Do Montreal Girls Live Up To The Hype?

I went there for a week to investigate…

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  • Hencredible Casanova

    Glad you agree on what I and countless RVF members have been saying about Montreal. Truly one of kind city. You’ve got to return during summer sometime. Lets run game all over that town!

  • Random

    Pics of typical Montrealer talent?

  • Cooze Hound

    Been polluting this place with my seed since the mid 90’s. Its an absolute gold mine. Lets hope it does not get spoiled. God speed.

  • canuck

    ya defiantly heard montreal has the hottest women in canada…prolly thanx to french culture

    second up is vancouver(the fittest province) if u come im buyin u a beer

    heard toronto is pretty shitty though confirmed by the “living dead in the blog”heres the link

  • Kris

    What the f***. Should have told us you were swinging by Canada. Would have painted the town red. I had my doubts about French girls even though I never really met one. But I realized you should not judge what you do not know. There the most beautiful women I ever laid eyes on. Next time give us the heads up. Here in Toronto and yea, agree with Canuck, you think it’s a bitch fest in the States. Come to Toronto, I am lowering my level just to talk to some of these girls and most of them aren’t worth the time and effort. Like working a full time job without pay in this city. But there are great girls here, you’ll just run into them once in a blue moon.

  • JJ Roberts

    The one time I went to Montreal I actually saw a stunning girl on the street and wanted to talk to her and while I was thinking of what to say she came up and begged for change from me.

    Yep, in Montreal even the homeless are hot.

  • lafcina

    My sample size might be small but: yes, girls from Montreal are feminine-looking but too independent for my tastes. For the sake of illustration, one could say they are a hybrid species, featuring EE looks and Western “independence” (spit).

    I experienced some weird behaviour, like for example they finding it completely normal to sleep over at male friend’s places, even when they are 30+ and in a firm LTR. (Again, my sample size is too small for a valid, definitive conclusion – any people from Montreal here?)

    Many of these feminine-looking Montreal girls are hardball feminists, and this cognitive dissonance between girly/feminine looks, and (sometimes radical i.e. third-wave) feminist worldview, comes initially as a shock – so be prepared for it.

    A major upside of Montreal girls: if they like you, in many cases, they will make the first approach. I always felt being “hunted” by females there. So less work for you.

  • protagonist

    yeah, the girls in La Belle Province are warmer than most and they actually take pride in that reputation and try to live up to it.

    many boys from Toronto make the trip up the 401 for weekends of partying with actual women…

    …you’ll find Toronto gals to be at the exact opposite of the spectrum. if you cam game in Toronto, you can game anywhere. it is no coincidence that game legends such as Mystery, Tyler, Cajun and Tenmagnet learned their craft here.

  • Anonymous


    OT comment but never really OT:

    Your life, mood, test levels, overall health, and, crucially, appeal to women would improve significantly if you work to correct your posture.

    Your posture — at least seated — is terrible! Very often men and women will judge fitness simply by inspecting posture.

    If you correct your posture you will be stronger, happier and fuck more. It’s one of those purely mechanical changes that seem trivial but are in fact immensely valuable.

    Diminishing returns will diminish once you’ve achieved excellent posture standing and seated.

    Thanks for all your work and especially for the forum.

  • Bojangles

    A question I have about Montreal is what kind of role the 18+ drinking age plays in the dating/nightlife scene. I was in Europe recently (London, Edinburgh, and Vienna- all 18+ as well), and was excited to experience younger prospects etc. However I ended up walking away with a somewhat negative impression- the 18-20 y.o girls were flightier, less independent/more stuck with their friends (making isolation harder), and I found them difficult to connect with (I’m 23 btw). Not too mention that when the age is 18, girls are getting in at 15-17 with fakes, so you run into even younger girls. Small sample size overall but I started thinking maybe having the age in the states at 21+ is a blessing in disguise- by the time girls are allowed in bar/clubs they have experience dating and are more independent and dare I say it, more mature. Have you noticed any trends related to drinking age in Montreal/your other travels?

  • dunecoon

    Positive remarks from a dejected Turk.

    “it’s getting cold, the girls are entering hibernating mode”

    Haha, did Sandy knock out the power to the nightclubs?

    Turkish scum

  • Ari

    How about a SF report?

  • Mark

    Roosh stop pretending you get laid
    You look like a rapist with your beard bro and the funny thing is you think your being all caveman lol

    P.S Now we know why your not releasing bang Ukraine its because you didnt get pussy in Ukraine you ugly bitch haha

    Come at me bro

  • J Doe

    @13 Why you mad tho?

  • Anonymous

    As an anglophone who has lived in Montreal his whole life, I believe the reason why a lot of guys from out of town find our women beautiful is because of the large greek and italian community. I consider Mediterranean women to be the most beautiful in the world and there’s a lot of those genes going around Montreal. As for the french women, I can’t say I have a lot of experience with them. Although I’m fully bilingual, English is my preferred language and gaming in French is much harder.

  • Sasha V

    @Mark: You didn’t see the pic he posted of his Ukrainian girlfriend in the kitchen cooking for him, or the myriad of tweets during his stay there?

    You sound frustrated. Go out and have some pussy. And learn how to spell. Or maybe you’re a celibate Ukrainian dude–who the fuck knows.

  • gavin madden

    I have also heard great things about the girls in montreal. Glad to hear we have some more confirmation!

  • thecaptainpower

    Roosh, I’ve been following your forum updates on Canada..If you are still in Toronto consider driving to Niagra Falls. I had a really, really good time in Niagra Falls over the summer…

    Toronto is for canadian Finance people who cant make it in NYC……

    Niagra is the shit…

  • Tom

    “Niagra is the shit”

    Damn right Niagara is shit. More than half the women in the Falls are American tourists dragging their boyfriends or husbands along with their 2.3 kids. How do I know? I lived there for ten years.

    Montreal is still the best.

  • 3rd Millenium Men

    Strange. I found far more talent and had far more success in every Canadian city I went to than Montreal. I pulled a 8+ girl in each of Vancouver, Ottawa, Toronto. Don’t think I even SAW a girl above a 7 in Montreal.

  • George

    Roosh, I live in Montreal and there is one thing that was mentioned from one of the messages above : the strong feminazi movement here.

    A writer issued this book :

    I met the author, a native from this city, who explained to me how castrated the men became due to the crushing women power

  • theakinet

    2 Random
    November 4th, 2012 @ 12:44 pm
    “Pics of typical Montrealer talent?”

  • OlioOx

    Roosh there are 2 cities you have to spend 1 month each in — they are truly Special Cases:

    1. Paris
    2. Toronto

    Will cost an arm and a leg though so prepare accordingly. And a tip about both cities: Try to meet girls who were born and raised in the city, ask everyone where they’re from. Natives of both these cities are very very different from out-of-towners — as is the case with New York.

  • Armenian

    @23 OlioOx
    I would imagine that the out-of-towners are more warm and easier to approach.

  • Brandon

    I just googled the male-female ratio in Montreal and found that there are a considerable amount of women compared to men. I wonder if there is a connection between there being fewer men and the ‘hunter’ mentality of the women that some men are reporting…I think this should be a fun first flag mission for me.

  • Gary

    Montreal , lived there , do not get a steady girl friend as you can take a different women back to your pad every night. The women know how to dress and also know how to treat a man , the French culture is so beautiful ,if you come to Montreal you will be spoiled.

  • Alex

    The Quebecoise girls are a bit too feminist, but if you’re an actual alpha and not just playing one then you can handle them and show them who’s boss, no?

    There are a ton of French and Belgian expat girls in Le Plateau. I married a French one and they do know how to take care of their men.

  • Lacedric Towerwood

    Man I keep thinking it with every video post I see-
    You look a lot like David Grohl.

  • Indian_Alfa

    I think, Montreal is good for someone who is looking for girls depending on his skills. I agree with @JJ Roberts “Yep, in Montreal even the homeless are hot.”.