Direct Game Vs. Indirect Game

It’s easy to get romanced by direct game. Guys read stories about others who’ve succeeded by going direct and believe it’s the path of least resistance from getting no girls to lots of girls. While direct game does have its uses and can work in certain situations, I firmly believe that if you’re a guy who has little natural ability and needs aftermarket game to get laid, you’ll have a higher success rate with indirect game.

Here are a couple direct game openers:

“Hi I noticed you from across the room and you seem like an interesting person. What’s your name?”

“Hi I don’t have a lot of time to talk, unfortunately, but you seem like the type of person I would like to get to know. Do you want meet some other time over coffee?”

For reference purposes, here are two indirect openers:

“Is it okay if I pretend I’m talking to you? There’s this girl over there who won’t leave me alone, so I’m hoping she’ll see me with you and get the hint. Feel free to touch me lightly on the shoulder to make this more believable.”

“Hey do you speak English? What does this word here on the menu mean? I wish I had a dictionary on my phone.”

Direct game doesn’t mean you get mushy, throw out compliments, or buy her drinks. Then that wouldn’t be game. The above direct game examples don’t reference her beauty, and even set up a little challenge that your interest is dependent on her being a cool person, though some other guys do in fact reference beauty in their direct openers.

Many say direct game is “better,” but unfortunately we’re not able to conduct scientific studies to prove either side. Even my conclusions are based only on experience and anecdotal evidence. The main problem I have with direct game is this: it shows your cards right away and forces the girl to make a decision before you build up any value besides your appearance and confidence. That’s not enough for the majority of Western girls. You’re not giving her the time and information she needs to weigh the pros and cons on sleeping with you. Instead, immediately after the opener, you force her to decide right then and there if she wants to get involved. She’ll bow out (“Sorry I have a boyfriend”), or just be nice to you for the flattering attention. Truth is direct game guys get a lot of numbers but have a pitiful close rate.

But let’s say you’re a natural who has been getting laid since you were 15-years-old. Girls gravitate to you and wherever you go you’re getting checked out, probably due to your above-average looks and sexy body language. In that case going direct may be a better option. For some really good-looking guys who have limited conversational skills, going indirect would actually hurt them. They need to quickly get down to business before she realizes there isn’t much substance beneath the surface.

The more value you have, in terms of looks and status, the more direct you can go where you can approach girls saying they’re beautiful and bang that night without problems. But if you’re a random guy off the street who needs to study game to get the girls he wants, chance are you don’t have that initial value where you will be rewarded for your direct opener.

Every now and then I’m at a bar where for whatever reason I’m getting tons of looks or even getting approached outright. On those specific nights, I can go direct with success. On the other hand, if very few girls are checking me out, or the place is packed with dudes, going direct would be a suicide mission unless my target is ugly. If not a lot of girls are peeping you in the club, approach with indirect game, but if you feel like a rock star and think you can have your pick of whichever woman you want, then go direct. Unfortunately this type of scenario will never happen to most of us.

Bottom line: there are girls who will reject your direct game that would have eventually fucked you had you gone indirect. But not the other way around. If you approach a girl indirect that you could have gone direct on, the only difference is that it will take a little longer for the close. Because of this reason alone, it’s simply a good bet to have a default game that is indirect. Direct game is fun to mess around with on the side, but when I’m serious about getting laid I stay indirect. Even in a country like Brazil, where direct game is more rewarded than in the States, I still roll with indirect game unless I’m on a hot streak. For average looking guys, it’s their best option.

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