Culture Parasites

A culture parasite is a person or company who sucks away value from a culture for the sole purpose of making money. They decrease both the intellect, class, and even appearance of the population that it’s targeted against. Here are some examples of American culture parasites:

  • Kim Kardashian
  • Apple Computer
  • Gawker
  • Uggs
  • Jersey Shore
  • Chipotle
  • Jinjiang Jiaxing Group Limited (Chinese flip-flop manufacturer that exports to USA)
  • Facebook
  • Naomi Wolf
  • Most media companies

The above has done more than its fair share of contributing to the decline of American women, and therefore your happiness. Chipotle, while providing tasty 2,000 calorie burritos, has helped fatten the population. Apple’s iPhone, which has made it easier to stay connected to the web 24/7, has decreased the attention spans of women. Facebook, while allowing you to stay in touch with old friends, has made women into attention whores. Jersey Shore, while an entertaining program (at least for the first season), has propagated memes that have made women less funny and more vapid. And so on. If you’re in a bar and are annoyed that every woman is glued to her iPhone surfing Facebook, yet you have an iPhone and also use Facebook, who should you blame?

It’s okay to complain about the pussy hell we’ve found ourselves in, but if we go right ahead and support those which have helped create that hell, do we deserve improvement? We all have to hold up a mirror in front of ourselves, myself included, and ask if we’re giving attention or money to the very things that are degrading our society and making us less likely to find a quality woman.

Even if we stop supporting all culture parasites, we may not make much of a dent in our culture’s decline, but at least our demands will be congruent with our character. We will have a right to make those demands and have the expectation that they be met.

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