Don’t Let Your Game Atrophy Over Time

The reason you developed game in the first place will no longer be relevant when you achieve the sex life you had originally desired. You’ll experiment less, approach less, and be less motivated to make new adjustments that are needed in an ever changing environment. In this atrophy phase, the efficiency of your game will decrease, and the only way to get results of your immediate past is to approach a greater quantity of women.

My game peaked by the end of 2012. I had been in Europe for two years and had developed a workable game to get me the women I wanted. I was satisfied with my flag count, my notch count, and the quality I was getting, so there was no reason to try harder at getting laid. I no longer sought out the challenge of the game. I decreased my experimentation and executed what I already knew worked. I became more resentful of having to be an entertaining clown to women so I toned down the more exciting parts of my personality.

Most significantly, I did less approaches. Instead of going into a nightclub three times a week to do ten approaches each, I was approaching far less in the club and replacing it with only one or two approaches in the day time. I went from 40 or more approaches a week to often less than 10.

My date game was atrophying as well. I used to tell long strories that would reveal my most positive attributes, but now I was relying mostly on touching and witticisms alone to escalate to sex. I have one love story from Brazil that always gets a great emotional reaction from women—sometimes even eliciting tears—but I stopped telling it because it was too long. I got too lazy.

The atrophy hit me in summer 2014 while in Ukraine. For a place I had been to before, I was getting less than before on a similar quantity of approaches. I was stubborn initially, refusing to do much about it except approach a bit more, but when that still wasn’t getting me the results I wanted, I started to look at every part of my game. I compared what I was currently doing to my game of the past and was shocked at how much it degraded. I was losing both skill and potency.

For one month I decided to experiment with all components without a focus on results. I needed to re-introduce things I stopped doing and get rid of bad habits I had accumulated after living in a favorable European environment for so long. Here are the changes I made after this month of experimentation:

  • I started to unleash more of my inner clown. I would put the extra effort into making a girl laugh and getting her emotions running higher.
  • I started to qualify girls more, asking them questions about their accomplishments that hinted at me being highly selective.
  • I started to tell longer stories which casually described cool or great things I’ve done in the past.
  • I started to talk more about my work and the passion for truth and knowledge that drives it, though I stopped short of showing them a copy of Poosy Paradise.
  • I became much less tolerant of flakey and wishy-washy girls, moving on if they showed hints of disprespect early in the interaction.
  • In the case where a same day bang was not possible, I started asking for dates, not numbers, to decrease the time I wasted with bad prospects.
  • I was much more aggressive on the first date with sealing the deal (I had for some reason become less urgent with it).
  • I started to add phone calls to my normal texting game (I found that girls are more eager to see me when they hear the sound of my voice before planning a date).
  • I dabbled in internet game during my day’s downtime when I wasn’t doing much, making sure of course that it didn’t interfere with face-to-face approaches.

I was in the middle of a cold streak during this experimentation: I had been dumped by Anna and then suffered a bad vacation in Turkey. I came back to Odessa without any prospects and a game that was rusty, but if there’s one quality that men have, it’s being able to work hard and make adjustments. Within a month after my game re-building project, where I spent at least 60 minutes a day on game experimentation, I made love to two Ukrainian girls within a 48 hour period. It wasn’t a rock star achievement by any means, but it was a nice way to end the cold streak while fixing my game problems.

If there’s anything I learned from this experience, it’s that relying on approaches alone to get you a desirable sex life is only a partial solution becomes you will get less excited with the prospect of sex as you get older. At that point, you will need a more potent game that gets you a bang based on less approaches, but such potency can only come from thoughtful experimentation and analysis of what you’re doing in addition to seeking out niches that cater to your strengths. When you’re 35 years old and unwilling (or unable) to go to the club four times a week, and can’t spend two hours a day approaching 10 girls on the street, you’ll have to depend more on game ability (brains) instead of raw effort.

It’s important to check your game at least once a year for its effectiveness. Is it working as well as in the past? Are you having to put in more effort for the same reward? If not then your game could be atrophying, and the right steps must be taken to increase it back to its former glory. If you work smart enough, you may even surpass your previous results.

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