Girl Notches

I never ask girls how many guys they’ve been with. I rather not know so my virgin princess image of her is not disturbed, but unfortunately it’s not that hard to put together an estimate based on what I already know about her. For example:

Did she have a long-term relationship longer than 2 years? –10 notches
Is she an engineer or computer programmer? –5 notches
Does she own a Coach bag? +5 notches
Does she have a tattoo? +5 notches for each one
Does she know what she’s doing in bed? +6 notches
Is she a teacher or feminist? +7 notches
Does she drink more than three nights a week? +8 notches
Was she in a sorority? +8 notches
Does she flirt well and know how to play the game? +15 notches
Has she been in a threesome? +20 notches
Did she take one year off to travel through Europe? +25 notches
Has she ever been a stripper, or at least considered it? +50 notches
Did you have sex with her within one hour of meeting her? +100 notches

The Daily Mail has an article about female notch count, including a picture of five British girls and their respective counts. Check out the cutest girl on the right, who I think most men would give at least a 7. Her appearance is not atypical of the girls me and my friends have dated. Of course she has to have the most notches, at 180.

If a girl I’ve been with told me I was number 181, I’d take a deep breath and consider the facts. If having sex with her wasn’t like throwing a hot dog through a garage door and she doesn’t have any STD’s, caring is just an emotional response. It is at this moment that my mental strength and logical thinking would be tested against cultural programming. Even though four football teams of men have had their way with her and I comprise a pathetic 0.55% of all the men she has been with, I would continue the relationship if she was fulfilling my needs. But since she is probably bored of vanilla sex with all that experience, one different thing I’d do is introduce some Rocco-inspired bedroom technique to fulfill my darkest, nastiest desires.

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  • CR

    I cannot imagine sleeping with 180 men! And the girl claims she’s had 4 serious relationships and that she never had a one night stand… Sure… 180 men and not a one night stand?

  • Roissy

    lol. i bet flake odds and notch count for women are positively correlated.

    but seriously, men don’t mind hookups with high notch count women; what we mind is investing in them. HNC women are more likely to commit marital infidelity. i also bet HNC is positively correlated with mismatched paternity.

  • DF

    Massive warning signs that explain Coralie’s notch count:

    1) Absent father who left her mother before she was born

    2) She’s got a Catholic school upbringing

    3) She’s a model (by British standards) and has hung around the jet set for many years.

    4) A veteran of the London party scene by the age of 20, she’s only 24.

  • boc

    Yeah, well what I think is also very interesting is that other chick has 90 notches, and she isn’t even really attractive. 90.

    Heck, even that blond hag has 21. The male equivalent to her would have trouble getting 4 notches in his life.

  • boc

    Oh yeah, and they’re young. Early 20’s for the most part.

  • TracyLord

    It’s much easier for women to obtain notches since men are more hard up. I think a notch for a woman, as testament to her game, should not be how many men she’s slept with but how many men have said “I love you” or wanted to pursue a relationship. That’s why the pickup lines for women post was right on. Women don’t have to try that hard to have sex.

  • mm

    people when do anything when intoxicated

    Call me a prude, but 180 notches at 24 grosses me out. Anything over 30 is a dealbreaker for me.

  • eugenius

    Funny post……”hot dog through a garage door”……made me scare my boss when I laughed out loud.

  • Sweat P.

    The problem is, with that many partners, the likelihood of being near the top of her list in any category is pretty low. Let’s face it, 1 out of 180 is just a face in the crowd.

    Although on the other hand, as Roosh notes, she’ll probably be down with some freak-ay stuff that a lot of girls wouldn’t roll with.

  • ribald

    dude, the best looking girl is on the left, and she’s a weirdo — er, i mean virgin! seriously, what kind of doofus gets engaged to a bird for 3 years without banging her? hope he’s saved enough for hookers after the honeymoon.

  • turbocargado

    I feel bad for the property developer boyfriend of the last girl. Now everyone that has seen her with him knows she’s been with 180 guys. I know if I was a friend/coworker I’d have a few jokes ready next time I saw him.

  • Joe T.

    I can’t figure the Brits out, especially the men. While I’m impressed everytime I go to London at the huge numbers of attractive young women (in the “cute” or “doable” range — England has an amazing proportion of 6s and 7s), what really amazes me is how many of the guys have incredibly low standards.

    I visited a married friend in Norwich, East Anglia, who had a perfectly acceptable wife (not gorgeous, but not hard on the eyes either). On the side, he was sleeping with an absolute hag, almost a clone of Camilla Parker-Bowles, but shorter and with hairier legs.

  • adrian

    Re 180 ho.

    This is astonishing if true, but my bullshit detector is beeping. For example, notice this manifestly ridiculous statement: “Two months later, I managed to persuade my boyfriend to sleep with me at last!” A hotish girl A. has to CONVINCE her bf to have sex with her, and B. It takes two months? Hmmmmm, I smell a rat.

    Anyway if true I wouldn’t go near this slut for a long term relationship, the cuckoldry threat is far to great. Girls without fathers tend to mature sexually quicker than others, it may be an genetic strategy (fatherless girls may not have survived in the past, so it was best to start pumping out babies as soon as possible) On the other hand she may just be a genetic slut, they do exist, maybe her mom has identical gene expression, could be why daddy left.

  • Joe T.

    I second adrian. Also, what kind of idiot would advertise that she’s slept with 180 men in a national newspaper, complete with her real name and picture on display? It doesn’t matter how hot she is, this skank’s love life will now come to an ignominious, screeching halt.

  • Generate

    These chicks are extreme examples, however remember that woman always lie about their notch count. The fact is, most chicks are whores.

  • BG

    This is not exactly related but…

    i were a chick, looks would be the very last thing i’d look for in a guy. In fact i would look for the tallest beta nerd i could find. This would ensure 1) he would worship me and 2) he wouldnt have any options to cheat even if he wanted to. Bonus points if he’s slept with 3 or less girls so that he wouldnt even know what to do if the opportunity presented itself.

    If you were a chick, why would you want some alpha stud? First of all, he’s still a dude so he’s still hairy and disgusting. Second, he’s more apt to know and have confidence that if the relationship doesnt work he could just get a new better girl. Third, if he’s banged a lot of girls, he’ll not only know that other girls have other fresh techniques to offer, he’ll also know that if he wanted some variety he could make it happen in just a few short weeks, and probably with a better looking chick.

    I know a hot girl who dates this 6’4 loser who might be a virgin. At first i thought she was an idiot. Now i see that she’s got it all figured out.

  • Bee

    Don’t like that article, it sounds like it’s trying to prove that a lot of sex for a woman is very damaging for any woman who undertakes it and that surely marriage and a committed relationship is what all women want.

    I get tired of the marriage + kids happily ever after. It’s just not. A lot of the time: The kids grow up to be lunatics and/or your husband effs off either to his own world in his head or to another woman. It is natural for a woman to yearn for kids or whatnot, but if she finds a way to not do it then three cheers for her! She’s missing out on a lot of headache.

    I don’t know if a high notch count actually means good sex is to be had? But also a “safe” marriage is not a way guarantee this either. So how does one arrange to get the best sex of their life? A crazy passion/love affair?

    Or settling for a man who’s not attractive on the surface (not many are, anyway, and they’re annoying bastards when they are) but is completely adventerous to make up for it?

    I just don’t understand how a woman can consistently find good sex in one night stands. From all the literature I’ve read, it doesn’t seem to be possible.

  • tampa

    At the end of the day

    “All we need is love” kid..

    its companionship — and a feeling of being wanted that a human craves.

    the slong — and tits — is just all side music.

  • Jewcano

    I’m with ribald, the girl on the left is hottest, although Brit beauty standards are so fucked there’s no telling. Note also that her fiancee’s frikkin name is ‘Wakim’. You better believe it.

    The others? Fat Cat Lady. Nasty Hag Who Is 24 On Internet. Fat Slob With Self-Esteem Problems.

    And then the last girl. Look, I have nothing wrong with her. But I do want to point out the math. She say’s she’s been with one guy for the last year, but let’s stretch it (no pun intended) to get best-case numbers. From 13 to 24, 11 years. 180 cocks (calling them ‘lovers’ is pushing it.) That comes out to over 16 a year. Roughly one new one every three weeks. Assuming no gangbangs and no one night stands and even allowing for pill-assisted reduction of monthyl downtime, she’s not had much in the way of dry spells (literal or figurative.) If you want to bring home that kind of mantrain to Mamma, go right ahead.

    On the other hand, you have this: New Victorians.

  • Gunslingergregi

    Roger that Tampa. It is the Love and affection that is the best thing in life. Not sure on the monogamy part man it’s tough after 9 months, when woman start chasing you. I think they can smell the lack of sex and the commitment I have to another woman on me. They want to be the first to break me I guess. Also it might be the money. Who knows. I talked to my wife about it I’m like I’m breaking down. She was suppotive. I feel like being totally honest with her has helped me have more power to resist. Woman with a lot of notches can be good woman. Who was there at the cross with Jesus when he was dieing the prostitute he saved from getting stoned.

  • boc

    TracyLord – I’m aware that it is much easier for women to get notches, all they need to do is have a pulse and be able to walk out the door. I just think it is extremely disproportionate that an even uglies like blondie have no problem getting a lot of notches quickly.

    Generate – too true

  • Ms. Tart

    Glad to see that feminists merit a positive notch estimate. The stereotype that we’re frigid is SO so wrong, if my girl posse is any indication.

    Also, the lady with 180 might have a pretty loose definition of what kind of hookup constitutes a notch.

  • Joe T.

    Ms. Tart, I don’t think the stereotype is that feminists are frigid. I think it’s that feminists prefer to collect their notches on their own side of the proverbial fence, if you know what I mean!! 😉

  • Nikita

    Anybody (male or female) who has slept with over 100 people in his/her lifetime has serious issues regarding sex and emotional intimacy. I love sex as much as the next guy, but there is just no excuse for that kind of number. If you’re boasting anything over 50 (and I’m being generous), I’d start to wonder what the hell is wrong with you. Sex is only one of many things in life that makes your body feel good, and as with all hedonistic pleasures, there’s definitely a line between indulgence and abuse. If you’ve fucked into the high double digits before you even turn 30, I’d seriously recommend a psychotherapist.

  • Roissy

    nikita – do you think this line is closer or farther away for men?

  • Nikita

    Roissy – Well, whether it’s due to social conditioning or biological predispositon, it seems true that men tend to be more sexually motivated than women. Generally, men seem more likely than women to experience sex without emotional attachment, and by extension, I would bet that the average man has more casual sexual encounters in his lifetime than the average woman. Regardless of this fact, I think there is really no excuse for any healthy human being ever having 100+ sexual partners.

    I might give guys a wee bit more leeway than girls before jumping to conclusions about their promiscuity (NB to my feminist friends: I know that’s unfair and illogical to women, but you have to admit that cultural norms are self-fulfilling); however, if I learned that a member of either sex had fucked into the high double digits by his/her early 30s, I would not stick around for explanations. On the other hand, I would recommend several lab tests and a good therapist.

  • Roissy

    “I think there is really no excuse for any healthy human being ever having 100+ sexual partners.”

    as evidenced by DNA testing, genghis khan left his legacy in more than 10 million modern progeny. wilt chamberlain had over 20,000 lovers. i doubt either of them saw a therapist, and i doubt the women who chose to sleep with them first asked if they had had therapy, or lab tests, for their world-record beating dalliances.

    healthy is relative. while in the modern context defying societal conventions to marry and invest in the children of one wife will raise the ire of the commissars of acceptable behavior, leading to charges of ostracization through psychological remote diagnosis and calls for therapy, in other environments it was the birthright of the blessed, raising nary an eyebrow.

  • Nikita

    Roissy: I hardly find your examples of a 13th century Mongol ruler and a popular basketball prodigy to be sufficient evidence that sexual promiscuity is healthy for the masses.

    In the case of Ghengis Khan, there’s a natural liberalization of sexual mores during the genesis of any new civilization. As the father of an empire, Khan had to both ensure his own political legacy and encourage his followers to multiply for the longevity of the Mongol dynasty. Maybe the guy happened to like sex (come on, who doesn’t?), but he was no Don Juan– Khan’s motivation for spreading his seed was overwhelmingly strategic.

    In Wilt Chamberlain, you have an extremely talented loner who ultimately admitted that promiscuity was both a perk and a curse of his celebrity. In an interview shortly before his death, Chamberlain warned other men who might admire him for his sexual escapades: “Having a thousand different ladies is pretty cool, but I have learned in my life that having one woman a thousand different times is much more satisfying.” And anyway, who really wants to die alone?

    I’ll grant you that the concept of “healthy” is somewhat relative. But neither of these two cases nor any personal acquaintance I can think of convinces me that it’s sensible to endorse a policy of attempting to satisfy one’s sexual lust whenever one experiences it. As far as I’m concerned, chronic promiscuity isn’t condemnable so much as unfortunate, because it illustrates a fundamental inability/unwillingness to admit that sex is more than a superficial biological act. It’s consistently stripping man of the very reason and emotional capability that distinguishes him from other mammals, and in so doing, depriving him of an important aspect of his humanity. (That’s not to say that man shouldn’t enjoy a good primal fuck once in awhile– but how will he know the difference if he never allows himself to experience anything less superficial?)

    In sum, I think serial sexing is like deliberately never reading past the first page of any book. Historical exceptions aside, I tend to trust people who are a little more erudite than the kind you’re defending.

  • Roissy

    nikita la femmed:
    “to be sufficient evidence that sexual promiscuity is healthy for the masses.”

    on this, the social conservatives may have a point. what is good for my personal sexual fulfillment is not necessarily good for the functioning of modern society.

    “there’s a natural liberalization of sexual mores during the genesis of any new civilization.”

    yes, it’s called culling the men of the enemy tribe and impregnating their women.

    “Khan’s motivation for spreading his seed was overwhelmingly strategic.”

    his gene’s motivation to spread its legacy was strategic. khan’s motivation extended no further than his hard-on.

    “In an interview shortly before his death,”

    it’s funny how repentant guys become while on their deathbeds.

    “And anyway, who really wants to die alone?”

    more importantly, who really wants to live alone?

    “chronic promiscuity isn’t condemnable so much as unfortunate”

    unfortunate for whom?

    “because it illustrates a fundamental inability/unwillingness to admit that sex is more than a superficial biological act.”

    everything we do and think is a biological act. placing value judgements on those acts only reflects the different standards that women have from men.

    “It’s consistently stripping man of the very reason and emotional capability that distinguishes him from other mammals”

    we are animals.
    what distinguishes us is the degree to which we humans dress up our motivations.

    “depriving him of an important aspect of his humanity”

    what is this aspect?
    who defines it?

    “I think serial sexing is like deliberately never reading past the first page of any book”

    sometimes it’s fun to read the last page first.

    “who are a little more erudite than the kind you’re defending”

    odds are ghengis khan was one smart motherfucker.

  • Persona

    Nikita and Roissy should fuck together, maybe another Ghengis Khan will born from that union…

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  • Stella

    Yuck. When did it become ok to be a whore? Its like, “hey lover, you’re lucky number 181.” That would not make me feel so special.

  • Send Flowers to Pakistan

    I think there is really no excuse for any healthy human being ever having 100+ partners. It is such wonderful peace of article.

  • onlydateforeigners

    We all know you can never believe the number a woman gives you. Times it by two or three to be sure.

    180 partners for a 24 year old even disgusts me. Takes allot to do that.

  • Anonymous

    I’m 27 and only had 2 partners O.o Now I feel like a nun, it’s wayy below average!

  • Ashley

    My notch is 5, and I don’t plan on having sex until I know i’ll marry my next partner. I feel as though my number is too high. I had a friend once who when she was 27, had 80+ partners… She’s 30 now, and I wonder what her notch is today…

    [Roosh: 5 is too high. I wouldn’t advise a man to marry you.]

  • Kat

    According to your notch assumption list, you’d assume a 43 count. It’s actually 5. (Two men, three women)