Day & Night Game Workshops


I’m again teaching workshops in Washington DC, which will run four hours in length and teach men how to approach and talk to women in both day and nighttime settings. Outcomes that will be taught include getting a phone number, kiss, venue change (i.e. instant date), same-night date, and one-night stand.

The daytime workshops, which will take place on Friday and Saturday afternoons, will focus on how to meet women in coffee shops, bookstores, on public transportation, in grocery stores, retail stores, and on the street. The night workshops, which will take place on Friday and Saturday nights, will teach you how to meet women in bars and clubs.

During both workshops, you will:

  • receive a comprehensive manual containing more than two dozen effective openers and follow-ups that will allow you to approach women anywhere
  • practice the material on approximately ten girls who meet your quality standards (no fatties)
  • learn techniques to get numbers, dates, and one-night stands
  • get detailed written and verbal feedback on your game, from your body language and mannerisms to your conversational content and closing technique, which will serve as a blueprint for your immediate improvement
  • be able to tap the brain of a man who has slept with a boatload of women in locations around the world and has dedicated nearly a decade of his life to penetrating women as quickly as possible—with the least amount of effort

I urge you to read on even if you’re familiar with my old workshops because I’ve revamped the program by adding new methods and technology.


Nearly two years ago I began teaching eight-hour game workshops in DC, which included both lecture and fieldwork of approaching girls in coffee shops, retail stores, grocery stores, the subway, and on the street. Within the next few months I taught thirty-two men and provided feedback on 416 of their approaches during nearly 150 hours of workshop time. These men were white, black, Asian, Indian, Latino, and Persian, with ages ranging from 21 to 54. I received positive feedback from thirty of these men, and neutral feedback from two.

Though I considered the workshops a huge success, I discontinued them in South America (though I did conduct one in Medellin). I don’t mean to sound like a wuss, but teaching them was the hardest job I’ve ever had in my life, more so than being a teenage janitor at a bagel shop, a DJ, a bartender, or a microbiologist. Each workshop involved several hours of nonstop talking, movement, and thinking. At the end of each one I was exhausted, but pleased at being able to provide a service that men valued. It’s a job I can only perform during occasional bursts of inspiration and energy.

Improvements & Innovations

I’ve been back in America for four months, and during that time I’ve been thinking about how to improve the workshops based on my own observations and feedback I’ve received from students. I came up with seven improvements, including two innovations that aren’t being used by any other game instructor.

Elimination Of Long-Form Lecture:

This was the biggest complaint from students. Many were bored having to sit in the same chair for hours as we worked our way through the workshop manual, and I couldn’t blame them. Essentially, they were paying money to have me read to them. If you look at commercial “boot camps,” you’ll see that their structure includes more than a dozen hours of sitting in a classroom listening to a good-looking actor talk about game—with much less time spent on making actual approaches. Adult men can read the material on their own—they attend workshops to learn how to do it live and to be critiqued on their technique.

Expanded Workshop Manual:

In order to eliminate the lecture, I have beefed up the workshop manual so that it can stand alone. To do that, the word count has increased by some 300% and I’ve revised it to make it more clear and concise (even having it professionally copyedited). In essence, the manual is now an Early Game book, packed with openers, follow-ups, and details of the when, how, and where to use them. You’ll receive the manual via email a few days before the workshop so you can read and study on your own. That way, you’ll be able to come to the workshop with a fair understanding of the game you’re going to run. Along with a brief introduction, we’ll spend 10-15 minutes before each venue reviewing and rehearsing the lines before you go into action. We’ll also do a couple fun social exercises to get you thinking in the right direction.

Addition Of Night Game Instruction:

Due to numerous suggestions, I’ve decided to also teach night game. You’ll have the option to do either a day or night workshop—or both at a discounted price. (If you do both, I recommend taking them on separate days so you don’t overload your brain.) The workshop manual now addresses nighttime approach logistics and includes six openers you can use exclusively in bar or club environments. Regardless of what workshop you take, you’ll receive the complete manual, featuring both day and night game techniques. This way you can see one part in action while working on the other on your own time. For example, if you mostly run night game now but are thinking about running day game in the future, you can take a night game workshop and have the day game material in reserve for when you’re ready to get started.

Optimized Game Material:

My day game material has been time-tested and put through the ringer with hundreds of approaches, thanks in part to my students. This has allowed me to optimize the openers and follow-ups to have greater effectiveness. If there was a line that students had trouble with, I took a long look at it, even using basic statistical analysis to aid in the process. The bottom line is the game you’ll learn has proved its worth and will offer you the highest chance for successfully approaching any woman—day or night. In the manual I also share some new bar lines that I’ve developed in the past year, which I haven’t published anywhere else.

1-on-1 Workshop Option:

Some men prefer to learn individually and do more approaches than a 2-on-1 session, so for this round you’ll have the option of attending solo workshops. In the 1-on-1 workshop you’ll be able to approach more, get more individual attention, and see me make more demonstrations. With two guys, there are fewer chances for me to demonstrate various approach techniques without taking away opportunities from students. (And as you may know, DC doesn’t have a huge pool of cute women to choose from.)

And now for the workshop innovations:

Custom Post-Workshop Report:

A few days after you take the workshop, you’ll receive a PDF file evaluating every approach you made during the workshop, with straight-forward critiques on what you did right and wrong. Of course I’ll give you plenty of tips during the workshop, but I believe that having a report you can reread will serve as a better reminder of how you can improve your game. This means that I’ll be furiously taking notes in the corner while you talk to women.

The report will also contain a section titled Things That Are Holding You Back, in which I’ll explain what is stopping you from banging lots of girls. In past workshops, I tried to be as gentle as possible, but this time I’ll make suggestions that may wound your ego a bit, with the sole intention of improving your game. For example if I think your style is off for the girls you’re trying to get with, I’ll tell you. After all, you’re paying me to make a positive difference in your life, not to coddle you. Also if I know a good venue in DC that fits your swag, I’ll suggest it. The report will serve as a blueprint for your improvement in the next 6-12 months, and will take me approximately one hour to create for each student.

Secret Service Style Two-Way Communication Radios (Day Only):

In past workshops I wasn’t always able to hear everything students said, especially if I wasn’t standing right next to them. Later I would ask them to replay conversations for me, but they weren’t able to remember all the details, some of which may be subtle but important. With the radios, I’ll hear most of what you say and be able to offer more accurate and effective feedback. I may even be able to determine where you lost a girl’s interest—something I’ll note in your report. This means I’ll be wearing an earpiece when you approach. Your radio will also come with an earpiece that, depending on your mood, you can wear during an approach or two so I can feed you game advice in real time (I’ll arm you with a ready-made excuse if the girl happens to see it.) Think of me as a modern-day Cyrano de Bergerac. The radio is only used for day game, since background noise at night is too high. Note that conversations will not be recorded, thus ensuring the legality of the method.

Here’s a diagram of the wiring system I’m using for the workshop:

I’ll ask you to wear some type of undershirt—either a wife beater or simple t-shirt—to attach the microphone and earpiece body. The microphone will remain hidden even if you wear a regular t-shirt over your undershirt, but a collared shirt will better conceal the earpiece wiring in the couple instances you put it on. The push-to-talk button will go in your front pocket and the radio itself will go in your back pocket.

Two Habits Of Highly Effective Trainers

I’ve taken a lot of lessons in my adult life: music, motorcycle, bartending, Spanish, Portuguese, racquetball, sailing, and a whole bunch of corporate workshops and training that I’ve thankfully forgotten. Over the years, I’ve learned two things about what it takes to be a good instructor:

1. Lecturing isn’t effective. Being a passive receptacle is the least effective way to learn something. Anything I’ve gotten good at has been from doing instead of just listening, which simply doesn’t work for a majority of people. I apologize to my prior students for putting up with this format.

2. Feedback is the key to improvement. The best instructors I’ve ever had recognized exactly what I was doing wrong and then had the honestly to tell me without having to sugar-coat. I remember my Spanish instructor in Argentina who thought my accent was straight-up “bad.” She stopped me every few seconds and forced me to repeat words to her liking, sometimes making me feel like an idiot, but I experienced the biggest improvement to my Spanish thanks to her tough love/positive feedback approach.

In my workshop, with the addition of the secret service radios and post-workshop report, I’ll make the feedback rain on you in a friendly but honest manner. With pinpoint accuracy, I’ll give you a list of actionable items that will have you seeing more improvement in the following three months than you’ve experienced in the previous year. I’m confident that my advice will make you eager to get back out in the field to try the suggestions I made.

What To Expect From The Workshop

You won’t be coming to me as a blank slate. Even if you’re a newbie, you’ll have some previous experience, and our goal will be to help you jump up one level in the next 3-6 months. Here are the five basic levels of game, keeping in mind that there are also varying degrees between levels.

Level 0: Newbie who has never cold approached

You’ll learn how to approach, and I’ll expect you to have a handful of 1-3 minute conversations. After the workshop, you’ll have less fear about approaching, since you’ll have firsthand experience that it’s not as bad as you imagined it to be.

Level 1: Beginner who has done a couple dozen approaches

You’ll learn how to maintain conversations and to convey interest. You’ll have conversations that will be longer than five minutes in length, coming close to at least getting a number. After the workshop, you’ll have sharper social skills and better calibration ability (i.e. knowing when a girl is interested or not).

Level 2: Intermediate gamesman who has gotten bangs out of cold approaching

You’ll have a couple conversations longer than ten minutes and will most likely get at least one number. After the workshop, you’ll become more effective at closing and escalating.

Level 3: Advanced gamesman who has gotten many bangs in the past year

You’ll get at least two numbers, with a 20% chance of banging a girl you meet during the workshop. Afterwards your game will be sharper and more refined. I’ll help you move your focus from phone numbers to same-night dates and one-night stands.

Level 4: One-night stand master gamesman

The workshop will freshen up your game, eliminate bad habits that have escaped your radar, and allow you to learn additional shortcuts that get you the bang faster.

With these workshops my job is to upgrade your game software instead of installing a new operating system. We’ll take what you have and refine it to give you the most mileage for rapid improvement, though ultimately it’ll be up to you to use the feedback and material after the workshop to maintain your progress. The workshop isn’t about creating overnight success stories, but putting you on the correct track so it all happens sooner.

On average, you’ll do twelve approaches during a day workshop and eight at night. If you’re taking the 1-on-1 workshop, you’ll do more. In previous day workshops, the average student made fourteen approaches.

Previous Reviews

Here’s a detailed review from the last workshop I taught. It was a combination day and night workshop that took place in Medellin, Colombia.

My goal of doing this workshop was to gain the confidence to approach girls. I am confident in many areas of my life but approaching women was just not one of them. I think my biggest issue is that I just did not know what to say. I can confidently say that Roosh has given me the tools and the confidence to approach girls. I can honestly say this because I approached girls/groups of girls about 20 times that night and saw firsthand that the tools that Roosh gave me really do work.

I came into the workshop with the goal of learning the specifics of how to approach women in a nightclub. But I came away from the workshop with far more than that. I’ll start from the beginning…

The first part was a 2-3 hour lecture. I was apprehensive about having a lecture beforehand when I figured I would get a lot more out of the night if I was to just start approaching girls ASAP. I was wrong. Roosh created a thorough manual that started with inner game and ended with the specifics on how to approach women in any situation (cafe, grocery store, street, bar, etc.). His material was surprisingly unique and the main concepts I learned are things I had never read before. He made sure that I understood the material completely and I think that rehearsing certain situations with Roosh really helped. The only critque about this portion is of the workshop is that we did not have enough time to complete the manual before doing approaches. It would have helped to start an hour or so earlier. Even so, we did finish going over the manual by the time the night was over at around 3 or 4am!

After finishing the lecture part we headed to an area with an abundance of bars and clubs. Our first mission was for me to approach girls/groups of girls walking down the street. I used a very simple line to get the girl(s) attention and have some short conversations that went pretty well. I even got a few numbers out of it. Even with the line Roosh provided I never would have been able to get the girls to stop and talk with me if it were not for Roosh’s specific technique to do this. He made it easy for me since he specifically positioned me and pointed out the girls I should talk to ahead of time before passing them.

The next portion of the night was at a busy bar. No, we did not just go up and approach as many girls as I could without discretion. The way Roosh suggested doing this felt far more comfortable because we took a position in the bar and I approached girls when they either passed us or when it seemed natural (i.e. getting another drink at the bar). But even then he did not just say, “ok go talk to the girls when you get another drink at the bar.” He explained how exactly I could do it, involving positioning, the best opener to use, etc.) Let me also add that we only approached attractive girls! I ended up with a few good conversations at the bar and had a great time!

Next up was a busy bar/small club. As soon as we walked inside he pointed out a group to approach but I chickened out…plus they were a bunch of hippie looking girls with manly hair. I think Roosh understood my apprehension and we went further into the club where I approached a group of girls with Roosh’s simple opener and wound up talking/dancing salsa with one of the girls for a bit. I was ready to move on and Roosh sensed this so he pointed out another group of girls to approach. It ended up going like that for a while. Though a few times I chickened out and he told me to go walk around and don’t come back until I approach a girl(s). This tough love was what I needed and eventually I did approach some more girls. Then some more! For the first time in my life I could rotate between groups of girls which I imagine really helps with attraction but also made me feel that much cooler! I ended up dancing pretty heavily with one girl and on my way between rotating from groups of girls Roosh advised me on how to isolate her. It didn’t work out so well seeing as how she was with her cousins and sister though but I am confident that I can do it in the future in an easier situation.

I chose to end the night after 8 hours of lecture and approaching girls because I was exhausted. I had such a blast that night and Roosh’s instruction was invaluable and though it’s to early to say, most likely a life changing experience. I have a thorough understanding on how to approach girls in any situation in addition to other factors like posture, positioning, etc. I am probably at a tougher stage now because I know in my heart that I have no excuses not to practice this stuff and if I don’t I have nobody to blame but myself.

I just came come from 7 1/2 months abroad and am extremely busy visiting friends, family, and catching up on my work. But I am excited about starting my last semester of university so that I take advantage of the great opportunities and situations to approach girls. It really helps to have Roosh’s continual guidance as he had made it abundantly clear that I should keep in touch and update him on my progress and any questions I have.

Here’s another review from a man who eventually slept with a girl he met during the workshop.

I really had a great time on the workshop. The idea of approaching random girls is not new to me, but I found that my interactions often weren’t going anywhere unless the girl took some sort of initiative/interest. The Galnuc and banter topics you discusses are a solid way of building interest and rapport while not sounding like some random pushy werido. You were encouraging and made it fun along the way once we hit the street, although in the beginning some parts were more helpful than others.

That first Turkish girl I talked to was pretty rough, I’m thinking maybe there’s a way to be more private in the beginning. It may also make you and the guys in the workshop more comfortable. Maybe grabbing one of those tables by the window would have been a good idea to mitigate this.

One of the big realizations I had during the workshop is to hit on a girl without actually hitting on her. Girls know you’re doing it, but for some reason you can’t come out and say it, you need to talk about some BS random goofy stuff like you gave us. (more on this below).

Later that night I texted 3/4 numbers I got but never called the Germans staying at the Marriott since I got a response from 2 out of the original 4. (The german’s international # bounce back on my carrier). The blonde sign language girl was going to a show and going out in georgetown so that was too far away form where I was going (Dupont) so the Brazilian was the girl I was going to meet up.

When the Brazilian girl showed up she was really looking good way more impressive than at the store. She friended me on facebook so you can see her picture, and a good example of day to night transformation. She met with my friends and we hung out for a while before going back to Dupont Circle to hang out and chat on the fountain for a while. She told me that she knew I was hitting on her right away but thought it was fun and was attracted to me (as mentioned above) I’m thinking the material really helped to clear the air and make it fun. At any rate after talking and getting a little touchy, I took her back to my place and banged her. That’s right, one of your workshop students got laid as a result of the workshop. Now I’m not sure what the going rate of hookers is these days, but for $175, that’s a great ROI. And this girl was no hooker (not that I would know), she was a cool girl with a great personality and fun to hang out with.

So there you have it, I had a great time. Thanks for your tips and information along the way. I’m going to stick with this and try to get better, I really enjoy meeting women and during the daytime I believe is the best time to do it.

One of my youngest day game students posted a review of the workshop on his blog. My favorite part:

What I learned in that day game workshop changed me forever. It was worth every penny.

Some of the men who’ve taken my workshop have reached incredible heights. I’m especially thinking of Tyler, who I see today as an equal, not a protégé.


Below are prices for all the workshop types and sizes. They are subject to increase.

  1-on-1 1-on-2

Every workshop includes the following:

  • At least four hours of in-field instruction
  • Custom post-workshop report
  • Electronic editions of the workshop manual and my book Bang (if you already have Bang, deduct $10)
  • Complimentary email support for any game questions you may have for three months following the workshop
  • A 50% discount on my upcoming day game book (expected release date: second half of 2011)

If you want to sign up for both a day and night workshop, you’ll get a 15% discount off the total price. If you want to take a workshop with a friend, you’ll both receive a 10% discount.

You’ll notice the prices are higher than two years ago. The main reason is that my knowledge of game has increased considerably, allowing you to learn material that is closer to being bulletproof. For example, the day game workshop has a new module on venue changing and same-night dating, something that wasn’t covered in the previous round. A small sampling of other modules include: Differences Between Day & Night Game, The Optimal Mindset, Rambling & Baiting, Nighttime One-Night Stands, and Turning Regular Thoughts Into Effective Openers.

I estimate that there are less than five men in Washington DC who have the deep game knowledge and experience I possess while also being able to teach it effectively to others. You’ll be learning from a veteran—not from someone who only made his first approach a couple years ago after seeing The Game at Barnes & Noble. With this new workshop I aim to continue providing good value for guys who want to improve their game.

Scheduling and Sign-Up

Day game workshops will take place Friday and Saturday starting at 2:00 p.m. Night game workshops will take place on the same days, at 9:00 p.m. To sign up, email me at [email protected] with the word “Workshop” in the subject line (or use this form) and tell me which dates are best for you. Once we find you a free slot, I’ll ask you to make a deposit with a credit card to lock in your spot.

You’ll get the workshop manual and Bang via email the week of the workshop, along with other details, such as what to wear and bring. You’ll receive your follow-up report three or four days after the workshop.

If you live in New York City, the cheapest way to attend the workshop is to take Bolt Bus ($35 round trip) and stay one night in the HI Hostel ($32.95/night), which is close to the starting locations of both the day and night workshops. A slightly cheaper option is the nearby Washington International Student Center Hostel ($27.78/night).

If you have questions about the workshop, post them in the comments section so everyone will be able to see my answer.

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