First Bang Review

I’m so used to instant feedback on the blog that it’s a little nerve racking having to wait for opinions on the book. Here’s the first review, posted on Lulu.

If you have never read any book on the subject this book is a highly recommend because it sequentially covers all aspects of attracting a girl. It talks about; confidence, approaching, cock blocks, phone game, logistics, conversation, dates, first kisses, removing clothing, relationships, and breaking up.

For people who have read other material, such as me, it’s still an enjoyable read largely due to he unique perspective of the author who lets you inside his head.

Some things that stood out for me…The phone game description is some of the best I’ve seen. Taking clothes off is something most authors skip, this author walks through it. The part of dumping a girl to maximize your chances of banging her later is great. Certain dating rules….

My only complain is that it was too short. It’s 140 pages, I read it in one day. The book has no fluff which is probably why I was able to read it non stop.

The intended readers are people who are not getting the results they want with their current methods or people who enjoys reading different perspectives on “game”. If you have never read anything on “game”, buy it immediately, there is logic to the madness.

66 copies sold in the first five days. :wideeyes:

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