Do Black Guys Have A Game Advantage?

If you’re a white guy just starting out in the game, you may have witnessed black guys talking to girls of different races with the appearance of making easy progress. Perhaps you wonder if it’s just easier to get laid if you’re black, something I’ve thought of myself before getting into the game.

From what I’ve observed in the field over the past ten years, it’s actually harder for a black guy to get with a non-black woman. Many people underestimate that a majority of women are totally closed off to the idea of dating a black man or any other man outside her race for whatever reason. They may have dated a black man once in the past, but don’t have the open mentality that is needed for a newcomer to properly seduce her. On the other hand, the girls who do like black guys will be much more passionate about trying to get with them than a girl who likes white or Latino guys.

Let’s say I go out with a black guy to a random club in Argentina. I estimate that ten out of the fifty girls there will be be somewhat open to dating me. I’ll have to work to get them, and my results will vary, but I have a shot with these ten girls. Only two or three out of the fifty girls will be open to dating my black friend, but those few will be much more vigorous in letting that interest be known. They will look at him more and maybe even approach him outright, where I’d have to do my own approaches. Even though he has significantly less options, his chance of closing that night will be higher than mine.

Black guys have a more limited selection in potential partners that are outside their race, but they have it easier with a girl who is already predisposed to liking black guys. If you compare a white guy and black guy with equal game and looks, the white guy will slightly edge him out on quality, and the black guy on quantity. To me that comes out as a wash. While I often see hate on black guys for going after heavy set girls, any truth to that can be attributed to their personal preferences of desiring thickness, not an innate inability to scoring higher quality.

Unless you’re talking about special situations like a blonde haired guy in Brazil, white and black guys have no significant game advantage over each other.

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  • Jamez


  • samseau

    how bout those poor azns?

  • A.nonny.mous

    There is one thing you might not be factoring in here: women’s fear of being seen as a girl who dates black guys.

    Many non-black men instinctively recoil when they seea non-black girl with a black man. Girls understand this and feel this, and so many, who may be attracted, shy away from dating one, or else try to keep any former black boyfriends from being known about by later, non-black boyfriends.

    Particularly, Asian men that I’ve known have been quite repulsed by an otherwise attractive girl if they find out she has dated black men or shown interest in them. In fact, the only non-black men I’ve known who haven’t had a poor reaction to a black-loving girl have been 1) SWPLers trying to prove how open they are; 2) whiggers; and 3) alphas.

  • dufu

    I think another problem a lot of them have is that they don’t know how to modify their approach for non-black girls. In one word I would describe their game as “clowning.”

    I’ve seen black guys try to day game both white girls and black girls. They usually have a big grin on their face and tease a lot, but in a really aggressive way. While their words might be indirect, there is no doubt about his real intent. Sometimes this works on the black girls, but almost never on white girls. Some white girls might banter with the guy a bit and have fun, but there’s no doubt that she’s going to shoot him down when he asks for her contact info.

    If you’re a black guy who wants to get with a quality white girl, you have to run low key, indirect game. Basically, the only advertisement of your “dangerous” black side should be the color of your skin. As long as you’re not a David Alexander, that will be on her mind from the beginning. Give too much away and you’ll scare her off. Most likely, her hamster will be running without you having to say a word about it.

  • UCLA

    My observation in college is that being white or black or hispanic is basically neutral in terms of game.

    But being Asian (Indian, Chinese, Korean, etc) is a definite disadvantage. There’s the reality that most Asian men are smaller and nerdier than others. Then there’s the perception of nerdiness/lameness that these poor guys must overcome.

    At UCLA, I see tons and tons of Asian girls openly dating white guys, but it’s very rare to see a white girl with a Chinese or Indian guy. When it does happen, the white girl is usually fat or ugly (though the Asian guy will think he’s king of the world).

  • Athlone McGinnis

    Being black is not an automatic cakewalk in the dating world like so many people think it is.

    The main challenge for a black guy approaching non-black women, as Roosh and A.nonny.mous have already noted, is the negative perception.

    If you’re black, you need to get used to the fact that a large majority(perhaps nearly the entirety) of any group of non-black women you go up to might be wary of you and the stereotypes associated with people who look like you. You have a much steeper hill to climb from the get-go because some of the women are already prepared to shy away from you due to social concerns(don’t wanna be judged by non-black men, fear that you might be a player or have STDs, etc).

    If they’re not particularly socially experienced(I encounter a lot of girls like these at the Ivy I go to-smart, upper class, sometimes quite pretty, but awkward and not too used to more aggressive looking black dudes) they might even just be kind of intimidated by you, and that will make your interactions awkward even when you do get a date.

    It isn’t all doom and gloom. A small minority of girls who are fond of black guys will always be open and often will approach more aggressively, and if you mesh within a social circle most other non-black women become open over time(almost as though you’ve “vetted” yourself).

    But in many cases you end up working a lot harder to achieve the same quality that a white man with equivalent levels of game will pull.

    Plenty of guys out here in the blogosphere(VK, Assanova, etc) have proven that race is in no way a roadblock to success. I mentioned earlier in this post that it is tougher for black guys at my college because girls here are very wary of most black dudes. Guys here have responded by tailoring their game to be far less aggressive with a more long-term focus on comfort-building, and a lot of them have found some success(even girlfriends).

    That being said, the bottomline is that dating as a black dude is a trickier process than a lot of people seem to think. Being black certainly does not make it easier to get laid, and in many environments you end up working harder.

  • Lou P.

    About ten years ago a white college-aged girl I knew told me that, if she danced with a black guy at a club, the white guys who saw them consequently wouldn’t approach her to dance. That surprised me, and maybe it shouldn’t have, but the concept had never occurred to me in my own game.

  • Lolz Unrated

    That is completely correct and not just in the case of black guys. Asian girls particularly non US citizen Asian girls are almost blacklisted in the eyes of Asian men if they have ever dated anyone outside of their race.

    I’m sorry, but that is because most Asian guys ARE beta pussies. In college, I had an American-Chinese roommate who had zero trouble picking up as an Asian man. And that was before any of us knew what game is. He was just fit, dressed well, and acted like a natural. As a result he had zero problems picking up white girls, and Asian women practically threw themselves on him.

  • Sammy

    @UCLA: I go to UCLA too and I’m not sure who you’re hanging out with, but it’s not as doom and gloom as you make it out to be. First, regarding the Asian girl/white guy thing: to me that’s basically a non-issue b/c the Asian girls are equally as aggressive/open to dating a white guy. I’ve never seen a group of girls valorize and worship whiteness as much as Asian girls, so all a white guy basically has to do is show up, LOL. Also, you don’t see too many quality white guys with Asian girls.

    Second, white girls at UCLA, on the whole, don’t really date anyone else but white guys. I’d really be curious to see any stats, but I’m pretty confident in that. The frat scene is pretty segregated, as is the campus in general. You might see some white girls with black athletes, and then you have the bohemian progressive commie types who make it a point to screw the rainbow.

    Also, I’d distinguish in terms of East Asian guys and South Asian (Indian) guys. There’s definitely the perception of lameness and nerdiness in both, but I think there’s more variation amongst Indian guys in terms of looks (skin color, height, features) than there is for East Asian guys, which leads to varied outcomes. I have a lot of East Asian and Indian friends, and while you can almost always tell that an East Asian is East Asian, you can’t always with an Indian. I have one Indian friend who looks almost Greek, and one who looks like he just stepped off the set of Roots. So while you may only the second guy and think, “Indian,” you’re ignoring the first guy b/c he doesn’t register as Indian to you, you know?

  • A.nonny.mous

    Yeah, black guys can suffer if they bring thug game to non-black women. All but a handful of the women will run screaming away. Quite frankyl, while black women need to be thugged hard, non-black women will reject you if hint at it.

    On the other hand, many black men who play the oppressed black man game, or try to show they’re minimal “street” but yet “authentically” black (i.e. they are liberal, talk about raciasm a lot, the “struggle”) can snag some hipster sluts who want to prove how “open” they are–open meaning they want a token black boyfriend to prove their SWPL-approved non-racism card. That, and many SWPL sluts want to see if the genitalia/sex stereotypes are true, despite outward denials of it.

    Bottom line: being black can really help so long as you realize the line between how you act towards black women and how you act to non-black woemn. And you hang out with testosterone-deprived SWPLs/hipsters, who only allow liberal minority men the right to show a bit of manliness.

    As for Asian/Indian dudes, it’s patently unfair. I have known some pairings, but usually the guy is an exquisite dresser and/or throws a lot of parties—in other words, money and social power.

  • A.nonny.mous

    @6 Lou P.: Yup, that’s what I’ve been told, and also what I’ve experienced. I do it myself; its completely instinctual. I’ve also had a couple of gfs who deliberately hid their former jungle fever:

    1. One, a former fattie, tried to weedle her way closer to me by claiming she was a sports fan (as if I care). When I asked which sports, she started happily chatting about her college days and early 20s loving the NBA and having season tickets…before quickly stopping, stuttering. and claiming that “it was actually a much shorter time” and “she just went with her boyfriends.” I smelled it off her, and she knew it: former NBA groupie.

    2. Another girl,a non-black, grew up in a lack ghetto, yet, suspiciously, never talked about any men she dated from back home, only the guys she dated after she moved out at the end of college. It took a while, but I rooted around and found pics of her with the gangstas back home—and it turned me the hell off.

  • Solo

    I agree with what Roosh said, I myself have blogged about this many times. It can be frustating seeing your white friends with less game get chicks easier and your literally busting your ass and your not getting the same caliber.

  • anonymous

    This is an interesting post. I live in Chicago and it is very rare to see black men with non-black women. This is amazing because blacks are one third of the city and twenty percent of the metro area. In small hillbilly towns as close as an hour drive from Chicago( rockford, central IL, Indiana), its actually common to see black men score. What’s the difference?? Economic opportunity. In big cities, whites tend be somewhat sophisticated and make good money. Whites in small towns are broke, and tend to view blacks as their peers.

  • Anonymous

    The advantages of being black is that the “bad boy” image is already given to you by default in a lot of cases whether warranted or unwarranted, for better or worse.

    Personally, all of the white girls that Ive messed with in my life as a black man did basically throw themselves at me or made it blatantly obvious that they were interested. I dont think Ive ever just approached a white girl cold on the street.

    And yes, the quality of white girl does usually go down if they are dating black men. Ive never had a chance with what I would consider a top notch white girl…u gotta be rich for those lol

    But yea, generally speaking being black actually makes it a little harder to game women because they are already assuming that you have game and are a lot more skeptical. Its not like the wolf in sheeps clothing effect when it comes to a white man that is assumed to be a nice guy but really has game.

  • dc

    girls who like blacks tend to be complete whores who tend to be more aggressive about going after men regardless

  • Hughman

    I can confirm this. My nympho friend (yes, with benefits) has a thing for black guys but she lives in the SW of England now, very white part of the world.

    If she’s in a club and sees a black guy, she will actively seduce him. She’s told me she’s literally only rejected one black guy, and that was because he had that retarded look Somalians get with the goofy teeth.

  • Nguyenimproved

    hey guys. im an asian nerd joining the debate here.

    as far as blacks go it is also a scarcity issue.

    like in australia non-muslim Blacks are quite rare, compared to their spread in the USA.
    so any chick with a penchance for black meat was quite aggressive about getting her fill when she chanced upon a “brutha”. it got to the extent where ‘fake’ blacks were riding on the coattails of african americans. in australia, african americans are seen as ultra-cool because a) they have a cool accent. all hollywood movies and late night shows etc are basically american so the accent has so status-pull in australia, where the population have a mild inferiority complex. although it is getting better/ worse depending on your viewpoint with the usa economy going downhill etc.

    b) Blacks have an extreme cool factor associated with them in australia. due to positive (in terms of pussy-tingling) media exposure. i mean on tv, movies and music clips they are basically portrayed as either super athletes, gangsters, mad dancers or rappers. hence you can understand the cool factor associated with blacks.

    i mean when was the last time you saw a black geeky nerd in the media. probably steve urkel from twenty million years ago.

    ps. by ‘fake’ blacks i mean the no-frills blacks like somalians, sudanese etc. that emigrated to asutralia as refugees. even the established blacks of a community sometimes look down on these interlopers.
    from personal experience, an ethiopian bouncer (he was huge for his race and looked like ronnie coleman) i met in copenhagen described muslim immigrants to denmark as ‘cockroaches’. they had no grip of english, no money and no status but passed themselves off as african-americans he said. much like the current situation in australia where somalians are wearing baggy sean john pants and getting $5 dollar fake gold chain necklaces to wear cos african-americans are basically seen as the shizzel in australia. the somalians etc have a build like a rake, not a rapper and speak english worse than my vietnamese grandmother but that doesnt stop some girls (oddly enough usually fatties) getting the BBD (big black dick – as explained to me by an african guy).

    as Scientist Roosh would appreciate in nature they have a thing called mimicry. some non-poisonous frogs and lizards have evolved to display a similar colour scheme to their poisonous brethren. It helps them survive because their natural predators see the coloured patterns and are fooled into thinking they are the poisonous species. They end up leaving these imposters alone and hence they are free to prosper and ride on the coattails of the real deal.

    In a similar vein, the somalians etc are riding off the trail blazed by their black brothers. (mixed some metaphors there lol)

    as for asian guys..let’s not go there.

    put it this way: when a girl sees a black guy they may think: 50 cent, pdiddy, usain bolt but when they see an asian guy they think: william hung.

    …And that’s about the one and only occasion where you DON’T want a girl to look at you and think you’re HUNG.

  • Naughty Nomad

    Try applying that theory in Korea or China.. They are seriously racist.

    Any advantage is location dependent – Prejudice combined with supply and demand. My Black mates who travel generally find it harder to hook up in most places, but real easy in others.

  • A.nonny.mous

    Naughty, I call b.s. Hines Ward is half-Korean, half-black, and his father met his mother while in the service in Korea.

  • Johnny Mac

    heres an interview with an asian pua who overcame the stereotypes and shortcomings:
    Asian guys aren’t doomed to celibacy.

  • Casual

    If you’re a black guy, try visiting Japan. A lot of girls have a fetish for black guys there, and will jump on you. You can get similar results by being white and American, too.

  • http://www.meetup.comTacomaWingmen Wolf

    This is exactly the same thing for White guys in East Asia. Majority of girls won’t be open to dating a white guy for any number of reasons, but the ones that are will be all over him. It’s a heady experience because it SEEMS like every girl wants you.

  • Sid

    Solid take on the matter. The only thing I’ll add is that it seems easier for a black men to hook up with black women than it is for white men to do the same with white women. At the risk of sounding offensive, black women seem to have higher libidos and need less “comfort” time to properly game. They’re also more outgoing than white women, and seem receptive to approaches.

    Furthermore, in America, a significant chunk of black men are imprisoned, which means that the supply of available black men is lower than the demand. Finally, black women seem to want black men, and consider white men to be a weak substitute.

  • Rakishness

    I think it depends environment. Obviously there’s gonna be countries or metro areas where pulling non black women will be easier.

    Also, I think many black dudes think they can’t pull in the south/red states but it’s not so. A lot of chics from texas and indiana love black guys! While in the northeast and the midatlantic you have alot of covert racists. Don’t be fooled because they vote Democrat.

  • Athlone McGinnis

    “Naughty, I call b.s. Hines Ward is half-Korean, half-black, and his father met his mother while in the service in Korea.”

    Nah dude, he’s right. Racism in SK is bad, especially when it comes to interracial dating. Korean girls tolerate whites and will go with them, but the perception of blacks there is very poor and black men do not do well. the existence of a few half-korean Blasians like Ward and Amerie doesn’t change this generally negative trend.

    You guys may know Gorbachev, who comments at Roissy and a lot of other game blogs. He’s lived in Asia for quite some time, specifically in South Korea and knows the market there like the back of his hand. Here was his extremely detailed commentary when I asked him about blacks in South Korea:

    Bottomline for black men in East Asia: Go straight to Japan and/or maybe China, which is a sleeper. Skip the Korean peninsula altogether.

  • mr t

    I don’t know why there is so much obession with race.

    Hell, the most important thing is actually getting out there and meeting girls. The law of averages alone guarantees you will eventually get something decent.

    Race has an impact in the dating market? Well, so does looks, height, wealth, natuaral charm, class, how you dress, etc. There are so many factors that obsessing about race is pretty trivial.

    Yet, if you ever visit the RooshV forum, you would think that race is the only factor that matters when choosing a destination to travel to.

    Funny that on a game site so many guys really just don’t want to have to “work” at all when they go to a specific local.

  • Adventure21c

    Issues like this is always interesting.

    How much of the hurdles can game help you overcome?

    Obviously, in a given society, one group of people has a preference over others–just a human nature.

    Can techniques (inner game/outer game/etc), fame, and money escalate your chances and success rates? Obviously, but of course, some must pay more price than others.

    Suck it up. Life isn’t fair. You simply learn to play, hopefully well, or don’t play at all.

    Your choice.

  • http://www.meetup.comTacomaWingmen Wolf

    @Athlone: Agree with everything you wrote about blacks in Asia.

  • Anon1

    16 Hughman

    I can confirm this. My nympho friend (yes, with benefits) has a thing for black guys but she lives in the SW of England now, very white part of the world.

    If she’s in a club and sees a black guy, she will actively seduce him. She’s told me she’s literally only rejected one black guy, and that was because he had that retarded look Somalians get with the goofy teeth.

    I likee having friends with benefits and have one now, but not one this indiscriminate and so black loving. Talk about a petri dish puss. Ahh … I think I’ll pass.

  • Timothy

    I see a valid point a lot of you have raised – the judgement of your peers. A white woman my be reluctant to even be seen talking to a black guy (she may have no intent beyond simply talking to him like she would any other human being) for fear of being judged by white males, or even her own girlfriends. We have to acknowledge that people can be extremely bigoted (and those very people who judge her would deny being racist if asked), and that can be impossible to overcome. Many people in interracial relationships/marriages need a certain strength, because there will always be individuals in their circle who don’t approve.

    Stereotyping is the other major hurdle, and some of the previous posts illustrate that. The whole “thug” stereotype is particularly ridiculous, in that black people can be as diverse in terms of backgrounds as anyone else. We’re not all from the “hood,” and even those of us that did grow up in those neighborhoods aren’t all thug either. It’s hard to overcome the hangups of others, and it can be tiring to always feel you have to put on a certain persona just to have a normal conversation with someone that isn’t black. Folks just need to relax and talk to each other the way they’d talk to anyone else.

    As for the Black/Asian thing, I know guys that are in the music business that have worked/performed in Japan. There is a definite interest in black and/or Hip-Hop culture there, so within that subculture a black guy could find success. I don’t know if WuTang’s homage to Kung Fu helps brothers in China…HA HA! Hines Ward’s parentage doesn’t disprove the fact that it can be difficult in other Asian countries for black men, or Americans in general. It’s not uncommon for servicemen all over the world to have children with or even marry local women wherever they may be stationed (the same is true in Germany for black men). In Asia, it’s usually poor women that do this, and it’s a step up for them to father a child with an American serviceman. It’s a different situation for just a random black guy rolling in and scoring.

    As for black guys pulling top-notch white women, it’s definitely a money/status thing. When a black man moves into a higher socio-economic status, he has ACCESS to more attractive white women, and fewer women of non-white races (black women executives often complain about not having black male peers). On college campuses, the black athletes get approached by white girl/groupies. If they weren’t BMOCs, they wouldn’t get that attention. Black girls dislike the groupie thing (at least in college – they come out in droves for pro athletes…HA HA!), but if they decided to fawn over the athletes the way some of the white girls do, they’d bump them aside.

    I also think most people that are open to dating/fucking interracially wouldn’t bring home to mom someone of a different race when it’s time to marry. That’s largely due to familial and/or peer disapproval. In my own experience, both within my own social circle and outside it, the black men I know are open to dating any women that’s attractive to them. One of my best friends was one of those types that felt black men should stick to black women, and lectured my cousin about his interracial dating in college. But in the years after college, after traveling the world while working in the music business, he changed his tune. Being exposed to different people around the country and world, and spending time talking about this and that with people in a social setting, he dates and fucks indiscriminantly. As long as he clicks with a woman and finds her attractive, it’s ON. All but one of my good friends feels this way. There will always be people of certain races that won’t have anything to do with me just on sight, but that’s their problem.

  • Anon1


    Also, I think many black dudes think they can’t pull in the south/red states but it’s not so. A lot of chics from texas and indiana love black guys! While in the northeast and the midatlantic you have alot of covert racists.

    To call white girls racist who want to date within their own race and not date black guys is complete crap. If that’s racist then everyone is utterly and entirely entitled to be racist to that degree, without the SLIGHTIST bit of apology. Absolutely entirely entitled. To claim otherwise is ridiculous.

    It’s also a transparent ploy by black males working to abuse the anti-racism efforts which whites make (but not others and certainly not blacks very often at all).

  • Gmac

    Personally I don’t really notice race as much unless they are black.

    All I see is hot ugly fat fat fat hot ugly

  • speakeasy

    As a black guy working on his game, I’ve thought through these these issues inside-out. Roosh brings up an angle that didn’t really occur to me and explains a lot. The minority of non-black girls who like black guys will pursue them much more aggressively even if 95% of their race has no interest. So this is why black guys are always going on about how Australian, Swedish, French, Russian, Japanese, etc women “just looove black guys” while white guys think they’re delusional. It all makes perfect sense now.

    Roosh concludes that this makes things even out in the end. I’m not totally sure about that though because you have to factor in that most the women aggressively pursuing black guys are usually of lower quality looks-wise in my observation(of course there’s exceptions like the Kardashians but that’s rare IRL). It’s going to take way more value, game or just plain luck for a black guy to get a white, Hispanic or Asian girl that’s a solid “8” than it will be for a white guy. Me and my black friends that are there working our game in the field, we have just had to accept the fact that we will have a much higher flake rate and go-nowhere numbers from non-black girls just due to the race factor. It’s frustrating as hell, but it is what it is I guess. I see some try to compensate by shotgun gaming outside the club “hollerin'” at every girl that walks out. I never see anything come of that. All that does in the end is just reinforce the negative stereotypes.

    Best thing for black guys gaming women of other races is be aware of the stereotypes and work against them. Demonstrating high value is much more important for us than a white guy. With a white guy who’s gaming girls outside his race, he’s already getting a lot of value just because he’s white and girls will be much more forgiving of any mistakes in his game. We don’t have that luxury so we have no choice but to be on point and be a BETTER man than a white guy in every way.

    There’s a lot of truth to that. Even amongst white men that don’t see themselves as racist, most of them would never marry a white woman that’s been with a black guy. It’s like in their mind they think she’s been defiled. I remember reading this celebrity blog back when Heidi Klum and Seal got married, and the comments were filled with racist rants from white men calling her a slut and a whore. And Seal isn’t exactly some gangsta/thug black dude! I don’t know what’s the deal with white men and why it shatters them to the core that some white women may want to date or marry a black guy.

    Girls who are aggressive PERIOD tend to be whores. The fact that it’s black guys they’re going after has nothing to do with it. And btw, I’ve known non-black women who like black guys who certainly don’t qualify as whores. Often the ones that EXCLUSIVE date black men are. I think what often happens is that if a white girl is seen with a black guy, it’s assumed that she must ONLY like black guys. I’ve seen the same shit in reverse. Black women get mad at a black guy that’s with a white girl and assumes that must be all he’s into and he must hate black women and what not. Maybe he dates all kinds of women including black. Of the white girls I’ve dated, they weren’t exclusive into black guys, they had dated white dudes before and will continue to after me, they just look at the person and don’t care. Sadly, some will consider her a whore just because she dated me and no other reason.

  • speakeasy

    @31 Anon1

    Relax dude, he wasn’t saying all white women who date only white men are racist. If you had proper reading comprehension you’d clearly see he was saying that NE people can be racist despite their view that it’s just the red states that racist and not THEM.

    And sure, while I don’t think it’s racist per se to only date your own race, you’d have to be a fool if you think none of them are racist. If your reason for not dating a member of a certain race is because you think they are inferior or below you, then yes that is racist. If it’s just an aesthetic preference or you don’t find them attractive, then that’s not racist, just personal taste.

  • Timothy

    It most definitely is NOT racist to have preferences in who you date. However, it most definitely IS racist if a man refuses to date a woman because of the race of men she’s dated before him. The definition of a racist is someone who believes another person is inferior due to the color of their skin. If a man believes a woman is somehow tainted because of men she was with before him, I’d say that’s racist.

    And it’s most definitely true that there are plenty of closet (and uncloseted) racists in the Northeast United States. Because big cities in this area of the country tend to be more racially diverse doesn’t change that. It doesn’t mean that everyone LIKES the diversity. People still are largely segregated into ethnic villages within cities, and there are many that want it that way.

    In an earlier post someone stated that blacks are “liberal.” If you mean blacks have problems with bigoted “conservatives” then I guess that’s true. It’s a silly label that doesn’t really encompass what people of color may believe in. In fact, many blacks are conservative about the very same things the prototypical conservative is (many black communities are founded in the church as well as the white religious right). But when it comes to matters of race, even white “liberals” still distance themselves from blacks, and don’t see them as peers. If you’d have a substantive conversation with a black person about certain issues, instead of making assumptions, you might be surprised where they stand on things.

  • Boston66

    Round here you can look at a girl and tell what kind of guy she hits… but then again i live in a dirty city

  • Rakishness

    @34 @35 Thank you. Don’t sleep on racism in the north.

  • Wize

    Fashion is a much bigger deal with the girls when you’re a black guy, than when you’re white.

  • Caramel Communist

    “Muthafucker, resistance is futile”- The Borg

  • InterestedParty

    Article should be retitled “Do Black guys have a Game Advantage with White/Asian chicks”. That’s really the subject.

    I would give a slight quality AND quantity advantage to White dude over “equivalent” Black dude amongst White/Asian chicks. Maaany East Asian chicks really do love White guys over everyone else(White guy has clear advantage there) AND White chicks on average are way more willing to go with a White guy, all things being equal.

    So being Black is definitely a disadvantage ON AVERAGE (you can find plenty of counter examples easily) when dealing with non-Black women I’d say. At the end of the day, it’s nowhere near what Asian men have to deal with though.

  • Timothy

    “It’s also a transparent ploy by black males working to abuse the anti-racism efforts which whites make (but not others and certainly not blacks very often at all).”

    “Abuse” anti-racism efforts which whites make? So black dudes “shame” white women into fucking them? This is laughable. This is as bad as saying any white woman that would fuck a black guy is a whore, just because she “lowered” herself into fucking black guys. First, I have no idea what “anti-racism” efforts whites make, and if such efforts ARE being made, they don’t warrant special recognition. We’re all EXPECTED to not be bigoted assholes that discriminate against people that don’t look like us. Most men wouldn’t be bothered with any woman that didn’t want to fuck them for ANY reason, and any real man wouldn’t try to shame a chick into giving him a pity fuck. You move on to someone that WANTS to give you some.

  • Anon1


    So black dudes “shame” white women into fucking them?

    Yes that’s a frequent black male ploy with lefty college etc. white girls. That alone isn’t gonna do the trick. He’s gotta have attractiveness. But it does sometimes work with leftist girls, as an important factor.

  • I Date Black

    I’m a non-black woman who dates Black guys. Why? I like they way they look. Period. I screen for ghetto behaviour and only date the non-ghetto types. However, if he is mostly non-ghetto with just a touch of ghetto – he’ll pass.

    I love long dreadlocks also if they are nicely kept up and regularly twisted.

    Black men are also more sensual and romantic than other demographics of men I’ve dated, and I’ve pretty much dated the rainbow. Not on purpose, just because the men I’ve been attracted to physically and mentally happen to have been from various countries – India, Sri Lanka, Japan, Ethiopia, Greece, Malta, and more. That’s largely because I travel a lot.

    I will probably end up marrying someone in a foreign country and moving there permanantly or semi-permanantly.

  • Anon1


    We’re all EXPECTED to not be bigoted assholes that discriminate against people that don’t look like us.

    No only whites are in the US and Europe.

    Blacks tend to have far more racial animous against whites than whites against blacks. Phrases freely thrown around such as cracker, white bread, peckerwood, honky and so on illustrate this, as does any look into black discourse about whites.

    In fact all or almost all other groups are more racist than whites are these days are. East Asians certainly are. Even among the Japanese, a small but available slice compared to the tiny black presence in Japan (outside the far south of the main islands Okinawa (where blacks are a large part of why that island whats the US military to leave)) blacks are thought of as sometimes good for sex but generally dumb and crude and kinda bestial. Yes, far more racist there too. Same pretty much in the Middle East. And South America. And so on.

  • Anon1

    Black women are 3x as likely to have the herpes virus than white women, and the agent of transmission between them is black men. So if a white girls screws lots of black men …

    Black women have most or all venerial diseases in more than than a 3x ratio compared to white women. And agent of transmission between them is black men. So a white woman who ….

    When a white woman has a child by a black man, that child becomes not mixed but black under the now enforced almost entirely by blacks only, “one drop” rule. which means that child must embrace black culture. Enforced by the white woman’s black in laws the great majority of the time, but anyway when it comes to school, and the mixed child’s black peers.

    So should white women with any options want to give their children up to black culture, with all it’s enormous success here and around the world, including Africa?

  • Anon1

    Oh and almost half of all black women have the herpes virus according to the federal Center for Disease Control – 48%. Google it up. Fact.

  • Anon1


    If a man believes a woman is somehow tainted because of men she was with before him, I’d say that’s racist.

    I’m most definitely not, as an alpha white guy, gonna have anything more to do with a white girl who has a black fetish than pump and dump her, and even then I’ll be hesitant. (Petrie dish issues.) Certainly I won’t let myself become involved w/her.

    She should stick w/her fetish,and not expect me to overlook it.

  • Anon1


    It most definitely is NOT racist to have preferences in who you date. However, it most definitely IS racist if a man refuses to date a woman because of the race of men she’s dated before him.

    So it’s not racist if a girl has a black racial preference for who she dates for thrills and taboo violation and feel like a bad sexy girl and so on, but it is racist if a white guy doesn’t want to invest any heart much less money commitment in such a girl when she wants a longer term commitment? Have i got that right?

  • Rudebwoy

    Some interesting posts and views. As a black man I tend to have a soft chameleon approach, being aggressive does not get you anywhere in life.
    I will say thank god I live in Canada which is more liberal than the USA. As for stereotypes I stay far away from them because I know people will always generalize black men to be the same.

    The biggest issue I have hooking up with non-black women is alot of them assume I am into the big booty black women as seen on TV. That is not my style at all, so I have to convince them that I like slender white women etc. For the record I do not like big women and am grossed out by cellulte.

    Yes our pool of women to choose from maybe smaller, but there are alot of women in general who are complaining that they cannot meet men. Every time I go to Starbucks I see a blind date meeting, so the only game I witness is Internet “game”. Men in general are afraid of women and approaching in public is rarely done in Toronto.

  • Timothy

    With each successive post, Anon1 outs himself as a flat-out bigot. No further discussion is necessary. It’s ridiculous to think that half of all black women have a venereal disease. Pure common sense would tell you that isn’t true. What a clown.

  • SS

    Timothy, your last statement was clownish. Google black women and herpes and don’t post again until you have your facts straight.

  • ALF

    Anon1, your logic and facts are bogus, get a life my friend.

  • Anon1


    Who gives a siite what you think? Hiding behind uneable to compete, “racist, racist, racit.”

  • James

    The things anon1 said are completely racist..

    A lot of Black men date white women because black women have too much attitude. I can understand why they do.

    Being a male in his early 20s I can honestly say most white girls do like black males and it all stems from the entertainment industry be it hip hop artist or athletes.

    Infact by the time I’m close to 40 I’m certain interacial date will not be taboo anymore.

  • Athlone McGinnis


    “So it’s not racist if a girl has a black racial preference for who she dates for thrills and taboo violation and feel like a bad sexy girl and so on, but it is racist if a white guy doesn’t want to invest any heart much less money commitment in such a girl when she wants a longer term commitment? Have i got that right?”

    I think what people are concerned about here is the negative perception that is handed on to a white/asian woman by non-black men simply for being seen with a black man. This girl doesn’t have to be anything like the example you listed, with a clearly defined “black racial preference” for “taboo thrills”-it could just be a decent black guy she knows, and there will be problems.

    That’s where guys are claiming racism. If such judgment were only shown to white girls in the scenarios you outlined(where it was clear that she only did black guys, had done many of them before and was obviously thrill seeking with less than savory characters) you’d have a point, but such judgment is shown merely upon SIGHT of a white girl with a black guy-she doesn’t have to be a repeat offender and he doesn’t have to be a thug.

    Her perception in the eyes of other men goes down simply for being seen dating a single black man, which is where the claims of racism are coming from. The criticism is stemming mainly from the man’s skin tone and comes before any other factors can be considered.

  • Nguyenimproved

    @naughty nomad

    Yes i was referring to the location-specific situation in Australia where a combination of exposure to american culture via mass media (which touts the coolness of african-americans) with the scarcity of actual blacks has created a demand.

    I agree with you that in parts of Asia, there is a lingering prejudice to Africans. So even with their rareness they are still not a hot product.

    Love your site by the way. Especially the double bj adventure in hanoi and your close shave with the african HIV chick. You’re like “Stiffler with a Passport” man. Keep it up.

    To further expand on your point, in Vietnam i know blacks have an image problem because there are a lot of africans that have overstayed visas and gotten themselves involved in crime (ex standover of businesses). So not many conservative vietnamese would want to be seen as friends with one let alone dating them.

    I would venture that the younger generation would be different though. I would also speculate that African-“AMERICANS” would be viewed in a different light. I have not seen many african-americans here but I’m positive the local population would be a lot more receptive to them because south vietnam is one of the few places on the globe where being an American and everything from the USA is seen as good (thanks again to hollywood and tv). i think you found out in your travels that, basically, if you’re an american in vietnam you can be forgiven almost anything.

    Even extra melanin (the unholiest of crimes here).

    It’s probably true that there is a contingent of japanese that go for blacks.

    From what I’ve seen of their culture they are less socially conservative than vietnamese and also have a fetish or obsession with anything outrageous (as evidenced by the crazy game shows and out-there fashions that have originated from there).

    Blacks would probably be adored for their novelty value because looks-wise there’s no races that are so dissimilar to each other as blacks and asians.

    A japanese girl would also not suffer the same social stigma as someone dating a black man in vietnam. because of the relative wealth of their country I don’t think a japanese girl with a black or african-american would be labelled a ‘gold-digger’ for example. More likely the opposite would occur.

    The japanese are also more liberal with regard to social mores as far as i can tell. A japanese girl would be unlikely to be shunned by workmates or family for dating a black.

    So about the only suffering would be done by her small vagina.

  • speakeasy

    This anon1 guy, I recognize the type. They love to hang out on HBD sites like half-sigma and circle jerk all day about IQ scores, AIDS rates and how blacks are the scum of the earth and how much better the world would be if Obama were gone we had a libertarian economy. These types sometimes bleed over into game forums via Roissy.

    It’s obvious this guy has a lot of racial resentment bottled up in him and is looking for a captive audience to vomit it up on. He might also want to know that Russia has a high rate of STDs. About a quarter of all Russian have genital herpes. So maybe he should also avoid Russian women or any woman that had dated a Russian man…by his logic. But who wants to be he wouldn’t.

  • speakeasy


    I get a little tired of this “Africans causing crime in Asia”. People need to stop talking about Africa like it’s a country when it’s a continent. These “criminals” Asians speak of are by and large Nigerians and it is a country that is involved in a lot of scams and organized crimes abroad. Because Nigerians are behaving this way is no reflection on people in Zimbabwe, Mali or Angola. So why don’t we just call them what they are, Nigerians – and stop referring to them as “Africans.” Just like it would be unfair to label all Europeans from Finland to Portugal as criminals because of the Italian mafia.

  • Nguyenimproved

    @johnny mac.

    Thanks for that link. geez man that guy is hardcore. love the story of how he slept in his office m-f so he could hit the bar areas every night to improve his game cos he lived 5 hours away.
    talk about sacrifice.


    hey man, you sound like a cool guy. don’t let these antagonistic bums get to you.
    i have a feeling most ‘racists’ are just reacting against the typical ‘black stereotypes’. there’s people that don’t like blacks as a default position but if they meet a cool black guy they think differently.
    and if not they’re not really worth the time of day dude.

    By the way, I’m really surprised no one has touched on an often-neglected racial stereotype problem.

    What’s with the lack of eskimos in the pua community?

  • Nguyenimproved


    you’re right. sorry man.
    I sometimes fall in that trap.
    It’s no defence but it’s hard to figure out what specific nationality these people are because the locals here just refer to them as ‘Africans’.

  • RedTie

    The “thug game” issue here is way over blown, get a grip. Black guys aren’t going up to non-black women spitting “thug game”, the fraction that might be are so minimal I hardly think it warrants any sort of intimate discussion. And for those giving out “advice” about how black men should approach non-black women you’re speaking to the converted here, how many “thug” black dudes do you know are reading Roosh right now from their bootleg internet connection, “damn son, that nigger Roosh be spitting that tight game Yo!” – bitch please. Most thug black dudes don’t have access to non-black women and those that do will realise “wadup shorty” game isn’t going to fly. Quite frankly some of the commenters here just sound sheltered, its quite telling that the first meme that people jumped on straight away was the thug issue. If you live in a white washed suburban outpost and have no regular contact with black folks your views on this are basically worthless since stereotypes are the only source reference you have. If you are in regular contact with black folks you would realise most of us aren’t ghetto or thug, smh. ($0.02)

  • virlge kent

    You tackled this topic perfectly sticking to facts and points about game and the matter of supply and demand. Other people would try to narrow it and make it one is better than the other. With our own personal relationship though it’s easy how two guys who work together as a team can use the advantages of the others race to maximize their social proof while at the same time minimizing their own negatives.

    Basically you can snow ball this post and tell guys that if they want to maximize their potential to get more women and different types of women they should roll in a diverse mixed group. Regardless what your preference is. If you’re a white guy that likes only white girls that’s fine but if that white girl is with a mixed group herself or has friends that like different races then you’ll have a better chance if your wing or group of friends are mixed themselves.

    That’s why it felt like hanging with you, rookie and myself was straight Voltron.

  • Superman

    Being a black guy that has experienced and been thinking about this myself, I don’t think anyone has ever put it so eloquently as Roosh just did.

    In my experiences, the girls that I’ve been able to get dates with have had a think for black guys and it was almost easy.

  • A.nonny.mous

    Anon1 is just expressing his natural, and many non-black men’s secretly natural feelings on the issue.

    What’s more, Timothy is being a typical black double standardist. He ignores the rampant racism black liberals have, and forgives non-black women for seeking out black men for “thrills” while attacking white men for having the same feelings as the former and not ignoring the cuckholding nature fo the latter.

    I don’t know if Anon1’s stats are correct; he needs to link to them. But if you’re dumb enough not to notice the whorish nature of all women who like black men, you probably think Obama is a genius and that Castro is a hero.

  • A.nonny.mous

    PS just because “blacks go to church” doesn’t mean their conservative in the leats bit. Black churches run on liberation theology, which is basically “whatever the left wing of the Democratic Party says” mixed in with extreme victimiztion and celebration whenever whtie people are hurt.

    Black Churches function as Tammany Halls, where a few powerful, corrupt figures use the church to steal the money from the masses all the while blaming evil whitey for their problems.

    Or don’t you wonder how Al Sharpton affords those thousand-dollar suits?

  • Anon1

    Timothy (the stupid)—

    It’s ridiculous to think that half of all black women have a venereal disease. Pure common sense would tell you that isn’t true. What a clown.

    You can issue you apology now, dumb twit, who can’t google to save his life:

    Black women had the highest rate of infection at 48 percent and women were nearly twice likely as men to be infected, according to an analysis by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

  • wolfen

    white woman who prefer black man are generally very sub par,they prefer black man because thats who will give the attention,its human nature to be attracted to who wants to fuck u

  • A.nonny.mous

    Tim, the black apologist racist, gets owned.

    Nice job, Anon1. Nice job.

  • dick goodnuts

    @wolfen You sound very bitter! How many black men have plugged the girls you wanted? Step your game up and worry less about your competition!

  • Anon1

    Girls who go black can stay black. They’re blackballed by most white men who aren’t mangina whimpy lefties who aren’t in the hot girl game anyway, as sluts and whores and should be.

    Black males on the other hand sometimes kill white guys who get with especially pretty black girls. There was such an incident at the Camp Pendelton military base not so long ago.

    But of course that wasn’t racist or a race hate crime because they’re blacks.

  • A.nonny.mous

    Step your game up and worry less about your competition!

    Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!

  • Boston66

    white girls that like black guys want an alpha they cant get in white guys

  • Wize

    I know a bunch of white women, who’ve slept with black guys on the low, because of the perception of being viewed as whores. I think a whore is a girl who just like sleeping with men, I don’t think race really matters.

    And for the record, two times in my life I’ve seen a woman “negotiating a train” once at a club, and once in college, both times it was one white woman and a whole bunch of white men.

    A whore is a whore wherever you go. But I do know that a lot of older white men, are still very uncomfortable about knowing that a white woman had sex with 1 black guy, and that came from slavery. Sometimes, we forget that white people got their minds screwed up from slavery just like black people did. I know a guy who said he thought Bree Olsen was a “goddess” until he saw her screw a black guy, he said he’s never been able to view her the same ever since. Now she’s just a “whore.”

  • julian

    i agree with whoever said above that race is just like any other barrier. height, money, looks, etc.

    for black guys i recommend CONTRAST game. enough said. most either don’t want to do it or it’s outside their comfort zone.

    basically, every single stereotype about your race that is a negative must be squashed with the quickness.

    low iq stereotype ? get yourself to the bookstore and read the classics and polish up on languages and subjects that reflect a deeper engagement with the world. this works in your favor because if a white dude quotes tolstoy or some A+ philosopher, he’s just a nerd, if a black guy does it he’s “hip or deep”.

    ghetto in his clothing choices stereotype ? get rid of anything that screams hip-hop apparel and start polishing your fashion game with custom suits and sartorially on point attire.

    ghetto in his speech stereotype ? speak like a well bred and educated man at all times. again when a white dude does this no one blinks. when a black dude speaks like someone who has a harvard phd in english everyone takes notice and women of all races will swoon.

    all cultural choices must be black stereotype ? diversify your cultural portfolio. get hip to some rock music, classical, hipster music, whatever. doesn’t mean you still dont listen to wu tang or stevie, it just means you DIVERSIFY. again if you tell some chick that you have been listening to th newest radiohead or you went to the new new japanese art exhibit at the moma and you are black you score major points, whereas if a white man does this, he’s just an elitist.

    frankly there are tons of ways that black men can use all the negative stereotypes and reverse them into a positive. that said, frankly most of the black men i have known or met simply do not want to do this and see all that stuff as either “lame” or it somehow doesn’t jive with their identities. frankly i just think it’s ego. btw there are 2 black guys i know who use this kind of contrast game and they clean up with women of all races and social classes and they do so in quality as well as quantity. both of them are artists so they have also have access to a lot of high class white poon which helps. he.

  • RedTie

    This is thread is predictably going down the gutter of race baiting….and Roosh can you take my comment out of moderation.

  • speakeasy

    Seriously, it’s laughable that this discussion is now becoming a referendum on black women with herpes. One in six white women also has herpes. If you’re on a game blog in the first place, I assume your goal is to sleep with a lot of women or you wouldn’t be here. So if you’ve fucked 6 white women in your entire life(and some of you guys run through 6 in a month), statistically you’ve exposed yourself to herpes. So seriously, shut the fuck up with the herpes talk. If you’re that scared shitless about it, then you shouldn’t be into PUA in the first place. Throw in the towel and go find some virgin to marry.

    To the two anon people, go post your bullshit on Stormfront, you’ll find many kindred spirits there. This is why discussing any racial issue is often banned on user forums. It usually starts off as informative but by the end of the day, every god damn bigot(always white males every time) with an agenda comes out of the woodwork.

  • Anonymous

    A.nonny.mous = Anon1 < 150lb weaklings

    not saying you don't have a point but i think you're confusing this with roissy's blog.

    also, Timothy – dude you analyze too much and are too freaking verbose. tone it down.

  • Shawn

    Asian & Indian guys hook-up with Black women. Problem solved.

    Read the classic “Is Race Colorblind?” by Steve Sailer

  • d

    There is a lot of beta type sophistry going on here. A lot of guys with madonna / whore complexes.

    Why cant guys accep the fact that that like men, women are and can be attracted to a range of men – often of a different race than themselves ?

    To assume that a person is only and can only be attracted to their own race absurd. I have seen attracted people of all races and given the opportunity would fuck them all. This goes for men as well as women.

    For those who know, interacial dating/sex is rampant. Although actual “marriage” is not. Hooking up is.

    The only thing that prevents more interacial sex is the social opprobrium – Not- the lack of attraction.

    With the all these betas talking about how they will look down on a white or asian if she has a black in her sexual past ( as if they would really know anyway), it is no wonder women have complexes about sex. White women and many asian woen know this and may decline dating a black guy – no due to lack of attraction/desire but due to the fact that they know this may jeopardize their ability to secure a beta provider down the line.

    Stop the beta madness.

  • A Equals A

    “Black males on the other hand sometimes kill white guys who get with especially pretty black girls. There was such an incident at the Camp Pendelton military base not so long ago.”

    One isolated incident to go by? LOL what about all those many instances where whites (for example in the pre-1960’s) would kill blacks for even so much as whistling at a white woman.

  • Roosh

    Anon1 has been banned.

    Sadly it’s impossible to see a discussion about black-related issues on the internet without some white guy bringing up the herpes rates in black women.

  • speakeasy


    “But if you’re dumb enough not to notice the whorish nature of all women who like black men, you probably think Obama is a genius and that Castro is a hero.”

    I’ll say it once more. The flaw in this thinking is that every time you see a white woman with a black guy, people automatically assume that ALL she likes are black guys or that she “chases” black guys. The funny thing is they don’t do this if she’s with any other race. If I see a white woman with an Asian or Hispanic guy, they never say, “she’s a whore, all she likes are Asian or Hispanic guys”. It’s like white males have such a superiority complex and fear of black males, that they have to rationalize the woman into being a whore just deal with the cognitive dissonance of seeing one of his women choose a black man over a white man. They have to then rationalize it further by saying “well those are just the ones that we don’t want, blah blah.” They can’t just fuckin’ say “hey here’s two people that like each other, cool, no worries.” White men have had paranoia issues going back centuries now regarding black men and white women, why else were black men lynched just for talking to them if they didn’t feel a threat that we’d fuck their women? I think the reason for this is because white men know that black men are generally at the top in masculinity, physique, sexuality and more likely to have alpha personality traits. You see the same kind of resentment with Asian men. Asian men who are less masculine and alpha than white men try to shame Asian women as whores and throwaways who date white men, but this is really just an attempt to scare Asian women away from white men because the more masculine white men represent a competitive threat in the market for their women, a market they want EXCLUSIVE rights to. It’s the same shit.

  • Solo

    Dang this blew up, I agree with Red Tie’s comments (#61) the average brother who reads Roosh’s blog probably doesnt fit the “thug” mold, thugs can’t read lol

    This something the community rarely talks about because quite frankly it caters more towards asian/white dudes. Its one of those things I talked about in my recent blog “the blond bombshell” truth of the matter is, if you got your shit on lock, dress fly, educate yourself in currents events and just in general, become a man of interest race isn’t an issue because the tier/quality of women your meeting a gonna graviate to you regradless of race. Chicks dig Alpha’s black or white, it’s a fact

  • I Date Black

    1. Anon1’s point about non-white people being perhaps MORE racist than whites is something that does strike a chord with me since I travel the globe alot and white people everywhere tend to be more “open” and “liberal” and “politically correct” than Asians and other “people of color”. However because white people are seen as “holding power” in the world, the racism of people-of-color is considered harmless because they “hold no power” to affect the “White Man” anyway.

    2. Many non-black women like myself don’t date Black men because of a fetish. We date them because they are one of many types of men that we date.

    I am not opposed to dating any ethnicity of man as long as I find him attractive.

  • A.nonny.mous

    The flaw in this thinking is that every time you see a white woman with a black guy, people automatically assume that ALL she likes are black guys or that she “chases” black guys. The funny thing is they don’t do this if she’s with any other race.

    —because a large percentage of non-black women who date black men have a fetish for them; not so if they date non-black men who aren’t of their race. There’s a reason why the stereotype of “jungle fever” came about for women but there isn’t one for “yellow fever” or “latin fever.”

    They can’t just fuckin’ say “hey here’s two people that like each other, cool, no worries.”

    —-because when non-black women hit up black men, the usual case is she’s a woman who likes the black man because he’s a stereotype of a black man.

  • A.nonny.mous

    2. Many non-black women like myself don’t date Black men because of a fetish. We date them because they are one of many types of men that we date.

    —I Date Black, you’re trying to argue this, but yet you’ve also said that what you find attractive in a black guy si if he acts “a little ghetto”—i.e. if he acts like a black stereotype. Hence, you ARE into black men BECAUSE they are black.

  • I Date Black

    A.nonny.mous, I NEVER said that what I find attractive in a black guy is if he acts a little ghetto. I am not attracted to ghetto. Scroll up, re-read the comment and then get back to me, yo.

  • A.nonny.mous

    with just a touch of ghetto – he’ll pass.

    Fair enough, I Date Black, I misread you. I apologize. I was wrong on that.

    Still, I think even you would agree that you’re an outlier on the types of women who date black men. The left-wing dream of ignoring color, hwoever,f ails again here—because you note yourself a “pattern” when black men love you…they are more sensual, etc.

  • Nguyenimproved

    yes i think she’s the minority.
    most everyone i know has a strong preference to who their ideal date is in terms of race. be it for size reasons or other logistics. or special fetishes. one or another race is most likely to accomodate those preferences.

    for example, an asian guy like me might like the facial features of scandinavian girls. but from experience i found my vietnamese wiener became the proverbial ‘sausage in the open window’. for that reason i prefer asian women. (ie they can actually FEEL my penis).

    if for example you like women WITH asses as opposed to WITHOUT asses, you might go for another race.

    On the occasions that you do date outside this ‘Strongly Preferred’ Race, it will be most likely because the woman of that other race has the attributes of your ‘Strongly Preferred’ Race.

    For example the few white or hispanic women I would be attracted to would most likely have the features that I find attractive in Asian women.
    (tight pussy, tiny eyes, bad driving, etc)

    another point which roosh mentioned in an earlier piece about living with his father not being a hindrance and even helping spur on the relative quickness of sexual encounters may explain why women who are into blacks are quicker and more demonstrative about showing their affections for blacks:

    Aside from the blacks’ reputations as base sex-machines etc most women normally don’t see any provider potential in blacks because of their relatively poor education/ income levels as a race. Hence why not just get dtf earlier in the piece.

    This would explain both their over-eagerness and also the quality.

    Cam on nhieu.

  • Nguyenimproved

    good ‘mass-debate’ topic btw mr roosh.

    it’s amazing that one of the few places where you can get a debate of this intellectual calibre going is on a site about picking up trollops.

    i mean i saw the word ‘opprobrium’ and ‘sophistry’ used in the one post. that’s amazing. i’m sorry to admit it gave the asian nerd in me a boner.

    i wonder if serious sites about race and politics garner this level of quality contributor.

    cam on

  • Deebow


    Although these posts can get off topic and lead to an explosion of bigotry, I believe that it is important to discuss these things. Thanks for bringing up this topic. Although it has been controversial as ever, it has helped many on this forum.

    I Date Black, great comments. I tend to believe that there are a very small percentage of women who date black men just to get close to the stereotype. That being said, you see this all over the world. How many times have you seen the hot latina who will date any white guy no matter how old and near death he is. There are other women who just love white guys because they are white. To me whatever your pleasure, the point of this forum is to determine whether black guys have better game than whites or is it a wash. I’ll say this, anyone who opens themselves up to dating a variety of other races has the potential to develop better game in my opinion. This is because they have the best opportunity to develop well rounded game through the variety of experience that they will get. White guys are more likely to travel overseas and meet these women but black guys are more likely to date outside of their race. It may in fact be a wash.

  • speakeasy


    “—because a large percentage of non-black women who date black men have a fetish for them; not so if they date non-black men who aren’t of their race.”

    Look dude, I don’t know what part of the country you live in, maybe this is the case in your neck of the woods. I can only speak from the perspective of how things where I live. I have dated women outside of my race. I also know many women who have dated or fucked a black guy at some point. Even the women I know that actually dig black guys aren’t exclusively into them and are open to any kind of guy that has the right traits. For about half a year I was messing with a Filipina girl who had a strong preference for black guys, but when I asked her the deal on her preferences, even she admitted that she’s willing to date guys who aren’t black. I know a girl from El Salvador who was always really into black guys, but half the dudes she dated were white and she’s now married to a white guy. I know a married white woman who was coming on to me strong. I could’ve nailed her but if I wanted but I stay away from married women. I heard from her friend that she has thing for black guys yet to my knowledge she is married to a white guy. So from my life experience, shit is more complex than you are making it out to be. I rarely encounter the woman that ONLY fucks black dudes(unless they are black women). Even the ones that really dig brothas still date other types of men including from their own race. Most will go for any dude they happen to like and if it’s a brotha then so be it.

  • A.nonny.mous

    @92 speakeasy:

    “Fetish” is not “exclusivity,” moron. It’s a preference.

    a Filipina girl who had a strong preference for black guys

    know a girl from El Salvador who was always really into black guys

    I heard from her friend that she has thing for black guys

    So you agree: in your own assessment, women who date black men have a fetish for them. Thank you for not disagreeing with me, while pretending to.

    By the way, lol at the poor saps who married the El Salvadorian girl and the white women. Such pathetic, cuckholded putzes.

  • Anonymous

    who’s up for getting A.nonny.mous banned?

  • Nguyenimproved

    come on just because someone has an opposing viewpoint is no reason to ban them.

    i’m not a big believer in censorshi*.

    it’s all about the push and pull, yin and yang, black and yellow.

  • speakeasy

    @94 – I’m sure he’ll be banned by the end of today.

    ““Fetish” is not “exclusivity,” moron. It’s a preference.”

    And a preference is not a fetish either, cretin. No matter what I say to you, it flies over your head so I’m done wasting time with you. Why don’t you move to Siberia. You can rest assured that very few women there have fucked black guys. You’ll be a very happy man.

    Wouldn’t it be awesome if this guy’s karma caused his daughter to end up marrying a black guy, lol.

  • mr t

    Typical that this thread “blew up.”

    Anytime race gets brought up (and especially blacks), the topic always veers off into some stormfront shit.

    The main thing holding a lot of black guys back is that their default game is “holla” style game. They use it on every women, regardless race. “Holla” game really only works on black women and ghetto latina chicks, so their shit falls flat when they use it on white chicks.

    Still, too many dudes on here (and especially on the RooshV forum) try to use the “race factor” as an excuse for their weak ass game or poor looks. That is beta shit. Like I said before, race is only one factor, so focusing on it exclusively is a bit stupid. Work on the shit you can change and forget about the shit you can’t.

  • Timothy

    As I thought, Anon1 cherry-picked a number out of an article, without actually comprehending what he was reading. Here are the first two paragraphs of the quoted article, and tell me if this says that half of ALL black women are infected with herpes:

    “WASHINGTON, March 9 (Reuters) – About 16 percent of Americans between the ages of 14 and 49 are infected with genital herpes, making it one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases, U.S. health officials said on Tuesday.

    Black women had the highest rate of infection at 48 percent and women were nearly twice likely as men to be infected, according to an analysis by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.”

    First, common sense would tell you that the CDC wouldn’t know, or have access to the medical records of ALL Americans. And we don’t know how or where the numbers they studied were compiled. Even with these numbers, it’s ABOUT 16% of Americans in a certain age group. So before someone says I got owned, learn how to read for comprehension. The rest of the article follows:

    “About 21 percent of women were infected with genital herpes, compared to only 11.5 percent of men, while 39 percent of blacks were infected compared to about 12 percent for whites, the CDC said.

    There is no cure for genital herpes, or herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2), which can cause recurrent and painful genital sores and also increases the likelihood of acquiring and transmitting the AIDS virus. It is related to herpes simplex virus 1, or oral herpes, which causes cold sores.

    Several drugs are available to treat herpes symptoms and outbreaks, including acyclovir, which is available generically or under the Zovirax brand name, and valacyclovir, known generically as Valtrex — both made by GlaxoSmithKline PLC (GSK.L). Ganciclovir, sold as Zirgan, is made by privately-held Sirion Therapeutics, Inc.

    The CDC estimates that more than 80 percent of people with genital herpes do not know they are infected.

    “The message is herpes is quite common. The symptoms can be often very innocuous,” Dr. John Douglas of the CDC said in a teleconference.

    “Because herpes is so prevalent it becomes … a really important reason to use condoms on a consistent and correct basis with all of your partners,” Douglas said.

    Douglas said the increased rate of infection in blacks is not do to increased risk behavior but likely due to biological factors that make women more susceptible as well as the higher rate of infection within black communities.

    The CDC estimates that there are 19 million new sexually transmitted disease infections every year in the United States, costing the health care
    system about $16 billion annually.”

    I hope this clarifies…

  • I Date Black

    Regarding my comment about Black men being more romantic or sensual, since I travel alot and date a wide variety of ethnicities I do notice some general differences in approach to dating and how these men treat women.

    I am definitely not attracted to the Black Male Stereotype which is a man of excessive aggression, hyper-sexuality and ghetto behaviour.

    I don’t date those types of Black guys.

    What I find attractive in Black men is that they have great muscle tone and physical fitness and they look younger than their years – “black don’t crack”.

    Many Black men in their 50s can pass for 30s and in their 30s they get carded when ordering fine wine.

    Youthful looks and fitness combined with refinement of character and behaviour make a great combo in any man.

    I also like the “corporate dread” look. I well dressed and well groomed Black man with finely twisted dreadlocks.

    I could also tell you what I like about Greek men or Morrocan men or Maltese men or Persian men or Indian men or Japanese men or Finnish men, or Somalian men, but the topic here is Black American men so I’m putting in my 50 cent about them.

  • choichoi

    4 dufu:

    Yeah you make a really good point about using a different manner of game with black girls than white girls. If you’re black, you can’t be too straight forward with white girls, in other words, you can’t really “spit” at them like you do with black chicks.
    You have to appear none threatening, and “different” if you wanna stand out.
    I usually make it a point to get it out early in the interaction that I’m college educated and multilingual, so I can show the chick I’m not some baby-mamma jugglin, mite go to community college, neva-been nowhere nikka.
    I alsolook like a halfie (white/black)so, I think that helps somewhat.

  • Solo

    Mr. T is on point, the “becky” that you see from the burbs that “Yo, Yo Ma let me holla @ you game” won’t work. With Ghetto White Chicks sure but not the chick you see working that coporate job or in the burbs it wont work, unless she is into that hood type.

  • A.nonny.mous


    Wow, you pee all over yourself. You agree with me, then try to pretend you didn’t,a nd when its exposed what a moron you are, you run away with a lame comeback.


  • Dr. Grzlickson

    “Many Black men in their 50s can pass for 30s and in their 30s they get carded when ordering fine wine.”

    Thunderbird is not “fine wine”.

  • whorefinder

    Roosh, how do you attract these dumb darkies?

    First, I Date Blacks: who doesn’t think this is a fat, hippie chick with a womyn’s studies major and an Obama bumper sticker? Good luck “making it ina foreign culture” with your feminism degree.

    Second, black guys playing the “oh, I’m super-intelligent, let me ‘drop’ some big words and sophistication on you” are just as cliche as a gangsta type. Such overcompensation, its cheesy. Just act like a white frat guy.

    Third, Timmay! I love Timothy @ 98. He can’t step to the statistic, so he attemps the negro-esque “deconstruction” only to fail at it. Face it, Timmay—

    1 out of ever 2 black women between the ages of 14-49 has herpes.


    They’re easy whores!

  • whorefinder

    @Dr. Grzlickson

    LOL! Winning!

  • I Date Black

    1. Too young to be a hippie.
    2. Never voted.
    3. Don’t own a car right now, ergo, no bumper stickers.
    4. Feminism? I’ll have to think about that.

  • Mackroyal44

    Has anybody clicked on whorefinders link and seen the racist crap on his site. Roosh this dude got do go.

  • whorefinder

    Has anybody clicked on whorefinders link and seen the racist crap on his site

    Oh noes, racism! That isn’t against white people! Oh noes!

  • Timothy

    And Whorefinder isn’t any better at reading comprehension than his fellow Klansmen!

  • speakeasy


    Remember that guy George Sodini? That racist, sexually frustrated Omega male that shot up that gym full of women in Pennsylvania? He’s the poster child of these “anon” guys you see on game forums. Read this quote from Sodini and tell me if you can see the difference between him and the anon posters:

    “Planned to do this in the summer but figure to stick around to see the election outcome. This particular one got so much attention and I was just curious. Not like I give a flying fcuk who won, since this exit plan was already planned. Good luck to Obama! He will be successful. The liberal media LOVES him. Amerika has chosen The Black Man. Good! In light of this I got ideas outside of Obama’s plans for the economy and such. Here it is: Every black man should get a young white girl hoe to hone up on. Kinda a reverse indentured servitude thing. Long ago, many a older white male landowner had a young Negro wench girl for his desires. Bout’ time tables are turned on that shit. Besides, dem young white hoez dig da bruthrs! LOL. More so than they dig the white dudes! Every daddy know when he sends his little girl to college, she be bangin a bruthr real good. I saw it. “Not my little girl”, daddy says! (Yeah right!!) Black dudes have thier choice of best white hoez. You do the math, there are enough young white so all the brothers can each have one for 3 or 6 months or so.”

    Pathetic ain’t it? Rather than getting their own shit together, they are worried about who someone else is banging.

  • Timothy

    Let me pose the question this way – since a high number of interracial unions are black male/white female, would you say that these women “fetishize” black men to such an extent that they marry and start families with them?

    How about white males? They’ve been accused of having the Asian “fetish.” Is this a straight-up Geisha fantasy, or are they simply attracted to Asian women for cultural reasons? It’s one thing to fuck around with someone of a different race out of some form of curiosity or plain carnal lust, but it’s a whole different animal to enter into an LTR or marriage…

  • Interested

    @110. the predominant number of interracial marriages are not bm/wf…but white male/asian female. Misinformation hurts everyone. look at government statistics for 2010. In fact, wm/af is almost twice as much as bm/wf.

    Everyone in society would be better off if we all did more research on issues rather that rely on hearsay. I know you didn’t say “most” interracial marriages, but i felt it necessary to point it out anyway.

  • Timothy

    @111 Interested…thanks for the info. But as you noted, I didn’t say most were bm/wf. I just know from my own experience, I see a lot of bm/wf and wm/af. For the purposes of my question to the group, the exact figures aren’t relevant. I’m interested in knowing what the group believes is behind these unions, since throughout this discussion many believe bm/wf couples are the result of fetishes on the part of white females. Read some of the posts to get an idea of where the discussion was going…

  • Irony

    It’s kinda of funny that this is a “game” blog and yet the concept of game was discovered by “black pimps.” It’s kind of ironic that so many guys who’ve benefited from game, hate the race of the people that the whole idea came from.

    It’s like having a “We hate Christopher Columbus” Day.

  • Anonymous

    Do black guys have a game advantage…. somehow, the replies have gotten off on a tangent.

    I would say yes if the girl prefers them simply put…. For example…. I can walk into any strip club, massage parlour or heck see the streetwalkers/escorts and a high percentage will dig black boys over anybody else…. Yet, if I walk into a bigtime lawyers office with a lot of employees you will see a stark contrast.

    So, black boys do have an advantage in certain crowds and groups (don’t hate on me for using the sex industry) used one example of many…. and don’t for others. (in the hairband 80s days, this was the look these gals went for)….

    Gaming women who are open to your look is what I would concentrate on. Why bother with humiliation or embarrassment when gaming chicks where you have a slim chance of getting anyhow….

  • Irony


    Passive aggressive much?

  • Bortimus

    How would you like to go black and then have to make a difficult decision regarding whether or not to go back?

  • Solo

    @Speakeasy(110) there lot of frustrated homosexuals who post on game forums, a lot of them are fronting on how successful they are but if they were why so angry?

    The truth is a lot of commentators who read blogs aren’t getting laid, they live vicariously through their favorite blogger!

  • A.nonny.mous

    @Irony: Game wasn’t invented by black pimps, or any pimps. Pimps come in 2 varieties:

    1) the street pimps often romanticized about by rappers, but far from the truth. these guys seek out very emotionally damaged girls—molested girls/raped girls, and basically sue that molestation/rape to control them and force them into sex slavery.

    2) usual pimps/madams—ladies and men just in it for business, who set up the logistics and pay off the cops. Their relationship with the girls is strictly employer/employee, although some use violence.

    You’re mistaking some kind of “smooth player” stereotype with a pimp. It’s a common mistake, given the way modern pop music conflates the two, but “black pimps” (or “pimps”, since they come in all colors) are not players in the least bit.

  • Athlone McGinnis


    Actually, dude, it can be argued that a lot of the basic concepts that came to form the core foundation of the PUA/Game world did originate or were first clearly articulated in the urban community, specifically from black pimps. It is how they kept girls in line.

    They certainly weren’t the first or the only people to practice “game” before it became game, but they’re definitely among the more prominent examples and influences. A lot of modern PUA has roots there.

  • A Equals A

    Heres my opinion: I am a black guy in my mid twenties. I’ve been clubbing countless times and have had many interactions with women of different races. I’ve dated asian and white girls.

    In my opinion, black guys are most successful with “Will Smith” game.

    What is “Will Smith” game? Basically you are focused on being aloof, non-threatening, sarcastically funny, and having a refined sense of style. Alot of black guys have a great height advantage so that naturally helps the image.

    Will Smith is perhaps the best and most well known example of those personality traits in a black guy, which is why I named it after him. People basically view him as a “safe, fun” black guy. A guy with broad appeal.

    You could for example when holding court with a girl, playfully poke fun at ghetto stereotypes (she will probably have them in the beginning) with sarcasm. She will see it as a sign of intelligence, contrarianism and refinement.

    I’ve been most successful with “will smith” game. Black guys who focus on those traits and change the frame away from “ghetto” or “dangerous” will be successful with all types of women and get more pussy than they can handle.

  • Interested

    I reached the conclusion long ago, that no real productive discussion will occur on issues that have to do with African Americans, over the internet. This is off topic I know.

    As I read through the comments people are just so full of generalizations and stereotypes about who and what African American men are. “a lot of black guys have a great height advantage..”? Really? You base your opinion on what? The NBA? The NCAA?

    “Game was invented by black pimps.”? What? Really?

    I’m a mathematics major, so maybe that’s the reason generalizations drive me crazy.

    The reason negative stereotypes about blacks are so prevalent among whites and other non-blacks is because most of those individuals don’t know any black people. they never had and black friends so they base all their opinions on the biased media.

    Relating this back to game…there is no way black guys have any advantage in game, especially not in America. In my experience a non-black woman will take the average white male by default before she would even consider the average black male.

  • DC

    As a black guy who’s dated quite a few girls from different races and ethnic groups, I just want to say that Roosh is absolutely, 100% right about this from my experience.

    Overall, if you’re a black guy running game on non-black girls, you can expect to have a lower success rate than a guy of the girls’ same race. However, there are a minority of girls who are more interested in dating a black guy for whatever reason, and their eagerness tends to make up for the lower success rate on the approach.

    I also have a white friend who prefers black women. The same is true for him. More black girls seem disinterested in his approach right from the beginning than they would for me. When he does finds one that is open to it though, things progress at a much faster rate than they normally would for me and a black girl because she’s so into him.

    In the end though, I also agree it doesn’t really matter. For me, consistently getting girls takes a good deal of work, regardless of the type of girls I’m approaching.

  • james

    It’s called a large cock. Fortunately (for Whites), their brains are proportionately smaller. I’m not spouting, it’s just fact.

  • Nguyenimproved

    i knew a ugandan guy who looked like a fuckin gorilla/ that green crazy ape-guy from streetfighter and had a massive scar across his eye and face. yet he disarmed women by sarcastically referring to his ‘sloping forehead’ and other comments that showed he wasnt above poking fun at black stereotypes and also had a sense of humour. i guess thats what the will smith guy was referring to.

    this guy didnt change his surname to a household white name though.

    i think it was mugerwa. he ended up marrying some ultra-rich ass skinny blonde bitch.

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  • I Date Black

    “It’s called a large cock.”

    James, as a woman who’s dated plenty of Black men, that’s an urban myth. Not all of them have big ones. In fact, many don’t. But when they do – they really do.

  • Roosh

    I Date Black: Height and weight measurements?

  • I Date Black

    You’ve got to be kidding me. I never weighed or measured a penis. That’s just bizarre.

  • I Date Black
  • chic noir

    wise And for the record, two times in my life I’ve seen a woman “negotiating a train” once at a club, and once in college, both times it was one white woman and a whole bunch of white men.


    *chic noir dead faints*

    how in the hell does a woman negotiate such a thing? will you please explain the conversation to me play by play. I’m so disgusted but I just can’t understand how any woman can do such.

  • chic noir

    I Date Black: Height and weight measurements?

    when did you have this turn around? I recall you saying you didn’t like dark meat. Was it a video girl who changed your mind?

  • GasButtox

    chic noirbuttox,

    Detox my Buttox.

    Now quit talksin’ and start detoxin’..


  • I Date Black

    Roosh is sweatin’ dark man meat now?

    Awwww HELL NO!!!

    Mocha was made for ME!

    (although I do like Persians and Arabs too – but if Roosh is switchin’ sides……)

  • Alpha Mofo

    Roosh’s original assessment was pretty spot on in my opinion.

    As for you fools talking about black fetish really does depend. There are girls with that wild, thug, danger element fetish, but they outgrow that shit fast as they realize that the whole thug/gangsta shit is usually an act simply mimiking other non thug rap artists with PHD’s in marketing an image.

    There will be normal girls of all backgrounds who like men of different races. I’m comfortable with that. What gets me is the fools you meet that really think life’s like the free porn clips they spend their lonely Fridays beating off to. You know the white MILFS + Black lovers, the same all Hispanics are illegals or in gangs, all blacks are gangsters, all white guys have been religated to faggy hipsters (if not then they must be rednecks) and finally that all asians are genius nerds etc etc.

    Just when people wanted to think we are moving forward we step back several years with more stereotypes than ever before..Thank you internet and MTV.

  • Meng

    wow, blacks invented game?

    Just like blacks invented the repeating firearm, Luxury European sports sedans, overpriced designer clothing and alcohol brands and all other things blacks rap about?

    no wait…

    black people never invented shit lol.

  • Alpha Mofo

    @ DC – I am not that into black chicks but the one’s that I have approached have been very receptive to me in most cases. Of course there is the rare bitch that you will find in any group, but on average, when black girls see an athletic and confident white guy who isn’t afraid to step up and start talking they are very interested.

    At a few of the others – Of the black girls I have hooked up with/gamed on, many have told me that the “brothers” will hate on them. I know that they might often hold back but I feel the looks and see the whispers, nudges etc when I am leaving a club with a good looking black girl. I want to point out though, that some of this is just normal behaviour. In other words it’s not just a black and white thing, an aplha of any background could be jealous of a dude taking out the most attractive females from his equation..this might be a little more enhanced if that female is of a similar background to you. It’s almost tribal to sort of keep and eye on your flock so to speak. Some guys take it further than others, but its in a lot more guys than admit it.

  • Meng

    Wow perhaps it needs explaining in the most snide, cold, calculated and offensive way possible just so you can see what a sick fuck i am, but also how right i am. People are confusing personal preference with racism. If it’s a womans perogative to fuck whoever she wants for whatever reason she wants these days, then it is surely a mans preogative to commit to anyone he wants on any basis he likes. As far as i see it a woman has two functions in life.

    A:Look and act good/right to attract the right guy.


    B: Fuck and keep the right guy(s)

    I have to say that given that a woman is pursuing a relationship with me, I consider it highly suspect if she has had past sexual relationships with members from a considerably less educated, more criminalistic, less intelligent, less physically attractive(from my point of view) section of society. I’m personally not attracted to blacks(black women) and it is perfectly acceptable for me to consider someone who is as dysfunctional for the purposes of a relationship with me. I’m attracted to asian, latin and middle eastern women so it would bother me less if she had a history with those race of men, although it would still kind of bother me if her history indicated a major preference for one of those races. Imagine if i only produced daughters with such a woman and they turned out to have a black fucking gene as well as an upbringing from a black fucking mother, in one generation my family tree could all be reduced to mongrels that no longer resemble me in any way shape or form. A woman with judgement that bad and out of line with my own instincts is simply a bad bet for me, i see about as much potential in such a woman as women probably see in cracked out, unwashed homeless dudes as cooperative beta providers.

    It seems women would rather just be judged by their looks and how much they can smile and look pretty. Well the results are in and a lot of guys are saying who, how many and why you are fucking is a much better window into the soul of a woman. They would have you believe they are atomized and moving at random, just bumping into this man and that man at random perhaps and enjoying a sexual relationship that should not be judged, because it was all inevitable or he was “nice”…. But i am not that understanding. God(or natural selection) gifted me with the visceral instincts and logical ability to second guess a womans bullshit, it’s easier than say calculus, playing poker, driving etc. You’d have to be a mug to willingly turn off that part of your brain to avoid being racist, sexist or whatever.

    Pump and dump yes. I’d give you a job, yes. I wouldn’t abuse you in a position of power. But marry you? hell no!!

    And for what it’s worth, i back this point of view for all men. If you’re black, white, asian, latino and you don’t want a girl of your own race who fucks around, interacially or whatever, i respect your right to that, and wouldn’t think less of you for not wanting a woman who fucked me.

  • I Date Black

    Meng, your assuming a woman who dates men from a wide variety of backgrounds is “fucking around” with them all. You are also assuming that all Black men are uneducated, low class thugs.

    I usually only date above my level in all departments – education, financial and looks.

    While how much a man earns does not matter to me, intellectual compatibility does, and it usually happens that men that are my intellectual equals have more access to money than I do, unless I’m dating a starving artist/poet, which I’ve also done a number of times.

    I judge a person based on character, values, personality and their compatibility with my character and values – not what race or culture they are from.

    Moreover, my line of work has me travelling and living abroad for most of the year, so it so happens that I date the men in whichever country I find myself at any given time.

    And no, I’m not fucking them – not by a long shot.

    In many cultures I travel to dating is not even a cultural norm – what to speak of hooking up or casual sex.

    In such cultures I get to enjoy being courted and romanced the old fashioned way – accompanied by chivalry and outpourings of emotions.

    I got so used to that that now I am unable to date most American men who’s main objective is just to “hook up” as soon as possible and then move on to the next one without having to bother with a proper “date” or even a cup of coffee – and that also includes some Black American men, unfortunately.

    If somone like you who says, “Pump and dump yes” sees me with a man not of my own race and decides in his mind that I’m a fool worthy of only “pump an dump” – should I care?

    I’m not into pumps and dumps. The men I meet are cultured, refined and know the meaning of real romance and proper courtship.

    Its all the better for me if men like you don’t approach and bother me.

    That way I don’t have to waste my time and brain power thinking of a way to turn you down that’s firm but at the same time polite so that you get the clear message but don’t feel totally crushed and hence get depressed (like so many of the guys I’m reading about on forums and blogs).

    Ladies, if you wanna experience good ol fashioned romance and courtship – travel or ex-pat!

    Sweet, romantic, wonderful men are to be found all across the globe!

  • Interested

    Meng is another example of what i was saying. Automatically, his first assumption is that blacks are inferior and lower order human beings. How can anything improve when this mindset seems so prevalent.

    It gets tiresome dealing with people like that. Does anyone agree?

  • I Date Black

    Yes it is tiring, but its a common meme all over the internet “manosphere” where PUA/Game and sexual politics is discussed.


    Freud would say 2 words:

    Penis. Envy.

    Except in this case its not woman envying the penis of man, its whitey envying the penis of blacky.

    And for good reason I might add.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I travel quite a bit and am a muscular 6’1 black guy. I say that in many countries (especially colonized ones, US, S.America, etc), there are ‘hidden desires’ for black men. The issue is being associated with poverty, slavery. Once you establish yourself as being ‘of their class’ either through business contacts, etc, you can run through all the chics… I.E. as a black guy at the company, i could bang more chics, cause i’m ‘safe’…

    Now as far as looks. That’s where we differ, I don’t find the waif (sp) women of any race attractive ie: an ass is more important to me than tits, which is why a lot of chics are aggressive on black guys because they know we;re not afraid of a big ass, think of a sprinters body (i’m being very general of course). Many of the women Roosh defines as ‘quality’ would NOT I repeat NOT get a second look from me, model or not… So that’s another issue…

    To summerize once women of other colors figure out that you’re safe they’ll throw themselves at you as a black guy, but they have a lot of preconceived notions about u so in a loud club in Argentina unless you’re rolling with someone who introduces you into their ‘class’ saying you’re ok, you’re fucked… In colombia girls thought I was a drug dealer (it did get me some love from the hoodrats though…

  • I Date Black

    Howard Stern gets to the “bottom” of Khloe and Kim Kardashian’s preference in men:

  • Meng

    @ I date black

    lol i’m afraid you are very transparent and clearly trying to bash the manlihood of white guys, which is ok….

    Mad much that white guys have you clocked? to be honest if the penis myth is whats putting a lot of white guys off i support them fully in that. I support a mans right to select his partner based on whatever benefits him mentally and physically, and if knowing that his girl isn’t a blackfucker thats fine by me too. You seem to be implying anyone with my beliefs has massive insecurities, and should do. I’m fine with that. I’m also fine with the penis myth. You know it’s entirely possible my gf has slept with a WHITE MAN with a bigger cock than me? it doesn’t bother me one bit. so think again lady. If my preference was down to physical insecurities thenid say i don’t women who date muscular men, or men with big cocks, or tall men etc. But no im not too interested in either. Just blacks and other smelly, ugly races.

    My point remains. If I, as a genetic seed dispersing machine(man) who doesn’t have to carry children to term doesn’t feel attracted to or any desire to pursue black women. Then i expect 10 times the discretion from my woman. Simple as.

  • I Date Black

    Its men who obsess over penis size, not women.

    I already said Black men come in all sizes and shapes.

    There’s more to a man than his penis.

    I only date 8’s, whatever the race. Black 8’s have alot going for them – natural muscle mass, they don’t need to “work out” for, smooth, mocha skin, lovely dark eyes and hair, so many things.

    They are also very romantic and sensual.

    White guys check for me too. But like I said, being a globe trotter I’ve been spoiled by non-American men of all ethncities and cultures so your “average American white dude” has nothing to offer me.

    I don’t date average – whatever the color.

    The average girls were made for the average guys, not me.

  • no name today

    I date blk, I agree with you. meng is obssessed.

  • D

    Its funny nobody is talking about white guys banging black girls. I know a lot of white dudes who have banged black girls on the low. I caught one of my friends trying to sneak the black girl out his house. hahahaha. I used to hate seeing and hearing about black guys fucking white girls but there is plenty of hot women out their. There is no use to hate on anybody, its not gonna help your game or help get you laid. Black,white whatever. And don’t hate on your own race!!!

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  • kayman

    The reason that it seems like it might be easier for black guys is because people on focus on(hate on) the ones who have success with non black women but ignore all of the ones who get shot down PRIMARILY because the girl feels societal pressure to not mess with a black guy.

    It’s ten times easier for a white guy to date an Asian, Arabic, or Latino girl than it is for a black guy because she’ll be way less worried about getting crap from society, friends and family.

    Check this out and ask yourself when was the last you heard any non white celebrity who dates white guys questioned about why she dates white guys like the Kardashian girls are? in this video.

  • Carl

    Let me hop in here for a minute! First black guys with TRUE FUCKIN’ game get their shit off just like any other man does. Sure white guys here if they are handsome or have much game will get much pussy, the black dudes do well also. I have used the art of the “take away” with many white girls that have never fucked a black dude before and it works quite well. Before you run up on the chick and make it look like your going to go for it, shut it down…the woman gets even more curious then moves to seek you out. After some long conversation, she has already made the decision to fuck you in this conversation you are in. Of course intelligence and how one interacts plays a big role one can score with nice looking women. When one understands the fact that there is a natural sexual tension between the blackman and the whitewoman simply because of America’s racial past, that is one of the first things a white woman is going to be thinking when she talks with you. As far as them thinking “I worry about how the white guys will see me” is pretty weak, more pushed by the white guys because of competition. Many white women see dead beat white guys busted out with no cash and such, beat their wives and all the fucked up shit that all men do. So many quietly are saying, if i can get good love from anybody who will care for me, I’m in! Be comfortable, be confident, don’t act like you are trying to sweat them(the take away)be a decent conversationalist, then you are in. All of this white women will not be down with is bunk. Also the older you get the more true this shit is. Sure there are some white women that will not go out with you period. But if you think you can’t get some women in the red states and stuff is a joke. I was banging this one white chick from SOuth boston and now she is in Virginia and she told me, “dont listen to what a lot of these white girls say, they all love some black dick”! I was laughing my ass off. All of this shit out here is pure mental….”Ask and you shall receive”. The key is , How to ask!

  • truth

    sorry but while you are correct that the non-black women who do like black men are more open about it, they are significantly lower in quality.

    in reality black guys, pick up artists or not, only get the ugly/fat/old leftovers of non black women. the only exception is when the black dude is significantly mixed or has high status/wealth (famous people are the best example of this)

    the primary reason is because black males have uglier faces that most women dont find attractive so while they arent racists they simply do not find black guys attractive.

    and btw, white men(caucasoid) are more masculine than black men (negroid)based on facial features, the penis size myth has been refuted as well and so has the testosterone myth. so there really is nothing surprising about how this all works out.

  • Anonymous

    The fact that black men are the topic of discussion says it all, they are the standard by which all others are being measured as far as having game. this talk about white guys staying clear of a white chic coz she dated black dude is high school stuff.

  • whiteys_nightmare

    all i can say is if BM continue to listen to this BS youll never get laid. simplicity is key…this is the way i see it. most BM generally do have a more difficult time obtaining non BW because of media, family, friends, basically they way we are viewed. so just by knowing and accepting that fact of life we should make the proper changes in our lives…change #1 would be to maintain your citizenship in the USA but move abroad asap. most locations abroad tend to be more open/curious to american blacks, the women seem to feed heavily off curiosity…..more genuine opportunity seems to stem off this. donnt let these WMs tell u what they think is the truth. we already know the deal we live it everyday, not them

  • Anonymous

    Someone here said Russian girls love black guys. I live in Russia and that’s total BS.

  • Harry

    I have dated women from all over the world. It isn’t at all uncommon for the beta males of any given society in any particular country to disparage a local woman who dates a foreigner, the #1 epithet being that she is a “whore”. The betas who do this are displaying envy, jealousy and resentment. They are out to take the woman down a peg or two, purely so that she will be nearer to their own level. They do this in order to try to gain greater access to the woman for themselves. That is what I have observed.

  • Harry

    There are a heck of a lot more white people out there who are using bronzing creams, tanning beds, spray on tans, tanning lotions, etc., then there are people of any other racial background who are trying so hard and spending so much money on trying to look white. Frankly, the white look is native to Northern Europe. Skin tone came with evolution. A white skin tone is not native to America, Australia, Africa, Asia, etc.,. and therefore, caucasian people often times age much more quickly in appearance. I know plenty of caucasian women and men who appear 10 years older than their ethnic counterparts for that very reason, coming towards the light, ancestors immigrating to the sunnier climates they have yet to adapt to.

  • Sam Pam

    I think a lot of these folks who comment are young, Have no game and are very stupid. Stupid because they generalize.

    *I date black*. I really love your comments, and I agree with most of what you have written.

    Women respond to Alpha’s. I’m a black guy who’s interested in pretty women primarily White women and Black women. It’s a numbers game. I’m not ghetto. I am an Engineer. I dress well. I lift weights. I groom myself very well and smell good. Straight up Alpha male. When I date white women,I only date pretty white women. They have to be smart too. I do not settle. Most of the times I am going up against high quality white guys. Which makes it difficult. The white guy does not have to put in as much effort as I do. A lot of them wear those horrid Abercrombie and Fitch/Aeropostale clothes and still get chicks

    It’s all about chemistry and attraction. If I have chemistry with the girl it’s a go. Also money and charisma help. Look at Kanye West, Pharell, NBA and NFL athletes they get the hottest girls on earth. When I was in college the football players were getting the hottest white chicks on campus.

    Some of you mentioned thug game, and you are so silly for saying that. Do high quality white women and thugs run in the same circle? where do they meet? coffee shops, trendy house music playing clubs, where?

  • Sam Pam

    Also, when you start dealing with women over 25. Things change. They tend to be more mature and more independent and the smart ones are able to make decisions without caring what people would think about them.

  • joron

    Lets face it, black men will always get attention no matter what. i live in minneapolis and white women will kill to have a black man.

  • Harry

    Unfortunately, it is also true that a lot of women over the age of 25 are damaged goods; many of them have reached their expiration date in their own minds and they can be quite bitter or into a lot of head games. I would caution black men when it comes to dating feminists or ultra-liberal women. These are not your friends. These are not your allies. These are man haters. Period.

  • Phill Achio

    I don’t know this is really iffy. There are so many factors, that I’d have to conclude it is a wash.
    Are we talking average black guy or very good looking black guys which there seems to be a lot of. When I think of all those NBA players, and rappers halling ass even before they were famous it is hard to think they have a disadvantage. Black guys generally are more flashy,dress better and have more charisma, not always but as a broad sweeping generalization.

    The reservations white women have in dating black guys comes from teasing from friends usually male but sometimes female but almost always racist family, my suspicion and it is confirmed ancedotally it works 2 ways. It works against black guys in the beginning because of all the stereotypes pushed against them may make the girl hesitant and black guy is far less approached than his white male counterpart (Girls will only make eye contact with you). It works for you because lots of girls love bad boys and too piss off their racist dads. So all in all it probably balances out.

    The only real disadvantage I think black guys have is if they think your poor they want to have nothing to do with you, which applies equally for both white and black.

    For those saying black guys don’t pull quality girls. Well again quality is very subjective, one guy will call a girl a 7 I think is 2 or 3.

  • Harry

    Yes, black guys are the forbidden fruit. And people are also turned on by the taboo. In a world run wild, there aren’t too many directions one can turn to when it comes to the forbidden and the taboo. Also, the temptation of the so-called, “dark side” of life is also an irresistable thriller for many. So racism is an ironic, unintended booster of black sex appeal. People want what they’re told they can’t have.

  • Harry

    As far as the rating scale goes, I have been told by more than one friend that he was dating a true beauty, an absolute 9 and nothing less, only to meet her and think, “WTF!!!”, because she’s short, fat and pimply! Meanwhile, these same kinds of guys will look at an attractive woman that I am dating, someone tall, slender and lovely, and they will say, “I don’t see anything special.” Of course, they go home to sweat, curse and cry bitter tears to themselves. That’s how people play the game.

  • Harry

    One other tidbit, the idea that women who like black men are of inferior quality, I would ask the guys who make these statements to park outside of Walmart or any other major store, or to cruise the aisles of their local supermarket and see what kind of women are in there and what kind of men they are with. You know the saying, “Why buy the cow if the milk is free?” Who wants to marry a cow?

  • Global Guy

    It’s fun to see the opinions from people in the USA.

    I’m from Europe and here nobody really cares about BLACK – YELLOW – WHITE – MALE – FEMALE. Nobody here uses the word NIGGER – and if they do its just a joke – if a nigger is called NIGGER by a white guy on the street this guy will probally look and think … ‘ok what wrong with that men screaming at me.’ And sure, you have black areas in a coutnry where you shouldn’t do that – but thats everywhere.

    I just want to say that the difference of Demographic matters, and the way you live now and been raised up.

    Same with: Economic knowledge, personal developments, education etc


    Really guys – Saying that black men uses THE GAME method to get a woman is almost the same as saying: Stay away from people with HIV because their breath could infect you!

    Conclusion: It’s very stupid. (Read more)

    And also don’t forget that most white people tend to call every person with a little color a BLACK GUY or a Nigger come on!!! where is it going haha.

    Let me tell you a secret which maybe helps you develop your own brains just by reading this:

    **** There are millions of black people that are more white inside than most white people alive could imagine.***

    Same counts for that there are a lot white people that act like the niggers form the hood.

    CONSLUSION: If you want to waste your time on such a topic, it probally says you don’t know much about Black people in terms of qualified people with a rich environment.

    YOu just think of Ghetto and what so ever, I promised myself not to waste time on these subject, I prefer to develop my own skills and meet people with the same interest.

    So why do I comment: Because I have a pitty you guys have an opnion but afraid to learn the truth.

    Revolution is coming – the human mind is changing THANK GOD.!

  • Anon white woman who dates black guys

    Why do I date Black men? BC that’s who has the balls to approach me. No I don’t approach them. No I’m not fat, ugly or low quality. I’ve only ever dated two white men & I can’t remember for the life of me how they got me into bed. I’m guessing alcohol was involved for the first time. From my experience, white men don’t have game. What does this indirect approach consist of. Just curious. Maybe it’s just that Black men are, at least in my experience, more direct? These comments ate so interesting for many reasons, including the sad fact that no one really seems to want to date Black women. This society is just so screwed. Also, the white men who don’t want to date a woman who got their “thrills” w Black guys are racist. You ate buying into the Black superstid stereotype & are sexually insecure. If you a’s a white guy can get yourself together to approach me, make me feel like the hottest thing that ever existed, get your 7+ inch cock rock hard with no effort from me other than my presence, do some spectacular foreplay then fuck me for a solid 30-45 minutes, making me come multiple times in the process, all the while telling me that I’m the sexiest woman he’s ever seen & being believable about it, then you can have a chance even though you’re white. :). Do white couples have mind-blowing sex? Just curious.

  • joron

    hey anon where you from..? i like you already. lol where you from.?

  • joron

    but yes anon you are right.. lol im from minneapolis and theres a reason why white women like blk man.

  • Anonymous

    For your information people, this article is written by a black man.

  • Andy

    @SID “Finally, black women seem to want black men, and consider white men to be a weak substitute.”

    Yeah right, you want to believe it to make yourself feel better. Go ahead and self-hypnotize yourself thinking black women wants only black men. That is how I know you are black. Only black men say such stupid things. The real truth is when white men date black women, these black women are much more beautiful than most black women, they are more upscale. You want proof? They can been seen anywhere in the news. Pick a few examples:

    Halle Berry dating Aubry Gabriel,
    Jennifer Williams dating Lucas James,
    Naomi Campbell dating Vladislav Doronin,
    Thandie Newton marrying Oliver Parker,
    Somali-super model and businesswoman Iman marrying David Bowie,
    Paula Patton marrying Robin Thicke,
    Aisha Tyler marrying Jeff Tietjens,
    Brandy dating Maksim Chmerkovskiy,

    and I could go on and on.

    These black women are HOTTTT!!! They are pure quality. So its very true that white men have it easy when it comes to getting women of any race. I give alot of respect to middle class black men who truthfully admits that its much harder for them to find quality women and when they do find a white woman, those white women are usually either fat, ugly, uneducated, lower social class or ‘left overs’. This IS the primary reason why 95% of white women don’t even bother to date black men. They don’t want to be perceived as those white women who are fat, or ugly, or uneducated or lower social class. Its ALL about image and social perception. They would rather be single.

    Like so many other men have said before, the middle class white man gets the higher quality woman where the middle class black man gets the lower quality woman. It’s the universal truth! This might not apply for multi-millionaires of any race because money can buy women.

    However don’t forget the most important fact that men don’t see it at all. There are more white women then white men in USA. If you pair off every white woman with every white man, 1 to 1, then you will get a few extra millions of white women ‘left overs’ who don’t have white men to partner with.

    According to the US Census of 2010, there are about 4 million additional white single women. That means these extra millions of white women cannot find white men since all the white men have already been paired off with every white woman. But in reality, white men also marry black women, asian women, hispanic women, indian women, so the number of single white females are even higher than 4 millions. That is a huge number.

    Traditionally there has been an imbalance of 49% male to ~51% female ratio in US population so if there are 310,000,000 Americans in US and white/caucasian population is around 72%.

    So 310,000,000*72% = 223,200,000 whites in US.

    And 223,200,000*51%(women)=113,832,000 white women

    And 223,200,000*49%(men)=109,368,000 white men

    113,832,000 – 109,368,000 = 4,464,000 extra single white women.

    So then the question becomes what these additional extra 4 million white females are going to do? Their only option is to find men from other races. DO YOU GUYS GET THIS??? DO YOU GUYS UNDERSTAND THIS?? All this nonsense about who dates who, and who prefer to date who is useless. Because 4 millions of extra white women is such a huge number, that can give anyone the impression that white women must like hispanic men or black men or asian men. But in reality that is not true. They are just desperate to find any man to fall in love and marry and have kids even if it means to go across the racial lines.

    But what really happens is that white men are taking the best looking white women, asian women, black women, hispanic women, and the extra remaining white women are usually the fat, ugly, uneducated ones. That’s what the black men and hispanic men are going to get. They are getting the lower end of white women.

    So all the nonsense about who dates who, and who prefer to date who is useless.

  • Pula

    @on white woman who dates black guys

    You are definitely a black man impersonating as white woman. Since I am a white man I know white women better than you and white women don’t write and post nonsense like you did. You are a black man.

  • Nero

    @ “The fact that black men are the topic of discussion says it all, they are the standard by which all others are being measured as far as having game. this talk about white guys staying clear of a white chic coz she dated black dude is high school stuff.”

    Actually this is very true, any self-respected and intelligent white men would not date a white woman who dated black men. I know this cause I asked my friends and their friends and their friends while in college and after college.

    Ask yourself this question? Why would a white man needs to date a white woman who dated hispanic or black man? Does the white man really needs to lower his standard to match up with the black man? No, instead he is going to say, the hell with this white woman, I can do better than that and get a higher quality and sexier, prettier woman. White men, wall street men with money don’t need ‘leftovers’ white women. As some guy mentioned, there are 4 millions extra white women in US that are single, so I rather go and choose one of those available white women then pick up some leftover white woman from the black guy. I don’t need sink that low.

    Now you get it!! So yes any self-respected white men stays away from white women who crosses the racial lines. Its a fact!

  • Pula

    @Phill Achio

    You are also a black man posting, trying to make look black guys cool and sexy but its pathetic and sad of you. You are so desperate as a black guy.

    “Are we talking average black guy or very good looking black guys which there seems to be a lot of.”

    Very good looking black guys which seems to be a lot?? What a joke. Its more like almost zero according to black women. Whenever I hear that black women say there are not enough good black men, I asked them what they mean by that because every time I go on the streets or nightclubs I see a lot of single black men, so what going on ladies? And the black women replies to me that they meant that there are not enough good looking and smart black men. There are just too many ugly black men and totally useless.

  • Harry

    “Extra white women”? Lol! As they say, 20% get 80%. Where do you get your numbers? Do you presume one man for one woman leaves millions of unattractive white women crawling the gutter looker for the dregs of the genetic pool? Try this, take a look around your neighborhood. Hell, take a look at your mother. Would you screw her? Oh, that’s probably not a very good argument to make, alright, I lose that one, but stop and consider, married men are doing the deed with married and single women; dating men are doing married women as well as women outside of their primary dating relationships. The butt ugly heffers you see waddling out of Walmart are married and secure and going home to white men, some of whom are employed, some unemployed, but all of whom are likely to have higher household incomes than minority males. That is their big attraction, they have a fatter wallet. Umm, those burgers, fries and icecream float sure are good!

  • Rick

    Ok I read this entire thread and “Harry” makes a good point about the forbidden fruit thing. The more you make something forbidden the more attractive it becomes. People want to see what the heck the big deal is. The reality that people need to realize is only one group of people can really say what kind of women black men can get.. and that’s black men. Who else would know?

    As a black man I have had non-white women from almost every race throw themselves at me at some point. And these were solid 8’s, not fat, uneducated or low quality. Believe it or not, a lot of women don’t give a crap what the men of their race thinks. I do have the advantage of looks and class. I’m not ghetto at all and I talk basic American English with almost no slang.

    I won’t pretend there aren’t women who are very concerned about the opinions of family, friends, society, etc. These women usually travel abroad and bang exotic men on vacation so no one ever has to know. Women are 10 times more sneaky about sex than men and are almost never honest about their sexual past.

    In the end, all you know about a woman’s sexual past is what she tells you. Banging a black man is on the list of most women. YES.. even non-slutty women usually have a phase where they just want to experiment for the heck of it.

    I advise White and Asian men to get over it. The reality is.. you’ll never know for sure who has been inside your woman before you. You can easily end up with a Black man’s leftovers and never know it. I kid you not. Even conservative white and Asian women who you’d never think would even touch a black guy have given me attention. I’ve been surprised at the type and quality of non-black women I’ve attracted. Get over it guys. Life is too short.

  • How pathetic

    Haha, this is a very funny discussion. It really brings out the racism that’s still around. Well, just for the record I’m black and can get virtually any woman I want. I couldn’t even begin to estimate how many white man I’ve shamed by giving their woman a good fuck haha.

  • Jason

    I am in agreement with most of what was stated already.

    I’m black, and I’d say good portion of Latin women don’t like black men, and def 99.99% of Asian women would never hook up with a brother… Yea, maybe some filipinas here an there, but the rest of em hate us.

  • kool

    i have seen white girls shoot down blacks, italians, and hispanics simply because white girls come from a culture thats closed off to other races. i’ll give examples:

    blacks — 2 types of white girls who date black guys are those who are too overweight and cant attract white guys and those who have very low self esteem.

    italians — white women are completely turned off by italians. they look at them as an ethnic joke. many have told me that they consider them to be the blacks of europe. theyll go out with a few of them for a while.. then will get bored of them quick.

    hispanics — white girls will go out with some hispanic guys just for the fuck of it for a short period of time. but wont consider anything long term.

  • Anonymous

    The entire premise of the article is racist white supremacist because it ASSumes white women are a prize.

    White women are the most overrated on the planet but the System of Racism white supremacy continues to prop them up on a false pedestal.

    White men will have the advantage with white and non white women as long as the system of racism white supremacy exists to DEVALUE anything that is not white. It is in white peoples interest to keep the system going because they need to control all areas of people activity including SEX. Do black men have the advantage? Surely, they are genetically DOMINANT which means no more white race if the the playing field were level.

    That is why white people created the system of racism white supremacy, to keep their dying gene pool alive. Less than 10 of the global population and shrinking as we speak.

    Racism whitesupremacy is a defense mechanism. If white dudes had to compete on level ground they would be assed out of the dating game.

  • frederico

    I have to laugh at all the non-white folks on here assuming that white men are the only ones that have a problem with white women sleeping outside their race.

    It is pretty much a well known fact that blacks look down on black women who date outside their race as well. Black women aren’t as interested in white men either though. Remember a ‘whiteboy’ is viewed as some kind of sissy in thug culture. Furthermore, not very many white men find black women attractive either. A large demographic of black females are morbidly obese.

    All women are whores…given the opportunity. And all men whether they want to admit or not do not like the idea of ‘their’ women sleeping outside their race.

    @ Anonymous
    Yeah, assed out of the game huh. How’s that whole pile of shit continent named Africa working out for all you so-called dominant black folks? I suppose that’s all racism too. Pathetic….

  • Anonymous

    I have found this article to be quite true in my experience. I have a black work associate and although he is not a great friend of mine, he is a good aquantence and we have been out many times with mutual friends and work collegues over the years

    I would consider him good looking for a black guy. He has a good personality and is fond of white girls. He often gets frustrated as he gets shut down a lot. Often when its just the two of us at the club, he’ll get chating with a couple of girls (usually white) at the bar and when he convinces them to join us for a chat, the girls usually end up showing interest in me. I often feel for him and I really do admire his persistance though and think that he deserves a quality girl.

    Unfortunately he does seem to only get any where with the ‘lower quality’ white women (old chicks, larger girls etc)

    Its suprizing on youtube how black guys are so utterly and emnbarassingly disillusioned. What they don’t realize is that black people will often only hear about the good things that women say about them and blow it completely out of proportion. But that really does only represent the tip of the iceberg. The other side of the coin (that only white people hear about within white circles – because of the sensitivity of racism)is that many white women just aren’t into black guys. My sisters and most of my past girlfriends have all said similar things in this area. That is that they are open to date whoever they are attracted to, but usually are just not attracted to the black guys. In fact most of them tended to prefer dark haired white guys (like italian men – “tall dark and handsome” cliche) i’m blondish. Its not a logical choice, just what they are into.

  • mrveesworld

    I have read the entire post front to back. First, I am a tall 6ft 3, Black American male, articulate, charming, well traveled (non-military) artistic/creative type(musician/performer)entrepreneur (investor stock trader/author/public speaker.

    Here is my experience dating non black women.

    Firstly: sorry white guys, not all white ladies dislike black men, especially Euro girls. Trust, me I know!!

    Second: not all class-act American girls shun black men either.

    Again, I know! I have dated and lived with highly intelligent, solid 8’s, sexy, gorgeous/pretty slim, elegant ladies. One was a speech writer for a senator and the assistant to the CEO of Chanel.

    She spoke 5 languages, reminds me of Grace Kelly, Ingrid Bergman type, well read and had green eyes. We were together for 3 1/2 years. Between us it was instant attraction and we met at some high end event in San Francisco. How did it start? I asked her where she was from? Turns out her mom is Dutch, but she was born in the states and grew up abroad in Austria. I simply replied to her in Dutch and she was floored. She was even more impressed when I understood her speaking back to me in Dutch (I lived in Amsterdam for a while).

    Things escalated to serious flirtation when I complemented her on her impeccable fashion sense (Yes, I did use the word “impeccable,” much to the chagrin of those of you who believe blacks cannot form coherent sentences or fortify their semi-obligatory cascade of verbal reparte abilities) Again,I apolgize for my sardonic tone.

    Then, I dated a tall girl (who was super brilliant, playful, witty and could drink most guys under the table..although not an alcoholic).

    She was from Pittsburg, blond, with a quick wit, hour glass figure, darling bedroom eyes and a incredible behind. She was a computer systems engineer, cleared 6 figures easily, also spoke multiple languages.

    HOW did we meet? She contacted me online, no.. not, but from my business website which had a huge black and white photo of me with dreads back then (1996). Turns out she wanted to meet me for some business advice and instead it turned to be a precursor for a future date some months later -then turned into a romance of 1 1/2 years (best sex I ever had as well).

    When I turned 19 years old back in the day, I met a super stunner at a party. This girl was a statue of perfection, she was a semi-pro Volleyball player, 5 ft 10 blond swim suit model (think Pamela Anderson in her prime body wise) but anyway, we got married 2 years later and stayed married til I hit 30.

    In between all of this, some 25 years later, I still to this day experience top of the line (8’s and 9’s) as long term girlfriends.

    My former, (6 years long) woman is the classic Catherine Zeta Jones (dead look-alike..(seriously) type and now my current girlfriend is not only a 6ft tall fashion model, but she is 22 years old. I am in my mid 40’s. Go figure?

    No, I am not a famous basketball player/rapper or whatever you want to assume. I will say the explanation for all of this is simple:

    I have confidence, charm, intelligence (told this often) an easy going and personable disposition and I guess being tall does not hurt much either.

    In my own mind, I am James Bond. HE is the archetype of what real men aspire to be. He get’s those stunning international women with little real effort. I do the same and even my friends are like,” what the hell man? You have incredible taste in woman. How did you GET HER?” I just shrug and tell them, “I know what I want and when I see it ,I go for it- without any afterthoughts (Thanks..! James Bond for that inspiration) And I do not let a silly thing as color get in the way.

    I have dated women from Ukraine, Holland, Germany, America, Lebanon,Switzerland, east coast, west coast, mid west, but I must CONFESS two things:

    One) I can smell which of these types of girls are “Becky types” and I know which one’s are more INDIVIDUALISTIC and venture beyond the mundane status qou.

    These types tend to be artist/creative types in one capacity or another (fashion designer, dancers, painters, graphic designer, musician, choreographers at least in their spare time) and they also travel abroad.

    With the aforementioned, one can expect not only tolerance but a certain amount of respect-once they realize that you are a non threatening ( and conversational about “stuff.”

    You, as a black man, must level the playing field within the first minute of conversing with white Americans, or else they WILL PUT YOU IN A BOX
    (a place which is always outside of their own…PERIOD) and this box is difficult to break out of unless you exude a great mastery of vocabulary with almost no detection of hoodish diction.

    Furthermore, they are far more attractive than you white guys think that black guys can “pull.” I have seen scorns of white/Asian guys pass up trying to talk to those James Bond Femme Fatale types, in a bar or at a high end event. It’s like they are avoiding the opportunity to get shut down I guess, but I am very much drawn to that type, not the sloppy over weight-wigger types some people keep trying to sell on us black guys. WTF? I digress. My apologize.

    Now my second point. A classy woman, (I mean a solid 9) as I have discovered, and experienced, time and time over-again, will respond to a charming gentleman, who knows how to stand in his own skin, smiles when speaking, and can make her laugh or at least humor her intellectually, playfully and with a sharp wit. George Clooney, does this well. To this type of women, she is turned on mentally and physically. If you happen to have some inkling of handsome like features, then she is pretty much yours for the asking/taking.

    Getting more to my point, specifically for black men.

    Leave that slang, street aggressive swag at home. It will not work on the slimmed down, highly attractive, worldly, career minded non black women.

    I concur that the majority of white women at one time or another have wanted too or wished and hoped that they could experience the unique variance of what a black male brings to the bedroom and to their over all experience as a woman.

    We are naturally carved physically,lean, taller than our non lack counterparts and more adaptable in any environment we are placed in do to adversities over hundreds if not thousands of years of exploitation and hardships.

    We do look at affection and love differently as well. We are not too macho to express it and to tell our woman that she is “this,that, or the other.”

    We have no general fear of approaching women either.

    This type of Alpha male behavior brings to the table a two sided sword.

    One side is too much for “Becky” to respond to(out of fear) and the other is the utter sense of control that the black man brings to the chase (confidence and willingness to actually spit game or at least step up too them in the first place, especially in a non-corny way.

    Some girls who were secretly attracted to black men or at least curious, are like, “Oh yeah, finally I have this opportunity to exact my curiosity or attraction on a “cool,” interesting black man).

    Again, fellas, trust me, I know… because I have asked white girlfriends what they thought about this subject.

    One of my girlfriends (the speech writers sister) told her,,,”Ah Jess, you are so lucky, you get asked out by handsome black men. I never get asked out by black guys. They have the best shaped bodies and are so damn hot.”

    Now granted, the sister is the “Becky” type for one. So I know why no black guy approaches her. And to make it perfectly clear, Jess used to date Hispanic and nerdy Ivy league types as well,so please do not scream out Jungle Fever!!

    So do black guys have more game? Hell if I know or care.

    I can tell you that this black man has never gone without a girlfriend for too long,ever since I turned 18/19. I got them when I was poor and when I was living he high life and in between as well.

    Thank god for confidence (not looks, not money, nor fame..CONFIDENCE!)

    As for Black women? I don’t care for the AMERICANIZED version much. When I am abroad that changes, but the black girls that I have fancied here in the US were not on the same level of life experience as me and did not share the same backgrounds. Maybe in the looks dept they were attractive, but in general interests, politics, wine tasting, snowboarding, day trading, fishing, travel, classic automobile collecting and camping, they are non existent to none (until they become bourgeois wannabe high society types and that does not happen until they reach 35-45 and by then..hell no!!!!!

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  • Haha

    I’m not a white guy but man at the top has some issue. Most stock traders doesn’t have time for writing such a long thing online. Everybody’s superman online..

  • Annoyed

    The unfortunate, thing I run into as a white male is that on average for us, statistics show that black and Brazilian penises are larger than ours. If you combine that feature with a good looking man from another race we pretty much get shut down every time. I’m totally convinced after a life of dating that it’s something that I’m not able to get around no matter how successful I am. Even if the statistics are incorrect, the perception that white men’s penises are lacking or at best average still takes over. For all women, selection really does weigh heavily on perceived penis size which is an arena where as white men we are going to be overshadowed in. All of the top % largest penis porn stars are black so that also adds to the steriotype. Sucks but there’s enough women to go around I guess.

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  • Anonymous

    being black myself, i know all too well the plight of the negro. College is hell on earth for the average black, as you get stared down by whites while just walking to class. Trust m=me, us blacks in general need to get rid of this “thug” stereotype that has plagued us for years. As my mother always said, an educated, well dressed black man is better than a “gangster” black man. So my advice to black brothers out there is to refine yourself, hit the books, get educated, get BUILT! (it only helps), speak with sense and proper english, not slang. These things can help boost our relationships with the other races immensely. I also believe that half black/ half white blacks ( mixed) do have it alot easier than those of the darker complexion, such as akon. But hey, thats just the world we live in. We gotta adapt to it and do our best with what we are given.

  • Tchalla

    I agree with Roosh Im a Black man although I rarely date or hang around white people I have had quite a few show interest. Most white girls wont date a Black guy but if they like you they are open even aggressive. I used to say Black men should stay with Black women but I have changed my mind. Most of game to me is finding out who likes you and how to handle those women. BW are too tough to handle. As one guy said Im more like Will Smith than Tupac and if Im in a work situation with WW they respond, this used to frustrate me because I wanted a BW but I think my idea of a BW was idealized and not realistic. Its hard to do well with a lot of them unless you portray a self destructive lifestyle. I married a BW but she is not typical, most of her friends are non black and she would never date a thug.(Least that’s the way it seems)

  • JediMaster11

    White guys don’t know jack from their post and most of this middle class black males have know game as while. Being a Navy Vet. and a Super Hero of the game! I know you have to always change it up 1 min I might be a upper class ass that gets what I want second I may go back to a thug when the shirts comes off and they see all the tatts. It’s called game u set traps with style word play been able to project yourself as the man, I might start talking about stocks, business investment,Forex, what was the last book i read Or maybe give them the 20 dollar date of romance. Being a hunter you set up the scene where you hunt, and a hunter is only good as his area. So in the U.S. Seattle in Black man Heaven lots of tech nerds with know game that sit and watch the world pass them by. Same in Denver, Maine, Fla., Houston, Dallas, Huntsville Al., I can keep on naming but I think I have made my point, British Columbia Vancouver, Victoria Island white women easy and other race easy! China is a different game for black men you have to make them feel like their escaping their environment buy set your apartment up as American with lots of pop culture tell her to invite her girls friend we can practice our English u set the move with drinks they all have your number so u only have to sex one cause she will tell the others. Philippines easy but most white men get their women from the slums and use their entitlement meaning money and skin. Australia, the dude is right but white women have love the bro since Jack Johnson days as Heavy Weight Champ that was in 1910. If most of you so called chill players new History you would know the word slave is from Slavic and White have been black men pets since the days of the Moors. White men have power because of their skin and entitlement issues but most are very lame. I was in the Navy and I watch most white men behavior I would call it game. I love been black and pulling 8 to 10 tens with my skills of master and I think white Hollywood, news media, for me to build a Super Macho role a round world but I’m not the Average Black male either I read a lot when i was in the Navy build myself into the beast of the day! I hunt color is not a issues when u can sale yourself clothes and the right jewels and cars are my tool being able to hold convo on any topic is their cage, convo on female issues like hair, handbags, shoes, label and brand names feeds their ego or what every they find interesting is my game. Being a martial Arts learn the right pressure points to focus on in theirs hands and feet to mood them into my will. Studying body language, zodiac sign anything to get the upper hand. Point being most of u talk a good game but issues u use are nothing to a Boss, All women are the same just different culture and what positions can this person ascend me to is what most are think of will he be a good provider can he protect me, can I spend his money as men it is up to us to find their weak points and work them. If u let color get in the way u have know game!

  • JediMaster11

    for give error but was in a rush! then proof read lol!

  • donell draper

    Jesus, “mrveesworld” got it perfectly right. You have to balance others preconceived notions in a very cool manner. White men and women always tell me I look like Kanye West or some NFL player but I play it off without becoming hostile or shucking and jiving. It does take getting used to and that’s what hones your game and personality over time.

    I compare it to working a shitty job where you have to be polite to customers when they have free range to talk shit to you constantly.

    I have noticed non-black women in American “running away” from black men trying to approach them. It varies on the situation/race/age but it does suck knowing that in the US, a white dude is the neutral, safe choice or an upgrade automatically despite if he makes 6 figures or is a hipster bum.

    At 26 I just focus on improving myself and deftly demolishing all stereotypes in a smooth manner on the road to becoming that international man of mystery.

  • Nick

    Being an Aussie, we don’t have many blacks here. But during my trip to states and cruise etc. I realised black men have very easy time getting middle age white women in the cruise. However, in cities, I guess it was more about the other qualities, e.g. height, being fit, etc. and I realised that more black men were tall, and fit.
    It is no mystery that if you are a tall, fit, well dressed, and confident man, girls get attracted to you.

  • Daniel

    That is a very well worded post but if I may I’d like yo add. As a black man who for the most part dated everyone but black women and Asian (unfortunately) the majority of white women all want to date or at least share a minor experience with a black guy. Honestly because of curiosity. Were somewhat of a forbidden fruit. I went to Texas A&M university and o couldn’t tell you how easy it was to snatch up virtually any white girl at the party. But interestingly enough I had to play the stereotypical black guy for it to work. Like rapping or pretending to be hood which I so am not. I found if I acted (white) I would not get the same response from them. Interesting post man I hope the thread keeps growing.

  • Anon

    I’m black, and living in an area with very low black population, I had my share of black and non-black women. I agree with the forbidden fruit comment, but confidence, appearance and game goes a long way. It also helps to have your shit together.

  • Educated Black Man

    Firstly, most of you people are racist and pathetic, hiding behind the anonymity of an internet chat room to spew your secret anti black sentiments. Secondly, black women do it better anyway so your basically our fantasy for brief encounters and thirdly, our world doesn’t end simply because we don’t date white women. Association with caucasians doesn’t make life better .

  • Martin

    In general it would depend on which country you are in. Black guys could never score in most of Southern Europe or even France, because White people there are much more race-conscious, care much less about political correctness, and even if some girls are open to hooking up with Black guys, they would worry about their reputation. On the other hand, countries like Sweden, Finland and Estonia are prime killing grounds for Black guys, not only because women there are not used to seeing much darer men, but more people are open to interracial hook-ups. Especially since Black guys do not suffer from the same stereotypes that other non-White guys do ( LatinAmericans super-sleazy, Indian guys too super-beta and badly dressed, Middle Eastern men potential rapists, too chauvinistic and culturally dissimilar for the average European girl’s taste ). And no matter how much people argue against this, cultural differences do matter, most people would not bring home and go to bed with someone whose habits and manners they find weird. And most Black people fit squarely into average Western cultural habits ).

  • ijenglad

    Although I understand this is an opinion article, the fact that its filled with non sequiturs and seems to be at least slightly resentful takes a lot away from it. More concisely, I call bullshit.

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  • John

    Why do I highly doubt you were just snatching them up?

  • John

    Why do I highly doubt you were just snatching them up?

  • John

    Why do I have a feeling you are a black male posting as a white male? You do realize that most black male pornstars have large penises because no one would watch them if they do not. There has to be a fetish involved otherwise nobody would watch porn involving black males. If you look at the race of any other pornstars they range from average to gigantic, because no matter the size of their junk people will watch.

    If you are a black male wanting to become a pornstar, and you are just average down below… don’t quit your day job. The porn industry will not take you.

  • John

    LOL — I have a hard time believing someone that scores 8-10’s all day with ease would type that short essay out. I also loved the comment about the sister saying “”Ah Jess, you are so lucky, you get asked out by handsome black men. I never get asked out by black guys. They have the best shaped bodies and are so damn hot.”

    It made me chuckle because of how unrealistic it sounds. XD

  • John

    I’d agree with this post since it is what I experience beyond this fantasy land of what we call the internet for black males. Do I think there are non-blacks that like black guys? Sure. But it is totally blown out of proportion. For every 50 non-black women I would venture a guess that only 2-3 would actually be interested.

  • John

    That contradicts what is said about black men being thugs in white culture. If white men are portrayed poorly in the black community and black men portrayed poorly in the white community, how can you attempt to make that point about why black women do not like white men.

    I would lean more in the direction of black women being unattractive in general. The obesity rates are extremely high among them which is a HUGE factor for any man regardless of race. If you saw that change, I think you would see the number of WM/BW pairings increasing rather quickly.

    Also keep in mind that if black men are notorious for wanting to date non-black women, why would a white man or any other man for that matter?

  • John

    I think you are confused about the white population shrinking. If by shrinking you mean other impoverished nations are growing at rapid rates causing nothing more than the percentage to change, then yes whites are shrinking. Whites in total numbers are not declining, they just do not reproduce at the sickening levels as poor nations. Look at parts of Africa. China has over a billion people, India has over a billion people… that is why the white percentage is declining. The white population will keep growing as long as the economy is healthy, which it is not right now.

    The same thing happened during the Great Depression, fertility rates plummeted. Once the World War was over and the depression ended, you got the Baby Boomers. So I think the white population growth has lots more to do with economy than other nations, which is resulting in this shrinking (as you like to call it)

  • John

    I think you mistook Italians for Irish. The irish have always been known as the “niggers of europe”.

  • John

    I wouldn’t go that far. I think it all boils down to 90% of people want someone of the same race — it’s no hidden secret. The other 10% are more open minded but it just depends on who they are more open minded towards. I’ve seen more repulsive non-black women with black men but I have seen some that are 9 & 10’s in terms of looks. But usually that black man is tall, handsome, has his shit together, etc.

  • John

    You can’t estimate the number of white men you’ve shamed? Did you mean to say white WOMEN? I would expect a low-class black such as yourself to state you are ruining and shaming white women for white men but I’ve never heard the reverse until now.

  • John

    Somehow I doubt the legitimacy of your post. The internet is cluttered with posts similar to yours about how every woman just throws themselves after you, but it never proves to be true in real life.

    I would also disagree with women basing what they want on what others think. There is this thing called physical attraction and believe it or not — blacks are not that physically attractive.

  • John

    The top earners in this country are white men without a doubt, but the average white man isn’t outpacing all others like you try to make it out to believe. Asian men on average make $10,000 more a year than white men, yet they are deemed as the least attractive. So sorry, your entire point is invalid.

  • Bmore1100

    Well in Maryland, where i live. White woman fuck black men and marry them. The only place in Maryland where you won’t see interracial couples(or any type of minority) is racist ass Raising Sun,Maryland

  • Kenneth Noisette

    Sad thing is everyone seems to forget that 100% pure bred blacks withholding the mixed ones are a minority in a country of 300 plus million people. This post is moot, because if you switch everything around and put blacks in the place of whites, and whites in the place of blacks, we would have the same discussion. Whites skin being the nigger, and black skin supreme and blacks imperializing the other continents in history. As a black man I know blacks are under a global setup by caucasians that subjugated and pillaged many peoples, but why is there so much hate still if its a White mans world already? If white people would just come out and say we want you all dead and commit genocide on you people like slavery days or make u extinct as black men are in America due to high numbers of incarceration, then I think it would be more honest. Again Im just generalizing the status quo, the secretive illuminated ones with an agenda to control. But its obvious when ur a minority in any situation you will most likely never appease the status quo even if you assimilate, because either you are just plain different or the status quo needs to accept colors.There is no such thing as being color blind unless ur blind literally and no such thing as post racial, what the world needs to become is post hatred and pro love at this point. But maybe thats why people are religious because they know humans will never change their ways, and a supreme being needs to direct and beat humans asses one day. Humans have not figured it out yet at all, this is just sone food for thought in your daily travails. KennsWorld,, making each life better, one case at a time.

  • Dawn LaRae Jones

    i just want to respond to the last paragraph where you mention black women (at long last lol), and point out that the reason why most black women don’t express interest in many of these things you mention is because a good number, if not most, come from either rural impoverished backgrounds or urban impoverished or working class backgrounds where their exposure to the activities you mentioned is minimal at best. The reason the black women who do have an interest in those activities (and take on the bougie high society persona) become interested only around 35-45 yrs of age is because that’s around the time that many of those same women who grew up poor actually come into some money and are, for the first time, able to experience these same leisure activities that whites have been able to enjoy for decades or centuries now. This accounts for the disparity you have observed. It takes money, and lots of it, to do the things you mentioned, and i grew up “poor”, relatively (working class) and my family didn’t have money for such things, as saving was always first and foremost on my grandmother’s mind. Now that i’m an adult, i still don’t have money for any of those things, neither do i live in an area where i could partake of any of those activities even had i the resources. and i would imagine that’s true for most black women in the US, at least.

  • Nick Ellis

    @Roosh_V:disqus Indirect game is a foreign concept to most black men regardless of whether or not you are good looking. Atleast here in Atlanta indirect game for blacks is seen as beating around the bush

  • shay

    you’re an angry pathetic racist…Its so obvious & funny…you can’t stand ‘black males’ & it drives you crazy…kill yourself as the melanin in the black sperm can never be dominated by inferior caucazoid genetics…lmao

  • shay

    stfu cracker-you simply don’t see black dudes making post like these: ‘do black guys have a game advantage’. ….well? ‘they’ fucking MUST if it IS the central focus of this topic right? the fact that it is being discussed means that it is probably pretty fucking true right whitey? you think ‘black dudes’ is sitting around writing ‘oh man-do white guys have a game advantage’? LMAO must suck to be white-to have to constantly lie to yourself for the sake of your fragile self esteem…loooooooooooooool

  • Anonymous

    Fuck niggers

  • Hakeem

    All women secretly desire black men and i can guarntee all women at some point in there life would have dated or spent the night with a black man. We naturally have more testorone, we work out all day, we eat clean foods and we dress well, we take care of our teeth and we have flawess skin. When it comes to sex and women black men run the game. We have strong genes, we smell great. we can dance and we our masters of bodylanguage.

  • Youonlyliveonce

    The best part is the more girls listen to trashy rap music and electronica bullcrap, the more the ladies like the black male. It’s a tradeoff, the music has completely gone to crap but some ladies are absolutely drawn to me

  • Savant

    Yes this is true, for strange reasons Asian men seem to white women as a trophy, though most will not be bold enough to pursue. Lucky is the girl who does actual get hooked up with an asian man because he will drool over her for the rest of his life.

  • disqus_0KHKpAOr7e

    which wills mith image, because i still remember will smith was a rapper an only became an all suite, and polo top dude in his late 30’s i remember seeing him in big willie and fresh prince of bel-air in the freshest jordans, Tommy Hilfiger, nike, etc

  • disqus_0KHKpAOr7e

    this reply most seem so accurate to you?, blacks are just ugly seems bigoted

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  • Dave Jenkins

    Bruce Lee met wife Linda in college and married her….

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  • YourHusband

    um the asian girls you see with white guys tend to be unattractive as well. the best looking asian girls always seem to end up with asian dudes. in fact, i was at ucla last week and didn’t really see any attractive asian female students the whole day i was there.

  • YourHusband

    Hung is foreign and unattractive though. if you’re a decent looking westernized asian, you will be seen in a completely different light. you might remind girls of jeremy lin, john cho, the guy from walking dead, etc. any girl worth having will see you based on your own individual merits anyways, so media is irrelevant.

  • YourHusband

    although asian men still seem to always get the hottest asian girls; notice how you generally never see attractive asian chicks with white dudes.

  • TheHusband

    actually, asian men could care less if the asian woman was average/ugly looking. they only want the attractive asian women to stick with their own race, which they generally do. this usually ends up being a win-win situation since white men tend to have lower standards when it comes to asian women, so they date asian women who they find attractive, but most asian men don’t.

  • Gene David Walker

    I don’t know what you are talking about. If you comes to las Vegas. You see all different races with black guy and these not the ugly girls or fat one. You still see some.. it’s the pretty girls of different races with black guys now. Chinese, India. Japanese. Korean and with mix baby’s it’s not a few. It’s more then you think. Now I see white guys with fat girls. It use to be black guys now you see lots a white guys with fat girl and ugly ones. So don’t write things that’s not true. You can’t brainwash girls like you use..maybe there’s so many finding out that blacks are the cool one’s. You only can go so far by lieing about blacks. I get approach by girls a lot or there family members from different country. If you don’t believe me. Come to Vegas and see for yourself.

  • luluz

    To be honest…girls that like or are open minded to black guys tend to be over zealous about them. As for the person saying most white women find black men attractive,. am sorry I don’t find black men attractive.

  • CR

    I’m sorry, but that commentary is completely inaccurate. I don’t know which black women you have observed to make these generalizations; however, I can tell you that I know quite a few and none would be open to any man being “street” or acting like a thug. I know that is what they show on television, but I wouldn’t believe everything you see there or try to judge a population based on limited experiences and observations. Most young ladies at university, regardless as to their ethnicity, run for the hills when approached by that type of guy.

    Also, I never saw many “thugs” at university (being that thugs are, by definition, of a lower socioeconomic class).

  • CR


  • CR

    What self respecting individual would be with someone who only wanted them to fulfill some silly race related fetish?

  • CR

    I’m pretty sure a significant number of black women would very much take offense to your comments. To my knowledge, there are no stats to support a relationship between ethnicity and libido.

  • Anabella Garrett

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    they are all nigger lovers. doesnt matter which race or culture or religion. white, asian, latina, Indian, christian, atheist, hindu etc etc. All damn nigger lovers.

  • gwalk300

    You guys are so funny. When are you ever

  • Adam Ranger

    It’s because Asian culture is obsessed with white people and America. They love it! Over in China, they hire young white men and women to hang out at business parties, etc. For some reason they think having white people around makes them look better and more important. Better at business etc. Kinda weird, but i watched a whole documentary about it.

  • YourHusband

    actually, asian dudes who are good looking and grew up in the west and seen as rather desirable by white and hispanic women. they would generally do better than pretty much any black dude. if anything, they probably have a higher ceiling than any other minority, as in they can get the best quality and hottest girls outside of their race, all else being equal.

    partly because asians don’t carry as much “otherness” as blacks and darker minorities. they have a skin tone similar to whites, tend to be more culturally assimilated, and more similar when it comes to education and income levels.

  • YourHusband

    actually, a good looking, westernized asian dude would do better with women outside of his race than just about any black man. they can get any asian girl they want, and can get attractive whites and latinas too if they tried. remember that asian girls are naturally inclined to prefer a good looking asian dude over anyone else; however, not all of them are good enough for an asian like that, which is why the asian chicks you see with white dudes tend to be ugly or average at best.

    for one, statistically, asian dudes actually do better marriage wise with white women than black men do; divorce rate is much lower, and the women they get are also of higher quality (hotter, skinnier, more educated, etc).