Don’t Listen To A Foreign Guy On How To Pick Up His Country’s Women

When you go to a new country with no knowledge of the local women, your instinct will be to ask a local guy in your age range. Since he’s more of an expert than you are, he must have some golden tips to help your cause, right? Unfortunately you’re wrong. The last person you should ask for pickup tips is a local guy, for two reasons:

1. A local guy picking up a girl will always be different from a foreign guy doing the same. The approach will be different, the conversation will be different, the vibe will be different, and the length of time to get her in bed will be different. His typical bang will not mirror yours.

2. Local guys love to cockblock foreign men. Let’s be real: you’re going to his country to fuck his women and he knows it. Since chances are he has much more pride for his country’s women than you do for American women, he will steer you down the wrong path and give you bullshit advice. I’ve lost count of how many times foreign guys gave me pickup advice that was the opposite of what ended up working. Was he ignorant or trying to trick me? Probably a combination of both. While an American player is more likely to believe in a model of abundance and is more willing to share game with another guy, foreign guys think that if you get laid it will come directly at his expense.

If you want to learn basic knowledge from foreign men, one way is to listen to his actual stories. Make him tell you about the last few girls he’s fucked and how it went down while ignoring his editorial comments. That may give you some useful information, but the problem with that is they lie. The most beta foreign guy will make it seem like he fucks all the time and sex is easy for him, even though his body language and lack of women or game skill suggest otherwise. Two weekends of hard work in any country will tell me more about game than any local guy can.

If you want to build a social circle, befriend local girls in the 6 range, who don’t mind welcoming foreign guys into their group (there is sure to be at least one available 7 or 8 in that crew). If a local guy wants to be your friend, I’ll bet one month of book sales he doesn’t know any cute girls who are single. Why would a local guy welcome a competitor if his social circle has hot girls he wants to fuck? I know I wouldn’t, and I’m one of the most generous guys I know.

When it’s time for you to get tips on the local women, ask men from your country who have traveled there. Avoid interactions with local guys as much as possible because they will cockblock you at some point, whether consciously or not. I’m real hesitant to mix with local guys who deep inside I know don’t want me to pillage their women. Don’t underestimate the amount of shame a local guy feels when you’re fucking his women and he’s not.

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