Do American Women Have Looser Pussies?

While I believe every girl is born with a pussy tightness that correlates to her body shape, I’m coming to the conclusion that environment can have a strong effect. In other words, can too much fucking stretch out the pussy?

I’ve had foreign pussy so inexperienced that I could not get my dick inside them. I just physically couldn’t do the insertion. We’d go to bed and try again later, as if we were training for some type of marathon. That was a strong piece of supporting evidence when they told me I was their third or fourth guy ever (in one case, first!). Sure, maybe some of them lied, but do you know how many times I couldn’t get my dick in an American girl?


I always get it in. Usually on the first try with no lubrication, even the petite Americans with bodies like 12-year-old boys. And I’ve fucked a lot more American girls than foreign girls. I don’t even have to do the two or three fingers in the vagina trick to loosen them up—it’s already loose enough for me to get down to business. It’s becoming clear to me why American girls are so obsessed with dick size.

Another possible conclusion is that American guys have big dicks, but in Iceland I noticed that the girls had loose pussies too. It doesn’t take you too long in Iceland to realize that lots of fucking goes on, so therefore I don’t think it’s dick size, especially since I strongly suspect that Icelandic men have small dicks. Unless the girl you’re dealing with has a husky body, I’m ready to conclude that a loose pussy is a warning sign that she has had a lot of cock. While there’s nothing wrong with that, since you’re benefiting from her loose standards, you’d be a fool to wife that up.

With further study my hope is for pussy tightness to be like a canary in a coal mine on the relationship worthiness of a woman. Hopefully an entrepreneur will invent some type of discreet tool so we can objectively measure it while in the bedroom.

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  • Trouble

    “with bodies like 12-year-old boys”

    This is why I’m not attracted to Asian women.

    Oh, and FIRST!

  • The American

    Do you have a small dick!?

  • Adventure21c

    Have you been banging only sluts in America?

  • Chubster

    Vaginas come in various shapes and sizes…a lot like penises.

    With that being said, I’ve noticed that thin women have cavernous vaginas compared to women who have a little more weight (fat).

  • Anonymous

    This is going to sound ridiculous. But the chick that I been with that had the tightest pussy was a 20 year old black girl and the loosest was surprisingly an Asian chick. Go figure!

  • Timothy

    The laziness factor might be part of the reason American women have weak coochie tone. Just like the rest of them gets flabby, their pussies do too. They could do a simple exercise (kegels) throughout the day, but they don’t. And if they aren’t getting dick, they’re sticking other things up their birth canals, like huge dildos and an assortment of large fruits and vegetables.

  • Anonymous

    very scientific

  • Gmac

    Yeah it might be the giant dildo fascination we have over here in the US. So, basically they could plumbing away their tightness without realizing it — just to get their rocks off.

  • Tuthmosis

    I’ve often pondered this shit myself. I banged a town bike for a while with the tightest pussy-grip ever. When I was busting, the pussy would ring me out like a wash cloth. Thing is, she did a lot of hiking and climbing. I think it might be a product, like #6 points out, of a CERTAIN KIND of exercise. I think the pussy is pretty resilient and elastic in the early years. I don’t think a lot of pounding would loosen up a 23-year-old’s nether regions.

    I think, like that episode of CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM points out, there’s just an epidemic of big vaginas. Some bitches just have cavernous-ass pussies. It’s just another thing that you have to take into consideration.

  • Anonymous

    Could it be that most American men are circumcised, and therefore less sensitive and have to thrust harder, stretching the girls out more?

  • Anonymous

    Try saying the first paragraph of this post out loud in your best Sarah Jessica Parker from Sex and the City voice. :laugh:

  • Timothy

    Instead of breast implants, women should be more concerned about getting vaginal rejuvenation procedures. In the past I’ve read articles about chicks wanting to essentially restore their coochies to virginal condition. Let’s hope cosmetic surgeons start running specials on these procedures.

  • Anonymous

    Kegel exercises should be learned by women who suffer from loosness.
    @3,nigga please.any american chick who has been thru the college experience+was cute+didnt look like a beast is a HO.
    @4-my ex-wife was small,thin+ had a kid before I met her and she was tight as hell.She also could tighten her pussy when I fucked her if she wanted,AKA (kegel muscles)It was a good reason why I married her.She was the bomb.I now have to measure most girls i fuck to that level of pussy control my ex wife had.

  • TrueDat
  • Timothy

    @12…no doubt. One of the hottest lovers I had was in her 40s, a mother of 3, but SUPER tight. She was also very petite, but she was also a yoga queen, so everything on her was strong and tight and flexible. If a woman’s pussy isn’t naturally tight, she has to learn to compensate by squeezing those kegels around you when you penetrate.

  • Adventure21c

    @3: “nigga please”? One fine way to beg. “any american chick who has been thru the college experience+was cute+didnt look like a beast is a HO.” That’s exactly a definition of slut.

    @5: I don’t know if the black girl I had was an exception, but she had a real tight pussy. My pinkie could barely fit in at first. I can attest that tight black pussy do exist.

  • French Connection

    Consider sextoys too, which have become more socially acceptable over the years.

    Plenty of chicks are stuffing themselves with something cockshaped several times a week, real meat or not.

  • virlge kent

    I once did a canon ball into an American vagina… true story…. If you thing that’s loose wait till you’re doing anal on the regular like me… long story

  • Timothy

    Damn virlge…that’s FUCKED UP. If chicks are so fucked out that they can’t clench the bootyhole around you either, what’s left? Are we gonna have to go back to handjobs like when we were 13?

  • Chad Daring

    I think those putting this up to laziness have it right. The girl I’m banging now is no virgin, but she does DAILY exercises to keep her snizz in shape and shes tighter and feels better then the 19 year old who had only been with one other guy before me.

    American women just have low self standards. They dress like shit. Act like shit. And of course treat their body like shit.

    I wouldn’t look past the dildo thing either. The same girl I’ve got now doesn’t own a dildo, only a pocket rocket.

    I was consistently banging a chubby girl a couple years back and she was the same, only used a pocket rocket clit stimulator and was tight as a drum.

  • gringoed

    Hopefully an entrepreneur will invent some type of discreet tool so we can objectively measure it while in the bedroom.

    hahahaha hilarious

    Kegel exercises can help with loose pussy.

  • K-Dog

    I doubt frequency of use has much impact beyond the first 20 or so times in the sack. After all, the vag tightens up again after childbirth, which is like being fucked by the entire African Pole Vaulting Sans Equipment Team.

    In my experience, the size of the mouth is directly proportional to the size of the vag. With a girl with a big mouth, like Julia Roberts, you will need to strap a board to your ass. With a girl with a small mouth, you’ll need to use lube and a wedge to get in.

    Also, chix with full lips tend to be nicer than chix w/ thin lips.

  • NotJoeRogan

    When I was a teenager this just seemed like common sense. I compared the pussy the the asshole, in porn when you look at a girl’s asshole you can tell if the girl never had anal or has. I just applied the same reasoning to the vagina. Mind you, I had alot of source material to conduct my research.

  • Arobin

    The whole loose pussy = more cocks idea doesn’t really make sense.

    Take 2 girls: girl A is in a LTR and doesn’t cheat, girl B fucks a new guy every day. They both have sex on avg once per day. By the end of the year, both of their pussies have been fucked the same number of times. If the idea is that frequent sex => loose pussy, a loose pussy would just indicate lots of sex rather than lots of different cocks.

    If the idea is that with more promiscuous sex, she’s more likely to encounter a big cock that stretches her out, then by that logic a girl could still have a loose pussy and just have happened to fucked one big dicked guy. Even so, the idea that one big dick could permanently stretch out a pussy after a few fucks is kind of far-fetched.

  • Lost Gringo

    @23 – Spot on.

    I would focus on grim reality that Gringa pussy is either “cold” or “lined with gold”. Both are good reasons to get the hell away from Amerika.

  • talleyrand

    dated a 5’1 95lb fillipina girl. expected it to be tightest i ever had. Wasn’t. Found out later she’d been around.
    Do agree there is stretching out that goes on significantly. Hence why it hurts a little for a girl to bang after she hasn’t had sex for 5 months

  • samseau

    just tried to fuck a 90lb girl last night. 28 yrs old, and couldn’t get it in for nearly 30 min.

    pretty sure pussy tightness is mostly getetic, like a six pack

  • samseau


  • NYCBachelor

    “I’ve had foreign pussy so inexperienced that I could not get my dick inside them. I just physically couldn’t do the insertion.”

    I had this problem with an Indian chick two weeks ago- I physically couldn’t get my dick in- the hole was too tight. After trying repeatedily I finally said fuck it- I just positioned myself at the entranced- then just grabbed her by the hips and shoved it in caveman style… she was complainging of the pain initially; but after a minute or two of “owwws” she accomidated and had a great time.

    Better believe that I used that as leverage to make fun Indian guys afterwards- telling her how they all had small cocks and how they had to decrease the size of condoms in India- good fun, nothing like using a woman’s pussy to belittle the men of her culture.

  • Timothy

    The tactic I’ve used when I had trouble penetrating is to put her on top and let her guide it in. I like ’em on top anyway, because I can play with the ass and titties too. I can’t come in that position though, so then I flip ’em back over and pound until I nut. Face down, with her spread wide and propped up on some pillows is also a good position if you’re having trouble gaining entry.

  • Ubermind

    I have had the same experiance with some virgins. Couldn’t get it in in the first attempts. Lubricaion was suffiecient.

  • Dupree

    You could be on to something; I liked your canary analogy in relationship to predicting the merits of pursuing a LTR with a woman.

    My last girlfriend (together 5 mo) had a huge vagina. I actually like a big vagina; it’s user friendly.

    But she was a pathological liar and cheat. At our local bar, she was like the door knob. Everyone had had a turn.



  • Timothy

    @32 Dupree…I hear you. It’s nice having a woman with sexual experience, but I don’t need to know SPECIFICALLY where and how she got said experience. You might want to sport a girl like that for a while, but you don’t want to wife her up.

  • Dupree

    @ Tim

    Amen! I made a lot of mistakes in that relationship; such as starting it in the first place.


  • VI

    I doubt it makes more of a difference than natural body type, age, and whether she does kegels or not.

    I’ve definitely noticed the trends in races though. The only girl who was too tight for me to even get in all the way was an Asian chick.

  • Timothy

    @34 Dupree…you go with what you know at the time. Nowhere is it written that once you’ve acquired new info on a woman that you can’t change your mind. Hindsight is 20/20, so it’s easy to say after it’s over that you shouldn’t have done it. I don’t believe that – they aren’t mistakes so much as learning experiences that you can chalk up. You got 5 months worth of fucking out of it. Opportunities to work on your skills that the next chick can benefit from, and in turn YOU can benefit from.

  • Dupree

    @ Tim

    That’s right 100%

  • Timothy

    One trick I use when a woman’s cooch is too sloppy for me to get enough friction to come is to change the angle of penetration. I’ve encountered more than one honey who’s pussy wasn’t bringing me anywhere near coming, and my hamstrings were starting to cramp up from all the stroking. I simply slide up a little higher, and instead of stroking straight into the pussy, I stroke on a downward angle to get more friction, and it also gives her more direct clitoral stimulation also.

  • Anonymous

    could have alot to do with life style. American women drive everywhere, sit all day at their job, and exercise on the elliptical. none of those activities really work any muscle in the midsection. Probably the same thing with Icelandic girls. But some of the other girls in, say, south america have to walk to the subway/bus and actually do work during the day that requires leg movement and therefore contracting and working the pelvic muscles…accidental kegels. I am assuming there are not millions of women working in cubicles all day in Colombia.

    just a thought

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  • Anonymous

    @39,good point on the “Accidental kegels” I was watching a Rick Steves travel show on Iceland, the women that were around there were’nt very attractive at all.They looked like huge truck drivers and were very manly like.epic boner killers.

  • Anonymous

    18 virlge kent

    That sounded gay…

  • EuropeTour

    I second the post. The experience I had in europe showed me that the girls there are really tight. I have always thought it was because they were in better shape

  • The American

    You people are so far gone…

    American women are the most amazing in the Western World. You creeps put them down, abuse them, take over the internet and do nothing but put them down…

    And when you fags do get alone with them you don’t even have proper sex you molest them with your “game”. Life is not a game it is a test and if you fags think having sex is hard (wtf is your problem!?) how to you even manage to brush your teeth.

    You people are sick. You hate women and THAT’S why they are damn near terrified of you. You freaks will seem to stop at nothing… All you want is to put them down…

    Without the Females of America this beautiful would have never happend. The fucking CIA and FBI should be investigating you creeps.

  • Cat Patrol

    The average vagina is 9 inches deep.
    The average penis is 6 inches long.
    That means there’s miles and miles of unused pussy walking around

  • The American

    why do you freaks hate american chix so much you call them sluts but they are the oppisite its cause you hate women that you have been cursed and so you go on the net and learn about “game” lol so maybe one day you can trick a girl into sex OMG i dont know how you dont know that yes in fact females do enjoy sex… alot more than men…

    cause they have to deal with the physical consequences of it i.e. pregnancy.

  • Rita

    As a bisexual slut I can add something to the conversation. There are natural variations in pussy tightness that is genetic and youth related. Regular exercise increases relaxed pussy tone, though I’ve not seen any increase in relaxed tone from kegels. The average penis or dildo does not stretch out a pussy. But many women have desire for large dildos and fists and this is definitely loosening.

    The big factor here Roosh is probably the rigidity of your erection. Here there is tremendous variation. So even from the large sample of healthy athletic men I’ve fucked, many with large cocks are low on the rigidity scale. Small cocks are always rock hard, but only half of the large cocks are rock hard.

  • Timothy

    @The American…where do you live? Where can we find these paragons of femininity? Men that hate women don’t spend hours pursuing them. They just don’t necessarily want to marry them. And if women truly wanted sex as much as men, they wouldn’t stop fucking after they marry and have their first kid! There is a point in the average woman’s life when she enjoys sex, but they can just as easily decide they don’t want or need it. Men NEVER arrive at that moment. And if a woman enjoyed sex as much as men, men wouldn’t have to TRICK them out of it. They’d simply approach men and offer when they wanted to fuck. And game isn’t about “tricking” anyone. It’s about guiding a woman into doing what YOU say they want to do anyway.

  • Timothy

    This should come pre-installed on every iPhone sold to a woman…

  • The American

    Timothy should spend less time in my net and more time talking to girls…

  • The American

    asshat da girls like sex MORE!

  • Timothy

    I can’t quite figure out The American’s deal…are you a pussy-whipped, functionally illiterate American, or are you a foreigner, with English being your second language, whose entralled with American woman because they’re different from the women in your home country? Or are you a trolling bitch? Either way, your posts make little sense. And you should take some of your own advice, since you’re on this blog the same as I am. Clown.

  • The American

    lol@ the guy who thinks MY posts make no sense OMG! you asshat have you ever talked to a woman before or do you just go online and bitch about how u cant get them to like you lol

    why is it everytime someone says something kind about females you freaks call them “pussy wipped” you freaks and so fucking creepy the fed should be investigating these fucking websites and you creeps God only knows what youll do when you do get ur hands on a chick OMG! u freaks are so far gone ……. why on earth do you freaks hate women so much!

  • CanadianMabel

    You went for people who look like 12-year-old boys? Are you implying something?

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Like dicks, pussies comes in different shapes and sizes, and seldom do not correlate with body size. On top of that pussies can be stretched via physical force, be it dicks, cucumbers or babies.

  • Ima Chick

    OK, so why is it that some guys have big, meaty cocks, and some guys have itty, bitty peni?
    And why is it that girls want a guy with a bigger penis and guys want a girl with a small/tight cooch? I have been having sex with the same guy for 13 years, I have had 3 kids and my “Pussy” is in just as good a shape as it was when I was 15.

  • Rin

    Dude the vagina may be deep, but the sensation nerve endings are only 3 inches in. This is why girth is better than length. Which is why you have to learn to use your other techniques instead of trying to get your penis in as far as you can. You’ll just end up injuring the woman’s cervix.

  • Anonymous

    Just an fyi, I was in my 40’s when my current husband and I met…I could just squeeze him with my vaginal muscles and make him cum…he assumed I didn’t have a lot of sex partners…ummmm, whatever….

  • Timothy

    @59…NICE WORK! The bottom line is you focused on pleasing your man, and you did what was necessary. A man doesn’t need to know the details of your experience – he just needs to reap the benefits of it.

  • anonymous

    Have you seen asian porn these days? Them little chicks can take a lot of dick! I mean like @ least ten inches! Who knows though maybe the dicks looked bigger because they were so tiny LOL!I wasn’t interested in the dicks anyway the hot Asians were my interest!

  • anonymous

    @Rin Lol so a 3 inch long 4 inch circumference dick is better than a 12 inch long 1 inch circumference schlong?
    Hahahaha that’s some funny sh!t man

  • optimusprime

    All pussies are different… Ever single one. I have had tight I have had loose. I’m sure many factors can cause the looseness and/or tightness of a pussy. What it comes down to is facts. Yes pussies can be loosened, with something big enough. I have done it. Point is yes they go back somewhat. If you stretch is out its not gone forever. Keagel exercises do work, I’ve also experianced this. Before and after. I’m sure height is directly realated to the deepness of a vadj, I know this is factual. Because the depth is directly related to the size of a woman’s torso, and obviously the taller the girl the longer the torso, for the most part. When it comes to the width of a vagina I have not the slightest clue what controls this. I’m sure it can be attributed to a number of things like: the athleticisim of a woman, pure genitics, and how recently she has taken a Dick bigger then yours! Like I said the can be loosened, and yes they do go back, but it takes a while. If a week ago she fucked a tenner and you are rockin a six… Of course you will think she is loose unless you have a chod. But you wait a month of two she will be back to normal, considering she doesn’t fuck anyone, or no one who stretched her more or keeps it from going back to normal. To end this ill say… Some bitches just have big ass pussies.. end of story. Find a new one… Eh? I was literally just having a convo with my girl about if American pussies are any diff from any other pussies which lead us to this. In the end. Every single pussy is totally diff. They may have similarities but the are diff. Race I don’t think has much to do, its more to do with culture and enviornment, the way they use it and what they do with it. How recently its been and things like this. As well as genetics and many many many other things. Comes down to finding what fits you.

    My girl literally just pulled the Dave chapelle wrap it up joke on me Hahahahahahahahha what a girl. Find you one like that guys, if its loose keagel it, then wife it. I didn’t have that problem, she is foreign and tight as shit. Lucky me ! Great point she just made!!! She just mentioned the most forriegn guys are not circumsized (im sure I horribly mispelled that) and that means they are more sensitive, meaning they like big pussies anyways!! So its all about who you are what you are working with… Blah blah blah. Anyways I’m out!

  • Anonymous

    dude anonymous you’re wrong, the girls in Iceland don’t look like huge truck drivers, I’ve been there and they’re fuckin hot

  • LOL

    Shit… This article cracked me up so bad and I am still laughin lol nicely done!!

  • Stevo

    There’s just one problem with your theory.
    You see, I don’t live in the USA, where I live prostitution is well tolerated.
    There’s this girl that works in a strip club, I’ve had sex with her several times and she’s surprisingly tight! really, the first time was a lot of years ago and I barely could penetrate her.
    I took a break from this kind of activities to focus on “real” girls but I found her years later and guess what, still tight.
    And pleazzze you’re not gonna tell me she hasn’t had a fair share of sex, she works in a strip club for crying out loud.

    My theory is: lots of vaginas are simply outta shape, genetics may play a role. If the girl has no muscular tone whatsoever in her body, what can you expect from her vagina?

    My two cents.

  • kiss my ass

    i guess not knowing how to fuck a pussy means is loose to me it aint been loose is just that some woman are more wet than others n that makes the pussy feel loose but if we are going to talk about the pussy been loose dont cry when they talk about how a lot of men dont even make then cum none the less reach a freaking orgasm to me all pussy is pussy where it feels like is loose or not as long as it makes you cum is good enough i have never fuck a loose pussy i am hispanic i have had white hispanic and white woman n have never found a loose pussy but what i have found i hate it was a fuck up dried pussy that is the worst shit ever it was so dried i was like i am sorry baby but either you let me fuck your ass or we stop here i said your pussy so dried it feel like i am trying to stick my cock in flour but all that aside i love all women it dont matter what race they are love eating pussy and love watching them bite down on the pillow as i make them bust an orgasm and beg me to stop cus they can take it anymore i dont have a large cock it might be average between 6 1/2 to 7 but i know how to use it i wish women where to post here and let you know how they have gotten more pleasure out of a average size guy that a anaconda dick muthafucka just enjoy the pussy and forget about the rest

  • Anonymous

    sounds to me like most of u have never had any pussy,cause half those responces are gay as hell & made no sence to me & i have fucked mad puss ..sounds like a vurgin chat site,oh & a rascial one to l8ts bitch’s

  • Anonymous

    guess maybe u could tell im american ya, ^^^^

  • Pussy Lover

    All pussy is good , Good old big ones and big old good ones. If a woman gives you some pussy you are lucky. Im a pussy lover and like I said all pussy is GOOD.

  • Asianzilla

    It’s true regional and ethnic influence make pussy loose or tight. European pussy has very large labias and clits, while Asian pussy is rather tight with small, dark lips and peanut shaped buttons. I think British girls have the loosest pussy of all. Just my 2 cents.

  • Anonymous

    just fuck tha pussy until you find your size & go with it azzholez !!!

  • Anonymous

    I believe in the old saying ” big girl big hole little girl all hole “

  • Anonymous

    Doushing with alum makes a pussy extra tight

  • The Dude

    I can’t see how anyone can think vaginas stay more or less the same size through a woman’s life either with or without child birth. Skin and internal soft tissue adapt to stretching. African tribes women have long proved this by stretching their necks, earlobes, etc. Say twin brothers were born and one of them picked his nose with his thumb incessantly all his life I bet his nostrils would be considerable larger than his non-picking-nose brother. Now I know it’s not the best analagy as nostrils are not vaginas and therefore lack the same elasticity but the principal can still be applied for the most part, albeit more contraction in vaginas.

    Of course every normal woman’s vagina is elastic but it starts at specific size and the more it’s used the more the body will adapt to the stretching to prevent damage and pain. I agree with the earlier point raised that it’s the amount of penetrative action the woman has had and the size of the object (penis, dildo, etc), which may or may not be reflected by the amount of sexual partners she has had. In other words, big pussy doesn’t necessarily equal lots of dick.

  • Mark

    I know this. Tall women have some giant pussies. I’m 6’3″ so I get more tall women that is typical and they are huge. There is an OB/GYN term called “a tall vagina” which is a euphemism for huge. They actually have different medical equipment for it. Bigger stretcher-open thingies.

    I had two wives that were Jewish and spent of lot of college time with Jewish women and they’re small, tight, and dry. With the two wives, I had to use Vaseline. Both for lack of moisture and size. My opinion is that Jewish women are the worst actual sexual machines of all the women I have been with and I been with a bunch of Jewish women. They really don’t like sex as much as other women. There is joke. Jewish Doggie Style: He sits up and begs; She rolls over and plays dead.

    The best sexual machines were Colombianas. They were pretty big pussied in general but they are always wet or get wet quick when they have a boyfriend. They almost never have odor and if they do then they are fucking around quite a lot. They have orgasms easily and talk to you while they have them.

    So I think my opinion about whether American women have bigger pussies is slanted and ruined due to all the tall girls with giant pussies and then Jewish girls with generally broken pussies.

    But I would say that American women have nastier pussies than all foreign women I have been with. Nasty, disgusting mother fucking things that make me shiver to think of some of them. My worst experience was going in to the toilet after sex and trying to wipe that slime shit of my dick and all the toilet paper sticking to it and shredding off, making my dick look like it had feathers. That was the last American woman I ever fucked and have been foreign every since. You cannot say “All pussy is good” No way. I dumped that woman right then.

  • longdongsilever

    American pussies are biggest and smelliest all….
    i can fuck all other girls except chinese and americans…

  • Tyler

    I know this is a the game site but Im just gonna come out and say it. I’ve banged a fair number of hookers in my day, some of which were very very tight, I am pretty thick myself but the point being these were women who were getting plenty of dick who were still quite tight.

  • devildog

    Just found this site.Its great! Laughing my ass off!
    76Mark, you are one funny SOB! write a book i will buy first copy off the press! LOL, tears running

  • Joe Montana

    Kind of funny this idiot only assumes American females are sluts when in reality all females are sluts and can’t keep their legs close so based on that most females have huge vaginas

  • Anonymous

    yeah i’ve found no nationality is much “looser”…

    The “2-3 finger trick to stretch them ou” that you mentioned makes me question how many women you’ve actually been with. You don’t stretch them man, you just get them wet…

  • Anonymous

    Wow. I forgot that people like this exist. Tell me boys, how do you feel about the gang rapes in India? Your circumcised penises deserved more than the chopped off foreskin, because none of you have enough balls to respect the things that birthed you.

  • Anonymous

    No you just suck at foreplay

  • Jezzer

    Maybe it’s not so much “looser pussy” as it is “smaller dick.”

  • rand


  • fitnessbabe

    wow yall must be inexperienced as fuck. Pussy does not stay loose unless thats how it is. It is a muscle and will tighten with exercise. Messed with plenty of girls been able to fist some and some I could only get 2 fingers in. It depends, but to stereotype loose with american pussy is laughable, there is loose pussy everywhere.

  • Anonymous

    Thats because most of the american girls masturbates with huge dildos making that thing losser haha

  • sam

    normal shap wanted

  • sam

    any way i like american pussy , they suck cock so good

  • fuqamerika

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    “…especially since I strongly suspect that Icelandic men have small dicks.”

    you are so fucking funny dude. Great article.

  • Big cocked American

    American women need a real American big dick to satisfy them; since your not American you should probably stick to fucking rats and fleas, that is if your hung enough to satisfy them.

  • sam

    Thanks for advice. I will make sure a girl has a tight pussy before I commit to marriage. But, it is probably not going to be an American girl since they are all loose. The big issue is that when they get married they will still miss sleeping around with different guys and they will have flings in the office or with the neighbor, best friend, or son’s best friend. That would suck.

  • Hopeful Anonymous

    I hope you never have a daughter.

  • tom

    I just love American girl. they are sweetest .nicest, when they like you. they will do anything for you. all you have to do is keep them happy. to be with you.

  • buzz

    Really funny that post. I never thought such discussion would take place for real. It’s like listening to a guy who says people were hunting dinosaurs or we are “not coming from apes” etc.

    Pussy tightness depends on muscles, to certain extent it is genetics, rest is exercise. Number of partners or their dicks sizes have nothing to do with it. (If anything, more sex = more exercise of these muscles = tighter pussy).

    Been with 2 virgins, few very unexperienced girls (but not virgins) and some real sluts. Seems to have no influence whatsoever.

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    Keep in mind there are labia strengthening exercises which tighten the pussy. No doubt this is a common strategy by hookers.

    Pussy tightness is probably closely related to dick size, which is an indication of promiscuity. That is why the least promiscuous races have the smallest dicks and tightest pussies, asians and the japanese. The africans would be the most promiscuous so they’d have the loosest pussies. Europeans would be somewhere in the middle.

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    I am pretty sure it’s genetics….race etc also height. But it’s not the looseness it’s the deepness. Evolution. Black men have big dicks therefore black women are “deeper” ..the guy won’t “bottom out” …can get it all the way in. White guys have about average dicks and I feel run a larger variety , I think white women also run a larger variety but generally medium in depth. Asian guys have the smallest dick s and I think Asian women have the shallowest vaginas. (Exception porn star little miss kitty)
    I don’t know. I’m a woman and dated an eastern European who was so huge I mean he would hit bottom and could go no further . My vagina gave a “u shall not pass sign”
    In general black deepest
    White, medium
    Asian, smallest
    Then other factors come into play. If ur a guy u prbly have a small dick. Just cuz it’s long means nothing nothing u prbly have a pencil dick
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  • leah

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  • Krystle

    You are really full of shit. Women who “simply approach men and offer when they want to fuck” are called ‘whores/sluts. But, being as ignorant as you are, that’s probably what you prefer. There are plenty out there. I happen to be a 41 year old married woman with 3 kids, all of which i gave birth to vaginally, and I am as tight as I was at 20 and enjoy sex now more than ever. I have amazing, multiple orgasms, and I am NOT a tiny little thing. You are such a stereotypical prick. My husband is the one begging for a break after a session with me…and despirte what you may think, it’s not because he doesn’t satisfy me. It is because I enjoy sex so much, I want more, more, more cuz I have multiple, hotttt, gushing orgasms… It’s beyond amazing, so take your ignorant stereotypical bullshit opinions and shove them straight up your ass. Thank you very much. Have a nice day, ASSHOLE!

  • lil

    This article is just a result of men watching porn,. Porn instill in our minds the importance of body parts, then we become insecure about our average bodies. Btw, Porn shrinks some areas in your mind and greatly distracts u, keeping you from doing useful things in life.

  • lil

    Then you men will wonder why women are so insecure about their bodies,. because the media (like this shitty article from the internet) keeps imposing that women are measured by their bodies, and will be a predicting factor for marriage. it’s very absurd. But it proves that media succeeded in brainwashing men.

  • whatever

    Sorry no you mean african americans or americans in general, africans are conservative when it comes to sex their not loose like in the western world. So you need to correct that assumption.

  • Marshall

    This makes no biologic sense. Muscles are muscles. The more you use them, the harder they get. Unlike the vaginal canal which is both dependent on the pelvic muscles and blood flow, the male organ’s size comes only from blood flow. Improve your vasculature to get bigger as a man. Use your muscles, and get turned on increasing blood flow, get tighter as a woman. If your woman has a “loose pussy” to you,she is 1) out of shape AND 2) not turned on by you.

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  • Sauron666

    I don’t think they get looser with use, except when a baby is pushed through them. Could be wrong but my observation is that girls who are really fit have MUCH tighter pussies. It’s not about their overall size. Tightest one I have unloaded in belonged to a 4′-11″, 76-lb. Asian yoga instructor. But it worked fine because it was soaking wet and perfectly easy to deal with.

  • Sauron666

    It’s truly amazing how wide the band is from horrible lame cocksuckers to brilliant fellatio artists. What’s even more surprising is that even at this point I can’t really tell beforehand. Little correlation I have seen between dressing hot/makeup/etc to expert sucking. The best ever was a girl-next-door type middle school teacher.

  • Sauron666

    I dated a girl for a while who had the deepest pussy ever. Almost always can feel the back wall and with some of them you smash the back wall to bits. Not this one. Skinny girl but not very fit — very cute but much too loose and deep.

  • Christopher C

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  • ddbid

    I’m not surprise about the Asian chick. I used to fuck a married asian co-worker. She was married to an asian dude, small dick, she confirmed it. Was blown away by how loose she was. Other than that, great fuck!

  • Jim

    Women in the united states vary. I have a very average size penis. Dated a chick when she was 19 who already had a kid. Didn’t realize why her pussy was so damn loose, she was a whore who fucked every guy in town with a big cock I’d have to pound her for 30 minutes straight to cum which was fine with me but it was almost impossible to get off. Hooked up with her in her 30’s and it was a much different story.. She had finally settled down with a long term guy who was also average, and what a difference her pussy was. It wasn’t virgin tight but it was better. Alot better. A womans vagina is meant to conform to the mans penis size so if a woman is loose it’s because she’s had a big cock in her, most likely on a regular basis or possibly the night before you fucked her. Yes a big penis will stretch a woman out it’s a fact. One chick I dated cheated on me with an exfriend of mine who was HUNG. I knew it because I had seen him in the mens locker room and couldn’t believe how big he was. I had sex with her the next day and knew immediately she had cheated on me with a bigger penis. She was so stretched I couldn’t feel anything.

    Just recently been messin with a chick who is an ex meth head, tats all over her body and 4 kids. Pussy nice and tight. A butthole that’s even tighter and she loves anal. So womens pussy vary. I’ve been with alot of whores who were looser than hell, and alot of whores who are tight. But a really big cock will stretch a woman out for sure.

    Just my experience.

  • Jim

    also every woman I have been with who has little feet has had a tight pussy. Everyone that was loose had really big feet. check the womans feet size and if they are little post your experience on her vaginal tightness please. I’d like to know if its a fact or something that doesn’t matter.

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  • Ineeda Mann

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  • Corey Ken

    Its not just American woman. Japanese woman have BIG pussies too trust me

  • Batman3.0

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