Facebook The Game Killer

At first I thought it was a neat idea that other people could upload photos of me and then tag them so everyone else could see. For some Facebook users, especially girls, this feature makes them feel like a famous celebrity, and their friends the paparazzi. Hey look, that girl I banged two years ago went to the beach with some dude, and that other girl went on some farm and milked a cow. Awesome. But then I began to wonder why I’d want people I haven’t hung out with in a while to see what I’m doing.

photo of me i had to untagAt first I thought it was a cool idea that I could see what one of my friends writes on another friend’s wall. It would just pop up right there when I loaded the home page, that my buddy from Ireland is about to visit the guy from England who puked on my hostel bed in Uruguay. I could read when and where they are meeting up. But then I began to wonder why I’d want people I haven’t hung out in a while know who I’m talking to.

At first I thought it was a fun idea to have status updates. I can see what my friends are thinking, what restaurant or club they’re on their way to, and how they feel about a recent television program. Even if I haven’t talked to them in months, I feel like I’m right there with them, like when we used to meet face-to-face. But then I began to wonder why I’d want people I haven’t hung out with in a while to know the details of my life.

Even worse, why would I want a girl I’m trying to bang, who searched and found me on Facebook, know what I’m doing, who I’m talking to, and the details of my life? How can that possibly help me get into her pants? It doesn’t, so I locked it down. I don’t allow others to view tagged photos of me or write on my wall. My status updates are generic and lame, and give you no idea of the places I’m spending my time at.

It’s too easy and comfortable for a girl to keep tabs on you without having to actually interact with you. Now if a girl goes through Roosh-withdrawal she’ll have to put some effort into asking me via message or email, possibly giving me the opportunity to reel her in for a real encounter that results in sex. And she’ll have no idea that a girl I banged the night before just tagged a shirtless photo of me taking a massive dump in her bathroom.

I like to be mysterious.

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