he was using the Good Guy Game whereas Gacy was using the Clown game.

  • Tom Dane


  • Roger Daily

    Has anyone tried spastic-game? That’s where you pretend to be physically disabled, rape a girl and blame it all on involuntary muscle spasms.

  • Dinky Wang

    Yeah….no. Women really are stupid and vapid. What’s interesting to an intelligent man is “weird” or “boring” to most women. Roosh is calling it like he sees it– and he sees clearly– you are wishfully thinking. Tell me, where are you that your local population of very physically attractive females are pleased and able to discuss particle physics or mountaineering with a man than want to bang him for it?

  • NYCDaygamer

    If she is familiar with Foucault you better run for the ducking hills.

  • Nguyen Improved

    maybe you lack attention span and need a clown.

  • Nguyen Improved

    nice succinct encapsulation of western life as it is today..

  • Pierogi Power

    Can somebody give me a low down on what exactly clown game entails?

  • d18kv178

    “Khazar”? lol. don’t you think you’re way too transparent you fucking piece of shit?

    those who liked his post: don’t you understand that this idiot knows nothing about women, game, or anything else for that matter? that it’s a troll who ‘s trying to blame Jews for whatever happens anywhere on the Internet?

  • d18kv178

    lol. Lamar – aka Hugo – kindly go spread your verbal diarrhea somewhere else.

  • Tony Trucano

    Una puta esta una puta.

  • Tony Trucano

    Hey, are there a lot of Scandinavian looking guys down there?

  • Christopher Bear

    no, not that I recall. its on the other side of the world, from scandanavia. perhaps thats why

  • Tony Trucano

    So the blond haired blue eyed guys would be at an advantage.. Supply and demand. Cool.

  • Christopher Bear

    well there were no asians either and I doubt they were at a demand. I mean, yeah, you might enjoy Chile.

  • Tony Trucano

    Roosh, what are you going to do when your libido dies……

  • Tony Trucano

    How do we stop hypergamy? I was thinking wars or increasing female birth rates……

  • Tony Trucano

    What is the best city in the US for men?

  • Tony Trucano

    What are your thoughts on socialism?

  • Tony Trucano

    What is the difference between these cultures?

  • Floyd

    I’ve done the flip game on the girls twice now in two weeks and both times it got me results. Flip game is pretty simple, but you need fucking good frame. It goes like this:

    You approach, do the clown game, try to get them amenable. If it’s not working and the conversation is dull, it’s time to pull out the flip game. Just say, “This conversation is boring so I’m going to stand over there” *pointing to a quiet spot* Then pick up your things (beer, cigarettes) and head off. Now just chill and let the time pass by. Sure enough they’ll approach you (assuming you’re high value enough) and apologise for giving the wrong impression.

    This is fucking gold. As soon as they’ve approached you’re 100% in control. You can tell them to fuck off, or you can tell them to come back to your pad, it’s your choice.

  • sasha

    after how many girls you get for fast sex do you become a slut?
    just wondering your exact lame concept.

  • sasha

    what is the current male mating strategy? How perverse in comparison by your standard?

  • sasha

    in comparison, are men mature reasonable men who are NEVER seeking for fast entertainment in the form of serviability, reactivity to their jokes, flattery and big boobs from women – and instead alway display much judgment and are most arroused by intelligent, serious women?
    Girls, unlike boys, want to have fun?