Comments FAQ

I posted a comment but it didn’t show up. The page just reloaded.

The blog software thinks your comment is spam. Either you posted from an open proxy, used a common spam word, or added several links in your comment. Every evening I go through and approve any comments that got tagged as spam when they shouldn’t have, so if you post in the morning it may take some time for it to finally show up. Email me if it’s a regular problem.

My comment got sent to the moderation queue. What’s the deal?

You probably used a word the software didn’t like, or you are posting from a proxy. When I approve your comment, I’ll change the time so your comment doesn’t get lost in the middle of the thread.

What’s up with the dunce cap image?

I add this to comments that come from people who have a history of acting like a dick. You have to really try hard to earn the dunce cap. I find this solution amuses me more than an outright ban.

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