Does Armpit Odor Make Me Irresistible To Women?

I knew a guy who had atrocious armpit odor. Because of its signature scent I could walk into a crowded room and know if he was there or not. As a result he made me more uncomfortably aware of whatever funk I was putting out. I started trimming my pit hair and masking the area with Axe-like deodorants. The spray would work for twelve hours or so until my man odor would mix with the perfume, resulting in a smell that was worse than my odor alone.

I settled on an unscented anti-perspirant. This means my natural musk would be on full display at night many hours after I showered (if I showered at all).

Since I don’t wear tank tops on dates, there was no problem when I wore t-shirts because the odor wasn’t strong enough to escape the sleeve cuffs. It’s after I finished servicing the girl in bed and laid next to her, all sweaty from four minutes of serious thrusting, that the odor was on full display.

When a girl lays on me after sex, she settles her head right on my breast, mere inches away from my arm pit. I got ready for girls to relax in this position, catch a whiff, and then cringe away. But that never happened; they never moved. Were they hard of smelling?

Then there was this husky girl I had sex with who laid on me in a way that her nose was one inch away from my pit. She was right there. But she stayed there and fell asleep. If anything she got closer.

I am forced to conclude that women like a man who smells like a man instead of chemicals mixed in a factory. I was made to think that my musk is foul and must be hidden, but my experience shows it’s probably a strong attractant. If there is something large corporations pushes you to “solve” with their products (perfumes, razors, dress shoes, vests, bar soap), there’s a good chance that doing the opposite attracts more women. At the least it will attract a more natural woman who isn’t a closet lesbian that hates the male body and all its glorious secretions.

As for that friend who had bad odor, I never said anything because he always had a pretty girl on his arm. We never figured out how he did it…

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