December Book Update

“So how’s your player book going?”

It’s going well, thanks, girl I used to date.

I never realized how appealing cleaning or peeking into an empty refrigerator is until I started this project. And I’m learning that it’s impossible to write without setting up some sort of reward system. I would start a porn download and not let myself watch it unless I write a certain amount. But then I’d take an early “break” and watch the porn anyway, and make my roommate watch it too. And then we’d play the drums and get some ice cream. After all that I’d get kind of sleepy and head to bed, but not before surfing the internet for a couple hours. Blog writing is so easy because not only are the posts short but you have immediate gratification. I can come up with a good idea tonight and by tomorrow I’d have Roissy and Hedonistic in the comments section fighting with each other, trying to hide the fact that they long for each other’s sex.

On my six page outline, I’m done with the first page. My goal is to be halfway done by the end of the December.

Word count: ~13,000

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