Compliment & Cuddle: The Beta Male Method To Getting Laid

If you’re wondering why I’ve gone soft since last year, it’s because I’ve been developing a kinder, gentler game guide that is less evil and more sustainable to humanity than Bang. I’m happy to announce this new guide is finally ready to be released for free. Click here to start reading or download it all in one PDF file. You can also order the paperback on Amazon.

Here are some things you’ll read about…

  • The exact moment I realized that game was destroying me and my readers
  • Six deprogramming steps that every former gamesman must perform to becoming sensitive and caring once again
  • Why experiencing a woman’s “two minutes of hate” will put you on a path towards true redemption
  • The absurdity of evolutionary justifications to explaining modern sexual selection
  • The real reason why women don’t want a confident man who beats to his own drum

The guide also shows you how to better connect with women. It contains…

  • Six powerful beliefs that help you put the pussy on the pedestal
  • A breakdown on the three most appropriate places to meet women: church, work, and social circle
  • An easy technique to have a conversation with her so that she feels like a celebrity
  • Four strategies to maintain the proper groveling vibe in long conversations
  • The top nine compliments you should use on women to make her feel unique and special

It then has a step-by-step guide to taking your friendship to the next level, including…

  • How to prepare written notes before calling a girl for the first time
  • Real-world examples of how to insert exclamation points and smiley faces in every text message you send
  • Four additional strategies for advanced groveling on a “shared function outing” to ensure she stays happy at your expense
  • Tips to weaving family and work topics into every conversation
  • My favorite way to imply how your hypothetical “dream girl” can easily squeeze mother out of the picture
  • The importance of letting her know that you earn money from a real job

Finally, the guide teaches you how to go from platonic friendship to real intimacy. It describes…

  • How to smoothly pay for her dinner at a trendy restaurant without even looking at the receipt
  • A recipe for initiating the cuddling protocol while she’s sound asleep
  • My foolproof tactic for not getting a boner in her presence
  • How to execute the “Caribbean Vacation Move” when it comes time to seal the deal
  • The easiest way to ensure you’re not actually raping her

By releasing Compliment & Cuddle for free, I hope that its ideas will be disseminated far and wide, erasing the damage I’ve done with Bang, a stupid book that has taught men to go for sex as fast as possible without any consideration of what it does to the female or her vagina. I’m sure many of you are in disbelief that I’ve reversed courses, but I hope the solid advice I present in the guide will convince you that C&C game is actually the most optimal way to intimately connect with the modern woman. Start reading now…

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