Five Year Blog Anniversary

Today marks exactly five years since I launched (I did have a blog before that but it was more of a little diary for friends than the game resource it morphed into starting with DCB). Let’s take a trip down memory lane and then talk about the future. I’ve also included a photo from each year to document my metamorphosis.


Two early posts that started getting me attention were whores vs conservative girls and how to get free drinks at Starbucks. By the third month of operation I already had multiple haters and the more I hated on others, the more I got hated on. Go figure.

The blog started taking direction with these posts:

At the time there were fewer posts about game than recaps of happy hours and club nights.

The big drama of the year was my epic blog war with “The Senator,” which is nicely documented on this wiki page. Upon winning I took a triumphant victory lap. He has not been seen on the internet since.

The blog wars of yesteryear were far more artfully done and went for emotional impact instead of merely posting private information. Today any slackjawed retard with an internet connection can post someone’s address, but it takes actual brains to force someone’s blog offline with taunts that bring about immense shame and embarrassment. In fact if you have to resort to posting someone’s private information you’ve already lost, because in the end all you’re doing is… posting information.

My favorite post of the year would be Glengarry Glen Ross remix, which was to serve as something you can read before going out. My April Fools gag was getting fired from work.


The blog began to affect my dating life as more girls found out about it. It’s also this time that I started having my first blog groupies (giddy).

I had some guest posters: Sally the intern, Dasha the intern, Chaco, and Miss Metropolis, who you may know as DC nightlife queen Kelly Ann Collins. The hate on them was often vicious.

My rocky relationship towards American women continued with posts like why are you out, diamonds, if I was a girl, and two and out. I even sold t-shirts that read “I Pump And Dump.”

My favorite game posts were the tight game week series, status, and womanly advice.

Besides that I took a blow up doll to the beach and Dupont Circle, made women cry with this post, went to Spain, started thinking about moving abroad with discussion on international women, was saddened by someone’s death, started the player or poseur series, introduced the cost per notch, moved the domain to, and started a new blog called Furball Approved where I’d post funny videos that were reviewed in the voice of my cat. It only lasted a few weeks.

My two favorite posts of the year were my wisdom teeth story and my rules of life. For April Fools I tried to convince you that I was gay.

I had my full name and job posted on the blog of a gay man, who begged his readers to contact human resources. But his information was dated and he ended up posting the place I worked at several months prior. His attempts to destroy me failed, obviously, and I think it all stemmed from the fact that I rebuffed his advances at a blogger happy hour. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

His/her blog was dead last time I checked.


Blogging continued to affect my sex life while I learned that women who showed affection made me happier. I bashed Americans, introduced the flag metric, started learning Spanish, and got tired of women who think they understand women better than men.

Three big events this year: I quit the corporate grind, went to South America, and released Bang. There weren’t many game posts because of the energy that went into the book, but I do like seven ways to improve your game, hung up on the opener, and playful vibe.

My experience in South America led to these popular posts:

That last one is the most visited post on the blog right now.

South America beat me up, I came home, and so began the healing process.

While it was a very exciting year for me, it was the worst year for my blog. The content wasn’t that great and I alienated my core audience by writing more about travel than game (it’s no suprise that the year saw the blog’s lowest traffic). I don’t have a favorite post and even my April Fools gag was weak (starting a new blog called Puppy Dogs & Ice Cream).

After this third year I realized that even if I win the Nobel Prize in Physics I’m still expected to mostly write about game. I’ve accepted that. You know there’s things you want to do (have a video blog starring a cat) and then there’s things that you’re good at.


Back at home I was lost all love for D.C. and realized I wasn’t going to meet the perfect woman, though their easiness did keep me heavily in the game for the next year.

I gave women advice, continued to piss people off (I even detailed the strategy of my haters), was more careful about where I deposited my seed, stopped caring about if a girl orgasms or not, bashed Americans and feminists, shared a masturbation strategy, was a hot girl for a night, stopped taking showers, gave my friend parenting tips, became seriously uninspired with American girls, and got so enraged with cockblocking that I offered a way to stop it for good.

Also I made a travel blog (that is sort of dead at the moment), went to Las Vegas with Virgle Kent, opened the forum (which has become pretty active), put out my philosophy on life, wrote a short story, bartended, made a few videos, put a lot of work into my newsletters, and started teaching workshops on day game.

My favorite game post from the year is how to pick up girls for real, though overall I’d have to go with the perfect woman post. The April Fools gag was moving to Rio for a girl.

This year I considered taking a lengthy break from blogging, but it was more about dissatisfaction with where I was in life at the moment than a dislike towards writing.



At the risk of letting my ego talk, I think this last year was my best yet. My thinking was clear and my experiences rich, making it somewhat easy to consistently put out good content. I like so many posts that I’m not sure where to start.

I advised you not to date girls who like poetry (e.g Poetry Girl), talked about girls who faked about knowing my blog, dropped some more Argentine girl knowledge, wrote a letter to Virgle Kent, expressed an interest in needy girls and a disinterest in girls who love to eat out, talked about a magical land where lemons are green, got on men’s rights guys while musing about what it takes to be a real man, shot down the idea of banging prostitutes, got stalked by a girl I creampied on a Colombian bus, and defended the honor of a Brazilian guy who got cockblocked by a fat pig

American women got a lot of blog space this year. I wondered about the best age to date one, complimented their easiness while defending the idea of travel to countries that have harder women, responded to a man-bashing older woman, got on feminists who wanted to make bad pick-up lines punishable by jail time, hypothesized about why their brains are damaged, identified one of their universal problems, criticized them for looking like shit while traveling and having children while single, and brought it all home with a conversation about what’s wrong with America.

My favorite game posts:

I also taught a reality workshop, gave an introduction to Buddhism, did a big site survey, put out a video on Medellin, Colombia, shared my dune buggy adventure in a Brazilian beach town while offering travel tips of the northeast and the city of Vitoria, gave a strategy for living abroad, tried to motivate you, shared my system for learning a foreign language, and released my second book.

I closed comments for six months and while everyone says it was a mistake, I’m satisfied that I stayed motivated to blog without the instant feedback and validation. The thirst to share wisdom is within me. (Fun fact: I’ve banned 39 IP addresses since bringing comments back, and put a dozen others in the moderation doghouse.)

My favorite post of the year was what are you waiting for though I really did like how the dune buggy story turned out. The April Fools gag was going to Ethiopia to feed starving children. It absolutely cannot be topped.

Creatively it was a good year and I’m proud that I was focused and disciplined enough to dig all of it out of my huge, throbbing brain. As a result the blog is receiving the most traffic it ever has.


My goal here is not win awards for my writing but deliver ideas and experiences in a way that you can learn, understand, apply, or be entertained from. While I’ve said most of what I wanted to say about game, American girls, and South America, I still think I have things left to contribute. As long as I push myself outside of my comfort zone (i.e. stints living abroad), there should always be cool ideas popping in my head.

I don’t know exactly when but I do see myself cutting down on posting from three times a week to eventually two and then one. I think this is inevitable for those bloggers who have been doing it for so many years, as you simply cannot keep up production (and motivation) from your peak. I don’t see this as a bad thing though: as long as the quality remains strong I think you’ll still get a lot of value. In the meantime I plan on putting out a few more books, and I’m currently working on two simultaneously.

Lastly, I wanted to thank everyone for their support over the past five years, for buying my books, taking my workshop, linking my posts from your blogs, and leaving encouraging comments and emails. Otherwise my life would be probably be very different. Thank you.

Here’s to another five years.

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