Getting Laid While Unemployed And Living In Your Dad’s Basement

Here’s an email I received recently…

So, I’ve been unemployed for quite some time, and as a result my confidence and self-esteem has dropped to an all-time low. I stopped hitting on girls, because I feared a lack of employment would sink every and all interaction. I had it in my head that a girl would never get with a guy who was a jobless bum.

But after reading this post and reading through Bang as a refresher, I was finally able to recoup some of my lost courage and started talking to girls again. But with a few of the girls I’ve been approaching and talking to, I’ve been hit with the dreaded, “So, what do you do?” question. I do the indirect thing and it has worked, but the girls usually know I’m just having fun, and some of them will persist with the question in a smiling, nagging way. Now, if I was shooting for the one night stand, I’d probably never reveal what my job status is, but my game is nowhere near that tight yet, so I usually have to do the 1-3 dates thing.

I have a date set up this Tuesday with one of those girls who persisted in knowing what I do. I’m pretty sure the question will be brought up again sometime during our time together, so I’m trying to figure what I should say. Should I continue to never reveal my unemployment until she just gives up and moves on? Or should i just come out and tell her, “I’m unemployed,” in a stern, direct manner?

When you’re gaming at night, it doesn’t matter if you’re the president of a Fortune 500 company or a model photographer, but you should always be playfully indirect when asked about your job, at about the point where she thinks you’re trying to hide something. The reason is because being evasive and shady builds attraction, while answering honestly and directly decreases attraction. Only after you’ve pulled her chain for a while can you reveal the truth in a way that doesn’t try to impress her.

For example, if you’re a computer programmer, don’t say you’re a “Senior project manager for a defense contractor” unless you want to instantly dry up the pussy. Your first answer should be a made-up profession, like organic farmer or seal hunter, then only afterwards when she insists on knowing the truth can you say something self-depreciative like computer drone, cubicle slave, or office monkey, things you can use for just about every profession. Understand that girls get hit with dozens of fancy job titles every week, and the only way to stand out and show you don’t give a fuck about her is to make yourself appear like a loser. It’s ironic but perfectly contrary, and easy to implement into your game starting right now.

(It’s a little different during day pickups, where you don’t want to discourage a sober girl by being overly aloof. If your conversation is serious and barely playful, give a serious answer.)

If you’re unemployed, think for a second about what other unemployed guys say to girls. I’ll go ahead and tell you—they say “I’m between jobs” or “I’m consulting” or they lie outright and say they’re employed. Wrong, wrong, and wrong. Instead you will look her in the eyes and say “I don’t have a job right now.” Then silence. Don’t qualify it and don’t apologize for it. Let it sink in for a few seconds and then change the subject by asking her, “So what do you do?”

The other irony of game is that the unemployed guy will bang the girl faster than the employed guy. When you don’t hit any of her provider buttons, there is no point for her in waiting to bang you since it’s not like you’re going to take her out to dinner (or anywhere else for that matter). As long as she is attracted to you, your chance of a one-night stand is high. Plus your blunt and self-deprecation made her horny, since no other guy has gone out of his way to not impress her, forcing her to subconsciously conclude that you are indeed a high-value male. But if you go on and on about your important job, raising the prospect that she may get some freebies out of you, she will not give you the one-night stand and you’ll be the chump working for the pussy when I fucked it without any effort.

Bottom line is I stay with my dad while in the States because it doesn’t affect my sex life. If anything, I see a positive effect. When a girl finds out I’m a bum that gives her absolute zero hope of a future or anything for free, she opens her legs in four hours or less. Why should she wait? She’s attracted to me and knows she’s not going to get any additional benefits as time goes on. I become an impulse “purchase” like a candy bar in the grocery checkout line.

The only problem with living at my dad’s is the logistical hurdle of being in the suburbs, which is located 30 minutes driving from the nightlife zone. If I lived next door to my dad’s in my own townhouse, I would not get laid any more than I have during my previous stays there. While living a bit far out from the action has cost me notches, living with my dad never has.

It still boggles my mind how girls simply don’t care what a man’s situation is as long as she’s attracted to him. A lot of haters want to say something like, “Oh well, you only bang the trashy or low-quality girls.” My friends VK and Rookie are witness to some of the gems that got fucked on the floor mattress of my basement room, which you can personally tour in this video. They range in age from 21-32, of differing races, socioeconomic backgrounds, and even nationality. The epitome of dad’s basement game was when a wealthy girl drove me home in her BMW X5 and then loved the floor mattress so much that she wouldn’t stop bugging me afterwards with a barrage of text messages. In that case I was the one who had to cut things off. To build off of Roissy’s saying, 5 minutes of basement-dwelling alpha is worth more than 5 years of beta.

The only time living with your dad may matter is if the girl wants to get married in the next two years, but if that’s the case I guarantee you she is well past her prime and worn hard from a lot of previous alpha fucking. In other words, I wouldn’t even drag those girls back to my dad’s house in the first place. All that really matters with your home is its proximity to the pickup venues. I will be the first to admit that having a place within walking distance of my favorite bar would increase my notch count, but as long as you have an enclosed private space, you’re solidly in the game. As my many car bangs can tell you, even a mattress is superflouous.

Therefore I’m not surprised by a recent article in Slate magazine called Sex Is Cheap: Why young men have the upper hand in bed, even when they’re failing in life. An important quote…

And yet while young men’s failures in life are not penalizing them in the bedroom, their sexual success may, ironically, be hindering their drive to achieve in life. Don’t forget your Freud: Civilization is built on blocked, redirected, and channeled sexual impulse, because men will work for sex. Today’s young men, however, seldom have to. As the authors of last year’s book Sex at Dawn: The Prehistoric Origins of Modern Sexuality put it, “Societies in which women have lots of autonomy and authority tend to be decidedly male-friendly, relaxed, tolerant, and plenty sexy.” They’re right. But then try getting men to do anything.

Does it make sense to you why I don’t pony up $1,200 a month for my own studio while in DC? Because I don’t need to. Incredibly, I’m not punished for being a 30-something male “loser” with no stable job, no future prospects, and no proper bed frame. But I have game, and today that’s all you need to get more sex than you can handle. Thank you feminism, for helping create a society where I get more pussy than most of my peers, even though 50 years ago the only sex I’d get is from prostitutes. No other period in human history has been more sexually tilted towards men than the time we live in now. As long as feminists remain deluded in thinking they have the sexual power, this magnificent orgy of casual sex will continue unabated.

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