Ecuador Death Road & We’re Pretty Much Homeless

I’m editing my next video production, which will be ready on Monday.

Here’s two other very short videos you may have not seen. The first is called Ecuador Death Road. Captions throughout help guide you through the complex narrative.

Ecuador Death Road from Roosh V on Vimeo.

The second video is called We’re Pretty Much Homeless. Here’s the summary:

Went out to MDM nightclub in Rosario, Argentina. We stayed until early morning and was ready to go back to the hostel but it was impossible to find a free cab. Many kilometers from the hostel, one Australian member of the party had a nervous breakdown which I was able to capture on film. Thirty minutes into our walk, a free cab was finally found.

Another Australian who stayed at the club a bit longer ended up jogging back to the hostel, asking directions in poor Spanish along the way.

My Australian friend is very good looking.

We’re Pretty Much Homeless from Roosh V on Vimeo.

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  • Jamie

    This is supposedly the world’s most dangerous road, from La Paz to Coroico:

    I was in the back of a “cab” (a.k.a. 1960′s Land Cruiser) on this road some years ago on the way to Coroico. We kept stopping, finally I asked someone why. They said because the driver was really drunk and he needed to puke. Nobody seemed concerned.

  • Phil

    At least there is nice music on your way to your death down the side of the mountain.

  • Anonymous

    Hahahaha, love the Colombian vallenato playing on the background. That music can get annoying.

  • mr23

    roosh v, i’m a sophomore in college and will be a junior in the fall. i’m studying abroad in the spring and i’m looking to have the time of my life (booze, bitches, you name it). thing is, i’m not sure where to study abroad…been looking at spain, italy, and even argentina. however, after reading your posts about argentina women i’m not so sure. i know barcelona has an insane nightscene but i’m not sure you’ve been there. if you had to pick a place for a student like me to study abroad and get some great pussy, where would you recommend? brazil? ha

  • anon

    Roosh: Do you think this is about KAC?

  • Maosn

    Not to nitpick but the Yungas road (aka the “death road”) is in Bolivia.

  • jocelyn

    What are you talking about – your Australian friend is HOT! Of course, all that hotness is wasted in Argentina – like bringing sand to the beach.