Facebook The Game Killer

At first I thought it was a neat idea that other people could upload photos of me and then tag them so everyone else could see. For some Facebook users, especially girls, this feature makes them feel like a famous celebrity, and their friends the paparazzi. Hey look, that girl I banged two years ago went to the beach with some dude, and that other girl went on some farm and milked a cow. Awesome. But then I began to wonder why I’d want people I haven’t hung out with in a while to see what I’m doing.

photo of me i had to untagAt first I thought it was a cool idea that I could see what one of my friends writes on another friend’s wall. It would just pop up right there when I loaded the home page, that my buddy from Ireland is about to visit the guy from England who puked on my hostel bed in Uruguay. I could read when and where they are meeting up. But then I began to wonder why I’d want people I haven’t hung out in a while know who I’m talking to.

At first I thought it was a fun idea to have status updates. I can see what my friends are thinking, what restaurant or club they’re on their way to, and how they feel about a recent television program. Even if I haven’t talked to them in months, I feel like I’m right there with them, like when we used to meet face-to-face. But then I began to wonder why I’d want people I haven’t hung out with in a while to know the details of my life.

Even worse, why would I want a girl I’m trying to bang, who searched and found me on Facebook, know what I’m doing, who I’m talking to, and the details of my life? How can that possibly help me get into her pants? It doesn’t, so I locked it down. I don’t allow others to view tagged photos of me or write on my wall. My status updates are generic and lame, and give you no idea of the places I’m spending my time at.

It’s too easy and comfortable for a girl to keep tabs on you without having to actually interact with you. Now if a girl goes through Roosh-withdrawal she’ll have to put some effort into asking me via message or email, possibly giving me the opportunity to reel her in for a real encounter that results in sex. And she’ll have no idea that a girl I banged the night before just tagged a shirtless photo of me taking a massive dump in her bathroom.

I like to be mysterious.

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  • Anonymous

    lol but dont you have a twitter account?

    just sayin. maybe you are just ahead of the popularity curve…..

  • Tampa

    I actually think it can work exactly the opposite. Just delete all the tagged photos that are lame. Keep a small but sizeable volume of pics with you grouping decent look girls. Don’t have a photo album 45 deep.

    Keep the status updates sparse but funny.

    And make sure you delete anyone that doesn’t serve a purpose (close fried – chick you would like to bang)

    I constantly delete people….then they resend friend requests like my deletion was an accident.

  • Anonymous

    @ Tampa — These two characters Race and Kelly who live in Vegas do nothing but pickup women off facebook and myspace. They call it Window Shopping for Women and sell an ebook on all their tactics.

    Basically they suggest “managing your digital persona” in an optimal way as tampa mentioned. Basically social proof via myspace or facebook.

  • http://ssmag.wordpress.com a_c

    Mightn’t the slight trickle of information work in your favor, enhancing the so-called air of mystery and make ’em want to find out more?

    a_c’s last blog post: Just the science?.

  • http://thedatingcroniclesoftylerd.blogspot.com/ Tyler

    The turf wars women try to have on your “wall” are always funny. I let them have it out, I don’t care. Maybe it will help me weed out the jealous girls. I imagine that someday I will restrict my shit a little more….but for now I’ll just let it run wild.

  • Firepower

    It depends what role you assign facebook / myspace.

    The intended function was to simply (innocently) keep people in touch.

    When we use it primarily as a tool for Game, the meaning changes.

    It’s like a boat. A guy can buy one with the express purpose to take his whole family out for weekends, and use it as a platform to teach his son and daughter to fish. He could then use it to bang his mistress up the ass in the captain’s stateroom.

  • Carl Sagan

    I don’t use facebook or any other social networking site.

    I don’t care what other people are doing.

    However, I can see how having a facebook account with the right details can help with Game (e.g. social proof).

  • http://hammer86blog.com Hammer

    Facebook could actually substantially DHV you if you set it up right. I don’t necessarily have the best facebook account set up, but I know a lot of friends who get laid because of it. Rather than number closing they just facebook close, which is cool with every girl because she wants to pump her friend numbers. But then when girls see their profiles, they become super high status in her eyes because of all of the traveling that they’ve done and all of the girls who have posted on their walls in the last 24 hours.

    Hammer’s last blog post: LR – 15 Minute Bathroom Pull.

  • DF

    I like to be mysterious.

    Well you might want to consider removing your face from the banner of your blog, the links to your book that is a self-described guide to getting laid, the links to photos, twitter, the fact that you make no effort to mask your identity on your blog and you didn’t use a pen name on your book. Just a thought.

    Hmm. Me thinks you like to cash in on micro-celebrity as much as the next blogger.

  • Edward

    Yes, or perhaps there is more to life than getting laid…

  • Roosh

    there is??

  • http://www.artbyjoel.com jkc

    in addition to this, these sites are also ruining the importance of high school reunions. no longer do you have to wait in 10 year increments to see who got bald or fat, or fat and bald.

  • elguapo

    Facebook works both ways, Roosh. Social proof.

    If you’re afraid of someone posting indecent pics of you, just block them or remove them.

  • http://chuckross.blogspot.com Chuck

    You have a facebook with your pictures because you *want* them to see what you’re doing and who you’re doing it with just like you have a blog because you want us to read what you write.

    I can see the benefits to both. the use of facebook as a tool for social proof is compelling, but so is not having a facebook at all. you’d be the lone wolf in a pasture full of sheep.

    Chuck’s last blog post: Red is the New Black.

  • Anonymous

    You’re using FB game wrong. I’ve gone through three sororities because I was friends with friends with friends. It’s chumming the waters. Girls can’t stand it when they can’t have a guy who has hot girlfriends.

  • Anonymous

    um I thought the game was supposed to be all about social proof? I wonder if you’re managing FB wrong, otherwise you would have lots of hot girls writing on your wall LOL

  • Roosh

    Alright so there are two kinds of facebook bangs…

    1. Girls you meet THROUGH facebook. As in you don’t meet in real life first.

    2. Girls you meet in real life and then have back and forths on FB until you bang.

    I have a feeling that 99% of FB bangs are number 2, and out of those, most would have happened anyway if the guy had tight game to begin with.

    I see zero reason to manage my “digital persona” on facebook if i can go to a bar and fuck a girl either same night or 1st date. A lot of guys say they use the internet to “supplement” their game, but we know their lying and all they is troll internet sites for pussy. Truth is a guy who can pick up sees the internet shit as going backwards.

  • Left Coast

    I guess I find that to be true after a recent business trip to DC.

    DC’s subway makes it fucking super easy to move girls around and fuck them that night since every girl lives near a metro stop. “Hey you know what there’s this cool X near this stop we should totally check it out…”

    That coupled with the fact that 99% of the guys in the city have no game and look like they came from the same southern frat mold make it a waste to even spend a single second trolling for booty on the internet.

    I used to never understand why Roosh wouldn’t move from DC to somewhere with more talent like LA, SD, Miami, or Scottsdale, if he hated it so much. Now I do.

    With even a tiny bit of game and a cool look / long hair / anything different then the normal chode that infests DC you can be literally be a mini rockstar since DC is soo minor league. For Christ sakes guy’s think wearing a suit to the bar and having a side part haircut at 25 is game in this city.

    I wonder if Roosh would have the same level of success he does in a more challenging city where there are tons of gorgeous women but with more competition from the higher base level of game men seem to posses in other cities.

  • http://chuckross.blogspot.com Chuck


    internet game is just another tool for pick-up.

    its like wal-mart adding a fucking supermarket to their stores on top of barber shops and optometrists: it’s diversification man.

    i think for most guys, the amount of time and money spent (by buying your own drinks, not those for the girl ha) is sometimes less than going out to a bar.

    just like you manage your game and appearance at the bar when doing in-person pick-up, you have to maintain your shit and tailor it in the most seductive manner on these social networking sites.

    Chuck’s last blog post: Red is the New Black.

  • Rick

    I pity you, for your uni dimensional, sexist and immature view of the world.

    You want to use facebook to keep tabs on others, but you dont want them to do the same.

    You dont want old friends to see what you are upto but you still want to keep them in your friends list.

    You like to be mysterious yet you are on facebook.

    Is there anything in your life that’s not hypocritical?


  • Roosh

    Jesus christ people the “i like to be mysterious” was obvious sarcasm

  • http://www.tin-heart.blogspot.com Ida

    Woah! I did not realize all those icky tagged pictures can be hidden. That’s my favorite facebook discovery to date!

    Ida’s last blog post: If I were to get a tattoo….

  • Lee

    I’m not even on facebook. It’s cuz i’m a rebel and i’m fucking edgey.

    I think Rick is a fag.

  • Rick


    Do you know the expression, “That is so Lee?”

    I heard a girl say it when her guy couldn’t get it up.

    Stop calling people names, learn some respect for fellow humans.

  • http://alphadominance.com alphadominance

    Limiting who can see you is sensible. If they aren’t already important maybe don’t add them?

    alphadominance’s last blog post: Ten Trillion and Counting.

  • http://thisisnotimefortheinnocent.blogspot.com/ Benedict Smith

    Facebook: busting cheaters since it began and girls created profiles. I bet you couldn’t even tabulate the number of people busted via facebook directly and indirectly.

    Benedict Smith’s last blog post: “Too Much is Never Enough” – Shyne.

  • Anonymous

    That’s why I keep a separate Myspace account. Myspace is for gaming online (I thought gaming online was an oxymoron, but I was proved wrong by a friend first, and by myself later). I only add chicks I’m gaming to the Myspace.

    Facebook is for friends I haven’t seen in a while but want to keep in touch with. Unless you know me you can’t find me in FB.

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  • madmax

    Giusto! Why letting pussy figure you out like an open book