Contrary Game

Doing the opposite of what every other guy does could be all you need to build attraction with women, even if it doesn’t necessary hit her genetic buttons of wanting an alpha. In other words, if every guy on the block is an alpha, and you show up with a couple beta flourishes, it may work better than the default alpha game that she’s used to (and perhaps bored with).

Of course we don’t live in an alpha society, so contrary game in the United States is actually the correct alpha game you’re supposed to run. Here are some specific examples where doing the opposite of every other beta helps you get more sex.

1. Every guy used to call girls. Contrary game a few years ago would’ve been texting instead of calling, displaying a level of aloofness that would’ve likely been rewarded. Perhaps in ten years when every guy is texting, some type of calling game may see a bump in results.

2. Every guy texts a girl the same night upon meeting to say, “It was nice meeting you.” Contrary game dictates you wait at least two days before making first contact, avoiding Monday since that’s when a girl’s phone is blowing up from all the guys she met over the weekend.

3. Every guy is eager to add girls to Facebook. Contrary game is saying you don’t have Facebook, even if you do.

4. Every guy takes girls out to dinner for a first date. Contrary game is taking her to a basic bar and feeding her cheap rail liquor or American beer.

5. Every guy wears either a striped or plaid shirt. His chest is shorn. Contrary game would be to wear just about anything else, maybe even a blouse, and announce your bountiful chest hair to the world. In fact, chest hair crawling up to the neck sees tremendous results for yours truly. (Speaking of style, note that hipsters are simply running contrary game to mainstream America. But as they become mainstream themselves, what will the contrarian look be then?)

6. Every guy asks for a number. Contrary game is refusing to ask, or asking for the date and letting her work on contact logistics.

7. Every guy hypes up his job. Even if his job is boring, he’ll try to give it a cute title so the girl doesn’t think he’s a cubicle monkey. Contrary game is refusing to say what you do in a serious way, even if you really have an interesting job. When every guy is going out of their way to impress a girl, trying to present yourself as a bum makes the pussy wetter.

8. Every guy tries to come up with interesting things to say on the date. Contrary game is not saying anything and blankly staring off into space, kind of like Jerry in the Seinfeld episode “The Visa.”

If you don’t know what “every other guy” is doing, then it will not be possible for you to run contrary game. Luckily for me, I’m plugged into the hivemind of Western game culture, but since you’re not me what you can do is simply ask the girls you take out on dates. Here are two questions that will most likely lead to interesting conversations:

(1) “How do you usually meet guys? Flag football? Ultimate frisbee?” I love asking this question for research purposes and I’m surprised when girls say “I don’t know.” Then I ask, “Well if you are feeling lonely and need the intimacy of a strong man, what do you do? Where do you go?” And these girls then have to think about it! With all that high-octane relationship advice available in Cosmo, most girls have absolutely no plan for meeting guys. They don’t even have a go-to spot where the chances of meeting a guy is higher, and honestly believe they shouldn’t have to lift a finger to meet someone. Now if you ask a Brazilian girl these questions, she’ll say, “I wear my short skirt and smile at cute guys.” Common sense, you’d think, but obviously it’s not for American girls. The culture has trained them that meeting someone is completely out of their control, and they should just focus on work instead so they can get a 4% raise this year instead of last year’s 3%, which barely kept pace with inflation.

(2) “What kind of dates do you go on? I was thinking of taking you to this burger joint I know of. They have this thing called the dollar menu. You can get anything you want—all on me.” You already know the answer to this question: dinner dates. Boring and expensive dinner dates. Once in a while she tells me about some SWPL activity like hiking, but understand that 99% of guys over the age of 25 take girls to restaurants. Do you know how lubricated the pussy will get if you take her to a dive bar that smells like vomit? How dare you do that, you alpha stud!

Now let’s say you’re a Russian in Russia. You know the game is super-alpha there, but how about if you tone down the alphaness in a couple areas and run some contrary game to what the Russian men are doing. You’ll be so novel from your game alone that I’m confident you’ll see better close-rate percentages.

If you don’t know any alphas to model your game after, then just study the betas (they’re in plentiful supply), and then do the opposite. That alone will get you halfway there.

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  • The Rookie

    Seinfeld’s puffy shirt… hmmmm….

  • Anonymous


    have a nice holiday, fool.

  • The G Manifesto

    “Every guy takes girls out to dinner for a first date. Contrary game is taking her to a basic bar and feeding her cheap rail liquor or American beer.”

    These are both what “every guy” does.

    “Speaking of style, note that hipsters are simply running contrary game to mainstream America.”

    Hipsters wear Chinese made mall crap. I would say they are pretty mainstream. I bet you can guess what I would suggest as far as style.

    “Perhaps in ten years when every guy is texting, some type of calling game may see a bump in results.”

    This is a good one. This year I have almost completely cut out text messaging.

    All phone calls. Contrary Game.

    – MPM

  • fourblindmonkeys

    A thing about Russians is their game almost doesn’t fly here in the US. I have a friend that has slept with 100 women by the age of 28(he left the country when he was 31). They wouldn’t accept guys into their social circle if they didn’t sleep with 100 women. Btw, this same guy only slept with 15 women in 15 years here in America. Pathetic.

    It’s funny but I probably won’t need any game over there. “Chicks fuck over there just because”, is what my friends who came from there tell me. They tell me stories of girls outright coming up to guys and asking them to fuck them or undressing. This is coming from 4 separate Russian guys.

  • donlak

    Awesome, this has pretty much been my game my entire sexual life.

  • ess

    THANK YOU for your game advice ROOSH.


  • FretDancer

    It’s all about being counter-intuitive. The problem is when you don’t know what the “trend” is, making you unable to run this.

  • Francis

    I just love this post, good game prospective.

  • Mrs. Valizadeth

    This is your Mother again. So you figured if every guy goes to school, works, pays rent, and makes his parents proud you’ll do exactly the opposite??? Will this “game” stuff ever get old!?!? Well, how about at least do your own laundry game and clean your damn room game!! (pardon my Persian).

    I mean, you’re a smart boy and your brain clearly demands intellectual activity. That’s why I got my hopes up when you were researching a tax question in the previous post. Can’t you put your mind to something worthwhile???

    But this is not why I came here. Roosh, I left you a pack of 12 condoms in your room last month and I just went and saw that they are all still there, I even counted them! And now I’m reading about all the sluts you’re sleeping with in your Dad’s basement… You MUST use them or held me God, it’s been tough enough to raise you and I’m sure as heck not prepared to raise your random kids too!

    You have to use them even if you play hide the sausage with G Manifesto! I don;t care if it’s “cool” to pretend you;re a gangster now, just USE CONDOMS! It’s the only thing I’m hoping for from you any more.

    Did you hear me? Condoms, condones, preservativos! As long as you live with your Dad, you’re using CONDONES, amigo! NON-NEGOTIABLE!

    I’m upstairs if you want to talk. Dinner will be ready in 15.

  • Anonymous

    George Costanza already had that covered.

  • speakeasy

    Are you fucking kidding me?? Most guys take girls to dinner on a first date? That’s news to me.

  • Ooooo

    ^^ coz you’re a fukin tightwad! Go with the opposite!

  • Timothy

    I’m all for finding something interesting or different to do on a first date. A meal can be part of it – it doesn’t have to be either/or. But make the date centered around something other than just a meal.

    I’ve never liked the reliance on texting rather than calling. I may text just to say “I’ll be late” or something like that, but I’ve always preferred to talk. And if I get voice mail, I don’t leave messages. I don’t call to talk to a recording of a woman’s voice – I call to talk to HER. She’ll see the missed call, and that should be enough for her to call me back. Women can get into that whole “don’t appear too available” game, so I’m not calling and leaving 3 messages before she decides to call back. If you’ve given me your number, and want me to call, it’s simple courtesy to call back if you see I tried to reach you.

  • Jimmy

    Anyone looking for contrary game need only pop Taxi Driver into the DVD player and revisiting one of the greatest alternative dates in history.

  • rooshaaa

    Hey does that mean if i’m dating a stripper who likes drugs and drama, then i should be nice guy, boring and sober. Also, does anyone on here know where I can meet girls who look like MIla Kunis

  • virlge kent

    Today I am proud to call youy my friend…

    You made it buddy

  • Big Snot

    This is good advice if you’re short ugly or have a shitty job or went to a shit school and you need a gimmick to stand out. If you’re good looking dress well enough have a decent sense of humor and can pass the 3 questions test that all sluts do with their friends she’ll happy suck your d*ck with pleasure and gusto you just as long as you’re “normal” and don’t set off any major alarms that scream out weirdo. Most girls have a most basic screening process aimed at weeding out potential nuts who “might be ax murderers or rapists” (their words)- that and impressing their friends. If you have better than average credentials just ride em and you’ll never have to worry about this shit.

  • Ddog

    man your haters sound like a bunch of SWPL betas to the point where my stomach is turning imagining their domineering overweight american girlfriends.

  • Big Snot

    Who’s talking about girlfriends? I’m talking about getting my dick sucked.

  • Big Snot

    SWPL? Single white pussy lickers? Damn I hate this young generation.

  • the white dude

    wow roosh. just wow. this is a breakthroigh right here.

    you verbalized what I’ve been thinking about GAME lately.

    I’m somewhat of a natural myself, and I constantly see shit on seduction forums saying to do this and that, and be the Alpha, the loud guy, brash, bravado, the prize, yada yada.

    I’m really a pretty sensitive honest guy. not an AFC, but I find the guys trying to be ALPHA to reek of trying too hard and masking insecurities.

    I just be myself, be nice, with a little joking around, be a little quiet and aloof a la your seinfeld comment, (as I don’t really like to be the center of attention,) be honest and persistent, and don’t try too hard, and I get laid quite a bit.

    ive always gone against the mainstream and been pretty iconoclastic and outsiderish (it ain’t easy for a guy growing up sensitive) and ive been making the panties drop since I was 15, because of your above stated model. I’m not a hipster, I hate hipsters, and I’m not a bro, I just kind of do my own thing, and don’t try to fit into a mainstream box.

    albeit I’m pretty good looking. still though. im not the “life of the party,” I don’t try to show off or dhv, I’m not constantly trying to be the ALPHA of the group, (btw, no one ever likes that guy. he’s the annoying asshole that tries to put everyone down to make himself look good. REEKS OF INSECuRiTY) and I often listen to people much more than I speak, asking questions etc.

    I don’t let people walk all over me either though, but things workout nicely. i don try to hard and i go with the flow.

    shit works wonders

  • (R)Evolutionary

    Big Snot–SWPL stands for Stuff White People Like, and refers to the urban hipster demographic.

    Google “Stuff White People like.” there’s a website devoted to it, and even books now.

    Roosh, big ups on the Jizzabell article. The comments are quite the comedy show. They clearly take things waaay too seriously over there…they’re all drinking the kool-aid & inhaling their own swamp gas.

  • Boycott American Women

    Why American men should boycott American women

    I am an American man, and I have decided to boycott American women. In a nutshell, American women are the most likely to cheat on you, to divorce you, to get fat, to steal half of your money in the divorce courts, don’t know how to cook or clean, don’t want to have children, etc. Therefore, what intelligent man would want to get involved with American women?

    American women are generally immature, selfish, extremely arrogant and self-centered, mentally unstable, irresponsible, and highly unchaste. The behavior of most American women is utterly disgusting, to say the least.

    This blog is my attempt to explain why I feel American women are inferior to foreign women (non-American women), and why American men should boycott American women, and date/marry only foreign (non-American) women.


  • John at DCA Parking

    Everything you wrote was true. I agree with the facebook thing. I read once that girls like guys who know how read palms.

  • CJ

    Heh, nice catch VK. That reminds me I really should be visiting sites like that just to keep my finger on the pulse of how stupid women are today.

  • Höllenhund

    Dear Roosh,
    you probably already know by now: has stumbled upon your blog.

  • SolveMyGirlProblems

    Contrary Game:

    (a) Standing up an HB9 because you couldn’t find parking
    (b) Giving a girl the rejection hotline #
    (c) Refusing to let a girl give you a blow job because of her political alignment

  • Big Snot

    Refusing to let a girl give you a blowjob is not contrary game, it’s homosexual game. Good luck with that.

  • Timothy

    The ladies over at Jezebel should take a page from Gwyneth Paltrow’s book…don’t date or marry American men. Paltrow notoriously prefers European men, and put her money where her mouth is – she married and started a family with a Brit, and even MOVED out of the US to set up shop. I personally find her overrated in the looks department, but that’s not the point. She’s probably desired and considered the beauty ideal here, but she talked smack about American men and backed it up with action. American women can either use some of the anti-American woman sentiment as a sign they should self-examine, or follow Ms. Patrow’s example – find some men somewhere that DO value you (however, if you don’t fit the blond/blue-eyed ideal…good luck with that!). I take it foreign men may like sporting an American princess on their arm, and maybe fucking one, but that’s about it.

  • Timothy

    More fun facts about American women. But we already knew this…

  • Zammo

    Wait until Jezebel finds Roissy, The Spearhead, MGTOW, and the rest of the manosphere.

    I can imagine that in just a few short years the femmies will be lobbying congress for laws to prevent guys from speaking their minds on the ‘Net. Or, they’ll just use VAWA and change the definition of violence to include words.

  • Giovonny

    my fav post of the year.

    being like everyone else is lame and boring.

    and i like the comment by 21

  • Anonymous

    Big Snot, what are the 3 questions?

  • Big Snot

    I love the medellin video that the jezebel site links to.

    the three questions, loosely defined, are the questions a girl asks her friend whenever the friend brings up a new guy. where’s he live? what’s he do? where did he go to school? They oddly also care about name and how tall.

  • Rorte

    Does Roosh still think the MRA is a bunch of bitter small dick virgins? Has the feminasties tentacles finally come too close for comfort? We’ll soon find out. I wonder how many heads will explode when Jezebel cunts find Manhood101 . com ?

  • Rorte

    @ Mrs. Valizadeth

    Fuck you you old hag. You must have a small penis.

  • Mrs. Valizadeth

    ^^ Roosh, are you going to let those game boys talk to your MOTHER like this??? See what kind of following you’re attracting???? Is that what we’ve put you through school for???

  • Ryan

    Nice going, Rorte. Everyone else casually ignored and soon forgot the attention whore.

  • Mark

    Stereotyping is stupid. That goes for Roosh and Jezebel.

    Contrary game is definitely a concept that is oft unspoken but can be a huge advantage. I only feel like it’s a huge advantage in extreme situations though.

  • Shaman

    The Mrs. Valizadeth thing is hilarious, Roosh you got your first novelty account, lol. That’s fucking awesome: to whoever’s doing that, please keep it up.

    Being different from most of the other guys is an area that is massively overlooked and underestimated, it’s HUGELY attractive to girls, it’s why blond guys with blue eyes clean up in Brazil, it’s why latino guys clean up in Sweden, it’s why aggressive American guys (with decent game) will do really well anywhere in Scandinavia (because all the local guys are very, very, VERY beta, passive, and non-aggressive). It’s huge (just like my cock).

    Cheers and happy new year!

  • Wilson

    Hey SHE-man, nobody is buying the smoke you’re blowing up their ass. The only universally attractive thing about a man is his authority and dominance over a woman. If you don’t apply pain to that bitch, she’s not gonna know who’s boss and she’s gonna think it’s OK to NOT suck your cock. That’s why the folks at manhood101 . com are drowning in attractive pussy and you’re as dry and transparent as your try-hard cool guy act.

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  • Anonymous

    contrary to what?

  • Mrs. Valizadeth

    @ Shaman:

    Young man, I’m glad I brightened up your day a bit. Let me assure you, however, that you will not find it funny when YOUR microbiologist son is running around rawdogging hordes of “hoes” at a tender age of 31.

    I’m trying to be a hip Mom, and even get steez tips from G Man, but sometimes I wonder if I should run contrary game and just ask Dad to use his belt to whip some sense into my boy’s butt.

    Have a good day!

  • Eumaios

    Mrs. V.: Have you met GBFM? I have a feeling y’all would get along.

  • Paul

    Mrs. Valizadeth, that sounds perverted. It sounds like you keep it all in the family. Maybe that’s why Roosh loves anal.

  • Anonymous

    This explains a lot. I don’t do any of those things and my phone is always ringing…

  • kissmeimshomer

    its been a while since you had a good interesting post! nice!

  • Anonymous

    Roosh, why do you focus so much on being anti-american? Do you realize that is your identity? Isn’t it boring to spend so much time thinking about why you don’t like a place and bashing it’s people? Following your contrarian readings and your attempts to be a rebel is like eating fast food for the brain.

    Often there is good content on this site. But often it’s boringly vain. Stick to the real content of how to help men talk to women and leave out the personal opinons on everything from why you dislike/disrespect women to why america is horrible. Are you going to be a person who’s about what he positively contributes or what he complains about? Roosh you have become my American women.

  • DaneDude

    Omg. I just realized, I’ve been doing contrary game all my life !

  • Skifff


  • gaoxiaen

    Contrary game works in Asia. Cook, be nice to children, open doors for women, etc… but be a bad guy, too. Get shitfaced, fight, curse, ride a motorcycle, don’t give a fuck about what other people think, and HIT THE GYM. An English teacher cleans up, with students and their mothers. Asian women don’t know what to think about foreigners. We’re just inscrutable. Take advantage of it. I’m 55 and still get 8’s and 9’s (sometimes 9.5’S) with very little effort. Just be a polite miscreant (and not a pussy, like most Asian men)and you’re in.

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