Game Hall Of Fame

I’ve written a handful of posts that would make for great reading right before you’re about to run game. They will get your mind ready not only to approach but to use the correct technique as well. I made this list especially for noobs who need a little extra boost to get going in the right direction.

I advise you read one post from each category before leaving the house.




Another useful pre-game guide is the Bang Cheat Sheet, where I summarize the six main game points you need to always have marinating in your head. It comes with any donation for Bang Colombia, which I’m proud to say has passed 2,500 downloads as of last week.

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  • nathan

    ‘Just Keep Going’ will always be the greatest

  • papillon

    Gracias flaco.

  • West LA

    Thanks for compiling these posts — looking forward to reading them.
    Congrats on all those downloads for Bang Columbia.
    I hope you got lots of donations.

  • Anonymous

    Can you put this under the All-Time Hall of Fame? I’m sure I’m not alone, when I say that this post is something I’d like to come back to frequently.

  • Anonymous

    Here’s another great one about approaching:

  • Roosh

    Added this post to the right sidebar under Favorites.

    I didn’t add the Foundation post because I think that particular topic was covered well in The Secret To Getting Laid.

  • Carl Sagan

    what are you waiting for? and just keep going.

    Two of my favourites on the site.

  • gunslingergregi

    Happy for you Roosh.

    Hope things keep going well.

    Eventually you may want a family just remember you don’t have to follow the rules on that either he he he

    It helps to save a chunk of loot first though.
    But my kid bring me joy.
    Wife brings him in and he lights up to see me.
    Fun but yea helps to have the million family members around.

    Not to many people understand money but I think if you follow a little of my example you won’t need to worry about it. Just may have to do some indentured servitude for a bit and rest of life can be yours. But yea if your making loot off books the must feel pretty good to create something from nothing.


  • Sandals

    Roosch, you’re tall, good looking, and awesome. I was so excited to meet you. You’re are very cool and approachable. Sorry about fucking up the end game. I’ll get the Persian next time. You should tell guys like me who don’t normally get hot chicks how to deal with a hot chick who is really drunk and ready to to go home and have sex. Basically, how do I not fuck it up?

  • paultheking

    “acting like a dick” was my favorite.

    You pretty much have to these days.. girls egos are so high in the stratosphere that if you’re a guy and you’re talking to them thats a huge IOI by itself.

    paultheking’s last blog post: The power of an image..

  • Rivelino

    Alright I’m done with you—you go now.

    Killer quote. I gotta be more of a dick. Definitely, being respectful and considerate does not work. I tried that technique for over a decade.

    Rivelino’s last blog post: Art Game.

  • Rivelino

    “Lays are the product of momentum, not one-shot deals. If you want to bang one quality girl, you must approach a ton of girls. The secret to getting laid is old fashioned hard work. Get your ass out in the field, approach in large numbers, get that experience, build momentum, and it’s almost impossible not to lay a variety of women.”

    Gonna stamp this on my forehead.

    Rivelino’s last blog post: The classy girl is dead and buried.

  • coyote

    Seminal post Roosh,

    I have a question for the crowd.

    When I facebook close a chick and she adds me, what’s a good length of time before I confirm her?

    So far I’ve had two 21 y/o 7’s add me but when I message them my number and tell them to text me all you hear is crickets.

    Is going for the facebook more beta than trying to get the actual number?

  • Wolf

    @Coyote: You may have missed Roosh’s greatest post of all time (in my opinion): “The 9 Immutable Laws of Pickup”, specifically #1. Please search for it on here, it will answer your question about Facebooking the girl. To really improve your game, ask for advice AFTER the fact.

  • coyote

    @ Wolf,

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Just gotta chalk this one up to weak game. Lesson learned, next time I will wait 3 days before replying.

    Gotta go get more chica’s.

  • schwanson

    The last-minute boost helped this past weekend. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    So Roosh is tall and good looking? then he isnt a PUA he is just blessed.