Drama, Vodka, Sex, and Blood

Before I came to Denmark, Henrik introduced me to his Swedish fuck buddy over Skype. At that time I was planning to go to Sweden, so he was trying to do me a favor by setting me up with a local. The Swede and I friended each other on Facebook.

Unfortunately, he told her about my blog. It was upsetting to her since she was a diehard feminist, as most Swedish girls are. Our subsequent chats consisted of her bitching me out about my sexist beliefs, so I was forced to remove her on Facebook and block her on Skype. She’ll become important later.

Henrik adamantly refused to take my advice on dating a new dream girl he had met right before I came to Copenhagen. She proceeded to dump him after the second date, before they could do more than kiss. He was much less responsive to my ideas than when we were in Rio. It seemed that spending a year in Copenhagen with his old friends had caused him to fully regress to being a nice guy.

For the first month, Henrik and I went out one or two nights a week, reliving some of our Rio days. We joked about how our friendship was unlikely since we believed essentially the opposite of everything, especially women. He was a romantic beta who wanted a long-term relationship, and I the shallow gash hound who just wanted to fuck something for the night.

Over the next few weeks, I started to develop a mild resentment that he didn’t see things the way I did, even when I led by example. How could he not come to the same conclusions I had? Why did he insist on spitting a game that made it harder to get with women? A crack in the friendship developed when one night I got angry at him after he pulled me away from talking to a girl at last call. The reason? He was “bored.” He wanted entertainment while I was focused on getting laid.

I tried my best to rationalize how much his friendship meant to me, but now he was doing actual harm. I began to see only the negatives. Instead of bickering with him like my instinct was telling me, I realized that with only one more month remaining in Denmark it would be best to just take it easy until I left. There was no point burning a bridge when in all likelihood our friendship was going to dissipate anyway.

One night I convinced him to go out with me to a bar. He met a tall Polish girl. They connected quickly and the following Friday he invited me out to dinner and drinks with her and her friend. It sounded like a four or five-hour affair, so I asked him to send me a picture of the friend. If she was at least a 6, I’d go. She turned out to be a beast, so I told him, “Thanks, but no thanks.”

Then he disappeared. I didn’t hear from him in more than a week, even though we had been contacting each other almost every day. He finally messaged me to say he was going on a two-week trip with his buddy Paul to the Middle East.

During the three weeks I didn’t see him, I experienced a hot streak. It felt like pussy was falling from the sky. I was getting so much more going out alone than with Henrik as my wingman that I began thinking hard about our friendship. I concluded that we were friends because of my loneliness, not because we were a good match.

In no way did I blame him for not getting laid. I take full responsibility for my sex life, but his absence made me realize that I no longer needed him, or any other guy, to help me meet women. I didn’t need a guy to put me in a social mood, and I didn’t need him to wing me. A can of worms opened up where I asked myself what was more important to my life, friendship or casual sex.

Fast forward a month to my last Saturday night in Copenhagen. Henrik came back from his trip and I was genuinely excited to hang out with him for what would probably be the last time. He told me he had invited one of his friends for my goodbye celebration. It turned out to be the same Swedish girl who had beefed with me online.

I was annoyed, but tried to keep a positive attitude, saying I’d be nice to her. I went to my favorite bar and told him to meet me there.

While waiting alone, I talked to three friendly Danish girls, one of whom I took a liking to. Our conversation was going well when all of a sudden an ugly hog came between us and started stroking my arm.

“Excuse me, but I’m having a conversation with someone,” I said to her.

She didn’t move. I increased my volume: “I can’t talk to you right now, so can you please move?” I wasn’t surprised because it has actually happened before where Danish beasts had come up to me and refused to take no for an answer. Then I saw Henrik out of the corner of my eye, laughing. It turned out that the beast was the Swedish girl.

I put on a fake smile and politely asked the Swedish girl if she would move so I could resume my conversation.

“You don’t like me, do you?” the Swedish girl asked.

“You’re very quick.”

“But why not?”

“Look, I don’t want to talk to you. I don’t like you, and now you’re interrupting my conversation with someone. Leave me alone.”

She walked away while giving me the middle finger. I resumed my chat with the Danish girl. Ten minutes later, the Swedish girl interrupted us again.

I looked at Henrik and said, “Hey buddy, thanks a fucking lot for bringing this stupid bitch here on my last night. That’s how much my friendship means to you, huh?”

“I’m not a bitch!” the Swedish girl shouted.

“Yes, you are. A stupid, ugly, fat, cockblocking bitch. Now get the fuck out of my face.”

“Don’t try to intimidate me!”

Then Henrik said, “Don’t talk that way about my friends.”

“So now she’s your friend and I’m not. Okay man, I see how it is. Well you know what? She can fuck off and so can you.”

“You’re just being angry now,” Henrik said.

“No shit I’m angry. What kind of friend are you? You know it’s my last night and you bring a girl who gives me shit and then cockblocks me. You disappear for a week because I don’t want to go on some lame double date. Fuck all that.”

“And do you know why I disappeared on you? Because I was trying to teach you the value of friendship for not wanting to hang out with me and my girl’s friend.”

The bar was dark, but my face was shining a molten red. I felt ambushed, like it had been his plan to start drama with a girl he already knew had been giving me problems.

I said, “Hold on, let me get this straight. You ditched me because I didn’t want to waste a Friday night with your girl’s ugly ass friend? Are you my dad, trying to teach me a lesson?” I took my phone out of my pocket, removed the SIM card he had given me when I arrived in Copenhagen and threw it at him. “Take your fucking SIM card and go fuck off with that ugly fat bitch. FUCK YOU!”

Did I overreact? Possibly, but I didn’t want a friend who was capable of making me that upset. Our friendship, spanning two continents and seventeen months, was over. They walked away and left the bar.

The Danish girl I’d been talking to witnessed my temper tantrum, freaked out, and also walked away. I was no longer in any mood to talk to girls. I just wanted to go home, but it felt like that was what Henrik and the Swedish girl would have wanted. I decided to stay. In the next hour, I slowly got my mood back. I focused on drinking vodka from my spot, making small talk with the guys and girls around me.

I started chatting with a 28-year-old woman. Things were going well, but then I got into a heated argument with a drunk Danish guy who almost pushed me off my chair as he tried to get a drink at the bar. I told him to stop, he didn’t, and we were on the verge of blows until his friend broke it up. He was considerably bigger than me, but I had so much anger bubbling underneath that I was ready to fight and get beat up. The Danish woman walked away. Scandinavians are a peaceful bunch that don’t like displays of violence or aggression.

I was very edgy, but tried my best to remain calm. I knew I was failing when a gay guy came up to me and said, “Man, you look really pissed!”

Two ugly girls approached me but I didn’t indulge them for long. It was getting late and I was losing hope. Sure, my mood could’ve been better, but there just weren’t any cute girls to talk to. I sat in silence for what seemed like forever, stewing about the night’s events, when two young girls came into the bar. I forced myself to approach.

“You guys don’t look like you’re from here,” I said. I went through the motions until a conversation hooked. I ended up talking to the blonde while her brunette friend flirted with the bartender.

The night before, I stupidly told girls I was leaving “in a few days.” I went home alone, without a number or a kiss, the first time I’d gotten absolutely nothing since flying solo without Henrik. I’m positive my knightly honesty was the reason why. I find it weird that even when a girl wants a one-night stand, she needs to be able to rationalize it by saying to herself that a relationship could have developed.

I learned from my mistake. When the blonde asked me when I was leaving, I said, “I live here,” even though my flight was scheduled to leave in four days. Twenty minutes later I was making out with her while the friend was making out with the bartender. I bought a round of drinks and soon it was almost five a.m. I asked if she wanted to go. She said, “I can’t leave without my friend.”

Her friend told us she wanted to wait for the bartender until he was done closing the bar. Of course she didn’t want to wait alone, so the three of us sat on a bench outside, in the cold, for an hour.

My girl was falling asleep, so I talked gibberish to keep her awake. Finally the bartender came and took the friend away. I said to my girl, “Do you want to hang out at my place for a little while?”

“Yes, but we can only sleep.”

“That’s fine,” I said. “I’m tired anyway.”

We walked to my apartment.

Once on my bed clothes began coming off, but I was getting a shitload of resistance. She said, “I’m not very experienced at this.” She was 18 years old.

I said, “We can take it easy and slow, no rush.” Then I uttered the biggest lie of the night: “I want it to feel good for you. I’m not worried about me.”

It worked.

The poor girl was so self-conscious that she didn’t even like it when I looked at her pussy to do the insertion, and insisted on leaving her shirt on. Centimeter by centimeter, I worked it in by feel with the help of about a gallon of lube.

I can assure you that the sex didn’t feel good for her, but toward the end I could get some rhythm going and actually busted my nut. Then I saw all the blood on my bed.

The sex was awful, but I didn’t care because wounding that 18-year-old pussy left my dick hard until she left. I don’t know why, but the fact that she was thirteen years younger than me aroused me tremendously. She asked if I wanted to hang out again and I told her maybe, but I’d be out of town for a while. I didn’t feel at all bad or guilty about what I did.

I never spoke to Henrik again.

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  • http://www.themastersoffate.com Invictus III

    There are friends that get the group laid and those that fuck it up for everyone. Going it alone is often the most surefire solution to your cockblocking friends. Great post man as always.

  • Anonymous

    ” It was upsetting to her since she was a diehard feminist, as most Swedish girls are.”

    Have you ever been to Sweden?

  • Tampa

    I’ve gotten to the point where I just prefer to roll out alone. I get tired of trying to justify my desire to get pussy with a bunch of dude’s who want to drop 50 bucks at the bar talking about sports.

  • Marmot

    I’m not going to judge you on any of this, but I would have swallowed the anger, smiled and tolerated everything. If you have hundreds of bangs behind you, including some in Denmark, what does it mean to let go of one more for the sake of preserving a friendship?

    Henrik was arrogant and self-righteous at that moment, and kept atrocious company, but you two had shared lots of good times before. I don’t think I’d let go of that. Yes, you were rewarded for your conviction and sticking to your beliefs by busting hot young (virgin) pussy later, but I still think that, in the long run, it wasn’t worth it.

    On the other hand, this only shows how transient friendships (and relationships) made after childhood really are. Once they’re all grown up, people are often too focused on their own goals and too sure of their worldview to bond with others with the same strength as before.

    Very interesting story.

  • Sai

    I dont condemn him for acting out against the danish dude, friendships are meant to be alive, breathing relationships with life force and a future and not something to politely put in the window for the looks..
    na zdrowie!

  • charon

    “I didn’t want a friend who was capable of making me that upset.”

    If a friend can’t make you upset, he’s not really your friend because you don’t care about him.

  • seeker of truth

    I’ve been to Sweden, lived there a few years, and that is true for a large percentage of the women there. Of course there are exceptions, but there are exceptions to every rule.

    You sound like the kind of guy who thrives on splitting hairs and trying to find intellectual flaws in everything someone says.

  • AssNeck

    What did the feminazi want, to be friends with you after she hectored you about your non-feminist views?

    I am not surprised that she looked like a pig. All the feminists do.

  • seeker of truth

    I’m going through something similar with a friend of mine, Roosh. The lesson I have learned is that a relationship can last and be healthy only as long as the parties involved have more goals and ideas in common than not. In the initial phase of your friendship, you were possibly in that situation, when you had more stuff in common (feelings of having stuff in c”common” being amplified by loneliness, as you mentioned). For example, you were both travelling, both adventurous in a way, both seeking pussy (I guess he was too, since he was so far outside his comfort zone, in Brazil), both liked using your minds/intellects to process your circumstances and experiences, and possibly related on other grounds like sense of humor, etc…but with time, once those initial emotions are exchanged and exhausted, and the differences in your outlooks (that were always there, but easier to ignore in the past due to your having other commonalities) start to become more apparent and it become harder to maintain a friendship.

  • Ghibli


    I would agree with what you say only if that douche bag Henrik didn’t get to know Roosh and what his aim is when he is going out at night. But he knew the deal. Would I want Roosh to be my friend? Is he a Machiavellian? Bros before whores? These questions are irrelevant. Henrik is a douche bag and is lucky Roosh did not punch him in the face considering Roosh’s claim to be an alpha and not giving a shit what people think about him!

    Teaching him a lesson, who the fuck does he think he is? It’s like that with most Scandinavian people, they think they are better than the rest of the world, judging people etc. Most Swedes blame the US and Russia for the wars, poverty in Africa while the country they are very proud of belonging to is one of the biggest arms exporter on the face of the earth. They think they are very good educated but I met a lot of ignorant fucks from there who don’t even do the required knowledge before having a say about the topics being discussed.

    Uptight bastard, I got pissed even reading it which means it was a good read Roosh, thumbs up!

    PS: Every friendship, relationship we have is based on trade, what you give and how it makes you feel, what you get and how it makes you feel. Some are purer, some depend merely on benefits but still it is a trade as you spend resources (time, money) to meet the person and in return feel happier or get involved in a social circle, or have sex…

  • Cliff Arroyo

    “what does it mean to let go of one more for the sake of preserving a friendship?”

    “If a friend can’t make you upset, he’s not really your friend because you don’t care about him.”

    Addicts don’t have any friends except for their addiction. Not a single one.

    They might have acquaintances that don’t get in the way of their addiction but that’s all.

    The addiction here isn’t sex, it’s getting away with lying and manipulation.

  • Wow

    you sound like one very troubled man.

    First of all, it’s clear your story of what happene is a very biased account, written solely to get back at your old friend in a petty, vicious, bitchy way. It was almost like reading a gay male episode of sex in the city.

    Secondly, your behavior and attitude of valueing some random girl you meet in a bar overhonor, loyalty, empathy, and compassion makes me realize how deeply selfish this entire experience has made you. Where have your morals gone? Or is pussy the only moral compass you now have? I am ashamed of you as man.

    I’m a guy who has slept with 200+ women in countries around the world. I even know guys who met YOU in real-life. It’s now clear that you are a sociopath. You care about no one, male or female, and you have become very, very ugly on the inside.

    As a man who lives the international life you wish you had, I urge you to take a long, hard look at yourself. You are no longer a man. You’ve become a bitch.

  • doclove

    I’m a 44 year old man. I first started reading GAME blogs including this blog by Roosh and books since 2009. Over 20 years ago knowing much less than I did starting in 2009 and certainly now, I could have told you that if you asked a male friend to go on a (double) date with an ugly or otherwise disagreeable woman, you are asking for a lot, and it would be understandable if he refused. If your male friend dated or even talked to a woman he found undesirable for your sake meant you owed this a friend a big favor or a few small favors which I knew over 20 years ago. I also understood over 20 years ago that intentionally cockblocking in most circumstances(exceptions: dangerous woman, crazy trying women, venereal diseases or pregnancies)a male friend from getting sex from a woman was a bad idea and should not be done if you wanted to maintain your friendship with him. Even unintentionally cockblocking a friend or getting upset and acting in unacceptable ways because your male friend did not want to date an undesirable woman could ruin your friendship, and I knew this over 20 years ago.

    I knew all of these things I mentioned above 20 years before “Mystery” Erik Von Markovick and “Style” Neil Strauss published their books starting in the late 1990s. I never even heard of these men nor their books until 2009, and still I knew better on at least some, but not all or maybe even most things regarding GAME.

    I probably would not have cut Henrik off from friendship, but I would have reduced its importance and would have limited our interactions as much as possible to more agreeable situations for me. I don’t have anything against Roosh for doing what he did concerning how he handled his friendship with Henrik. I may have done the same as Roosh as in getting angry, stating clearly why I was angry and ending the friendship with Henrik.

  • The Specimen

    Some friends just salt game and that’s how it is. I solved the problem by compartmentalizing. I only go out and game alone or with a select few wings that complement my style. Otherwise, when I hang with my buddies, things aren’t centered around picking up and banging chicks.

    Your boy was being a dick, and you told him off. Don’t see why that should end the friendship unless you really just don’t like the guy. If you haven’t almost come to blows with (our at least cursed out) your best friends at done point, they probably aren’t very good friends.

  • http://kingpajamacat.com dave

    Good story. Reminds me of a journal article on seinfeld I read recently, where the author pointed out that it is our “shared vices that unite us, not the ratification of our virtues.” This story confirmed that for me.

  • greenlander

    Wow, great story Roosh.

  • seeker of truth

    @Cliff Arroyo: Are you still a virgin?

  • Jamison

    Why does your friendship with him have to be based on going out and getting laid? Why can’t you just be friends with him outside that context like hanging out with him without worrying about getting laid?

  • silent

    How are you guys defending Henrik? ‘Friend’ and ‘block’ don’t belong together in the same sentence. Friends are supposed to enable.

    Either you fuckers are shitty friends, or are blockers yourselves.

  • V.

    I agree with Silent. Obv. the people defending Henrik are fucking pussies. There’s no need to use eloquent language to describe people who are of that particular disposition.

  • Anonymous

    You were right to ditch Henrik by the looks of things. A few days ago I was explaining to my dad what ‘cockblocking’ was. He said “that’s disgusting behaviour, nobody who does that is a friend”. Friends do not do this shit to each other.

  • ADS

    While this lifestyle doesn’t seem altogether healthy, congrats on telling the Swedish femcunt to fuck off and confronting Henrik.

    Any anonymous 2, of course the majority of Swedish women hold nutcase feminist views. Sweden is the most feminist country in the world and even our conservative politicians can’t shut the hell up about how feminist they are.

    We’re at the point where publicly stating that there are *ANY* significant inate differences between men and women is considered dangerously subversive. As well as doing a damn god run at becoming world champions of auto-genocide through importing vast amounts of immigrants with quadruple our birth rate and zero human capital. Sweden’s just as far away from a sane society as North Korea or Afghanistan.

  • Odds

    Any long time reader who is halfway intelligent could read between the lines and realize there was a falling out. You were excited to see him again and then when you arrived, there was almost a complete absence of reference to him.

  • http://rationalmale.wordpress.com Rollo Tomassi

    This is a textbook example of why I say the ‘Bros Before Hos’ line is just what beta chumps tell each other when they’re in between girlfriends. It’s this lame attempt to make their necessity (in this case comradery) a virtue.

    Law 10: Infection: Avoid the Unhappy and Unlucky

    You can die from someone else’s misery— emotional states are as infectious as diseases. You may feel you are helping the drowning man but you are only precipitating your own disaster. The unfortunate sometimes draw misfortune on themselves; they will also draw it on you. Associate with the happy and fortunate instead.

  • Anonymous

    First time I read this, it made absolutely no sense to me. After a second reading, it sounds like some kind of cultural miscommunication. The feminist was Henrik’s FWB, so he obviously didn’t see her obnoxiousness. Maybe he invited her to try to avoid cockblocking Roosh, which had happened in the past when Henrik got bored and wanted company. The FWB would keep him company so Roosh could game. The screwup was that he didn’t realize that his FWB would make such a scene. She’s the one that deserves the scorn, IMO, not Henrik.

  • Anonymous

    Do you think the chick was a virgin?

    [Roosh: I asked... she said no.]

  • Nine Furies

    Fuck that bitch ass faggot henrick. Good thing you cut him off but you really shouldve punched him at least in the gut and then punched the fem hog too.

    I dunno maybe that wouldve got you arrested but fuck that whole situation wouldve made me blow up in a caveman rage. What a fuckin PUSSY that guy is. In fact that would probably build some character in his weak ass brittle boned body. To get the absolute shit beat out of him by another man for being such a disrespectful cunt.

  • http://www.pofdomination.com Bigfoot

    Henrik seems like a massive cockblock.

    Most guy friends would not behave like him, for one nobody would pressure another guy to go on a double date with a beast.

    I’m pretty sure this is common practice everywhere. Guys don’t force their guy friends to hook up with beasts. If someone does take one for the team its honored as a great sacrifice instead of an obligation.

  • SamBellamy

    You are a great story teller Roosh. I actually felt myself getting angry reading that shit. Can you imagine one of our friends pulling that shit.

    It seems Scandanavians are big time pussy worshiping passive aggressive twats. They make American white guy betas look masculine. “I wanted to teach you value of friendship” Hahahahahaha

  • theakinet

    Julian Assange: “Sweden is the Saudi Arabia of feminism.”

  • Anonymous

    You might find this funny, but its highly important to keep friendships as it is good for the soul. And friendships should be free of self-interest, otherwise they are not real friendships.

    What you need to do next time with friends who you find cock-blocking is to simply change the time that you interact with them i.e. when you are not trying to get laid. Rather than get angry.

    Since you are very successful in getting laid, you may want to actively schedule days of the week where you devote time solely to friendship and other higher human pastimes. Like 2 out of 7 days, and the rest you indulge :)

    Otherwise you run the risk of becoming a sex automaton, which might sound like a great thing but is in fact very, very dangerous…psychologically at least

  • skeet_game

    who thinks #12 is a playboy as he (she?) claims to be and who thinks he (she?) is a bitch?

    ima go with cranky little bitch

  • G

    Not good if you felt no guilt for destroying the young girl under those circumstances/false pretenses. To feel zero guilt for that one is a big red flag.

  • hoobie

    Great story…Inspirational..

    Gives all men hope.

    Its very hard to find a wingman that is positive and open minded.

    That is why, we all must go out alone.

  • Falcon

    It often leads to trouble when two buddies let girls and their issues come between them or even near them. Unless the rules are made very clear upfront. And a good friendship between to guys should never end over girls.

  • Falcon

    What surprises me a bit is Henrik’s attitude toward his girls at home after having been in Brazil and all.

  • BOO

    Is everyone missing the best part of the story?

    Roosh deflowered an eighteen-year-old girl.

    +1 for the Rooshman.

  • P

    #31 has a point. Friendship has its own value. You need balance. It’s not so bad to have male friends who you hang out with just for friendship’s sake, without trying to get girls.

  • Aleph

    The feminist baiting in here is hilarious.

  • http://www.absoluteability.com Tony D

    Roosh is a character in his own story. That all.

  • Val Cosmos

    Poor story but interesting read. Henrik is a douchbag and I`m surprised you, Roosh, kept him near you for so long. As for a young girl, I think she was a virgin but said she was not fearing you would not plunge. She wanted to lose her virginity, so she used you just as much as you used her. After all you did your “job” with her perfectly and she should only be grateful it was Roosh and not one of local idiots.

  • tyler

    i loved this story. your “just dont give a shit attitude” is awesome. keep up the good work!

  • Spiralina

    Roosh, you’re a deeply damaged and messed up human being. The path you’re going down now is like watching a train wreck in slow motion.

    But I’ll be damned if it isn’t an entertaining one.

  • http://www.vksempireofdirt.com Virgle Kent

    If a friendship doesn’t help you move forward then it’s only holding you back.

    Like I always say there are rules to this shit. Henrik was different cause now he was at home base, he was surrounded by his friends and family in familiar surroundings. It was natural for him to revert to his Beta life because he had nothing to lose. But in South America he didn’t have these comforts so he had to adapt to Roosh’s thinking and bonding to get laid.

    To me as one of Roosh’s best friend reading this it felt like Henrik used Roosh’s friendship and knowledge when it suited him in South America but in Sweden he didn’t return the favor, but any secret hate he had built up all this time came to light.

  • Long time reader

    Rosh, man. Reading your blog for the pat three years has been great, but you are clearly in a serious downward spiral. Maybe take some time off to refocus. You don’t even sound like you are enjoying it anymore.

  • Leo

    You’re such a mess. I almost feel sad for you.

  • bill

    Henrik is actually the one violating the rule of bros before hos. It seems to me he probably set this affair up and used Roosh as a prop so he could present himself as the good little feminist to the femcunt.

  • Anonymous

    I think you are in love with your Danish friend

  • Anonymous

    VK right on the money.

  • A

    Your friend was being an asshole, and it makes sense to avoid further contact with him. That said, if you had been a little bit nicer to the Swedish girl when she approached you in the bar, you could have still gotten laid, and avoided this whole thing.

    The story of lying to the virgin girl, having sex with her, and then not calling back sounds slightly sociopathic. Not too much, but I would keep a check on it.

  • http://www.smartdaygame.com/ Bogs

    Imho you did smart things with this AFC friend of yours. Difficult people remain difficult. Even in the community itself you see guys who been in game for 4-5 years and even they have some rotten spot inside themselves.

    You always better off with people who are on same page as you.

  • rokiroo

    I really liked this story. It was entertaining and well written. But the thing I liked best was its brutal honesty.

    My feeling is that you put a lot of importance to casual sex, that can put a strain of friendships at times. In regards to Henrik, it wouldn’t have killed you to tell him you could only commit to 2 hours with the Polish girls. With friends, you sometimes need to compromise.

    Henrik should not have brought that Swedish girl to your party if he knew how much you disliked her. If he had a problem with your behaviour, he should have contacted you and thrashed it out. Not contacting friends to teach a lesson is childish. I think we’ve all done it, but its not the best way to solve a problem.

    Great story Roosh. I don’t agree with everything you say, but I like your style, drive and straightness. Keep it up!

    Thanks for the

  • tyler

    what’s up with all these pussy mama boys saying what a bad thing it was you you to tell your loser friend to fuck off and to fuck a virgin? what the fuck were you supposed to do? you did everything right

  • http://littlepdog.com/ littlepdog

    Bros before hoes has merit, but from way Henrik acted it’s clear he’s not a real bro. You can’t form a friendship based on swooping girls with someone whose views are different from yours, or who cockblocks you and undermines you. Sometimes you need to let a wing go.

  • anon

    i guess you really know yourself, know what you value. That’s cool, I guess. But if you really care more about one more bang than your friendship, especially because you get laid more than 99% of guys, then you’re one in a million.

  • Jake

    Bravo. Anything less than that would have been compromising yourself for the questionable standards and priorities of others.

    The young pussy must be #1.

  • elDuro

    Facts about this post:

    1. It does seem like an gay male version of sex and the city

    2. It looks typical american drama. You probably fucked a friendship because of 1 random night

  • Beowulf

    So you lost a good friend and hurt a young girl and feels good about it. wow, you really are mentally disturbed.

  • http://insideawomansmind.wordpress.com Dins

    Oh my God, you really -are- a bastard. *laughs*

  • dragnet

    Stone cold.


    Roosh is a God.

    Let the haters hate. They can choke on their hatred for Roosh for all I care.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Jack

    “So you lost a good friend and hurt a
    young girl and feels good about it. wow,
    you really are mentally disturbed.”

    Then why would the young girl asked roosh to hang out with her again if she felt hurts?

  • http://hashjazz.com Hash

    Henrik didn’t sound too friendly, who gets upset and blacklists you for a week because you don’t want to go out for a night?

  • http://Exceedandlead.com Fearless

    To all of you scolding RV like your his dad, both Henrik and him are grown men. They both drew their lines in the ground long ago so stfu about bros before hoes. If your friend is poisoning your game after all these years he deserves to get dropped. VK hit it on the head.

  • http://thevelvetrocket.com Justin

    I always love the stories, Roosh. I hope you continue to share them and I can only encourage you to do so more often…

  • traviswillfu

    Roosh you truly are a horrible person.

  • A

    Uhm I got the lame redirect thing after posting comment 50. A pity, I actually generally like your writing, and using what I learned from it, I was able to change parts of my life in a direction I like. Was not aware negative feedback was not wanted. Oh well.

  • Adrian

    Roosh I would have done the same thing about Henrik but did you really have to fuck that girl up? And felt nothing? Thats messed up man

  • Pepini

    Agree w/ VK. Erik was a litle fucker who only pretended to be your friend while you were in Brazil cause that probably suited him. The problem is that no real friendship is made in months. International friendships normally are shallow and void of content. Whoever tells otherwise is lying to be cool. You’ve shoulda punched him with no regrets . That said Roosh your living a life void of content. You’re no clown to be entertaining others
    not even in years.

  • Pepini

    There’s no happy endings just the end you decide. Get some human touch. Enroll on a sport team or university. Sex is great, but you have to be changeled in other areas. Going to north pole just to bang a eskimo wont change anything. Go to France. Get some literature classes.
    BTW to all scandinavians reading this You countries suck. And you suck to. Only germans are worse

  • Pepini

    Pretentious hypocrites assholes too bad the russians disnt’t wipe this scum of the earth. Flock of sheeps with no own life. You are the role model elites want for the world. An homogeneous mass of xenofobic meat. Well beahaved brain dead organism. Fucking christ I see those retards in my country and ask myself who the fuck can consider this morons developed nations??? No wonder you are leaders

  • Pepini

    of suicide rates. The only choice father state let you have. Isn’t it?
    Worse are the finns noveau rich.

  • Pepini

    Why did pussy erik sabotaged you from the begining by telling his swede fuckbody your blog???
    That’s a woman behaviour. Fucking soap opera actress. A good punch in this dUde face for being a litle faggot.

  • JP

    Henrik was what every he die hard feminist wishes to be, a chick with a dick. Case in point, he intentionally cockblocks Roosh because he is bored.

    Then he has the gall to ditch Roosh for several weeks simply because he wouldn’t babysit the Polish Dimpiece’s DUFF(Designated Ugly Fat Friend) in some convoluted attempt to teach him about the value of friendship. Then he tops it all off by sicking his swedish femicunt on Roosh who he must know had a beef with Roosh.

    As for all the dumbasses whiteknighting for the 18 year old Roosh boned, she is not going to read this blog, read the comments, then select your comment and track you down so she can have sex with you. We don’t know anything about her. This will be lost on you but women are more savvy than you think and you would be surprised at some the shit they do outside of the bedroom, and some of the shit they request in it.

    In case Henrik is reading this, Henrik, you are a cockweasel. This friendship endingis your loss, and you are never going to get the quality of woman you want because you turn down good advice from those willing and able to help you. Choke on a bag of dicks.

  • rob

    was the girl supposed to be a virgin her whole life? give me a break. that girl is going to be just like every other girl.. fucking everything in sight like the true whores they are.

    dumbass white knight losers

  • Pingback: Linkage is Good for You: Easter (Again) Edition

  • doclove

    You people criticizing Roosh need to have a reality check. Check out what I said in post 13 above too. There are good reasons to cockblock someone, and I listed most if not all of them above. However, it is a bad idea to ever cockblock a male friend especially if it is intentional. Even if it is a good idea to cockblock someone as is rarely the case, don’t expect the man who has been cockblocked to appreciate what you have done, and do expect him to be angry with you and what you’ve done.

    There is a blogger known as Peter Andrew Nolan formerly known as Globalman who is an occasional blogger over at, an excellent website about prostitution written by Maggie McNeill at http://www.maggiemcneil.wordpress.com whom I don’t always agree with, but who wrote something very wise on an article I can’t find. He said that most heterosexual men would give up one meal in order to have sex with a woman(at least if she is just barely agreeable and desirable to him) because he is more sure that he can always get another meal, but he doesn’t necessarily know when he will ever get sex again from a woman. He deserves credit for what he said. I don’t know him personally and only know him because of blogging. I’m a 44 year old American man, and he is a 48 year old Austrailian man.

    I agree with Peter Andrew Nolan’s assessment which I printed above in the last sentence of the paragraph above, and would like to add some more of my own assessments as well. Even a man who is good at getting sex with women, can be called an Alpha at attracting women for sex and is realistic about his prospects attracting women like Roosh is now has by far more difficulty getting sex than almost any woman does especially if she is realistic about her prospects in attracting men. Even Alpha men to women go dumpster diving for women on occasion which is less frequent among Alpha women. A beta woman and even an omega woman can get sex easier than their male counterparts by far more easily. I dare say that an omega woman usually does not know, understand and have compassion for what it’s like to be a beta male, but she certainly doesn’t know what it’s like to be an omeaga male which Roosh was until he decided to turn it around at age 22, and a decade later has luckily and through smart and hard work has successfully become the Alpha male. Few omeaga women have as much difficulty attracting sex as all omega men. It follows that a beta female can get sex at least as easily as an Alpha male, but rarely has knowledge, understanding and compassion for how difficult it is for a beta male to get sex. A woman will take the meal, because she is more certain of getting sex than her next meal. Most men will dump their ejaculations into women they will not have a relationship with wereas most women will not. Even when women act in slutty or whorish ways, most women will try to hide the fact to protect their reputations in ways and in higher degrees that men typically won’t. The reasons are simple. Men are primarily promiscuous and women primarily consciously or more likely unconsciously practice hypergamy.

  • doclove

    I should have provided a better link to Maggie McNeill’s website above in post 77. It is http://www.maggiemcneill.wordpress.com I hope this helps.

  • doclove

    @ Pepini
    I disagree with you about Germans being worse than Nordic people in particualr the Danes. I’m not saying the Germans are less of cockblockers and are easier to GAME or seduce than the Nordics especially the Danes. I’m not saying they are worse or the same either. I simply don’t know. However, Germany like Holland, Belgium Switzeraland and Austria legally allows prostitution whereas the Nordic Countries like Iceland, Norway, Finland, Sweden and Denmark don’t. In fact Sweden is so bad that it arrests and prosecutes the johns but leaves the whores alone for the most part. Iceland bans stripping too. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Prostitution may or may not help men GAME or seduce amatuers(non prostitute) women. The existence of prostitution doesn’t hurt men in and of itself and more often than not helps men even men who do not engage in prostitution. I’m not advocating that men go to prostitutes as I agree with Roosh that it doesn’t help men to GAME women and when the money is gone to pussy or sex is gone too. However, prostitutes are strike-breakers for the Union of Women or Team Vagina when it comes to sex, and for this reason every man should favor its decriminalization and sensible legalization even if he would never be a john or prostitute customer himself.

  • ponemano

    Henrik didn’t follow a basic man code.Bros before hos, hos before foes.

  • you’ll prob delete me

    wow wat a bitch. and every1 else who blames cockblocking for their own virginity is a bitch too. no matter how much some1 tries to cockblock u, it wont work if the girl really wants u. 2nd ur mate Henrik didnt respect u and u got mad, instead of gaining respect u ran away cause he hurt u. thats not a man thats a bitch, “like omg take ur sim card back dad” *runs away*. and 3rd and wat really made me laugh is the nice addition of the 18 yr old virgin. sure it happend, yep. uh huh.

    two words
    man the fuck up

    this “roosh” doesnt take advantage of women, its men. Young, old, lonely, upset, angry men. who ,instead of working to make themselves better ppl, read these degrading stories. congrats.

  • Luckystar

    There is nothing more satisfying to the soul of a man than deflowering a young girl who is more than a decade your junior. It is the culmination of a true man’s being and an enrichment of his spirit.

    Henrik and his Swedish hog are empty souls. I have experienced the same joy, my friend. There is much merit in our work.

    Great story.

  • Anonymous

    Henrik clearly acted like an asshole, intentionnaly or not. The cockblock was perhaps intented to be a joke, but it shows how stupid he acted. The series of stupid actions you mention here would make me question this friendship, perhaps even earlier than you did. However I would put all the pro and cons of his actions on a balance, and try to weight what matters most to me: Henriks idiotic behavior, or the good guy as I knew him. Of course, here we only got Rooshs version of the story, and it would be good to see HEnriks point of view. Anyway, friends come and go, and sad stories such as this one are sadly part of life. The awful sex afterwards is a good metaphor for a friendship gone awry. Strong story.

  • doclove

    @ Roosh
    I think you deflowered a virgin whether she admits to it or not. It would be very unusual for a woman to bleed after sexual intercouse unless of course she was a virgin and you broke her hymen tissue. I’m not saying she lied to you, but don’t be surprised. Women can come up with all sorts of crazy reasons for lying when it is not necessary

    I hope you go to especailly Germany or even Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and Holland. I’ve heard these countries were different, but very similar to eachother in the same way that the Nordic countries of Iceland, Norway, Sweden,Finland and Denmark are different but more similar to eachother than any other country on Earth. It would be interesting to hear about how to pracice GAME in those places. When I was in the U.S. Army, I heard that if you can’t get laid in Germany through GAME, you can’t get laid anywhere through GAME. Mt Army buddies told me that it didn’t matter because prostitution was legal in Germany even though it wasn’t according to the United States of America’s Uniform Code of Military Justice for any military person anywhere in the world. They said it would be very unlikely to be caught engaging in prostitution though as the German police weren’t helping the American military catch military men engaging in prostitution. I’ve heard that the amatuer(non whore)women in Germany give up sex in Germany fairly easily, but often have disagreeable personalities as they are very stubborn. It would interest me to hear your views on Germany. However, as always, do whatever you want including avoiding Germany if that’s what you want to do. Good luck in your travels, and I look forward to reading about your adventures.

  • http://vash2000us@yahoo.com 20

    Fighting and breaking up is the kind of stuff couples and chicks do with each other.

    Any dude that I hang out with has to meet one piece overriding criteria above all else: “Will I be bored?” If they are interesting and or entertaining then I compartmentalize them with the appropriate group of friends and keep the groups totally seperate. Not all of my bros are pua’s. Just the ones I roll out to the spot with.

  • DaneDude

    @79 doclove, prostitution IS legal in Denmark, get ur fact strate pls

  • don julian

    Your tweet says
    Why is that the more a woman is an anti-rape crusader, the less likely anyone would want to rape her? (pic) http://t.co/ypNharpM

    That woman is almost 50. And she was raped in 1986

    “Back in 1986, when she was 21, Saward was attacked and raped by two men in her home – her father’s vicarage in Ealing, west London – and she became, soon afterwards, a household name. She has since spent much of her life demanding better treatment for rape victims and stronger deterrents for would-be perpetrators. She has helped to set up better training for police officers on issues of sexual violence, supported around 3,000 victims of domestic and sexual assault, and sat on various government bodies on rape and sexual assault.

    It is not the kind of work she could ever have imagined she would be doing – until the moment, on a grey March afternoon, when she was at home with her boyfriend, David Kerr, watching TV, while her father, the Rev Michael Saward, worked on a sermon in his study. Three armed men broke in, high on vodka and Valium. They forced Saward and Kerr into the vicar’s study looking for the cashbox. When they discovered it was empty, the intruders forced Saward upstairs, where two of the men took turns to rape her vaginally, anally and orally, and assault her with the handle of a knife. During the attack, she could hear her father and boyfriend being beaten up. Eventually the rapists tied her up with a skipping-rope and dumped her on her bedroom floor; the men downstairs were left close to death.”

    Saward’s case received further notoriety when the judge gave those responsible longer sentences for the burglary than for the rape. The judge caused controversy when he said “the trauma suffered by the victim was not so very great”.

    With all due respect roosh stupid thoughtless shit like this is probably the main reason you are being targeted by that civil rights group.

  • don julian

    plus this is interesting

    Saward is aware that she doesn’t always say what people want to hear and, when it comes to sex crime, she is not affiliated to any particular political perspective. I last met her at a conference on rape in 1997, where she argued that women who dress scantily should not be surprised if men think they are fair game. Does she still believe this?

    “If Madonna dresses up, and has cones on her chest and a skirt up to her, ahem, waistline, she has a whole load of bouncers protecting her when she goes out,” says Saward. “When you copy Madonna, and go out dressed like that, where are your bouncers? No one tells you about the dangers any more.”

  • WestCoast

    Let me get this straight you helped him get laid in Brasil, he tries to set you up with a fatty and then “teaches you a lesson” by leaving whereby you get laid because he is no longer around… Please tell me how anyone can take Henrik’s side on this, peace out to him. In addition, more impressive is being able to keep your cool and still close out after being a completely bitter mindset.

    To the poster calling you a “sociopath”, this is not sociopathic work i’d venture that 98%+ of men in the world would happily ditch their “close friend” for any 7+ girl to slay on a given night. There are a total of maybe 2 dudes that i know where i would actually catch up with them instead of focusing on slaying if i had not seen them in ages because guess what… thats what our typical night consists of… going out to slay.

  • doclove

    @ DaneDude
    I will take your word that prostitution is legal in Denmark, and I stand corrected. Then why does Roosh describe so many Danish men as acting like mangina kitchen bitches to their girlfriends, and Peter Andrew Nolan describes German men’s behavior towards their women as the opposite? I’m not implying that German men can GAME women, and my American buddies who were Soldiers described German men as not good at GAMING Women. I was an American Soldier who spent time posted in the USA, South Korea, Iraq and Afghanistan. When I was in the U.S. Army, my fellow Soldiers from different units normally posted in Germany when they weren’t in Iraq and Afghanistan told me that German men were more likely to walk away from women with bad behavior if they had no children and weren’t married in that order than American men before I read Peter Andrew Nolan’s comments which confirmed what my fellow American soldiers said. I’ve never been to Denmark, and have never spent any longer than a week in Germany, and that was over 20 years ago. I’m not claiming to personally know about Denmark nor Germany from first hand experience, but I am claiming to have read and heard some things which may or may not be true.

    Western women are known for having a disturbingly high percentage of sluts(promiscuous women who are not prostitutes), and this includes the USA, Germany and Denmark. If prostitution is legal in Denmark, why aren’t Danish men demanding better behavior of their women? Sex should be easier to come by for Danes than American men then. It makes no sense for Danish men to be such idiotic feminist manginas if all these things are Roosh says are true. I will delay final judgement about Danes until I have more experience with them which may never come. However, I’m inclined to agree with Roosh.

  • http://abstrusegoose.com/38 I never spoke to Henrik again.
  • Rael

    Roosh we hear all about the “flags” … but this post brings up another interesting question …

    What’s your virgin count?

    Mine is 5.

  • Rael

    Sorry … 6 … forgot one.

  • Rael

    … 7 really that’s final as of now.

  • nasty boy

    Roosh got his red wings! congrats??

  • L

    This was vile. There is no honor in finding it arousing that you wounded someone.

  • Alejandro

    Henrik was a bad friend, you were right to act the way you did, his swedish friend was a bitch

    I cant stand guys who choose hos over their guy friends, and I certainly dont game with them because 1. they fuck up my logistics and make my game less efficient because i focus on helping them instead of getting more interactions myself
    and 2. most of these kind of guys that i try to teach game when the end up getting a girl forget me and place her over myself
    I used to teach any guys for free now i only teach guys who i know choose bros over hos because otherwise im just wasting everyones time

    Every guy that puts a woman he just met over his friends or arguably any woman besides his blood relatives clearly has no respect for his friends and probably has no self respect either. Women are bound to lie, cheat you, and act in an otherwise totally irrational and unpredictable fashion, and why any guy would choose such a undependable creature over his logical or at least semi logical male friends is beyond me

  • Mitch

    I love watching the story unfold.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve finally figured you out Roosh. :banana:

  • bacan

    Very dark story, super interesting and revealing about Roosh’s character at this point in his life…

  • bacan

    “A can of worms opened up where I asked myself what was more important to my life, friendship or casual sex” .. To me this seems like a question of short- vs. long-term happiness… but it’s hard to find the right balance.. Super interesting..

  • http://www.hokieblogger.com Gmac

    I love these stories.

    Henrik was definitely an obstacle, a road block hindering your success. This is what happens when you befriend beta chumps who think they know more about women and relationships than you.

    I came to the same realization about “friends” with a couple buddies of mine who I’d known for a long time. Were they cool to hang out with? Yeah sure, for brief periods. Were they the biggest cockblocks and anti-game fanatics I’d ever befriended? Yup, but then again I knew them before I got into the game.

    It’s sad to leave these guys behind, but you are doing yourself a favor in the end. It’s much better to hang out with like-minded guys.

  • Anonymous

    This is a story that reveals far more about the person telling it than the intended subject it’s about.

  • Anne Lindberg

    You are such an idiot – and for the record, you are not too good looking either – actually I would never ever walk over and talk to you in a bar or enywhere else…..actually when I think about it……you are very ugly!!!!!

  • Dude

    DENMAR – A country with ugly girls … TOTALY!! :D D…
    - FAIL!

  • Zyno Abbu

    @Roosh- Dude you sick. I couldn’t help laughing all the way. But I can also see why you upset females. You’re pretty blunt in your writing.

    Kingsley Amis once said that ”There’s little point in writing if you can’t annoy somebody”

  • Anonymous

    I can assure you that the girl was a virgin, she just wasn’t sure at the time. Roosh is completely right in the “The sex was awful” part – but no one ever liked the rabbit style. she was not physically or mentally harmed… and she did not turn out to be a slut, as someone suggested. she does not have any regrets about that night, because it is always a fun to tell people that you did it with “jesus”…

  • Bloke

    This guy truly is a sociopath and most probably a liar as it can be expected. Surely he spent shit loads of time on hitting women and did have a few experiences but I don’t believe everything he wrote is true.

    You had an argument with your mate, got pissed off and at the end of the night you had a virgin experience with an 18 years old just for the spite. Who do you think you’re writing these to?

  • Københavner


    Our hero must suffer tremendous hardship and malice in the streets and bars of Copenhagen before he is vindicated by an ordinary high school girl, so we copenhageners are convinced, yet our hero no doubt believes that he saves the very bewitched princess, a holy virgin, of course. As our hero says, ‘the fact that she was thirteen years younger than me aroused me tremendously.’ That’s a nice fairytale of good versus evil, just like the ones Hans Christian Andersen used to write. He lived most of his life in Copenhagen, so he, too, knew what salvation was about. Thank you, our dearest hero, young Roosh V.

  • rilsoreeaseld

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  • Julie Jepsen

    You are probably one of the worst men living on this planet. Just reading this article make me wanna hit you. You make sick. Don’t you have any respect for women? Don’t you have a mother? Did your parents beat you when you were a child or something? Because you sure are one damaged douchebag.
    Fuck you.

    - Julie from Denmark.

  • Cph Broette

    Hey dude! I think you should go see a shrink…
    You’ve got all the tell tales of a true Sociopath!

    Usually I don’t min players… I’m winging for my friends, I’ve read the game about a dozen times and LOVE when guys are playing a game at me! So much fun to mess with them! Specially Alphas and newbies!

    But you’re out of the line!

    About the “Breach” of bro-code, in order to break the Bro-Code, you have to be a Bro. And from my perspective… you really weren’t much of a bro to Henrik in the first place… Can’t really blame him for inviting the sweede, you didn’t care about him anyway, and it’s really not his fault that she fucked up. But you don’t have to be such a Drama Queen about it anyway.

    Do care about other people… like at all?

    ‘Cause quite frankly… You scare the crap out of me!

  • Yet another Danish woman

    What’s very interesting about this article is that if you would just be a bit more polite, charming and probably handsome, you would land A LOT more Danish girls. But the way you brutally criticize every woman is whats keeping them from you. Trust me, Danish women are clever. That’s why they don’t go for guys like you, and why the only girl you ended up with was 18.

  • Blue Tropic

    Lol lol lol

    This is hilarious, I love this kind of nerd drama from women

  • Blue Tropic

    That Henrik really sucked ass. We all had these kind of cockblocker friends who add no value to our lifes but extract it. You did fine sending him to shit, I would’ve not lasted so long with such a loser.

  • Guest

    That’s horrible!!! Does this roosh guy have any sisters?? Does he have no compassion??? I wonder if the reason why he objectifies women is because he is of Middle Eastern descent?? He accuses American women for turning him this way, but now I think he never wanted to fall in love – just bang bang away. This whole post is horrible, especially how he coldly made this 18 year old girl’s first time into such a painful experience. No pity or compassion — just taking his anger out on her. Wow – it seems like being a decent human being qualifies as being a beta man in his book! This is the last time I’ll read anything by him. It makes me so sad that such a sociopathic man is on the loose on the net and in real life. How would he feel if someone did this to his daughter?? I bet he’d say “I would make sure she didn’t grow up to be a slut!” But what if you died early & there’s no one to guide her & she’s overwhelmed by peer pressure?

  • Guest

    Why can’t you see women as human beings? Why are you so resentful of women with higher education? Why do you objectify women so much? Why do you slam women for their unattractiveness? What if you had a daughter who was empirically ugly? Would that diminish your love for her? As her father, wouldn’t that hurt you that a man would blatantly mistreat your baby girl so badly just because of her looks no matter how hard she tries to improve? Wouldn’t you feel hurt because you see the 3 year old toddler in front of you idolizing you as her daddy? Would you even love your daughter if you had one? What if your daughter was born a genius? Would you seriously want her to dumb herself down for a guy? Would you as a father not be proud of her?

  • Guest

    What if she became disabled or scarred? Would your love for her as a father depend on how perfect she was? What if she developed viewpoints contrary to yours? Would you hate her as you hate and malign other women who challenge your perspective? How would you feel if another man treated her the way you’re treating these women? You know about the concept of karma? Doesn’t it scare you that your daughter could suffer on account of your behavior? What about your granddaughter? Your nieces? Your cousins? Do you care for any women in your life or do you qualify your love, make it conditional based on whether or not they fit your definition of the right kind of woman? Do your parents think you’re the right kind of son? Do you equate emotion & kindness as weaknesses simply because they didn’t help you get laid??? Are you simply utilitarian in your approach to morals? Don’t you want to be good just for being good & not in exchange for some sexual payoff? Do you not think that your present behavior has turned you into a sexual predator that in a matter of time will commit a crime?