Emotional Sex vs. Logical Sex

In the below clip, I talk about the difference between getting laid with emotional game (for American girls) versus logical game (for European girls)…

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  • http://AroundtheWorldin80Jobs.com Turner

    Obviously the English girls would be the exception to the euro category and be put on the emotion side as with the rest of the anglo sphere.

    Wondering how you think the Scandinavian girls fit in. As during the day they can be logical and cold, but once you get a drink or 8 in them they swing to the other end of the spectrum. However, next day when booze is gone, back to logical robots.

  • http://AroundtheWorldin80Jobs.com Turner

    *loose definition of logical here (self-serving, feminist logic maybe more apt)

  • Nakavt

    Like always you’ve got to calibrate to the scenario you are in.

  • Javed

    Solid analysis, Roosh. See you on Oct. 13.

  • Hencredible Casanova

    Above where it says “Don’t Bang Lithuania,” I believe you mean Latvia.

    [Roosh: Thanks, fixed it!]

  • madmax

    ‘What’s up, bitch? I had my dick in your mouth the other day and now you don’t even look at me…’

    ah ah, brilliant.

    Excellent observations, Roosh, I always learn loads. Please make more ‘videoblogs’ or whatever they are called, ’cause I try to record them all in audio so that I can listen in my mp3 player when I am doing some other stuff…thanks man, you fucking rock

  • madmax

    and man, can’t wait for the books ! 3 bucks only, wow, killer deal brother. You take care

  • http://www.thecaptainpower.blogspot.com thecaptainpower

    Good one Roosh!!!…..I’m buying the books asap.


  • Anonymous

    danish females seem to need lots of booze to lay down and play. their men have to have liquor to deal with them before the sex. i’ve been told by danish men more often than not many of the girls just lay there passively and perform certain acts like a robot.

  • Anonymous

    Can you please start wearing a little larger t-shirts?? I disgusted by having to look at your hairy upper arms…

  • Anonymous

    fyi. i am the Anonymous who posted @ 4:01 pm about danish girls. i did not do the Anonymous post @ 5:40pm about the hairy upper arms. i want to add something i forgot to do in my original post.
    i always figured the vehemence you received from the danish girls hit just a little too close to home for them. and they probably until now didn’t like the fact that all your other books were titled BANG, not Don’t Bang. maybe the new Don’t Bang Latvia will get the Danes off your back.

  • Greek kamaki

    Generally in Europe emotions are suppressed.You learn very early that it is not good to display emotions.If this is valid in Mediteranean you can imagine how the situation is in northern countries.
    Girls learn early to put a poker face and let you run the game without getting many IOIs.Of course the situation is better in central slavic countries where people kelt some human element so to say.
    It was my impression that in America emotions are valued.Girls were not afraid of displaying acting in what we would call here overemotional,hysterical manner.Not appreciated in northern societies at all.Although there is this Germanic inner sensitivity so to say but it is hidden deep.In Balkans it is expressed mostly as paranoia,psycho behavior(the display of hidden emotion as mental state).

    Anyway in Europe intellect helps obviously with girls.Abstract,impersonal thinking,understatement etc all these are normal fashion.It is more souless,less personal here.Of course there are regional differences.Especially among Germanic women intellect fires up emotions and not the opposite.In slavic women as well but there is also the big theme of slavic(Russian) soul which is too vast to be touched.

  • Sk3ptic

    Roosh I like text better than video, you talk too slow. I can read maybe 5 times faster than you can talk.

  • A

    I second #13 Sk3ptic’s comment.

  • Anonymous

    Is it possible that American girl who fucked you with abandon on Saturday is turned off by Tuesday because she did not enjoy being choked?

    [Roosh: Is it possible they ask for it? Is it possible they put my hand on their throat?]

  • Anonymous

    Love the blog buddy, but can you please size up the T-shirt? You gotta hit at least mid-bicep, otherwise it’s more of a tank top…

  • RealitiCzech

    The ‘logic’ is, IMO, just maturity setting in. American women act like spoiled brats. Just like you need a firm hand to deal with children, you’ve got to be firm when dealing with the American woman, too, for the same reason – they are irrational, emotional, and immature.
    I’ve seen mental maturity in foreign girls in their 20s. I haven’t seen it in American women below 35. I can talk to a woman of 35, 40, etc like a normal human being. I have to talk to a woman in her 20s like she’s an idiot child.

  • Fucking misogynist

    Don’t bang Latvia? Looks like those gold-digging “clients” you ran into really put you off of Latvia hahaha.

  • Agent X

    Good job as usual, this guy can explain concepts without mindfucking you or create clouds of bullshit.

    I disagree with that guy who prefer the texts instead of the talking, I like this videos much more.

  • Walajoki

    Roosh, those biceps getting bigger, keep working out :) And solid blog, as usual!

  • http://yohami.com/blog YOHAMI

    good stuff. look at the camera bro

  • http://3rdmilleniummen.wordpress.com George

    “I had my dick in your mouth just the other night… you have to rev it back up”.

    This is an interesting point. I had a girlfriend (yes who I must admit now was a slut) who turned off and backed off like crazy after our best ever times together. She couldn’t handle having feelings for me, when that got in the way she backed off and yes had to rev it up all over again!

  • xyz

    Could you make an additional deal with 3xBaltic Bang 3$ + “Bang Poland” (50%)?

    @Greek kamaki: what do you mean with “paranoia” and “psycho nature” of emotion in the Balkans? I’m not sure we understand the meaning… Could you elaborate on that?

  • Doug

    The analysis is spot on. After banging a string of Caribbean woman, I couldn’t believe that an American girl would flake on me after I had ravaged her. Sure enough, she slipped through my fingers because I became complacent and did not stimulate her emotionally.

  • Anonymous

    Just out of Magnolian Tom Cruise character “Respect the cock – tame the cunt” You don’t have a clue, man!

  • Curt

    The man’s giving us his insight–for free– to help us get laid. Why don’t we not hate on his choice of clothes or medium?

    Roosh, as long as you’re sharing such excellent applicable info with me, you can do it in cave paintings for all I care.

    Where would you put S. American girls? They seem to operate on a largely emotional basis, but sometimes you hit a pretty strong logical streak where she won’t fuck you cause she’s a ‘good girl’ or will evaluate you for status first.

  • http://dannyfrom504.wordpress.com dannyfrom504

    have you done thailand yet? been there twice (phucket and pattaya). i think my next big trip will be brazil or argentina. it’d be kinda cool to run girls with Yohami.

    did prague twice, lived in italy for 3 years, japan for 3 years and spain for 3 years. LOVED europe. after leaving italy and coming back to the states, i was a disappointed sonuvabitch when it came to american woman.

    stay up.

  • vb

    you are getting huge. fucking diesel.

  • Voyski

    Life in the US is easier. It’s easier to be spontaneous and go with the flow for the girls. Not to mention that the culture is more open to that sort of stuff. In Poland, Europe, esp. eastern europe they everyone, including women, think harder about the choices they make bc of consequences (material and social).

  • Jay in DC

    You are getting crazy fucking diesel, almost starting to look just a -bit- roided out, if its all natural, good on ya! Hugh Jackman may be asking for tips if you keep heading that way.

  • saeed.khan
  • OhioStater

    This is an outstanding post. It’s odd that you can probably score with a 22 year old model easier than some 27 year old lawyers, but then again, most things involving girls don’t make sense until you dig a little deeper!

    There are three additional things I’ve noticed:

    1. masculine girls use logical game more frequently than feminine girls. A masculine but straight girl has relatively more testosterone and she will organize and objectify men just as men objectify women. Think Karen Owen of the Duke fuck list.

    2. masculine assertive girls are more likely to approach guys than feminine girls. This is great if you’re a recognized alpha, but disastrous if you’re not. Since they’re also logical, masculine girls are not as receptive to your “game” unless they already liked you in the first place.

    …the following assumes a guy is better off in a logical relationship (she’ll work harder, cry if you dump her, drop her other fuckbuddies, etc)…

    3. a guy should quickly pivot from emotional game to logical game, or start logical in the first place. Instead of her coming over to your house in sweats and no make up and hopping straight into your bed sober, you’ll have to set up infrequent dates, compete with other men at the date setting, and spend 30 minutes overcoming LMR. Which do you prefer?

    One reason why “don’t chase” game might work so well is it frames the male-female interaction on a logical basis from day one. Don’t chase game makes the guy the prize and it also gives her a preview of what life is like as your girlfriend, when there’s give and take. When the girl see’s a logical reason for the relationship, she works harder since there are far more eligible (dating, marriage, mating) women than men.


    The one place I’ll disagree with the video is I think a girl can sleep with you very quickly IF you are what she is already looking for. Roissy called this the template (https://heartiste.wordpress.com/2010/12/16/predicting-a-girls-infidelity/). If you’re the only blond blue eyed guy in Brazil then she’ll bang you in the bathroom as soon you meet her.

  • http://profile.ak.fbcdn.net/hprofile-ak-ash4/c29.29.366.366/s160x160/419726_10100908911326288_1521941677_n.jpg Allie

    Chuck Norris looking motherfucker! This synchronized circle jerk is some downsy version of the Pick-up Artist. I get the creeps just from watching you talk, and that “nervous tic” in which you rub your patheticly small arm muscles lets me know how incredibly insecure you are. It’s a shame syphillis has largely been eradicated — they ought to have reserve doses for greasy predators like you. You make Quagmire look like Mary Catherine Gallagher.

  • yepyep

    He’s a fucking idiot. His “A-game” probably consists of inflating his blowup doll and lubing it up. Hell she probably denies his ass!!!

  • some1far)

    Allie, I’m clearly seeing your ass burning for he is doing his job, good, in fact excellent :-)

  • some1far

    Allie, read what I wrote so you’d be clear you don’t need to play like a next generation of Einstain, non of your business what he is doing :-)

  • francismoon

    I have a question? In a relationship who gives the better sex Ukraining women or american women. Also you is willing to have more sex? And why do you think there is a difference?