Day Game Workshop Recap

I have taught three day game workshops, including a dry run with Roissy. Let’s start with his thoughts:

Recently, I participated in a “dry run” day game workshop with Roosh to help him streamline operations. Since my day game is underdeveloped, I happily volunteered to be a guinea pig.

Roissy during the instruction portionWe covered the major types of daytime approaches, including coffeeshop (my favorite), retail, book store, metro, grocery store, and the toughest, street game. Roosh was methodical and detail oriented in explaining how the approaches should go, so there was very little guesswork I had to do. I was pleased that his openers and followups were short, sweet and easy to deliver. A big problem with some pickup material is how cumbersome it sounds when you use it in real life. You want openers and comversational gambits that sound as cool and natural as possible, and only take a second or two to deliver.

Roosh timed the interactions with a stopwatch, which had a surprisingly positive effect. As guys, we relish a challenge, and beating the clock (or, in this case, talking with the girl as long as possible) is a great motivator. Roosh broke a land speed record with a 1.47 second pickup attempt. As for the rest, I won’t give away too much here, except to mention a couple things.

Roosh emphasizes a “bait” concept which helps extend a conversation with a girl through the use of open-ended questions and hooks. I asked a girl for directions like a regular guy would do, and she answered, and then… the conversation died. When you bait a girl, you might ask where the metro goes, instead of directions to a specific location. Then you might drop a leading followup like “It’s a shame. Public transportation isn’t as convenient in this country.”

The other major concept discussed was day versus night game. If you think you can seamlessly bring your night game into the daytime, forget it. The two are separate animals. I ran my cocky night game on a girl walking down the sidewalk, making fun of her oversized “homemade” ring, and it bombed. I was reprimanded for deviating from the day game script.

On a final note, approaching a group of girls on the sidewalk is less likely to succeed than approaching one or two girls. It’s counterintuitive, because you’d think that a lone girl would be more suspicious of strange men coming up to her in a non-bar environment where approaches are expected, but in fact the opposite is true. The lone girls walking slowly were the most open to the pickup, while the big groups of girls quickly closed ranks and followed the alpha female’s lead like sheep.

Day game is the new night game.

Roissy’s game was at an advanced level so we were able to breeze through the instructional portion of the workshop and dive straight into approaching with the openers and followups. Even though he was spitting completely fresh lines, his delivery was smooth and natural. His only problem, if you want to call it that, is being picky and not getting numbers when he could’ve. He still did very well and I’ll leave it up to him to share specific results.

After working out some logistical issues, I was ready for my four students, two on Saturday and two on Sunday. They came with very different abilities, and the challenge was teaching the basics to those who needed it while allowing the most experienced student to practice closing.

My advanced student had experience hitting on girls in bars. He was also very talkative, the hallmark trait of a successful pick up artist. I pushed him to approach a girl in coffee shop with an opener and follow-up related to what she was doing (typing on a laptop). Fourteen minutes later he got her number.

Two other students were in the beginner to intermediate range. For them I worked on their tonality, body language, and what I call “ramble,” the ability to keep talking while tossing out pieces of bait that allow the conversation to continue.

The last student was a young guy, only 22-years-old, with just about no pick up experience. It was like working with a clean canvas. I’ll never forget the look on his face after his first approach attempt on a very pretty girl in a coffee shop (2 minutes, 15 seconds), which for day game feels like quite a while. Afterwards he remarked how friendly she was. “Welcome to day game,” I said. I don’t think this young man will be spending a lot of time in bars anytime soon.

We didn’t talk to any ugly girls (range was 6-8, since 9′s don’t exist in DC), though I did make one student deliver the subway opener to an old man because we couldn’t find any girls around. I told them never to “practice” on ugly girls. From day one they will only go after girls they want to have sex with.

One flaw of the workshop is that it was hard to focus on what will be their day game bread and butter: coffee shops. Each student could only do one or two approaches there, even though it will be where they get most of their numbers. For example they did just as many approaches in the retail store as in the coffee shop even though they barely go shopping. I still think that that retail practice was useful because daygame approaches have the same framework and experience in one will no doubt help with other venues.

Here’s a quick view of the workshop from a student…

I thought the Daygame workshop was great. I don’t think me or the other guy would have gotten nearly the kind of individual attention or the quality instruction from any other PUA company costing a ton more money.

And another…

I’ve never done a workshop before, but I’ve read a couple books and websites. This was appealing because it wasn’t going to break the bank, and neither will day game, really. Only two students was nice as well. I appreciate getting the day game packet, something to refer to and study. I don’t have much else to say, because results will take more time afterwards. Personally it was helpful for me to declare to someone besides myself that this is something I need to work on. It got me in an approaching mood, and I hope I can build upon it. I think the workshop was planned well because it was during Christmas shopping season, but by chance there weren’t as many people shopping/walking around as anticipated. What are you going to do… Roosh made the best of it.

And from the advanced student who got the number…

I thought the day game workshop was a great workshop. I would divide the workshop into four sections: (1) A discussion of the philosophy of day game. (2) A walk-through of specific day game strategies and lines. (3) Day game practice. (4) Review of your performance.

Here are my thoughts on the sections: #1 is a sound philosophy, and was explained well. #2 has clearly been honed over the years by Roosh. #3 was obviously the critical portion, and was great because Roosh provided on-the-fly guidance and motivation. #4 was helpful, especially because feedback was provided throughout. All in all, Roosh is a great teacher, and it’s clear that his motivation with this workshop (just like with Bang) is to help others. There’s no doubt that this workshop will help my (previously non-existent) day game to become a useful tool in my pick-up arsenal… and I already got a date out of it

I must say I don’t think getting a date from the day of the workshop will be common since you’ll be testing out all-new material, but it’s nice he’s already seeing results.

While I can’t completely change a man’s game in a few hours, I’m confident that if one of my students sees a girl they like in the coffee shop, street, grocery store, etc., they know what to say and how to say it, and how to get her number if the conversation goes well. They did enough approaches (average of 8 per guy) that they know it’s not a big deal to talk to girls during the day.

My first four students got a good deal because the workshop is actually at least six hours, not four. (One went eight hours.) But keeping in mind the economy is in the shitter and I want guys walking away from this feeling like they got a great deal, I would like to do some more workshops in January for $165. The per hour cost of the workshop remains the same. For a run down of what the workshop is about, check here.

If you are interested then email with workshop in the subject and I’ll put you on the waiting list, which I will start going through today. Also if you live in New York City and would consider taking the workshop then email me as well because I might come up in February for a short while.

I want to give a huge thanks for the four guys who trusted me and took a chance without knowing exactly what they were getting into. And also my guinea pig.

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  • Bobby Rio

    Glad to hear they went over well.

    Bobby Rio’s last blog post: Best Weekend Reading From Around the Web.

  • Jay Gatsby

    Seconded. Sounds like you have a new career.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Roosh,this is great.Day game is where most men should learn their skills first “bread and butter” of pick ups.Its the “basics”of the entire pick up game as a whole.
    Keep up the workshops,you are doing a great service for all guys out here.

  • Carlos From Anaheim

    Any chance you’ll write a book on day game?

  • BasilRansom

    Ditto 4 Carlos. And are you or a like-minded-friend running a similar day-game workshop in Los Angeles soon? I’m there for a couple weeks, and really want to hone my daygame.

    What are the openers? Opening has always been my biggest obstacle.

  • todd h

    Day-Bang would be great.

  • todd h

    i meant in #6 that writing a book on day-game is a great idea (in case that was not clear)

  • donnie titpants

    no way in shit hell that your femme game works in nyc. it’s the big apple, dude. maybe you can pick up some scummy PRs or black chicks, but there is no way you can pick up a proper manhattan girl with your jobless, living with your daddy bullshit. aint gonna happen, faggo.
    here’s your nyc game. “i’m roosh. i am going to hang out in front of international youth hostels and tell girls that i’ve been to south america. i’m so wordly.” get a fag, fag. and tell that g manifesto cock that he is full of shit.

  • Anonymous

    i’d pay for a day game workshop in LA too. come west brutha! it was 70 degrees today!

  • Roosh

    Carlos: Not anytime soon. Writing a book is a different beast than a short manual that i can explain in 6 hours of time. Maybe after i’m done with this book i’m working on now, which will take a few more months.

  • T. AKA Ricky Raw

    donnie titpants – with all the classy-on-the-surface, good looking Manhattan girls I know who’ve had one night stands with bartenders, hipsters, and ghetto Black and Puerto Rican guys, I think you’re overrating their pickiness.

    I’d add a suggestion to the whole day game thing, if you don’t already cover it…the Travel book section of the bookstore. As we’ve discussed on Roissy’s blog, women who travel a lot are often sluttier. So what better place to find them than in the Travel section of the bookstore, getting books for their next trip? Possible conversation threads are many: see a girl reading a travel guide for a place you’ve been to, you can give her your firsthand experiences. If it’s a place you haven’t been to but want to go to, you can ask her about telling you what she found out so far. You can talk about your own travels. Worst sections: bridal and women’s studies. When I was single, Travel section was the golden section of the boookstore.

    T. AKA Ricky Raw’s last blog post: The One Drive: Immortality, Pt. 2.

  • The G Manifesto

    “We covered the major types of daytime approaches, including coffeeshop (my favorite), retail, book store, metro, grocery store, and the toughest, street game.”

    I know your in DC, but a major aspect of Day Game is Beach Game. It is especially important if you live well, on the beach. In DC this would maybe be translated to “Park Game” or “Piazza Game”. You should teach that to your students in summer. Street Game itself can be broken down into so many subsets, ie High-end Shopping Street Game and Mean Ghetto Street Game.

    “Day game is the new night game.”

    I like that one.

    “He was also very talkative, the hallmark trait of a successful pick up artist.”

    Being talkative is important, but being a good listener will make you great.

    - MPM

    The G Manifesto’s last blog post: How to cook a steak…The G Manifesto Way.

  • roissy

    i would just like to say…

    :thumbup: on the guinea pig pic. the delicious stem sticking out of its mouth is priceless.

    roissy’s last blog post: The Industrial Park Nightclub Is Dead.

  • Jay Gatsby

    To G Manifesto – Park game is definitely a good idea in D.C. It works better if you work out (jog, roller blade, bike), but it can work even if you’re just out for a stroll. The best thing about park game in areas where people work out is that you can see her without much makeup and in tight clothing, thereby getting a much more accurate picture of her physical attributes/flaws.

    The best park area to pull talent if you’re out for a stroll is near Capitol Hill during the summer (interns often eat their lunches on the grounds in front of or near the National Mall). If you’re into working out, I’d recommend the area near Roosevelt Island, various parts of Rock Creek Park in D.C., and the jogging paths along the Potomac in Virginia.

    I agree about the good listener part. Many people describe good listeners as having great conversation skills, even though they don’t do much of the talking. I’d shoot for a 70-30 split, with her doing 70% of the talking, while you guide the conversation. I’d also add being observant as part of being a successful PUA. You must be able to pick up the subtle body cues she gives off, which may contradict what she’s saying to you.

  • Patrick Bateman

    Why do you tell your students to never practice on ugly girls? I understand not approaching them, but if you’re at the checkout or some other situation that forces you to deal with a fugly, why not flirt with her?

    Ugly girls need a different type of game and knowing how to flirt with them can’t hurt. Flirting with the ugly girl at the American Airlines counter got me bumped up to first class when I went to visit family for Christmas.

  • The G Manifesto

    Jay Gatsby,

    Careful with the rollerblading. Weesh. Pick up a skateboard- good for younger prototype G’s.

    “I’d shoot for a 70-30 split, with her doing 70% of the talking, while you guide the conversation.”

    Exactly. Always say less than who you are talking to.

    Less is much more.

    - MPM

    The G Manifesto’s last blog post: How to cook a steak…The G Manifesto Way.

  • The G Manifesto

    Patrick Bateman,

    “Why do you tell your students to never practice on ugly girls?”

    I agree as well. When I was a younger G I used to spit rap out with Prostitutes on the ave (who were not necessarily ugly, mind you, some were fly) just to warm up at the beginning of a night.

    I am always cool to girls that might not be so attractive. Upgraded hotel rooms, pro-bono drinks, meals on the arm…its all part of it.

    - MPM

    The G Manifesto’s last blog post: How to cook a steak…The G Manifesto Way.

  • Roosh

    “Why do you tell your students to never practice on ugly girls?”

    Not only does banging an ugly girl do little to improve your confidence, but getting rejected by one is a tremendous set back. Getting rejected by a cute girl is actually a confidence boost assuming it wasn’t off the bat.

  • Jay Gatsby

    Roosh makes a good point. Practicing on ugly girls doesn’t get you any closer to your goal. Patrick himself points out that “Ugly girls need a different type of game….” If they need a different type of game than cute girls, why bother practicing it. G Manifesto is right that it’s always a good idea to be “cool to girls who might not be so attractive”, but you don’t have to flirt with them.

  • spaceman

    just being a social cat isn’t a bad thing. just banging too many mud turtles ruins your standards.

  • ResidentCynic

    “range was 6-8, since 9’s don’t exist in DC”

    Ouch. Seriously, it’d be tough to get really excited in that kind of environment.

  • Mattio

    Hey Roosh you could at least edit the manual and put that on sale. :) You seem to be a perfectionist with your writing which is a good thing, but if people can get their hands on a few nuggets in a shorter timeframe than you mentioned we’d all be somewhat happier.

    I have never tried to pick up in clubs and the night situation simply because you can see the massive power transfer that happens where ugly girls are all of a sudden the centre of attention.

    Please help this budding day-gamer.

  • Benedict Smith

    this reminds me in topic anyway, of when my friend told me that mystery was running a workshop in south beach, one of the guys was Sacha Baron Cohen (Borat)’s brother, he tried to pick her up. I always wondered what kinda change he parted with to have Mystery help him get blown off by my friend. She did give him her pants so that he could look good to the crew he was with tho’. Captial broad she is, how many chicks would help a guy out like that?

    Benedict Smith’s last blog post: Weekend Wrap-Up – Thinking is a Dangerous Pastime.

  • spaceman

    ^ she gave him her pants?
    what the hell does that mean?

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