Feminists Are Successfully Creating A Society Of Shameless Sluts

Before I reveal a piece of evidence that suggests American girls no longer feel ashamed for being sluts, it’s worth discussing why slut shaming became an issue that feminists hold dear to their pansexual hearts.

One of the unstated goals of feminism is to create guilt in men for finding some women more beautiful than others. Feminists, who happen to be on the ugly end of the beauty spectrum, want to redefine beauty so that they are found to be just as worthy as genuinely pretty girls. One way to take away value from those pretty girls is to tell them that what men find to be objectively beautiful is actually nothing more than a subjective social construction. Therefore, skinny is not pretty; fat blubber is pretty. Long hair is not pretty; Skrillex haircuts are pretty. Flawless, creamy skin is not pretty; tattoos are pretty. High heels are not pretty; flip flops are pretty. You get the idea.

In the process of brainwashing the populace, they have successfully convinced many pretty girls to succumb to the lazy, narcissistic tendencies lurking within their DNA. These girls experience no resistance from the culture when they begin the process of de-beautification through obesity, bad haircuts, and tattoos. So now you have more “equality” with female beauty in which the very concept of it has been raped and bludgeoned.

This idea also applies to sex. Nature has given men a logical disgust of committing to sluts, because it’s a slut that will cuckold him and cause him to waste his resources raising spawn that is not his. As much fun as sluts are to bang, men can’t help but value relationships with women who are more virginal, but when you create a pro-slut culture that encourages all girls to sleep around, another step towards garbage equality is created. So now not only will we have ugly girls everywhere, but they will be all sluts as well. The feminists are succeeding in dragging down quality girls to their inferior level.

Check out this video of a tatted up slut being confronted for cheating:

Do you notice something weird? She absolutely does not care that she has been deemed a slut on camera. She feels no apparent shame or guilt, and if you look closely, you will see her tapping away on her iPhone, perhaps messaging the next guy in queue. She will walk out that door, feel no remorse, and quickly open her legs for the next stud, who will have little choice but to tolerate her promiscuous ways because now all girls are becoming tatted-up sluts.

The anti-slut shaming movement has succeeded because instead of being able to select a girl based on value and virtue, men are being reduced to choosing one tatted-up slut over the next. Can you imagine if I pushed an ideology for men that embraces weak muscles, no game, and living like a bum? Of course not, because we’re men, and hold dear concepts like honor, character, and success. But Western women, instead of raising their value up, has instead listened to their feminist overlords and taken the opposite approach. And what a race to the bottom it is.

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  • Carson D

    She looked pretty ashamed to me. Shameless would be to laugh at the dudes and tell them they had small penises or whatever that chicks do. Instead, she retreated to the only source of comfort she had to hide her from shame — her iphone.

    No matter how much society tells women to feel shameless, shame will always be the biggest driver of the female’s herd-like psyche. Much like no matter how much society tells men that beauty is a social construct, we will always be attracted to slender girls with huge tits and symmetric faces.

  • Gabriel

    Feminists are just doing what everybody else does. When in power they mold the world to their “values” and “ideals” which are just rationalizations of their strengths and weaknesses. Biologically as a genre they value beauty over everything else, so when in power they impose what they look like as “beauty”

    Men do the same, most guys will talk about honor, self-improvement, etc and then backstab you in a cubicle job, but instead of thinking of themselves as weak and unloyal (because, how much punishment can you get from hiding information to a coworker in the safety of a cubicle?), they would tell themselves what they do is alpha competitiveness, because they are dominant.

    Back to feminists, the problem is not what they are doing, they problem to solve is how to not let them do it.

  • Daniel

    That girl is ugly like s**t: her face is not pretty, her body is not fit, and all those tattoos suck. If men stopped fucking this kind of female exemplar, the world would be a better place – I guess I don’t have to explain why.

  • Joe Dick

    ah ah, I LOVED the guys in the video !! That’s the way to do it ! Get out of my house, slut ! I would have done exactly the same. I know I would have.

    I don’t even know if I would have had sex with her in the first place, I really dislike tattooed women, they look so stupid. It’s like, you can’t even see their skin anymore, instead you look at some stupid images permanently written on them that are supposed to be some kind of smart, philosophical statement (yeah right, you know what I mean, you look up these stupid tattoos and you think ‘never seen anything more stupid’ ).

    Great post, Roosh, and the video was a work of art. No one should tolerate such a thing from a woman. You could see she didn’t know what the hell to say, but she seemed to think ‘you are such a mean bastard, and I am such a good girl’, instead of ‘you are right, I am a slut, or at the very least, behaved like one. I betrayed your good faith. What the hell? ‘

    She almost certainly cried later. Ah ah.

    Well done, guys! There’s no shortage of sluts, sure you can have sex with them, but who would want one as girlfriend? Only a loser. Don’t do it. Better jerking of than having a slut as a girlfriend, it’s humiliating and no woman is worth that, let alone a slut.

  • exposed

    here is the picture that all jew feminists hate….the racially aware white family….

    Feminism: A Jewish War on Femininity
    Posted on January 30, 2013 by Andrew Anglin

    Feminism, the Jew attacks the core, primal identity of the female,
    weakening society by disallowing women to be who and what they are:

  • Joe Dick

    however, Roosh, I disagree with your idea of ‘bums’ and ‘success’. It’s wrong to think that someone who isn’t having success, is because he has been a lazy slob. You don’t know why someone ended up on the streets. If I were you, I’d substitute ‘lazy man’ to ‘bum’. Just because someone didn’t have success, doesn’t mean he didn’t try. Unfortunately, in American culture there’s all this fucking bullshit going on about being successful, being the master of your destiny, and all that stupid crap. It’s crap for delusional people. The reality is different…..no one can control shit. They THINK they are in control. Reality presents endless variables. You never know what tomorrow can bring you. The only despicable people, in my opinion, are the people who have been too lazy to do shit. The other ones I respect, whether or not they succeeded. Even the ones who made mistakes, if they realized them.

  • Joe Dick

    I watched the video again and only now realized that she just shrugged and said ‘sorry’. That said it all….

  • Charlie

    Why should a man with abundance ever commit to a slut? That’s buying a used car for the same price as new while you could still change car everyday. Makes no sense.
    Of course women with alot of mileage under the hood dont want to listen to that, so they try to trick their younger and still chaste sisters to become sluts, so men have no choice but to marry one.
    We as men aka buyers in the relationship market not only have the power to demand a better product, but we also have the responsibility of doing so otherwise we all get ripped off.

    And ladies if you want to be sluts, knock yourself out. Just dont expect me to buy you breakfast when I already fed you my seed last night, and your beta boyfriend kept trying to call you, wondering when you were going to come home, while you were coming in my bed.

  • Kellogg’s

    Ah dude come on, that’s not fair. she’s clearly above average. The tatts make her lose points though and she could lose a few pounds, but “ugly like s**t” sounds a little too much to me.

    Which proves Roosh’s point in this article anyway. This girl coulda been a cute good looking girl, but was corrupted to become a tatt wearing hipster libertarian.

  • Carson D

    Correct, this girl is bangable, even with those tattoos.

  • Charlie

    You can control how you react in the face of defeat. Will you roll over and die? Or will you be a man, take the hit and keep moving forward?

    Those are the moments that define what kind of man you are.

    Success is the byproduct of countless failures, the only difference is that you never, ever give up of your objectives, no matter how hard life tries to put you down.

  • Joe Dick

    yours is rationalizing bullshit, you can change if you want to. Certainly no one forces a woman to be a whore, except sex slavery or something like that. What you said about the iphone made me laugh. Well, obviously you are a woman, it just smells of ridiculous logic….and if you are a man, you should get a brick and hit yourself on the head

  • Carson D

    You sound quite butt-hurt and emotionally stunted. Go outside and observe until you’re better at reading body language queues.

  • Ternarydaemon

    That is why game is more important than ever. Not caring, being ready to let them go within one second, multiple plates, etc. The downside it that over time, you just realize that most women are not worth it for LTRs, beside some niche conservative communities where girls are still raised by their parents. And those communities are quite clickey so if you are an outsider you may be left witht few options…

    like searching for women in latin america and eastern europe…

  • Giovanni O

    Rooosh Rooosh! I like your posts. No matter how controversial they might seem; they are always full of packs of wisdom and the bitter truth…:D

  • ‘Reality’ Doug

    This could be a really good sign. I think evolution and natural selection are finally rewarding men to work together at slut shaming because the quality of women at large is so miserable. In other words, I don’t think most men slut shame thinking about re-establishing patriarchy, but the avenue to defend our worths as men is there, all too easily. The natural dislike of sluts per evo theory makes lots of sense.

    My only difference of opinion is that women being ugly next to other women is not the quite issue. Women seek status and they want it guaranteed. Feminists want some BS doubletalk that everyone is equal but women are more equal than men. Feminists want the privileges of social rank (guaranteed by government orthodoxy) and the want all the burdens on men. They don’t regard men as having no authority to judge female beauty because that would be the guarantee. Damn you men for not wanting in their pants when they want you to want to be in their pants. The women least valuable to men will most decry the success of men because they need the guarantee most. Every woman carries the instinct to be a bitch, and every Western woman is liberated, so I think for all practical purposes AWALT. I know there are some exceptional women who defend masculinity, but only men can defend masculinity because masculinity does not depend on femininity. We are free agents. Have sperm, will travel. You are replaceable in the house I built. Women are unable to make society. I like the term Barbarosso uses: masculine sovereignty. I also like male popular sovereignty. Without independent, there is no masculinity. At least with slut shaming in tandem by men who had the same women, there is an expression of patriarchy, masculine independence vying for control. A very good sign if there is a cultural shift among Western men to stop fighting each other over sluts. It is too late for us, but for those being born the riches of family might be restored. I’m looking to see a slut shaming video from two or more well-known PUAs. Let’s go Roosh and Co.!

  • ‘Reality’ Doug

    I don’t think Carson D is wrong. I think you are both right but incomplete. The ‘slut’ looked a bit awkward. You could emphasize the glass half shamed or the glass half shameless. She obviously did not look awkward enough to think Western culture is currently worth a shit. Maybe she will be able to capitalize on the celebrity and she really is shameless, but I think she did retreat to her phone in that moment to regroup at the very least. I must say, “Well played, sweet floozy, well played.” She’ll make a great biological mother some day.

  • ‘Reality’ Doug

    I wonder how many men really have sexual abundance. Non-slut women are like the middle class. Going bye bye. I’ll take poverty in family to compartmentalize my losses to the NWO love plague. Masculinity must be independent first and foremost, or it’s not masculinity. Sure there is a time to bid one’s time for a later opportunity, but taking unbearable abuse, no. Better today to rent than try and own, but I don’t think many men can do that because women only have tingles for the ‘best’ sperm, which means grading on a very harsh curve.

  • ‘Reality’ Doug

    The problem with your strategy is one of individual accountability and another of group integrity. Men who give up sex period are giving up a core function that is their purpose and how they win. Why fail as a man to perhaps help future men who won’t appreciate being handed anything. Even if it could happen, it only takes one guy to ruining the group altruism, which works as well as communism. Regular men will have to take political power for themselves to stop this slut attack on patriarchal inheritance. Women are only followers of authority. So are we, which is the problem.

  • ng85

    If you look at that girl’s arm in the video you’ll notice it’s wrapped in plastic, meaning she just got back from getting another tattoo. She has the typical bar slut tattoo arrangement where it’s just a bunch of little tattoos arranged with no sense of design so she can have a “sleeve”. I’ve seen little kids with press-on tattoos have a better sense of placement than girls like this.

    I also applaud the guys for taking the rage out on her, not each other. I’ll never understand guys who will defend their cheating S/O’s an lash out at the guy she cheated with. She’s a strong, empowered female, right? Yet we still act as though she has no free will of her own.

  • Daniele

    The reaction of these two guys sounds like they saw her as their own *girlfriend*. Yes she is bangable, but come on, can’t you see she has all the “slut signs”? This girl is not a monster, ok, but is far from something you can call “beautiful”, and she evidently tries to raise her self-esteem having TWO boyfriends at the same time.
    Now, if these two guys hadn’t given her a boyfriend attention, and just fucked her once in a while, this girl would have understood that, maybe, she had to change something in her behaviour, in order to be treated with respect.

  • Tampa

    I like the old website better. This new site sucks.

  • apollohacked

    This comes from a guy that has made a living and lifestyle by sleeping with sluts and one night stands. There aren’t enough LOLs in the whole world, man.

  • Leah

    How To Cheat On Your Girlfriend Without Getting Caught

  • Mr. Lemon

    Remember that Feminism was started by the angry, ugly girls (who for thousands of years could not get husbands and therefore were considered losers by female society).

    Feminism is and always has been a war between two groups of women to see who could “control” female society. Men are strictly bystanders and/or pawns.

  • wade

    Alright well 1. I agree this slut situation has gotten out of hand. The best thing we can do as men is continue to work together to slut shame when this happens. We also need to make men aware of the signs of a slut so they can keep them in their rightful place as sluts and nothing more. 2. Roosh I think for the good of your blog you need to really check what some people are linking. This “jews behind everything” shit is pretty fucked and Im noticing more and more racial related arguments which really has nothing to do with any of this.

  • Kellogg’s

    Really? Like I’m Very Interested, Thank You For Your Comment Which Does Not At All Look Like A Cheesy Attempt To Get A Backlink.

  • Days of Broken Arrows

    Have you see “Don Jon?” I’m curious to know what you think of Jewish screenwriter and actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt making a movie that mocks Catholic rituals. Reverse this and you’d have a Catholic filmmaker accused of hate speech.

  • T and A man

    If he is what you’ve labelled him, then wouldn’t that make him an authority figure on the subject?
    Thinking about ios properly, you aren’t actually making a point, you’ve made s statement you hope carries enough gravitas to make its own argument.
    You failed.

  • AD

    She looked pretty ashamed to me. She was just trying to maintain composure and as as soon as she couldn’t, she stepped out. But I agree with the arguments in your article.

  • apollohacked

    An authority in what? By banging sluts and then complaining why they are so many sluts nowadays? It’s like someone complaining about so much junk food in the world while going everyday to Burger King for lunch.

    And sure I made a point. You’re just too dumb to comprehend.Roosh is a hypocrite, that is all. You’re just one of his blind acolytes that takes his advice as gold. Learn to think for yourself for once.

  • T and A man

    Erhh, if a guy bangs sluts, which means he understands the nature of sluts, and what drives their impulses

    … AND THEN the subject topic at hand is about sluts, that would be the area in which he is knowledgable about.

    In the adult world, a person with a great deal of knowledge of the subject matter is an authority figure… of the subject matter.

    Do you see how that works?

    Finally, you haven’t made a point at all. I know in your mind where you’ve created a logical fallacy, then compunded it with a feedback loop, you think the content is hypocritical in it’s nature, it isn’t.

    The author has developed a system of relating to sluts. he never condones their slutiness, he condones anyone else who wants to improves their relationship with sluts as to utilises their utility of being receptive to consentual sex with minimum investment.

    ONLY IF he condones sluts, then decries the impacts of sluts on society is the nature of this post is hypocritical.

    He didn’t do any such thing, hence your failure.

  • Anonymous

    Those guys are definitely alpha, both of them

  • client10

    “Can you imagine if I pushed an ideology for men that embraces weak muscles, no game, and living like a bum?”

    IOW, hipsters?

  • Lol

    You’re still single? Quagmire?

  • apollohacked

    If that makes him an authority at complaining, then yes. If you mingled with sluts, then you shouldn’t be complaining about them. You should admit you like banging them. That is it.And stop being cynical at all, you know very well that Roosh has barely had any fruitful relationship in his life, but just little flings during his travels, mostly with sluts. So by that logic, he has created the monster he pretends to fight.

    I’m not even going to touch that “logical fallacy” crap. That is a contradictio in adjecto line pretentious people use.

    And of course he condones their slutiness. Are you that dumb? Most of his essays depicts topics complaining how slutty women have become. That is mostly because he always finds what he’s looking for–easy women.

    The only loser here is you. Defending something that is a laughable as Roosh’s pseudo-writings.

  • captain america

    yeah. i’m fortunate enough to be a with a nice, traditional central american catholic girl who was a virgin before she met me. i’m divorced and nervous about getting married again, but on the other hand, i’m thinking i shouldn’t let this one go (she brings a lot to the table beyond her lack of a sexual past, which, admittedly, is pretty awesome in and of itself).

    out of curiosity, where do you guys put the line between acceptable and slut as far as marriage material goes? i’ve lived in eastern europe and latin america, and although i agree that women there are generally less promiscuous than north american women, finding an actual virign past 20 or so is rare.


    “Lifes about, shooting your load” :-)



  • lakerlynx

    It’s a good point. Women are only sluts for the top 15% of men. The rest get no love, unless they date non-Anglo women.

  • n1gg3r h8t3r

    How are they sluts when you have to be either handsome or rich to fuck them? this article is BS

  • Apologetically Le Von

    Aw man, that ‘frozen’ (“I’m holding the slut dress over my face”) body language was so excruciating to witness. Her brain actually shut right down, and her offense mode to protect kicked in in such a way that made her practically paralyzed.

    Good thing that her iPhone was there to instantly retreat into.

    Shoulder shrugging ….damn, that’s some serious maturity these females have developed as a coping mechanism for obvious slut behavior.

  • Igna

    I still don’t understand why men (and women) have the rigth to judge a girl and insult her, but IN THE EXACT SAME circumstances men are free of question. Banging as much girls as you can, isn’t a “man slut” behavior? Why women can’t do the same? The old Miley Cyrus issue: why the rant for her pushing her ass onto the guy, and NOT EVEN one word against the guy for letting her do so. Women’s sexuality does not belong to them yet. It belongs to society, their parents, their friends, moral authorities, other women (not banging as much guys as them), anyone but them. Men own their sexuality. THIS could be a legit feminist issue. I am a guy, learning reading “Bang” from Roosh on how to improve my game and, of course, to bang as much girls as I can…but I still don’t get why women doesn’t have the same rigth.

  • T and A man

    “I still don’t understand why men (and women) have the rigth to judge a girl and insult her,”

    Men and women have the right to judge everybody, we react to changes in environment

    “but IN THE EXACT SAME circumstances men are free of question. Banging as much girls as you can, isn’t a “man slut” behavior?”
    No, because it isn’t the same. A guy has t display value t obtain sex. Women can get it automatically.
    Men getting lots of sex is not the same behaviour. Finding water in the desert is value, finding water beside a lake is no value.
    “Why women can’t do the same?”
    because they’re not men. The first instance is they haven’t achieved anything having sex, therefore in comparison to men, it turns the situation from having value, to zero value.
    Secondly, the female brained is impaired with every different dick she takes, taking the situation from zero value, to negative value.
    That is why all civlistions around the world, INDEPENDANT of each other, came to the same conclusion.
    “The old Miley Cyrus issue: why the rant for her pushing her ass onto the guy, and NOT EVEN one word against the guy for letting her do so. Women’s sexuality does not belong to them yet.”
    yes it does, sexulaity IS always of a woman’s choice. Sex doesn’t happen unless she says yes.
    We don’t ridicule Miley Cyrus because she is engaed in non-agency of her sexuality, we riducule Miley because her agency is a poor choice.
    “It belongs to society, their parents, their friends, moral authorities, other women (not banging as much guys as them), anyone but them. Men own their sexuality.”
    Men earn it, that’s why women select them. Women never have to earn their sexuality.
    “THIS could be a legit feminist issue. I am a guy, learning reading “Bang” from Roosh on how to improve my game and, of course, to bang as much girls as I can…but I still don’t get why women doesn’t have the same rigth.”
    Because we are not equal.
    And befor you froth at the mouth, that is not to say one standard is inferior or superior to the other. We have equitable treatment, but we are not equal.
    Equity, not equality is the proper discourse.

  • The Quiet Rebel
  • finndistan

    And we have a new analogy to add to the key-lock; new car-used car; chewed gum and a spit in coffee cup:

    One finds water in the desert,

    The other finds water when sitting in the middle of a cold mountain spring during rainy season.

    Before closing, want to add, the one finding water in the desert still cherishes it while it is clear to anybody paying attention that the one sitting in the spring is busy pissing, spitting and crapping in it.

  • Mike Caputo

    The video was hilarious and fun to watch, but I admit I’m a little confused – she did in fact look quite ashamed to me. The looking down at her iphone thing seemed like a fairly common sheepish reaction. She looked more “shocked” and “frozen” to me than “indifferent”. I mean, yeah, the response was insufficiently remorseful, and that’s another symptom of modern culture, but it just didn’t strike me as glaringly shameless.

    I’m not disagreeing with the overall point, which I think is completely true; I’m just not sure this is the best example. If you had video of later on, when she calls her friends to have them validate her behavior by chirping about what insensitive douches both guys are, and how they weren’t satisfying her anyway, yada yada, well, that would probably get your point across more clearly.

    Maybe I’m missing something…

  • Somebody

    So it’s okay to be a slut if you’re pretty? Every woman you’ve described in your blog having “banged” sound like first class sluts. Do they know you’re history cuz they should be scared about getting a STD or something. The logic in this article is ridiculous.

  • Nikoloz

    He just fucks them and tosses them aside.
    Did you even read?! He refuses to consider them as anything but pump and dumps.

  • Tony

    Well, actually Roosh. You dont have to push that weak muscle, no game, and living like a bum ideology, that’s culture is already here in our EDM and drug scene lol…..

  • monster221

    you may not be teaching people to be scrawny bums, but you are helping teach men not to tolerate that sort of behavior. to live for themselves, better themselves, become stronger and more attractive, and most importantly not to live for women, live to find “one”, not to live to please them. and thats worse for sluts, but in the process it doesnt make us less capable. it makes us more capable. while they see fit to degrade themselves and try to force men to deal with it, we better ourselves and leave them on the curb with cum in their hair.

  • Somebody


  • Spaniard

    Go back to StormFront or whatever cyber-cave you crawled out of. Seriously. Jesus.

  • Fuck you, Roosh

    you are a sad human being

  • Tom

    ATTN “Ladies”: NO MAN is going to give you a hard time about being a slut. Bang away. Be safe. Have fun. But don’t fucking do it while you have a “boyfriend” (or husband) whom you expect all kinds of OTHER committed shit from when you put out for other guy(s) for FREE.

    The only people who will give you a hard time for being a slut and putting out for free….. are WHORES who try to make it as difficult and costly to get laid as possible. Because every slut lowers every whore’s price.

    She can’t withhold sex for a diamond, if you’re out there being a sperm dump. That really pisses those whores off, and that’s why women hate sluts. But if you think you can expect a commitment from ONE guy while riding another dick who only needs to text you with shitty grammar at 11PM – then you’re going to end up like this toilet in the video.

  • Tom

    Except here’s the difference. Being a MALE slut takes WORK, effort, years at the gym, money, power, fame, social proofing, “game”, intense study and whatever else.

    Being a FEMALE slut merely takes a willingness to spread her legs — and nothing else.

    You pointed out the glaring double standard… but know you know WHY the standard exists. Women CREATE the double standard. The harder women make it for men to get laid…. the more RESPECT a man gets for banging lots of women –>> and the LESS respect she gets for being promiscuous. Women wouldn’t have it any other way.

    The only way to get rid of the double standard is for women to willingly lower their outrageous demands, expectations, and the cost of poon. Which will be fucking never. Women are directly responsible for the reverence of “studs” and the shaming of “sluts” at the same time.

  • Tom

    You’re missing the point.
    The slut in the video is the “sad human being”.

  • Tom Dane

    Lol yea..hipsters and feminists fits perfectly together.

  • Tom Dane

    Anyone of you have an idea of why it seems that esp Jews are pushing for feminism, gay marriage etc ?
    Everytime their spokesmen have last names than ends in Berg this, Berg that.
    Im not anti semi-tit or anything, this is just real strange to me.

  • Miranda

    I, as a female, will totally submit to all of your ideas, dear Roosh, if you explain to me this one paradox I continually encounter in your writing in a way that makes sense: You say if a woman acts like a slut, meaning she decides to sleep around, she lowers her value. At the same time you encourage men to improve their game and travel to foreign places to bang as many girls as possible to increase their value (and make money with that). http://www.rooshv.com/how-one-man-banged-14-european-girls-in-3-months
    Mhhh…. if there were 10 women for each man on this planet I see how this could work but with the current ratio… erm… The only conclusion I could possibly draw: You pretend to support your fan base by sharing game wisdom with them when you actually don’t want them to succeed. Because every sexless year of them will mean more women sleep with less men. Or how else can you see more men having more sex with more women if women don’t tag along (=become sluts)? Somebody has to miss out in that theory of yours, isn’t that true Roosh? Who’s it going to be, dear fans of Roosh?

  • hak

    The misogyny in this site is mind-numbing. Very sad for both the hated and the haters.

  • Danny R.

    LOL why would you ever post a video confronting your mate with the person they cheated on you with? Isn’t it bad enough you’re so inadequate your girlfriend had to occupy herself elsewhere? Now the whole world has to know you’re a loser too? It’s a weird approach in order to embarrass the cheater.

  • Arronski

    From the sounds of it they’re in New Zealand (guy who keeps calling her a slut has a Maori accent). It’s not necessarily that he’s inadequate, she’s just a slutty Kiwi woman – sluttiest anywhere.

  • Miranda

    Why do you read a blog about improving game when you actually don’t want women to sleep around (become sluts, in other words). Who are guys with game going to sleep with then? What is the entire point in going to foreign places to bang women – as Rooshes well selling books suggest – if he and all the other men prefer innocent women. Please shed some light on this paradox. Thanks.

  • machinadeus
  • harmony

    This is what feminism has amounted to?

  • Simon Corso

    What’s interesting about the video is that these 2 guys colluded after what happened and I don’t think I have to tell anyone that’s unusual.

    Part of the reason feminism has been so effective is that it wields the unified strength of the sisterhood. If we could unify as brothers instead of killing each other, or constantly competing for women…

    I’ll go ahead and put it here, that if we catch our gf’s cheating this is a good example of how we should react.

    And not to be Captain obvious but when a chick has tatts like that it’s a safe assumption she’s a superslut and a poor candidate for anything beyond occasional f*ckbuddy.

  • Simon Corso

    And maybe if most women weren’t sluts these days, Roosh ( and most of the rest of us ) would’ve settled down with a nice girl right after college, ya know , nice little house , white picket fence , 2.3 kids and a dog.

    But since feminism has wrecked western society, we’re forced to adapt, learn game, pump and dump the useless sluts feminism is churning out and never settle down.

    It aint Utopia , but it beats MGTOW. Or being a sycophantic mangina, like you.

  • timbo

    She was definately ashamed, that’s why she became mute. Not loud and obnoxious like a feminist. Girls only like to be sluts when they won’t get caught.

    I’m enjoying your articles, but come on, how do I take this article seriously when you’re actively turning girls into sluts everytime you pick up? This articles a joke on your readers right?

  • PUA fail

    I can see why he didn`t reply to your comment, nor did any of his fans. This guy is so bad at math. For every 100 females there are 105 males being born. If every man slept with 100 women, that means some of the women will have slept with more than a 100 men themselves. Also, if women were to stay virginal, like Roosh Allmighty says, he would probably still be an average frustrated chump, like most(all) of his circlejerk fanbase. My advice to all girls out there, go to http://www.pualingo.com/pua-terminology-list/ to learn the tricks of the PUA trade and save yourselves before it`s too late.

  • candace

    Not to be contrary just asking a legitimate question. If women are sluts for the most part and sluts are easy why do you have to learn game to sleep with them?

  • Yehn

    Cuz they are hypergamous sluts?

  • silvery

    Going to Ukraine just for the nookie??? Have you been banned from Mexica or what?!!

  • Ty

    I don’t see the paradox. What the author “wants” is obviously not happening in real life.
    Many women are “slutty” and it is getting worse as time goes by and “social media” replaces real life.
    Bang the slutty ones if you can, just don’t marry them or give them money. As they get older these women will want to find a “nice guy” to “man up” and marry them. This is when reality hopefully will hit them.

  • Ondina

    I am a Latina living in South America and one question I always wonder
    to myself and other men is.. Why you can cheat and women cant? Do you
    bring faithfulness to your relationships as well? Do you have the right
    to ask for it when you are trying to get laid everywhere? Is it fair to
    point and look down on women cheating on their couples whilst men try
    hard to have promiscuous sex and be unfaithful to their girlfriends,
    fiances and wives? When the title of one article here says “How To Cheat
    On Your Girlfriend Without Getting Caught”

    If men wish a more
    faithful, virginal women, they should start bringing that quality to
    their relationships first, isnt it? Change should be mutual. And to
    patronise without setting a good example with our own behaviour will
    lead to nothing.

    IIf you suggest that women should be
    conservative while you make your best to have fast sex and one night
    pick ups will never change this sad situation. War against men is fair
    and unfair at the same time, far because historically men have always
    cheated on women without remorse and looked down on her and unfair
    because promiscuity and the unfair treatment of the opposite sex will
    never bring happiness to any of them.

    There are no victims, just losers on this absurdity. And forgive my English please.

  • FrillArtist

    Or…or maybe men could raise their standards instead of sleeping with anything with a pulse.

  • Patrick S. Cho

    some like to drink others like to smoke,everyone is different;just like everyday is not the same.We all have our own opinions :)

  • LR9099

    the girl is right. two fucking losers who think they’re sooo cool. they were banging her – now they won’t. next.

  • remo

    The paradox explained: Game and game gurus are a reaction to female sluttery. That is it in a nutshell. People like Roosh are made not born and those who are born have historically been held in contempt by other men – Casanova was hated by men and loved by women.

    In another world someone like Roosh would have been happy with a virginal bride, sans fat rolls, ink, and short hair, and all the other shrill habits of the American harpy. That’s another world though and it doesn’t exist anymore (thank you feminism). So you adapt. You change. If raising your own food and own crops doesn’t work anymore because the horde comes around and continues to steal from you your habits must change. You lay in wait for *them*. You rob *them* when they sleep and you organize and counter attack. When peaceful life becomes impossible you respond in kind. That is what has happened and will continue to happen.

    Good men who would be happy with one woman are not going to be happy with a slut. They want virgins to marry, who will take care of them, appreciate them, and be faithful to them. They want a girl who will try to keep herself looking pretty and who will be grateful for his labors.

    What we have instead is tatted up sluts who try to grrrl power their way past obstacles not by merit but by legal threats and court inspired violence while appreciating exactly NONE of those who actually work to maintain the society they parasitize. These are now labeled “rights” with real rights like the right to be left alone or keep what yours destroyed. Essentially feminism has fought for the right to label good evil and evil good and they have succeeded. So now we have evil everywhere. In a sewer you either sink or learn to walk on shit – which is what Roosh is doing. He is roasting hot dogs over the fires of Rome while wishing (likely) that there were still some good women left in the world. He knows as other members of the red pill society know, that good women are not natural, that such are completely a social construct, and that as soon as enforcement of chastity, beauty, virtue, and gentleness disappear (as they have done throughout the West) that women immediately embrace sluttery, ugliness, vice, and violence. Good job feminists.

    So what do you do in such a world? Get your rocks off. Act selfish. There is no reason to try to act moral in the town of Sodom. You either get out and get your or get trampled. I imagine his travels are a reflection of this…. looking for Eden, looking for Brigadoon.

    I could be totally off the mark here but that is me in a nutshell and I act the same way. Could be there are some cross overs.

  • LR9099

    Roosh, i like your stuff and bought your book bundle – but i disagree with you on this.

    i like this girl.

    here’s the translation of her behavior:

    “who the fuck are those two kids? why am i here with these pathetic kids? so they wanted sex, they got it – and it’s not enough? what a bunch of losers. i need to find someone mature and cool – with whom i can fuck without any girly drama.”

    man she’s just a little kid. what is that you want from her?

    i can’t believe they actually posted the video. the guys basically peed on themselves in front of everybody – and got nothing. the girl laughed at them and left.

  • LR9099

    exactly – see my comment above. those guys basically proclaimed “we’re two loser kids” – and the girl laughed at them and left.

  • LR9099

    well i believe that’s part of the reason of Roosh’s success. he despises women – and they subconsciously like it. because other guys supplicate to them and take them too seriously.

    ironically, he despises them for the exact behavior he wants from them – but that’s irrelevant for his game (albeit it may keeps him unsatisfied). if it works – who cares.

  • Wolfwolveswolf

    Men gave the west away, time to take it back, or prepare to see it crash and burn. We don’t need wusses and women running it!
    Whoreville- U.S.

  • Guest

    Very contradictory article, it focuses on attractiveness of women when it
    should be about loyalty, respect, and honor. The two males in the video dropped to the girl’s level by making the video. They should have dismissed her from their lives without even giving her the time of day. Attention can feed a corrupt person’s
    ego, they can feed off others’ distress and frustration. By dropping to her level of tactics she won, she provoked the men to behave poorly giving her satisfaction.

    Do not let those that do not deserve power be empowered. If someone wrongs you remove them from your life immediately. If you know you are an honorable king do not let an amoral woman move you from your throne. If you are an honest man stay true to yourself.

  • Wotan Alfodr

    Very contradictory article, it focuses a lot on physical attractiveness when it
    should consider loyalty, respect, and honor. The two males hurt their honor greatly by making the video.They should have dismissed the girl from their lives without even giving her the time of day. Attention can feed a corrupt person’s ego, they can feed off others’ distress and frustration. By dropping to her level of tactics she won, she provoked the men to behave as poorly as she did.

    Do not empower those that do not deserve power. If someone wrongs you remove them from your life immediately. If you know you are an honorable king do not let an amoral woman move you from your throne. If you are an honest man stay true to yourself.

  • Westsider

    I’m “non-Anglo” (male), and he’s telling the truth.

  • Westsider

    Solution=don’t $%^& fat, tatted-up American sluts.

    Save your money for an international excursion, a la Roosh, and blow your (pent-up) load while abroad.

    Or spend years looking for a normal, traditional female here in America. (and fail)

  • lasonn

    A big percentage of slutty women (and sex workers) have been sexually abused in their life. The trauma, usually undealt with, creates slutty behavior as ‘acting out’ and which deceives the ‘victim’ into thinking they are in control of their sexual destiny. Rape statistics are somewhere at 1.3 per minute; and that’s rape, not assault, molestation, disrespect or even unfaithfulness/adultery by men. The last one, though not illegal, can be very traumatizing to women, and can create slutty behavior. The negative side of feminism also grew from bad experiences of domestic and social abuse — the psychological outcome will be angry and vengeful. if men were more in agreement with each other about not abusing women, and even each other by competition and inequality; and if they stopped using their manhood (i’m a man!) as an excuse to give in to slutty behavior, the sex industry or unfaithfulness; if they were serious about protecting women from the abuse of other men; then there definitely would be less reinforced slutty behavior among women. But as the case is now, esp in the US, the relations between the sexes have become pathological, fueled by victims’ traumas and the continuation of mixed messages by men who say they like nice women, but look at porn, or say they need to sleep with a woman ‘to get to know her’; or prolong ‘courtship’ or engagement, to get the most of their female partners’ best sexual years, only to not marry them in the end. And these abuses did not happen post-feminism. Rape, domestic abuse, double standards have gone on a long time and feminism was just the expression of anger over all this. Since men did not change, the women did — they’ve joined the abusers. They joined the ‘game’ – like the one being promoted on this site,. And it is really not nice to see a reflection of yourself in these crass men-wannabes and upstarts in skirts. The abused becomes the abuser. If men continue to create a ‘tough’ world of competition and domination, then women will have to ‘toughen up’, and for some women, sluttiness is being ‘tough’ – they take (just like some men) and they can hurt back.

  • lasonn

    It seems like men don’t own their sexuality, if they have to ‘earn’ it to prove their value. It seems men players are really the counterpart of the female sluts — female sluts have had their true sexuality taken away from them, and they have to keep affirming it to themselves by sleeping with several people to the point of mental instability and the men who sleep around to ‘earn’ their value are at the mercy of ‘witnesses’ who help keep score and affirm that yep, they are, in fact, men. But who took it away from them in the first place? Other domineering males, who tease or jeer at them and goad them into ‘scoring’? Females who rejected them? its the same hostile environment that breeds sluts. The players hate the sluts because they are of the same kind; a mirror. (Nice, ‘real’ men simply pity them or have nothing to do with them.) A man’s value is in being a man, period, whether he is a virgin or not. And the same goes for a woman’s value. All these games are pathological and come from some self-esteem issues, among others. This website is amusing because it admits being full of hate, which includes a hatred of the self. The writer shows some awareness that he is a messed up.

  • johnnight

    What Remo said. Remember that men play only what the team of women allows them to play. Women have changed the rules of the game. Women have decided, that they prefer the Barbarian Hun to the agrarian Italian.

    The optimal strategy for men under previous rules was to be an agrarian settled producer. Now the optimal strategy is to be a barbarian nomad, pillaging and looting the former great Roman empire.

    What we are seeing right now is the citizens of Rome joining the Hun army in the looting. The same citizens are no hypocrites for weeping about the fall of Rome.

  • Kotzen

    False. The “shameful” behaviours you just described are defense mechanisms and front for embaressment and shame. Not saying a thing and continuing to play around on your phone is a totally emotionless response from lack of guilt or embarressment.

  • hman

    Man I feel bad for men westeern societies girls act too sluty for them, which is fun temporarily but things get serious when you try to settle down because it gets harder to trust the females

  • randomgirl

    Well i am a virgin girl but it’s hard to find young guys my age who want a commited relationship(i’m 19) They seem to want to have casual sex. I dated a commited loyal guy who actually cared about me and saw me as his future wife. Unfortunately it didn’t work out. He was loyal, sweet, loving, expressive, emotional, passionate, commited and very protective.

    I am not allowed to contact him again and it has been 3 months since i have seen or heard from him. He tried to send me a letter though but my dad rejected it. Maybe he got over me by now. Either way i am worried i may not find a guy with his qualities ever again. He was non-American as well. Not to complain but a lot of North American men are not that great either.

    My brother has had a lot of experiences with girls. He loves sluts attention but expresses disgust for them and would never want a relationship with them for the long term. But he won’t commit to a girl and doesn’t want to stop having non-serious relationships with hot girls. Yet he tells me not to be a slut or to lose it to some random guy.

    I hope waiting for the right one is worth it.

    I also find it hypocritical that you are known for persuing uncommited sexual encounters with multiple women yet criticize the female equvalent. You wouldn’t get any action if there were no sluts to service you. At least be grateful for them that way. In my ex’s country women are expected to have morals and sluts are heavily looked down upon.

    Girls usually don’t give in easily and most only look for long term relationships. The guys then find the girls boring and prudish. My ex complained to me about the girls in his country when he first met me. You can’t have things both ways.

  • Priss

    Now that way women are getting equal with men, since men are old-time sluts, you guys could share with us your experience, how did you manage to be sluts for so long, rape children, wage wars, burn women…how could you fool us women for so long, we need to know how you managed to convince us you weren’t sluts and fuck anything that has a hole and made aids popular.

  • Priss

    We should bottle your sperm up and and then castrate you all.

  • dink

    Your point is moot because here’s the thing that you overlook, MOST men can’t have promiscuous sex with lots of women. Lead by example and blah blah blah but the only reason you say this is because you either are or have seen your gfs fucking the top 15 percent of men who can have lots of promiscuous sex due to your or your gf’s naturally hypergamous behavior.

    However herein lies the reason men are “praised” and women are “shamed” in most people’s eyes. Because MOST women can have promiscuous sex with lots of men. Herein lies the explanation as to why it’s not viewed in society as much of an issue because MOST men CAN’T be promiscuous while MOST women CAN be promiscuous. So for men it’s a matter of luck of being in the top percentile or a lot of hard work. For women, it’s simply opening your legs. That’s it, if you don’t believe me go out to a bar tonight and go up to every dude in the bar and ask them if they’ll go home with you, if they’re not in a relationship or seemingly way out of your league, every man will say yes. Why is that? Because even if you’re average looking, MOST men are starved for sex in this society. Only the top percentile benefits from female sluttiness. Hence why people shame sluts because it takes no luck nor effort to be a slut. Simply a choice. If you want to be a slut tomorrow, I promise that you’re only limited by your decisions and self respect. You could probably get 7 dudes to fuck you at the same time.

    If you truly believe what your “sisterhood” tells you that most men are cads, look around you. Most men aren’t players, only the top percentile of men are players because women allow them to be and it’s never more obvious than nowadays. Some dudes fucking every girl in the sorority while another one is committing suicide or lashing out because he can’t get 1 girl. If you remain unconvinced after my explanation, then you have no desire to learn the truth and I’ve wasted my breath.

  • manmade

    sluts are a MYTH, according to this stupid documentary


  • invisiblehand85

    Opposite in Japan where hyperfeminism prevails

  • Kiki Kie

    I dont like western feminist woman and I dont like western men, why
    western women became feminist because white men are jerk, and men
    created feminist woman, western woman became feminist because white men are jerk disgusting, thank god Im not western people

  • Kiki Kie

    I have beautiful bosnian wife, I said why you dont married american beside you grown up in america, she said american men jerk, have no moral like male animal, white men are breeder and sex maniac, I so disgusting to white men she said

  • Libra Chronicles

    The chick is uncomfortable in the video. She’s just maintaining her frame. I figure someone with a decent amount of experience at “game” should be able to see that pretty easily.

  • Sim

    She looked very ashamed and really guilty. She would be shameless if she started to defend herself, but all she did was acknowledging her fault by saying “sorry” and LOOKING DOWN. When you are so ashamed, you usually can’t find the right words…remember yourself whenever your parents caught you on something. I mean, what else could she say? She looked in her phone – this is what people usually do when they try to “escape”, she felt so bad she wanted to just disappear from there. And I’m 90% sure she left because she couldn’t hold her tears anymore and didn’t want the camera to record it.
    I can understand the guys’ anger, but Roosh, man… It’s just what you did when you posted a tweet “would you date her” in order to prove to a girl that she’s ugly.
    These girls were not right – they made mistakes, they deserved punishment. But with such a huge number of subscribers you disgrace them in front of all american men! People will recognize them on the streets, and it’s just a terrible emotional shock. In my opinion, it’s like if someone stole a $20,000 and you kill this person. The person is guilty, but the punishment is too harsh.
    You are a smart guy, so you must realize it, and maybe you do it on purpose in order to prove your ideas (kind of sacrifice small for something bigger). This is may be your worldview, but is it really worth it? Poor girls.

  • ThomasER916

    Read Kevin MacDonald’s “The Culture of Critique” series. It’s the most important set of books you’ll ever read.

  • ThomasER916

    You sound like a typical dickless Liberal faggot with a rectal prolapse. Seriously. You’re a fucking idiot.

    Hopefully you’ve changed after a year.

  • Sue

    There are normal, traditional women in America. We just constantly get pushed into the dark by how “boring,” “bigoted,” “anti-woman,” etc. we are when we express our decency by the same people who so proudly proclaim their goal is to protect and empower us. You ever notice how they act when a woman says she believes her role is to be a wife and mother and let her man be a man? It’s not “cool” to be traditional.

  • Sue

    pushed into the dark because of, not by..

  • Joanna

    Truthful article. 100% accurate, That video speaks volumes. All women are more or less like this now. Slut culture, created by feminism.

  • Pat Kane

    Duuuuuumb sluts all over the place. No wonder guys don’t give a fuck about you clowns, we use you cause we know how you are. Clean my fuckin house bitch

  • Levi Bond Jr.

    This is true. I believe there are still some traditional women in America. A lot of these guys on these sites exaggerate lol.

  • http://fundrace.huffpo.com Westsider

    Wow, you sound like a keeper.

  • Rjassie

    Let’s not forget that the guy is also a slut for not considering that fooling around with someone who has NO devotion to you isn’t smart!

    But of course, only the female is the slut in this instance. The guys are sluts too, problem is their female slut decided to go after two birds instead of sticking with one.

  • Jasslie

    Then the male sluts get mad, lol

  • Jasslie

    Men’s pure core and function is providing sex?

    If that’s the case then you might as well be sex robots! I thought there were more to men than just their bodies but guys like you are hilarious.

    So his only function is to provide sex and money. That’s pretty hallow if you ask me.

  • Usually the hottest girls are the most promiscuous ones so I doubt that women becoming more promiscuous is “creating ugly girls” like Roosh says it is.

    Roosh is by his own definition a slut created by feminism.

  • Brendan

    Dude, this is useless. You can’t use one video of one girl as evidence of anything. That’s just, dumb. What are you trying to say with this article anyway? Women shouldn’t work or vote? Feminism’s a waste of time? I’m sick of ugly girls? You talk as if there is only ONE pretty, and feminism is trying to change it, and while there is a majority view of ‘pretty’ supported by classical aesthetics there are also countless other ideas on what is cool, sexy, fun, or pretty. And those are just now being talked about. What’s wrong with that? Why do you feel the need to discuss it? Why waste time hanging shit on people for when you could be earning yourself praise for actually doing/thinking/saying something original and worthwhile.

  • http://fundrace.huffpo.com Westsider

    Come to L.A. and find one someplace other than a cemetery, and then we can talk.

  • Levi Bond Jr.

    Nah man. I know what I speak of lol. Many people are returning to traditional relationships. Visit takeninhand.com

    I’m a traditional man myself, very family oriented, etc. I ignore loose women that try to keep up with men.

  • http://www.formstudiosuadiye.com/ Orhan Ayirkan
  • Michael

    In other words, he has a small dick. Screw you. You’re just another typical “modern” women spitting on masculinity. I despise you women today. You’re all sluts or shrews. Go outside and keep walking until you get clue. Men are done with you.

  • Michael

    Precisely! The fact that this bitch casually did what she did in the first place is all we need to know. She’s done it before, she’ll do it again.

  • Michael

    Nicely played.

  • Sister Mary Fuck You Up

    You are a crapstain on the ass of masculinity…I’m sorry that mommy didn’t give you enough kisses, that daddy didn’t coach yr little league team and that every woman worth her salt left yr sour ass/little dick in the dust, but *please* don’t blame the feminists…all that term implies (at least according to yr misogynistic diatribe) is we are way fucking smarter than you; that we have greater agency than you; that you’ve been routinely turned down by us…so keep on smacking that sad tiny dick in the corner, spitting vile about the feminine gender…crap in one hand and wish into the other that you could handle, let alone attract, the weakest/ugliest of our sisters…because even they stand head and shoulders above your squirming, wormish attempts at true masculinity…
    You short-dicked troll.

  • sr Mary cyanide

    Yeah…bc we are dying to $u%c@ insecure, impotent dickbag imports (with shitty dental plans) like you! My most cherubic sisters wouldn’t be caught dead with the likes of you – and you know it! Hence the vitriol!!! Ha!!!!!
    Go back to school, you douchy troll! Any woman, ‘merican or otherwise, would know better than to f^%& with the likes of rancid, unwashed misigynists such as yourself…if they did, it would only be to post pics of yr toddler-esque cock on a website such as this! (ladies, that’s a fucking invitation!)
    Put simply – eat a dick.
    Yr mother

  • Seriously

    Yea, there everywhere these days.

  • http://fundrace.huffpo.com Westsider

    Careful, ladies.

    This one wears her lesbianism on her sleeve.

  • Bm3racer

    How can we find women like yourself, or women unlike that slag in the video, in westerns societies like USA, Britain, Australia, NZ, Canada etc…? Because the numbers are so low, guys have no idea where to find them. Any ideas?

  • Bm3racer

    Although I agree with much of what you are saying, there are some biological differences between men and women that need to be pointed out.

    From an Evolutionary Perspective:

    If a man cheats on a his partner and out comes a baby with the mistress, the women who was cheated on doesn’t end up getting scammed (and doesn’t end up raising the baby, of course).

    If the woman cheats on her partner, she ends up having the baby of another man while her actual male partner has no idea about this and ends up raising the kid or kids of another man, therefore wasting his entire life and resources to spread the genes of some other useless punk, while at the same time missing out on being able to spread his own genes. And given that life expectancy was 30-40 back in those days, there is no chance you’ll be able to start over and create/raise kids again from scratch.

    Therefore, the costs of a man being cheated on are horrendously greater than the costs of a woman being cheated on. This is why men do not like (and should never feel ashamed about not liking) the majority of females who are a pack of slutty whores – SLUTS. Because this was instilled in our genes to be repulsed by female whores and sluts in order to ensure we didn’t waste our life away raising someone else’s kids and missing on our only opportunity to spread our own genes.

    This is programmed into us genetically, because the guys who did not have this programming automatically eliminated themselves from teh gene pool because when they thought they were spreading their own genes, they were actually helping spread the genes of a stranger male (who his partner was banging on the side) and it is for this reason the genes of these guys have been wiped off the face of the earth, and we are therefore only left with men that are repulsed by sluts.

    However, social conditioning has ensured that some men will be less repulsed by these SLUTS, and it is this social conditioning that seems to be at the center of this blog post by Roosh.


  • Bm3racer

    Actually it’s not, even Roosh admits that if girls weren’t so slutty, he would much rather settle down with a non slutty girl. The reason he cannot is because most girls are sluts, and are not worthy of commitment, and the only thing left to do with these girls is to fuck them senseless until you get bored of this, since there is no way any man in their right mind would want to marry these type of women.

    However, give us a girl worth marrying, and I’m sure Roosh would keep her for good, as would most of the guys in this forum.

  • Rusty Wray

    what ever she did you had no right to man handle her like that.

  • KnownTruth

    Yea, there everywhere these days.