Cost Per Notch

In late 2005 I wondered how much each notch was costing me. Is my game saving me money over escort services? I decided to add a new line on my monthly budget called “Dating” and keep track of money I spent on dates. I added a separate line called “Nightlife” to account for drinking when I wasn’t in the company of a specific girl. This may hide the true cost of a notch since money spent meeting girls at venues such as bars add up, but my intent when I go out isn’t always to get laid (surprisingly).

My goal was to keep the CPN under $200. More than that and I’m heading into the hourly charge of escorts.

Because I had constant feedback on how much sex was costing me, I was able to always adjust in order to lower expenses. Midway through the year, to lower my CPN, I started doing more coffee dates and dinner dates where I would cook a meal from my Betty Crocker cookbook. Taking dates up to Baltimore also saved money. After all the sex was done and all expenses tabulated, my CPN for 2006 ended up to be $187. This number also accounts for those girls I went out on a date with but not did not eventually have sex with.

I have no idea if this number is too high or not because there are no benchmarks to compare it too, but the fact that I’m cheap as hell and try to get the bang as quickly as possible means it’s probably on the very low end for most guys my age in this area, especially when a significant percentage of guys seem to enjoy subsidizing a woman’s fine dining habit. I did not do a restaurant dinner date in 2006.

I strongly believe that sex with quality women can be had without spending money, so I am aiming for a 2007 CPN of $50. There is no reason that I should pay more for sex with a twenty-something woman past her physical prime when young guys in college are fucking tight-bodied coeds for practically nothing.


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