Why Approaching Should Be The Foundation Of Your Game

As your game improves you’ll have to approach less girls for better quality, but you’ll still be approaching quite a few girls. It comes down to basic demographics.

Let’s say it’s Saturday night and we’re at a crowded bar where there are 10 cute women.

How many of them are in relationship that they’re happy in? I’d guess 3.
How many of them have fuck buddies? 2.
How many of them are in a bad mood for whatever reason and don’t feel like getting to know a new guy? 1.

That means if you approached all ten women, only four would be open to your attempt without bias. Now I’m not saying that the other girls can’t be banged, but the odds are much lower. That means that every approach you do in that bar for the rest of the night has a higher chance of failure than success, and we’re not even accounting for your game, appearance, or status. Before you open your mouth you’re already climbing the mountain.

If your game is tight, on this night you’ll have to do about three or four approaches before getting at least a number, which is a guarantee of nothing. If you’re a beginner, it’s likely you’ll approach all ten and walk away empty handed, and either have to lower your standards and hit on uglier girls for the rest of the night or go to a different bar.

The point of game, I believe, is being a good option to girls who are open to having sex with someone new. But since so many girls are not open to a new guy (unless that new guy happens to be spectacular), you’ll have to approach that much more just to find a willing audience member. This is one reason why when I go out solo I have a plan to approach ten girls, which ensures I will talk to at least a few girls who are open to a new guy. If I talk to ten and I get no bites at all, it means that I’m not even creating interest in girls who probably want to have sex somewhat soon. Either I have to change my game plan or find a new club with a different vibe.

I know that approaching can be a drag. If we compared it to work, it’d be like having to punch in a set amount of hours a week while some other guy is making passive income from his rental properties. Pussy rains from the sky for him, without much effort, while you work your ass off. But approaching works and it’s one thing that every guy can do until he finds a niche or gimmick. I do it even when I don’t have to in order to stay sharp, because of how quickly game can rust due to inactivity.

If you’re in your 30’s and you haven’t approached 1,000 girls yet, then you’re not even close to realizing your potential. I’m pretty sure I’ve done that many by now, and I have the results that justify it (in my mind, at least). I have a feeling I’ll be approaching until I’m a very old man. And I’m fine with that.

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