Compliment & Cuddle (Part 2 of 5)



Now we’re going to get into some tactics that will put you in position to hit your girl with compliments and cuddles. While internal game discussed the optimal mindset, early game will talk about direct actions to execute in the company of the opposite sex.

Rejection Is Stupid And Awful

Rejection is the toughest part of the human experience that burns like horseradish. Suffering through it—and yes, it is true suffering—is unnecessary and only makes you conclude that you’re not everything to every woman. Why confront that ridiculous reality? It’s no surprise that accepting rejection is a prime strategy that stupid game guys use to sleep with a lot of women.

I don’t want you to go through hundreds of rejections like I did, which eventually led to loveless sex, because it will cause you to see the world as dark and shallow instead of wonderful and rosy. Understand: girls want men who see the world in those latter terms. They want men who think of flowers and tasty flavors of artisanal ice cream, not one who ruminates about death, pain, and casual date rape.

Game guys experience rejection mostly in the form of approaches, where they walk up to a girl they don’t even know and try to have a conversation with them. What’s the best that can happen from that? A number? A sloppy makeup session? Sex with no emotion behind it? You can’t build anything of substance through so-called approaches, which is a tool—let’s be honest now—for creeps who have the mentality of hyenas, offending and scaring girls left and right. It’s called “cold” approaching for a reason (because it’s cold, the opposite of warm or hot). Instead, I want you to maintain a safe ten-foot radius from women at all times so they don’t feel threatened by your presence.

Instead of having a multitude of venues where you try to approach women, we’re going to meet them using the big three: church, work, and social circle. At church, I recommend you focus on bible study groups, since that’s where you can meet girls who share your innermost values. At work, the girl is already going to be comfortable with you, since you see her daily. And finally, social circle is great since you don’t need to put yourself dangerously out there by approaching.

There’s no risk in trying to cuddle with girls from the big three, unless she takes your advances wrong and you’re eventually disgraced at your church, fired from work, or ejected from your social circle and left godless, broke, or lonely. Since those negative outcomes shouldn’t happen more than 50% of the time if you follow my advice, it’s worth the risk because otherwise you’ll need to walk up to random girls with no prior introduction and try to get something going, which is every bit as hard as it sounds. It’s much preferred to risk personal ruin than to figure out the stupid cold approach business that is sure to crush your ego.

Another benefit of meeting girls through church, work, or social circle is that it ensures you don’t have to change your routine one bit to meet the future apple of your eye. Just keep doing what you’re doing and wait and wait until that special girl enters your life, as if placed there by god’s own hand.

The main idea is to only run C&C game in places where the girl can’t reject you outright. Definitely don’t try on the internet or in bars or clubs, though school is a possibility, especially if a girl sits next to you every day and has become accustomed to your timid presence. Imagine what a loser you’d be if you tried to chat with girls in venues that serve alcohol, a drug that guarantees she’ll do something she regrets. This probably will be shocking to you, but some game guys explicitly advise their followers to use the benefits of that horrible drug to advance their sex agendas. I don’t see how trying to sleep with a girl who has had more than one drink can be considered anything but rape.

Once you find your princess in one of the big three venues, all that’s left is to start a cute little chat.

Interview Her Like She’s A Celebrity

Pickup lines obviously don’t work. I remember when I once paid $5 for the following line: “If I was a bear, would you be my honey?” The guy on the internet who sold it to me guaranteed girls would love it, but the responses I got were laughter, and I don’t mean the “laughing with you” kind. I was mocked as if I was the biggest retard in the world, and so humiliated that I couldn’t talk to women again for a year.

We’re going to use something natural and honest, with zero chance of being rejected or laughed at. All you have to do is wait for the absolute perfect moment in your church, work, or social circle when you’re in her vicinity due to natural means. For example, if you’re in the cafeteria at work waiting behind her to get a cup of coffee, paired with her at church to contemplate whether animals go to heaven, or sitting on the same couch at a party thrown by mutual friends, you can hit her with your opening statement. Bow your head ever-so-slightly when you start speaking to show reverence to her supremeness (the Japanese got it right on that one!).

Here’s your opening statement: “Hi, what’s your name?” That’s it! Just ask her name! When she responds, say, “Great to meet you!” Please note the exclamation point and realize that girls want to know that you’re genuinely excited about them. Right then and there she’ll take you for a gentle puppy dog looking for honest friendship.

As for having a conversation, forget about memorizing stupid routines or “conversational threads.” Routines are especially evil because you’re telling her something you know will get a positive response. That’s so fake and wrong. Do you think she’d ever dare to repeat a move that has increased her power over men in the past? Well, if she would, she’d be guilty of manipulation, but I estimate only 1% of women commit such trickery. It’s men who tell adventure stories, humorous anecdotes, or cocky lines as part of their game of deceit. Assholes.

There’s no need to understand the dynamics of good conversation or even how to maintain rapport. There’s no need to memorize the aforementioned evil tactics. All you have to do is pretend she’s famous and ask a shitload of questions that make her feel special. Lavish praise on her to blow her head up and make her feel as if she’s the only girl in the world (like the Rihanna song). After all, she’s the one who deserves the spotlight, not you. Here’s an example of a stellar conversation to serve as a guide:

“Hi, what’s your name?”

“Stacy,” she says.

“Great to meet you!”

“Uh, likewise.”

“So, where do you live?”


“Oh, cool! What do you do?”

“Um, I work in human resources.”

“That sounds so exciting! I’ve always wanted to work in a human resources department! What company do you work for?”

“I don’t mean to be rude, but why are you asking me all these questions?”

“You seem interesting. I just want to get to know you!” (Put on your best puppy dog face so she’ll know you’re sincere.)

“Oh, okay. Well, I work for a pharmaceutical company.”

“Is it fun to work there? I’m sure it’s a blast!”

“Yeah, it’s okay.”

You get the idea. If you put her pussy on the pedestal and really believe that she’s a better human being than you, this type of conversation will become as automatic as the sunrise. Notice how her last statement (“Yeah, it’s okay”) hints that she’s beginning to feel like a celebrity. This means you’re accomplishing your task and within an hour or so, she’ll probably ask your name. Congratulations, you now got your foot barely squeezed in the door.

You’ll find it easy to focus exclusively on her because most women are more fascinating than the average man. As a gender they have successfully dedicated their lives to the pursuit of interesting things, and I’m not just talking about her surprising interest in the World Cup every four years or her encyclopedic knowledge of reality television. By the time you meet your queen, she already will have worked at an environmental non-profit, studied abroad in a poor Central American country, practiced yoga, dabbled in veganism, completed a marathon in under nine hours, and strongly supported gentrification to push out lazy black people from the hipper parts of a cosmopolitan city. You can’t compete with that, so don’t even try. Instead, drink from the goblet of her extensive life experience. Gain from it and make her feel like the celebrity that she rightfully deserves to be.

The Optimal Groveling Vibe

Even if you successfully treat her like a celebrity, there will be a point where you simply run out of questions. You’ll then need additional tactics to keep the interaction going in a way that continues to make her feel elevated in stature. Here are a few strategies that work well:

Indulge and glorify her to eternity. Always be fascinated with everything she’s doing. This means you must make it seem like she has accomplished incredible feats, even if in reality they’re less significant than a fleck of dust landing on your arm. Dig in as far as you can on her most mundane tasks, like renewing her driver’s license, doing laundry, parking an automobile, or contributing a dollar to a homeless man who made a surprisingly funny joke. In the first example, you can ask if the line was long, if anyone was mean to her, and how it’s possible for any girl to appear as cute as she does in her license photo. Dissect everything she does, blowing her head up to such an extent that in the future she’ll need to walk sideways through any doorway.

Never upstage her. Let’s say you make a difference in the local community by volunteering at a soup kitchen on weeknights while she’s glued to Bravo. You may think of mentioning your good deed as a way to show her you’re a worthwhile man, but first ask yourself how she’s going to feel by knowing you’re doing something for the betterment of humankind. Telling her would sound like bragging, and girls don’t like bragging. Therefore, she should never know that you volunteer or in any other way positively contribute more to the world than she does. Instead, tell her that you also watch television on weeknights, but on a lesser channel like TLC or Oxygen.

Always hide information that may question her “accomplishments.” For example, let’s say you’re proficient in Spanish. It turns out she studied Spanish for six months while in Peru, but has so much trouble stringing simple sentences together that it seems as if she hadn’t studied Spanish at all (although she did mention spending “a lot” of time with the local Peruvian guys in some sort of vague cultural exchange program). When she embarrasses you in a neighborhood El Salvadorian bakery by speaking in decrepit Spanish, bite your lip by not correcting her or speaking properly. It’s better to absorb her stupidity or laziness like a bathroom rug than to question it.

Quantity is better than quality. The key to building a friendship with a girl is to understand that it’s okay to spend endless hours with her without anything actually happening. You may recognize this technique as putting in “face time” at the office. The key is to make her so comfortable and bored around you that she can’t help but tell you personal things like how other suitors aren’t treating her as well as you do. Even reading a book with her in silence for two hours is an act she’ll appreciate.

Don’t be too curious about your environment. The more experienced and worldly you are, the more interesting things you’ll have to say. While that’s great when you’re around your family or male buddies, it’s disastrous around a female because you’ll unknowingly squeeze her out of the conversation, upstaging her and making her feel bad. When you’re cultivating a new friendship with a girl, be especially uncurious and immune to the world around you. You may even consider not following the news, though you can feel free to read celebrity gossip, since girls love talking about that shit. Imagine her excitement when she discovers that she can discuss Lindsey Lohan or Kim Kardashian with you just like she could with a female friend.

The best way I can sum up the optimal vibe you should be adopting is this: grovel and glorify. Are you groveling in her presence? Are you glorifying her? Then you’re on the right track. All that’s left now is to compliment.


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