Comparing Women Of The Baltics: Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania

A lot of people ask me which Baltic country is best for a visit. If you’re like me, you’d think that all three countries are similar, but after my nearly four months in the region I noticed a surprising amount of variation between them. Of course I’m not talking about architecture or food—my main field of study was the women. Here’s a breakdown of how they stack up…


Estonian women have some curves and boobs while Lithuanian women have boyish bodies that are Asian like (I was grossly disappointed with the Lithuanian ass). Latvia is somewhere in between. The biggest problem with Estonia is that they have a growing obesity problem. If all Estonian women were thin, they’d win by a mile, but for now they only get a slide edge over Lithuania thanks to their more juicy curvature.

First place: Estonia


Estonian women shine yet again, with wonderful cheekbones and bright blue eyes (well over 50% of the Estonian population have light eyes), but I have to give top prize to Lithuanian women. Their faces reminded me of Argentina in the amount of cosmic beauty they contained. Some of the most beautiful women in the world I’ve seen have been from Lithuania.

First place: Lithuania


Latvian women do better than Estonian women, who have adopted some of the Scandinavian style of head shaving (Finland is just a ferry ride away). Lithuanian women, however, have extraordinary long hair. It is common to see girls with hair going down to their pancake asses and sometimes passed that. It doesn’t make sense why hair would be boner inducing, but it is. I told many a Lithuanian girl that I wanted to make sweet love to their blonde locks. A couple of them let me extract a specimen for personal use.

First place: Lithuania


Estonian girls are plain fun because they love to drink. They also like talking in English and can hold their own in a conversation with an experienced man. Latvian girls are the worst: they are too guarded and take forever to open up, probably because they assume every foreign guy is a sex tourist thanks to Riga being the capital of Eastern Europe for that sort of thing. Lithuanian girls can be hit or miss, but generally I find them to be shy and detached.

First place: Estonia


Estonian girls have the strongest English while Lithuanian girls have the weakest. Latvian girls speak fine English but you may have some issues with the Russian girls in Latvia who may not speak it. I had moderate problems finding fluent English in Lithuania.

First place: Estonia


In Estonia I didn’t get any one-night stands, but by the first or second date I was straight. In Lithuania I got a couple but the quality was a bit lower, so it’s hard to say which is “easier.” I think if you’re prepared to go on two dates, both Estonia and Lithuania will be similar, with Lithuania a slight edge if your standards aren’t too high. Latvia was significantly harder for me than the other two.

First place: Lithuania (but for 6s and below)


The only place I actually enjoyed going out in was Estonia. Lithuanian clubs were too cheesy for me and Latvia was scam-artist central. Estonia also has more of a pub/bar scene for when you get tired of the clubs, which you will.

First place: Estonia


The choice is easy: Estonia. If I had to go back to only one country, it would be there, but I’m reluctant to do so because of the increasing amount of sex tourists from Finland and Britain and also the rising obesity problem—and with that—fattitude. Some rude responses I got from Estonian girls made me think I was in America. My guess is that you have about one or two years until the place turns to total shit and it’s not even worth a weekend visit. It’s not quite poosy paradise, as my Danish friends below can explain, but I had a pleasant time.

Lithuania has tons of beautiful women (I’d give them a slight edge over Estonian girls with overall appearance), but it’s quite hard to pull quality. It’s the type of place you have to stay for a couple months to really be able to tap the higher talent pools. In Estonia, because the girls like foreign guys, you may be able to get something special from a shorter stay.

If you want to read more detailed reports I made of these three countries, click the following links:

When it comes to comparing Poland to the Baltics, I can tell you that the Baltics have prettier girls, but Polish women have less attitude and are a tad more sexual. If the whole point of your trip is to go for “hotties,” then the Baltics are a better bet. But if you just want a cute-girl-next-door type of deal, then Poland.

If you liked the above article then you’ll enjoy Bang Lithuania, my 39-page guide that teaches you how to date Lithuanian women during a visit to the country. It contains tourist tips, game advice, and sex stories that give you all the information you need to have sex with Lithuanian women. Click here to learn more. Two other guides you may be interested in is Bang Estonia and Don’t Bang Latvia.

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  • Lithuanian guy

    You should have visited Vilnius.

    Most young people go studying there and it has best quality girls per capita ratio in the country, but they are harder to pull for foreigners than in Kaunas.

    Everyone here both locals and foreigners are stating that average Lithuanian girl is best looking in the world. Its obviously biased since most of them including me didn’t go to as much countries as you did.

    So from your experience is this statement true?

  • Aaron

    “It doesn’t make sense why hair would be boner inducing, but it is.”

    I’ve wondered about this too. I assumed it’s just a general health signifier, similar to healthy skin.

  • Lemonc

    Here is your average Estonian bitch. Does this look attractive to anyone? I didn’t think so

  • silent

    Fat ruins everything.

  • Amsterdao!


    Your favorite of them is Estonia…the only place you would like to return if you had to. Now estonia is the next “stag” and “drink” destination for british and finnish you still recommend firsttimers to go ASAP? or is it already ruined too much?


    [Roosh: It’s a hard call. If Estonia is on your list, you should go within the next year or two outside of July and August.]

  • Rivelino

    roosh is becoming a walking encyclopedia on the beauty of women around the world.


  • michelin

    nice breakdown. however would you recommend boobs focused guys to go to Poland and ass guys to Estonia?

    Congrats for the new book. looking forward to reading bang Poland.

    [Roosh: Ass is pretty comparable but I think Estonian girls edge out Polish girls just a bit.]

  • psychotic

    great post always prove that you really know your stuff.

  • around the world in 80 jobs

    estonian are the def. more on the western edge of things. I had a good time in Riga, but can see how things can go amiss if you roll in the wrong, or no, circles there. Lithuanian was more or less Russian and very who you know based.


  • DrG

    Roosh, I have to disagree with your assesment of Lithuania having a bad English level. As someone originally from Lithuania I can tell you that the population there is very highly educated and if you had hit the capital (Vilnius) you’d be amazed how easily you can converse in multiple languages (Russian included).

  • Adventure

    Nice reading. I would also like to share my observations.
    I agree with the author that obesity is becoming a bigger and bigger problem in Estonia, that’s why I don’t like Estonian girls as much I used to.
    “In Estonia, because the girls like foreign guys…” – well, I haven’t noticed they have any special feelings for foreign guys, but maybe it’s so because I’ve stayed here for too long and I look like a local:)
    “My guess is that you have about one or two years until the place turns to total shit” – I’m afraid it’s happening already.

  • Osty

    Ofc, changes have taken place in the last 5 years. I’d still say that Baltic girls are generally much thinner than Finnish and British girls, and def more feminine than German girls. Riga has many more skinny, well groomed chicks than Western European cities. The only one that can compete is Stockholm (but the dudes there are really high quality as well).

    Long hair just demonstrates health and fitness – it shows you have been able to maintain good health for a long enough time for the hair to grow out long. Same as nails and skin.

    Estonia ofc has very nice examples of the Finno Ugric Baltid look. Carmen Kass is Estonian. Lately there has been a surge of supermodels from Latvia too: Ginta Lapina
    Ieva Laguna
    And others.
    The top quality is very high (although many are by now working in the West) and is reserved for the top guys – famous athletes or rich, handsome guys.

    One more note – in 5-10 years the Baltics (and possibly the whole of EE) will experience a demographic drop. There was a boom in the 1980s, and almost a 50% drop in the 90s. That generation will soon be in the mating market and there will be much less younger women for guys who were born in the 1980s.

  • Osty

    Famous hockey player’s girlfriend:

    The wife of a famous and good looking Latvian basket ball player:

    Couple of more basketball wives:

    On the left, wife of a Latvian NBA player:

    8+ are usually taken.

  • pilgrim37

    Puuussssy paradisee !!

  • AssNeck

    I am Lithuanian on my dad’s side. Never banged one of my co-ethnics and have not been impressed by the Lithuanian-American girls I knew in the U.S. Sounds like it is better back in the old country though.

    By the way, Lithuanians were the last Christians in Europe (they fought very hard to hold on to their own Gods) and the language is unrelated to any European language.

    They are also very good in basketball!

  • AssNeck

    By the way, were you in an “”industrial shithole” in Lithuania?

    [Roosh: Kaunas]

  • DrG

    AssNeck, you are incorrect. Lithuanian language is related to Latvian.

  • Osty

    Lithuanian is very archaic and well preserved and has the closest resemblance to the Proto Indo European language.

  • Palantir

    Estonia does have its fair share of fatties, but I could bet some of the whales you spotted were Finnish. This especially if you spotted them in Tallinn, and did not talk to them. Many foreigners can’t tell the difference between Estonian and Finnish languages, and Estonian clothing style is (unfortunately) drawing some influence from Finland.

    I’d say Estonian women WILL achieve Finnish waistlines within 5-10 years. This is due to a change in their diet. Already for the past 10-15 years, they’ve been eating the same industrial shit that’s fed on the people in Northern/Western Europe. The results will be similar.

    The Finnish language has two fattie shaming words that need an Estonian counterpart in the near future:

    lähiövalas = a suburb whale
    siiderivalas = a cider whale

  • Mar

    Why do u like blonde hair? Why u like blue eyez? don’t you know black hair and brown eyez r kool 2??

  • LTU

    Congrats mate, you have ran into some Lithuanian redneck girl and got called a monkey. Kaunas is famous for its abrasive population (composed of small-town people gathered from every corner of Lithuania to study mechanical engineering and agriculture) and most decent people have left it for Vilnius or Western Europe years ago.

    I think it’s your general Turkish looks and that awful hipster beard that did stop you from getting laid in Kaunas. Local club goers are composed mostly of brick-headed construction workers and law/finance nerds, all of them offering free drinks to grab girls attention, so there should not be much of competition for a Brit or an American who is running solo and socially calibrated.

    Assuming that hot girls are somewhat relationship oriented is simply silly – the price you were ready to pay for one night stand just was too low for these hot girls.

  • Dave

    had a brilliant time in Kaunas but made the mistake of going in February, when it was minus 20 Celsius the women may be stunning but it’s no good when your hands have fallen off due to frostbite.

  • Johnny

    I’m lithuanian and girl here look like a shit!!

    – Guys, bealive me. Don’t go there (Baltics) and don’t waste you money for beaches there… YOU WILL GET an STD, syphilis or… Better go to Sweden. BEST blond pussy! :)*

  • Casual

    If you could post some pictures of representative samples, that would be helpful!

  • Discovering the Baltics

    I’ve also heard that it’s very simple to pick up STD in the Baltics. How serious is the problem?

  • to Discovering the Baltics

    and you better don’t go there. You can be easily beaten up with no reason! for example: you look at the guy and u get beaten up, just because u looked at him. Than’s all. It’s very common.

    So stay where u are. and get a local pussy, or go to China or Philippines if u want to keep ur ass safe!…

  • Andreas Moser

    You have a weird taste, man.

  • MacDamon

    Attention! New weird Misogynist idea: An Australian Aboriginal strip club were the Men pay the women to put clothes on…what would it be called?

    -Crocodile Didn’tdee?


  • MacDamon

    I’ve been to Estonia in 2006…even then there were streets of Italians telling the sexy locals they owned a Ferrari back home…Italians are the greasiest.

  • Anonymous

    I have been to all three. While you are correct about the Latvian women being hard to get to know and have them open up, it is far worth the wait. Out of the three countries I chose to be with a Latvian. They seem to treat their men the best, have better genes, and work harder. They will keep the nice body you see far longer than an Estonian or Lithuanian. I have been with my Latvian fiancé for 3 years now and she still has her six pack abs and great ass even though she has been introduced to American culture. So, she is motivated o workout still and doesn’t eat like a fat cow. While she does have brown eyes her face, body, and even hair (long and shiny) are immaculate. And even now that she can afford all the pork, potatoes, and tortes she could want she has only lost weight since we met.

  • Simon

    Lithuanians girls are money orientated the whole country is a wicked place,the womens in Lithuania will sleep anyone with few $$$ in his pocket.
    A father is more than happy for his daughter to whore herself ,I never seen such intelectuel poverty then in Lithuania being accepted in EU and a member of Nato is such a big deal for them that’s the only thing they talk about and exporting prostitutes to Europe now they have a EC passport is heaven !!!!

  • Mark

    It’s kind of funny to judge women from Estonia as “estonian” or women from Latvia as “Latvian.”

    The fact is that more than 1/3 of each of those countries consists of ethnic slavs, and a significant portion of the remaining population are more than half russian.

    And then there’s Lithuania, which unlike it’s Baltic neighbors has a much higher percentage of actual ethnic natives, who really are much pickier than their Russian and Polish fellow citizens… also, religion in Lithuania is Catholic, which is different than the other countries also, which makes a difference in attitudes as well.

    As far as STDs go, Estonia has the highest number of HIV/AIDS cses, followed by Latvia, then Lithuania. Interesting to note that (according to the CIA Factbook) in plain numbers, the population of HIV/AIDS cases in Estonia and Latvia combined are about ten times the number of cases in Lithuania, despite Latvia and Estonia’s combined population being about equal to that of Lithuania.

    Attitude, suppression of STDs, it seems like Lithuania is your safest bet… if they’ll even acknowledge you being there, which will be tough unless your white, or don’t mind the Russian girls there, like in Estonia and Latvia.

  • Anonymous

    awesome discussion, the place I work is full of lithuanians, latvians and polish. I have to say there are some really nice polish and latvian females but lithuanian ones come out the top overall.

  • Baltic girl

    I am so glad to see how Baltic women are advertised here like a commodity. Im seriously offended and grossed out by the article and many of the comments.

  • Anonymous

    Really, that is disgusting. It is not only offending, also degrading. How do people like you think about women? Guess what, if you go for sex and easy girls, you will end up with STD and bad reputation, that is all. Acting like some horny monkey is stupid.

  • Lithuanian

    That’s a highly offensive article. I’m not surprised that with such an attitude towards women you haven’t had much success in Lithuania.

  • Tropicano

    Well ! This is a men’s world,let them discuss about woman in the Baltic or wherever,where is the shame:That you feel offended is a pure bullshit,because you didn’t get any success in your relationship with a man for sure,because you must be ugly or fat or both.What about women,feminist organizations who hate men,girls who rip off men….
    So keep your silly comments for yourself and let men decide about your wicked life:

  • Tropicano

    By the way I had more Russian girls than girls from the Baltic,you know why,because Russia is 1000 time bigger than the Baltic,and Russia can still occupy if it wanted and nobody comes to the rescue.

  • Honeyb

    I can’t believe the writer and the responders… So sexist views of women. Do yourselves a favor and don’t ever go to Europe any more.

  • Oz-in-Eesti

    G’day all, ive travelled everywhere and now reside in Tallinn. This place DEFINITELY has the best looking women in the Baltics, if not the world!
    Estonian girls like to drink and party. Their not slutty. Strip clubs here are full of Russians.
    And by fuck most of them are uni educated and speak pretty good English.
    Put in a little effort , flash a wad of cash about and before you know it , bam!
    Ps they love Australian guys , :)

  • Anonymous

    Good observation for physical view among Estonian and Latvian or Lithuanian. I have been there several times. We are talking about sex tourism. To be honest the best wives are also in Baltic region. The baltic girls are very faithful and good housewife. More faithful than the majority of west european origin women.

  • Jack

    Everybody is talking about Latvian Estonian Lithuanian women. Easy girls or they can run into the bed for a few dollars. Who are telling this? American? Australian? British? Turn your face and look at the mirror. Whom do you look like? European? Latin American ? or African? Your grand mamas were the Doyen of this sector. At least Lithuanians and Estonians and Latvians are pure. What about you? Milk shake with some shit?

  • Hans

    Forget about Baltic countries. I have been there. No woman in the world is easier than british women. Get a metro on friday night around 21 pm in London. You will see thousands of english chicks half nude going to find a hard dick in the pubs. You don’t pay for it. It is totally free :)

  • Lithuanian Girl

    Makes me think that RooshV and most of you are just a bunch of greasy, blemished nerds with some insecurity issues when it comes to women.
    Want a dream-like looking, smart, multilingual, outgoing goddess with some kamasutra skills for a one night stand? Yeah, that’s what I thought..
    For a change, try to think why that goddess would want you even for one night.

  • lithuanian

    What a bunch of sex starved morons! U want a nice intelligent girl for a one night stand? Well,it is not happening! U gotta work harder and longer for that. And bithes…u can find them everywhere. And to all those bashing lithuanian girls (especially) —- I guess u r so desperate and miserable that even bitches say NO to you!

  • LT

    haha I see some Lithuanian chicks got mad while I think it’s a cool and very natural idea to discuss the chicks of the world. we girls do the same too… anyway it’s a pity you haven’t been to Vilnius, although yeah you must pay attention if you’re interacting with Russian/Polish or a pure Lithuanian (please note we’re completely different by genetics from slavs, we’re balts). Lithuanians are really not that easy to get (not all thank God, some acknowledge their urges and don’t hesitate to get wild) but in Lithuania there is a general opinion that our girls are so easy and go to bed with any foreigner :p

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  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    RooshV, U just try to come to Lithuania with your book …

  • Lithufuckinanian

    Yo! Pick up girls… but dont brag about it, like a lil kid, like you know shit about it and how cool u are that u can write few so called books to show how big of a man u are.. silly faggot…
    .. next time i see you walkin Vilnius streets, I swear on my mama, i will break your jaw homie!;)
    Go back to SAMs Land, filthy burger snackin cunt

  • Pround to be Lithuanian

    Roosh V. – You are making money of a sacred things… Promoting one night stands, free-flowing sex and telling how to play with human feelings – its discusting, unrespectfull and inhumane!! You promoting a wrong attitude to woman, to relationships between woman and man. Going around the world with this “dip your dick” message and hell knows how many diseases you already spread around the world with this sluty life style. In general i think that sex addicted fagots like you have to be traced down and izolated from society !!!

  • Lithuanian Girl

    OMG… Just saw this RooshV on youtube. SCARY as hell, HAIRY as spider. A decent girl would want to be with a guy if he’s got either a)a nice personality; b) good looks; c) money (yes, there are golddiggers, unfortunately). Even better yet – combination of any above. Face it, you’ve got none. Next time you come to Lithuania, I hope you’ll get your thin and hairy limbs pulled out one by one.

  • .

    What about lithuanian dicks? Had you liked it? Our girls tell it right – do your thing, if you have to, but quietly. You can find cheap women everywhere around the world, usually from the lower class, uneducated, unprotected, having nothing in their lives. They are just acting extravagant, that is what they do daily. But if you try to buy every woman on the street, you will end up with your ass torn apart sooner or later. Do you really believe a normal woman would fall for a midget goblin from the west? Prostitute buyers… Real “men”, lol. Cowboys with tiny guns…

  • to Tropicano

    Man’s world? Go fuck yourself. It’s our world. Our men and our women, not yours ;). You can think what you want, but don’t whine when you get in trouble with behaviour like this. You won’t find much consolation.

  • turco

    The amount of hookers in UK or in Germany or in France in 1980, is more than today’s Lithuanian Population. The amount of hookers in US in 1980 is more than in all Baltic countries population. We are not counting the one night stand bitches yet. The age of sex and prostitution among arabic women takes the first place in the rank. We don’t have to talk about african women. Unfortunately they are just slaves from 7 till 70. So it is better we talk about those subjects instead of talking some one night stands in Lithuania.

  • Boner

    Women are not sex objects, but their bodies are, particularly the vagina if its young and fresh and pretty. So for all the unatractive women who hate the prettier ones….THAT’S LIFE. Men like pretty girls and that’s the way it will always be. All you ugly girls go complain to your feminist bitch friends or get fatter. Leave the men alone to enjoy all those luscious vaginas all over the world !!!!!

  • Marco

    Which countries over there got the girls with the biggest clits and long hanging labia meat-curtains pussies? I love to eat on that one.

  • To BONER

    Boner – your fucked up brain probably doesnt connect with the fact that the woman you acctualy dip your dick in is FEMINISTS ! This is one of the feminist ways to manifest their freedoms…lol Good luck fucking some ugly fat feminist biches and dont moan after your dick will drop dry from some fucking desease you catch! Leave Lithuania out of your sight please !

  • hmm

    The author of this article is an complete moron!

  • the big bang

    Fuck in hell this made my day, I had virgin Latvian once when I was young, pretty face(ass too),rocker by nature, but refused to be in relationship when I was in uni, guess she loves cleaning toilets now lol while I have moved since with a Ukrainian chic, cute lil thing and wants to be with me…Happy days

    Ladies, some of this posts are all young lads with no future, hence the childish posts you have read.

    Gents, there are all sorts of chics, but you have one leathered pinky dont Over use it ,the whores will be there at all stages of life if you wish to go down tht route but play sensible you can it might just be worth it.

  • uk Lithuanian

    What if we sold you as a gay prostitute,as a punish for your disrespect tough guy?

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  • Amir
  • Name (optional)

    “Obesity problem”, LOL, how do you define “obese”? Are you talking about voluptuous, chubby or real fat women? Even if the media promotes it not everyone likes skinny girls. Even if BMI has a strict definition of “overweight”.

    BTW it´s ok that not everyone likes girls with non-ideal BMI, but comments like whales can only comment from ignorant pricks. But maybe it´s ok for you to be insulted and judged just after a first look.

  • Anonymous

    i live with and am madly in love with an estonian woman. she is smart, can think on her feet, and strongly independent. she is blue eyed and extremely captivating. that said, she is by no means “obese”. not even close.

  • Go To Hell You Animals

    The reason why the world is not a better place still is that people like you are alive. I wish you all sudden death yet castration first. I know that this information can change your entire life, but unfortunately women are not pieces of meat.
    I always make a laugh of that kind of foreigners trying to “seduce” me. Who the hell you think you are? Go to hell.
    Warm regards to classy human beings of this world – you’re not definetely one of THEM!

  • Estonian Girl

    Sluts go with sluts. Simple as that. All the sane people keep away from sluts.

    For those guys who can’t get laid: It’s so funny and pathetic when ugly and unintelligent men whine about not getting laid. Like it’s the womens’ fault. Fat, ugly, stinky and stupid men often think they’re the best and all the women should want them. But they don’t and men get furious and call women stupid feminists. Unattractive women atleast admit they’re not a catch.

  • Dan

    I love my lithuanian gf!! lithuanian women are really a great combination of brains and beauty

  • Anonymous

    I have fucked one Estonian girl an about 10 Lv girls in the uk on comparison I’m Indian and fat the girls I have had are all size 6 to 8 and amazing looking compared to Brit girls closest good looking Brits would not really be Brits but rom travellers.
    Lt girls are great for stamina and like big guys crushing them. I love eu Brit

  • Latvian Girl

    This article should have been called estonia vs lithuania. Latvia was completely left out.

    I still think we’re the prettiest out of all three, though. We’re smack dab in the middle. 😉

  • Anonymous

    To : 63 Amir

    You fuckin looser, its a pitty no girl wants to f** you. Btw, you shitty arabic/paki/bangladeshi moron, don’t call yourself indian.

    Be a man…don’t cry like a pussy with a sad face.

  • Eva

    you are such an ass hole – no doubt. From all women of Baltic countries I wanna say a big FUCK YOU!!!! You don’t know anything about us – keep your small dick in your pants, you creepy cocksucker…and better delete this bullshit website

  • ali dublin Ireland

    Latvian Girls

    Worst girls on the face of palnet and be away from it

    They are ignorant, stubborn and completly un-civilised belive me

    As a customer they are shit and rude towards foreigners as an average

  • Boobbrain
  • If you are western and if you need one night stand, Britain will be the best address for you. Watch the youtube link and see how horny western woman are waiting you for sex. Go friday night anywhere in London, you may even fuck your woman boss. I wonder i
  • Jonas

    The highest prostutition in the world is in Egypt, India Pakistan Thailand and in almost all arabic talking miserable north and also central african region ( These countries annual per person income is minimum 5-6 times less than any Baltic countries. They sell their young daughters to rich old tourists.

  • Objective Guy

    To all women out there complaining about this website: Common ladies, he is only writing what a lot of men are thinking. Many of us when travelling would like to have a good time, we see a lot of attractive women from different cultures and hope to have sex with them. This is only natural, there is nothing wrong with it. What is missing from the website is probably corresponding articles about men, something to advise women what to expect and how to behave around men from different cultures.

  • Hard

    French girls are best, they are smart and have best looking. Russian girls is overrated, estonians girls is nothing special. Estonians are slav-looking eastern europeans who wannabe westerns.But only different beetween them and russians is language.

    As for sex, asian and south american women is best.

  • DavidHeisenberg

    You are wrong, ugly and fat bald men are getting laid much more often then cute-gay-girly looking young boys. Most women prefer ugly men over cute gay looking men, because real men should masculine and not girly.

  • I hate USA

    Go back to your Hamburger country and fuck fat (or not fat
    YET) americans. Their smiles and kindness make me vomit… and indeed, you know
    nothing about Baltic women.

  • JazzyJ


  • lithuanian

    wowowowowo:)))) “American culture”. What CULTURE? ::DDD

  • German and Spanish boy.

    I agree with you. I wasn’t in Estonia, but I prefer much more Latvian girls than Lithuanian girls.

  • Rohutirts

    “Total shit”… Why thank you

  • khoguy

    The worst part of it is , he’s right . You gold diggers don’t put out and the men in your country have to migrate to simply live and form real relationships . You think your boyfriends like you? forking out every penny to keep you happy in the slightest hope of having an even slightly physical relationship and finally being happy? There are women better than you out there , maybe not as pretty , but they’ll be a hell of a lot happier with them .

  • khoguy

    No he was pretty much spot on you gold diggers suck , and not in a nice way , stop using your men .

  • Mars

    Latvian girls are a complete waste of time. They are ugly, dumb and think that they are so good, but actually they are a complete trash.

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  • Kamile Ko

    I can’t say that lithuanian girls are shy, just because of the quantity of girls chilling in the club and so on! Look, how much events are in Lithuania- , if there would not be enough girls, there would not be such a quantity of events!

  • Alladin

    Bull shit you sick idiot. Chase an Arab women and you are a piece of dead meat. If your annual income per person is 5-6 better, then explain why Dubai is full with Baltic women?

  • get away from Baltic

    Did you comfused countris. Like almost ALL americans your IQ is lower then 75

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    Hahaha how the hell can you judge 3 country’s from a few people you met, saw and spoke too ? I’m surprised you got laid in the first place you ignorant cunt! I’m from London and my girlfriend is Lithuanian and she is the sweetest, most adorable and prettiest girl ever and when i go to Lithuania to see her parents i think Lithuania is the most beautiful country! It’s so peaceful and nice and ALL the GIRLS and just everyone in general are really nice there! They just acted like a cunt towards you because you’re a yankee creep!!

  • Efreet

    smiles and kindness make you vomit?

  • Efreet

    your country has the best cuisine of the three (so i’m told).

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    Sooo… You choose your travelling destination based on womens butt sizes and ‘ease of banging’? GOD what an ignorant disgusting pieces of shit. That makes me hate men

  • anonymous

    It is becoming the same everywhere. Have dangerous fun while young, no matter what.

  • Hank MoHank

    Ladies – take a good look at the name and pics of this dopey dude and learn something, many foreigners from these cultures just want to screw you over. Never give it away or party with strangers or foreigners whose culture you have NOTHING in common with – these dudes are players just looking for sex and will leave you with a sexually transmitted disease permanently.

  • David

    I’ve got lithuanian gf and she all the time lend me money… girls are not gold digers, but does exist pricks like you that let the girls run away with your money.

  • American Sam

    Nice read champion! Which country like it up the ass more? I don’t want to be a pain in the ass…. Just give them a pain in the ass! Lol

  • Lithuanian

    Best ignore the silly competition. If you think Latvia was completely left out so be glad about being left out of this nonsence. Love from Lithuania

  • Tiffany

    You are truly disgusting. There’s really nothing else that can be said.

  • Scandin expat Latvia

    People like the one writing this blog are the reason why Latvian girls sometimes can be very skeptical towards foreigners. He thinks having sex is something to be proud of, like it’s a great achievement to get laid.. Continue like this through your twenties and thirties and you’ll end up lonely in some bedsit in north dakota or idaho or hoopalooza or whatever it’s called

  • Rawrrr

    Lol yes. I am from Estonia and girls here used sleep with tourists alot. Its seems same in Lithuania. Latvia who knows 😀 Now the secret is out, dumb girls just like having ˇrevengeˇ sex with foreigners.

  • Tomas

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  • Charles King

    Hilarious to see all the responses. While I do appreciate the banging information, I got the most valuable information by reading all the hate comments here, Estonian girls do seem to be much more easy going

  • new jersey

    Dear Author,

    Thank you for the well-researched and methodical article. I found it to be an excellent piece of scholarship. I especially liked the categorization of your analysis (body, face, ease of banging) and the keen analysis.

    Maybe you can prepare a similar analysis of women from other parts of the world.

  • SunshineSunshineSunshine

    FUCK YOU. Don’t come to the Baltics to spread your nasty STDs cause you will get beat up.

  • SunshineSunshineSunshine

    You mean fake kindness?

  • SunshineSunshineSunshine

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  • Lukas

    What a creepy article.
    I’m a 25 years old guy from Switzerland and I’m engaged with a stunning 21yo Latvian girl.
    I met her in London during an internship program that I was doing there, and she was there on vacation.
    She was fucking beautiful and even if I was engaged with another girl back then I couldn’t not to approach her.
    I went through some hard time since she didn’t speak english very well and because she wasn’t easy to pull but now she is my girlfriend and lives with me in Zurich.
    She is the perfect girlfriend, a sweetheart, feminine, very supportive and is by far one of the best girl I’ve ever seen. Tall, slender and with a face that resemble one of a model and I’m not overstating her beauty.

    I’ve never been to Estonia or Lithuania, but I went several time in Riga to meet her parents and to see her city and what I saw is a city that during the summer is fucking packed with creepy tourists.
    Just by looking at them you can tell that they are desperate guys who can’t get laid in their country.
    Between short guys, balding guys, fat/skinny guys, old guys, creepy-looking guys, losers, uneducated, stingy guys and coward guys I wasn’t surprised that girls hated those men!!
    I met just a few cool guys, some were erasmus students and some were tourists but they were cool…all the rest was garbage.
    Trust me, those men could get laid only in a whorehouse and some of them not even there since they had no money at all.

    I don’t know if baltic people hate foreigners, my girlfriend told me that it’s not true and I think she is right, they just hate sinister guys who feel entitled to have sex with baltic girls even though they are creepy as fuck.

    I guess that cool guys with a good career are welcome in the baltic countries as they are in every other one around the world.

  • Italian

    This article is so sad.
    The author seems to think of women just like anyone would think of any commodity, like cars or food or anything you can buy and use and then rate. I am really really sad for him.
    By the way, I have traveled in the Baltic countries and I have enjoyed all of those lovely places. And I have even made friends with some locals. Even girls. Of course, there are girls and women who are very wary when a foreigner tries to socialize with them, but it depends on several factors: for example, the local culture is different and we “south europeans” are used to a lot more social behavior. It doesn’t mean that Baltic people are not socialeble or unfriendly, it only means that they have a different way of getting in touch with people. If you don’t understand it and if you expect to find the same social behaviors in every country, well, then you are a real moron and traveling will always be hard for you. Second factor: many women in the Baltic tend to be wary with male foreigners just because there are just too many sex-starved idiots like you, going there and hoping for easy catches. There are many idiots like this even from my country (I’ve seen them, and I confess that it was a pleasure for me to see them regularly having to go back to their hotel alone or with some ice-cold gold-digger).
    There is just one simple rule for having a happy life and for socializing with people successfully when traveling: respect everybody and don’t try to apply your cultural standards to others.
    This article shows clearly that the author doesn’t know this simple rule, and I suspect that even the relationships he says he had in the Baltic countries are just fantasies invented to look big and cool. Poor guy.

  • kee

    Ann, don’t hate men because of a few opinions…that’s what the author did. No more spreading hatred

  • David Sanderson

    This article is a deliberate piss take.

  • Brit lad

    Vaiva Sabonyte met her in Central London.

  • GetItGoing

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  • Tony

    Thrash sex tourists who are ruining the Baltic countries. Hope they get beaten up by local guys. Which happens now and then :)

  • Younis
  • Mark

    Hey I know Vaiva Sabonyte and her brother Vaidotas who is dating my friend Ieva. Is she promiscuous?

  • Erica

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  • fsafs

    if she was drunk….

  • fsafas

    to be honest I think that lithuanian girls are easy to get. you just have to know how to break this pseudo-catholic cultural shit.

  • fsafas

    i wonder how many SOBER girls he had banged. I guess none.

  • Guy

    Ohh you mean toilet of poland is better then Lithuania?

  • Guy

    Lithuanian is more less russian are you some kind of idiot You know russians in lithuania only make 5.8% of population THE RUSSIANS ARE NOT BAD AS POLISH PEOPLE the ugliest people in world!

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    Yeah go to sweden leave the pretty women of lithuania alone!

  • mantas

    No one beats up people for looking or staring. In germany women gets raped and killed and you talk about some shit that dosent even happen here!

  • mantas

    Congrats a single nice comment about latvia!

  • Guy

    You are talking about prostitutes you know NO ONE LIKES TO SLEEP WITH FOREIGNERS! Specially in Lithuania!

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  • The winner

    What is wrong with you? Time is running out and you’re not going to make it. Your life is very sad. I don’t see true beauty in your words. Your personal happiness will never move mountains. Don’t you wonder why you’re never satisfied?

  • estonian girl

    i don’t mind tourists, but couple of years ago in the streets of Tallinn I was just walking, minding my own business when bunch of british men started shouting some disrespectful things to me. the next time i was out partying and a handsome british guy approached me i kind of pushed him away (although i thought he was cute as hell). however, i have interacted with several well-mannered brits and they were very cool people :). i think the ‘secret’ why estonian girls like foreigner guys is that… well, we just like to party and although there are awesome estonian men too they can sometimes be a bit too boring or introverted. foreigners are exotic.

  • joe

    The hamburguer culture.

  • Leo

    Lithuanian language is drived from Sanskrit, ancient language of India. I have lived in Lithuania every year between 2005 and 2011 and love the women as best not only in Baltics but the world.

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    Amongst the 3 baltic states, Estonia has the best English, diversified but lithuania were more beautiful

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    If Women were sizing up MEN as you do about Women you’d be accusing them of being Lesbians.

    The only women you see naked are ones that you paid in cash for beforehand.