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It’s been eleven days since the release of Day Bang and the response has been amazing. Six-hundred copies sold by the end of day three, a feat that took Bang 16 months to achieve. I was on my email constantly on release day, giddy like a little kid, eager to see how many books were being sold in real time. I’ll remember it as a day that I made it rain with books. If you bought Day Bang, drop me an email and tell me what you think of it.

Before the release I gave out several review copies to bloggers. These are guys who already liked Bang and enjoy my work, so of course they lean on the positive side. Still, I think they give additional insight into how guys well-versed in game view the book. After the reviews I’ll explain how you can get complimentary day game support if you choose to do approaches based on what you read.

The first review is by the blogger formely known as Roissy:

Technically, the writing is sharper and clearer than his first book, minus a few grammatical typos. It is also blessedly free of well-worn community jargon, so you get the impression that you’re reading a cool guy talking to another cool guy in a natural setting, instead of a reformed geek giving a seminar in a hotel conference room. The book is a breeze to read and stresses practical advice as much as theory, which is to be commended. There is enough game theory in circulation, and while having a theoretical underpinning for the reasons why game works is critical to building your inner game and strengthening your resolve, ultimately it’s the field-tested tools of the trade that are going to motivate you to get out there and put it all to work.

The next review is by Quest:

Though it is not a beginner’s guide, there are aspects of Day Bang that make it a great ambassador for Game. One of the book’s greatest virtues is the way it contradicts traditional pick-up artist and Game advice, proving that we as a community are not inherent assholes or douche bags, but that we merely do what is necessary to have success, whatever the environment. Within its pages, Roosh advocates honest conversations and compliments, and cautions against even gentle teasing. Of course, this is just to get a girl interested in dating you, building light attraction and rapport, but the harsher stuff is still reserved for ramping a girl up toward sex. This is a more human side of Game, and Roosh has proven here why it has its place. The day game system is still ultimately about banging lots of beautiful women, but it is just a step in the process, albeit a crucial, potentially life-changing one.

Here’s a review by Michael Byc, a lifestyle blogger:

Mystery and Neil Strauss unleashed upon the world mnemonic memorizing furry hat wearing automatons. Roosh’s Day Bang will unleash upon the world conversationalists and pursuers of interesting lifestyles. Day Bang peers beneath the glossy veneer of game. It does not offer false hope or tricks. Roosh maintains complete honesty with his readers. In the first pages he himself informs the reader that his success rate on a good streak would be a 50% close rate. On average you will never reach more than 40%. Sobering. Brutal honesty is a commodity. In a world of sugar coating salesmen there is nothing in this book covered with powdered sugar. The first lesson: reading this book alone will not get you success. You must understand yourself, your deficiencies, and most importantly you must enter the trenches. There is no such thing as an arm chair Lothario.

Next review is from Danger & Play:

He gives you a mental paradigm that conquers approach anxiety. He gives you solid stock material to say. You won’t need to creatively come up with a clever line. Everything you need to say to open the pretty girl in line behind you is already programmed in your head.

Then we got a review by Gmac, who lately has been rolling with my DC crew (Virgle Kent and Rookie):

I’ll admit I laughed at first when he recommended emulating conversations with elderly people. “Really? That’s part of your game model?” Well guess what, it works. I should have taken a page out of my own book in the past, because even for me it was those casual, seemingly innocent conversations that truly led somewhere.

Next review is by Freedom 25:

At a first glance though, it doesn’t seem subtle at all. It actually feels suspiciously easy. There are no complex routines. There is no elaborate hierarchy of the stages of attraction. There is very little to memorize. The book itself is full of examples of successful daytime approaches, but they are presented as exactly that – examples, rather than gospel to commit to memory and regurgitate. Instead, Day Bang suggests men take a more natural, relaxed, and less eager-to-impress attitude towards day game.

Finally, we got a review by Bronan the Barbarian:

Roosh’s writing skips the PUA nerdfest. It’s easily readable, relatable and often pretty damn hilarious. Roosh frequently interjects his trademark dry humor, keeping the reader engaged throughout. Potential game scenarios, diagrams of optimal game locations, common mistakes and useful openers give the reader a complete day game manual from start to finish. Another bonus – Day Bang’s methods work to increase value in any conversational situation as Roosh adapts many proven sales tactics to the social realm. In fact, my only criticism of the book is that its examples are geared toward densely populated urban/suburban areas – if you’re in a smaller city with fewer targets, you’ll need to get creative and use the information and concepts to create your own openers.

I know there will be tons of questions from guys who start applying Day Bang’s techniques, so I went ahead and set up a free Day Bang Support Forum. Check out the FAQ, post your question, and hang tight for an answer by yours truly. With the addition of a dedicated forum, I hope to make this the tightest day game model the world has ever seen.

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