Day Game Workshop

Introducing the Day Game Workshop, a four hour course where I teach you how to pick up girls in the following places:

  • Coffee shop
  • Street
  • Book store
  • Subway →
  • Grocery store
  • Retail store

I know a lot of guys who are sick of DC bars and clubs and the same old nightly dickfest with mediocre girls whose egos don’t warrant their stratospheric levels. Even if you do get past the initial approach you have to worry about cockblocking friends who will do everything in their power to interfere with your game. And if you get lucky hopefully you don’t have to wake up the next day hungover with your ears ringing. Bars and clubs are fine if you’re patient and trying to build a solid foundation of game, but you’re wasting opportunities if you don’t work other venues as well.

Imagine if you could approach girls in their normal friendly state, with zero competition, away from cockblockers, in relaxed, cheap places you go to anyway. I’m a believer that connecting with a sober girl who looks good in the light is a wonderful thing.

Understand: most men cannot bear to approach a girl outside of a bar. Hot girls get approached on the street more by homeless men and jokers yelling “Hey you got a man?” than quality men with game. It gives you a huge advantage if you can talk to girls in places that your peers cannot. Plus you’ll have access to girls who don’t bother going to bars and think it’s more “romantic” to meet a guy in a coffee shop.

The only problem is that it’s not easy to pick up girls in sober venues. There’s no liquid courage to help and no wingman to get support from. You literally are the stranger on the street and it will take a sound strategy to go home from a typical afternoon in the book store with a number in your pocket. That’s where I come in.

In this workshop you will…

  • …be taught simple but effective openers and follow-ups for six different environments (no complex, ridiculous routines)
  • …learn logistical nuances that you don’t normally have to worry about for night game
  • …get hands-on approach training with me forcing you to approach girls, without the aid of alcohol
  • …watch by example
  • …learn how to shift the conversation when it’s time to close
  • …practice getting digits

I will objectively measure your progress with a stopwatch by timing how long your conversations go. This is because time is a strong correlator to if a day game approach ends with at least a number or not. We will see progress as the workshop goes on.

Subjectively I will observe you and take notes on your body language, mannerisms, and conversational content. At the end of the workshop I will debrief you on things you did right and wrong, including areas I see the most room for improvement.

Workshop Itinerary

1:00-2:15: Instruction on how to pick up at each of the six venues.

2:15-3:15: Coffee shop game. We may have to hit a couple coffee shops to squeeze in at least one approach.

3:15-3:45: Street game. You’ll do at least five approaches here because of the abundance of girls walking around. I will teach you the logistics of approaching a girl on the street, including how to get them to stop.

3:45-4:30: Book Store. We will find girls in the magazine section, bestsellers, gift book section, and then finally the cafe. There are two bookstores we can visit.

4:30-5:15: Subway. We are going to take the Metro to a different retail section of town. Here we will hop between train cars until we find girls that we can talk to with my subway opener.

5:15-5:45: Grocery Store. We will go to a yuppie grocery store, grab a basket, and start putting shit in it to make it seem like we’re real shoppers. After we approach a couple girls we’ll ditch our basket in the produce section.

5:45-6:30: Retail. We’ll head inside stores and talk to girls shopping for the holidays.

6:30-7:00: Debrief. I’ll give you a report card on how you did from notes I took of your approaches and style.

*Allotted times are approximate

Here’s the date:


There are only two slots open. That means it’s going to be me, you, and one other guy. I designed it this way for a couple reasons. First, there aren’t enough cute girls hanging in a coffee shop or bookstore for a large wolfpack of men to approach. Second, I don’t see how I can improve your skill in one session without giving a lot of one-on-one attention. I want this to be the most life-changing workshop you ever take. Lastly, it would be lame and gay if there were a dozen guys running around together hitting on girls.

During the workshop you will do more than you ever have in these venues before. If you came in with a bit of game I’m confident you’ll get a number or two. If you don’t have game then bring pen and paper so your head doesn’t explode.

Cost: $175

It includes Roosh’s Day Game Manual, a booklet written for the workshop. Here’s the table of contents for the manual…

  • The Reality
  • Differences Between Day & Night Game
  • Internalize This Now
  • “Excuse Me…”
  • Opener
  • Fascinating Follow-Up
  • Good Chat
  • Gaming
  • Coffee Shop
  • Street
  • Book Store
  • Subway
  • Grocery Store
  • Retail
  • Closing
  • Turning Regular Thoughts Into Openers
  • Tweaking
  • Final Thoughts

The manual is brief (~2,500 words), but contains mostly tactics and examples. (For detailed explanations of female behavior and game theory you need to read Bang.) It’s a cookbook that gives you step-by-step instructions on what to do and say, and should forever end any reason why you can’t talk to a girl pretty much anywhere. Each environment has at least two openers with follow-ups, except for the grocery store which has one opener.

The manual focuses on the concept of baiting, where you toss out little pieces of conversation that pique a girl’s curiosity. This strategy is important because day game is much more elegant and subtle than night game. As you know you can’t just immediately jump into flirting, teasing, and touching, which is why you’ll rarely find guys that excel in both night and day game. They try the other out without adjusting, fail, and then entrench themselves further in what they were already doing.

Not included…

  • Bang. $15 extra, which is $5 off the normal price.
  • Beverages and snacks
  • Subway fare

The workshop takes place in Washington DC. I’m also open to doing it in NYC. To add yourself on the waiting list email with “workshop” in the subject. To read about workshops that have already taken place, check out the recaps page.

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  • josh

    Seeing as how I live 1800 miles away can I just buy the book?

  • Matt

    Should be interesting. I’m too far away to take part. I’d be curious to talk to one of the guys afterwards to see what they thought of the workshop.

  • Realist

    No one will attend. You’ve done nothing on this website to demonstrate that you’ve slept with hot women. More than anything, you come across as a loser on this website. No pictures like VK, no good stories like Roissy and VK. Give it up. Go back to your old job.

  • Anonymous

    dont hate.
    The man is doing us a service so go eat a dick,and let the man do what he has to.
    Losers get the most women anyways.

  • Anonymous

    Hey not sure if you done these before but ,you just solved your income problem by doing these workshops and books.keep it up.

  • Anonymous

    Im glad he mentions something Ive been saying for a while now.
    But you aint sh@t,if you cant approach a girl on the streets on the weekdays vs a club on the weekends etc….
    I love picking girls up during the week days.
    its so much easier than a bs club environment.

  • Anonymous

    This is good. You’re doing something that gets you out of the house/bar/do nothing scene. I think you should, however, think about moving the venue from DC to, say, Memphis… or Houston. Or Tuscaloosa. Hell, I got laid in Tuscaloosa by just saying “what’s up?” to a chick while filling up my car.

  • roissy

    day game pickup will net a guy a higher quality dating experience. this is because she will think better of you if you hit on her outside of a bar, and therefore the power dynamics will automatically be shifted in your favor from the first date onward.

    roissy’s last blog post: Dating In DC: A Series.

  • adrock

    I couldn’t help but notice that name dropping the congressman/law firm/lobbyist you work for was not be included in the Workshop Itinerary. I’m sure this was an over site.

  • The G Manifesto

    Street Game should be the foundation of all your Game.

    “The only problem is that it’s not easy to pick up girls in sober venues. There’s no liquid courage to help and no wingman to get support from.”

    Who says the street is a “sober venue”? When I was a young prototype G and used to swoop girls during the day at the beach I was aways puffing on the haze.

    I think this is cool that you are doing this but come on roosh, Cost: $125?

    You need to raise the prices.

    I pay my maid more than that for way less time.

    - MPM

    The G Manifesto’s last blog post: Manny Pacquiao Destroys Oscar De La Hoya after 8 Rounds.

  • The G Manifesto

    Roissy has a good point: “day game pickup will net a guy a higher quality dating experience.”

    This is true, Girls guards are down further as well.

    One more thought: Street Game lessons in Dec in DC?

    Dec in DC is when you need to migrate to warmer climes.

    Street Game in May in DC is more like it.

    Dec, I will be in DR or MIA or SO. CA.

    Depending how it all shakes out.

    - MPM

    The G Manifesto’s last blog post: Manny Pacquiao Destroys Oscar De La Hoya after 8 Rounds.

  • Jack Goes Forth

    I love it.

    You mentioned in Bang that everyone should have thier niche and be good at something, but that it couldn’t be picking up girls or playing video games.

    Well, you’re good at picking up girls…Why not turn a profit from it.

    Although you’re going to be in a lot of trouble when the guys who show up are 400 pounds, acne ridden retards. But, I have faith in you.

    Jack Goes Forth’s last blog post: RVA News Has Arrived.

  • Simon

    I was going to make a joke about you running out of money and needing a real job, but I just can’t do it.

    “We will go to a yuppie grocery store, grab a basket, and start putting shit in it to make it seem like we’re real shoppers. After we approach a couple girls we’ll ditch our basket in the produce section.”

    That’s just too funny of a line. Well done. I will leave you alone this time.

  • crow

    Even roosh had to start somewhere, a now legendary post from 2002.


    Ok guys, Roosh and I are back in the sarging business, here is our 1st night of fun in 2002

    We met up at Cafe Asia in Arlington at around 8:30pm with my friend Alex. Roosh showed up tommy style with sneakers on while everyone in the bar was in suits and Armani shirts…haha…He totally looked out of place. I spotted a group of 4 HBs standing by the waiting area waiting to get a table at the restaurant section. None of us had ever approached that big of a group before…Roosh said he felt very alpha with his tommy outfit so Alex and I decided to follow him. Honestly, my heart was beating so fast walking toward those HBs and thank god that roosh walked right passed them without saying a word…lol. And we did that for a couple of times…walking back and forth in front of them…no one had the guts to approach. Finally, Roosh decided that he had to breakthrough his fears, and he closed his eyes and started focusing on clearing his thoughts (I thought he was gonna turn into batman or something)

    Then the most amazing thing happened, Alex & I watched Roosh as he walked up to those 4 HBs, by himself, and started talking to them, “Hi, I really don’t know what I was going to say…but I just wanted to come and say hi anyway” He chatted with them for like 10-15 mins, and he totallly got the hottest HB’s attention. When the hottest HB excused herself to get a drink, he tried to # close her! She turned him down because she was like 3 years older than him. But guys, what Roosh did was fucking unbelievable! I have never witnessed any man who has the balls to approach a group of 4 HBs. I don’t think those 4 HBs have neither. That was one of the most courageous thing I have ever seen anyone done!!! Give it up for Roosh boyz and girlz!!!

    Another amazing thing was…after Cafe Asia, Roosh actually wanted to go swing dancing with me ;) that was unheard of. We went there and I met someone I know, HB8 (Roosh gave her a 7) and her friend UGred, Roosh was being a complete jerk to HB8 the entire night while I was acting AFC and telling him to stop being rude to everyone…lol He was amazed by how much attention he was getting from women…hey I guess now he knows why I like to go swing dancing ;)

    After the dance was over, HB8 invited us (in a very AFC way) to join them for coffee at the cafe across the road. When we got there, we were joined by AFC-David and a married couple. Roosh and I have never seen a REAL AFC in action so we had a blast watching his pathetic AFC moves. Roosh somehow got in a debate with UGRed and intimated her with his overloaded alphaness, while I was delivering to all the females there every goddman patterns, lines, and routines I have ever learned, what a wonderful opportunity to practice my shit ;)

    The highlight of the night in the cafe was when I delivered Ross’s all time famous “Voodoo Dildo” joke. First time i’ve told that joke to a group of 6 people. UGred was terrified by my sexually explicit words and HB8 looked like she was mentally raped listening to, while the married women was getting really wet and ready to either jump me or go home to fuck her husband ;)

    I think HB8 and UGred was very intimated by us throughout the night becase Roosh was so fucking rude to them and I kept talking about sexual stuffs…we eventually realized that they were actually “good girls”, and we pretty much scared the shit out of them…

    More sarging tomorrow! Can’t wait!!!

  • Roosh

    1: It’s not really a stand-alone piece right now. It needs a teacher. May expand it later.

    3: Putting pictures of me with girls is proof i get laid? Really? Not like any guy can go to a club and get their picture with a girl? Stupid ass. (though vk’s pictures are real).

    5: With the time i’m putting into this i’m losing money. I’d make more money working sat night at the bar. But i like to teach and this is going to be fun.

    10: Yeah I know it’s low.

    14: I’m embarrassed at all the acronyms.

  • peezy

    props to roosh

  • Arjewtino

    I’m taking complete credit for this idea.

    Where’s my cut?

    Arjewtino’s last blog post: The making of a celebrity obsession.

  • Steve Lurkel

    Sweet! I told my friend about this. Day/street game is his bread and butter, but it needs to be refined and re-focused.

  • virgle kent

    Here’s my street game…

    pssst little girl..never mind where I was going with that.

    But for real for real, I have no street game, I can’t remember the last time I picked up a girl sober, this says a lot about my lifestyle choice

    I’m shaking my head, and will be the first one to sign up

  • Tampa

    Call me a loser, but I might be interested in this. The fee is a bit steep though. I have success with chicks, but you can always learn more. Plus, I am totally obsessed with this game shit. Over the last 6 months i read and read and read about.. It is fascinating as hell. I can’t believe it works, but it does.


  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately I don’t live close enough, but if the manual was available I’d probably get it.

  • Philip

    Are you going to post the manual online after the workshop?

  • David


    The fee is a bit steep? Are you out of your mind? You get a free book, so really all he’s pocketing is around $100. $100 for a guy who is perhaps the best game teacher on the net to walk around town with you for 4 hours, teaching his expertise, is pennies.

    I’d definitely pay, but I live in western Canada!

  • Trotter

    This is something all of you guys should seriously consider. Imagine how hard it is to study and develop game solo, think about how tough it is to find a wingman that understands game that you can go sarging with, and also consider that the best way to learn is actually out in the field with an experienced mentor. The fee pays for itself fellas and you’re going to want to throw more cash at him later when your numbers start to pick up.

    Personally, I think Roosh is charging too little.

  • Anonymous

    Roosh, you need to get more people for this thing,and you need to charge more.separate the men from the boys..good luck.

  • Cob

    That’s a good idea — good luck Roosh. Should be able to repeat as well, so maybe a regular thing for you to do every month?

  • Anonymous

    I’d pay 30 bucks to watch a dvd full of episodes where roosh takes said students on their seminars. I feel like it would turn out like the ‘free pizza’ video and I’d stroke out from laughter.

  • speakeasy

    The price is good. I’ve seen gurus charging in the $1000s. You don’t even want to know what Mystery was charging for personal sessions. If Roosh ever did a workshop in L.A., I’d probably sign up. I always thought these are good ideas. You can read all the manuals and forums all day, but nothing like “on the job training.”

    If you get some ass of out it, it’ll be $125 well spent.

  • Brian

    anyone who says that is too expensive is crazy. You can easily go get drunk at a bar and by the time you spend pay for cabs, cover charges, drinks, etc you will spend an equivalent amount. You spend your $125 this way and you will have much more to show for it both short term and long term.

  • Roosh

    Saturday workshop is booked but I’m going down the waiting list to see if there is interest for sunday too. Hang on if you haven’t heard from me yet.

    20: What price is fair for 4 hours of intense instruction and training that comes with a custom workbook?

    22: No

  • PilkingtonManifesto

    I’m a cheap bastard but $125 is an absolute steal. If I wasn’t enjoying the warm lake breezes of East ST. Louis, swooping chicks at the Dollar Tree, sipping El Presidente Margaritas at Chili’s, I would most definitely attend.


  • Anon

    Yeah, the $125 is way on the low side. There are lots of PUA coaches that charge upwards of $70 for a goddamn e-book.

  • T. AKA Ricky Raw

    Call me a loser, but I might be interested in this. The fee is a bit steep though.

    I’ll call you a loser all right…not for being interested in improving your game, but for complaining about the price! 4 hours of hands-on, practically 1-on-1 instruction plus 2 books? $125 is a steal!

    T. AKA Ricky Raw’s last blog post: Do You Wanna…?.

  • Sebastian Flyte

    If you can’t get a number in the daytime you should shoot yourself. I’ve gotten numbers with the lamest, crappiest, who-are-you where-are-you-from threads. Women emotionally prefer to give out their number rather than deal with the discomfort of refusal, in many cases they do so to end the interaction in a speedy fashion. Numbers mean nothing.

    Sebastian Flyte’s last blog post: Female Ego in the Facebook Age.

  • Sebastian Flyte

    PS $125? That won’t last. Supply and demand, elementary capitalism. There will be an upsurge in demand for this product, and the only way Roosh can clear the market is by increasing supply (time) or increasing price.

    Sebastian Flyte’s last blog post: Female Ego in the Facebook Age.

  • Realist

    Clever, redirecting me to “Ne me quitte pas.” You know I actually felt guilty for a moment. I thought I made you shut down your site. If you really have sold out your first workshop (provided more than five people have signed up) you have my respect. Don’t believe it though.

  • roissy

    Clever, redirecting me to “Ne me quitte pas.”


    it’s a beautiful song.

    roissy’s last blog post: My Craigslist Pickup Ad.

  • Eugenius

    I know you are doing this for fun and because you enjoy it, but $125 is too low by any standard. Regardless of outcome or things learned, or even if nothing is learned but only observed…..this is a fun experience and I am sure their daddies and friends never gave them this much time of actual experience….

    I would add that this workshop will not only help their game with women but their general social habits as well which can be very helpful.

    I would add a disclaimer, in case some guy brings a box of condoms thinking he will pop a chery that night, that getting ass as a result of this is not guaranteed but will surely improve their chances in their future.

    When you really get this going and want to make money let me know I got a few ideas.

    #3 Realist, It’s been real, six hours later and you got owned!!!

  • Roosh

    “provided more than five people have signed up”

    I’m banning you again because you can’t read. I clearly wrote two guys per workshop.

  • Tampa

    I don’t have 125 bucks. But i did buy your book.

  • chic noir

    My man roosh, he said it’s a recession and he needs dough. I got to give you a high five for this one. :thumbup:

    chic noir’s last blog post: Oh beyonce.

  • Realist

    You cannot ban me but I will choose not to visit again. Good luck. Sincerely. Good luck.

  • None.

    …be taught simple but effective openers and follow-ups for six different environments (no complex, ridiculous routines)

    - Yet, the “day game” manual is 2,500 words…

    …learn logistical nuances that you don’t normally have to worry about for night game

    - I have to learn this? Lets see a bar has noise, lots of people and other guys.

    Cost: $125

    - Wait a minute, I thought you declined extra hours at your job saying you didn’t need any money…

    I think Rooshv’s another snakeoil salesman sellings bs pua shit.

  • Paul

    the price might climb to what the market will bear.

    Still, four hours @ $50/hr = $200. Probably better starting point.

  • Grace

    “it would be lame and gay if there were a dozen guys running around together hitting on girls.”

    Actually, that’d be hilarous. I’d be impressed just that guys were taking a ‘course’ on picking up girls. It’s kinda flattering. Seriously though, a “wolfpack?” That’s awesome.

  • Rajia

    Roosh, Are u doing a day game workshop in NYC anytime soon?

  • Roosh

    I may do an extended visit to NY late january or early february. Before i go i’ll ask if anyone wants to attend. Only thing is i’d need help researching good spots.

  • Owen

    You need to run this one down south in December. I’d sign up for it at twice the price, even though I’d have to scrimp.

  • Dr. Grzlickson

    Can I shoot off in VK’s face? Is that included?

  • Jonk

    You’re a smart guy Roosh but your planning could use a boost. Everything you have planned on your day has the amount of time needed underestimated.

    I know allotted times are approximate, but good luck getting all that done within 90 minutes of your expected finish time.

  • Dutch homo in Brasil

    I am just wondering if the posts are even screened becauce i see some negative shit man.
    I like to butt fuck fat chicks..
    Just checking if this post will be deleted.. sorry dude I am borred…. But I am in South america ! with the cockroches and stuff..
    I like the way you write stuff man it is fun to read.
    I would like to see you in action though I look like bratt pit ( no joke ) I can fuck anything I whant especcialy in Brasil…
    I just whanted to say that to hide my insecurities…
    Damm My english is good…
    Ohh yes I also have a 10 inch penis…Hoera!!