Game Won’t Always Work

You’re talking to a girl and for whatever reason you are in such a good state that she’s getting your absolute best game. You have to hold back from laughing at jokes you don’t believe are coming out of your mouth. In fact you’ve never spit game so good. She’s laughing and smiling and by all appearances she’s loving it. But then the conversation ends abruptly and she doesn’t even give you a chance to get her number. It turns out that she didn’t ask you a single question. She didn’t engage you or encourage you.

She wasn’t interested.

It’s temping to say she has a boyfriend, or that you are the complete opposite of her physical type. That could be the case but truth is the best game will not always work. In fact it will fail more often than not.

Game is not meant for those do-or-die moments where you must succeed. It’s not a 100-meter sprint where years of training go into that one Olympic prime-time race. It’s more like poker, trudging along one hand at a time for marathon sessions, where even the best players lose more than they win. Game is a skill that increase your chances of getting more and better in the long run at a cost of sustaining short-term “losses” that teach you what you need to know.

Not accounting for skill, the only correlation I’ve seen in game is that the guys who approach more get more. They have nerves of steel. And ego’s that left them a long time ago.

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  • Anonymous

    good stuff

  • Andrew

    Which reminds me of a question I’ve had for a long time: is the real contribution of dating “gurus” like Neil Strauss and Mystery that they force guys to start approaching and learning rather than sitting on their asses watching television?

  • adrock

    Great post, especially with the poker analogy.

    @Andrew – There’s an old quote that basically says that luck equals opportunity plus preparation. The more you work on your game and actually get out and use it, the more success you will have.

  • Anonymous

    Well i agree w/ Roosh on this post.You just have to get out there and talk to girls as much as you can w/proper game every where you go even if you dont feel like it.
    Andrew#2)I can relate to “lazy guys.”
    I work in the bar business and see all sort of game all day and night from patrons at our club.
    Men are getting lazier as far as aggressiveness w/ the ladies and it shows everyday.
    Women have been adapting to this “lazy trend” by being more aggressive w/ men they meet.Not sure why this trend, but women want their holes filled and you as a man have to take action.But dont fall into this lazy trend.
    Women still need a man to chase and pursue them even if they dont, “let on.”

  • The G Manifesto

    I like the poker analogy also.

    “the guys who approach more get more”

    True. Also it helps to go out at night more. One of my friends said a long time ago, “The one who rages the most, gets the most girls”.

    Volume is your friend.

    “Men are getting lazier as far as aggressiveness w/ the ladies and it shows everyday.”

    Interesting. I see pretty much the opposite.

    Out of curiosity, where do you see this going down?

    – MPM

    The G Manifesto’s last blog post: Clubland Miami by Rakontur Episodes 0-3.

  • Anonymous

    Basically you’ll see it in general out on the street, store,laundrymat,post office,weekdays normal life is where I think the best places are to meet or pick up i think.If you can approuch a chick on the weekdays and use proper game you may have a good chance(but its a virile thing)How much do you really want to fuck this girl you are approuching,or just noticed picking tomatoes at your local grocery store(the higher and more natral grocerie stores are my favorite<more healthy and fit women)?does she produce lust in you?If so then you need to get at that shit w/ a quickness!
    the key word(LOTS of chicks will get the snow ball effect rollin in your life) keep it constant dont get “lazy” with it if you want contant girls suckin on you johnson .strange ones if you can,make it a challenge.Fuck the club on the weekends.All losers.
    who are going to hit the IN and Out burger or Dennys(or what ever shit stoner food joint there is in your area) and go home and jerk off anyways.
    You may not see it with your friends you go out w/ at a club(because your all drunk and pumped up and you are also in a fish bowl envirornment of ugly white women w/ a gang off overly aggressive black guys all over the place eyeballin any and every fat chick in the place.(who may look good in the dark club setting) who spray on their make up and have 9 cock blocking girlfriends to follow them and monitor each other from a distance even if one of her friends is a 8, you aint hittin, homey, but I observe women giving good clues at men that they want to say something or ask them out w/ body language(they give off) in line at the grocery store,laundrymat if you live in a college town, etc…and men wont catch it and just stay quite.Of course Its due to lack of body launguage know how on their part. Just “open your eyes” and you will see it.18-25 year olds males need to get off their ass and stop playing
    video games and “look” out into the real world and notice the life around them, its really what i was getting at.
    Get aggressive about getting out more.
    Men need to get more aggressive w/player tactics like “rooshs”bang book for example and learn how to read body language women are putting out every day as in example.Not staying at home and jerkin it w/your friends wondering how far they are getting on “Halo”.Be a man w/ sex drive, and stop being “Lazy”
    Pussy wont fall out of the sky for you.

  • The G Manifesto

    6 Anonymous,

    Gotcha. I see your point.

    I would agree that in “normal everyday life” it has gotten easier to swoop girls.

    I also agree that the 18-25 year old set is non-existent. I really am not to familiar with their patterns, but I really never see them out and about…video games probably.

    When I was that age I was non-stop chilling at the beach and swooping girls off the street.

    Nightclubs and Lounges, I think have gotten more aggressive. I almost never go to nightclubs on weekends anymore.

    Restaurants, not at all, and are great spots for swooping fly girls.

    – MPM

    The G Manifesto’s last blog post: Clubland Miami by Rakontur Episodes 0-3.

  • Andrew

    At all of these places, though, it seems like guys go to “pick up girls,” then maybe make one or, at most, two half-assed attempts to approach, then retreat to the wall with a cheap beer and shoot the shit with their friends. My guess is that the magic of these retreats isn’t so much in what you learn as in getting approaches under your belt, realizing it’s not that much of a mystery, and then getting over most of the approach anxiety. The process of overcoming fear builds confidence.

  • Anonymous

    Was in Tampa few weeks back. Started chatting this lady up, I am getting laughs, some touching from my side, good response, eye contact and all that. so i took a quick break from her, to engage her again and tget the number. i wasnt sure why i did this (looking for another reason other than what i have read). so i talked to a friend, talked of the progress and plot what next. then i suddenly irealized, she never asked a single question. even when it was obvious she should have. there, i knew it, no interest. thanks roosh for ur book.

  • Anonymous

    not that i am at the top of my game, but i could tell i did what i could

  • Tampa

    I wish you could just hand the chick a card that says “can I slide it in you?” and she gives you the “ok – call me”

    So if I see some banging chick on the orange line, I could just hand her a card and she would give me the “sure.”

  • Anonymous

    #9 #10
    you are only as good as your last in a way you are at the top of your current game.keep truckin, homey.learn to reach and back off at the right times when in convo w/ a girls.make them reach for you and itll be a green light if you see lots of “reaching” aka “asking questions” or all the classic body language signs of interest on her part toward you. Make your talk w/ her interseting where she’ll have to ask questions.
    Be interseted in the chick(on the surface) (Make like you really care what the fuck this stupid bitch thinks or says)The younger the less they will say something interesting other than some retarded shit that happend to them at school etc…
    Next time you talk to a chick take 2 steps back from her.if she takes a steps toward you.(I mean
    phsyically) then you are controling the convo and have her attention or interest at the moment.
    Learn to back off .its like a mild interest- bored kinda vibe thing on your have to feel the vibe of your environment.
    Stop talking for bit and count to 10 and see if she hangs around bit or “asks questions”.make her interseted in you by not giving away too much.Stare at the fuckin traffic or whatever else,maybe even another girl walking by while you are spitin some game to her.Dont get too focused on them supple tities or that slamin brazilian ass she is sportin for a white girl.(where you are like Holly shit! in your mind of course, i cant believe that ass on her)
    its an art one has to master on their own.
    There is no one way to land girls but there is “a way”you’ll develop your own style and ways.Play on! Good luck.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Tampa #11
    dont take this the wrong way brother,but that would be “lazy” on your part.
    Not to sure how old you are but try clearwater beach
    or ybor city.
    if you are in college in the area hit the “spots”lots of snow birds on the beach right now,take advantage!and dont focus on one whore or situation.rather many whores,Thank you.god bless.

  • Anonymous

    Anony 12: cool.

  • ResidentCynic

    The “dark side” is that as you get better, you find most females aren’t worth approaching.

    No kidding, I’ve had few situations where women obviously wanted me to approach them and I just studiously ignored them because I didn’t want to bother. I get this way NOT because I find them unattractive. It’s just that I find them not attractive enough to put any effort into.

    The vast majority of women fall into the “bangable, but not worth much effort” category for me.

  • dman

    adrock, the poker analogy was terrible:
    “Itâ��s more like poker, trudging along one hand at a time for marathon sessions, where even the best players lose more than they win.”

    not true at all, I’m winning money off poker and I’m a long way off the best. I’m just starting out learning and still have a long way to go

  • adrock

    @dman – I just re-read the second half of Roosh’s poker analogy and realized I misread it the first time. I thought he was trying to use the analogy to say that on any given hand/set there is an element of chance at play, but given the proper skills, in poker and in game, you can diminish the roll chance plays in the long run and increase your wins.

  • Anonymous

    I think the poker analogy should read “where even the best players lose more hands than they win.”

  • The G Manifesto

    Now might be the time to get your travel plans in order:

    The recent strength of the U.S. dollar is expected to be temporary and the greenback remains at risk of a hard landing, which could drag down the U.S. economy and pull the global economy deeper into recession, a U.N. report said.

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  • Anonymous

    I agree W/ # 15.
    after a while its becomes less difficult to “get” women as one gets better.and it takes more to “Inspired” for me to get excited about women/sex in general.
    Its like ok,cool she is doable and cute by most guys standards but I want to get that “lust “feeling or heart racing when I see a girl to get me motivated.Alot of american girls dont do it for me though.
    maybe I need a trip to brazil to see stranger hotter pussy ?
    Then Im suddenly “inspired”

  • The G Manifesto

    “The vast majority of women fall into the “bangable, but not worth much effort” category for me.”

    “Its like ok,cool she is doable and cute by most guys standards but I want to get that “lust “feeling or heart racing when I see a girl to get me motivated.Alot of american girls dont do it for me though.”

    I get both of your points.

    A change of venue is what you need. You need to stay “inspired”

    Try for instance:

    The Spearmint Rhino, Las Vegas on a Tues night at 3am.

    Punta del Este this winter.

    Model parties this winter in Miami Beach.

    Socialite Museum gigs in NYC.


    Dope gig in Hollywood Hills filled with fly actress girls with bit parts on Entourage.

    That should keep you inspired for a while.

    Otherwise you are just casting javelins at flamingos.

    – MPM

    The G Manifesto’s last blog post: Official Wale “Nike Boots” video (Directed by Chris Robinson).

  • ResidentCynic

    @21 G Manifesto

    You’re exactly right. (Except for Spearmint. I’m not talking about strip clubs).

    You have to get into places with several beautiful women, not an army of 5s/6s where 7s acting like 9s/10s.

  • anon

    “Punta del Este this winter.”

    I was there a few weeks ago. It was dead. Buenos Aires on the other hand…..

  • The G Manifesto

    “I was there a few weeks ago. It was dead. Buenos Aires on the other hand…..”

    You were there a little early.

    – MPM

    The G Manifesto’s last blog post: Manny Pacquiao Destroys Oscar De La Hoya after 8 Rounds.

  • The G Manifesto

    I should have clarified when I said “Punta del Este this winter.”.

    After OCT I typically am in the tropics or Miami Beach or Southern California.

    So Nov. still doesn’t feel like winter yet.

    I should have said late Dec, Jan, Feb.

    – MPM

    The G Manifesto’s last blog post: Manny Pacquiao Destroys Oscar De La Hoya after 8 Rounds.

  • Joe T.

    One thing about girls in the DC area, is that if they have boyfriends, they are ALWAYS with their boyfriends while not at work and going out during the day… to eat, to shop, etc. BUT, they will often show up at nightclubs and bars WITHOUT their boyfriends.

    This is contrary to logic, because in normal places, if a girl has a boyfriend, she will not go to bars and clubs without him. If he’s out of town, she’ll stay in, see a movie with friends, or do something else that doesn’t involve getting hit on.

    It’s also contrary to logic in that they are spending every waking moment (outside of work) with their boyfriend… Chicks who have boyfriends in the DC area make it a point NEVER to be seen out, during the day, without the boyfriend… UNLESS it happens to be at night, when they feel free to go to clubs/bars without him if he happens to be away.

    I chalk this up to DC being a very female-centric place where women rule and the dating/social scene plays by rules laid down solely by FEMALES.

    Girls need constant validation of their sexual desirability, and being seen during the day with a guy gives them that validation.

    When the guy’s away, they still crave that validation, and so rather than sacrificing it, they go out alone or with “the girls” to night spots.

    None of this shit happens nearly as much in normal places where women don’t rule the social scene and lay down the laws…. but in the world of DC, this kind of behavior is rampant.

  • madmax