Exit Strategy

“I had an nice apartment in Southwest DC. This was in the 70’s. The apartment had a great view and I lived a short walk away from a row of clubs. I’d get off work every day at three and by four I was drinking.

“In short time my place became the party spot. Girls would call other girls, who came with other guys and girls. There were always women, in and out. It was just one woman after the other I was taking to bed. Man, some of them were so beautiful.”

A big grin formed on his face as described one particular girl, using his hands to shape her body.

alone.jpg“But after nine months I had to get out of there. I moved to the suburbs, not far from here but before it was developed.”

“Why did you move?” I asked.

“I wasn’t respecting women. They meant nothing. They were great girls, very good girls, but after a few days I’d move on to the next one.”

“You’re a stronger man that me,” I said.

“No, look. There was one guy there who was a decade older than me, and I was already older than most people so he was that much older than everyone. I’d see him all the time at my favorite club and he was always surrounded by people. You can tell how happy he was when there was a crowd around him. In this club he was respected and known, but that’s all he had. That’s all he lived for. I looked at him and knew that’s not where I wanted to go.

“That type of lifestyle, it’s shallow. Very shallow.”

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