Game Won’t Always Work

You’re talking to a girl and for whatever reason you are in such a good state that she’s getting your absolute best game. You have to hold back from laughing at jokes you don’t believe are coming out of your mouth. In fact you’ve never spit game so good. She’s laughing and smiling and by all appearances she’s loving it. But then the conversation ends abruptly and she doesn’t even give you a chance to get her number. It turns out that she didn’t ask you a single question. She didn’t engage you or encourage you.

She wasn’t interested.

It’s temping to say she has a boyfriend, or that you are the complete opposite of her physical type. That could be the case but truth is the best game will not always work. In fact it will fail more often than not.

Game is not meant for those do-or-die moments where you must succeed. It’s not a 100-meter sprint where years of training go into that one Olympic prime-time race. It’s more like poker, trudging along one hand at a time for marathon sessions, where even the best players lose more than they win. Game is a skill that increase your chances of getting more and better in the long run at a cost of sustaining short-term “losses” that teach you what you need to know.

Not accounting for skill, the only correlation I’ve seen in game is that the guys who approach more get more. They have nerves of steel. And ego’s that left them a long time ago.

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