Day Bang: How To Casually Pick Up Girls During The Day

After much delay, I’m happy to release my day game book. It addresses a major weakness of my previous game book Bang, which is teaching men how to approach women during the day.

Day Bang is a 201-page book that teaches you how to pick up women during the day, primarily in a coffee shop, clothing store, bookstore, grocery store, subway, or on the street. It contains 51 openers, 23 long dialogue examples with commentary, and dozens of additional lines that teach by example.

Day Bang includes…

  • The optimal day game mindset that leads to the most amount of success
  • An easy mental trick to prevent your brain from going into a flight-or-fight response when it’s time to approach a woman you’re attracted to
  • A detailed breakdown of how to use the “elderly opener,” an easy style of approach that reliably starts conversations with women
  • 2 ways to tell if a girl will be receptive to your approach
  • How to avoid the dreaded “interview vibe”
  • 10 common mistakes guys make that hurt their chances of getting a number

Day Bang shares tons of tips and real examples on having successful conversations. It teaches you…

  • How to use my bait system to get the girl engaged and interested in you
  • How to segue out of the initial opening topic into a more personal chat where you’ll get to know the girl on a deeper level
  • How to take the interesting things you’ve done (your accomplishments, hobbies, and experiences) and morph them into bait hooks that gets the girl intrigued enough to want to go out with you
  • My “Galnuc” method to seamlessly get a girl’s number
  • An easy hack at the end of your interactions that will reduce the chance of a flake and prime the girl for going out with you
  • Ways to open up a conversation on a girl who isn’t giving you much to work with

Day Bang goes into painstaking detail on how to approach women in a variety of common environments…

  • How to open a girl in coffee shops when she has a book, laptop, mp3 player, cell phone, research paper, crossword or Sudoku puzzle, or nothing at all
  • Two methods for approaching a girl on the street, depending on if she’s moving or not, with a diagram to explain all the approach variations
  • How to approach in a retail store or mall environment, with openers to use on customers or sales clerks
  • How to approach in bookstores, with specific tips on how to customize your approaches in the cafe, magazine section, or general book aisles
  • How to meet women in public transportation, on both the bus and subway
  • How to meet women in grocery stores
  • How to approach girls in secondary venues like a beach, casino, concert, gym, hair salon, handicraft fair, museum, art show, park, public square, or wine festival

Dozens of additional topics are logically organized into 12 chapters…

  • Preparation. How to reduce your approach anxiety
  • Opening. How to deliver your opener in a way that doesn’t scare women away
  • Rambling. How to have conversations that make women interested in you
  • Closing. How to get a number in a way that reduces the chance she’ll flake
  • The Coffee Shop. How to pick up in coffee shops and cafes
  • The Street. How to pick up outdoors
  • The Clothing Shop. How to pick up in retail shops, malls, and big box stores
  • The Bookstore. How to pick up in bookstores
  • Public Transportation. How to pick up in the bus, subway, or long distance transportation
  • The Grocery Store. How to pick up in grocery stores
  • Other Venues. How to pick up just about anywhere else women can be found
  • Putting It All Together. How to maximize your day game potential

The lessons taught in this 75,000 word, no-fluff textbook will help you meet women during the day. If you need tips on what to do after getting her number, consult my other book Bang, which contains an A-to-Z banging strategy. Day Bang focuses exclusively on daytime approaching.

Here’s a review by a reader who won a pre-release copy:

I was really excited to finally read Roosh’s take on day game. (That’s why I hit refresh about 1,000 times while trying to win it in the forum contest a few weeks back.) I was introduced to the concept by reading some of Jeremy Soul’s stuff from Love Systems, and I’ve loved reading Krauser’s uber-alpha take on it. It’s funny though, as both of them focus on approaching much the same way you do in night game: walk around, see a target you like, and then go open her.

I tried it out for a bit and found decent success, but it seemed so forced, much like the whole Mystery Method of night game. I don’t have the best game at night, but mostly my game is predicated on setting up what appears to be random bumps/introductions/questions, etc. As a result, it seems just entirely natural, and I’ve had many girls say that to me in bed afterwards, that they liked how I didn’t try to pick them up – it just naturally happened (which is, of course, not true).

I didn’t know what to expect from Roosh on this topic, but I’m already a big fan of his. His approach to game seems the least contrived of anyone out there. And after reading Day Bang, he cements his position as the guru for normal people. It is a method/philosophy that fits me like a glove.

I’ve always been an outgoing person, so the concept of the elderly ramble was not only hilarious, but something pretty close to what I do on a regular basis. But seeing it codified really hit home. Roosh focuses much more on situational pick ups than the street game so favored by others, and again, it just seems so much more natural. If I had to summarize Day Bang in one sentence, it would be “Day Game for Actual Humans”.

I could really go on at length, but the book is worth it even if just for getting to understand the idea of the elderly ramble or to internalize the metaphor of girls as cats during the day (Every day when I’m walking around the city, my head keeps saying “Don’t scare the cat.”). At its core, he gives simple rules like this to keep in your head until they become unconscious behaviors. The first half of the book is basics like this, which culminates in “Galnuc”. At first, I had no idea what that meant either – but after he explains it, it’s like every other one of his concepts. A simple explanation and map for a reality you already knew existed but couldn’t describe. Seriously, between the ramble, don’t scare the cat and Galnuc – that’s like 80% of the battle. And since I can internalize that quickly, I can begin to live in the moment, instead of focusing on mechanics.

I think this is Roosh’s best gift. He’s explaining simple fundamentals – things that no longer need explaining to him, as he has progressed well past them – however, despite his distance from such a beginner’s mindset, he’s able to lay out the structure in such clear and relaxed language. There’s none of that boot-camp “Approach 1,000 women now, private!” bullshit, just some of the best writing style in all of the game community. It never feels like he’s writing a book or talking from on high about how things have to be; you really don’t feel his ego coming through the pages like you do with other game writers.

The book concludes with just a ton of information on how to succeed in some particular locations. From simple tips – to full-on diagrams of coffee shops and more. The breakdowns of each place let you begin to see how he thinks, and that is the type of learning that builds you into a more complete man instead of a robot with pickup lines.

Somehow, Day Bang wasn’t at all what I was expecting. I had gotten used to the idea of day game being exclusively about street pickups. But after reading it, I feel like day game isn’t some big thing I have to conquer, it’s just going to become part of my life. Congrats Roosh. Job well done. And again, the writing style was so natural and flowed so well. You have honed a true skill.

Click one of the following links to learn more:

Thanks to everyone for being patient while I worked on this book. I think you’ll find that it was worth the wait.

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  • MGuy

    i’m getting it

  • http://[email protected] NickyG

    I’ve been looking forward to Day Bang Roosh.

  • Gmac

    Bust open that bubbly! Day Bang is a classic in the making.

  • Johnny Milfquest

    I bought it today on Kindle-for-PC. Its gripping stuff.

    Day Bang doesn’t have any of the positive-thinking, Pollyanna bullshit and glittering generalities that you will find in 99% of self-help books.

    Its an epic win for in-the-trenches experience, common sense and plain-speaking.

  • Bronan the Barbarian!

    This is a great book full of awesome information. Publishing my review tomorrow.

  • The Glee Manifesto

    Ordered it.

  • Ambiguity : vector of progress

    I seriously didn’t see ONE single negative review during that pre-release marketing month. (silent room, a fly just passed by)

    I’m sorry but the best materials (in..hmm every subjects) always have strong criticisms.

    Daygame is actually 10x easier than night game if you compare the logistics of the girl (shes alone, already isolated from friends, 0 possibilities of amog, no distraction from music/dance, etc etc). This book should cost 10x less.

  • sardino

    I’ve been looking forward to this book for such a long time. I’m going to finish it today to get an overview of the concepts presented and take extensive notes. Then I’m going to read it one chapter at a time and give myself time to tweak my game one bit at a time.

    This book is seriously a steal at 14.95, I wouldn’t hesitate to pay 10x that amount given the quality of work that Roosh has produced in the past.

  • Steven Lurkel

    Ordered. Nice work.

  • dickbutt

    i’m sure the book’s good but i’m not gonna read it because i don’t want to indulge my keyboard jockey tendencies

  • Roosh

    Ambiguity: it sounds like you are already having great success with day game. In that case maybe it’s not for you. If you don’t want to buy it then you don’t have to.

    “This book should cost 10x less.”

    Thanks for the business tip. I’ll tell Amazon to price the paperback at $1.99, less than the cost of production.

  • Anonymous

    @ roosh — is the eBook option only for Kimble? I want to read at work, PDF style, is that going to work without a reader??


    [Roosh: Check out the ebook edition (second option). It has the PDF file]

  • Tampa

    Congrats on finding a successful business and doing what you love. That’s the American dream. I’ll probably buy it as well. Your blog is a daily read of mine. Keep it up and keep chasing your dreams.

  • Greendroppings

    I’m a slow reader, but what I’ve read so far has been great. Roosh writes very well to a particular type of audience. Clever, funny, and easy to understand.

  • Anon

    “Daygame is actually 10x easier than night game if you compare the logistics of the girl (shes alone, already isolated from friends, 0 possibilities of amog, no distraction from music/dance, etc etc). This book should cost 10x less.”


    Day game is easier if you like talking to chicks, getting phone numbers, talking on the phone, and eventually going on dates that may or may not end in a fuck. Night game is easier if you like fucking chicks.

  • Naughty Nomad

    Congrats man!

  • samseau

    I haven’t had the time to write my review for Day Bang.

    But I just want to say that this book is amazing and will change your daytime pickup habits forever.

  • Brazilianguy

    Will the techniques work only in the USA?

    [Roosh: The techniques work on girls. I use them in every country I go.]

  • john

    brazilianguy: no it will only work on mars too. come on man, it works everywhere

  • The Glee Manifesto

    There is actually a negative review for it on Amazon.
    Probably from you.

  • turner


    How can you complain about the value proposition if there is a moneyback guarantee?

    Moreover, if you go to the bars you will spend $15 on a couple of beers or a cocktail if you live in a major city, so once again, how can one criticize the value proposition? ie Money & time (your most valuable asset) saved on drinking in clubs/bars to pick up for efficiently.

    Furthermore, if you read a blog regularly and there is no advertising, why should the author, in this case Roosh, not be compensated for his work? Nothing worth having is free.

    To conclude, if you are such a cheap bastard that supporting a blogger on a site you read and optionally buying knowledge for $15 is a real travesty for you, than learning game is the least of your worries. Dead beat.

  • MR.GM

    Congrats Roosh,
    you are really set as the Guru of the Modern Heterosexual man.
    I’ll let you know how it works in Brazil, I’m buying it!

  • Jake

    That brought a smile to my face.

    You built your own thing, all your own insights, trials and challenges. Living a real, non scripted life. Sharing with others, maybe unplugging a few from the Matrix. Fucking awesome.

    May this one bring you lots of money, smiles, and hot bitches. :)

    As for my blog, unencumbered by any sort of point or direction, I’m whining about success with women:

  • Brian

    As much as I learned from reading Bang, I didn’t really have to think hard at all about buying this as well.

  • T&A Man

    Any chance of a bang/Day bang paperback bundle?

    Also it’s really only day game I care to improve, is the first ‘Bang’ considered to have prerequisite material/reading for ‘Day bang’, or is Day bang considered a stand alone manual?

  • Krauser

    Congratulations on getting the book out. I’m looking forward to reading it.

  • Thanks

    Bought it, worst case it will support this blog right^^

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  • Roosh

    “Any chance of a bang/Day bang paperback bundle?”

    Unfortunately no since Amazon controls the paperback distribution, but you do get free shipping if you order both.

    “is Day bang considered a stand alone manual?”

    Day Bang helps you gain more prospects, but to know how to contact and date them, you need what’s in Bang. If you’re a newbie who wants to meet girls during the day, you’ll eventually need both books.

  • Bronan the Barbarian!
  • lika

    I would have bought your book for USD 9 not 15…

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  • Ambiguity : vector of progress

    It’s not that the book isn’t for me, I just think its over-complicating things about daygame, wich is simpler than nightgame. Remember your post about going out alone? Put your shirt on, shoes, open door..
    I had tremendous success in pickup when I started behaving like a man, with instinct, not when I was thinking with a strategy or a GPS accurate approach plan.

    I think all reviews you posted were from guys who just finished reading the book (or not even completely). Wtf? You have to at least bang a few girls with a fresh new ease to prove this info works for you.

    @15 Anon
    its easier because girls are more approachable.

    @20 Glee
    nop, not from me.

    @21 turner
    please, no ad hominem that quickly.
    My line about the cost of the book was a figure of speech, money is least of my worries. I didn’t go on seduction websites to “support bloggers”, but to bang more girls.

  • wisconsin_swag

    why is it not available through nook? will it be? when? i really wanted to start reading today. if i purchase the e-book through my laptop can i easily transfer to my nook (if there’s a process, that process is alien; i just purchased my nook less than two weeks ago)… on that note: if i already have the pdf of ‘bang’ on my laptop, can i transfer it to my nook? maybe these questions are better asked of b&n. however, i was really excited about reading day bang on my nook… so much nicer than reading on a computer screen

  • Question

    Roosh, are you going to do any contests to give out free copies of Day Bang?

  • Anonymous

    Can’t wait to get my hands on this book congrats!

    also, out of context but dude please don’t break your rule of mentioning on your twitter posts what pics are NSFW…talking about the white ass girl one. Almost got busted!

  • daygamer

    I am a natural born daygamer, so this book comes just in time to sharpen my skills. Somehow, nightgame never worked for me, and I´m too lazy to work on it. Nightgame wipes out our natural, and Also I think daygame cost you less money and effort if done efficiently. Thanks roosh!

  • DoesNot

    So when are you coming out with Door to Door Bang

  • Brian

    “I wouldn’t be surprised if dropping small bait in your ramble is something you already do in everyday conversation. It’s generally the hallmark of people with good social skills. It comes when you properly read your audience, withhold bits of detail that entices others to dig for more, and make strong opinioned statements that hint at an experienced background.”

    Okay, this book is exactly what I needed, for things just like this, and not just for getting laid. I’m very attractive, successful career, athletic, ride motorcycles, compete at a fairly high level in a couple of my hobbies, and even have things like firefighting floating around in my background. But I grew up in a very isolated environment, and absolutely suck with my social skills.

    Honestly, it looks like this book is going to help me out in a lot of areas of my life. Thanks.

  • raliv


    Roissy’s review and the subsequent comments were informative. I have decided to purchase. I’m interested to get my hands on this book now. Reviews have been very positive and although this further leads to more “direct vs indirect” game discussion, I need more work on my day time indirect game and my rambling skills.

    I still use Bang as an overall dating guide and reference it from time to time. I hope Day Bang will provide structure to a complex and chaotic daytime pickup environment.

  • Roosh

    Nook/Kobe/Sony/Apple iBookstore editions should be available in about a month.

  • bob

    since the paperback bang + daybang bundle is not going to happen, any chance for an ebook bundle?

    [Roosh: There already is an ebook bundle. Go click the ebook order button of Day Bang and you’ll see it.]

  • Frank

    Is there a sharing feature? In other words can someone with the pdf version sell me their copy? Thanks.

  • Larry

    I got ‘Day Bang’ on my Kindle and have been reading it at every opportunity. Am almost finished. Personally, I find the book a lot more useful for my situation than ‘Bang’. Why? I’m in a LTR (it’s logistically more difficult for me to creep at night); I’m an older guy (if I frequented clubs, I’d be an “oldest guy in the club”, not the strongest position to be coming from); The material is FRESH and adds a whole new dimension to game: DAY GAME! (There’s plenty of night game stuff out there already, but not much well organized and thoughtful day game stuff). Day Game gives me a whole other dimension that I was haphazardly working at and provides me with a stronger understanding of process, structure and “what to do next”. And it’s an enjoyable book that’s well-polished and easy to read. Roosh’s best writing to date.

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  • Worldmusic

    Dear Roosh,

    I am very politically active (left, liberal). How can I use the OCCUPY WALL STREET protests and occupation to get laid. I have met some very attractive women at these gatherings. Talking politics is all fun and dandy, but how can I get laid too? any tips?

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  • Worldmusic

    I just received it in the mail last week. fantastic. Its me again. I asked a question earlier about how can a guy pick up girls at political demonstrations like Occupy Wall Street. well, I got the answer and I’m barely through the first chapter. The worst thing about reading Bang and Day Bang is feeling horrible about the missed opportunities that come flashing through your head as you read Roosh’s very simple techniques and strategies. Goddamn, why didn’t I get this book last summer? Day Bang is much more suited for guys like me who are just not into nightlife but are constantly in Bookstores, cafes, & museums. I went to a book reading last month. I was one of maybe four guys in a room packed with hot girls of all ethnicities. and as usual, my low self esteem talked myself out of approaching all of them. If I had just read the Introduction to Day Bang I would have gotten quite a few numbers. I am excited about the future!

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  • Anonymous

    Ordered a paperback copy of both Bang and Day Bang and it never reached my place here in Ontario, Canada.

    Possibly get the wrong address because I never received any notifications or anything about the books.

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  • Berta

    Day time sex. When in my teens up to mid 40’s if I wanted to get picked-up I would wear my pick-up clothes as I call them. It was usually a short half-top shirt and a short skirt,nothing under either. My top if a full front or a u-shape open front usually let the bottoms of my tits show,the u-shape showed a lot of up top titty skin. My skirts were not mini skirts,just short skirts. Go up town and set on a bench and it isn’t long bfore a car will stop or guys walking by stop and set down by you and they get you. I did this from my begining teens up to past my mid 40’s. I was picked up by car loads of teens up to 2 and 3 old guys at a time. When they found out I suck cock and sallow sperm they were more than ready.
    I also would go to another town on Saturdays with my older Brother who would drop me off and have me call him when and if I needed a ride home. On Saturdays I would go to a city parking lot that has a small park like rest area in the corner of it. With a street on 2 sides of it. It had 6 benches and 3 picnic tables in it. One Saturday a old guy came walking up the side walk and seeing me he came over and set down. He started talking,and talking and with hand motions every once in a while his hand rubbed my covered tit. He would also make sure his hand rubbed against the bottom of my bare tit that was exposed. He would also brush his hands against my legs. He was talking about everything and nothing. I was talking with him. He must have been their over a half hour when I decided to squirm around intentionally,which I knew would expose my tit closest to him. It was fully out. He seen it right away. Talking with his hands moving all around he rubbed right over my tit. My nipple was hard. After doing that a couple of times he finally asked me if I knew my tit was out. I told him yah,I know. He stopped and got quite and stared at me for a while. I stared back. Then he slowly put his hand on my tit and squeezed it ever so gently. Neither of us said a thing for a while. Then he blurted out how good my tit feels. I simply said Thank-You. He started talking again. That Saturday their was hardly anyone around their. Usually theirs quite a few people around. That’s the main reason I was letting him feel my tit. Well he finally slid his hand over to my other tit bareing it as he put his hand on it. He surprised me when he said he was hard and I could feel him if I want too. I did on the outside of his pants,then he up did his pants and my hand went in his pants. His cock felt good sized.
    He had me stop feeling him. Then he asked if I would come up to his apartment. I said yes. We walked across the parking lot and up some outside stairs and in a building to a hall way and his room was the first one inside the door. I knew what he wanted and I wanted the same thing. In the apartment I pulled off my shirt as he watched. Then I slipped my skirt off. I set on the couch and said it’s your turn and he got his shirt off then as he was pulling down his pants and his hard cock bounced out he groaned out,oh no. I looked and he was grabbing for his cock. I quickly went off the couch on my knees and my face got hit with a squirt of sperm before I got him in my mouth,in my mouth he grabbed the back of my head pulling me on him farther almost yelling I needed this. He was starting to choke me as he finished cumming. Then pulling out of my mouth and finishing taking off his pants he kept on telling me how great that was to cum in my mouth and how great it was I sallowed his cum. He then took my hand and we went to his bed. When he rammed his cock in me fast and all the way I squealed out. Fucking me it didn’t take me long to orgasm. God here I am being fucked by a man old enough to be my great-grandpa. God was he good at fuckingme. He told me when I sucked him how good I was at that. We kept busy on his bed a real long 2 hours. When a knock at the door. He whispered softly to me. Damn I forgot I got a couple friends coming over this evening to play cards. I got to sneak you out of here. I asked how many and he sai just one is here now. I told him to tell his friend I’m selling girl scout cookies. We both dressed and he let the guy in as I stood by the door. Of course he asked who I was and he told him. Damn if he didn’t want to buy some cookies and then 2 other guys arrived. The story was going out the window. I was asked some things after they had gave me their names and address for the cookies and what kind and all. I went out to the table and he gave me a piece of paper to write on and writing it dow,the guys were not believing me now. Bending over writing a guy grabbed the inside of my leg as anothr grabbed a bare tit. Whats this on your leg. That’s when the story fell all apart. I was stripped naked fast. The guy who lived their was trying to help me,I finally told him it’s ok.
    I had come to town to get fucked and I did and now by 3 more old guys. They were horny. Of course 4 old guys with a willing young girl who even sucks and sallows. They all 4 had very nice size,long,cocks. When I got a break about 8 that night,after a couple of hours of sex I called my Brother and arranged for me to stay over night. I had orgasm after orgasm with these 4 old guys. The youngest one was 79 the oldest was 83. Me in my begining teens. I was wore out when my Brother came and picked me up around 1 on Sunday afternoon. They told me to come back any time,they begged me too. I did many more times. My Brother arranged for me to be with a guy or guys and attend all guy parties. My Brother never attended a party I went too.
    He took me to parties and let me off then at a pre-arranged time he would come and get me. Usually got to watch a few guys finish with me. If it was quite a few miles,,over 20,,one way we never stopped on the way home. If it was close to home we stopped on our way home.
    At home being stright across the hall from each other,it was very accesable and easy for us to be together.

  • Charlie

    What makes your books different from the crowd as there are loads of books like this on the Internet?



  • Anonymous

    Please Charlie, can you give me the name of those books?


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