Does Anyone Speak Finnish?

A couple Finnish bloggers have been linking to me and even though I don’t know Finnish I have an idea what they’re saying.

The first one linked to my player quiz. The word romeo is in quotes, his quiz results state he is a beta male, and he highlights the correct answer to the first question (girls should be viewed as dumb cheap hookers). Most likely to point out how awful the quiz is. A hater.

The second one linked to Chaco’s old skinny girl post. There’s a nice photo of Scarlet Johansen. A fan.

The third one linked to my ejaculation post and got more comments than my original post. Obviously a girl, obviously a fan. I haven’t had sex with a girl from Finland but I would.

finland.jpgBy the way if you haven’t heard of the incredible story of how hopelessly outnumbered Finland fought off the Russians in 1939 then take time to read about the Winter War. More here, with videos.

To slow down the 163rd in the north, Finnish ski troops made wide circling flanking movements of 20 to 30 miles under cover of the long night and caught the rear and middle parts of the column by surprise. They found Soviet soldiers huddled around fires in -40° weather easy prey to sub-machine gun fire and grenades. Almost any wound was fatal. As the 44th approached Suomussalmi down the Raate Road, they had to pass between Kuomasjärvi and Kuivasjärvi on a narrow isthmus. 350 Finns in hand-to-hand combat closed the isthmus. Trees were now felled across the road in front and behind with the 44th Division strung out along the road. The 163rd only six miles north engaged in desperate struggles to push the Finns west, but were stopped. Much of this fighting was hand to hand


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  • Jewcano

    I dunno, every Finnish girl I’ve messed around with has been kinda big.

    Jewcano’s last blog post: You Are What You Do When It Counts.

  • M

    The first guy says that although nothing can replace the blog of Jani “Romeo” Päivärinta — a finnish PUA, who apparently has stopped blogging — your blog looks promising.

    The second link leads to a chick blog. The girl seems to have received a link to your blog from a guy-friend (“Antti”). She goes on ranting about how she didn’t know that some men still seem to believe that the purpose a woman is to please a man, cook him food and swallow his load. I stopped reading after that sentence, but I think that sums up the whole post.

    The link to your blog from the third site seems somewhat random. The name of the blog is, loosely translated, “human relationsship and equality”.

  • M

    So I read the whole post that the chick wrote. You seemed to have pissed her off a bit. It was your typical feminazi rant (“relationsips are about sharing… equality.. blah blah”) which she ended with “I’m glad that I live in Finland where the men are reasonable… level-headed and have a sense of reality”

    Also, I took another at the third link. The other blog posts seem to be about some kind of men’s movement and feminist critique. Lots of guys ranting about how feminism really isn’t about equality..

    First blog: (aspiring) PUA
    Second blog: piseed off feminazi
    Third blog: AFCs ranting about feminism

  • Gannon

    Congratulations for putting up a picture of atrractive women. The last picture on Roissy’s site was low quality.

  • Roosh

    Thanks M! :thumbup:

    I’m guessing the feminist is ugly but if she sends an attractive photo i’d like to open an international dialogue

  • Vortac

    Actually, the third one ( is not a girl or AFC’s ranting about feminism.

    It’s an EQUALITY blog, meaning TRUE EQUALITY, which means that it’s about equality also for men. And it’s about the truth about the whole situation in the equality field – how women have way more power in all areas of life than men, and how the system supports it not only by laws discriminating against men and that are biased for the benefit of women, but also about how the feminists receive money from the system, have members in the ‘equality board’s of the system, and all in all, how men are seen in the finnish society as the lowest class slave/animal combination that do not really have human worth or value in reality, perhaps somewhere ‘on paper’ only.

    There also have been some player stuff in that excellent and honest blog, but I think the point of that stuff is not to teach men how to pick up women or change men from AFCs into PUA’s, but instead just to INFORM about how the game is played, what kind of guys women actually reward with sex, etc.

    I think it’s just one part of the puzzle, opening people’s eyes so they can see what’s going on, and how the situation is unbearable for ‘regular men’, compared to ‘regular women’, who get so many benefits for free that ‘regular men’ cannot even imagine it all.

    So, please do not disrespect that great blog, perhaps the only place where men can actually discuss about the unfairity they encounter every day in this twisted society, and bring out good points about how things could be better and about everything that’s wrong, how inequal things actually are, and how men should be respected as human beings and citizens just like women always have been (at least more than regular men), and how when talking about men in media (etc), it shouildn’t always be the TOP men, the talk, the laws and the proceedings should also take into account the regular men, and also the low-class men whose lives might be in a very bad shape – like the homeless, which are mostly men, the alcoholics, which are mostly men, the people who are committing suicides, which are mostly men, the most lonely people, which are also mostly men, etc..

    There would be tons of things I would still like to say about this, but I think by now you have got the point already, so I might stop here.

    I personally think, by the way, that being a player is just another way of supplicating to women, by twisting yourself into something you are naturally not, just to get laid.. it kind of raises the value of women above men, to say that men have to adjust to women’s rules, but women do not have to change.

    I mean, sure, I can understand the excitement of it all and the feelings of being empowered, the ego-boost and all that materialistic crap. But in the end pussy is just wet stinkhole with lots of bacteria, and most of those cannot satisfy a man as well as his owmn hand can which much less trouble and work. I mean, why work so hard just to be able to ejaculate into a pussy instead of into a kleenex-type of a paper? Sex isn’t any more amazing thing than eating some delicious dessert. It’s fun and exciting for awhile, but after it’s over, that’s it. And it always comes with potential trouble anyways.. as they say, sex always has a price to pay, even if it’s not a monetary price.

    – Vortac

  • vortac’s father

    “But in the end pussy is just wet stinkhole with lots of bacteria, and most of those cannot satisfy a man as well as his owmn hand can which much less trouble and work.”

    Vortac, my son, if i believed what you are writing on this here blog, you wouldn’t exist

  • Junakohtaus

    Hi Roosh,

    2M translated my post quite correctly. I wouldn’t call my self a hater, but yes, I think you guys have a lot to learn if not about the game, but about life and women in general.

    I just started to screen the scene in my blog after I run into Jani “Romeo” Päivärinta, who is a hilariously funny guy that’s trying to create a PUA legend of himself and does (did, actually)that by poorly translating David DeAngelo and claiming the stuff to be his own. Ever since he quitted I’ve been trying to find something similar but deciding by your first newsletter yesterday, I’ll need to keep on looking.

    Junakohtaus’s last blog post: Ei yhtymäkohtia todellisuuteen, kuten todellisuudessakaan ei ole.

  • Brian

    Try, plug in the URL, and select Auto-detect to English. It is not perfect, but works well enough.


  • Markku

    When the topic is the Winter War one of the first things that come up is the battle of Raate in the middle of the 1300 km long front, already a very sparsely populated area. That battle is actually quite unrepresentative of the entire Winter War. Most of the action was on the Carelian Isthmus in the southeast part of the country. Regular warfare was typical of that part of the country.

    Wikipedia explains it in detail and with links to additional information and sources:

  • Latroy Glastonbury

    It’s a small world after all.

  • DF

    Damn, those Finns are warriors but you would never know it from their somewhat shy visage. Last time I fucked a Finnish girl she cried out during an orgasm, “HA OOH, HA OOH, HA OOH! I am with you sire! For Sparta, for freedom, to the death!” Nearly scared the shit out of me but now it makes sense.

  • roissy

    DF, lol. you live in NYC right? was her name paivi?

    roissy’s last blog post: Roissy Portrait.

  • GMoney

    This is what I got on the translater, needs some polishing.

    “Swedish Army to the women fighters the fire is held by underpants

    The women got excited about to uncover her chest of theirs on discussion column. If its blogin on readers a compulsive need to demonstrate appears its things or others lärpäkkeitään, then make comments.”

  • Henry

    The tranlator needs a bit of work…

    The translation was from this article

    There are beatiful Swedish army troops showing their new fireproof underpants in the picture.

    Henry’s last blog post: Naiset jyräävät Yhdysvalloissa.

  • Finnsanity

    Some aspects and weird facts of “Finnishness”:

    By the way, when Vikings attacked Finns, Finnish women fight shoulder to shoulder with Finnish men.

    That´s was first time Vikings were not succeeded.

  • Rigoberto

    Finnish girls are overrated. Hot as fuck, but probably more frigid then American women.

  • Vortac

    In fact, finnish girls are not hot at all. They are boring, fat, ugly and so dull-looking that it’s sometimes almost impossible for me to understand why would anyone want to bang them, let alone marry them, yeech. Then again, anything looks pretty to young man in heat, I suppose. :)

    Who is rating finnish girls ‘over’ anyways? I mean, how are they overrated? I have never heard anyone say anything good about finnish girls, heh. (except the typical AFC’s and profeminists and feminists and such of course, but that’s expected)

    The men who come from different countries have told, however, that finnish women are ‘easy’ and ‘sluts’ and all that. Perhaps because those exciting foreigner types are such a wonderful prospect that women just fight over who gets to sleep with them. Some people call this a type of racism, as some women sleep with those men also so they can boast on their ‘wide cultural experience’ ..

    But to finnish men, and finnish-looking men finnish girls probably seem frigid. (except for PUA’s, who probably don’t meet many frigid women anyway, heheh)

    – Vortac

  • Rigoberto

    Well, vortac, my ex must have been an exception to the rule. She was about 5’10”, 125lbs and had the most perfect body I ever saw on a woman. Too bad she was frigid, it was truly a waste of a good body and face.

  • Markku

    It’s pathetic to generalize from narrow personal experience.

    I’m a Finn who has visited Russia a few times. Young womenfolk on the streets tend to look better in Russia than in Finland. Why? Because Russian chicks are, on average, in clearly better shape physically. Obesity is very rare in Russia among people under 30 years of age.

    This is pure speculation but I suspect Russian women are, on average, more materialistic than Finnish women simply because income inequality is much greater in Russia and because Finnish women value their financial and occupational independence more highly – gender roles are more traditional in Russia.

  • Jessica

    I used to hook it with a Finnish DJ from time to time – VERY memorble. Finns are incredible lovers. You should seek one out.

    Jessica’s last blog post: Guardian Angel.

  • A2

    What’s so hard to decipher about being a cocksucking faggot?

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