Compliment & Cuddle Post-Mortem

I wouldn’t dare insult my readers, whose support I always appreciate, but if it was not obvious to you that Compliment & Cuddle—which I announced on April 1—was a joke, then you’re a moron. Sorry. Unless you have Asperger’s or autism, I just don’t see how it can be taken seriously.

I first came up with the “Compliment & Cuddle” term in this post:

Who knows—if American women rewarded men who worshipped them, the rules of the game would change and maybe my first book would be called Compliment & Cuddle instead of Bang, but they don’t.

Afterwards I thought how it would be amusing if such an actual guide existed. I looked at the calendar and noticed that April Fools was coming up, and since I still didn’t have a good idea, I drew up an outline using Bang as a contrary reference and then got to work. The plan was to make you think the announcement was an obvious gag, when the real gag was that I actually wrote the shit out. I like to consider it a reverse April Fools joke.

It’s ironic that this beta layguide is the most compelling reason I’ve ever presented as to why game is so important. If there’s a set of behaviors and beliefs which obviously decrease a man’s sexual opportunities, like C&C game, then variables must exist to affect a man’s ability to get laid. Therefore, using the power of logic, even the most self-deluded beta or feminist is forced to conclude that there has to be a game which maximizes a man’s chances of scoring. Detailing the worst game possible is evidence that another game must work better.

The second reason for this guide is that I wanted to drill into your brain the whole scope of beta acts that you should avoid. If you’re about to do something that you remembered reading in Compliment & Cuddle, you’ll now jerk away from that behavior like a vampire reacting to sunlight. You have been successfully programmed for acting more alpha.

Lastly, I wanted to show how being nice can actually be more manipulative than the tactics I teach. All those nice guys act that way primarily because they think it’s the best way to get what they want in return (love or intimacy). Guys like us who use game are ultimately more honest because we are more direct about our sexual needs. It’s no surprise that reason contributes to why women will respect an alpha much more than a beta who is being subversive about the “friendship” he is cultivating. Ironically, she trusts the shady alpha more than the loyal beta.

The C&C man I describe is what feminists describe they want—a cautious, supportive men who respects their sexuality, but one they rarely settle for unless no alpha wants them. A female’s words of what she wants in a man will never match the guys she ends up fucking. Like I’ve already said countless times, never listen to what a woman says, especially when it comes to what she wants. Just look at the results instead, like the “asshole” she ended up dating for two years and still can’t stop talking about.

I noticed there were a lot of “that used to be me” comments. As a recovering beta, writing C&C wasn’t that hard—I just had to remember my high school and college days and let the words flow. I don’t want to get all mushy, but with this series I felt more of a sense of brotherhood with my readers than anything else I’ve written. We’re all in the same boat—guys who sucked with women and now piece by piece are gaining knowledge and skills to get what we want from them. Though we’re from different races, ages, and nationalities, we’re all moving along the same path. Thankfully the techniques and mindset to achieve our goals, which range from one-night stands to long-term relationships, and nearly identical.

The sad part about Compliment & Cuddle, which you can now download as a PDF file, is that it’s maybe not soft enough for what a lot of guys actually do. I’m talking about guys who literally worship women like these fools:

Tight game can’t exist unless there is a large population of men who don’t have game, so let’s thank all the cuddlers for keeping our tactics effective.

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