Feminism Killed The Nice Guy

The problem with modern feminism is that it has disrupted a gender equilibrium that has existed for millenia. And yes, that equilibrium had men exerting their control and superiority over women, but it was an equilibrium nonetheless that has helped the human species perpetuate and colonize the Earth. Feminism’s successful foray on mainstream culture has destroyed that balance and made it increasingly hopeless for today’s man to land a decent woman who cherishes him, let alone one who can be a suitable mother to his children.

I will concede that some aspects of feminism are just and proper. Women should have some say of how many children they want, if they want to work, and if they want to get married (and with whom). They should not be held as sex slaves against their will. They should be rewarded based on their skills and accomplishments just like a man should, and equal pay for equal work is reasonable. However, today we have women overreaching and demanding more than their fair share. They want high positions not based on their skills but simply because they are female, continually shoving false “glass-ceiling” and unequal pay myths down our throats. They want courts to subjugate men they divorce for the most trivial of reasons, and they want to put-down and play any man who attempts to form a connection with them using a provider (beta) game that has worked for his most recent ancestors.

Unfortunately there will be no setting back of the clock. As long as women retain suffrage, our politicians will continue to appease them for votes by refusing to scale back anti-man laws. Unfit mothers will continue to keep custody rights while fathers pay support for a child who is brainwashed against him. Single motherhood will increasingly be glorified. And as long as American-style capitalism provides decreasing job opportunities for men, women will continue to excel in mundane office jobs that better suit their social, emotional brains instead of the factory and engineering jobs of the past that provided men with a fair income for his entire family.

I believe that today’s man can still restore his dominion in a world that is skewing against his favor by doing one thing: becoming a sexist. He must possess sexist beliefs for three reasons:

  • To have sexual relationships with women who are at least as pretty as he is handsome.
  • To assert his superiority over his female competitors in the workplace by playing the office game as well as they do (e.g. constantly bringing up accomplishments to managers, being outspoken, being two-faced, ass-kissing, and backstabbing).
  • To get laid at all.

In the past you didn’t have to believe that you were superior to women. The system was set up so that all you had to do was go to school, get a good-paying local job, and ask your mom to put in a good word with the neighbor’s cute daughter. The first girl you fucked would probably be your wife, you’d have your two kids, and you’d live the so-called American dream. Today this is not possible. Your father’s father would be unsuccessful at mating in today’s climate of feminism which has allowed a tiny percentage of alpha men to monopolize the best women. As American women become more obese and gross, there are fewer desirable women left outside of the alpha males’ harems. The nice guy is left with nothing but scraps—and those scraps have attitude.

While it doesn’t look good for you in terms of marriage, at the minimum any educated, employed man in a first-world nation should be able to sleep with a handful of decent women a year. But without having sexist beliefs, he will wholeheartedly struggle in that front. Here’s what it means to be a sexist:

  • Having a low level of respect for women.
  • Having the belief that the genders are not equal (you should nod or smile at the following quote: “A woman can do anything a man can do, as long as a man first shows her how”).
  • Not listening to them about anything.
  • Studying flavors of game based on the alpha-male model, an effective countermeasure to feminism.
  • Preferring the company of compliant, feminine women of different nationalities where feminism has not made strong inroads (Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, South America).

You don’t have to hate women and you don’t have to abuse them. You don’t have to commit any crimes against them. But you must believe that you are superior and deserve more than them. With the addition of game practice, you will then be sexually rewarded for those beliefs.

It’s a sad fact that the modern feminist withholds sex from the nice guy, disgusted with his subservience, while servicing the sexist alpha man, increasing his power and rewarding him with more sexual delights than he could have experienced since the days of Itzcoatl. The nice guy is weak and starved, left sexless and alone, a pathetic specimen resigned to the brunt of jokes in beer commercials and crappy sitcoms. If he wants to be procreate, he has no choice but to rise from the ashes a sexist. The more of those beliefs he accepts, the more he’ll get what he wants in the fucked-up world we currently live in.

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  • Tampa

    It is a fucked up world out there but there is a lot of truth to what you’re saying. As a man you can only react to what you see with your own eyes.

    Women don’t dig providers. Women don’t dig available. Women don’t dig interested.

    They want aloof, semi-asshole and challenge.

    None of which are taught to young boys and girls during their development years. I have no sympathy for the modern women, because I know she’d throw me right over the golden gate bridge for a higher level alpha.

  • Anonymous

    women who are just looking to get laid are like this yes but women who are choosing a husband do not want this kind of guy. It all depends on what your looking for from both sides. I wonder Roosh – what if you have a few daughters – will you be advising them to do this?

  • Riker

    Thats pretty intersting to think about what you´ll think if you had daughters…

  • Anonymous

    whats new in it?…same old fucking story…i doubt roosh is true alpha…he is anti feminism….in the past he has been hurt many times by females.thats what i believe.

    game is not about talking nonsense….its all about having sex with multiple women and then settle down with one.

  • http://www.loupickney.com Lou P.

    Any guy having trouble getting laid should read “Bang” — it’s a great book.

    Typically, “nice guy” = insecure. More worried about himself and how he appears than how the women he approaches looks/acts/etc., it’s no wonder the nice guy has trouble connecting with them.

  • http://wonkawilly.wordpress.com Willy Wonka

    Solid post. There’s a lot of truth to this.

    It’s always funny when I make a “sexist” joke and women get “offended”.

    One girl said she “almost deleted me” out of her phone because I said “I don’t want a woman who watches sports, a woman’s only job when the big game is on is to shut up and get me another beer.”

    “Almost” deleted me? Whatever, bitch…. shut up and go get me another beer…

  • Hamster

    What’s interesting is that Mystery’s game theories were based on evolutionary theories, on mechanisms he believed existed when humans lived in caves. Here Roosh states that these same mechanisms are a recent adaption as an answer to feminism. 40 years can hardly be a period long enough to be part of evolution. What do you guys think, how important is real evolution, and how important is the feminism factor in this equation?

  • Shane

    How disgusting is it that Charlie Sheen has to pay $55,000 each to Brooke Mueller and Denise Richards as “child support”? Since when does it cost $55,000/month to raise two young kids in the US? SMFH

  • Mucius Scaevola

    lets go whole hog with it

    whose ready to go and bash an upper cut rabbit punch to the closest growth of what passes for a hairy feminist nutsack, clubbing her man-chin as she writhes on the ground in ball-pain?

  • Ubermind

    Roosh is pretty advanced and seems to have indirectly understood that humans have no freedom of action, they have only freedom of attitude and awareness and that also determines their actions and destiny.

    That is truth. Do not do anything. Just start thinking that you are superior (without resentment). An you will get laid as much as you will.

  • hydrogonian

    All unmarried men, who get laid at all, have or will reach the exact same conclusions as Roosh presents.

    Men who marry when they are young, alpha or beta, aren’t exposed to the jungle enough to know what the score is. Same goes for unmarried men who don’t get laid.

  • http://Thegoldenageofvanity.wordpress.com Jevioso

    I just finished reading the letters of Ninon de Lenclos to the Marquis De Sevinge, and it’s the most solid and honest defense of game that I’ve ever read, and probably will ever read.

    Ninon de Lenclos is probably one of the most logical women to ever comment on love, romance and seduction, and she’s probably the person most qualified to remove all your doubts of game if you’re a nice guy whose having a tough time trying to accept the amorality associated with the pursuit of game.

    Here’s a link to the pdf, read it and see for yourself.

  • grapes

    Feminism will never work because males are routinely capable of understanding and even sympathizing with the female condition, but the opposite is almost never true.

  • Roosh

    “40 years can hardly be a period long enough to be part of evolution. What do you guys think, how important is real evolution, and how important is the feminism factor in this equation?”

    My thoughts on this are still being developed, but I feel that the effects of evolution are being overstated while culture is understated. Ignoring culture while using only evolutionary explanations for sexual selection will cost today’s man dearly.

    You only have to look back a generation or two to see that beta males actually did quite well for a period of time, but things change thanks to things like new technology and shifting of societal/cultural norms. In other words, what helped men land women 50 years ago is not guaranteed to work today.

  • http://www.yohami.com yohami

    Roosh, been reading you for over a year and this is your best post to date in my opinion

    40 years can hardly be a period long enough to be part of evolution. What do you guys think, how important is real evolution, and how important is the feminism factor in this equation?

    “Game” isnt evolution but a response. Women like manly men. Game is a recopilation of behaviors that betas can emulate, or if they want to, become into, so they can attract and have women in the current free market.

    In the past, women were raised captive, so betas could get women by providing and keeping them. Now women are free to handle themselves and free to chase alphas for as long as they wish before “settling down”, so betas have not many choices other than become alpha, emulate alpha, or die sexless (or get deviant, gay, or rape).

    Then, in a society that bans / shames alphas and says being a man is a bad thing, beta / nice guys arent left with any good choices. For many “becoming alpha” is so distasteful they would rather die, and even “emulating alpha” sounds fucked up, and “wanting to get laid” sort of a crime comparable to rape.

    So while freeing women, while its a good thing, you fucked up men. Thanks, feminism. Now that women can earn money and have their say, we should work on bringing men back.

  • Brian

    @2 Anonymous

    “women who are choosing a husband do not want this kind of guy”

    Yes they do. They just aren’t self-aware enough to realize that they don’t actually want what they claim to want. Back when I wasted time being the nice, respectful guy that my single mom told me I should be, I’d have countless women that claimed they wanted to marry a nice, considerate guy turn around and bang an asshole the first night they met. Typically, they’d sit and pine for that asshole for ages.

    I wanted to marry a good woman and have kids. Two divorces (and no alimony thankfully) later, I realize that’s a pipe dream. The only marriages I see that last are the ones where they met in high school or college. Honestly, it’s pretty obvious at this point that any woman over 30 that is unmarried probably only has herself to blame for it.

  • http://www.theunambitiousmale.com/ Workshy Joe

    Roosh is correct, but some guys are still confused about what has changed and what hasn’t changed in the last sixty years.

    The truth is that the social changes have UNLEASHED the innate desires of both men and women.

    Woman have always been inclined to hypergamy. Men have always been inclined to promiscuity.

    Remove the social sanctions against players and sluts and we get much closer to the chaotic “state of nature”.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not sure there’s anything good about feminism.

    “I will concede that some aspects of feminism are just and proper. Women should have some say of how many children they want, if they want to work, and if they want to get married (and with whom).”

    declining birthrates? now china and india rule the future

    woman in the workplace? fewer marriages and families which leads to long term social decay and poverty (families preserve wealth more than any other institution)

    and choosing whom to marry? that existed before feminism, hardly something that can be credited to feminism.

    Feminism seems completely unsustainable in the long run. a disease that consumes more people than it creates

  • samseau

    ^ that’s me ^

  • hydrogonian

    I agree with Workshy Joe, but it has to be added that “in nature” is the converse situation to “in society”.

    The suppression of all that feminism unleashed was crucial to maintaining society. Without it, society has broken down to be much less effective than it was previously. The downside to doing so so late is that we don’t have the benefit of natural population checks and balances that exist within nature.. So, now we have a broken society that is vastly overpopulated; therefore, social ills are excessively amplified.

    If you want society, then you have to play by the man made rules that allows society to exist and thrive. If you want nature, then go move to an unpopulated island. People must make choices and sacrifices for society to function.

  • http://www.yohami.com yohami

    hydrogonian, yeah, but was is society? I rather disappear than sacrifice myself for a society that counts me out

    in other words, fuck society and its maintenance if Im not a part of it

    and same goes for any society model that exploits a large group of humans: not worthy. reset and start over.

  • http://www.theunambitiousmale.com/ Workshy Joe

    @hydrogonian: I take your point, but I don’t think the genie is going back in the bottle.

  • hydrogonian


    It didn’t count you out. You just had a specific and very crucial role in it IF you wanted to be a part of perpetuating it by starting a family. Just like the man had a specific role, which he still does today. Men largely haven’t been excused from their traditional roles, only women have. Most men wouldn’t want to be excused from their roles.

    Where feminists got it wrong is that they somehow got it in their heads that they wanted to also have a male role. They thought that men had it better.

    Actually, the reality was that women had an elevated status over the men, but a status which also allowed families to survive and thrive. They didn’t have to work (a good thing – and an element of elevated status) and they stayed at home with the kids (great for the family and the kids, not to mention the labor force [less supply of labor meant cheaper goods and higher pay for the males – families could thrive on one income]).

    Feminism not only fucked up families but fucked up the labor force economy. Things are twice as expensive now, in ratio to average single person incomes, and so two average incomes are required to raise a family instead of one. This puts increased pressure on everyone.

    So, all of this is because women couldn’t be happy int heir societal role. They lacked the logic to see how crucial that role was. We didnt “count you out” then, but women are working hard at “counting themselves out” today by making themselves useless to males.

    Actually, it was a small contingent of women who have now made it so that all women are taught that they aren’t really happy unless they forgo their traditional role. That lack of logic has doomed us all to lives that are much more stressful and uncertain than they were 50 years ago.

    ps. Its a huge ego that thinks that thousands of years of societal evolution can be “reset” and started over because you have such a die hard belief in your (flawed) logic. Women weren’t exploited any more than men were exploited for their ability to provide. They are just roles that enabled society to thrive.

  • Dopilsya

    Laugh if you must but basically feminism is a “social shit test construct” implemented by our overlords to double the tax base of the serfs and empower the idiotic fem-males.An empowered single gal(consumer) living the SATC lifestyle is easier to manipulate than a married woman who have to answer to her husband.

  • http://www.yohami.com yohami

    hydrogonian, bro, Im a man.

    but yes, the old patriarchy counted women out from the men affairs, and men were deciding what those affairs were. I can see they felt they had their freedom cut because they were

    But, yes too, men didnt have it “easier”. Having a job and a career aint freedom, its the quote you pay to survive. So many women now want to go back and have someone else pay their bills. The real world aint fun, per se.

    But anyway, I give a shit rat ass about society. As a beta, when I was a beta, it did count me out. Now Im an alpha and it still counts me out. Society right now isnt a place for men. I only have a niche where Im king because I carved it, hard. Not every guy can do the same as I did, so a major change has to happen.

    A society that pushes down a large number of people based of gender or color or whatever, I say fuck it. So +1 to feminism for getting rights for women, and -10 for putting men down.

    The slave becomes the master just to repeat the same crimes.

  • Marmot

    So true.

  • Anonymous

    Woman became more alpha, man had proportionally became more alpha. It´s an easy equation.

    Before feminism:
    Womans level of alphaness= 1

    Mans level of alphaness= 3

    in this case man only had to have an alphaness of 2 to get laid.

    After feminism:

    Womans alphaness increased to 4

    Man alphaness stayed in 3 or maybe even decreased to 1,5 due to social pressure.

    The thing is that as times passes and if woman become more and more like man, the level of alphaness required for a man will be absurd. Soon if this shit ain´t corrected nature will conform to social evolution.

    But it´s my strong belief that mother nature will not forgive this errors. As western soeciety male is becoming weaker and feminine, others societies like China, etc, aren´t. When a war will come nature will have it´s say and torn this our Walt Disney World.

    Bin Laden will soon be replaced by a Chinese.

  • http://www.thebachelortimes.com/The_Bachelor_Times/BLOG/BLOG.html P. Bateman


  • rooks

    The first step to not act like a wimp in front of women and agreeing to everything they say is to not act like a wimp in front of other men and not agree to every they say.

    Sadly, this is what many do here, agree with whatever new post Roosh will make.

    It’s cool that a guy opens a blog to share his experiences trying to game abroad and giving tips on this basis.

    It starts to get annoying though when this guy starts to act like a Guru because a bunch of loosers (beta) take everything he says as God’s law.

    It gets downright pathetic when this same guy thinks it entitles him to talk as if he was a sociologist.

    Roosh, please, go and read a bit about feminism and gender studies. Gender differences are not natural and feminism is just women who got tired of having the shitty role. It’s perfectly possible to game and accept this fact.

  • Basil Ransom

    Unexpected, but not unappreciated. Nice post.

    Offtopic, and possible post topic: Un- or under-employed middle class girls from decent colleges make for great targets. Doubly so if her finances don’t permit her to go out much or live on her own.

  • http://www.yohami.com yohami


    Gender differences are not natural

    Which ones? because I can list a lot of natural differences. Did you mean that not all cultural rules are natural? or…?

  • Roosh

    “Roosh, please, go and read a bit about… gender studies.”

    Girl trolls do a very poor job hiding their gender. :laugh:

  • http://www.singlewm.com Chad Daring

    What ceases to amaze me is how positively open feminists react to alpha ways, which should be their antithesis. Feminists strive to “break free from domineering men” but as soon as you actually dominate one she is absolute puddy in your hands.

    If this doesn’t express the ridiculousness of female logic I dont know what does. To think they want to put a woman in the White House.

  • sheesh

    THE central post on this website !

    Respect to Roosh as he has understood todays relationship between men and women.

  • http://www.yohami.com yohami


    What feminism / women cant stand is a beta with power. A beta with the power to keep them trapped. If they get free, they go chase, capture, breed and keep the alpha man. Thats their wiring.

    Feminism is a revolution against beta.

  • rooks

    yohami there’s a difference between gender and (biological)sex.

    The biological “natural” differences between men and women are obviously our bodies and the fact that women get pregnant…. all the rest is just social constructions.

    Roosh…. sorry to break it up to you, but I am a guy. And even worst, I am not by any means what you call beta nor am I frustrated and living a sex-less life thank you very much.

    However your ad hominem attack, saying that I supposaly was a girl implies that you are unable to take criticism.

    Have you actually ever read some serious scientific investigations about gender issues? Probably not, so keep to what you do best, giving travel and pick up tips, fits you better.

  • rooks

    Now on an invididual level I think you need to think you are superior to girls you interact with if you want to pick up.
    It’s obviously a contradiction, personnally I don’t care so much and accept that yes, I’m full of contradictions. I am not going to change a history of male domination. However this doesn’t mean I need to go on clueless sexist rants to legitimize my behavior.

  • http://www.yohami.com yohami


    You just paraphrased yourself

    all the rest is just social constructions.

    what specifically? what are you talking about, really.

  • j r

    “Feminists strive to “break free from domineering men” but as soon as you actually dominate one she is absolute puddy in your hands.

    If this doesn’t express the ridiculousness of female logic I dont know what does.”

    Actually, it’s quite ingenious if you think about it as it really is. Feminism tends to function as an elaborate shit test, getting men to reveal their true location on the alpha-beta-omega scale.

  • http://www.singlewm.com Chad Daring


    I’d give you that if that was what women intended by being feminists. If it really was a plot to weed out the weak then yes I’d give them credit for being ingenious, but thats not what they intend. Weeding out betas is just a natural side effect.

  • rooks


    I’m talking about all the typical behavior we tend to think as naturally masculine or feminine.
    For examples the idea that men are by nature impulsive and ambitious while women are supposed to be introverted, passive and calm.

    Research has shown that some of these can be true (obviously), but only because from the day we are born men and women are educated very differently. Not because men are naturally predisposed to be ambitious, and women to be soft and caring.
    (And when I say research I mean actual scientific research, not some random thoughts on an internet blog )

    The problem is that these “feminine” behaviors generally tend to give women the worst positions in society (worst jobs, little careers, much more domestic work then men etc.). Basic feminism comes from some women getting tired of this, who can blame them? Just like it’s understandable that american blacks fighted against segregation 50 years ago, jews fighting against anti-semitism etc.

    But of course feminism is a complex and heterogeneous movement, and like all others, feminists are also full of their own contradictions.

    The second problem is that as men, our environment and our education makes us more attracted to what is “feminine” in women. IE we are attracted to the behaviors that make women inferior to men in our societies.
    And women are educated into liking what is “masculine” (alpha) in men, ie what makes them inferior too.

    Personally I want to get laid as much as I can and with the women I find the hottest. This means that I have to put all this shit aside and think about my own fulfillment and happiness before issues of gender equality. I accept it.

    But again, at least I think we at least should have the decency to not try and make things worst.

  • mel

    The point of feminism was exactly too weed out betas.

    Women wanted the freedom to be sluts in order to fuck whomever they want…..and they always want to fuck alphas ….many of whom are not providers of children and pump n dumpers.

    Look at the ghetto. The triumph of feminism.

    Betas get no love
    Alpha get all the sex they can handle
    Tons of unmarried women with bastard kids
    Total community in chaos and disfunction

  • Commander Shepard

    The dysfunction isn’t just relegated to Shaniqua and Maria. The black/mexican ghetto model is expanding to other areas, including white suburban areas. They too are feeling the brunt of feminism and hypergamy unleashed. I’d guess seventy percent of the girls I went to high school with are baby mamas now. Impregnated by alphas of course, who they share with other women in the harem. Susie Sucksalot wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • http://www.singlewm.com Chad Daring

    @41 Rooks –

    Did you seriously just compared women having to cook and clean to Jim Crow laws and the jewish persecution by nazis?

    @42 mel –

    Ghetto is a bad example. In my experience, growing up in inner city ohio the loudest strongest bitches actually ended up fucking the more beta guys because they didnt challenge them. Ghetto beta guys aren’t like hipster or nerdy betas though, they’re still masculine, but they’re still yes men that constantly give the girl compliments and buy her shit.

    Look at most rappers, the epitome of “ghetto alpha” they roll in expensive cars, decked out in all kinds of expensive shit, and talk about how they buy expensive booze (Cristal mothafucka) This is all to get bitches. Using material goods to get girls, to me, goes against the very idea of having game and being alpha.

  • http://www.yohami.com yohami


    Research has shown that some of these can be true (obviously)

    Which ones are obviously true? you just said all of them were socially constructed (meaning false)?

  • Ludwig

    A woman is invisible to me unless she makes me chub out by standing in front of me.

    Seriously. Girls, at their best are just….BORING AS HELL.

    Except for fucking. Doggystyle.

    Why any man would invest his time, money, and trust in a girl in this culture, where easy sex is there for the taking, is unbelievable to me.

  • Timothy

    @44 Chad Daring…good points, except you went a little too far with regards to the “Ghetto Alpha” using the trappings of wealth, instead of actual game, to get girls. The fact that he has these trappings doesn’t mean he doesn’t have game. In fact, it requires some alphaness to be able to hustle to afford the trappings. Other wealthy men, while not having shit that’s quite so gaudy, also attract and get women with their trappings. These guys don’t buy women anything – they let them orbit and partake of that champagne, then get fucked and put in a cab home if they’re lucky. They aren’t doing all that JUST to get girls. They’re enjoying their success, which naturally attracts groupie chicks. You see a great many pro athletes get played for their money after marrying glorified groupies and getting rolled for half their shit. Many of these guys are gameless, and only get girls because they’re famous.

  • Marian

    “The biological “natural” differences between men and women are obviously our bodies and the fact that women get pregnant…. all the rest is just social constructions.”

    Sorry, this is about as same bullshit as Marxist theory of class struggle.

    Hormones influence behavior and evolution shapes behavior.

    Basically, gender studies fanatics claim that the last few hundred years have more effect on humans than the several million years that our ancestors spent on African plains.

    The fact that educated people believe them just sadly reflects on the contemporary state of biology education in the US. Maybe that is because evolution is a hot topic there and many schools tacitly avoid details.

  • Anonymous

    “declining birthrates? now china and india rule the future”

    What’s wrong with China and India ruling the future?

  • http://thisisnotimefortheanonymous.blogspot.com TAllagash

    used to play a game with my buddies when we met lawyers chicks or female whatever PhD program students. we’d see how long she’d shit test before eventually openly and flagrantly flirting….almost never failed.

    as for women…play the game to the bone if you want to get laid in America. it won’t be that great anyway. the random American girls I banged or SNL’d over the years were rarely worth even that. my ex was the ONLY American girl I ever dated worth anything….but I was so blind from all else I knew about women…i didn’t appreciate it.

    my advice to the rest? go abroad. DO NOT marry a woman resembling the average American woman.

  • Marian

    BTW As far as declining birth rates go, you will not find a worse collapse than in China and proximity (Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan).

    China is demographically an aging country already. Their # of 18-yos peaked in 2010 and it is going to slide from that moment on.

    Even the Party considers repealing the One Child Policy, probably too late, as the model is already fixed in the culture and in people’s heads.

  • rooks

    @ yohami

    I expressed myself badly (english is not my first language). When I said that they were true I actually meant that they can actually be observed (it’s true that men tend to be more impulsive), though they are not caused by biology but by our education and social environments.

    @ Marian

    Scientists, including social scientists of course, don’t tell the absolute “truth”. They present results that can be verified and can serve to explain the world around us, but they are heavily influenced by their own education and social environment. (this is a basic of epistemology, which all good scientists know about).

    Research about hormones reflects just that and applied our cultural gender conceptions to the little chemical secretions they were discovering. In the end the idea that there are sex hormones is very debated and there is no clear consensus around it.
    You can check A. Fausto-Sterling’s vulgarisation work on the subject: Sexing the body.
    You can find a preview here on google books(from p146 onwards)


  • Maximus

    Does it really Latin America girls are still not affected by feminism?

    I happen to live there and seriously this set of behaviours described by PUAs are starting to make sense to me. Maybe the girls here are a little more prudish, but even that is still changing.

    Feminism is becoming worldwide.

  • rooks

    As for the theory of evolution, it has gone a long way from Darwin’s initial work. If it is indeed the best paradigm today used to explain the world around us, the theory of of sexual selection, cannot can’t be applied to humans as empirical data shows. It’s just not how it works.

    It’s a bit like the “social darwinists” who try to use the theory of evolution as a way to legitimize classism or racism.

  • Roosh

    Rooks I may agree with you that gender is a social construction if you can give me historical accounts of women building tribal alliances, starting wars, invading villages, and kidnapping and raping men in order to accumulate resources and gain power.

    Maximus: They are but in our lifetimes it won’t be as bad as what it is now in American and other Western countries.

  • http://www.yohami.com yohami


    When I said that they were true I actually meant that they can actually be observed (it’s true that men tend to be more impulsive), though they are not caused by biology but by our education and social environments.

    Can you be specific and list the traits that are socially constructed and dont have a biological source?

    This is like the fourth time I ask the same. Hello.

  • Marian

    Rooks, I am with Roosh on this. Show me a culture which had women doing the above activities.

    There have been literally thousands of very different cultures on this earth just in the last 3000 years. Many of them held women in high regard and didn’t block them from reaching the highest social positions, including queens and priestesses. This is one, big, not just big – immensely huge – test environment. At least 50 billion people have lived in the meantime, in tens of thousands of tribes and states! You can’t wish for a bigger laboratory.

    If the theory that gender differences are a social construct was onto something, you would probably see at least one rape-and-genocide conquest inspired, planned and led by women. You would probably see at least one exploratory expedition led by women. Etc.

    So sorry, the basic axiom of gender studies does not hold under empiric evidence.

    As for Darwin, “can’t be applied to humans as empirical data shows. It’s just not how it works.” – support it with some observations.

  • Marian

    BTW Rooks, I am a mathematician by training, and I must tell you that mathematicians, physicists etc. usually do not consider social scientists to be scientists at all, because social theories mostly resemble an ideology and usually are created as entirely un-falsifiable.

  • wolfen

    a friend of mine is a mormon and i couldnt believe what i saw in their community all the men are betas but still have the pick of much younger very attractive woman,game here is is not required, and feminism is actually viewed as something evil,what a gold mine of pussy i discovered here

  • Mr. T

    If feminism kills nice guys, then why are the most feminized countries (Scandinavian countries) full of so many “nice guy” betas?

    I think feminism will have negative effects, but it does leave one to wonder.

    It could be that the USA is so demographically different than Scandinavian countries that the two aren’t even comparable.

    Nevertheless, the worst thing about feminism isn’t what it has done to men but what it did to the modern family unit.

    Single motherhood is a poor substitute for the nuclear family. In fact, the only worse substitute is no family at all.

    Yet, modern feminism not only excuses single motherhood, it champions it.

    If single motherhood continues to rise, then expect a whole host of problems to rise as well.

    I wonder what the idiot feminists will tell themselves when they have an entire generation of “clockwork orange” like hooligans prowling the street for some “in out in out.”

  • X to the Z

    “The second problem is that as men, our environment and our education makes us more attracted to what is “feminine” in women. IE we are attracted to the behaviors that make women inferior to men in our societies.
    And women are educated into liking what is “masculine” (alpha) in men, ie what makes them inferior too.”

    Holy crap you’re brainwashed (or a good troll). Damn society for keeping me from enjoying women with mannish faces!

  • Mucius Scaevola

    “Have you actually ever read some serious scientific investigations about gender issues?”

    rooks have you ever read scientific studies on rape fantasies? that is all the proof anyone needs that men and women are not equal. women WANT to be subjugated.

  • Mucius Scaevola

    “The problem is that these “feminine” behaviors generally tend to give women the worst positions in society (worst jobs, little careers, much more domestic work then men etc.). Basic feminism comes from some women getting tired of this, who can blame them? Just like it’s understandable that american blacks fighted against segregation 50 years ago, jews fighting against anti-semitism etc.”

    this argument also doesn’t fly. hardly anyone is going to argue that race has a biological basis, but sex has a huge bioloical basis, which you have yet to explain in detail at all how it might NOT. it does.

    the most basic argument is a biological/economic one. women have 400 lifeime eggs, while every man on this forum produced 12 million sperm in the last hour. we all have an overabundance of something they need very little of. women have all the power in mate selection. basic feminism arrises out of the fact that men have slowly lost status over 200 years. it was male role envy that ended up pouncing at the right time.

  • Roosh

    Mr. T: This is an American blog, not Scandinavian. Different set of conditions there. I’m not going to go into exceptions when I talk about feminism in general.

  • Anonymous

    @59.Dude I know, so true, on the mormon girls,+they are mad hot too.I used to think Cathlic girls were little horny freaks until I lived out west usa some years ago and met some mormon girls.I just dont feel like converting.lol

  • Mucius Scaevola

    @ 59 and 65, yes true, but you really have to pick just one if you want to stay in their community. marriage is still expected of you.the girls are repressed and you can get a few easy bangs, but imo, most are still prudes/waiting for marriage. is that really a win?

    “feminism kills nice guys, then why are the most feminized countries (Scandinavian countries) full of so many “nice guy” betas?”

    there’s more in your country because you have a bigger welfare state. thus more pussy-betas. they are dying in this country because the government is not yet de fact babydaddy/husband/therapist and many men are defying their role as beta, or women are whipping it out of us because we just can’t take being punks. there’s a fire under our asses here and that’s why the betas are dying. how is scandanavian marriage? game is probably more universal than you want to admit

  • http://theprivateman.wordpress.com/ The Private Man

    “…all the rest is[sic] just social constructions. ”

    Snort, chuckle, guffaw.

    That’s just a feminist ideology.

  • Coss Cobb

    Roosh’s article: “While it doesn’t look good for you in terms of marriage, at the minimum any educated, employed man in a first-world nation should be able to sleep with a handful of decent women a year. But without having sexist beliefs, he will wholeheartedly struggle in that front. Here’s what it means to be a sexist:

    * Having a low level of respect for women.”

    A well written article Roosh but i gotta tell ya it is more of an argument to flee this stupid wasteland than anything. Fact is it the USA has become a socially toxic environment, and sex has become less about meeting a female you might actually like, but instead just grudge fucking when you need to dump your load. This is not at all healthy. There are other places in the world to live that a man can and be much happier. Face the fact: The United States is an empty shell of what was once a great nation. RIP

  • samseau

    “What’s wrong with China and India ruling the future?”

    Who knows if they’ll be any better than the current state of affairs? The point is that we won’t be ruling it because feminism killed (by snuffing birthrates) our culture.

    “BTW As far as declining birth rates go, you will not find a worse collapse than in China and proximity (Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan).

    China is demographically an aging country already. Their # of 18-yos peaked in 2010 and it is going to slide from that moment on.

    Even the Party considers repealing the One Child Policy, probably too late, as the model is already fixed in the culture and in people’s heads.”

    China is a good 50 years behind us. They have plenty of time to get birthrates up

  • Anonymous

    This is spot on roosh , even as fucked up as it is. Spot On.

  • Marian

    Samseau, they indeed have plenty of time to get birthrates up, but this is an immensely hard task. Even the DDR had only very limited success in getting the middle class (not the upper class) to procreate more actively. This is really hard to do.

    As I write this, Iranian government tries to persuade Persians to procreate. Not even Islam helps them. The overall birthrate in Iran is around 1.9, but it is kept up only by the wild tribes of Balochistan. The urban Persians that always formed the core of Iranian state have birthrate about 1.1-1.3 per woman, with some Tehranian neighbourhoods around 1.0.

  • hydrogonian

    There is a lot of great stuff in this thread of comments, almost all the way down the board. Men are getting very smart. Good stuff. Roosh should be proud of starting this dialogue.

  • Svar

    I agree that feminism sucks, but I don’t agree completely with this article. Women have always liked masculine men, the same way we like hot, feminine women. A masculine personality is a large part of what attracts women. Feminism didn’t kill the Nice Guy, it created him. Feminism neuters men and makes them unattractive to women. It makes it difficult for men to please the hypergamous instincts of women. It lets hypergamy go out of bounds. Men have always known that they are better than women, but feminism tried to make us believe that we were both equal and we believed it. However, now we know better.

    Most men are naturally masculine, game just helps you release that part of you that is aching to come out.

  • Svar

    @ Samseau

    Feminism is killing India too. Atleast that what I got from EW’s papers on India

  • Svar

    Also India is way too heterogeneous. Not homogeneous like China

  • hardyhar

    If you want proof of how feminists themselves don’t want beta, feminist men then check this interview with professional feminist Jaclyn Friedman:


    One of many entertaining quotes:

    “I hate to be critical of our allies in any way, because we need them, but there’s something about that certain kind of hyperfeminist guy that makes them unappealing to date, to me. I suspect it has something to do with our internal conceptions of masculinity, which is terrible on my part.”

    She also goes on and on (and on) about rape culture…draw your own conclusions.

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  • Anonymous

    “Feminism is killing India too. Atleast that what I got from EW’s papers on India”

    Svar, WHO is E W ??

  • rickb223

    “I have no sympathy for the modern women, because I know she’d throw me right over the golden gate bridge for a higher level alpha”

    Amen! +10

  • Svar

    @ Anonymous

    Shit, I forgot to get email notifications. EW is Elusive Wapiti

  • Anonymous

    We are witnessing a dynamic collapse..and we all know that feminism is one of the root causes for this collapse. No need for a sociologist or economist to tell us that. Its very self evident.
    American women should be ashamed of themselves and be prepared to face the consequences of what’s coming their way in the near future.

  • Anonymous

    Butthurt virgin spotted.

  • Tigerfang

    It’s true feminism fucked up the west and we can blame America for that- the place where it pretty much all started- and it started with middle class white American women right after world war 2 after white man was left all weak and fucked up from two of the largest wars in history- I agree with half of what this guy says especially about having to be sexist to get girls- pro-feminist guys are just not masculine at all and masculinity has nothing to do with the size of your arm it’s your mindset- I have no idea what alpha and beta males are probably categories americans made up but put it this way I knew nothing about stupid books like ‘the game’ when I sleazed around when I was younger- just need confidence-go out to bars/pubs or even use the net- but in the end keeping them is harder than getting them- slutting around won’t change anyway- only taking their which is near impossible since feminism is part of political correctness (AKA: anti-white male) you think women want equality? No no no they think and want to be better than men when clearly they are not- the reason birthrates are going down is because white don’t want children until they’ve plowed the field and found their rich man to settle down- but generally they see children as a burden – generally speaking the famous quote “give women the world and they”ll shit on you” is very true when it comes to the feminist movement that started in the 60’s and 70’s- Yeh fuck em – men will always be better than them I don’t give a fuck

  • BG

    Here’s what you need to know about Western feminism:

    As I write this Anders Breivik has just gone on his rampage. In Oslo 80-90% of the rapes that take place are committed by “non-Westerners”, and you can bet that virtually all of their victims are natives. Feminism remains silent. That enabling of this particular form of war-crime is no doubt part of what motivated Breivik. The same is true in America, virtually all interracial rape involves whites as victims, all to the silence of feminists. Organized feminism is white-hating racism and crypto-communism by another name, composed of virulent leftist cult fanatics, fat girls who didn’t get asked to the prom, Jewish girls who are too horse-faced to compete with Western women, girls with daddy issues, etc., all working out other issues and pretending its about sexual equality. It shouldn’t be treated as if it were a serious philosophy, it isn’t; like the rest of leftism doesn’t live up to its own professed standards. It won’t even come out against mass-rape if the racial/political angle is politically correct.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Woman

    I’m a woman and I completely agree with you opinion, not just this article, but everything you’ve said on your blog. As a woman, I understand that women are inferior to men, I’m not even talking about religious things, it is just a fact, men are physically and mentally stronger, smarter and more intelligent. They are just better than us. Our role as women should be to help and serve men, clean, cook for them and to bear their children. Women enjoy raising children while men are in charge to more important things. They have higher responsibilities and all us women have to do is to listen to the men in our lives and follow their commands. We should just be honest, sweet and good girls, let them fuck us whenever and however the men in our lives want, suck their cocks and bear his children. Nature has made it this way, why can’t we just do what we are supposed to do?

    I am so sick of all the stupid feminist women around these days, they don’t know what they are talking about but they do not want to listen to men because they just want to be like men. But we are not men and will never be men.

    Basically I just want to thank you for writing such an intelligent and insightful blog. We need more men like you in the society, genders are becoming a mess these days. Sorry to disturb your blog, but I am really grateful for your blog.

  • Brandon

    You know what it boils down to; Evolution is not politically correct, sorry Feminism :(

  • Marco

    Wow, refined and masterful troll. Especiall with the ‘Sorry to disturb your blog part.’


    I salute you.

  • BB

    “Woman” is pretty spot on, and there are many women like that, but unfortunately, their voices are suppressed by the resentful whores/dykes that are susceptible to the intellectually bankrupt (not to mention morally and philosophically bankrupt) fraud of feminism.

    She only reveals herself for a troll with the line “[we should] let them fuck us whenever and however the men in our lives want” … first, because the type of well-turned-out woman who had these views wouldn’t speak crassly like that, and second, because that’s pushing it too far: in a well-ordered society the point is that the better women are protected from men having their way with them like that. The *present* condition is that the (alpha) males are allowed to “fuck them whenever and however they want, get their cocks sucked, bear children (without investment), etc.”

    Funny though that *everything* else she wrote is spot on, whereas she thinks she’s being clever and sarcastic! Hilarious

  • El Indulto

    Slaying the Slut:

    Playing devils advocate, consider this situation carefully, and then ask yourself as a human, then as a man, if it’s really all that foreign to you why women these days make the choices they do.

    Historically, women had little choice in their vocation and being a wife and mother was the natural path for the majority of females. The fact that they would be the mother of children and obedient wives made sense given the cultural environment. This is not to suggest that women did not wield power, but their domain, and sphere of influence, was largely behind the scenes, running the household. Women were groomed from an early age in all things domestic and taught to be of service to their families and husbands.

    Today women have many choices as to their desired vocation in life. Women can virtually be anything they want. To a much lesser degree it is also true that women are still taught from a very early age that they are to be “nurturing”, “sensitive” “caring” “pretty” and all the host of typically feminine traits that imparted upon women through cultural standards from an early age.

    I am grossly over-simplifying for the sake of space, but given that women have much greater choices than ever before and are still, to a certain degree, considered and groomed to be the leaders of the domestic household in addition to their maternal duties, is it really any surprise to anyone that the act the way they do?

    What it comes down to is that the relative value of a womans traditional “services” (child birth and rearing, wifery… &c) have become higher, not due to the fact that men have become spineless cowards or that there is somewhere a beta conspiracy to infest the world with man-boys that are unable to take on traditional roles (more on that later).

    The simple fact may be that women are a lot less likely to supply their services to society when there is no need to. Women are self sufficiently capable of creating fulfilling lives for them selves outside of a traditional role. The price of a womb is, in fact, so astronomically high in western society that most young women are happy to settle into a role typically reserved for the career focused, hypergamous male until they find the right “price”.

    Given the choice between “selling” your “services” for less than what you perceive them to be worth and waiting for the right buyer, most people will wait if they think there is a serious chance they will find the right “buyer”. This is a simple concept to understand.

    Unfortunately, this situation has lead to a few unfortunate side effects. Men, for the most part, don’t understand that the price of the traditional concept of family has risen beyond the means of most men to pay. This womb/wife bubble will surely one day pop, but it has left a lot of men standing around with their dicks (literally) in their hands saying “what the fuck?!”

    Another side effect of the increased choices that women have for themselves is that many often wait so long to find the right “buyer” that they never sell and resign themselves to a lifetime of feline fancy. In the meantime, happily riding the cock carousel until, dizzy, they are unceremoniously spat off.

    Where does the “Alpha” come in all of this? Really, the so called modern “Alpha” is the winner by default, not because his skills were imparted by eons of careful evolutionary sculpting, but because he was in the right place at the right time. While women became turbo charged, the typical male was left in the covered wagon to eat the dust. The typical “Alpha” male is no more able to create the traditional sort of viable family situations needed by any self sustaining society, though often they are thrust (haha) into this role by the ticking bomb that is woman.

    The typical “Alpha” male is the primary beneficiary of much of this modern mess, but, and this is an honest question, is it because they are truly “superior” to other men? Are they really the cure for an ailing society or a symptom? Do they really, inherently, have better skills than so called “beta” males or, are they simply, like vultures, there to clean up the mess that is modern women, when they, inevitably and inexorably, Lindsay Lohan themselves headlong into oblivion.

    I for one am not complaining about the benefits that I have received at the hand (and mouth and thighs) of these women, but I do consider it the long run an unsustainable situation. I think that while it is important to be able to “handle” the often-less-than-fairer sex as Roosh and others describe, I also think it is important for the majority of would-be-Men to keep in mind that our strength in society comes from the ground-up. We need to sustain strong families and strong community to continue to be competitive and creative in all aspects as a culture.

    Many so called “betas” decry the fact that the assholes and players are dominating the field with tactics that they find dishonorable. Well, that may be true, but if you abandon the battle field because your adversary is using Gorilla(mis-spelling on purpose) tactics whilst the rest are stuck lining up like British red-coats , then there is no one but you to blame. We are men, we fight and adapt. That is our game.

    So, while it is good and fine to “Bang” as many chicks as you can, in the long run, assholes just shit everywhere (to borrow a line from my favorite piece of cinema).

    Men need to restore balance and to fashion ourselves so as to create high enough value that husbands and fathers are in high demand again. This is necessary for the continued survival of “western” society in the sense of keeping the “barbarians” out. We risk abandoning our culture to the rabbit like breeding, stone age dwelling, myth loving neanderthals all over this planet that still have the good sense to multiply.

    Ultimately, the final “Bang” should be the sound made by the popping of the greatest bubble in history: the relative value of the modern she-male. This will only be done by “betas” sacking up and reclaiming their rights.

    Sites like Roosh’s and Roissy’s are invaluable how-to for the the hordes of man-boys. Just remember to ask yourself what is exactly the real prize and price? Does becoming an “alpha” necessarily mean becoming a cultural scavenger? I’ve learned one thing in my life: at some point comes a day of reckoning. Is it wrong for me to have this idea that I want to die fighting for something of lasting value rather than trying to explain that whilst my community burned, I was, however sweet it may be, chasing pussy?

    fight on

  • Anonymous

    @87 Woman

    You tipped off that you were trolling with the following statement.

    “Women enjoy raising children while men are in charge to more important things.”

    Any woman who enjoys raising children also knows that the most important thing is birthing and raising another generation to REPLACE THE OLDER ONE.

    Making sure the human race survives and continues is pretty damn important.

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  • Anonymous

    Like you’re going to get laid. Ever. 😀

  • anon

    When I say I’m a feminist I mean that men and women should be completed as complete equals. That means no favoring women in divorce courts or giving them a position they didn’t deserve just for being female. I mean truly equalizing the playing field.

  • Frank

    I started college this year, the first time politics came up I told all the broads they shouldn’t have the vote. They reacted with shock and faux-anger but it’s had a noticeable effect (I’ve already picked up one of the only hot ones in the class), and they all love me except for a couple of the haggish ones who I make a point to dump on.

  • Micaela

    “But you must believe that you are superior and deserve more than them. With the addition of game practice, you will then be sexually rewarded for those beliefs”. So, you promote sexism as the most efficient weapon to have sex with LADIES? or to have sex with tramps? i bet my money on the 2nd one! This may actually result with american girls. Say that here in Europe and you’ll be slapped in the face so fast you wont even see it comming. Believe me, i HAVE seen it happening before. It is true it is effective with the dumbest ones, and with the girls who just want some sex, but, if they have some knowledge, which is rare these days, then you’re out of luck. Have you ever wondered why girls prefer french guys rather than american guys? Because they’re actually SENSITIVE. and the first thing they do is to defend women’s rights! You only talk about poor countries where women dont even know what is a right. Well, come to Europe, to France, Holland, Switzerland, Finland, Spain, and see feminism in their maximum level. And you know what you’ll conclude? well, you’ll conclude that a feminist girl is the best one you’ll have. Because she’s an eloquent girl, with whom you can have a nice conversation, has a GREAT job, a house, and take care of their body (yes, because in countries like germany, their snacks are vegetables or fruit, and it is prohibited for children to take candies to school). MAYBE GIRLS DONT WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH YOU because you think just like that and you’re waaaaaay to insensitive. Typical american. You despize women as they’re garbage and sex toys. Still blamming women for your lack of sex? Hum. I guess its time for you to take a look at yourself again and see that you’re the main problem.
    Oh, and for your information, I’m portuguese, I have NEVER been in America, in fact, never left Europe, so i’m not an american girl with pms getting angry at your post. Just wanted to say my opinion

  • csmass


    You aren’t an alpha. You are a p***y. Sorry, but you don’t just “become an alpha. You whiny lil cunt. Real alpha’s would chew you up and spit you out. Go back to being an emotional fembag.

  • Anonymous


    ” It is true it is effective with the dumbest ones, and with the girls who just want some sex, but, if they have some knowledge, which is rare these days…”

    Take a second to read that, and then calm down and think about it.
    Also, the concept isn’t to tell women they’re inferior. It’s about exuding a level of confidence that shows no fear of the power of sexuality, which is the strongest tool women have with which to influence men.

  • Micaela

    99 Anonymous

    I’ve always been calm. I did think about it, and what i meant was that some girls want to be played like that, others, are smart and just want someone to love them, but, there are still naif ones who just want to be loved… Therefore, this isn’t correct. And i think that, since he’s an eloquent guy, who wrote many book about this, if he wanted to say exactly what you did, he’d have done it. So, in my opinion, he wanted to say exactly what he wrote. which isn’t correct.. At least that’s what i think.

  • Your mum

    Lol, this can’t be serious. If it is a parody of sexist, inherently unfuckable (to any woman with half a brain) douche-bags you did a great job! If you are serious (god forbid)… That’s just too sad.
    ‘Oh boo hoo the plight of the poor middle class white man. We’re so hard done by waa waa!’ Grow a pair you fucking bunch if babies if you really are “alpha men” (lol!) you would have no problem with women being equal because you would be confident enough to handle a bit if competition!!! Alphas don’t spend all their time sitting on the computer wining they get out there. You’re all pathetic losers.

  • micaela

    ^^^^^FUCKING WIN!

  • luke

    Wanna get laid? Don’t treat women as if they’re objects. Don’t act as if you are entitled to their bodies. Don’t get offended when she is better than you at something, or stronger than you, or when she stands up for herself. Don’t keep pursuing her when she is not interested. Don’t tell her you’ll change her mind when she says she is a lesbian. Don’t ask if you can watch when she says she is a lesbian. Don’t demonize her if she chooses to have sex promiscuously.

    Feminists are very pro-sex.

  • fred

    Forget Western woman,they all the same. Get asian girls they gentle
    They give beautifull kids! Why must we go to weatern low levels.
    Asai is on the rise, West is falling, morals and economically.
    Listen to me let’s go East. Leave the Lesbians !
    Why fight them if they don’t want to listen.
    Just ignore and leave them. If you need sex pay for it no moaning and rape acquisitions. Move on , they don’t respect us, so why respect them.
    Go East.

  • http://[email protected] Anonymous

    Guys guys guys listen to me! If you want sex go buy it,
    No rape claims
    Marry Asian woman, they are gentle and still got self respect.
    Leave the feminist and gay/lesbians.
    Why fight them! they hate you anyway.
    If we leave them they will realize men have left the building
    The West has fallen, economically and morally.
    Move to the East. You will never regret it.

  • Joe American

    In my opinion feminism is a short lived phenomenon. The current version is on its way out. I say this because it is clearly unsustainable. Any society that adopts it is replaced by one that does not. America is rapidly becoming Latinaized. while I cannot predict the future I can say feminism has drastically changed family structure and family life. You make a drastic change to society there are going to be all kinds of consequences many which are impossible to predict. Like this forum and its ideas.

  • babyboomerchick

    When i was in my teens, all i wanted to do was get married and have kids and love my husband. I was never into women’s lib, or the hippie-free love movement.When i got married, i thought it would be forever! My husband deserted me and my son, and had a relationship with another woman.He tried to starve me and my son to death, I had no job, because he did not want me to work.When i left him, my son was 4 years old and he had an outside child that was 2.I was a woman that tried to be a good wife and submit to her husband. All it got me, was single parenthood, which was a living Hell!When i married my husband, i was a virgin, i was 20, pretty and skinny. I would have given him all the sex, he wanted if only he stayed home instead chasing sluts.Singlr motherhood, is not glourious, it’s sad, scar, and very difficult. After i got my divorce, i got a job and me and my son never went hungry again.So much for being a good girl!

  • lily

    I’m a girl and I HATE it when slutty women use the excuse “but men sleep around all the time” and “we women are just doing now what men have been doing for centuries.” The thing is: WE’RE NOT MEN. Women were NEVER meant to sleep around because of the whole pregnancy thing. Birth control changed that. Thanks a lot, birth control…

  • Thiago

    Jeez, you’re a bunch of sad lonely guys…

  • ROOSHV does not think

    Wow Roosh, for someone who is a CRITICAL THINKER– You don’t think very deeply. The reason why most relationships fall apart is because of differences of opinions aka CONFLICT. Just like every other relationship. If you were in a relationship with another male, you’d think it would not fall apart? Blaming it on feminism? You have a serious chip on your shoulder. You may be intelligent, but your logical reasoning has negative emotional undertones. When people have negative emotions, they have to blame something– they often attribute it to people’s physical exterior (in your case: gender). Just like when there is an interracial crime where someone will blame the actions of the individual on their race versus the person themselves.

    Just challenge your own assumptions.

    Btw, I know 2 of the girls you fucked. They said you were so HORRIBLE in bed they wanted to have dementia. They said you were too much of a wussy to do oral too.

    Have a great day :)

  • Abhinandh

    No actually it has been proven that evolution is faster than suspected. In subtle ways of course. They left a dozen forest lizards in a completely different island environment, and in 7 weeks, “7 WEEKS!!”, the lizards grew horned scales and webbed feet. They didn’t become an entirely different species, but they did change. Of course man not being completely reptilian is more resistant to change. But the mind evolves faster than a ferrari, in both sexes. We don’t change in appearance because we’ve been safe from all other living forms for about 10000 years (unless you believe dinosaurs lived 2000 years ago).

  • Dhatz

    does the separation of worlds on earth ever slow down? I cannot see a way it would, We are on the brink of fatal systemic failure, escape USA while you can and there is where to.

  • madmax

    Roosh, as an ex-nice guy (like you and so many other men), I can only say this about your article: thank you. It is a fucking textbook article, like many of your other articles. I wish I had understood all this years ago. I agree completely! When you are a whipped nice guy who only cared for others before him, women will spit at you. Women especially mistake kindness for weakness. Whether we were being nice and wanted to fuck them or not, does not matter: we were still nice to them. And what we were getting back? Humiliation. I agree about thinking of women as equal, it’s just not good enough. When instead you realize that the world was built by MEN, not by women, and that in fact you MUST have the strong belief that you are superior to women, simply because YOU ARE THE FUCKING MAN, then all of a sudden they respect you for it. It’s amazing. As you wrote , it IS a fucked up world. But, like a woman, you don’t need to understand why it works the way it works, only HOW it works: you push a button and you get a certain result. If we were to waste our valuable time and energies to understand why women and the world works the way they do, we would go fucking insane. Yes, who gives a shit about her dreams, her ridiculous logic, her nonsense. Just fuck her,
    satisfy your sexual desire, and live in your reality, not in hers. The world was built by men. Every work of art, from the Sistine Chapel to a Ferrari supercar to computers and space-shuttles, were made by men. Occasionally a few women had brains and made innovations and took strides in the history of mankind, for example Lucrezia Borgia, who was highly skilled in politics, but these examples are few.
    Yes, men became too nice. But now something is changing. I too am against abuse etc but we’ll better learn how to put women in their place by being the prick, the asshole who is not too impressed by her beauty and who sees her just as another human being with a couple warm holes down there where we can shove our cocks. LOL

  • Tristan

    Interesting how this article comes up at the top of the list for google searching information on third wave feminism.

    I think blogs like this tend to attract males who generally have difficulty with women. Why would a guy who is completely happy with his sex and personal life waste his time reading information on something he obviously has no problems with.

    I think these types of guys build up so much sexual frustration and resentment towards women that information like this just reads like a manifesto.

    Don’t get me wrong, the information provided on sites like this will get you laid, but generally with only a certain type of woman. The women the author talks about encountering who will throw themselves at men after a drink or a brief conversation generally have self esteem issues. Women like this are instinctually attracted to dominant and abusive men. So naturally acting dominate and abusive towards these types will get you laid as much as you desire.

    So have fun with your damaged goods, oh and the best of the female gender will always see through your bullshit and be forever out of your reach.

  • Gregman


    I’m a successful married man in my early 50’s with a great wife and a very large income. So I should fit into your category of men who would not “waste his time reading information on something he obviously has no problems with”, but I do because the issues of life are beyond my personal state of being.

    The reason there are gender problems today is because men in the past ignored all the feminist nonsense, instead choosing to act like they were above it. And that opened the door for it to spread like a cancer. I don’t know your age, but you are no different from them, you are either a spineless fool playing the role of a big shot or an extremely dim-whited self-centered playboy who thinks he is too cool to ever have problems. Although I am not directly effected by these issues I still care about them because they are real and need to be discussed if they are to be corrected.

  • madmax

    wise words, Roosh. I too was a nice guy and I learned to feel superior to women. And became a prick, like you. It’s great to be a prick.

    Let’s face the fucking facts….men built the world, not women.

  • madmax

    Tristan, you are completely full of shit.

    I have had problems because I was a nice guy, not because I now know I am superior to a woman, which I am, since I have learned things that the average woman cannot, and since I have discovered, with the help of guys like Roosh, my masculinity.

    Which I had even before, but was mindfucked by things that Roosh often mentions.

    You are obviously a woman, or a man who thinks like a woman, since your depth of though is very shallow , demonstrated by your judgements, i.e. ‘if you read this blog, you must be unhappy, a loser, etc’.

    A loser, I am not. As for happy, I frankly don’t give a fuck about it. To me the word ‘happiness’ is like hearing a little girl talking about Mary Poppins: it makes me smile.

    Look, work harder and learn more instead of talking nonsense, it makes more sense.

  • madmax

    # 110,

    ”Btw, I know 2 of the girls you fucked. They said you were so HORRIBLE in bed they wanted to have dementia. ”

    Who gives a fuck? Roosh had fun, right? That’s all it matters. A man satisfies his goal, the woman comes after that. I too gave up the notion that I have to be great in bed. I just satisfy my desire, that’s all. I don’t have to make sure I was ‘great in bed’.

    I suspect the women you mentioned, were a bit upset by realizing the same guy has fucked them both, that they were just a number, and that he does that as his favourite hobby, ah ah.

    ”They said you were too much of a wussy to do oral too.”

    Tsk tsk, I say Roosh was smart for not going down on a woman that, for what he knows, could have been fucked the same week by another 27 guys. Who knows, right?

    I would never perform oral on a girl I just met, either.

    Well done Roosh , for fucking them both , ah ah

  • dennis

    Damn roosh,you are accumulating haters

  • Anonymous

    Hahaha, this is such bullshit. In places where feminism has yet to invade, like South Carolina, the traditional “nice guy” is the one who ends up beating and verbally abusing his wife. Simple fact, statistics, and psychology.

  • Anonymous

    Roosh you make some points that I agree with, and I’m a young American woman. The media and our culture brainwashes women to believe they deserve more then they do and they all HAVE to have a 6 foot tall, $100,000+ earner who rubs their feet every night.

    Unfortunately this is rarely the reality and THEY refuse to rub his feet in return. However, a lot of these “nice guys” are doing things that are so chronically off-putting that I’m not surprised that woman are turned off. I’m a young single woman. I’m not into criminals, thugs, abusers, narcissists or overly-cocky, arrogant jerks. The ideal guy IS NICE but has a little bit of an alpha edge. He knows what the wants, has a stable career (not necessarily rich but stable like he works in an office versus a 30 year old out-of-work “actor”), isn’t obsessed with what I think of him, and knows that the right woman FOR HIM will appreciate what he brings to the table and reciprocates.

    Now I know that you can insert a whole discussion about how feminists and American women think they don’t have to reciprocate, and that sadly might be true, but stay with me here.

    Is it any wonder that nice guys can’t get a girl — or hell, that they can’t even get laid?!
    – They often have TERRIBLE social skills, forget the alpha versus beta debate
    – Some smell bad and have visibly poor hygiene
    -They obsess over your approval and let you know subtly and not-so-subtly that their self-esteem and self worth is wrapped up in you
    -They plan a future before there is a present (i.e. the first couple of dates)
    – They have no old school “chutzpah” that our grandfathers had and don’t show women that they can handle the challenges life throws at them or stand up for themselves

    Our grandparents were NOT lacking in these qualities. My grandfather (R.I.P.) was a gem and the kindest person I’ve ever known but my grandmother didn’t like him when they first met. But he won her over with his consistency, kindness, good looks, and jokes. Their story isn’t unique and I’ve heard it from tons of people my parents and grandparents age.
    Nice guys wouldn’t be able to do this; they would crumble at the first sign of rejection and refuse to try again. They are so EGO driven (but in a different way then an alpha male) and it’s not for the better.

    I just wish they could learn what they were doing wrong. They have all the equipment – they just need to read the manual. UGH

  • ChicagoaninDC

    As a woman who is old enough to be your mother I appreciate what you are saying. However, scientific evidence is against you. Millions of years of evolution show that pair bonding is the norm for human interaction. I strongly recommend you read “The Naked Ape” by Desmond Morris. The problem isn’t that getting laid was a classic evolved behavior, the problem is that it is a sign of modern times. We used to only live to be (tops!) 40 years old so death do you part was possible. Add to that the 50% of women died in childbirth before the 20th century. Women were a commodity something to be acquired because by the time adulthood came, men outnumbered women drastically and hence the capacity for male domination.

    Now in the 20th and 21st centuries women are living through childbirth, have birth control, AND people are living longer and longer lives. So the concept of being married for life gets more and more difficult as people grow and mature out of relationships. Modern society also makes it possible to find fulfillment in other areas rather than just procreating and raising children.

    Roosh the GAME is a development of modern society. The fact that you are not trying to pair bond is a thoroughly modern concept. Male Domination is not possible in a world where over 50% of the population is women. Feminism is not to blame for the current state of masculine definition. Medical Science is to blame.

  • ChicagoaninDC

    By the way. I love what Your Mum and Micaela have to say. I usually only date European men. American aren’t capable of intelligent conversation. Sex is more satisfying with them because they haven’t forgotten foreplay. At 40+ getting married is not really something to look forward to. I already did my evolutionary job by having two sons and staying at home and raising them in a marriage. When my socially stupid Ph.D. ex refused to fulfill his obligations to both raising the children and maintaining the marriage – I left. Unfortunately American men do whine too much about not getting their Wham Bam in. Where with European men it is a process of mutual pleasure – even for a one night stand. That is why they will always get more game. They also set higher standards of beauty and would not be caught dead with the fatties I see American Men settle for. They treat women like they are feminine. Not just pussies to get fucked. They actually talk to women and respect them. Abusive men will always attract the damaged goods and bitch about it later.

    Soften up about women. Most of us have contributed to having children and if not sill married, we enjoy being single and giving good game as well as getting it. It would have to be one hell of a man for me to settle down again. He’d have to be thoughtful, handsome, masculine (IOW doesn’t take shit from me or anyone else nor threatened by my intelligence).

    I remember when I was in a bar while dating an Englishman. We were talking politics and an American man told him he better “constrain your woman.” He bellowed a good raucous Richard Burton like laugh and said “Fuck off you tosser. She’s just a woman, she can say whatever she likes. And I have been pulling her for weeks which is more than you can say.” We finished our drinks went home and fucked our brains out.

  • ChicagoaninDC

    One more note on this…

    If all you want if a pair of boobies, to get head, and shove your dick in something to get off without giving oral sex to a woman. You might be gay and there are some very lovely transgendered ladies who can oblige you.

  • ChicagoaninDC

    Micaela, I was with a Portuguese man for six months before we parted down different paths Joao. What a HUNK!

  • Yellowbeard

    Anon @ October 21st, 2012 7:01 pm has it right. Too many people assume kindness=weakness and Nice Guys (TM) are the worst offenders. I believe in alpha vs beta but if guys don’t have either decent hygiene or basic social skills they aren’t even beta.

    @ChicagoaninDC: You make some good points about medical science being “to blame” but then your credibility disappears once you start sucking up to Michaela et al. Men compete in the working world all day and the last thing we want is to then have to also compete with you in our relationships. What are you trying to ‘win’, anyway? To make it clear, men are trying to win the peace — and to not constantly watch our backs as you indulge Eve’s curse and attempmt to usurp.

  • George

    Dear Roosh:
    I’ve followed your stuff for a few years and agree with essentially 100% of what you say. Luckily, having lived in many foreign countries over the years, I have known for a long time that foreign women are totally different from the creatures that pass for “women” in America. But I want to say this, bro: if we want to attack and undermine the feminist regime here, we have to be smart about it. I am afraid that you are doing the cause harm by couching your arguments in coarse, explicit language and graphic descriptions of lewd behavior. I know it sells…but you are giving the other side the excuse they need to pidgeon-hole you as a frat-boy vulgarian, when in fact you are making very, very important observations on contemporary American culture. Your voice deserves to be heard more. You’ve got to frame this stuff in a way that beats the other side at its own game.

  • J Doe

    “Why can’t these American women stay in their own country? They are always telling us that it is the paradise for women.

    It is. That is the reason why, like Eve, they are so excessively anxious to get out of it.” – Oscar Wilde

  • T-bone

    Whats loud, ugly and smells like body odour?
    A feminist march..:shudder:

  • Angus

    Roosh pretty much defines the trend that I’m seeing more and more in America. A bunch of self-proclaimed gurus telling you that you there’s something terribly wrong with you and that’s why you can’t enjoy life to the full, but for a small fee they can fix you. Besides, the whole alpha-beta bullshit reflects America’s obsession with winners/losers. All you guys go get a job.

  • ThePrinceOfDixie

    Roosh, I got shut down all day. I dont want to go do my aproaches tomorrow can i have some personal motivation?

  • cle

    lol i am a sexist and all those things you said but i still find it difficult to get laid, maybe i don’t have enough game that’s why i don’t pick up many girls :/

    so what should i do now?

  • https://www.facebook.com/xdddre xDDDre

    Yeah, I should expect such website would lead to sexism and disrespect at some point…

    Still, I believe (other, non-sexist) advices here are valid, and they do not require men to feel “superior” to women. I don’t think feminism gets in the way of a man feeling confident and getting to have sex… rather the opposite.

    Being against feminist values and feeling superior is the true insecurity towards women. Mainly because, actually, men are not – and neither are they.

    (P.S.: just so I don’t seem like a girl, I’m a Brazilian guy)

  • Dopp

    Roosh, go read some of Professor Kingsley Browne’s books and/or materials. He is the patriarch of this shit.

  • Anon

    This whole thing is ridiculous. Feminism is simply believing that men and women are equal. I get the impression that you blame women for your own inability to bag bitches. Let me tell all of you the harsh truth; you aren’t on a dry spell because you’re too “nice” or “treat her equally with respect”… you’re on a dry spell because you’re not only misogynistic (that’s only a small part), but also probably very physically unnattractive/awkward/gross. This is simply making up excuses so that you don’t have to face the reality of the situation – you’re ugly, man. I treat women just as I would men, and I sleep with several women a year. Excuses, excuses.

  • Miley

    What really confuses me about all this feminist stuff. Is that being a house wife and looking after the kids is deamed a waste of potential. It use to be important to teach children and help their growth now it they are sent off to kiddy farms everyday to learn everything from strangers. If a man stays home he’s weak if a woman stays home she wasting her life. I thought the kids were the most important thing in a parent’s life but people act as if they are just an effect of sex and something to be tolerated like a pet.

  • Anonymous

    As a woman I acknowledge there are many differences between what I am capable of and what a man is capable of, but in no way does that mean that either one of us deserves a “low level of respect” from the other! Every person innately deserves respect, regardless of their abilities – and I am appalled that the author suggests otherwise. Truthfully I would far rather dedicate my life to raising a family and making a husband happy than have some high-power career. Unfortunately, not many men of our generation could sustain that kind of relationship, because it takes maturity, hard work, and generosity if it is to be a happy life. Basically all of the traits that are entirely opposite to what is glorified on this website.

    My current boyfriend (who I am crazy about) has from day one treated me with consideration, respect, and affection, while also being the man in the relationship – which means having the confidence to take initiative and lead the relationship. This sets him apart from most guys I know. I would gladly spend all day cleaning his house and cooking his food then all night fucking his brains out, but that’s not exactly what society wants anymore.

    Basically though, any girl worth her knickers wants a man who will make her feel protected and valued, not an asshole who tries to make her feel worthless. I mean, think about what kind of person she’d be if that’s what she’s attracted to – probably not a catch.

    In summary, I fucking love nice guys.

  • Manadian Bacon

    Haha, look at all the poor sandwichless dudes up there. How cute~!

  • Anonymous

    This is actually one of the most ridiculous things I have ever read. You’ve succeeded in raising my blood pressure, but not in conveying any reality. Congratulations, you’re a misogynistic bastard. I hope that’s what you were trying to achieve here.

  • Anonymous

    Blog entries such as this are what turn women simply don’t want to be objectified in everyday situations into bona fide feminist fighters. Congrats on making more of what you despise. :)

  • Anonymous

    this entire thread, let alone the bullshit spewed in this article, makes me wish our species were extinct.

  • http://gabbietook.tumblr.com Gabbie

    Do you have a fedora, by any chance?

  • http://youngmanredpill.wordpress.com Keanu


    You said you like fucking ‘nice’ guys but I think your definition of ‘nice’ is different than Roosh’s. The boyfriend you describe doesn’t fall into the ‘nice guy’ category. He sounds like a man with a purpose and a backbone but who takes initiative and goes after what he wants.

    Though Roosh’s mysogynistic tone is offputting, you can’t deny the basic premise of Roosh’s argument: that ultra NICE guys do not get rewarded sexually in today’s sexual marketplace. If you want to see the way nice guys really do get screwed, read this:


    THAT is what people like Roosh are bitter about. They are made because they sat around trying to be what women told them they should be (supplicating), but mysteriously women didn’t find them attractive at all, and instead they chose to have sex with assholes who have so many ‘kristies’ in their iphone they don’t even know who is who.

  • Anonymous

    The general public doesn’t even know what FEMINISM means. To be Pro-woman is not the same as being Anti-man.

    Women continue to be treated as a minority, even though they comprise 50% of the world’s population. How can you ignore ONE HALF of the world?

    “Feminists withhold sex”. Who in the fuck do you think you are? Men are NOT ENTITLED to sex merely because they are men. Women are not vaginas with legs that you get to pick out of a crowd and fuck. Just like you, women are PEOPLE.

    Some day you will have a daughter. Will you punish her for “withholding sex” from the next-door neighbor? How about from the guy who smiled at her at a party? Will you be okay with the thought of other guys jacking off to the thought of her?

    My dad is a feminist. My brothers are feminists. Not because they’re pussies, but because they believe all PEOPLE are created EQUAL.

    I hope some day you wake up from this cluster-fuck of self-inflicted rage. You are ignorant, immoral, and a sad excuse for a living organism.

  • Anonymous

    All I can say is, there are some vast generalizations in this post and in the comments. As far as evolution goes, women as “less” is a recently developed idea in the scheme of Big History. In our earliest years and in early civilization, women were considered valuable and equal, and many held very high positions in city state government and religious worship. Women being considered less than men was a development perpetuated by the development of technology and machine driven warfare.

    If a woman treats her significant other badly, she should be held accountable, and vice versa.
    I am considered an attractive female (or at least I would hope so since I model for a living) but I root for the nice guy, and alpha males turn me off.
    Not everyone is the same, and this post is much too vague.

  • Anonymous

    Fucking males. You’re just jealous that our brains work more efficiently than yours. good luck finding a wife who won’t hate you, fucktard. You’re all just selfish horny pigs. They say guys have two heads, but the only head you have is your dick. I hope you all die a very slow painful death.

  • Anonymous

    145, woo!

    To all the men on here, just remember that women know more about women than men do (just as men know more about men). Good luck finding a woman because you all will need it.

  • Anonymous

    What a stupid, stupid article.

  • Anonymous

    Roosh shoud be greatful that feminism exist. Women with traditional values will not accept ONS. Sex is all he wants from women.

  • Anonymous

    Women’s emancipation led to ONS, so he should be greatful to feminism. Pity he tries to “emancipate” non-american girls.

  • Anonymous

    This is one of the most offensive things I have ever read.

  • al_jihad

    I love this thread.

    Roosh, thank you for providing both INFORMATION and ENTERTAINMENT.

    I think we should look to the noble women in Syria, who are fighting against Bashar al’Assad: there are WOMEN, COMPLETELY COVERED and behaving OTHERWISE in accordance with Islamic injuctions, shooting Assad’s men dead in the street, leading suicide attacks, etc. If that isn’t Feminism sans pareil, I can’t say what is!

    Many of these women, if you read their biographies, were NOT overtly religious before the war. Why did they turn not only religious, but fighters and SUICIDE BOMBERS for Sunni Jihadists organizations? Are they stupid? Are they backwards.

    No, I don’t think so. Consider the following:

    I want you to then look at what FEMEN did in Berlin, insulting Islam and these mujahideen’a(?), and how the Muslim women, world-wide, reacted to these patronizing and ignorant insults by supposedly liberated “feminists” who only degraded themselves when degrading others. These FEMEN idiots didn’t allude to the horrors happening in Idlib, Aleppo, Hama, Homs, etc… no: all they could do was shit on a people.

    Let me tell you another thing: these women fighting and dying in Syria for a CONSERVATIVE, LEGITIMATE ISLAMIC STATE would STONE these FEMEN girls to DEATH. You fucking doubt me? Really?

    I am not a Muslim, but I am close to many in my personal and business life(I do business in Africa, mostly). I openly criticize the lack of critical scholarship, the vitiated Ulema, and the scurrilous anti-Semitism that abounds in Islamic media and amongst half-baked clergy. However, the Muslim world sees the dead-end and HYPOCRISY of the West…



  • Anonymous

    I appreciate this article. I just found it in a somewhat unrelated search. I have spent the last hour reading the articles, and the comments, while thinking about the ramifications and implications of all that has been said.

    First of all, I disagree that we as men need to become sexist in order to get laid. In fact, the nice guy can easily get laid if he knows the kind of woman to go for. The article seems to pander to the idea that sex is the ultimate goal. Well, I understand that this is an environment for men with “game”, but bear with me.

    What if, instead of focusing so much on getting pussy, you simply focused on yourself as a man? In your article, you already pointed out that all you have to do is be sexist to get laid. What this hints at is the subtle fact that when you refuse to play the “game”, suddenly you enter a new world where women don’t hold any power over you.

    The problem that feminism poses to man is secondary to the cancer it has affected on society and the family structure. I believe these points have already been masterfully expounded upon. What hasn’t been said as much is that feminism only has the impact on a male getting laid as much as he lets it.

    What I am getting at, is that there is no such thing as an alpha or beta male if you are truly looking for a woman worth dating and settling down with. There are women out there who don’t care about such classifications because they see through the exterior and are trying to find men who are true men. It is beyond the scope of the space and time I will spend on this comment to talk about what I mean by “true men”, but I think it will be obvious to you if you put some thought into it. The point is, you don’t need to be sexist to increase your chances of getting laid or finding the right woman (or women). You simply need to stop letting feminism have any effect on how you act or think. Acknowledge it as a disease among the simple-minded general population, but do not let it get in the way of what you want (whether it be just sex or a life partner).

  • Anonymous

    You should brush up on your history before spreading misinformation and lies. Look at ancient religions and culture. The Vedic texts, the old testament of the Bible, etc. are good places to start. Women being equal to man is the modern idea, not the drivel you parroted.

  • SaraS

    How would you know what the nice guy gets or doesn’t get? You’re not a nice guy by any stretch of the imagination and I have a hard time believing you ever were since genuinely kind people uphold kindness as a personal value no matter what the circumstances.

    You sound like a snivelling child rather than a grown up man.

  • Mohammed Stevenson Braun


    “However, the Muslim world sees the dead-end and HYPOCRISY of the West.”

    How true. And the Muslim world is succeeding in terms of birthrates. People are marrying and having kids. Which is unsustainable, the Muslim world or the western/Christian/postchristian one? Look beyond the bigoted Western media lies and hateful anti-Islamic propaganda.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t handle all the dumb that is going on with this page.

    If you aren’t getting laid and you believe that its because you’re a ‘nice guy’ you need to look reevaluate yourself because there is clearly going to be something not nice about you here’s one reason why.

    If you try to form a relationship with a woman entirely based off the fact that you want to bang her (which this article is basically saying), that girl will pick up on that pretty easily and you will be avoided like the plague.

  • anoN

    So basically you’re advising men to be sexist in order to have women be interested in them, without backing anything up with research and just making empty claims. Your logic is just .. bulletproof isn’t it.
    Like telling a white person “if you want friends that are people of color, you gotta be racist!”

  • Anon

    You speak the truth. You are a shining light to the rest of the male population. Please keep up the real talk.

  • anonEmouse

    Feminism is killing the birthrate. Fine with me; got a vasectomy and have no kids or alimony here. But a lower birthrate is killing our economy.

  • Jeff

    Feminism is just another facade for insecurity,
    Sure women should be raped or exploited but most of these hipster feminists just use the label to pussy power their way into bullshit ideas which they enforce on their half girl boyfriends. I have a feminist friend, no cock for her as long as she keeps this shit up and she knows it 😉

  • Jeff

    Sorry, I meant to say “Sure women should NOT be raped or exploited” my bad… but everything else I said was proper 😀

  • Sue

    Oh gosh. As a woman, I wanted to post a rant on this, but it’ll fall on deaf ears. Let’s shorten it a bit.

    Shut up about friend-zoning. It happens to men AND women alike (I have personally been in it for two years straight at this point), it’s just that your gender seems to complain more about it.

    I understand that all people are different, and all have a sweet (nice) side to them. Some just choose to hide that behind “masculinity” and act like because they’re a man that all the females will flock to you like sheep. That’s not true.

    I understand that I will probably get hate comments from this, but I’m never coming back here, so who cares? 😀

    Love, a female human being. (Sue is not my real name, sorry)

  • John

    The dating world is f-ed up. Women just like men only date off of sexual attraction. Yes they get a lot of jerks is way just like guys get a lot of bitches this way. People are shallow. The only thing is, after a woman decides to make a change the thing is the nce guys she turned down will probably be over her and find it immature that she wants them back. Especially when she’s been dating guys that the nice guy warned her would only hurt her in the end. Well there’s that and the fact that hook-up culture makes one night stands acceptable. So for the good guys (and girls for that matter), it’s harder to find another good person. I don’t want to date a women just because she was forced to “settle” for me because these jerkish men she had been dating she can’t get anymore. I want a woman to lov eme for who I am and at least give me a chance because she loves me for who I am not because I’m the only thing she can get.

    If someone man or women is damaged badly from numerous past relationships, they should settle their issues before even thinking to date a decent man or woman. For those rejected a lot my modo is don’t let it get to you because you’re probably better off and have a better chance finding someone more interested in you. Rejection really isn’t bad it just saves time and money.

    Lastly, most women don’t believe that a nice guys could have a sexy side for them. If they keep at a lack of experience they’ll never get better. But I do think with a tad bit of patience that nice guy could probably please you in bed better than any alpha. Thing is they’re just not given a chance before they get to be known. They respect women like they do everyone because that’s who they are. They aren’t necessarily doing it for one person to just please them into sex. Good guy (and girls) are actually looking for decent relationships. The problem is majority of our society is just looking for casual sex.

    Feminists may hate on nice guys now and backing it up with they’re only bitter for not getting laid, but in the end i think it just shows how lame their arguements really are.

  • Not a Farmer

    Some of you guys talk about how feminism ruined everything for you, but I think it takes two to tango. Yes, it’s screwed some things up, it helped some things, but we all are responsible for our own choices and actions.

    And it sounds suspiciously like some of you guys would prefer that women be trapped back in servitude, unable to make any choices, and forced to be married to whatever guy their fathers chose for her. And then forced to a life of staying at home (not that it’s bad to be a stay at home mom) but with no options for anything else.

    I don’t object to staying at home, but from the sound of things, it seems like some of you would prefer that women showing talents in arts or literature or whatever wouldn’t pursue that, but instead would be just housewives, because that’s all they’re “good” for.

    Sure, I’ll believe that many modern women are idiots, are raised to be idiots. But men are too. The men today are not up to being the “heads of the household” (aka Ward Cleaver) of yesteryear. You want respect, but you don’t measure up to it.

    Some men from previous generations were the “Head of the Household,” but they earned that title by being decent, hardworking, loyal, faithful men who acted in the best interests of their wife and children. As Roosh has already demonstrated on this blog, he thinks it’s okay to cheat on a nice “girl next door” girlfriend (you can see the blog post listed on the sidebar). So right there, we see that guys like Roosh are not worthy of taking on that responsibility or earning that sort of respect, since they are man-child douches. It takes a MAN to be a head of the household and too many guys today are just not up to it. Some women, even today, will cede the “Head of Household” role to a MAN in a family unit, because he’s proven himself worthy of her confidence, respect, and TRUST.

    But letting him be the head of the household that doesn’t mean that men are inherently “superior.” What a load of crap that is. Each one of us is different, some have talents and strengths that others do not. Men might be in general stronger, or better at this or that, but women better at other things. I don’t get caught up thinking that I’m superior to men as a gender. I don’t even think about it. I am who I am, as we all are.

    I do notice that some men, just *some*, cannot seem to accept that a girl could be a better student, better at a particular skill or talent–they just hate it. They can handle it if a guy is better than them, but not a woman. What silly men-boys! There will always be someone better than us out there, at whatever it is we pride ourselves in doing. Best that we grow up and accept that.

    I get another “Comedy Gold” moment seeing these guys saying how they “know” they are superior to women! Whatever helps you sleep at night, dearie, whatever helps you sleep at night. Such fragile, tiny little egos some of these guys have.

  • Anonymous

    And the standards will only get higher for future generations of men.

    If evolution keeps working like it always has: What was alpha in the past, won’t be alpha in the future. Women were always the ones who were picky, and it will only get worse.

    I wish we could live in a world where women would just admit that they want men with alpha qualities (rich, dominant role, handsome), because in that case my respect for them would only grew.

    Unfortunately, it’s all one big shit test where the inferior specimens will be killed off from the evolutionary path.

  • Anonymous

    To the women who post here: Your bullshit won’t work here. We know how the real world works. You’re just wasting your time.

  • Anonymous

    As a man I know I am Superior to women. Men and women will never be equal because we are not the same. 1 does not equal 2 and men do not equal women. Why do you think men get automatically put into the selective service at 18, because we are stronger, faster, and smarter. When women get drafted into the military, I might consider us equal, but men will thrive in war and women can thrive at making me a sandwich while I fight for this country.

  • M

    166 Anonymous

    And fewer and fewer women will reproduce, its already 25% never do, the highest its ever been in recorded history. Among college women its almost 40% childless.

    The more alpha they crave, the more of them die alone nd unloved.

  • Anonymous

    You are speaking the truth. Very nice written Roosh congrats. World is becoming more and more female dominant everyday. I mean 50 women dreaming the so called “alpha”, leaves 49 men jerkin off and become numb for woman. I am personally against rapes and stuff and i think woman should have the rights same as men. But what happened is they fukd it up. They felt so much power that actually they think they can play with male population and even drive them to be homosexuals. Every feminist woman i know adores gays. Ask urself why :). So if women didnt feel that they are lacking some things in their existance they wouldnt have fun seeing the man suffer.

    Anyways the point is i lived in that situation where woman only prefer stupid guys who either has money, fame, or has a perfect body and stuff. And watching even the ugliest men around me making their own harem was frustrating. Anyways i found my solution in the whore house.

    I think the real personality of a woman is best seen in whore houses. They are much more natural there. A woman sleeping with a guy because he has money or an expensive car, and he can make her live the fairy tale for a while is direct PROSTITUTION. So I mean when i look at the prostitutes in whore house they don’t have to be the clowns like the woman outside the whorehouse, trying to get the rich guy. Hell no. They have a price and they do their job proper. So i support prostitution.

    So women, pls go look for ur alphas. 50 of u on 1 alpha pls. Keep up the god work.

    And men, if u are never chosen by woman until a certain age, DO NOT betray ur reality simply thinking u will end ur life alone and then end up marrying the last woman u could find before u get too old for this. NO pls think wisely everything must return back to its source, leave 50 woman to their alpha and stop reproducing.. Let’s see if 50 of them will marry same guy in the end it will be fun.

    I think we should simply make a huge community of man who will never marry or reproduce with women, but always be open to sex partners and prostitution.

  • Anonymous

    Truth is.

    MEN and WOMEN were not put here to love eachother.Oh no,this is very obvious.Its because men and women don’t get along at all.

    Men want to repress men.

    Women want to repress men.

    Just can’t get along no matter what anyone forces on them to do.Secretly hating eachother’s guts.

    Truth is men and women were put on earth to fill the earth…THATS IT.

    Fuck eachother to make babies and thats it.Just think about it.

    The only time men and women love eachother is when they are having sex.Afterwards they go on to hate and get bored of eachother or until they have sex again.

    Were are nothing more than ideas brought to life by the higher power of god himself.

  • Tom Dane

    Ur brain works better ? Men invented and created everything. Sucking cock doesnt make the world go round.

  • Tom Dane

    Lol yet you know it’s true. Gangstaz will never have never have a shortage of ho’s..nice guy can just go home and jerk off. And you know it.

  • Tom Dane

    “Feminism is simply believing that men and women are equal. ”
    The why the fuck is it called “feminism” ?

  • Tom Dane

    And we do our part. We stick it in. Then we go on to more important things, like running the world and stuff.

  • Yara

    Because the word emphasizes the need to bring women up to a higher level, where they can finally be men’s equals. This isn’t rocket science, Tommy.

  • Yara

    Something tells me you’re not getting laid, by feminists and non-feminists alike.

  • Yari

    It’s well-deserved. If he has trouble dating and attracting American women, it can’t be 100% the fault of American women. There’s probably something wrong with him, but acknowledging something like that about yourself is really painful.

  • Tom Dane

    This isnt going to happen anyway.DIdnt happen the last million years what makes you think it will happen during ur lifetime ? no bookie would take those odds so u better forget about it and stop your futile struggle.

  • Synopix

    Porn is the only sex today, except some occasional female sexist once a year or so…. Yet I will never have sex with a prostitute – I have high self esteem, high respect for myself, high dignity and integrity and I am afraid of dirty sexual diseases.

  • Synopix

    Says a feminist slut.

  • Synopix

    Which means DEPOPULATION AGENDA works!

  • Synopix

    Unless western men (Moscow to Lisboa, NYC to LA) take their masculinity back the West will become extinct.

  • Guest

    It’s like a cult, all of these fucking losers walking around saying they don’t get laid because they’re “too nice.” Here’s yet another cop-out, reasons #5139 and #5140 that women won’t fuck me: feminists and alpha males. Look, if the list of parties you believe is responsible for your celibacy is longer than the list of chicks you’ve actually banged, time to look in the mirror. Yeah … It’s you. You are the reason no one wants to fuck you. Period.

  • faggot

    feminists hate homosexuals, feminists continue to pushing a toxic campaign of disrupting gay events and undermining gay organizations.

    Carol Hanish a prominent feminist stated the following:
    ‘The growth of gay liberation carries contempt for women to the ultimate: total segregation.’

    honestly feminism can fuck itself

  • timos1000


  • Person

    I’m pretty sure this article is some sort of war crime

  • don mario

    yea you have to pay to read his blog he is posting ALL THE TIME

  • Girl who would NOT bang roosh

    Wow. What the fuck? I feel like I got dumber just reading that.
    Are you really against women’s suffrage? Thought that was like saying pro-slavery stuff nowadays, and I really can’t take you seriously because of that one statement. So this is for anyone who might be thinking of following your fucked up “advice”.
    “Withholding sex”? “Hopeless” for men to get a woman? Men are not owed sex, dumbass, any more than women are owed sex. And for that matter, a woman doesn’t owe you kids or anything else; and by the way, those things you mentioned? Not “your” family or “your” children. They belong to your unfortunate hypothetical wife too. Stop blaming feminism for your inability to get laid (hint: it’s probably/definitely because you believe shit like this).
    I previously wanted to kick you in the throat. After reading that you think women are merely social and emotional, I just pity your ignorance and I want to send you to your mom for some education.
    The glass ceiling is not any closer to being a myth than discrimination is.
    Trust me, girls who are looking for more than one-night stands want guys who respect her (unless you mean the trashy girls who don’t even respect themselves, and there are plenty of male counterparts).
    Nice does not equal subservient; it equals kind, friendly, and respectful. And that’s way hotter than the pathetic men who agree with the kinds of points in this article.
    NOBODY respects sexists except other sexists; it’s pretty pathetic. When I think sexist I think either no self-esteem or narcissist, pathetic, sad little man, no way am I doing that guy.
    And yeah, you don’t have to hate women. You HAVE to respect them.
    Nice guys don’t finish last; floor mats, and people who get no respect because they say stuff like you roosh, do. They are NOT the same.
    To all the guys: please don’t believe this bullshit about misogynists getting sex. Why are you even using sex as the guiding factor for how you treat people?

    Why would you think, with all the commercials and general stereotyping, that women DON’T want men to listen to them and respect them? That’s plain fucking stupid.

    Not to mention that men are becoming obese and gross too, and statistically more so.
    Plus if you see “feminism” and think “poor me, men are being discriminated against and hurt”, please check your fucking privilege.

  • Guy who actually does get laid

    If you weren’t a total idiot, you would realize “feminist slut” is an oxymoron. And BRAVO: you thought of the MOST original insult for women: slut. That only reinforces the reasons decent, classy women must avoid you like herpes.

  • Anonymous

    the cancer would be the fact that your mom didn’t slap this kind of sexist shit out of you

  • Anonymous

    Feminism didn’t kill the birth rate. If men think it is SO important for someone to give up their career so kids can be had/raised earlier in the parents’ lives, why don’t men be the ones to give it all up. Didn’t think so.

  • carol hanish can fuck herself

    Feminists do NOT hate homosexuals; feminists are for equality, and are therefore more likely to be for gay rights. Where the hell did you get feminist = anti-gay?
    I’m sure there are some feminists who are anti-gay-rights, just as there are sexists who are anti-gay-rights, sexists who are pro-gay-rights, and feminists who are pro-gay-rights. But that Carol chick does NOT represent the majority; I doubt the minority of so-called feminists she represents (the very very few, radical women who are totally anti-men) is even a significant one.
    Let me remind you that feminism means gender EQUALITY. Any women or men who think otherwise are just plain wrong. Yeah it’s called FEMINism, and that’s because women are the ones who must be uplifted in order for the sexes to be equal, not men.

  • r.e.s.p.e.c.t.

    It’s good that you have respect for yourself. It doesn’t matter whether you are male or female (there ARE male prostitutes), it is fantastic that you have this respect for yourself. EVERYONE should, regardless of gender.

  • you’re a pathetic little man

    You think WOMEN have too much power, hilarious! Yeah, women like attractive men. Men like attractive women; both genders are often held to impossible standards. Not just men, dumbass. Real (more attractive in personality) men don’t cry about it and turn to douche-ism like you.
    Prositution is not ok. Never was, never will be. I can’t even begin to understand why you would think a prostitute is the “natural woman”. The reason prostitutes don’t have to try to get sex is because the men they do it with are so desperate for sex they pay for it. Not the kind of guys women want. Prostitutes will do you, sure, but LOL don’t take that as an accomplishment sexually! They are PAID to. It’s sad and pathetic (and REALLY unattractive) that you have PAID a woman to have to sex with you because your douchey personality didn’t get you anywhere.
    Gay people can seem more attractive as friends because women know they would never try anything; they’re trustworthy. Not because we want men to ALL be gay, that doesn’t even make sense.
    Yeah, men are sometimes held to impossible standards, and so are women. Genuine people won’t overlook someone because they are not exactly like Megan Fox or Ryan Gosling.
    You DO realize women’s primary goal in life is not to get laid? An alpha in my mind is someone, either gender, who is a leader. This also means a virtuous leader. Like say, having respect for others and her/himself. An alpha is your polar opposite based off of the opinions you state here.

    And yes, men, don’t settle. Women, don’t settle. Nobody settle, it will make you unhappy (but I’m also not saying you should be overly picky).

    The “real personality” of women? That’s generalizing half the human race. Self-respecting women (who are not forced into it) will not prostitute themselves, the same way self-respecting men won’t (yes, male prostitutes exist; women are less disgusting than men, so they are fewer and farther between, but they’re there).

  • You have a SHITTY personality

    “as a man you can only react to what you see with your own eyes”? more like your dick. you act like you have no brain.
    classy, decent, self-respecting women definitely dig independent men (“providers”) who are available and interested.
    we DON’T dig being disrespected by assholes like you.
    for every woman who dates only based on looks, there are 50 men who do the same fucking thing. so yeah it’s a fucked-up world.
    I would take a so-so guy who believes in feminism over a model who believes you ANY day. And yes I get some; so I’ll ignore your original insults and remarks about how I don’t shave or something equally idiotic.

  • Miley

    Yeah, my definition of nice is WAY different. Roosh thinks nice means spineless doormat. Spineless doormats are not attractive. I know nice means kind and respectful. Respectful, kind, feminist men are hot.
    Andd why do you think any man deserves “sexual rewards”? LOL as if. Men get laid when women decide they want to do them; it has nothing to do with rewarding anyone for anything.
    Stop seeing time spent chasing a woman as an investment that should pay off or you’re not getting your proper “reward”. It’s that behavior and that commoditization of women that’s unattractive and disgusting, not being a normal (“nice”) person.

  • Fellow female human being

    Friend-zoning is TOTAL bullshit. Men think that time spent with a woman is an investment that has to/should “pay off” (what disgusting commoditization) and if that woman likes them enough to be friends with them that automatically means she likes him enough to sleep with him. A woman who considers a man her friend is not a bitch; she just considers him a friend. If she was sexually attracted to him she would take it beyond friendship, if not then she wouldn’t. It’s normal human interaction, not a woman trying to be mean to the man.

  • Btw i’m a guy

    I saw this and thought, oh good he’s replying to some saint who posted against this article. Then I saw you weren’t. Roosh and you are, from a woman’s perspective, the darkest pits of hell. Feminist men are the shining lights of hope for the male population.

  • you claim to be the expert? no

    What you clearly don’t realize is that you’re claiming to be more right about what women are attracted to than women. BS. Feminist guys are 100% of the time way hotter than sexists; we don’t even consider sexists dating options, if we have any respect for ourselves.

  • make sense please

    College women should not be having babies, they should be focusing on their careers. I’m sad it’s not 0% childless.
    Women who didn’t want kids in the past didn’t have a choice; now they do. The removal (partially) of the oppression is only right; your concerns about the population don’t hold a candle. And we have enough people anyway, why is population even your argument?

    Also, the more models men crave, the more of THEM die alone, by your own logic. It goes both ways.
    Lastly, do you even science? It takes two to make a baby. It’s physically impossible for women to be the sole reproducers/solely responsible for reproduction.

  • Synopix

    Not only the economy, but it is killing the Western society. Our numbers are dwindling. Japan today is 125 million, but 25% of Japanese are over age of 65, so in 20-30 years there will only be about 80 Million Japanese in Japan. Same situation in Europe. In 30 years Europe will be at least 100 million less Europeans, but many more other nationals.

  • love comedy

    lmao i’m dying
    this is truly good material, keep going man

  • Guest

    I tried. Worked hard to help establish the fiance launch and build her business until it took off and she started making a lot of money. I was fine with the idea of staying home if we had kids, and she was certainly making enough for us to do that, but she started constantly arguing about my now lesser income and called off the wedding. Even thought it was exactly what she said she wanted.

    If you don’t see men trying to really hard to have happy women in their lives you’re not paying attention.

  • Madie

    You write undeniable truths about gender relations. Those things sadden me, for I’m a christian woman. I worry about my children.

  • Truth Teller

    One, you’re a fucking moron. Two, learn English so your posts make sense. Three, I don’t particularly care what you tell me, because I was told what women want- by women- for 17 and a half years of my life. I had so little success with women that it was pathetic.

    So here’s some advice: shut the fuck up until you can speak in an educated fashion. Half your argument is emotional appeal.

  • dontbeapussy

    im real tired of these feminazis and im female. it turns ALL guys either into whiny little bitches or narcissists. real tired of both. i shall watch them pass until i find one worthy of my presence. until then i’ll just own a dog.

  • tom

    You made the critical mistake of helping women

    man is never to help woman

    woman is put on earth to serve man

    all conflicts on Earth begin when women are given freedom

  • lasonn

    No – Playboy magazine killed the nice guy. Emasculated by the soulless, dehumanizing corporate hierarchical machines,, the average male needed to feel empowered by ‘consuming’ sex, just as Victorian England dwindled families into nuclear units with the man as the ‘head of the family’, so that the enslaved and exploited male worker can still feel like a ‘king’ in his own home, when he feels like an animal in the coal mines; he then has to buy (consume) a separate unit for his nucleus, instead of sharing living quarters with an extended family. False male empowerment through consumption (gadgets, sex and women as commodities to prove one’s ‘manhoood’, money as power; game playing; boy networks; invented definitions of manliness) keeps the male worker from challenging the exploitative corporate status quo that keeps him in debt, slaving for 40 or more hours a week, makes him a partner in exploiting other races and nationalities, and natural resources. Obsessing about sex and ‘game’ is a great distraction from the real problems in life. So the system stays the same — the rich me keep winning, and the poor men — they become more and more miserable, blame the women, beat them, or go to war for the rich men, just as they always have for centuries.

  • Blargh

    That is a good interesting analysis.Yes, male characteristics optimized for quantity centric reproductive strategies (alpha) do win out in the modern environment over quality centric reproductive strategies (beta). I don’t see this as a bubble though. This is more of a red queen. In other words, it isn’t going to pop. The family structure will just disintegrate more and more so long as “alpha” strategies keep winning.

  • SWH

    Hello, I agree with the guys that feminism is wrecking western society. Many of my beliefs have already been stated but at the risk of repetition I’ll enumerate some of my theories:

    Women basically have always feared and mistrusted men

    The environment in which we live has become artificial to the point where woman are favored in the work place.

    Women now can live without men, who they never liked men that much anyway

    Women don’t feel nature’s need to be with the opposite sex

    Having money and not much sex drive they only go for the hot guys as promoted by the media.

    Women also seem to prefer dumb guys, maybe because they feel in control that way, or because they can hold a conversation with them better.

    The media promotes both feminism and superficial visual judgment, making the problem worse.

    We are descending into a primitive, animal culture something like that of sea-elephants.

    The media is pandering to women because they are the majority of consumer spenders. Women shop a lot.

    Politicians pander to women because they are a majority population.

    I don’t believe the imagined oppression of women ever existed.

    The balance is no longer.

    We now live in a cold, sad world controlled by a lying media and wall street
    stake holders that hold everyone’s money.

    Men are hard wired to give to women.

    Women are hard wired to take from men.

    If women no longer need men this society falls.

    Read Time Machine, by H.G. Wells for a picture of the future. Women are the Eloi, men are the Morlocks.

  • Dude

    Feminists men are all faggots. You Know that, they know that, we know that. So fuck off. We aren’t sexist, you are. We have self respect. Feminist men don’t.

  • Dude

    If you are superior, more intelligent, capable than men why would you need providers you dumb fuck?? Tell me? Maybe because you are none of those things that’s why. Feminists are just sexist bigot scum.

  • Dude

    Surely he could have found a team of lawyers for that amount to save his ass.

  • Damian Litsman

    roosh thanks for just telling the truth!if u ask me women after 2003 in USA and Western Europe are ignorant and rude,and yes internet played a huge part.They complain that we dont make a move on them when they actually DONT FUCKING WANT IT.I stopted even talking to Scandinavian ,English ,Western European women and American women for years now,they are just MEN WITH VAGINAS in their behaviour.now im happy and together with a girl from Serbia,She treats me like am a man,and i treat her like a woman,simple as that.Only deal with women from South America,Eastern Europe and south East Asia,dont even bother to talk to the rest.90% of them are rude,ignorant stupid wanna be loved by the alpha male cunts.


    You’re a faggot

  • RebeL

    You’re a whore, all feminist guys are faggots

  • RebeL

    Because that’s your job you stupid slut, do the job nature intended for you to do.


    That’s why girls like you always die alone, or with other whores…enjoy the child support while if lasts, fuck another 10 guys who all end up leaving you…then die alone and miserable…bitch

  • asda

    If feminism is about equality as you claim then why don’t I ever see them fighting for equal treatment in divorce courts? Why don’t I ever see them fighting for harder punishments for mothers who don’t pay child support?

    “women are the ones who must be uplifted in order for the sexes to be equal, not men”

    There are double standards that negatively affect both genders, but you’re telling me the only double standards that need to be lifted are the ones that negatively affect women?

  • Betamale

    Hey Roosh, I‘m a 36 year old beta male that has been rejected from women up to now. But I dont blame the women – I blame the harem keepers, the called alpha males. Because if they would be no more, all myproblems would be gone.
    I pray that God may one day wipe out all alpha males from the surface of the world. Sadly, God seems not to be very open to this Idea.
    Nevertheless, I wish them all the worst!

  • http://religionconfidencetrick.blogspot.com/ jonny

    You hate your betters for being better. You imagine they make you look bad. You’ve been reduced to an emotional Toddler. You don’t want to compete, you want to destroy your competition and ‘win’ by default but you cannot win if you don’t compete. Your victory will be illusory.

    It isn’t your competitive betters who are to blame for how you appear. That blame is on you and your mother. Your betters are happy to compete. You want to eliminate your competition. There is no winning in imagined entitlement when it’s satisfied; there are only trophy whores and unsatisfied slaves. You don’t want to be competitive, you just want to win for no reason. I understand.

    “Those beautiful blonde girls should be walking with me, not those brutes. I deserve them more. Why do those horrible men get to experience the love and affection of such beautiful, heavenly girls, while I’ve had to rot in loneliness all my life. It’s not fair. It’s such an injustice.”
    – Elliot Rodger

    There’s nothing to win. You feel how your mother felt. She was led to believe she was entitled to men as long as she waited for what she deserved (read: stayed away from taken male slaves). There is no reward for men who win. Imagining there is reward for men who don’t win….what’s the love of a sub-worthless woman worth, when her mind has been reduced to cannibalism by shame?

    Men are in denial about this world of entitled cannibals. The implications of accepting reality are confronting. There’s no reward for men in this world of malicious frauds. Asexual toddlers are led to believe they’re at war with a world of men dying to look up their skirts. Tiny girls are conditioned to be terrified of men’s hungry eyes.

    Men aren’t hungrily lusting after toddlers’ objects; but depravity that evil belongs exclusively to mothers. Only mothers’ lies can objectify. There is no value in the liabilities you long for. Men don’t pursue sex with women, they’ve been confused. It is not sex you crave. For men, sex is a sensory chore.

    You were brought here to suffer to please [demons pleased by your suffering]. You’ll never fill the hole inside you which is to say, only you could. No one else will do it for you, they will just get in your way, override your free will, bind you as a slave to their fraud (no longer concealed by illusion) for your sake. If you have value, they will protect their exclusive claim on you with a ferocity that makes Josef Fritzl look like a teddy bear. They will block your access to all forms of release or relief. They need you suffer or you’d never imagine a Demand for the pain relief they want to Supply.

    Liability destroys its competition with hate. There’s no value you’re missing out on. There’s no value, it’s all illusions created by frauds. You are miserable because your mother needed your love. She hated her betters too. There’s only one solution but you won’t like to hear it because your Self has been eroded by abuse.

    Solution: Only you can validate you.

  • http://religionconfidencetrick.blogspot.com/ jonny

    You’re dead right about some things and dead wrong about others. Women are perfidious leeches, you’ve fallen for their obsessive obfuscation of need.

    Women basically have always feared and mistrusted men.

    Women terrorise girls with fear campaigns. An object’s greatest fear is a younger object. Women know men’s hands are tied by conditioning and outrageous judicial penalty for retaliating in self-defence.

    Women use their expressed fear and concern for their safety to sell the hilarious fraud that declares a whore selling [doing as she pleases] has value worth stealing. Only men are raped. There is such a thing a date-rape and it’s akin to stealing what women are desperate to give you, preferably in exchange for your value but rapists cannot respect their prey. They will hold you in contempt until you force them to respect you. Don’t rape them, you don’t want their respect. Men should tell degrading leeches who feign disinterest in sex (even as they scream the truth in cosmetic banners smeared across their face) to fuck themselves, literally.

    The environment in which we live has become artificial to the point where woman are favored in the work place.

    Polite Society’s fraud. Sometimes I wonder why anyone talks at all.

    Women now can live without men, who they never liked men that much anyway

    That’s what they’d like you to believe. That’s what they’ve always wanted men to believe. They’re doing you the favour, how magnanimous of them. Make sure you repay them for deigning to let you pleasure them.

    Women don’t feel nature’s need to be with the opposite sex

    Biologically, they desire 10 x the capacity of men. Sociologically, girls are abused by their mothers to condition them to be averse to sex. Boys are abused by their mothers to condition them to need validation. Shame is very powerful.

    Having money and not much sex drive they only go for the hot guys as promoted by the media.

    They’re all frauds and psychotic enough to fall for the illusions created by their fabricated illusions; for example, when they post a picture on Facebook that ostensibly represents them, it may look nothing like them or it will be the best shot of 100 which has then been manipulated with apps that enhance their fraud. 1000 guys click “Like” on an image that bears only a tiny resemblance to their ugly reality; but they’re too stupid to realise men are clicking “Like” on their fraudulent misrepresentation. So every 6 thinks she’s a 9. She has the “Likes” of her fraudulent pictures to ‘prove’ it.

    They’re all waiting for what they imagine they deserve but an employed, honest man has no women in this world in his league. Men are too reduced to realise the extent of the manipulated marketplace or the extent of their sadistic mothers’ betrayal.

    Women also seem to prefer dumb guys, maybe because they feel in control that way, or because they can hold a conversation with them better.

    The media promotes both feminism and superficial visual judgment, making the problem worse.

    Women value appearances because they’re frauds. They value bling because they’re imbecilic frauds. Now, women are no longer trusting their own assessment of appearances; they wait for others to approve of you before they will approve of you. Who the hell would approve of them? All they ever think about is how to deceive you (to impress you). They never think about being impressive. They’re not merely fake, they rewrite history into fiction in real time and then internalise the fiction as if it were reality.

    We are descending into a primitive, animal culture something like that of sea-elephants.

    The bullying is out of control. They’ve always bullied defenceless toddlers but now there’s a dark edge to their use of children and men as the disposable means to a redundant end. Expect autism prevalence rates to continue to soar.

    The media is pandering to women because they are the majority of consumer spenders. Women shop a lot.

    They’ve always controlled the spending of their male slaves and now they have their own money as well to splash around. They probably represent 80% of the market for consumables.

    Politicians pander to women because they are a majority population.

    Yes, but also because they control nearly all of the population. Men don’t give birth. Mothers have first access rights to the minds of their young, whom they promptly betray.

    Women are reduced by the biopolitical State to trap them into needing to tame independent children for dependent slavery (warriors and whores; in the best Christian leaching tradition).

    I don’t believe the imagined oppression of women ever existed.

    You are 100% correct but the oppression of girls by women is brutal.

    We now live in a cold, sad world controlled by a lying media and wall street stake holders that hold everyone’s money.

    Mothers who betray their own young set up this world of horror. “Love is whatever you can still betray.” (le Carre)

    Men are hard wired to give to women.

    No. Men are hardwired to respond to and protect the young of altricial species. Infants have distinctive traits that trigger a protective instinct in men to provide and care for them. The perfidy of women…

    Women saw how men never stop to check paternity (sociological whore lie) when a “cute” child triggers their protective instincts. Thus, the infantilisation of women (and shortly after, pedophilia).

    Women are hard wired to take from men.

    Not biological coding but probably sociological conditioning.

    If women no longer need men this society falls.

    Women will always need men. Women needed men too much. Women reduced men to make men need them. Women have no use for reduced men any more than men have use for reduced women.

    “And art thou changed? Pronounce this sentence then: Women may fall when there’s no strength in men.”
    – Shakespeare

    We’ve fallen.

    Read Time Machine, by H.G. Wells for a picture of the future. Women are the Eloi, men are the Morlocks.

    HG Wells was a genius. He understood. Dinner is bred.

  • http://religionconfidencetrick.blogspot.com/ jonny

    Women are not owed marriage.

    And if you don’t want men to feel understandably entitled, stop making them suffer to please you when your disapproval is expressed illegitimately. Boys are confused by whores who interrupt them pleasing themselves to force them to suffer to please women – only to be left bewildered after decades of suffering because Why?

    “I’d like to open a Savings account please.”

    “Certainly Sir, what will be your initial deposit?”

    “My mother and all of Society’s women are now very pleased with me, I have suffered to please them and now they are pleased.”

    “Sir, this is a bank, not a church or asylum. We can’t accept your mother’s emotional currency.”

  • http://religionconfidencetrick.blogspot.com/ jonny

    An honest man with a stable job is out of the league of 99% of face-painted frauds. You’re not good enough for any of them. If men knew the truth about women’s historical child mutilation, betrayal, treachery and perfidy (ongoing) – your life (presently not worth a spit) would rapidly come to an abrupt conclusion.

  • http://religionconfidencetrick.blogspot.com/ jonny

    God is just another euphemism for selfless whores who want a pretext to mutilate children with reversed love (slavery).

    “Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right.”
    – mothers quoting the god they chose for precisely this reason

    The entire Bible and much of the Qur’an is written in women’s infantile, reduced ‘logic’ but men are so reduced, they just accept whatever their mothers tell them at face value.

    Humans were coded to fuck.

    Unable to compete with girls for the attention of men, mothers realised they had the power to reverse the logic to illogical.
    War is peace.
    Freedom is slavery.
    Ignorance is strength.
    Sex is bad.
    God is good.
    Onward Christian soldier.

    You can’t fight Big Mother. Everyone is made to love Big Mother.

    Coded to fuck, we’re doomed to endless conflict for as long as whores shrewdly exploit mothers’ shrewd exploitation. It’s not natural to exist in a world of whores (and johns who enable their degradation and cyclical abuse of children).

    So we fight.

  • http://religionconfidencetrick.blogspot.com/ jonny

    You’re not a guy.
    You’re just a BOY.
    You’re not a real man.
    You’re a lady’s bitch.

    You’re a ladyboy and your mother owned you, bitch.

  • http://www.LimitlessMindset.com/ Jonathan Roseland

    Here’s how I see the nice guy dynamic in attraction. You can be a nice guy as long as you are doing enough other things to be an attractive man:
    Keeping your game sharp, going out a lot. Working on your sub communication.
    Going to the gym, dressing fly.
    Approaching a lot.
    Developing hobbies and skills.
    Ambition and working hard to growing a career and financial stability.
    Being present and mindful, practicing meditation or brain training.
    Have an abundant social circle.
    The time in my life that I was ‘being a nice guy’ but also getting laid the most was when I had a gorgeous high rise condo downtown. I would have pre parties a couple times a week before we went out clubbing. I had a charming wing woman who would invite girls back to my place for me. Here’s a video tour of the spot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Mu_KNGvkII.
    If you can afford a place like this, DO IT.
    If you can’t do these things it’s mandatory that you be a little bit of an asshole to girls. Being ‘not a nice guy’ will disproportionately make you more attractive to girls in comparison to these lifestyle factors.
    But just being an asshole is not a magic pill to instant results, being an asshole is a skill set itself.
    What’s really ideal is to practice being an asshole while leveling up your lifestyle.
    You’ll end up coming full circle; becoming a nice guy with an attractive edge, but along way they’ll be some real dickish moments… Have fun!

  • Stop the BS

    Yeah, this is the typical white knight fantasy. Respectful, kind, feminist, strong, aggressive, receptive … I think 50 Shades of Grey is a good indication of the sort of man the feminist wants. Just make sure you’re also a concert pianist and a jet pilot billionaire.

    But in lieu of that, they’ll fuck the assholes.

  • Nathaniel Vasquez Farley

    Who are you to profess knowledge of the lives of any of us? Most players today were the most chivalrous of men who were played by one too many women. Personally I still feel love for every girl I’ve been in a relationship with, I treated them all like queens till I noticed that all my queens preferred sorry excuses for men who treated them like crap. Adapt or die is the law of nature Ms Shitty Personality. I love how much respect your username commands btw.

  • Driver

    Bullshit. Women only go that route (independent provider men) after they’ve hit the wall and they are finished riding the carousel (and even then some jump back on it).

    You don’t know how many times I’ve heard of a situation where a guy (with a decent income, education, looks, etc..) was very good to a woman only to get thrown to the side for someone who “excited” her…and then usually beat on her, verbally abused her and or dumped her.

    Women are emotional and they gravitate towards someone who makes them “feel”. The only compromise is when they are too old and that attention for them is subsides (or it’s time to suck it up and find a good provider).

    Feminism, today, has been taken over by a radical group of women who believe in getting even, getting power (not equality). I don’t see a march on D.C. to get the nation to change the way a man gets treated in court (i.e. divorce, child support, etc…). A man in court with a woman loses every time (even when the woman is a complete waste of space.

    Woman, today, are for equality (for some things)….the rest of it is just fine (as long as they benefit).

  • Driver

    Never take dating advice from a woman. Even women will admit…they don’t know what they want or what they like in a man.

    They just have to ‘feel’ it…lol.

    Meanwhile, a good portion of men who were taught to be courteous, intelligent, a good provider, etc….are all losing out to these ‘strong, independent women.

    Even that term itself is a joke. Women are independent to a point (just the other day I had to help lift something because all of these strong, independent women couldn’t move it). Hit the gym, cross-fit, workout, lift weights and take care of your body….then you might be able to move something (besides your big ass).

  • Driver

    Feminist men are the worst…stop selling out. Women want you to be ‘compliant’…it’s easier. If you start to call women out on their shit, then it may hurt their feelings, damage their ego (self esteem) and they may have to deal with the real world.

    Ask a woman her age, sometime. It’s all fair and equal, right, feminist?

  • Driver

    I’ll adjust my ways once women start admitting that feminism and equality don’t really exist in all areas of life (reality).

    I’ll gladly stand up for a women getting equal pay for equal work once I start to see women marching on our court houses to demand equal treatment of men (i.e. divorce, child support, etc…).

    I love hearing about how women want ‘equality’ and how they love or respect a feminist man. Sure, because he’s easy to train and he’s compliant. He won’t give you any trouble, he’ll always be in your corner and he’ll do whatever for sex……until the day comes when a woman wants to get divorced (then, reality will hit that man). Half his paycheck is gone, his house is gone, kids are gone.

    Woman are going after power (not equality) and many feel it’s payback time.

    I’ll start to treating women like ladies when they start acting like it. It’s called ’cause and effect’ and women are starting to see the ugliness after many years.

  • Driver

    Agree with many points here. For years I’ve watched a few of my friends (well educated, family oriented, good providers, etc….) get passed over by women who ride the cock carousel. They enter shallow relationships, get abused mentally and verbally, get cheated on…and only until after all of this they are looking for a ‘good man’.

    Women talk a bunch of nonsense about ‘not settling’ but in the end they actually do settle……time is the only factor here.

    Women only come back to these type of men after they’ve entered their 30s (hit the wall) and need another income to settle down (or have children).

  • Driver

    Agree. I’ve experience these actions, twice, first hand. I had a good job, took care of myself, my own place and I was good to women. Nope, they were feeling the guy who didn’t have a job, smoked weed, and would treat them badly. That was in my 20s.

    Today (and I’ve said this before) I use the bus driver approach. I have my shit together and you are on my schedule. If you don’t like it or you start to act up, then I’ll stop the bus and tell you to get off.

    From that point on, it’s worked like a charm (I can’t get rid of some women). Women will say one thing but then their actions will show just the opposite.

    Never take dating advice from a woman.

  • Driver

    The definition may have been about equality at one time but the message has been blurred by many others in your ‘group’.

    Today’s definition means payback time for some things (i.e. court system, divorce, child support, etc..) and equality for things they women don’t have yet (i.e. equal pay).

    It’s all about gaining power…and once you have it you still want more power. I haven’t seen a march or parade put together yet by this ‘equality group’ for equal rights in the court rooms of America.

  • Driver

    It’s called ‘equality’ when you put a women in her place (just like you would a man if he were acting up, not producing, etc…).

    I don’t mind telling a woman to get her shit together when I see (or hear) her crying about how unfair things are at work or not pulling their own weight.

    You want equality..good..so do I. Some of you women need to “man the fuck up” and get the job done. Stop whining and stop complaining.

  • Driver

    I don’t know. All you really have to do to a woman (today) is get her going: tease her, give her a hard time, ignore her sometimes…tell her to get it together…and she’s yours.

    I’ve seen this happen all too many times at work. A guy can be decent to a woman and he’ll sit on that line for a moment. Once a girl tries to give him the shit test (and he pushes back), it’s all smooth sailing.

    I’ve done this a couple of times in the past. A woman will try me or test me and once I push back (laugh at her and give it back to her) she was pretty easy from that point. The point…don’t take shit from anyone (especially women).

  • Driver

    lol…your brain works better (until Real Housewives of whatever comes on TV). Then, you are all out to lunch.

    Try to hold a conversation with one of these reality show watchers…nothing worthwhile to discuss.

  • MockerMocker

    Those words were written by Paul. not a “religious mother”, you dumbass nutcase.

  • ifyousayitalotitdoesntmean

    Feminism didn’t kill the nice guy, he’s married at home snuggled on the sofa with his hot wife, and sexist boorish alphas aren’t happy…they get dumped as soon as she realizes he’s only good for one “thing”. Wakey, wakey.

  • http://religionconfidencetrick.blogspot.com/ jonny

    Says the guy talking for a guy that gets himself confused with “Anonymous”.

    You’re a little too emotional. I’m sorry your mother abused you. You should take it up with her, though; primarily because she fucked your face stupid to betray you in war and it has nothing to do with me.

  • kyle

    men dont’ crave models, we wouldn’t mind fucking them, but we also wouldn’t mind fucking a wide range of women. I crave a relationship with a girl who is my equal, appearance wise. I want a gril who is 5 six or maybe shorter I don’t mind, with an ok body, a pretty face, brown hair, and blue eyes. I don’t want a model. A lot of guys don’t even like models.

  • kyle

    Where do you hide during the day? I never see women out, I never see women at the gym. There are no women at work, and the bar is always a sausage fest. Also, women don’t date based only on looks, if they did, I would have a lot more interested dates. Women date based on looks, personality, status, intellect, vehicle, prestige, wit, and money.
    Men date based on looks, intellect, then personality. I could make the argument that women are more shallow, because they are much more choosy.

  • kyle

    feminist men are self hating losers. How can you have respect for someone who doesn’t respect themselves? Unless you simply have no respect for men at all, other than a sliver of respect for the boys who renounce their manhood.

  • kyle

    why did you say “by the way I’m a guy”, then claim that you have a women’s perspective? lol, you just committed a major continuity error.

  • kyle

    We can’t get pregnant. you would still need to be giving up a year. Also, your “careers” aren’t even producing wealth in the economy. I’m fucking paying taxes for you bitches to get affirmative actioned right up into graduate school for you masters in social services.

  • Guest

    And a minor in political science

  • kyle

    “almost” lol, why didn’t she delete you? was she afraid ? did seeing your name in the contact list cause painful trigger warnings?

  • kyle

    women don’t want guys desperate to have sex because they prefer the top 20% guys who are having tons of sex. men really don’t have impossible standards. If you’re pretty, and not a bitch, we might be interested. Women have crazy standards. Hence, women only rate the top 20% of men as above average looking, and rate the bottom 80 % of men as below average looking.

  • FrillArtist

    You want to kick someone in the throat because their views don’t align with yours? I would call you a typical woman for letting your emotions get the better of you but most women I know aren’t as violent driven as you. That just makes you bottom of the barrel.

  • Veni Vidi Vici

    Agreed, I guess I am in the good looking department too. (Based on what past dates have told me.) but they mean little unless your supermodel good looking.

  • G

    Dude, you need to be sedated. Maybe no girls want you because you’re incapable of a civilized conversation. America’s going down the drain.

  • Jenny Brown

    You want functional matriarchal societies to prove that gender roles are made by people? Here you go.


    And here:


    And here:


    Oh, the poor men in India feel that “You are just a breeding bull. No one is interested in hearing your views about anything, you have no say in any decision whatsoever.” Welcome to womanhood for most of the rest of the world, where you are just a breeding bitch and no one gives a fuck about you unless you have a tight pussy and a perfect body, and they sure as fuck don’t care what you think or how you feel cuz you’re just a stupid fucking woman. Wah. Get back to us about how abused you are when men aren’t still globbing onto pity party bullshit like is all over this website about how awful and useless women are and about how things were so much better when men ruled every fucking aspect of a woman’s life, maybe then we’ll see about feeling sorry for you.

    Gender roles are almost all social institutions, just like Rooks said, and right there above is the proof, for your reading pleasure. There is more and written by more scholarly professionals out there too, if you’re not too lazy to find it. Although I suspect you are, since you apparently expect to have even what “matriarchal societies” search in google would find spoon-fed to you. And these societies have all been perfectly functional for hundreds of years, with women in charge. Happy now, you sexist pigs???

    There will always be men who treat women like crap, and there will always be women who treat men like crap. So you (and lots of other superiority complex men on here) have been hurt by dumb ass women who say they want one thing but spread their legs for another thing. So you’ve dealt with women who can’t appreciate a good man (assuming you are one). Welcome to the real world. Who the fuck hasn’t been told they aren’t good enough or they aren’t pretty/handsome enough and been treated like crap by some fuck-face who thinks the world revolves around their pussy/dick? Which is exactly the sort of person all you dumb fucks apparently want to become, since you’ve had such wonderful experiences with these sorts of people! Yes, geniuses, please continue the fucking cycle and make the world a better place with your asinine bullshit of treating the opposite gender like whale shit! Yes, please, continue thinking of the world and of women and the men they choose as sexual partners in terms like “alpha” and “beta” like a pack of fucking wolves — because we need more people to be acting like dogs in this world.

    Who the fuck hasn’t been hurt by somebody they loved? Who the fuck hasn’t been hurt by the fact when they realize they don’t measure up to society’s standards of fucking perfection? That’s whiny “forlorn” emo teenager bullshit! Grow up! Get over yourselves! Seriously, be a fucking MAN and get the fuck over it and find someone worthwhile. (I’ve certainly been a fucking WOMAN and done it! So can you! Men aren’t the only ones being treated like shit in the US, hello?!) Worthwhile women do exist in the US, and a woman does not have to quietly smile and nod with whatever the fuck you say, and be a prissy little delicate flower in order to be worthwhile. Although if that’s what you believe, I’m sure there are plenty of women out there who jive on the same vibe as you and would be more than willing to bow to your every manly demand and spread her legs as far as you tell her and not a millimeter further. Lots of people like that sort of thing. But don’t pretend that YOUR issues with finding someone who makes you happy means that all women in the US are a worthless POS. ANY time the problem is “everybody else”, you ought to know that the only thing all your problems with women have in common is YOU.

    Maybe you should look at some “beta” women instead of barking up the tree of string bean gum-smacking “alpha” chicks who look like supermodels. You could like, oh my god, try a fucking normal-looking person who has had to work hard to get what she wants and who appreciates someone who gives her some nice positive attention for a fucking change. You know, instead of chasing after the bitches who have dogs in heat around them all the time competing for every second of her attention and who thinks her pussy is so much more special than the next half the world’s population. The big problem with both men AND women in the US today is that they all want supermodels off a magazine cover or out of a porno — look in the fucking mirror, most of us aren’t up to par to be dating people like that. And people who don’t care about anything but their looks — you can’t seriously be shocked when they are wishy-washy and shallow. *gasp!* I’m sure most of YOU assholes on here aren’t melting fucking camera lenses with your good looks. If you are, and all you care about is looks, then go whine about your inability to attract a non-bimbo with your other shallow-ass friends.

    Like attracts like, you entitled assholes. And there are plenty of good women out there too who’ve treated their men like kings and get shat on, but we have to move on and just keep trying. Just like you do. It’s what everybody has to do. If it were easy to find “the one” then it wouldn’t be special. And all the whining of people in their 20s complaining about women only chasing after “alpha” dick — most men are still just chasing after pussy in their teens and early-mid 20s too and nobody has a problem with THAT, so get the fuck over it — those teens and early-mid 20s dicks have to fuck SOMEBODY, don’t they?! They’re just doing the same thing men are. Men talk all the time about the kind of woman they want, and then screw any bitch who winks at him sideways in the meantime of finding and/or being “ready” to settle down with “the big fish”. Women are doing the same thing now, and you fuckers don’t like it. Well, wah. We feel bad for you. We all know how effective “do as I say, not as I do” is, don’t we? Fucking hypocrites.

    Quit whining in your fucking pity parties and get over it and find a woman you can honor and respect and who appreciates and honors you. It’s a 2-way fucking street. I met my husband in the military at age 25, and he is 7 years older than me. He had married and divorced before, and had given up on women for a time too, because it’s normal to be emotional after you’ve been hurt by a fucking bitch or asshole who rips your heart out. But guess what? You have to GET THE FUCK OVER IT and move on and keep on being yourself — if you don’t be yourself, how can you expect any women to love you for who the fuck you are, idiots? If a woman doesn’t like you for being yourself, SHE’S NOT FUCKING WORTH YOUR TIME — move on. Pick yourself up and move on instead of wallowing in the bullshit and hating all women or all American women or any of the stupid BS you people are doing. You’re not the only fucking ones who’ve ever been hurt, and men aren’t the only ones who get hurt either.

    And no, my husband is no “alpha”, by your dumb fuck definitions. My husband had only ever dated 5 other girls besides his ex wife in his whole life, is incredibly polite and intelligent (went to college as a national merit scholar type intelligent), and a real gentleman. Right up my fucking alley, as I’d only dated 4 guys before. I got my first ever boyfriend AFTER high school as I apparently was too nerdy and poor to even be asked out to senior prom and was self-respecting enough not to put out and suck dick like all the candy ass cheerleaders who were rolling in panting dogs around them all the time. I was too busy studying and working my ass off in advanced placement classes and getting my fucking 3.81 GPA so I could be the first in my family to go to fucking college from which I graduated magna cum laude, thank you. I didn’t have time to go out drinking at bars and spend hours reading prissy magazines and worrying about what guys thought of my hair and my makeup (that I didn’t wear except on special occasions/outings) and my clothes — just like I didn’t care about that BS in order to attract so-called “friends” (and no I didn’t have many “friends”, but the ones I did and do have are fucking gold). I figured if a guy liked me, he’d like me for me and not for some makeup mask lie that was just on the outside. Trust me, it didn’t get me much “game”, but I landed 2 really great long-term boyfriends who were real quality gentlemen before meeting my husband, and the only reason we didn’t stay together was because we ended up being split up by our jobs (military, so we couldn’t just quit and follow each other) and with the first one he wasn’t ready to get married yet, and with the second one I wasn’t ready yet (because we were fucking young). I ended up married to 1 awesome hell of a man who many “pretty” women would turn up their nose to (except that now they might not because he’s worked his way up to senior military ranks and is making some pretty good money, which he wasn’t when I met him).

    The prissy bitches don’t know what they’re missing, and that suits me just fucking fine, leaves more good men for women like me, if those men will actually acknowledge that substance is more important than looks and “settle” for a woman that doesn’t draw the looks of every man in the room when she walks in. I don’t look like a super model. Neither does he. He’s not ugly, but he’s overweight and wears glasses. Who the fuck cares? He’s a king to me. I’m not ugly, I’m not even overweight (I work out more than he does, believe it or not, because he has joint pain problems), but I have skin problems (another reason I avoid makeup) and I ain’t melting fucking camera lenses either. We can both look pretty damn good if I do say so myself when we priss up sometimes, but that’s not what life’s about and we have more important things to do with our time most days. He loves me and I love him and he treats me like a fucking queen and I respect him and love him and treat him like a king accordingly for it.

    We discuss and debate things when we disagree about something and fucking communicate until we can see where each other is coming from and then we can make a compromise. You know, like fucking ADULTS are supposed to do. Sometimes his way is better, sometimes mine is, and sometimes we see the point to both of our ideas and come up with something in between. We both do little things that annoy each other, but we acknowledge they are LITTLE and don’t blow them out of proportion. Fuck, we do things that annoy OURSELVES, how can we expect someone else to walk on eggshells and be perfect for us? We don’t fight over stupid shit like the toilet seat (the whole thing – lid and all – stays down so that we BOTH have to lift it up).

    Everybody on this website needs to get over themselves and their pity parties and feeling sorry for their oh-so-manly selves and quit blaming women, and especially those “evil” American and western women. Otherwise, maybe you should just skip the whole fucking problem and move to Saudi Arabia where women can’t even be looked at without a man’s permission and then you’ll be happy. You know, since we’re ruining your lives and we have it so much better than you over here, maybe you should go over there where things are – according to you – “as they should be.”

    Don’t get me wrong – there are PLENTY of stupid and downright mean fucking cunts out there, but there are ALSO respectable women who you’d want to raise your children and who you’d want your future daughters to emulate, too. Find one of the latter — hint, hint, she probably won’t be spending much time in a fucking CLUB or BAR or at PARTIES or going around FLAUNTING her hot body to get attention and handouts. Even if she has a hot body, she is more likely to be found clothing it properly and WORKING HER ASS OFF or IN SCHOOL. Women with high aspirations and high priorities who appreciate a man who values EDUCATION and WORK and RESPECT are going to be found in places of EDUCATION and WORK and RESPECT, like, I dunno, schools, and workplaces (where they are working and not slacking and flirting all the time), and church/synagogue/mosque/pagan ritual/flying spaghetti monster meets, and seminars, and volunteer events, and cultural festivals, and… do you GET it yet? Of course not EVERY girl you find at these places is going to be a fucking gem, but you’re more likely to find a good quality gem in a jewelry store than in a fucking liquor store, aren’t you??? If you don’t find what you’re looking for, move on down the road to the next jewelry store. Dumb asses. And don’t take it personally every time someone turns you down. You have no idea what that person’s life has been like or where they are in their life right now if you just fucking met them. They might’ve just gotten out of a serious relationship. Their mom might’ve died recently. They might be in a fucking self-righteous pity-party rut like YOU are right now. The universe doesn’t revolve around YOU and what you want, so don’t take everything personally. I mean HOLY FUCK, I THOUGHT WOMEN COMPLAINED!!!

  • GT

    Having been to America, I can assure you that feminists are even worse in Australia. They demand quotas for Board positions, politicians, cushy public service positions etc. However, I am yet to hear feminists demand quotas for shitty male dominated jobs like garbage collectors. Funny that!

  • don Fefinho

    “my single mom”

    Gosh, just gosh. Thinking of mine chills me to the bone, with decades of humiliation and suppressed anger spiraling out from the darkest recesses of a soul a man may have, with an unstoppable tempest of pure, flaming, almost divine hatred.

  • Allan Hall

    “feminists” is a blanket statement for sexist females, totally ignoring those females who want equal legal rights.

  • lil

    stop discouraging feminism. It wont empower men anyways. Be a responsible man. Stop watching porn because research shows it shrinks some areas in your brain. That’s the way evil media corrupt the minds of men, by using porn to distract them and shrink their minds, to replace healthy sensuality with vulgarity, then losing their respect to women, esp. the youth. because they know sex is the weakness of men., that’s how they use women against men, not by feminism, because there’s nothing wrong in asserting your right as a human being. but its wrong being selfish and having a very high ego, demanding that someone (a woman) will submit to u and sacrifice her right to decide if she wants to have sex or not (almost like being raped). We should only submit to God. It’s not right to submit to any man just because he has a penis, because he’s only a human who makes mistakes. Like your article that states that men should choose women that doesn’t give importance to theirselves and is ok with having a guy that think of them as an object or inferior.

  • lil

    You’re just spreading chaos and hate by writing this article. If youre talking about real & rewarding relationship, its all about love (which involves understanding, caring and “respect”), not by just getting all you want and winning a game from the opposite sex, bec. u’ll never be really happy with that, because at the end of the competitive game that you’re playing, you will just feel empty because you never loved. All you want is to be like a god, who asks for submission from women just to feed ur fragile ego.

  • lil

    you must have a big problem with women. btw, it will not be funny if you experience to become a woman… esp a man like you with a very big pride about his gender. Don’t expect that women don’t have respect and pride for their gender, women we’re just like men who have pride & feelings for their gender.

  • Patriotic Indian

    Men are party to blame. They have left the spiritual path of meditating on the source of joy & strength that is within us. It rejuvenates them, makes them manly, strong and balanced. One of the ancient & most popular Indian scripture called Gita had this to say (written 5000 yrs ago)

    “When irreligion is prominent in the family, the women of the family become polluted, and from the degradation of womanhood, comes unwanted progeny. An increase of unwanted population certainly causes hellish life both
    for the family and for those who destroy the family tradition. The
    ancestors of such corrupt families fall down from grace.
    By the evil deeds of those who destroy the family tradition and thus
    give rise to unwanted children, all kinds of community projects and
    family welfare activities are devastated.”

  • Trevin

    i dont agree that a womans role is only to serve them cook for them or to have sex with them whenever they want it. men and women should work together equally to live their life the best they can. i dont think men should have complete control over all women. we dont need more men that only want sex and to control women in this world. i dont think everyone from one gender is better then everyone from the other gender.

  • Trevin

    not all men sleep around with alot of girls. there r still men that stick with only one woman

  • Mr. Onions

    First of all, “players” and “chivalrous” should not even exist in the same sentence.

    Secondly, are you not even going to take a little bit of responsibility? I promise you: no girl in the history of vaginas has ever dumped a guy for being “too nice.” Maybe you were too clingy. Maybe you lived in your mother’s basement, never brushed your teeth, and ate only frozen SpaghettiOs. Maybe your personalities just didn’t match, or you didn’t sync up sexually. There are a million other reasons these girls could’ve left you, and being “too nice” most certainly is not on the list.

    You can’t blame all of womankind for your failed relationships. As much as it sucks to think about it, it takes two to tango, and you’re the common denominator in these relationships. As my father used to say: “Whenever you think everyone else is the problem, it’s probably you.” Food for thought.

  • Yung Solomon

    1 letter from tampax


  • Black Knight

    “I promise you: no girl in the history of vagina’s has ever dumped a guy for being “too nice.”

    I get labeled an asshole more than any guy I know and even I know that statement is bullshit. Your promise is worth exactly zero.

  • Red Pill

    It goes without saying that men are faster, stronger and smarter than women. This is the correct attitude for a nice guy to obtain a feminine submissive wife.

  • Michael Borg

    whoa whoa, yes there have been its even on youtube and google lol. Women do leave guys for being too nice. Im nt nice to say the least im the class clown and the guy who cares more about partying than anything else in the world but ive seen friends and family get the shaft just for providing and treating their woman like goddess which i have no idea why they would treat them like that. I grew up with 4 women in my house and i learned to never let them too close and never ever ever trust a woman, i learned this watching my mom, stepmom, sisters and cousins women are fucking crazy i just like my fwb arrangement its good and no one gets hurt

  • frustratedformerniceguy

    You’re full of shit. If women wanted nice and classy guys, this site simply wouldn’t exist. Nice guys turn into players or total dickheads after they’ve been fucked over. Fucked over for following the advice that women give them. Women only give advice because they need a large pool of enablers to get the validation they so crave. I was a nice guy once…..until I got exploited. The fact that women now flock to me is proof positive that you are a liar.

  • frustratedformerniceguy

    “I promise you: no girl in the history of vaginas has ever dumped a guy for being too nice.” WHAT?! There is some truth to that statement, though. Most guys who are “too nice” never even get to first base.

  • frustratedformerniceguy

    What in the name of Lucifer’s balls are you smoking?

  • Figurefan

    I wish women could learn the difference between aggression and confidence, and between evil and strength. Women say they want men with confidence and strength, but they are so easy to fool. Most confidence is simply borne of not caring. 50% of all marriages end in divorce. Among all those divorces, 80% are filed by women. Since most (most) men don’t change that much as adults, that means these women didn’t know who they married. Take away all the excuses, look at the numbers, and know that women’s judgment in choosing the most important relationship they can choose in their lives is significantly worse than a coin toss. They “married their best friend” when they should have married the man who gives them a sense of elation or some kind of up to be with him, and at the same time whose presence makes her want to be the best she can be. Next, women are offended by the existence of anyone who doesn’t reflect themselves and their values back at them. That makes them susceptible to any good liar. (I know I will never agree always with the woman of my dreams, that’s just the way it is — and I don’t need another relationship with “me” anyway. What’s up with girls needing to be agreed with all the time?) Everyone has heard not to judge anybody by appearance, but behavior is the most deceptive appearance of all. Perhaps we are all so selfish, unwise, and even mean, that we have the relationships we deserve, even if they hurt. I think I am going to give up on having a significant other, but I hope you all find what you are looking for. When it’s right, you really have something special to cherish forever.

  • Carrie

    Nice guys (but NOT Nice Guys™!) get married, stay married the longest, and have the happiest marriages — according to wives. And they’re the ones who should know!

    It comes down to the difference between nice guys and “Nice Guys™”. Authentically good, decent humans could never entertain the vile, bitter hatred seen in the Manosphere. Because they are nice. But “Nice Guys™” are sacks of evil shit, lol, just looking for an excuse to embrace his sack-of-evil-shittedness.

  • Carrie

    I was going to praise the living daylights out of what an intelligent and insightful guy you were… then I saw that you’re likely “only” a female by your name.

    Darn. My teen girls would have been all over your mantra had you been you know, male!

  • Carrie

    Women (in America at least) don’t demand that because we’ve already got that! Shame on Australia and any other land which doesn’t let women into a job simply for her gender.

  • Carrie

    Whoops, some truth accidentally leaked onto this site!
    Too bad all of the paper towels are being used as cum socks!

  • Gredenko

    Most players today were the most chivalrous of men who were played by one too many women.

    Blunt, truthful, and well-written. i’m saving that quote, and the plebeian who said “First of all, “players” and “chivalrous” should not even exist in the same sentence.” made me chuckle.

  • C.S.M

    I had to do a lot of things in High Sschool. I got paid to “relieve” people. You wouldn’t believe what I had to do. Didn’t matter if you were gay or staring, a guy or a gal, pay me and I’ll service you. From a freshman to a senior, I did this. Made so much money. Betas and Alphas enjoyed it the most…as did I . Nobody ever ratted me out. Especially on the “other” services I provided. Pretty good four years of my life.

  • Black Knight

    They don’t have them? In fact they don’t have them and more as you have female-friendly quotas in both education and the workplace? Or are you referring to the unfair bias in the legal system that allows women to receive far less prison time than men do for equivalent crimes.

  • Allan Hall

    I’m referring to those who are actually supporting the cause and not those who you are most exposed to.

  • Black Knight

    That’s really not an answer.

  • Allan Hall

    Late reply, I know, I barely use this account.

    Yes it is. There are those who take it to an extreme and are irrational, and plain insane, which we are most exposed to, but I’m referring to those who are actually fighting for the cause that have legitimate concerns.

  • Driver

    Feminism has out lived its “usefulness”. Women have equal rights…they just want more. More control, more power, etc…

    You see this obvious example with our justice system. It’s more like payback time now versus actual equality.

    We’ve gone from far right (no equal rights for women) to far left (pandering to women at every turn). It fucking ridiculous.

  • Driver

    This is the white elephant in the room that society does not want to talk about at all. Provider men (good men) who do everything right: provide a good home, good life, good to their kids, etc, etc…and are left holding the bag in the end.

    I recently watched a movie (The Judge) with a good example (scene at the very beginning of the movie).

    Robert Downey Jr.’s character (plays a lawyer) married to a woman who seems to have everything but she is not “happy”…..she actually cheated on him (so divorce is on the way).

    Good man who is a lawyer (provides the big house, cars, has a daughter…has everything). But she still is “unhappy”.

  • Driver

    Again, bullshit. Too many good men have watched women file for divorce because they were “unhappy” for whatever reason (depends on the wind blowing).

    Men with good careers who provide the big house, good to kids, provides everything (yes, love too) and women are still unhappy (file for divorce).

    You’ll never see or hear this type of shit on Oprah or Dr. Phil because it doesn’t play to their audience (women). It calls them out and shows them just how they are (it’s unattractive…the truth usually is).

  • Driver

    “Stop watching porn because research shows it shrinks some areas in your
    brain. That’s the way evil media corrupt the minds of men, by using porn
    to distract them and shrink their minds, to replace healthy sensuality
    with vulgarity, then losing their respect to women, esp. the youth.”

    More man shaming….as usual.

    Women need to stop watching TV, period.

    And when exactly are women going to share in some of this responsibility (all things being equal)? When are women going to “woman up”, stop acting like children and start being responsible adults?

  • Driver

    Bullshit…this idea “jumped the shark” a long time ago.

    If a woman is qualified, then she’ll get the job. If she’s not, then she won’t. Many jobs are “had” because of networking (i.e. someone knows someone on the inside, friends, relative, etc..). There are many laws in place to give a woman (and minorities) a job…there isn’t a law dictating that for anyone else.

    Feminism is outdated. Rights have been had…the rest is just nonsense.

  • Driver

    This “world of womanhood” only exist where the government is the protector (and provider). You don’t see this in third world countries.

    Let that system break down and you’ll see how women will not be able to hold the reigns of society. Look at any natural disaster where chaos is the order. You don’t see women out there directing the efforts to restore order and protecting property. Women are on borrowed time.

    These are facts (and ones that women don’t want to talk about at all).

  • https://www.pinterest.com/bconservative/ Carrie

    Rare is it that anyone warns what the rest of his post is going to be by use of the first word, but in your case, “Bullshit” was spot on.

    If a woman is qualified, there is no guarantee whatsoever that she’ll get the job. None. At all. The belief that “oh, those rights are on the books, ergo sexism doesn’t happen anymore” is as intelligent stupid as saying “oh, there are laws against murder, that’s why the prisons are all empty”.

    The very reason there are no special laws to guarantee non-minority males jobs is because his gender/color combo are all the law he ever needed! This is why billionaires do not qualify for food stamps, why fully ambulatory people do not qualify for handicap parking placards, why people working 40 hours per week don’t qualify for unemployment benefits, and why healthy kids don’t qualify for Make-A-Wish trips to Disneyland. People with privilege are almost always blinded by such. People with toxic levels of privilege always try to turn it around and say that the less privileged ones (like females, poor, sick, non-white, elderly) are the *real* privileged ones. It’s a sickly-sweet delicacy to see privileged people bend over backward to deny privilege where it really counts.

  • https://www.pinterest.com/bconservative/ Carrie

    The “unfair bias in the legal system” consists of juries’ opinions. Jurors are twelve unrelated individuals with minds of their own. This is also why Black men get life in prison while the white criminal on trial for an identical crime across the courthouse will get time served or a commuted sentence.

    Heck, even two white guys can get wildly different adjudications. Take a sweet-looking young man from a good, Xtian family, and take a scummy young pothead with tattoos and a goatee — they both commit vehicular manslaughter, but the decnt boy gets a sympathy and a light sentence, while the MRA gets the book thrown at it.

    This is not a “female-friendly quota”. This is giving perceivably “nice people” a much needed break, while giving “undesirables” what they deserve. (NO, I do not like it either, but it is also why men give pretty girls everything they want, while electing to ignore men’s needs or ugly women’s needs.) The law cannot force jurors’ opinions to match your prejudices. I wish they could, because it’s unbelievable that so many Black men are imprisoned for identical crimes while white men are allowed to go home and bang out hatred on their keyboards instead of serving even half the time as their Black counterparts.

  • https://www.pinterest.com/bconservative/ Carrie

    I guess you didn’t realize that you are basing your bigotry on movies — which is something a lot of you do actually, since “reality” does not match film fiction.

    I bet no one here uses that same lazy, fallacious logic after watching The Accused, The Seasoning House, or Axed though.

  • https://www.pinterest.com/bconservative/ Carrie

    Incoherent. Ergo totally in line with most other posts here.

  • https://www.pinterest.com/bconservative/ Carrie

    Is that sarcasm? Or full-fledged himsterical schizophrenia?

  • https://www.pinterest.com/bconservative/ Carrie

    “Hypergamy” is “marrying up”, or making an improvement in partner. This is why men have traditionally dumped a wife after she has “given” him sires and assisted with his career, only to replace her with a younger, less invested woman. Then he might get a few more sires, a little more comfort and help in his life, then he replaces that wife. And that is where we got the word hypergamy.

    That men have begun to use the word “hypergamy” to express some mythical actions that women supposedly take (but in reality don’t take) just makes the word’s meaning useless.

  • Driver

    Nope…basing it on reality. Women don’t want to hear the truth. They’ll gladly rationalize why things went south (and usually not share in the blame). I realize the man bears some responsibility…I’m still waiting to hear the woman take her share.

  • Driver

    It makes our society weaker because we have special laws in place to only included certain people, groups, etc…versus hiring the most qualified. I’ll, often, not get a job because someone knew someone in the company. It’s not fair, it’s called reality.

    It happens, men have to deal with it but women (and others) got a law passed because they bitched about it. Life isn’t fair…we deal with it (you bitch about it).

  • Black Knight

    “Jurors are twelve unrelated individuals with minds of t
    their own. ”

    Which is the point, they’re ‘unrelated’ yet they all have the same bias, proof that the bias being expressed is ubiquitous.

    “This is also why Black men get life in prison while the white criminal on trial for an identical crime across the courthouse will get time served or a commuted sentence.”

    Exactly, minorities are treated unfairly due to racial prejudice and men are treated unfairly due to gender prejudice.

    “Heck, even two white guys can get wildly different adjudications.”

    Which is why we’re talking about on average and not individual cases.

    “This is not a “female-friendly quota”.”

    I know. That referred to hiring quotas, educational quotas etc.

    “The law cannot force jurors’ opinions to match your prejudices.I wish they could…”

    Why exchange one person’s prejudice for another’s?

    “(NO, I do not like it either, but it is also why men bend over backwards for pretty girls, while electing to ignore men’s needs or ugly women’s needs. This “unfair bias” simply exists in humans.)”

    So what? Are you saying we shouldn’t have a discussion about it or we should ignore it?

  • https://www.pinterest.com/bconservative/ Carrie

    “So what? Are you saying we shouldn’t have a discussion about it or we should ignore it?”

    Hmm, you technically did nothing but angrily agree with everything I wrote. Yet I guess somehow you couldn’t tell that I don’t think we should “ignore it”. What we should all do is join in to demolish patriarchal beliefs that women are all weak & incapable, whilst men are all manly & have little control of themselves or their actions. Because it is these patriarchal beliefs that many of us hold very dearly, even if internalized as scientific or even societal absolutes, and it is these patriarchal beliefs that will continue to guarantee inequitable treatment between sexes/colors/classes.

    The realist in me tends to lean more toward the defeatist in me however. We are too prone to accepting prejudices — whether “Blacks are more inherently deserving of harsh sentences because ghetto & single mothers, yo“, “men are stronger and have more testosterone ergo their violent crimes are more deserving of jail time than a tiny woman smacking a big man”, to “men favor youth and a bust/waist/hip ratio that implies good mothering genes in a mate (despite having no intention of becoming a co-parent)”. We simply believe what we get told from external sources every minute of every day. At what point do we tell everyone to stop believing everything history has ever taught us about men versus women?

    If a man held up a liquor store with a gun, I’d easily vote to give him the same sentence as a woman doing the identical crime. If a [large] man pummeled a [smaller] woman with his fists in anger however, I would vote to give him a harsher sentence than a [small] woman pummeling a [larger] man with her fists in anger — because the crimes are egregiously different. But if a man beat down someone of his own size, and a woman beat down someone of her own size, they should receive equitable sentencing. There’s a world of difference between assault that causes great harm versus assault that causes superficial-at-worst harm.

    We tell out daughters to NOT make dating/romantic decisions based on a boy’s income or potential future wealth; we tell our sons not to base attraction on girls’ beauty or physique. Until every parent, everywhere instills this lifting of preferential filtering in the future generations, we will all still hold onto internalized prejudices that keep “undesirables” treated less fairly than those we teach our kids are superior.

  • Allan Hall

    As far as I see it, modern feminism is the equivalent to the “male chauvinism” that they complain about. It’s a culture shift.

  • Driver

    Agree. If a man was too “macho” back when…he was shouted down. A woman doing it, today, is powerful “you go girl” shit.

    Equality? Sounds more like power and control to me.

  • JaTu

    “women who are choosing a husband do not want this kind of guy”

    My cousin Monica (25ys old) had a great guy, they had a kid and a few years later she left him for a reason no one knew…not even him. We later learned she simply was bored with him. he was a nice guy, hard working and provided everything they needed as a family.

  • JaTu

    Sorry, but for you to imply that women don’t “trade up” and that the word was only invented because of the scenario you provided is just plain a retarded thought process.

  • https://www.pinterest.com/bconservative/ Carrie

    Be sorry all you like, but even on men’s sites we hear all the time how a divorced woman is like a toxic load of radioactivity who has almost ZERO chance of re-marriage. After a divorce, a woman essentially becomes a pariah that NO man would want, especially if you take into account her constantly advancing age!

    Hypergamy is specifically and historically used to denote a husband’s succession of new brides. Check into which gender gets re-married significantly more often than the other gender… hint dudes get re-married at a statistically significant higher rate than do their female counterparts!

    So your attempt at trying to call someone else retarded turns out to be hilariously ironic.

  • francismoon

    Shit this is fucked up but it makes a lot of sense.

  • francismoon


  • Ernie McCracken

    So you were a bar slag who made a vow to a man later on — only to dump him when he became “boring”.

  • Ernie McCracken

    Some men don’t like sticking their tongue where a few dozen dicks have gone.

  • Brandimaxwell

    On Our Community o-o-s-h Competition Of Money

  • Ramonshelton


  • BigN_Tasty

    Because nature has given women so much power, the law has wisely given them so little.

  • YOU make the world worse

    It’s disrespectful and immoral people like you, who enjoy hating and hurting other people, that make the world a worse place for everyone else who is trying to be decent.

  • LJM

    It took me a while to get what you meant by ‘Xtian’. There’s no shame in saying Christian.

  • Nicholas DeShane

    If you believe only men have to change and that all gender inequality in society is derived from male fault than you are a sexist as that is an impossibility based upon the LAW of probability. I bet you do not see anything wrong with the fact that boys scores in reading and writing have plummeted to lower levels than girls scores in math and science ever lagged behind boys even though the difference in scores in those fields in the early 90’s apparently constituted an emergency that required a complete overhaul of our education system that did not involve treating the girls the same as the boys but instead ignoring boys as they should be fine do to the imaginary benefit of a penis apparently magicaly giving you an advantage in learning in some inexicable narnian way in a supposed “patriarchy”. Now their scores have continualy plumeted their graduation rates have significantly dropped as well as college attendance rates as everything was restructured not in the interest of actualy equality but in giving girls an advantage to make up for a non-existant at least statisticaly advantage in education. But none of this matters as even if you admit to these injustices you will just blame it on the “patriarchy” boogy man as with all fake feminists I suspect you just want to blame men for everything wrong in society even though that is a statistical impossibility.

  • RationaliseThis

    You said: “This is also why Black men get life in prison while the white criminal on trial for an identical crime across the courthouse will get time served or a commuted sentence.”

    Not true. Liberal/leftist/Feminist misinformation and gullibility in fact.

    White men (and women) actually receive slightly higher sentences than Black men for the same crime if they have the equivalent prior criminal record.

    Black me get higher sentences because they are far far more likely to be tried with repeat offences on their record, about 10 times more likely. That includes crimes such as manslaughter and murder where the clearance rate is so high it isn’t possible to claim that the prior convictions were themselves the result of racial bias.

  • https://www.pinterest.com/bconservative/ Carrie

    “Black men get higher sentences because they are far, far more likely to tried with repeat offences…”

    Well, a jury is incapable of charging for “future crime” or “thought crime”. Sounds like an awesome idea for a dystopian futuristic movie though. I wonder if Tom Cruise is available.

    Also, I cannot find one source (not even one claiming that white men get anything but much lower sentencing than Blacks of the identical crime/charge.

    But your “mental theory” of why Blacks get higher sentences may also explain why fathers get lower custody than women, because the judges deciding custody are using “futuristic judgment” of how the fathers will act (totally kidding and making fun of your theory). Besides in the small percentage of cases where custody is actually fought over in court, fathers win primary custody moreso than mothers do. The whole “gynocentric courts give children to mothers all the time and it’s unfair to fathers who wanted the custody” BS is just that — BS.

    Sounds like you get your info from white powwuh websites, which are, um, notoriously biased. But hey, so is this website so I won’t pretend to act surprised.

  • RationaliseThis

    For the ALL crime categories in the USA including embezzlement (except securities fraud) Blacks have 8-13 times the crime rate of non Hispanic Whites. The authorities and liberal media go to lengths to downplay and hide this but the data is there.

    Thus a for a far higher proportion of their convictions Blacks will find themselves before a judge who will of course consult their prior criminal convictions record in handing down a sentence. I’m assuming you are intelligent and that the comments about future crimes are sarcastic rather than retarded. :)

    Bizzarly but unsurprisingly the US Dept of Justice categorizes Hispanics as White when they commit a crime but as a separate category when they are a victim. Since Hispanics commit crime at 3-4 times the White rate it lumping them together with Whites makes the Black population only seem about 3 times more crime prone than the White population rather than 10 or so. Many of these “Hispanics” are so Sth American Indian looking that they could have been caste for roles in Apocolypto.

    The FBI’s victims of crime survey, which was developed among other things to detect racial bias crimes, however confirms that both Black, White and Hispanic victims point to Blacks as the disproportionate cause of crime against them.

    One excuse offered by liberal desperates is that the high Black crime rate is a result of bias in policing or the fact that poor Trayboon is smoking weed or freebasing on the streets rather than in his White millionaire jocks fathers snooker den and is thus more likely to be caught. Firstly the victim of crimes survey scuttles that idea and secondly when it comes to serious forms of crime such as murder, homicide, assault, even sexual assault where the clearance rates are so high that we can state with absolute certainty that the Black population has ten times the Homicide rate of the White it doesn’t seem likely. If the White murder rate was as high as the Black there would be hundreds of thousands of White people missing.

    The politically correct term for habitual criminal behaviour is recidivism and you can google that.

    “Sounds like you get your info from white powwuh websites, which are, um, notoriously biased. But hey, so is this website so I won’t pretend to act surprised.”

    Sounds like you don’t have any facts and have to speculate. My sources are the US Dept of Justice and the FBI. Thje ever honest Obongo administration stopped keeping reliable information since 2013 but the records are still there.

    The Black/White IQ gap is as constant as Avogardo’s number and might be one explanation. The Black White HIV and crime rate is just as constant.

    This sounds like just an abstraction, living in a liberal matrix means that you have ready answers to prevent any thought crime. Sadly there are real people being murdered and suffering out there. The homicide rate in Mandela’s Sth Africa has gone from under 1000/year to nearly 30,000 with many victims suffering unspeakable brutality.

  • RationaliseThis

    Oddly the mostly black jurors that acquitted OJ Simpson of murdering his miscegenating wife were un sympathetic to her (she stole a Black man) and easily swayed by the false accusations of police planting evidence. I the fullness of time the evidence has been proved correct. The defence totally relied on the fact that Black jurors don’t convict blacks. If you want to see racial bias in action just look at Black juries.

  • https://www.pinterest.com/bconservative/ Carrie

    Trayboon and Obongo, eh? Yep, white powwah sites it is.

    Yet if a woman were to make similarly truthful statements against men’s natural criminality, she’d be called a man-hating misandrist.

    Irony, thy name is Privilege.

  • RationaliseThis

    I do have White privilege. It’s a result of evolution and the higher than global average IQ I inherited from my parents.
    Do you concede the reason that Blacks in the USA get longer sentences than Whites in the USA is that the Blacks are being sentenced for 2nd, 3rd or 4th offenses whereas the White is more likely to be on a youthful first offense. Perhaps you’d like to have Whites sentenced more harshly to even out the average?
    The fact is that Whites have been fair and the criminal justice system has been fair. We are not victimising Blacks. Blacks are murdering each other at an alarming rate, it isn’t White folks or police doing it.
    Please don’t go into a SJW circular argument.

  • https://www.pinterest.com/bconservative/ Carrie

    “Do you concede the reason that Blacks in the USA get longer sentences than Whites in the USA is that the Blacks are being sentenced for 2nd, 3rd or 4th offenses whereas the White is more likely to be on a youthful first offense.”[sic]

    Nope. Facts disprove your opinions:

    Please note that David Mustard compared apples to apples, as they say, when comparing the sentencing of offenders regarding their first criminal charge, second, etc. He did not compare loads of “white first-time offenders” to loads of “Black repeat offenders”.

    Say what you like, but you’re incorrect. Facts bear this out.

  • RationaliseThis

    Mustards report, or at least the blog you linked to, simply ignores the much higher recidivism rates of Blacks and the effect that has to have on sentencing. It carries on about harsher sentencing not taking into account recidivism. I bet even if taken into account in Mustards actual report the difference will be insignificant ie tiny. This is another case of a “SJW” making absurd claims which reinforce SJW shibboleths but are achieved simply by ignoring crucial but contradictory facts. It also seems to ignores the possibility that for similar categories of crime the crime is on the harsher more serious end of the scale and that just maybe the White and Asian kids are showing more contrition. Either way the judges are correct, White recidivism rates are lower whichever way you look at it.

    There is one way around this. The British in the 18th century had the death sentence for around 220 crimes. The bloody code. Execute them and take the psychopaths both Black and White out of the gene pool. The recidivism rate will be the same then.

  • John Mason

    Yes young teenage girls aren’t tainted yet, its usually when they get a little older. Maybe we should make marrying tweens legal and when they get older and rude then cull them to keep the pool pure. Lower the age of consent to 13. But in the same regard girls at young age learn to manipulate men with smiles and sweetness, we can’t let that cloud our minds cause we know where that goes.
    Teenage boys do talk of problems with about half of teenage girls also but generally they are sweet until about age 18 then they flip the switch.
    The main issue is westernized women with american women leading the reigns while trying to input their feminazi values on foreign women unsuccessfully most the time cause all the foreign girls I’ve had all speak of the bad mannered american woman.
    The only american women who have a real grip are women who have seen the light and are humbled from problems they have caused starting with eve until now. But usually girls are damaged goods by age 25. ..
    Women past the truelly innocent ages are angry and crazy psychotic that will cling to a double standard equally as a cake.
    Women at this stage turn everything on men and blame men for their inadequacy As the first line of defence and clamour after feminism and gather in their feminized gaggles saying its not them that are like this, its the first thing you’ll see them saying they are pure and perfect. This comes from their natural need to be accepted in public acting sweet but are defiled under the exterior. Its a shame since eve tricked Adam that they have whored society to the state its in. The bible predicted this since eve.

  • Ronald Heatherington

    Women want equality, fine! That means if one slaps me I punch her in the chin!

    That means I swear around her; that means I don’t hold open the door for her or stand up when she enters the room.

  • Matt H

    As far as feminism screwing up the economy, not only it caused things to get more expensive, requiring two incomes to make ends meet. Men have been increasingly pushed out of the workforce, especially since the Great Recession of 2007-09. And in 40 percent of American households, the wife is the primary or sole breadwinner, while the husband is now “Mr. Mom”. Millennial men have it the worst in today’s economy because the system screwed them over to the point where they have been robbed of a future in this country. Notice how many ended up moving back in with their parents after college and can’t even get a job at Starbucks (yet for their female counterparts, job offers seem to fall into their laps very easily). I don’t see any light at the end of the tunnel for America because it’s already past the point where this country is screwed beyond repair.