How To Get Laid Without Approaching

Not every man has to approach to get laid, for there are lifestyle choices you can make which allow the women to come to you. While it’s rare to meet a man who has tight game but never approaches, taking on a lifestyle “gimmick” will make it easier for every guy. Here’s some things you can do which eliminate the need to approach:

1. Bartender, bouncer, or promoter. This is where women have to interact with you. With game and personality it’ll be very easy to take these normal interactions to the next level since your high value is already assumed. Even though bartending is manual labor and something that a monkey can do, girls are incredibly impressed by it. I left out DJ’ing on purpose because while women do approach you, it’s not as common you think. You’re unable to communicate with her and she gets bored and goes right back into the crowd to get grimey with another guy. Unless you’re a world-class DJ, you’ll get scraps.

2. Musician who performs in live shows. It doesn’t even matter if you’re in a good band or not. Simply perform and then have some drink afterwards with the commoners. Girls will compliment your show or ask you a question about a song that touched them deeply. It doesn’t matter how many panties get wet with your music but you won’t get anything unless you mingle after the show.

3. Surfing instructor. You’re the expert not only in surfing (getting nice views of her body as you push her into waves), but also in the nightlife. Try to make tentative plans to meet up at night or merely make a strong recommendation for the spot you’re going to. You’ll run into her and once liquored up she’ll be rather easy. Seen it a million times.

4. Tour guide. Again, your expert status conveys high value and as long as you show personality it won’t be hard to get an after-tour drink.

5. Foreign language instructor. The key here is to teach hot rich girls who you normally wouldn’t have access to. I’ve heard many stories of gringos teachers getting with very hot women that would be extremely laborious to pick up otherwise. To score you’ll have better odds teaching for a large company with group classes than occasional 1-on-1 private tutoring.

6. CouchSurfing host. There’s a Brazilian guy I met that has a CouchSurfing profile but only replies to requests by cute girls. He has accumulated quite a few flags this way because as you know girls traveling alone willing to stay with a random man is probably down for that random cock.

Others gimmicks worth mentioning: Studio photographer, pool lifeguard, and cable repairman.

Every now and then there is a weird gimmick that you wouldn’t think helps a guy out. For example the guy who works as a waiter in the family-owned pizzeria for the summer at the beach gets laid like a champ. The main idea here is finding something where girls have to interact with you in a setting that shows your value, then turning on that charm. You won’t have to do any cold approaches again until the goose dies.

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