Proposed Substitution For “Pick Up Artist”

I hate the term pick up artist. It’s geeky. It’s try-hard. It doesn’t roll off the tongue. I have never referred to myself as one and never will. Instead I’ve often used the word “player,” but the problem there is that it connotes some natural ability. When I hear it I have an image of a smooth talking black guy who banged his teenage babysitter when he was 10-years-old. It doesn’t properly describe men who learned how to get laid in their 20’s or beyond.

Another problem with pick up artist is that guys who read The Game and did a couple dozen approaches are using it to describe themselves. Veterans don’t want to be grouped in with the newbies, and I would guess that guys who refer to themselves as PUA’s get laid less than guys who don’t use that term. Whenever I hear it I think of an out-of-shape guy who dresses like an idiot approaching bridal shower groups. Or a guy who studies game for six months, bangs two girls, and then starts teaching $3,000 workshops with marketing techniques learned from David D’Angelo.

We need a term that describes a guy who dabbles in game theory and uses techniques that was not given to him either at birth or through natural experience around puberty. Something that is not flashy and doesn’t define his entire essence. Here’s my suggestion:

Game guy.

Some examples of possible usage:

“Look at the flowers on his shirt. He’s probably a game guy.”

“Yeah I’m a game guy. I got into it after watching Mystery’s Pick Up Artist television program.”

“Those five guys over there are game guys—I saw them talking about advanced neg theory at the Chipotle earlier.”

“He says he hasn’t read The Game but it’s obvious he’s a game guy. I heard him talking about U-shaped and C-shaped smiles.”

“He asked me what qualities I have besides my looks. You think he’s a game guy?”

I’m a game guy. I use aftermarket knowledge to get girls in bed. It’s possible I have some natural qualities that make this job easier, but only after studying and applying game have I been able to pull the women that I want. Most of my friends are game guys as well, though they’ve had much more success with women before learning about game than I have.

“Game guy” describes a man’s awareness and application of tested techniques. He doesn’t have an ideology—it’s not how he lives his life, but it does indicate how he uses a scientific, reasoned approach to mating. It won’t be long until we’re all game guys, using logic to get better at sleeping with random women, one move and one line at a time.

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