Fuck Speed

The fastest way to fuck a girl is to meet her at night. If you start talking to her around midnight, it’s not too difficult to be pumping her main hole by 4am. Even if you only get a kiss, you could fuck her the next time you see her without much resistance. (Not getting at least kisses at night? Then stick to day game—you’ll get flaked less).

Thankfully we live in a culture where women are happy to lower their value by spreading their legs at a rate that any elderly woman would find horrifying and repulsive (well, there is one exception). This is where I go along with the feminist party line. There is no such thing as a slut! A girl shouldn’t feel guilty for fucking a hairy beast like myself in two hours! Today’s woman is liberated!

Truth is females will naturally price their pussies at its true market value, so what we expect is for low-value American women to put out at hyper warp speed. And this is what we see in the field. Women are so insecure about a man putting future investment into them that they rationalize slutty behavior as saying, “Well, I should at least be able to get laid. I haven’t gotten any in a month!” Horrible mindset for society, great mindset for horny yeti’s like myself.

A two-hour fuck time is unlikely to happen during the day. While same-day banging is possible, the more likely outcome from a daytime meet is a phone number after 5-30 minutes of chat. This means your dating trajectory will be slower.

Typical Nighttime Dating Trajectory
Meet: Kiss and light petting.
Date 1: Drinks at a bar. Bang.

Typical Daytime Dating Trajectory
Meet: Number exchange.
Date 1 (weekday): Drinks at a bar. Kiss and light petting.
Date 2: Drinks at a bar or light fare like sushi. Bang.

As you can see, day game requires at least one extra date. This is where I remind you that the three-date rule is obsolete. Five years ago it was a good timeline to get sex, but today’s model of woman is extremely filthy, to the point where three dates is like using dial-up internet. If you are patiently waiting for three dates to get sex, there’s a good chance you’re a sucker, especially if you’re based in a big city.

Now take a look at my dating trajectory:

Roosh’s Typical Nighttime Dating Trajectory
Meet: Bang.
Date 1: Bang. Lose interest.

Roosh’s Typical Daytime Dating Trajectory
Meet: Number exchange.
Date 1 (weekday): Drinks at a bar. Kiss and light petting.
Date 2: Drinks at a bar or light fare like sushi. Bang. Lose interest. Dream about Brazil. Whine on internet.

I haven’t been able to shorten the time to bang for day game. One shortcut you may be thinking of is to schedule the first date on a weekend, but that’s a risky move because it could be perceived as strong interest (i.e. needy). Plus most girls who have only talked to you for less than 30 minutes are not ready to dedicate a weekend night to you, unless she’s ugly, desperate, or has no life of her own.

A better option is to prolong the meet, but logistics are rarely favorable to do that. The one big downside of day game is that it takes longer to fuck. While you need less game to get day numbers, you have to have decent dating game since that’s where you’ll be spending most of your time with her.

I don’t like one-size-fits-all models that try to predict when to go for the bang, but for guys with average game, you should be able to hit the date after you kiss her. The exception is if alcohol is involved during the meet, which helps explain the one-night stand. (Side observation: In the history of the universe I doubt any guy has pulled a one-night stand with the designated driver)

The newbie gamer should stick with day approaching, since he can have initial success (phone numbers) with weaker game. It also allows him to tighten his date game, which is something he’s always going to need. Once the newbie gamer gets laid from day approaching, he can begin to mash together his meeting and dating game into a bar game hybrid where he goes for the one-night stand. If you get good with night game first, you’ll find day game to be too slow, and only work on if you get tired of going out at night, or if you’re in a country that doesn’t have a nighttime pick-up culture.

While I like day game in that I meet a more diverse group of girls who are less likely to flake and have crab-infested vaginas, night game will continue to be my bread and butter until I’m the old guy in the bar. I know of no other way that I can have a girl in my bed so quickly with such little effort. Even in countries where one-night stands are harder to come by, like Colombia and Brazil, it’s still the easiest way to get laid.

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