Culture War Predictions For 2015

The following three myths will be grievously injured by the end of 2015, and by that I mean an additional 1-5 million American men will begin developing strong doubts about their truthfulness.

1. “We live in rape culture”

The UVA rape hoax has not taught the enemy a lesson. They will hope and pray for more women to be raped to prove their rape culture exists in light of recent evidence by the Department Of Justice that rape is simply not a serious threat to college-aged women. Prepare for the media to fall for more false accusations and hoaxes, undermining their remaining credibility with moderates.

2. “Women are discriminated against and treated unequally”

As economic opportunities for men continue to dwindle, further complaints about discrimination against women and the “unequal wage gap” will fall on deaf ears. Fewer men will believe the propaganda that we need more equality as their happiness and standard of living lags behind that of women and other groups demanding special treatment. The men’s rights movement may even expand to the economical arena.

3. “The mainstream media is an unbiased source of information”

As the two myths above collapse, the media will fight tooth and nail to preserve their fantasy narrative by directly attacking large communities and niche groups with outrageous lies and insults like we saw with gamergate. People prefer not to read news from those who attack them, so they’ll seek out alternative sources that begin to clear the cobwebs from their minds.

In 2013, we saw a large increase in manosphere readership that began to ejaculate our ideas onto the mainstream. In 2014, these ideas became the morning sickness that left the enemy unprepared and unwilling to respond with logic, reason, and facts. In 2015, you will see the birthing on our side of semi-formalized alliances between various groups that use more organized action to deal crushing blows upon panicked feminists and SJW’s. Media owners will reconsider their usefulness. At the same time, our mob will grow to a frightening size after growing big and strong on breast milk, and they will be lustful for blood.

We must simply continue doing what we’re doing, because it’s working. Our efforts have not been in vain, and will end up changing the very fabric of Western society.

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