How To Get Laid Without Approaching

Not every man has to approach to get laid, for there are lifestyle choices you can make which allow the women to come to you. While it’s rare to meet a man who has tight game but never approaches, taking on a lifestyle “gimmick” will make it easier for every guy. Here’s some things you can do which eliminate the need to approach:

1. Bartender, bouncer, or promoter. This is where women have to interact with you. With game and personality it’ll be very easy to take these normal interactions to the next level since your high value is already assumed. Even though bartending is manual labor and something that a monkey can do, girls are incredibly impressed by it. I left out DJ’ing on purpose because while women do approach you, it’s not as common you think. You’re unable to communicate with her and she gets bored and goes right back into the crowd to get grimey with another guy. Unless you’re a world-class DJ, you’ll get scraps.

2. Musician who performs in live shows. It doesn’t even matter if you’re in a good band or not. Simply perform and then have some drink afterwards with the commoners. Girls will compliment your show or ask you a question about a song that touched them deeply. It doesn’t matter how many panties get wet with your music but you won’t get anything unless you mingle after the show.

3. Surfing instructor. You’re the expert not only in surfing (getting nice views of her body as you push her into waves), but also in the nightlife. Try to make tentative plans to meet up at night or merely make a strong recommendation for the spot you’re going to. You’ll run into her and once liquored up she’ll be rather easy. Seen it a million times.

4. Tour guide. Again, your expert status conveys high value and as long as you show personality it won’t be hard to get an after-tour drink.

5. Foreign language instructor. The key here is to teach hot rich girls who you normally wouldn’t have access to. I’ve heard many stories of gringos teachers getting with very hot women that would be extremely laborious to pick up otherwise. To score you’ll have better odds teaching for a large company with group classes than occasional 1-on-1 private tutoring.

6. CouchSurfing host. There’s a Brazilian guy I met that has a CouchSurfing profile but only replies to requests by cute girls. He has accumulated quite a few flags this way because as you know girls traveling alone willing to stay with a random man is probably down for that random cock.

Others gimmicks worth mentioning: Studio photographer, pool lifeguard, and cable repairman.

Every now and then there is a weird gimmick that you wouldn’t think helps a guy out. For example the guy who works as a waiter in the family-owned pizzeria for the summer at the beach gets laid like a champ. The main idea here is finding something where girls have to interact with you in a setting that shows your value, then turning on that charm. You won’t have to do any cold approaches again until the goose dies.

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  • thedcam

    Great compilation, of course to add there is also always any king of college or professional athlete, drug dealer, or the guy wearing the wackiest pop-culture t-shirt of the moment at the beach bar. True story on that last one.

    thedcam’s last blog post: Banging Your Own GILF.

  • The G Manifesto

    I have been meaning to write on this subject for a while, but not from an employment perspective.

    You can also throw “Lifeguard” on this list.

    – MPM

    The G Manifesto’s last blog post: Obesity More Dangerous Than Smoking says US Study.

  • John

    You forgot Blogger.

  • Noahs ARK

    Through in boutique owner (womens clothing) which I owned for 3 years in Miami Giddy UUUPP!

    A friend of mine is partial owner of an enegry drink (similar to Monster) thats is an ass magnet, he picks up all the bikini chicks at the promos.

    Another that comes to mind is working at a strip club doing anything (parking attendant whatever)

  • Fishy

    Haha I love this post, and I hear what you’re saying about the DJs but being one myself I have definitely cleaned up many times from that alone.

  • URF

    If I wasn’t put off by all the chemicals, “hairstylist” is not a bad idea.

  • The G Manifesto

    “A friend of mine is partial owner of an enegry drink (similar to Monster) thats is an ass magnet, he picks up all the bikini chicks at the promos.”

    Reminds me of another one: Vodka.

    I knew a cat that was in on promoting one of those crap, glam new Vodkas (ie Vodka with Acai, or Vodka with Pommegrante or something stupid).

    He seemed to leverage it pretty well.

    – MPM

    The G Manifesto’s last blog post: Obesity More Dangerous Than Smoking says US Study.

  • Simon

    – Actor, Model
    Girls like actors and models. Even if you’re a failed actor or model. Just namedrop, make up stories, and let the pussy train commence.

    Simon’s last blog post: Brazil in 2 days.

  • Adrian

    Yoga Instructor.

  • Gio

    Fame always beats Game. Fuck working on my approaching… i need to get on television…that REAL GAME!!!

  • Roosh

    John: I don’t believe I forgot that

    Gio: True that… cold approaching is the hardest way to get laid. A deadly combination would be a guy with tight game who later becomes famous or achieves high status.

  • The G Manifesto


    “Fame always beats Game. Fuck working on my approaching… i need to get on television…that REAL GAME!!!”

    That is so funny, I was just talking about this with one of my friend 5 min ago.

    Reality Show stars are actually becoming legitimized.

    – MPM

    The G Manifesto’s last blog post: Obesity More Dangerous Than Smoking says US Study.

  • mulhollanddriven

    Dont ruin CouchSurfing. Couchsurfing is a great site and doesn’t need to have a bunch of losers trolling for ass on it. All it takes is one creepy loser that ruins it for everyone else. Host someone for the right reason and don’t be a lech about it. If the girl likes you, great…but don’t be “that guy.”

    I hosted a girl a while back that had a really awkward experience where she went to stay with a guy and he had a candle lit dinner waiting for her and gave her no options to sleep but in his bed. That’s fucking pathetic.

    Plus your profile will get bombarded with negatives and people on CouchSurfing talk to each other and watch out for each other. Also you get a lot of referrels to cool people to host and that helps. If all you have is references from girls and you are a guy, that looks strange.

    Host cool people (guys and girls) and do it for the right reasons. You will get laid anyway (cuz you are doing cool shit) and you will save face and grow your network of good people all over the world.

    There are a lot of guys on this site that use CouchSurfing to travel the world. Don’t screw that up for everyone else.

    There’s my rant for the year.

  • The Rookie

    might as well just approach

  • Travel Bug

    Hey Roosh,

    I know you’ve done some jobs that supposedly make cold approaches unnecessary: bartending, DJ’ing. Can you share any stories that exemplify how it’s different?

  • Roosh

    I had a brief stint DJing and while girls would come up to me, it was a challenge getting them to stay. It helped more while I wasn’t DJing when it would come up in conversation.

    I bartended at old-person hotel bar so I didn’t get as much poon as other bartenders would get. It really depends on where you work.

  • Anonymous

    Couchsurfing is one outlet which doesn’t get much coverage on this site. Yes, coercing guests is disgusting, so stay chill if you’re a host.

    That being said, CS parties are notorious for being hooking up events. Moat girls there are after foreign meat building up their flag count (literally). In two years on and off, I’ve racked up close to 10.


  • speakeasy

    I’ve seen guys that work the desk at hostels getting a lot of tail. You’d have girls flying into the country, don’t know where to go for nightlife, they go up the front desk and ask. Young desk guy says,”I’m getting off in an hour and meeting up with some friends at a bar, why don’t you come with us.” and there you go.

  • D

    Get a dog and take her for walks where the girls are. I just got one and it’s a total magnet.

    If you’re really evil, get one that’s handicapped in some way. Mine is missing a leg and man-oh-man does that inspire the caregiver in her. Plus she automatically thinks I’m a hero because I rescued her from the pound.

    (I didn’t get a handicapped dog on purpose — I just really liked this one — but now I’m thinking I’ll do it for all my future pets.)

  • Roosh

    D: fucking brilliant. Even if the dog doesn’t have an obvious handicap you can say he’s mentally retarded and you have to help him with basic tasks.

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  • mulhollanddriven

    Roosh and D,

    My real passion is my hobby.

  • E

    Haha. My worst suspicions about Couchsurfing have been confirmed…

  • hank

    couchsurfing is a terrible way to get laid. Ive been laid exactly 0 times and have been on for years. First, hosting is a time consuming pain in the ass if your surfers arent fun and cool and low maintenance-male or female.
    Second, single chicks stay with women hosts most of the time. most requests hosts get are from guys or couples. even when women stay with male hosts the sex is not frequent if at all. and if a host gets outed as trolling for pussy he’ll get kicked off the site. Finally, most chicks on CS are either weird, gay or not available. using it to meet women that you are NOT hosting is a much better plan, but still not better then meeting them anywhere else.

  • Igor

    “get a dog that’s handicapped in some way. Mine is missing a leg and man-oh-man does that inspire the caregiver in her.”
    That’s it, I am surgically removing one of my dog’s legs. Which one would be better to remove?

  • Red

    Some of the most underrated–martial arts or self-defense instructor (women’s self defense works great), any volunteering in an animal shelter, etc.) Martial arts doesn’t work if it’s a no-name thing, but if you’re a black belt and/or in competitions, it works wonders. Besides, then they think you’re great in bed. 😀

  • Laver

    I am considering my career choices and a tattoo artist came up – you get to know loads of people, you got fame, the control is in you hand.. my only concern is whether it’s going to attract one kinda extreme girls – probably not solely – but then if you want proper nice girls you can always go out.

  • YB13

    As for the couchsurfing method, there are other ways of playing that card:

    1) Couchsurfing meetups scenario 1 – Yep you will likely find some cool/good looking gals in the European locations. Go to those meetings!

    2) Couchsurfing scenario 2 – ok there are maybe some good looking or not so good looking chicks you’re not interested in within the group. But if the location of the meetup is good, use the couchsurfing meeting as an excuse and foundation to talk to other chicks at a venue perhaps using a cool wingman to help out.

    3) Couchsurfing scenario 3 – ok maybe the meetup is at a house, flat, apartment, etc with not really good material to work with. Maybe there is a girl you like, but who doesn’t want to go out. You’re likely to find at least 1-2 guys that are ready for round 2 and show you the best bars, etc filled with amazing women for the rest of the night.

    Have benefited from all the aforementioned situations for a good time :)

  • EamDominus

    1) Salsa dance instructor.

  • Pepe

    Promoter? If you’re a promoter you have to approach the girls, in fact, that’s 90% of your work, being the other 10% to atually convince them to enter your club.

    The advantage of being a promoter is once your job is finished and you enter in the venue yourself, then you are approached by some of the girls you met before. (maybe one or two, sometimes three or four, the more good looking and the more interesting your early interactions with the girls, the bigger the number and the better the mood)

    Promoter is useful, sometimes very useful, to improve your social skills and being more confident approaching. You actually get girls by improving on that regard first and then having a good, smooth (this is huge) good game and/or sexy smooth (again, you cannot risk not being so) vibe.

    You have to be smooth because otherwise, if the girls get angry at you or enter a mean state, that can hamper your chances with them and their friends in the future, both for the job (be able to convince them again to enter your venue) and pick up goals.

    I don’t recommend promoter for people who feel very needy, swimming in scarcity, and trust it’ll be *the* source to get laid quickly.

    It can give you many club girls eventually, sure, but only if you’re patient, cool, laid back and smooth. Furthermore, you cannot move fast (invite anyone home) if you’re forced to stay in the venue for x hours and cannot get out yet, so act accordingly. Let the girls some iniciative and make plans for meeting afterwards (afterparty, for example), or other day.

    Anyway, remember, you’re the authority figure and reputation is of great importance for you.

    Oh, and this is also HUGE: when you’re starting in the job be sure to always be able to bring at least one friend along with you. Ideally another promoter. Otherwise it can be a painful experience which will probably lead you to give up soon.

  • Thuggin Beef

    Damn, I only get fat girls to approach me when I take my shirt off at clubs
    :whip:I have to shoo them away like flys

  • Blacklight

    In my time in Japan, I did very well sleeping with students. It was against the rules, but everyone knows it’s going in to some degree.

    Because it’s all so secretive, it plays to your advantage (and goes against your better judgement) If you manage the process well enough, pretty soon you have more tight-bodied girls on your futon than nights in the week.

    What’s fun about this is the context. You are foreign and have mystery (perhaps the same amount as they have to you), which makes it easy to be VERY experimental in bed.

    I had a great time and am still friends with a lot of the women.

  • NGP

    I see many comments and approach methods that pertain to me. But, I still am not able to pick-up and get any pussy.

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  • MystiKasT

    Ahh, I was the king of college and my college’s biggest dealer. Those were the best days of my life. Cost me big time though, got expelled from college and went to prison.

    But the pussy and money for 3 years … it was unbelievable…

  • Pierogi Power

    My biggest mistake in my youth, not becoming a bartender somewhere. Dear Lord, missed opportunity. :(

  • Pierogi Power

    He didn’t say be on the site, he said be at the meetings or even better set them up!