Contrary Game

Doing the opposite of what every other guy does could be all you need to build attraction with women, even if it doesn’t necessary hit her genetic buttons of wanting an alpha. In other words, if every guy on the block is an alpha, and you show up with a couple beta flourishes, it may work better than the default alpha game that she’s used to (and perhaps bored with).

Of course we don’t live in an alpha society, so contrary game in the United States is actually the correct alpha game you’re supposed to run. Here are some specific examples where doing the opposite of every other beta helps you get more sex.

1. Every guy used to call girls. Contrary game a few years ago would’ve been texting instead of calling, displaying a level of aloofness that would’ve likely been rewarded. Perhaps in ten years when every guy is texting, some type of calling game may see a bump in results.

2. Every guy texts a girl the same night upon meeting to say, “It was nice meeting you.” Contrary game dictates you wait at least two days before making first contact, avoiding Monday since that’s when a girl’s phone is blowing up from all the guys she met over the weekend.

3. Every guy is eager to add girls to Facebook. Contrary game is saying you don’t have Facebook, even if you do.

4. Every guy takes girls out to dinner for a first date. Contrary game is taking her to a basic bar and feeding her cheap rail liquor or American beer.

5. Every guy wears either a striped or plaid shirt. His chest is shorn. Contrary game would be to wear just about anything else, maybe even a blouse, and announce your bountiful chest hair to the world. In fact, chest hair crawling up to the neck sees tremendous results for yours truly. (Speaking of style, note that hipsters are simply running contrary game to mainstream America. But as they become mainstream themselves, what will the contrarian look be then?)

6. Every guy asks for a number. Contrary game is refusing to ask, or asking for the date and letting her work on contact logistics.

7. Every guy hypes up his job. Even if his job is boring, he’ll try to give it a cute title so the girl doesn’t think he’s a cubicle monkey. Contrary game is refusing to say what you do in a serious way, even if you really have an interesting job. When every guy is going out of their way to impress a girl, trying to present yourself as a bum makes the pussy wetter.

8. Every guy tries to come up with interesting things to say on the date. Contrary game is not saying anything and blankly staring off into space, kind of like Jerry in the Seinfeld episode “The Visa.”

If you don’t know what “every other guy” is doing, then it will not be possible for you to run contrary game. Luckily for me, I’m plugged into the hivemind of Western game culture, but since you’re not me what you can do is simply ask the girls you take out on dates. Here are two questions that will most likely lead to interesting conversations:

(1) “How do you usually meet guys? Flag football? Ultimate frisbee?” I love asking this question for research purposes and I’m surprised when girls say “I don’t know.” Then I ask, “Well if you are feeling lonely and need the intimacy of a strong man, what do you do? Where do you go?” And these girls then have to think about it! With all that high-octane relationship advice available in Cosmo, most girls have absolutely no plan for meeting guys. They don’t even have a go-to spot where the chances of meeting a guy is higher, and honestly believe they shouldn’t have to lift a finger to meet someone. Now if you ask a Brazilian girl these questions, she’ll say, “I wear my short skirt and smile at cute guys.” Common sense, you’d think, but obviously it’s not for American girls. The culture has trained them that meeting someone is completely out of their control, and they should just focus on work instead so they can get a 4% raise this year instead of last year’s 3%, which barely kept pace with inflation.

(2) “What kind of dates do you go on? I was thinking of taking you to this burger joint I know of. They have this thing called the dollar menu. You can get anything you want—all on me.” You already know the answer to this question: dinner dates. Boring and expensive dinner dates. Once in a while she tells me about some SWPL activity like hiking, but understand that 99% of guys over the age of 25 take girls to restaurants. Do you know how lubricated the pussy will get if you take her to a dive bar that smells like vomit? How dare you do that, you alpha stud!

Now let’s say you’re a Russian in Russia. You know the game is super-alpha there, but how about if you tone down the alphaness in a couple areas and run some contrary game to what the Russian men are doing. You’ll be so novel from your game alone that I’m confident you’ll see better close-rate percentages.

If you don’t know any alphas to model your game after, then just study the betas (they’re in plentiful supply), and then do the opposite. That alone will get you halfway there.

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