Day Game Workshop

Introducing the Day Game Workshop, a four hour course where I teach you how to pick up girls in the following places:

  • Coffee shop
  • Street
  • Book store
  • Subway →
  • Grocery store
  • Retail store

I know a lot of guys who are sick of DC bars and clubs and the same old nightly dickfest with mediocre girls whose egos don’t warrant their stratospheric levels. Even if you do get past the initial approach you have to worry about cockblocking friends who will do everything in their power to interfere with your game. And if you get lucky hopefully you don’t have to wake up the next day hungover with your ears ringing. Bars and clubs are fine if you’re patient and trying to build a solid foundation of game, but you’re wasting opportunities if you don’t work other venues as well.

Imagine if you could approach girls in their normal friendly state, with zero competition, away from cockblockers, in relaxed, cheap places you go to anyway. I’m a believer that connecting with a sober girl who looks good in the light is a wonderful thing.

Understand: most men cannot bear to approach a girl outside of a bar. Hot girls get approached on the street more by homeless men and jokers yelling “Hey you got a man?” than quality men with game. It gives you a huge advantage if you can talk to girls in places that your peers cannot. Plus you’ll have access to girls who don’t bother going to bars and think it’s more “romantic” to meet a guy in a coffee shop.

The only problem is that it’s not easy to pick up girls in sober venues. There’s no liquid courage to help and no wingman to get support from. You literally are the stranger on the street and it will take a sound strategy to go home from a typical afternoon in the book store with a number in your pocket. That’s where I come in.

In this workshop you will…

  • …be taught simple but effective openers and follow-ups for six different environments (no complex, ridiculous routines)
  • …learn logistical nuances that you don’t normally have to worry about for night game
  • …get hands-on approach training with me forcing you to approach girls, without the aid of alcohol
  • …watch by example
  • …learn how to shift the conversation when it’s time to close
  • …practice getting digits

I will objectively measure your progress with a stopwatch by timing how long your conversations go. This is because time is a strong correlator to if a day game approach ends with at least a number or not. We will see progress as the workshop goes on.

Subjectively I will observe you and take notes on your body language, mannerisms, and conversational content. At the end of the workshop I will debrief you on things you did right and wrong, including areas I see the most room for improvement.

Workshop Itinerary

1:00-2:15: Instruction on how to pick up at each of the six venues.

2:15-3:15: Coffee shop game. We may have to hit a couple coffee shops to squeeze in at least one approach.

3:15-3:45: Street game. You’ll do at least five approaches here because of the abundance of girls walking around. I will teach you the logistics of approaching a girl on the street, including how to get them to stop.

3:45-4:30: Book Store. We will find girls in the magazine section, bestsellers, gift book section, and then finally the cafe. There are two bookstores we can visit.

4:30-5:15: Subway. We are going to take the Metro to a different retail section of town. Here we will hop between train cars until we find girls that we can talk to with my subway opener.

5:15-5:45: Grocery Store. We will go to a yuppie grocery store, grab a basket, and start putting shit in it to make it seem like we’re real shoppers. After we approach a couple girls we’ll ditch our basket in the produce section.

5:45-6:30: Retail. We’ll head inside stores and talk to girls shopping for the holidays.

6:30-7:00: Debrief. I’ll give you a report card on how you did from notes I took of your approaches and style.

*Allotted times are approximate

Here’s the date:


There are only two slots open. That means it’s going to be me, you, and one other guy. I designed it this way for a couple reasons. First, there aren’t enough cute girls hanging in a coffee shop or bookstore for a large wolfpack of men to approach. Second, I don’t see how I can improve your skill in one session without giving a lot of one-on-one attention. I want this to be the most life-changing workshop you ever take. Lastly, it would be lame and gay if there were a dozen guys running around together hitting on girls.

During the workshop you will do more than you ever have in these venues before. If you came in with a bit of game I’m confident you’ll get a number or two. If you don’t have game then bring pen and paper so your head doesn’t explode.

Cost: $175

It includes Roosh’s Day Game Manual, a booklet written for the workshop. Here’s the table of contents for the manual…

  • The Reality
  • Differences Between Day & Night Game
  • Internalize This Now
  • “Excuse Me…”
  • Opener
  • Fascinating Follow-Up
  • Good Chat
  • Gaming
  • Coffee Shop
  • Street
  • Book Store
  • Subway
  • Grocery Store
  • Retail
  • Closing
  • Turning Regular Thoughts Into Openers
  • Tweaking
  • Final Thoughts

The manual is brief (~2,500 words), but contains mostly tactics and examples. (For detailed explanations of female behavior and game theory you need to read Bang.) It’s a cookbook that gives you step-by-step instructions on what to do and say, and should forever end any reason why you can’t talk to a girl pretty much anywhere. Each environment has at least two openers with follow-ups, except for the grocery store which has one opener.

The manual focuses on the concept of baiting, where you toss out little pieces of conversation that pique a girl’s curiosity. This strategy is important because day game is much more elegant and subtle than night game. As you know you can’t just immediately jump into flirting, teasing, and touching, which is why you’ll rarely find guys that excel in both night and day game. They try the other out without adjusting, fail, and then entrench themselves further in what they were already doing.

Not included…

  • Bang. $15 extra, which is $5 off the normal price.
  • Beverages and snacks
  • Subway fare

The workshop takes place in Washington DC. I’m also open to doing it in NYC. To add yourself on the waiting list email [email protected] with “workshop” in the subject. To read about workshops that have already taken place, check out the recaps page.

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