Do American Women Have Looser Pussies?

While I believe every girl is born with a pussy tightness that correlates to her body shape, I’m coming to the conclusion that environment can have a strong effect. In other words, can too much fucking stretch out the pussy?

I’ve had foreign pussy so inexperienced that I could not get my dick inside them. I just physically couldn’t do the insertion. We’d go to bed and try again later, as if we were training for some type of marathon. That was a strong piece of supporting evidence when they told me I was their third or fourth guy ever (in one case, first!). Sure, maybe some of them lied, but do you know how many times I couldn’t get my dick in an American girl?


I always get it in. Usually on the first try with no lubrication, even the petite Americans with bodies like 12-year-old boys. And I’ve fucked a lot more American girls than foreign girls. I don’t even have to do the two or three fingers in the vagina trick to loosen them up—it’s already loose enough for me to get down to business. It’s becoming clear to me why American girls are so obsessed with dick size.

Another possible conclusion is that American guys have big dicks, but in Iceland I noticed that the girls had loose pussies too. It doesn’t take you too long in Iceland to realize that lots of fucking goes on, so therefore I don’t think it’s dick size, especially since I strongly suspect that Icelandic men have small dicks. Unless the girl you’re dealing with has a husky body, I’m ready to conclude that a loose pussy is a warning sign that she has had a lot of cock. While there’s nothing wrong with that, since you’re benefiting from her loose standards, you’d be a fool to wife that up.

With further study my hope is for pussy tightness to be like a canary in a coal mine on the relationship worthiness of a woman. Hopefully an entrepreneur will invent some type of discreet tool so we can objectively measure it while in the bedroom.

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