Do Women Improve The Lives Of Men?

A lot of men are beginning to wonder if women can make a man’s life better. Are women essential or are they the extra component, the dessert that adds to an already balanced male life? It’s becoming more evident to an increasing number of men that modern women seem can only amplify a man’s existing happiness instead of providing it outright.

It’s quite simple for my mother to discern my mood and whether I’m upset or content. When I’m upset, she asks me what is wrong. If she can solve the problem, she will take a step to do so. If she can’t solve it, which is usually the case, she tells me “don’t worry about it” and then runs a distraction program to take my mind off the problem. She tells me stories from her childhood or my own and then relays fresh gossip from extended family members. For the time I’m in her company, she makes me forget the problem I have. The effect is temporary but welcome.

For women I date, there is no use telling them a problem of mine. They will not give me token sympathy or distract me with stories to get my mind off it. Instead, she will interpret the existence of my problem as me being a weak man. A recent example happened a couple days before April 15, the due date for income taxes in America. I was on a date with girl I had been seeing. Nonchalantly I brought up the fact that the tax date was coming, and that it’s a “stressful time every year.” She gave no response about it, not even a “that sucks,” and then pointed out that there was a drunk man urinating outside next to a tree. She was not a person I could talk to about a common event that was happening in my life.

That’s okay, because I don’t need a woman to help distract me from my problems or relieve the tension that comes from life. I learned to do these things on my own. But it would be nice if she made the attempt to step out of her mind for a minute to understand the man she has at least a strong physical connection with—enough to be penetrated by—has to live life too.

I also don’t need a woman man to take care of me, but it would be pleasant if a woman takes charge on her own to cook me an occasional hearty meal, tidy up my apartment, make me a drink when my glass is nearly empty, and wash the dishes in the sink. Girls will do it only if I command them to do it, and then won’t do it again unless I again command it, a sign that they rather not do it at all, and that other men they date don’t require it of them. They don’t anticipate my needs and take initiative like I know they are taught to do in their office jobs. I’m even starting to see a recent pattern where girls are leaving my apartment in a more worse state than they found it by not putting their glasses in the sink or even hanging up a towel they used to shower their bodies of my seed. In terms of cleaning, I’m more of a woman than they are.

My work is not particularly hard, but there are creative difficulties I face in my goal to provide good writing and ideas to my audience. It sure would be nice to get some encouragement on a book or article I’m working on, but a girl does not care about giving me any encouragement. They look at me as if I’m a robot that is capable of providing consistent money and entertainment output, and never fail to take for granted the comfortable apartment she occasionally spends the night in and those nice evenings out that require hard currency from my labor. In her mind, that money must come about magically from thin air.

What a girl does help me out with is my animalistic need for sex. She will come over, open her legs, demand I pull her hair and fuck her hard, and then allow me to get an orgasm or two. I welcome these orgasms, and won’t complain about them, but for most of the girls I date, most of whom were raised with Facebook and have better smartphones than me, there is no other way she improves my life beyond that. She does not provide me with entertainment, caretaking, emotional support, meaningful companionship above that of male friends, or useful advice that matches even 10% of the level that I provide for her, and so the main benefit I receive is the sexual release that occurs in the present moment. This means that if a woman is on her period, she’s a liability to me as a human being since the costs of spending even one hour with her now outweigh the benefits, and there is no reason to see her instead of simply waiting the four days until her period is over.

Casual dating is a modern invention that is completely foreign to my own parents. They simply can’t comprehend the insane levels of promiscuity that women are seeking without the need for genuine connection. My mother has no clue how women can’t even perform a scrap of male caretaking like she so effortlessly can on myself and my dad (while they were married). There is nothing in the culture today that is teaching women how to take care of their man, how to stand by their man, how to make him feel like the man, and so men have no choice but to view them as a temporary set of flesh and bones attached to an extremely pleasurable vagina that they can’t be authentic towards and who may not give him more benefits than owning a loyal dog.

Women have so taken for granted our attention, affections, and efforts that we have been forced to become the emotionless robot they want to see us as just to get sex from them, just to make the overall interaction a slight net gain in our favor that makes it at least worth pursuing in the first place.

It’s so easy for a woman to make me happy that I’m almost embarrassed to tell you what it is. On every other date she can bring me a little trinket or piece of chocolate. She can wear tasteful feminine outfits that make me feel proud to display her on my arm. She can leave her phone on silent and give me her undivided attention, asking me about my day and any challenges I’ve had to overcome. She can ask me for help that uses my physical strength or intelligence. She can come to my apartment and try out an experimental drink or food recipe she found on the internet. She can give verbal declarations of affections that show I’m important in her life. She can leave both me and my living space in a better condition than before, so that I’m eager to see her again.

In exchange for what a woman does to me, I will make her life better, I will make her proud to have me beside her, I will see that she enjoys the resources I have, and I will treat her just as well as she treats me. I have had interactions with thousands of girls by this point, but sadly I have found less than twenty who begin to approach this level of worth. I can’t even signal to a girl that I could be a great man for her, because then she will get turned off. I have to pretend I’m aloof and cold and uncaring just to get laid and satisfy my most basic physical needs.

What’s beginning to happen, I’m afraid, is that women are leaving men worse off than before. The sexual delights a woman gives a man will soon not surpass all the costs he has to endure to get it. If that happens on a large scale, a significant percentage of men will give up on women entirely, and rightly state from their experiences that women can’t make a man’s life better, all because the modern woman doesn’t want to make his life better, when generations past she was trained to do so.

Modern women don’t even bother to try anymore, yet as men we’re expected to be their dashing prince who gives them everything from both sides of the scale: excitement and comfort, drama and stability, passion and deep intimacy, freedom and dominance. Modernity has served men a raw deal when it comes to relationships while giving women the expectation and entitlement that they can have it all without even putting in any work. This problem must be fixed within our lifetimes, or else humans will be reduced to using each other as nothing more than sex toys.

I’m ready to make the sacrifice so that a woman can improve my life, but most have shown they are not capable of doing it. Sadly, we live in a time where women don’t know how to provide real value to men or simply don’t want to. If we can agree that a modern woman doesn’t improve a man’s life then we’re not far off from concluding that they make a man’s life worse, and that a man who chooses not to pursue women may in ten years be better off than the man who does, a dark outcome that takes away man’s pleasure and need in laying with women. I will do all I can to make sure this is a road we don’t have to take.

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