When A Girl Says She’s On Her Period (And Other Excuses)

There are cases where you’re seeing a girl, contently banging away, then she throws you a curveball and says, “We can’t have sex tonight because…”

1. “…I’m on my period.”

I’ve had sex with quite a few girls while they were on their period, so I know they are more than willing to screw while leaking blood. On the other hand, some girls (heavy bleeders) are truly uncomfortable because it makes a gigantic mess. The key to dealing with this excuse is noting when she tells you.

If a girl truly likes you, she’ll want to spend time with you and hide the fact she’s on her period until the last possible moment, when you’ll be “trapped” and can’t really do anything about it but snuggle. She’ll tell you in bed before the clothes are about to come off and then add a big “Sorry!” This is a great opportunity to be a man. Tell her, “It’s okay baby,” point to your dick and then say, “Well it’s not going to suck itself.”

If a girl tells you she’s on her period at the date planning stage (via phone), she’s lying. This is a big warning sign that she’s not really in the mood to see you and is hoping that you’ll cancel. But of course this is a trap, because even if you do what she wants and change plans, she’ll attempt to give you shit for it.

If she tells you during the date but before you get to a bedroom, it could be a coin toss either way, though most of the time I believe she’s being truthful and “warning” you out of consideration not to get too aroused and potentially blue balled. If you have several drinks at the bar, romantically hold hands, and then she tells you towards the end of the night, she’s merely being thoughtful.

If a girl tells you she’s on her period but adds, “But we can do other things,” then she loves you.

2. “…I’m tired.”

If she tells you this at any point it usually means you’re not going to have sex. Realize that if a girl is really into you she’ll pretend she’s not tired so you don’t think she’s boring. It doesn’t matter if it’s true or not, but she should make an attempt to hide this.

For example, say you’re out with a hot girl but you have diarrhea. Do you tell her, “I have the runs today”? Of course not—you’d probably hide that fact until your extreme discomfort prompts her to ask what’s wrong with you. Then you’d play it down while disappearing to the bathroom for 10 minutes because “there was a long line.”

3. “…I’m not in the mood.”

You’ve lost her, or almost have. Withdraw for a bit and tighten up your game.

When in a casual relationship, here is the rule you want to follow: You must always lead the girl to believe that the main thing you want from her is sex, and that by not providing it on-demand you may walk. This keeps her in a state of apprenhension where she wonders if you actually like her or not, and encourages her to try extra hard to be an all-around good catch because she’s scared you’ll leave her if you get better sex. By treating her like a commodity (which she is), you encourage her to provide more value.

Therefore if a girl tells you on the phone that she is on her period, tired, or not in the mood, cancel on her. Say, “It’s no problem because actually I was feeling tired today anyway, maybe some other time.” Notice how we don’t call her out. Instead we provide an excuse that waters the seed of you only wanting her for sex. Add more water by waiting four days before calling her again, after her imaginary period or fatigue spell is most likely complete.

It can be a tough judgment call if she gives you an excuse during the date. Unless she says, “We can do other things,” you’re taking a big chance with your game by sticking around and giving her your time with no future possibility of sex. Personally I would give an excuse to make it an early night, without showing any anger or annoyance. Again, water the seed of doubt.

If she says, “Oh, we can’t have sex tonight,” while walking to your house or hers at the end of the date, and is very insistent on you agreeing that you won’t try to make a move, say, “What… do you want me to sign a contract?” She’ll throw out all sorts of drama and then you can say, “Look, you’re acting weird. Maybe it’s better I leave.” Ditch then wait for her to contact you again.

If she gives you an excuse at the last moment in bed, but does not give you head or let you do her in the butt, get up after relaxing for 15 minutes and tell her you can’t sleep since you took an early nap and rather get some work done. Another option is to say you have to return some videos. If she does go the extra mile to make you orgasm with her other cavities then I see no reason why you can’t give her some snuggly time.

The reason you should take a hard line towards sex excuses is because when you reward a girl for not having sex with you (by spending time with her), she loses respect for you. She begins to see you as another chump. Her game instincts turn on and she’ll wonder how much she can get you to commit to her while providing less and less. Nip this in the bud early, and make her believe that the only thing you want from her is sex (through indirect means that she can’t directly call you out on). She’ll stick around for quite a while to prove to you that she’s worth so much more than that.

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  • http://sectorlv.wordpress.com Culdcept

    Another awesome and very true post. Great tips on how to handle each situation too.

    I’ve found that girls are the most horny during their period, so it’s a pretty lame excuse. If they do have an excess of blood or pain, it will be obvious to you. I’ve found that girls who really like you will do other things during the period.

    Culdcept’s last blog post: Not so long distance relationships.

  • Ian

    I don’t usually like you’re game posts (as opposed to your lifestyle posts), but I think this one is really good. Nothing to disagree with here!

  • http://wonkawilly.wordpress.com Willy Wonka

    Good post.

    The key is not appear frustrated though, even if you are. Just be casual about how you handle it.

    Willy Wonka’s last blog post: Worst Night Ever (Or Hilarious Story?!?).

  • Carlos

    Several girls have told me that they were on their period the very first time I was about to bang them… When I told them I didn’t mind that, I ended up banging them anyway… (and yes, they had it). If the girl is into you, nothing can stop the sex.

  • Chris

    Roosh Quote:

    Therefore if a girl tells you on the phone that she is on her period, tired, or not in the mood, cancel on her. Say, “It’s no problem because actually I was feeling tired today anyway, maybe some other time.” Notice how we don’t call her out. Instead we provide an excuse that waters the seed of you only wanting her for sex. Add more water by waiting four days before calling her again, after her imaginary period or fatigue spell is most likely complete.

    end quote

    This is exactly how I handle these situations. At any point of resistance that you feel is legitimate, its important to pull YOUR offer of sex back right away, and act like its no problem whatsoever while keeping an upbeat tone. I will say something like “we don’t have to have sex” in a very upbeat way, and act like I’m ready to do something else, which I am. If she’s bullshitting at all, then she will then encourage the sex. If she legitimately wasn’t going to give you any, then your game was weak / premature to begin with. Or she really has a problem that prevents her from having sex, and you acting cool / non-needy about it will score you big points in how she perceives you.

    Actually, bullshit resistance or any “hoop jumping” that she makes me go through does actually dampen my mood, because I don’t want to or need to work for it (beyond reason), and so my withdrawal is genuine. She can sense this, which makes the withdrawal more effective. My girl kills my mood much more than I kill hers. Actually, I don’t remember ever killing her mood. I withdrawal the offer of sex semi-frequently, when legitimately needed, which helps to form her behavior to my needs and not the other way around.

    When a guy withdraws the offer of sex, it sends the message that you don’t need her sex, as most high value guys wouldn’t. Her resisting is never a problem or emotional blow for you.

    However, know when she’s being bratty to test your resolve (usually younger girls – older girls are frequently too horny for this), and when then to break the rules and semi-dominate her when you want sex(with her complete consent of course – non-rapists only).

  • http://thedatingcroniclesoftylerd.blogspot.com/ Tyler

    Excuse me…I have to go return some video tapes. – Great reference

    If they give me an excuse over the phone, I am fine with that. I don’t get mad since I will probably hang up and call someone else.

    I do get outwardly frustrated when they don’t tell me until the last minute. I make it perfectly clear to women that I am there for sex and if they call me up to snuggle…I will be irritated. They only make that mistake once…

    Tyler’s last blog post: Go-To Opener.

  • http://www.thegmanifesto.com The G Manifesto

    I always just say:

    “If you’re not coming I have to call someone else. Do you have Emily Hamilton’s number?”

    – MPM

    The G Manifesto’s last blog post: How to Win at The Kentucky Derby.

  • Justin

    You should never have any of these problems in the first place you gotta step it up into a higher level. If she gives you these excuses it means she doesnt want to fake it tonight! You should have her always willing to fuck you cuz you got good dick! I never met a women who wasnt in the mood for great sex! Seriously all the women I fuck with luv to come and slut for me! If you got a pencil dick then atleast keep a dildo or vibrator or something to make sure you get the job done!

  • http://therookiedc.wordpress.com/ The Rookie

    Good shit. Plan on employing it very very soon.

    The Rookie’s last blog post: I Quit the Gym….

  • just another one

    It must be very, very frustrating for Roosh to meet girls if she sees the whole game as a huge power struggle.

    “The reason you should take a hard line towards sex excuses is because when you reward a girl for not having sex with you (by spending time with her), she loses respect for you. ”

    Haha. From my experience, this is just very untrue.

    Well, I guess I actually have pretty much the same kind of attitude towards girls that i only want to fuck than Roosh does, i just haven’t been really thinking about it, because usually these girls stay in line without any kind of super analytical game and know the deal: they are there for the sex as well. And no, they dont stop providing sex if i happen to give them my precious time even if they’re on period or something..

    Luckily, there are also girls who are fun to be around with not just for sex. And luckily with these girls you don’t have to apply these power struggle strategies. With cool people, the game comes pretty automatically and you dont have to act like a social robot.

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  • schwanson

    “…they are more than willing to screw while leaking blood.”

    YEAH BUT TEH SMELL!! THE GHASTLY SMELL THAT STABS YOU IN THE NOSTRILS right when your guard is down and you’re down to your socks, anticipating some sweet giggity!

    I just prefer knowing earlier.

  • http://vincentignatius.wordpress.com Vincent Ignatius

    The key to dealing with this excuse is noting when she tells you.

    My friends think it’s weird that I keep track of this, but I always knew it was the smart thing to do.

    The last girl I banged in the US told me she was on her period when we got back in my room the first night. Of course, we did other things. Two weeks later, she was ovulating and I went caveman and got the notch.

    Vincent Ignatius’s last blog post: Leaving on a jet plane.

  • VoceEumaBoila

    For someone who thinks so much about what to tell girls, it is surprising that you know so little.

    Actually, it isn’t.

    I have managed to read through several of your poorly written posts, and you come across as neurotic and insecure.

    There is something called instinct and self confidence.

    What kind of tool has to analyze and plot every single action he takes?

    I sincerely hope you are just cynically trying to sell your books.

    If you believe what you write…well, that’s just sad.

  • Anonymous

    Super solid game post.

    Spot on with planting the seeds of doubt in her mind.

  • Anonymous

    Sometimes girls have embarrassing reasons too for why they don’t want to have sex, like gas or diarrhea. They aren’t always messing with you when they say they are tired.

  • Paul

    NFP man. (nice fucking post)

    Shit like this is exactly what separates the pro from the beta AFC’s

  • L’Étranger

    I know I need to take a break from work when I read “Non-Farm Payroll” everywhere.

  • http://social-masters.com/blog David Black

    Funniest excuse I ever heard: “I can’t kiss you, I’ve got ulcers.” I was like, “I don’t give a shit, INFECT me bitch.”

    David Black’s last blog post: What To Do If You Don’t Know What To Say!.

  • Il Capo

    The annoying part about girls with periods is that they insist on you being softer/not so rough/delicate. My default style is jackhammering in as many positions as possible, so I dislike the soft love-making requests. I don’t mind being soft for a little while, but not throughout the whole act.

  • Stone

    For me it has never been that important to bang a girl for the umteenth time. So if she would start being tired, getting her period too often, or otherwise being a pain in the ass, I would just ‘next’ her rather than bothering and overanalyzing.
    Of course, if it’s a girl you haven’t banged yet, and she says she has her period or is tired or something else, then you should not give up but instead do anything you can to “weasel your way into her pants”, as I believe Roosh put it in his book. Never leave today’s job for tomorrow, because it’s very easy to lose the notch – she meets another dude, goes out of town, flakes, etc.

  • Zictor

    Treat a gill like a commodity?
    This is lame, man. Simply lame.

  • jesse

    Why don’t you go kill yourself?

  • http://supermanpua.blogspot.com SupermanPUA

    I’m not even at the point where girls give me the period excuse. But well put on the tired excuse.

    SupermanPUA’s last blog post: Vicious Goes Out With Style.

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  • Lily

    I think if a girl says she is on her period and you basically say you don’t want to see her, then it makes her feel like a sex commodity. Ok if you have already established a no strings sex only basis, but otherwise very hurt feelings with most girls (whether she expresses it or not).

    IMHO better to say ‘so what, we’re going to have a great night tonight, and I can’t wait for snuggles and you know you turn me on in so many other ways’ = blow job.

  • Anonymous

    You guys are clearly all complete pillocks who really don’t deserve girlfriends… Made me laugh though.

  • AJ

    You are all idiots

  • Jessie

    Or some girls are just naturally hard to get in the mood so you have to try really hard. Make them feel like your teasing them and they need you. Cause most of the time you guys make it too obvious you want sex. Play it cool.

  • An Actual Female

    If any of you believe that this is true that you have a greater psychological issue that you may want to have checked out by a professional. If this is actually how you treat a woman, than I have trouble believing you get laid at all.

  • Anonymous

    Wat a stupid thing a u guys want from girls is sex it’s not to lov them it’s sex read the bible

  • http://[email protected] Anonymous

    You are a huge jerk. Maybe someon should kick your balls. We women have feelings to we are not a sex toy. So f u dick

  • Anonymous

    This is a load of shit.
    i, personally, as a girl think none of this is true, don’t do it and think all the guys who believe are absolute idiots !
    girls aren’t a puzzle with cheats to it.
    bloody wanker.

  • Anonymous

    i’m a girl and the main thing i disagree with is the don’t call her back/text her back part. it’s annoying as hell and makes you seem childish, at least at the age i’m at (19), and makes me lose interest/forget about you if it’s more than a day. also, believe me, all i want from the relationship is sex too (though i try to keep an open mind about more), so if you don’t answer me when i text you, you’re missing a prime opportunity.
    and the problem with this view on the period excuse is that if the relationship is purely casual sex, then i will say i have my period because i do and don’t want to have sex during that time. that’s not an excuse i’d use. i’d go for the tired/am busy excuse if i really don’t want to.

  • Satan

    Actually women are puzzles when you think about it. Single handedly… They’re the most confusing creatures on this planet. Met way too many that were immature, indecisive, and way TOO in love with frivolous “Made in China” clothing items. I have experiences and proof to back up what I’ve said. I shall share at a later date… And no… I am not a sexist pig for all the women who will read this… I’m just allergic to bull shit.

  • http://www.rooshv.com/girl-sex-excuses alex

    it was really confusing been planning a date with a girl for about a week we finally come to the date she says shes “working late” than after we ended up meeting regardless, she wanted to reschedule, i showed up to the motel room early she had the room already, she showed up later, she looked “tired”we did our thing for about 14 min than she told me she needed a “break”we took one we ended up cuddling than continued for a bit in the morning,than we split. it was a really confusing night anyone experience anything similar?

  • Arghh….

    Jeeezz…. your end paragraph makes us all sound like manipulating harpies that only want you for your money…… NOT ALL GIRLS ARE LIKE THAT.

    You must be very paranoid to think that we’re lying when we say were tired or whatever…

    You’re a dickwad.

  • Anonymous

    this is extremely anti-feminist. You treat women like property. Hate to break it to you, but this is the 21st century, not the 17th. If you aren’t a girl and you can’t sympathize with her, you shouldn’t strip women of all their rights and treat them as an object for your most likely very small penis. Maybe make some friends who are girls and treat them like real people and you will come to realize every single word you write is wrong.

  • Richard G


    By you commenting and suggesting the author has a “very small penis”, negates any rational criticism you gave.

    Actually your very hypocritical IMO.

  • For Richard G

    Hey, you’re very hypocritical.

    Better to be a hypocrite that an idiot 😉

    This post so so provocative and offensive, I had to read it as a satire. This cannot be serious.

    If I ever talked to my gf like that, she’d fucking punch me. I hope any woman would.

  • Richard G

    @ last poster.

    Nice trailer trash language and mentality.

  • Doouuucheeebaaag.

  • Anonymous


  • Lol

    That’s ridiculous. Why would I listen to somebody who has to wait for a girl to deny him before he steps up his game. You’re trying to piece together a jigsaw that you’ve already deformed. If anything, I should treat this information as a lesson about how to NOT attract girls. And let’s be honest, girls want sex, too. But only sex-driven girls with no standards will respect you simply because you refuse to have sex with them or come across as a guy who only wants sex. I guess it all comes down to how women’s minds work; and I’m no psychologist, but I think it’s pretty safe to say women like men for other reasons than just being sex providers.

  • foxy

    Hey I’m a girl and for the most part I agree. If they like you, they will try to hide that they are on their period until the last minute. And they will not use ‘im tired’ as an excuse either.

    About the whole treat them as a commodity to up their value, that is actually true. The same goes for guys also.

    I really dont see how this can be so offensive to women. Its not exactly spun in a nice way, but neither is reality.

  • anonymous

    You are such a GUY! If a girl says I’m tired, have my period….she is usually not wanting sex for that reason, and that reason alone. It is not an excuse. I would like to see how men would handle it. That is why God gave it to women, because men would not be able to handle it….ok, most men. Our hormones wreak havoc on us every month, whether its PMS or our Periods. Guys need to be a little bit more understanding, and a little less crtical. If a girl is honest with you, and doesn’t mind it, then good for her. But most women are honest about this, not making an excuse.

  • Joel

    Could it simply be they are not in the mood for sex… Im a guy and I can admit I cant be fucked some times (usually after smoking pot)

    You put way to much thought into this lol but I assume the website is earning you some decent cash!

  • Anonymous Vixen

    I tell dudes I’m tired, even if I’m going home with them or whatever. Does that mean I’m being really rude, or does that mean I want to roll into bed and probably not alone? Then again, I try not to be afraid to say what I feel.

  • The Man

    For One A women being on a period doesn’t mean shit. If she wants to fuck you bad enough it will not matter If it looks like the night of the living dead down there. There is ways to make it happen. A shower for instance. But when I came to this website I was looking too see if a period was a valid excuse for being a fucking cunt bag.Im sick of the hitler style bi polar mood swings of being nice. Then four seconds later, fuckin wigging out and acting like some dumb little argument is a ghetto debate. Shit hits the fan quickly.

    But If you need some real advice, There Is no reason to try and control sex by playing mind games, If she wants your cock she wants your cock. And honestly Im fuckin tired after I have sex so why the fuck not cuddle and watch a movie till I pass out and wake up and raid her fucking fridge in the morning. does it make you that fuckin cool to run of in the middle of the night after the girl just gave it up, I mean that’s what you wanted wasn’t it. Im sick of the fuckin a typical womanizer highschool college bullshit. When you grow up the only time you will be running off is if you get way to drunk and wake up with a girl on your arm and wish you had a band saw with a silencer on it. If you honestly why to analyze and think that much about what a girl says because you are that worried your going to be friend zoned, Give it up its not worth it to you and or to her, If your preferences are that OCD and her visual effect is not good enough to just be friends then you should stick with your own kind. Cause any good girl, One that I would want to be with. Wouldn’t just go run jump and pole vault on your cock, You will just end uup with a long term relationship with your doctor.

    Be honest that’s all. They love it.

  • Nick

    This actually works I was surprised

  • Nick

    My girlfriend never gave me any and the moment I become distant and started being cold, now she wants the D :)

  • Woman

    Whoever wrote this knows nothing About women!!!!

  • Woman

    Does anyone on here have estrogen? Are you bitches full of hard core male emotions?! Men listen, if you have a girl who cries, thinks she so ugly she shouldnt leave the house etc. and this occurs about 4-5 before she bleeds, this is true pMS! Then, she bleeds, could then experience cramps n bleeding so heavy she stains pants, underwear or chairs. Thats me..and no its not an excuse!!!!

  • Ibe Kingsley

    Absolute nonesence. Am a guy and I know it aint all sex.and ladies plz RUN frm CoWs like dis.any1 who wants sex and isn’t ready to marry u 1st is the DEVIL in a mans skin…..if he loves u,he will wait,follow the right steps friendship to relationship to courtship then to the altar which is Marriage which is the best way to get a man and give him ur Precious Candy. It has to be worth the wait for him if u really know and Value U. Jesus loves u.

  • Driver

    You, personally, may not do it…but there are plenty of other women who do pull these stunts (and often). As men get older (and more experienced), many can tell the difference between a bullshit excuse and a real one.

    If I can tell I am getting a bullshit excuse, then I excuse myself and take off (because at that point she has no problem lying to me, disrespecting me or my time).

    I hate wasting my time. If I feel like a woman is just ‘wasting my time’, then I find something (or someone) else to spend my time on.

  • Driver

    Good post and it must have struck a nerve with so many reading it (comments).

    It should serve as a check list for younger guys. I won’t say follow it to a ‘T’ but trust your instincts.

    If you feel like a woman is giving you an excuse or playing games, then you are probably right. Don’t rationalize, look past it, or excuse it. Chalk it up to another experience, learn from it and move on. Never wait for one woman (she’s not).

    Too many guys have given the woman a ‘pass’ because she has given a lame excuse. If you feel like you are getting disrespected, then you are probably right. Never waste your time if a question mark pops in your head.

    Again, listen and use your gut instinct.

  • Driver

    Then, you’re not the man in the relationship.

  • Driver

    Again, a man should always follow his instinct. Women give men excuses all of the time (or just don’t text or call). A man should be able to tell if she’s giving him a line or if it’s true. I’ll usually give her a couple of ‘tests’ after I hear one of these excuses to see how genuine her excuses are at that point).

    Once a man finds out (or feels it out) that she is giving him a line or wasting his time, then he should move on. I hate wasting my time and women will leave you ‘on a string’ if you let them.

  • Driver

    It’s sad that it works all too well. It’s very different – versus any answers a women would give you regarding dating.

    Never take dating advice from a woman.

  • http://saudiarickia.tumblr.com/ Sweet Bro

    First off, I want to say. Sex isn’t that important. It’s like air, it’s only a big deal if you aren’t getting any.

    I would nooot recommend doing her on the rag. It’s smelly, she’s acting all weird. Bloody sheets so bring out the old dark ones.

    Just, nah. Wait a few days, watch the notebook with her instead. She would like that.

    Source: Veteran bitch wrinkle speelunker. Multiple encounters and relationships. I’ve like, had my fill of sex. So I can live a calmer, more Team Fortress centric life.

  • thinkaboutit

    I’ve had girls not sleep with me because they think I only or ‘just’ want them for sex. What the hell to do in this case? In actual fact I’ve quite liked them AND want to fuck their brains out. Where does ‘just’ come into it. I don’t ‘just’ have sex.

    Example 1 Note we’d been sexual, mostly me on her, but not gone all the way. She started saying ‘I can’t be with you, even though I would like to fuck you’ most confusing thing ever. She hadnt liked my supposed rep she’d heard from other guys. Or maybe she did like it but said she didn’t want to be a fuck toy.( Since this is the 3rd time this kind if thing has happened I’ve started saying what makes you think your going to get lucky with me? Which they love but still hasnt lead anywhere so far.)

    Example 2 another girl before this said ‘are you just thinking about having sex with me’ note, we’d been making out, getting her wet and she’d freely volunteered the information of how dripping she was as we were walking down the street, again note I’d done most of the work on her and she’d had the opportunity to do stuff on me and hadnt. I turned it around with ‘ you mean you’re NOT thinking about fucking me?’ Because it was actually a genuine question of surprise.

    After a seconds pause she pretty much said yes she was thinking of fucking me and it went smooth. Just didn’t have a place that night to take her.

    So I should have known for the second time above.

    Example 3 Come to think of it there was another girl before that, met in a sex club, did pretty much everything to her, again, mostly me on her though i was being very dominating. On leaving and getting a cab back to the place we both happen to be staying at and which she had a free room in, she changed her mind said it would be ‘too overwellming for one night’ ‘but maybe in a couple of days’. I could believe the 1st part but the 2nd part is obvious bs.

    I don’t want to say lmr but that’s secondly something going on here they way they can flick back and fourth so easily. I larglt tjink since i enjoy doing stuff on eomen that im not getting them to invest enough sexually, if its not comig from them then they wont commit all the way that night. And hence the ‘tou just want to fuck me’ line. t’s like oh you want to fuck me is a trick question.

    No I want mutual enjoyment for both, that’s not so hard is it.

  • Devon

    This is the worst thing I’ve ever read and horrible advice. What a disgusting way to think about women. You’re giving loads of misled idiotic men horrible advice, that will only make them worse with relationships with women. Every single sentence made me cringe and realize you’re a fucking weirdo

  • Guys Please Dont Act Like This

    As a girl reading this was sickening. Honestly who ever wrote this is an ass and a pig.

  • Fuhewffh

    Wtf kind of mentally disturbed person fucks a girl when she’s on the rag. I practically threw up reading that.