D.C. Cops Don’t Care If You See Yourself As A Princess

A video making the rounds is a girl who got arrested at a Washington DC metro station. You only need to watch the first minute:

I was conflicted after watching it. On one hand I agree that police overstep their boundaries, letting their ego make decisions on who they arrest and how, but on the other hand girls like the one above need to understand that the world doesn’t exist to serve their unreasonable demands.

I’ve seen a lot of police brutality videos on the internet, and 90% of the time they get me riled up. Fucking police state! Who do those cops think they are! Yet my encounters with policemen in America have been uneventful affairs. The reason is because I act respectfully around police: I don’t curse, I’m not sarcastic or condescending, and I obey instructions. Plus I’m white. I’m going to defer to an officer’s authority because he has a significant amount of power over me, and angering him would make my life more difficult than it needs to be. While I agree with standing up for your constitutional rights, you can do it respectfully in the courtroom instead of getting tazed in the anus. If you’re white and get rough-housed by the police, you did some seriously stupid shit, and I’m afraid to say that most likely you deserved it, whether you’re a man or woman.

That said, the girl above made two grievous errors:

1. Mouthed off to a cop she already angered (the video depicts only their second encounter, well after the cop told her to leave the station).

2. Snatched her arm away when he decided to arrest her, and then further resisted when he tried to handcuff her. I know cops say “stop resisting” just to cover their ass, but she did seem to be resisting. If that was me I’d shut the fuck up and put my hands behind my back.

Even when viewing this video from my anti-authority lens, I can’t conjure up much sympathy for the girl. She did something I’d never do, and had to pay the consequences of her actions. Welcome to the real world.

Since I’m familiar with the area this happened in, allow me to fill in the details. The girl is 23 or 24 years old and a graduate of George Washington or American University. Her rating on the attractiveness scale is a 4 at most (see 3:45 in the video for a view of her rotund size—a likely explanation at why it took so long for the cop to completely restrain her). She drank herself stupid nearby at either The Green Turtle or McFaddens, two cheesy bars that are like the McDonalds of the DC nightlife scene for recent college graduates. She got hit on all night by a predominantly frat boy clientele, boosting her already unreasonably high ego to stratospheric levels. With the alcohol in her system I’m sure she felt like the queen of the ball, but did not take home a guy that night because her stumpy lady friend executed the vicious cockblock right after last call.

Still on a high, she got rowdy when entering the metro system, forgetting that the Gallery Place stop is heavily patrolled by policemen because of regular fighting by bored urban youth. Treating the cop like one of the dweebs she turned down in the bar, she decided to give him the same cuntish treatment, even performing a practiced backturn that I’m sure has incurred feelings of rejection on dozens of men before. Some guys have been persistent, though, and tried to regain her favor after such a rejection, but her white knight in the shorts is always on the scene, lingering in the background, ready to soothe things over like he tried to do in the video when he begged the cop to “just let her go.” Even with his display of bravery, he still did not receive the pity fuck once mommy and daddy bailed her out the next morning.

Did she learn her lesson? Let me phrase it this way: do you have any doubt that every time she interacts with a policeman in the future her heart beat and blood pressure will increase, her skin pores will produce more sweat, and she’ll ultimately think twice before acting like a spoiled little princess to someone with authority? I have zero doubt. The irony of all this is if she was properly put in her place beforehand by real men, she wouldn’t have the courage to go hard on a policeman. When I watch a video like this all I can do is shake my head at the kind of woman society is producing.

And then I laugh. What an dumb bitch.


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