How To Cheat On Your Girlfriend Without Getting Caught

Over the past year I’ve been much more open to getting into a relationship with a girl I like, but unfortunately I can’t tame the dog inside me that wants to fuck a new girl every other week. So my current game strategy is to get a girl-next-door type who isn’t a club rat and treats me well and then return the favor by taking her out, pleasuring her, and caring for her when she has the sniffles. During that time I lie and creep on the side with random girls.

Obviously I don’t think cheating on a girlfriend is morally wrong, but I do think it’s wrong to bang your girl without a condom and then creep without because you’re exposing her to diseases that could create an uncomfortable situation. But besides that I feel very little guilt when I cheat because my main girl will never know. I keep it locked down so tightly that it would take a lottery chance event to get me. The result is I get to fulfill my perverse needs while having something stable with a girl that I care for. That’s win-win… unless she finds out. Here’s what I do to make sure that doesn’t happen:

1. Get started on the right foot. Do not get into that pattern where you must talk on the phone every day. To accomplish this you’ll have to state that you need your “space” early in the relationship, that you don’t want it to get into that friendly boring zone where you’re talking about what time you woke up and what you had for lunch. She’ll honor your request but slip and send frequent text messages, which is fine—it’s easy to creep with another girl when all you gotta do is send texts.

Also, if you want to actually have the ability to cheat, you need time not only to meet other girls but to take them out on dates. This means you want to get into no more than a twice-a-week date pattern with your girl, one date on the weekday and one on the weekend. Resist her efforts to see you more by saying again you need space and are the loner type that feels smothered easily.

2. Don’t give her access to your phone or computer. This is how 90% of guys get caught cheating. They left their phone laying around, unlocked, and the girl finds incriminating text messages. It’s easy to brush off female numbers in your phone as old, but not a text message stamped yesterday where you confirmed fresh plans. Either delete the text messages manually before you see her or lock your keypad. Fail to do either and you will get busted eventually, guaranteed. Girls are savvy with cell phones and only need sixty seconds to sift through your messages or call history.

I’ve caught two girls messing around with my phone. Once I went to go wash my cock after sex and came back with my phone on the floor instead of the nightstand. I guess she panicked when she heard I was finished with washing my cock and threw it on the floor. The other time I spent the night at this Brazilian girl’s house and woke up in the morning with all my clothes gone. I walked around her place dazed and naked, wondering if I just got got, and found her sitting on the bathroom toilet going through all my shit.

For your computer, log off your email account when you know she’s coming over and then launch a different browser that you never use. While it would take time for her to sift through emails if you slip to the bathroom, girls go straight to the Sent folder to gather evidence. I’m certain that the female species plays dumb with gadgets and computers on purpose so that we leave our things laying around. Also lock down anything else that could get you in trouble like Skype (call history) and the secret pick-up blog you operate.

3. Don’t create a lasting impression with her friends. While some guys will argue that a way to win a girl is through her friends, I only find that to be the case with very young girls around college age—once she’s in her mid-20′s she doesn’t seek as much approval from her friends as before. If you’re meeting her friends for the first time then show up in an outfit you never wear and also a slightly different hair or beard configuration. You don’t need to wear a disguise but appear a little differently.

The reason is that her friends are spies and when you’re creeping they may spot you and then immediately rat you out. By looking different and not making an impression, the goal here is they don’t recognize you when you’re creeping. It also offers a layer of plausible deniability because you can say that you were experimenting with a new look when you met them and they probably confused you for someone else. Furiously deny it was you that they witnessed making out with another girl. You have no other choice, not matter how obvious it was you. Be like the United States government where photo or video evidence is required to pursue torture charges.

4. Do not mix dating venues. You want to have two parallel sets of venues to minimize cross contamination. If you take your girlfriend to the same bar as your creep girls, a bartender or regular may accidentally out you, or tip her off while you’re in the bathroom. We all know those don’t-date-him girls who’s life mission it is to warn other women of cheating men.

5. Don’t frequent her regular spots. This doesn’t need to be said but there is an exception: when one of her spots is a place you can get laid like a champ.

In Rio there is a club where, as of this writing, I have a 33% bang rate. This means every three times I’ve went, I banged a girl. There’s no way I’m going to stop going to a place like that, but the success I had at this club could easily lead to my doom.

Here’s how I have avoided problems: I’d go without telling my girl and for the first hour I’d be diligent about scanning the room for her or her friends. As the night went on, and the chances of her coming was reduced, I’d ramp up my game and start touching girls and going for kisses. If I know my girl likes going to the place at 1am and it’s 2:30am and there’s no sign of her, I can get sloppy without any fear. Of course I always scan, a pretty paranoid way to mack, but that’s what it takes to not get caught cheating.

6. Pick a friend who will be your go-to excuse for why you can’t hang out with her. It’s best she has met the friend but I’ve invented guys as well. Be consistent and have him be the excuse whenever you didn’t want to hang with her. Examples:

“Friday I’m hanging out with Steve but how about Saturday?”

“Steve wants to go to Sushi on Tuesday night to talk about some girl problems so let’s do movie night on Wednesday.”

“Sorry I didn’t answer I actually hung out with Steve in this lame club and didn’t hear the phone ring.”

Never allow her to join you with Steve, explaining that he doesn’t like being the third wheel. Add that you need guy time to do some male bonding, to talk trash and just be men.

What’s going to happen is she will develop a deep hatred for Steve because she thinks he’s keeping you away from her. That’s not a bad thing because Steve will be the channel for her hate. Feel free to milk this by making it seem like Steve has an influence over you since he’s “cool” and “fun.” Many of my friends in D.C. would use me as their Steve and I can tell you that a dozen girls still hate my guts because of it.

7. Be mindful of when you blow your load. If your girl expects a gallon of cum on her face when you bang, and then this one time have a trickle because you just got done banging another girl, warning signs are going to go off in her head. Therefore regulate your horniness and sperm quantity. If you know it takes two days to recharge after a lengthy sex episode, then allow that much time before banging a mistress and then your girl. This is why when it comes to the weekend I always try to put my girl on Friday. If I bang another girl on Friday then I will show up in her bedroom on Saturday already sated and she will pick up on it.

8. Try to bang your mistresses at their places. You don’t want her to leave something behind like a bobby pin, unique perfume scent, or blood. Also realize that a girl can tell the difference between a strand of her hair that is hers and one that is only 5% different. If you have to bang a mistress in your place then commit yourself to a CSI-like clean sweep afterwards. Do not get lazy at this step. View your room from many different angles, get on your knees, and go sniffing around everywhere. Flush used condoms down the toilet and put the wrappers deep in the kitchen trash can.

9. Construct and rehearse your alibi. Anticipate what questions your girl is going to ask and have simple, quick answers to them. For example say you went out on a Thursday night after telling your girl you’d stay in. You met a girl in the club who bit the hell out of your neck in the heat of passion. You brought her home and she turned out to be a flooder. The sheets were destroyed.

Let’s focus on each aspect of the situation. If she asks why you didn’t answer the phone or call her back, say you wanted to stay in but Steve called and begged you to go out because he’s trying to get this girl that has an ugly friend. So for most of the night you had to talk to a fatty, but you wished you were with her instead. The club was so loud that you didn’t see the call and by the time you noticed it was too late to call back.

Second, the scratch on the back of your neck happened when you were in the kitchen. You left a cabinet door open and when you reached down to pick something up off the floor, you come back up right under it and caught your neck. Of course you will wear a collared shirt to cover it up and prevent her discovery, but if you never wear collared shirts around her then she will be even more suspicious if she catches the scratch. If you have a sister and can borrow her makeup this may also be a good play, or just go to the nearest department store’s cosmetic counter. I’m not joking.

Third, the sheets. In America you can do a wash and dry load quickly, but in countries without a dryer it has to hang for quite a while. If she insists on coming in during the late afternoon before it dries, say how mad you are at the maid for dicking around and always coming in on the wrong days.

You’ve closed the gaps. Otherwise it would be a very damaging situation. While subconsciously she will know something is going on and be moody and testy, consciously she will accept your airtight alibi and things can proceed as normal.

10. Don’t let guilt change your routine. After a successful creep you’ll probably feel guilty for cheating on such a nice girl. You’ll then feel compelled to make a surprise phone call, be more affectionate or loving, or even buy her something small like a chocolate truffle or rose. Resist this urge and proceed with your normal routine because girls can sense when you’re doing something out of the ordinary. She’ll know that you are trying to relieve your guilt, and while she may not automatically assume it’s from cheating, she’ll know you did something wrong.

When you get good at cheating, you also get good at identifying cheating along with the precursors of cheating, like when she meets another guy that she’s attracted to. In due time you’ll be able to piece together storylines. For example let’s take a look at this following hypothetical situation:

Friday: Your Brazilian girl texts you from a party, says there are “a lot of gringos.” Stays there late.

Saturday: You send her a text at 6pm but she waits three hours before replying that she was “sleeping.”

Following Friday: She says she’ll be busy Saturday, but doesn’t say with whom. Even though it’s easier to say “I’m going out with Stevie,” some girls have trouble lying.

Saturday night: She says she is free.

Likely Story: She met a gringo on the first Friday and he asked her to a coffee date or drink early Saturday evening. There he told her to keep the following Saturday free but eventually flaked on her. This means she’s actively looking for better. Either you step up and offer more of her core needs (without being needy about it of course), or you can say fuck it, get a couple more bangs, and move onto another girl.

Besides concrete evidence like a text message, email, or hair clip, your girl will never have 100% solid proof against you. By being an accomplished liar, avoiding sloppy moves, and covering holes that develop, it becomes very close to impossible for her to catch you. All this so you can have your cake and eat it too. I think it’s a good way for a man to live, but if your ass gets caught don’t blame me.

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  • Jason

    You’re a talented writer and know a lot about game, so I usually agree with what you say. I can’t here though. It might be different in foreign countries, but why don’t you just date multiple people, with her knowing? I found that if you act like it’s normal to see several people at once from the start, then she has no choice but to accept that if she wants to date you.

    I’ve tried cheating, and it’s not the guilt that got to me. It’s the stress. While girls might be aroused by the forbidden aspect of cheating, it just became stressful for me to hide everything. I spent so much time keeping my lies in order that I could of spend meeting other people.

  • Bravo

    She was in the bathroom toilet going through your shit? Ewww…

  • Krauser

    All good advice but I simply have a different frame, with simpler outcomes:

    I wait until I’ve banged her a few times, then subtly reveal that I go out and meet lots of girls. I also subtly let her think she is my only LTR and thus in a priveleged position.

    I also make it clear that nobody anywhere has any control over my life whatsoever.

    I’m still field testing this, but I suspect that so long as (i) you don’t rub her nose in the creeping (ii) you project high value and (iii)she knows she will lose an ultimatum, then she’ll go along with it.

    Working so far. Will amend it if it stops working.

    Krauser’s last blog post: This is day game!.

  • Anonymous

    ive aready told my girlfriend of 9 months that i flirt with other girls often. its just the way i am. her answer was. i know you love me, so i know you wont do anything stupid. i would never get this answer from a american girl. i dont know if its normal for turkish women..but when she is jealous of other gets more interesting..its like she knows to step her game up the date after im with another girl.

  • Anonymous

    This breaks my heart. I know you don’t write for women so my opinion means little to you but you’ve just lost a reader. I typically follow your blog with interest, even though I often disagree with you, but this really just makes me sick. You hate on jaded women all the time. I’d suggest we were never this way until we were scorned by men who think just like you.

  • Roosh

    I find a lot of guys say “Oh I just maintain a strong frame and she knows I’m seeing other girls.”

    1. No decent girl would accept this type of arrangement. I knew a couple guys who had this “open” type deal with a girl who I eventually met and they were pretty low quality. The only time this would work on a high quality girl is if you’re very high value yourself (i.e. Tiger Woods).

    2. If she does accept it, she’s not taking you seriously. I find that if you’re game is tight, by the third third or fourth date she’s trying to get into a relationship with you. If she’s totally okay with that not happening, then she likes you a lot less than you think.

    Cheating is necessary if you want to keep a quality girl around who wants to see you at least twice a week.

  • The G Manifesto

    This is a good one and a great accompanied piece to “How to Swoop Tons of Different Girls at the Same Time and Not Get Caught”

    The easiest way to avoid this is to not have girlfriends.

    - MPM

    The G Manifesto’s last blog post: Mardi Gras: The G Manifesto Way.

  • Anonymous

    Roo… is right i would never date a guy who wanted to date other people…
    If i did it would be just because i’m bored and i would never let them touch me
    They can beat it.

  • URF

    Roosh, Like Jason (commenter 1) said…you’re a good writer, with a lot of insight and wisdom regarding Game. You’ve helped a lot of men and even women with Bang, helping guys to start approaching in the first place, and the women who want to be approached by these guys. You’re passing on a skill-set and info that, for some reason isn’t transmitted culturally anymore.

    That’s why it’s disappointing to see that you’d condone and promote cheating?? You’re all about being an Alpha and a “real man” but that also means having character and self-restraint. Not just going for instant gratification and self indulgant behavior.

    If you want a relationship, have a relationship. If you want many partners do that. But what’s the point of deception and hurtful behavior.

    You recently wrote a post about what’s wrong with Amer. culture. Cheating, lying, and deception are a big part of our cultural decline. Great – Now you’re contributing to that.

    This post is nihilistic, and the disturbing thing is you’re definitely smart enough to know that.

  • Thursday

    Obviously I don’t think cheating on a girlfriend is morally wrong, but I do think it’s wrong to bang your girl without a condom and then creep without because you’re exposing her to diseases that could create an uncomfortable situation.

    Condoms only cut the herpes transmission rate by 50% and you can give it to her without having experienced any symptoms yourself. HPV is similar.

    Thursday’s last blog post: The Types of Female Stomach.

  • Anonymous

    i wouldn’t date a guy like roo either…
    Selfish, dishonest and too into himself.
    Funny that roooo and loser sound similar

    But i do like saying roo

  • Virgle Kent

    LOL @ the haters.

    Roosh you once wrote a post on haters and how to properly hate on you and I think someone read that and the same person is commenting.

    Dear Roosh I’ve been a fan and a loyal reader for the past 10 years, I went to middle school with you and once bought you a shot at the bar.

    After saying that, this post makes me sad and upset… blah blah blah I’m so disappointed in the man you’ve become.. you fucking hairy asshole.

    Anyway, nobody else sees the humor of this post coming after Valentine’s Day

  • Tampa

    I think there is a time in your life where you just come to the point that it’s going to take a special girl to prevent you from banging other chicks. You just get so jaded and scorned that you almost become sociopathic.

    After years of seeing the crazy shit bitches do and how betas just get run over, you become this man of no heart. You see what this whole deal is. Bitches trying to lock you down for stability, kids and ego…..and guys just trying to get laid and find that one girl who strikes their emotional chord.

    Problem is, the more chicks you wax, the harder it is for a girl to play the emotional guitar that makes you want to settle down.

    Older the I get, the more I don’t care. I think all women are cheating whores who would trade me up in a second for some professional athlete rich guy, so why not keep it real from the beginning?

  • Evan

    Unless you like wearing latex gloves and casually have a UV lamp with you when you creep on girls, this sounds like a time-consuming, stressful and LAME pasttime. smell tests of different zones? disposal of evidence? pushing your friend under the bus? wear a disguise? keep track of your loads? not FUN, which should be the point of picking up girls.

    ps. is this post actually a joke?

  • Anonymous

    I’d really love an age/race/location description from the guys protesting this post. I’m used to guys protesting loudly about stuff like this in public in order to put up a good guy image, but it shocks me even on an anonymous forum where they could speak freely that so many guys are so openly appalled by this post.

    what are the ages, races and locations of these guys?

  • Hamster

    Is it some kind of money saving scheme not to have a couple of fresh changes of bedsheets around? Come on, don’t be that cheap they’re not that expensive. Especially not the jungle or bird themed ones…

  • Anonymous

    or maybe it’s chicks posting as men for some reason to prove some weird point?

  • Anonymous

    i disagree with your comment that no quality girl would put up ith a person knowing they see other people. i might not have my game as tight as yours. but i know how to play my cards. the girl im seeing doesnt like that i might see another girl, but she seems needy enough to accept it

  • mr. pilkington

    Chicks dismiss the sheer amount of work it takes for a man to become good with woman. It is equitable with being a good door to door salesman. The sheer amount of rejection, dealing with inane conversationalist, dealing with cockblockers etc.

    Most women on the other hand, particularly American women don’t care about learning a skill set to have a man DESIRE to remain faithful. Instead, they take the easy route and appeal on a sense of a man having a moral obligation to be faithful.

    American women want to be loved, but do not know how to be lovable. In the mean time, chicks should be a little less like Maureen Dowd and a little more like the chick in this song.

    Just Be Good To Me

  • MAC

    Instant Classic!

  • Tampa

    “A man is only as faithful as his options”
    -Chris Rock

    And it’s no coincindence that women become more faithful as they get older. That’s because they get uglier – it’s not by choice.

    I want to see some guy look down a 23 yrd old knockout for more than 12 months. Aint happening bro. Too many dicks being thrown her way. My attitude is either play the game knowing how it’s played or get run over; it’s your choice.

    Most people who rage against cheating are people that can’t really get laid when they want.

    If you think your average looking 150 lb brunette girlfriend wouldn’t fuck Derick Jeter or some toned out surfer, I have some metro accessible real estate in Georgetown to sell you.

    It’s played or be played people. Nice post Roosh.

  • Cinque Powell

    “For your computer, log off your email account when you know she’s coming over and then launch a different browser that you never use. While it would take time for her to sift through emails if you slip to the bathroom, girls go straight to the Sent folder to gather evidence. I’m certain that the female species plays dumb with gadgets and computers on purpose so that we leave our things laying around.”

    That’s real talk. I once had a broad that acted like a damn Luddite when I first met her, but then I caught her sifting through my gmail chat logs once and later once I broke it off found out her ass was up on Skype and mad other apps.

    Cinque Powell’s last blog post: Valentine’s Day Game.

  • Porkchop

    If you live in the DC area I would think it would make sense to have multiple girls who live in different regions. For instance, have a girl in DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia. For the most part, you’ll never have to worry about them coming over the border to catch you with another girl.

    Porkchop’s last blog post: Valentine’s Day – Aka The Day I Brought The Tyrannosexy Back.

  • Cliff Arroyo

    This pretty much sums up what’s wrong with game. It’s all about pretending you’re something that you’re not. You’re lying all the time. Only sociopaths can keep that up for long (and have _no_ cause to complain about being lied to themselves).

  • phillipmarlow

    It sounds like common sense, but it’s insane how many guys don’t do this right.

    phillipmarlow’s last blog post: John Stossel Lays It Down.

  • UgSlayer

    LOL@ the judgemental pricks and haters. Having a loyal girlfriend and creeping on the side is the best of both worlds. Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it. Keep doing your thing, Roosh.

  • Basil Ransom

    Lock your phone and turn it off the moment you enter intimate settings.

    Do not let her use your computer. If you must, create a guest account and password protect your own. Avoid using hers.

  • Roosh

    VK: That would be hate style number 10

  • URF

    Really? You’re blocking as spam, comments that adhere to your comment rules?

  • Lika

    Great advice Roosh.

    And the good thing about Latin America is that there are security guys down the buildings, usually (although I’m not sure about your quasi-favella building :-) . The best is to tip the guards sometimes and brief them to always say that you’re not home to anyone that shows up when they know that you’re already with a girl…

    When you don’t have security and your girlfriend can come up knocking at your door unexpectedly, it is not good…

    It happened to me once in Europe after a one year relationship and I was in bed with a Brazilian model. It was a mess…

    Actually even if you have a guard who would call you to say that someone is here to see you, I don’t know how you would deal with it since your girlfriend would already know that you’re in the building…

    The only way is to never open the door when your girlfriend comes to your place unexpectedly, if you have a guard or an interphone (if you don’t, you’re screwed). The only way I can think about to justify it is to say that you are working “on a project” with a friend and you don’t what to be bothered, in a somewhat angry way. But that will make you look like a fool to the girl you’re with and it will piss your girlfriend off.

    Anyone has a better idea ?

  • The Rookie

    creeping. a great manly pastime

  • .

    Your thinking is too logical but women don’t need logical strings of evidence to find you guilty. They already know what type of a guy is likely to cheat – selfish, too full of himself, etc.

    Actually, I’m about to use some of this advice soon but definitely not going as far as the jizz count.

  • Hammer

    My solution for this problem of wanting to be in a relationship but also wanting random ass is to only date bisexual girls. Most girls (I’d say 80%) are at least bicurious and if you have game converting that into a threesome is pretty easy. Then it’s just a question of managing the situation and making sure that she doesn’t have jealousy issues.

    Hammer’s last blog post: Psychoanalysis Game.

  • Ali C.

    I’m willing to bet that although you don’t value honesty or fidelity, you expect that your future girlfriend does, which makes you an amoral hypocrite.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Roosh, great post. But do you have any posts on jealousy? I’m having a hard time getting over a girl, we’ve broken up but the jealousy lingers

  • Quasi

    Love your comments Tampa..priceless, thats exactly how I feel it, the more I know about women the less I care about loyalty and honour or any moral concepts, which only seem to be one directional roads to getting dumped :)
    Dont know if I would go for the LTR and girls on the side, guess there is still some part of my disney brainwash program keeping me from that. But I am not looking for a LTR anymore, think the best man-life is to be highvalue and eat of the woman buffet… lets face it if it wasnt for their pussy we probably never talk to them anyways.

  • Tyler

    Man, this is so true….and exactly what I do. And you even touched upon the subtle things like, not changing your attitude. Sometimes you feel a bit compelled to do something nice after you bang some slut in the ass….but I always think, “Would I normally do this?” probably not, so I don’t.

    For anyone who hasn’t cheated on their gf’s but think they want to, here is something to note. You might feel guilty the first 3 girls, but by the time you hit 4, you don’t anymore. And don’t EVER underestimate where another girl’s strand of hair could be hiding…CSI sweep is required, nothing less…

    Tyler’s last blog post: Picking up girls while on dates.

  • Gunslingergregi

    The truth is so much easier to do.

    Plus woman always know when you cheat they can smell the sex.

    So really not fooling anyone and she will be looking for payback one day more than likely or be able to guilt trip you.

    If the truth be told there is no guilt for real and then you won’t be as tempted to lie to yourself either.

  • pepini

    Having two phones is also an option. You can say one is for work calls (really for mistresses) and the other for personal life.

  • gr8tgatsby

    All great advice. It’s amazing where a girl’s hair can get to after just spending one night at your place.

    The only thing I would add is that you have to be careful which friends (and more importantly, which “acquaintances”) you let your main gf be around. White-knighting betas, women, and players alike will rat you out, albeit frequently for entirely different reasons.

    This may be a bigger problem in DC, than in South America, since it sounds like you roll solo most of the time down there.

  • Giovonny

    The best ‘cheaters/liars” are, of course……Girls

  • Gunslingergregi

    11 minutes ago
    The best ‘cheaters/liars” are, of course……Girls

    Well the best at lieing to themselves anyway. When a new guy killed their man and then took over before she had to tell herself that she actually loved the new guy and somehow it was her choice. Guys have more than likely always been honest as the penalty for failure is death so no point in beating around the bush or looking for hair folicles he he he

  • Hardcore

    As far as mitigating getting caught, I will also add:

    1. Sit with your back facing the room in a restaurant if you’re out with your concubine

    2. Don’t sit near windows with your goomah

    3. Let your main squeeze know you have some personal activity two or three nights a week (i.e., boxing, language class) that you actually never go to but use for date nights with your comfort women

    4. Have multiple facebook pages and email addresses for the bimbi

  • Roosh

    “4. Have multiple facebook pages and email addresses for the bimbi”


  • The G Manifesto

    “3. Let your main squeeze know you have some personal activity two or three nights a week (i.e., boxing, language class) that you actually never go to but use for date nights with your comfort women”

    Wow. This is straight out of my playbook.

    Except I do box and study languages.

    - MPM

    The G Manifesto’s last blog post: Mardi Gras: The G Manifesto Way.

  • steve lurkel

    Good tips on the phone and computers; I’ve got a guest log-in that I switch to whenever I have visitors at my place. It’s spotless, so they never get anywhere near my email, actual browser history, or porn stash!

  • Megan

    This is terrible advice, and cheating/creeping is not ok. Life involves compromise, and if you have to hurt someone you (ostensibly) care about to get what you want–hot, sweet, loyal girlfriend + some on the side–then you are doing something wrong

    Whatever happened to personal integrity??

  • Tiger Woods

    i can’t believe that more here don’t find it appalling to encourage, defend, and devise ways to more effectively cheat on your “girlfriend.” It’s pretty appalling and depressing. There’s enough pain and loneliness in the world as it is…
    i guess i’m extremely naive.

  • Lika

    @tiger woods
    “i canâ��t believe that more here donâ��t find it appalling to encourage, defend, and devise ways to more effectively cheat on your â��girlfriend.â�� Itâ��s pretty appalling and depressing. Thereâ��s enough pain and loneliness in the world as it isâ�¦”

    The more people sleep together, the less loneliness there is in the world :-)

  • Done

    Sneaking around running paranoid CSI checks is the opposite of being an alpha male.

  • Anonymous

    Sneaking around running paranoid CSI checks is the opposite of being an alpha male.

    Nice try, but no.

  • James

    Dont you have to have a girlfriend first in order to cheat on her? When was the last time Roosh or any of these self-labeled players had a serious girlfriend? Meaning emotionally invested. Cheating on your girlfriend of 2 months is a lot different than cheating on your girlfriend after 1 year.

  • Umi

    Teaching guys how to cheat on their girlfriends? Wow, this site has found a new low. It was already in the gutter, but its just gotten further down, if possible.

  • Atilla

    Aren’t honesty, loyalty and integrity alpha traits? Being an alpha isn’t the same as being a pick up artist.

  • Lumiere

    The number of people who dont realise that this is tongue in cheek is amazing

  • Papillon

    “55 Lumiere
    The number of people who dont realise that this is tongue in cheek is amazing”

    I thought was something else in cheek.

  • speakeasy

    My general feeling is that if you want to sleep with different girls, don’t get into a relationship, period. I just don’t lie to women period. Okay, maybe little lies here and there, but nothing major. Lies just complicate my life needlessly and I don’t want to deal with that. I’d rather just be upfront and tell her I’m not looking for anything serious and I’m only open to casual relationships. Maybe that’ll change in the future, but for now it’s casual only. Many girls would be cool with just that if they got nothing else going on.

  • Lika

    The nature of man is to have sex with multiple partners. PERIOD.

    Sometimes, he is so exceptionally well with one girl that he can refrain from having sex with others for a little while, without suffering. And this is usually the best times of a man’s life.

    This is the simplest truth that every man knows deep inside, although many among us have been brainwashed by feminists to believe that masculinity has changed now…

    All over Latin America and Africa for instance, places where feminist has not yet been too intense, men tend to have a stable partner and to have sex on the side.

    They show respect to their partner by hiding the fact that they have sex on the side. They are not little pussies who have to be “honest” and torture their girlfriends with details of their sexual life with other girls.

    This is ALPHA behaviour…

    Even if your girlfriend thinks she knows that you sleep with other girls. NEVER admit it (even if she finds you in bed with another girl in the morning, like it happened to me). You will only make her suffer and ruin things further…

  • speakeasy


    I agree. In Latin America, it’s pretty much a given that alpha men with wealth are going to be getting some ass on the side. As long as they are taking care of their kids and wife, it’s somewhat socially acceptable, even expected. It’s like that in many other countries in Asia, Africa and even Europe. Pretty much any country where feminism hasn’t taken over the culture.

    I’m not telling dudes it’s great to out and cheat on their wives or even encouraging it per se, but different culture deal with it in their own way. Male sexual nation is difficult to suppress, yet most guys want to procreate and pass on their genes and you need some family stability to raise kids. Thus the mistress culture.

  • Atilla

    So it’s OK to lie and cheat because it’s human nature and “can’t be helped?” How pathetic.

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  • Bobby Rio

    “In Rio there is a club where, as of this writing, I have a 33% bang rate. This means every three times I’ve went, I banged a girl.”

    Would this place be called HELP? j/k

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  • Mirrored

    Loyalty is not an alpha trait. Think about Lions where you pretty much have the Alpha male with every female in the herd.

    American society is extremely intolerant of polygamy , in many other societies, men are expected to have mistresses if they are of any value.

    I think that the post covers the basics. I would say that for the casual relationshippy thing, this is morally okay. But for a marriage where the stakes are higher, not so sure.

  • khalil t

    man i really need yo help every time i try to play two girls i end up getting caught i dont know what im doing wrong please help me

  • james d

    how do you go from a gallon of cum to a trickle? u must suck at sex. i could fuck at least 20 girls to your one and recharge in about a hour. hes fucked at least 60 girls so far in his life and hes not even 18 yet. you eat hairy dick. get a life without so much cock meat in it. im gonna fuck your main bitch right now got to go

  • james d

    i meant i have fucked

  • Ian


    I’m in a long term relationship. My gf has never cheated on me (i’m pretty sure, I was paranoid enough to, er, almost spy on her.)

    I’ve wanted other girls. Sometimes still do. But my GF is frickin hot, 5 years with her and she’s still the gal I most want.

    You guys should stop justifying yourselves. “Man are naturally blah blah we need to fuck loads of girls!”

    Man are also natural killers. How about it, let’s go kill some kids!

    There is instinct and there are valours. I’m not against casual sex or multiple relationships. Hell, I’ve had my fair share.

    But I don’t lie. Seriously, that is being SELFISH. And I don’t mean the healthy manly selfish, I mean the: “I don’t care about anyone else but me.”

    C’mon Roosh. Love is important, people are important. We should never hurt them just to satisfy our random urges.

    How would you feel if your girlfriend got anal banged everynight and lied to you? How can you accuse women of being liars and society to blah blah heading down to Satan, you’re just as worse.

    Your fans are probably going to call me a hater now. But it’s just my opinion, it saddens me.

    You’re not different or better, you just get what you want more often. At least sexually.

    I’m happy, I mean, i’m as happy as anyone can be. People rarely admit it, we play victims, but I admit it, I’m happy. And I’m happy with my long term girlfriend, I’m happy not having to lie, and feeling good about myself every night before I sleep.

    I had sex with 72 girls before I met her (not at the same time, aw, and yes, I counted them, lame I know.) Lost my virginity as soon as I entered college and got together with Sara in the senior year.

    Other people deserve happiness too. Would you make your little nephew suffer, your mom, your dad?

    What’s so different about other people. You’re supposed to share positive emotions.

    I’m not against polygamy. I’m against hurting people, hypocrisy and lying.

  • Lika


    I’m happy that you’re still emotionally and sexually happy after 5 years (and your GF too…). You’re a very lucky man with a beautiful woman you love. Unfortunately it isn’t the case for everyone…
    And then, if one wants to stay in a LTR but can’t help from having girls on the side, it is much less hurtful to lie than to tell the truth to your GF.

  • Anonymous

    whoever wrote this is an idiot. you arent a man, you’re a coward. the way you and others on this wall speak non-chalantly about hurting women is embarrassing. a real man courts and cares for a woman. a consuming, degenerate coward consumes women.

    you guys always remind me more and more of wwf superstars. you want all the women and you want to backstab people and get everything your way, and you play this big tough guy game and talk about how much of a man you are. you arent a man…you’re a joke and a coward, and i feel bad for how badly your life is going to turn out.

    some of you guys need this:

  • Lika

    That was an interesting youtube video on men.

    Now to learn more about women, you might be interested in reading that:

  • Anonymous

    So my Google search was “my girlfriend and mistress get period at same time” and I came across this website/article. My search query was fucked up enough, but finding and reading this article made me feel even more fucked up. Ya, I feel a lil’ bad cheating from time to time, but to see words on paper detailing all the things you are doing… shame sets in hard. Real hard. In the beginning of the article I’m laughing, “oh shit I do that too!”, but by the end of it I’m embarrassed, “shit! what am I doing?!”

    I don’t even know where cheating comes from in me. I’m not even one of those dudes who are all about getting women or something on the side. Shit, I barely care about sex. Cheating just happens to happen. Sometimes I wish I would just get caught already, at least it’ll be a new challenge

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  • assman

    you should just break up with your gf and fuck whoever you want to.
    girls are whores
    and some arent
    a SHITLOAD of men cheat
    but some dont
    thats just how it is
    we generalize
    thats just what everyone does

  • Anonymous

    I have an iPhone and want to be able to text and call and send pictures with a “friend.” Is there a way to do this without leaving a “trail of evidence” on the phone bill? Apps that don’t show the phone number maybe? Or maybe IM?

  • Anonymous

    Using a prepaid phone is one way to avoid a trail of evidence. Another is Google Voice. I’ve been using it for over a year now and its a great tool/service to have when creeping or if you have a double life. The only thing that sucks is it doesn’t support MMS (picture and video messaging). Voice and sms/texting works great though, people can’t tell the difference (as long as you don’t use the default voicemail greeting that is).

  • Anonymous

    If i could kill you and get away with it, i would and laugh as your blood seeped through the earth into hell

  • Anonymous

    why cheat? Ive found you can talk latin girls into threesomes..the more into you the more they are willing to experiment. And Im not talking dogs here.

  • Anonymous

    I second killing him and watching his blood drip into hell.Now the degeneration
    of American culture has given them many faults and turned many into whores.Which is not a quality I like or find particularly tolerable in a women call me old-fashioned but i don’t but at least there not hypocrites.You utter waste of a human being WHAT RIGHT HAVE YOU TO LECTURE ANYONE ON WHAT MARRIAGE MATERIAL IS WHEN YOUR GIVING POINTERS ON HOW TO CHEAT ON THEIR GIRLFRIENDS.Do you collect the tears of the women whose hearts you breaks so you can drink them later you probably do you sick bastard.

  • Anonymous

    wow, maybe you can give the woman who loves you herpes! or maybe even something fatal like aids! fuck you asshole

  • Gmac

    “wow, maybe you can give the woman who loves you herpes! or maybe even something fatal like aids! fuck you asshole”

    Only if she’s lucky. :troll

  • Kanya East

    How can you “cheat” on someone you are not married to?

    You are not obliged until there is a ring.

  • Anonymous

    thank you, this helped a lot! now i can successfully cheat on my girlfriend =)

  • avis

    I know is somehow out of subject… but does love exist? If guys would leave their girl for one more beautiful if they can and girls would leave their boyfriend for someone with better career, or more money. Whenever a hot chik is with an ugly guy its because he has money… im 15 years old and just triying to figure this :S

  • MIMI

    whoaaa, i randomly came across this and i was like WTF.
    whoever wrote this is seriously disgusting…
    and definietly has ISSUES!!
    what type of person gets a sweet, “girl-next-door” type of girl, and hurt her like that.
    you must be a selfish monster!
    you are really F*CKED UP!
    i dont care if anyone thinks im a “hater”
    because you are a disgusting human being. and you are a discrace to MEN.
    you aren’t even a man… you are a little selfish boy!
    thats my honest opinion for a very honestly gross boy :)
    THE END.

  • joe

    You will most certainly get laid this way. The sexual pleasure you receive will be great. But the price you pay will be your inability to trust other human beings. You will be alone, moving from girl to girl, living in fear of her cheating, looking at your male friends as rivals and enemies, incapable of trust. Alone. It’s more sadness than glory. For all parties involved.

  • gringoed

    Thanks for this. I revisit this every so often to keep myself sharp.

  • Derick G

    One more thing should be added to this list. DO NOT HAVE A FACEBOOK!

    I deleted mine the other day for the specific reason that it is way too easy to be caught cheating if you have a facebook up with loads of pictures of you and your girlfriend while youre trying to talk to some other bimbo.

  • Lily

    Wow! What an incredible way to remove all of the fun and excitement out of the most important human interactions! I can only imagine how lonely you must be..

  • Vanessa

    I sincerely hope all of you bastards will get caught by your faithful and loving girlfriends. I hope they will cut your balls off.

    If you want to have as many contacts with females as possible then don’t get into a serious relationship in the first place or make an open-relationship agreement in the beginning you sneaky losers!

    Or I hope if you love your girlfriend she will surprise you in the worst way possible – by not giving a damn and cheating on YOU.

  • Steve

    umm, you don’t think maintaining this freaking blog doesn’t put you at risk??

  • Anonymous

    You realise that women can be very good at detecting a liar. You obviously have no idea how females work. We are a lot more talented at detecting a liar through the males facials, gestures and body language. We know because our brains search for detail, while the male brain searches for solutions. You wonder why we talk to our girlfriends all the time about things you can’t understand.
    Cheat if you want.
    Cheat on the girl that is loyal to you and that trusts you.
    Who you are really lying to is yourself. She will catch you one way or another. Some faster than others, but you can never hide the truth from a woman.
    Just know that you are more likely to grow old alone. If you want to cheat, don’t have a gf in the first place. Y’all are what the whole world labels “pig males”, you are what makes the human race weak

  • Anonymous

    A few of the comments stated that it is not a bad thing if a male cheats on his girlfriend because it is an alpha trait, like that of lions; the alpha lion helps himself to as many lionesses as he chooses to, because that is the way of nature to spread the seed to keep their species alive and strong

    From a biological point of view, I understand that the males’ goal, to keep the species going is to spread his seed to as many females as he can to produce strong healthy offspring.
    What these males that made these comments don’t understand is that:
    1. We are human beings: We are a type of animal that feels and expresses emotion it doesn’t matter whether you are a male or female. We are all so different from each other, have different interests, different traits, different beliefs, different everything. Unlike animals who largely survive on instinct, primal instinct, the instinct to survive through reproducing with an many healthy beings of the same species, no emotion attached. We are humans, we learn by socialization, we have a very weak sense of instinct. As human beings we are lead by feelings, thoughts and what we have learned, how our culture is etc. We are the only animal that feels sympathy and empathy. When you cheat on your girlfriend, you are not only lying to her, which through human socialization and culture is wrong, but you are also hurting her, hurting her being. You are influencing this person who loves you, trusts you and is loyal to you to feel a very, very ugly emotion. An emotion that is likely to scar her, scare her from future relationships because she begins to learn that her future partners will do the same thing to her, she will never be the same again. I actually really think this an excuse for males to be selfish, comparing themselves to a lion, which is not legit as they are different species, and have very strong instincts. Think of the penguin, think of the dolphin, they also have “life” partners they mourn for in their passing. They are males and females and have these life partners for whatever reasons the have to keep their species alive, they don’t cheat because they are not weak.
    With human thought, emotion etc we have the choice to make human choices. With choices we make, if brings us further emotion and thought. These males that cheat and make the excuse that they are “alpha” are weak because they are giving into selfish, compulsive urges that in our culture are considered our weakness.
    2. Times have changed: Though a long, long time ago we lived in caves and other things, and had limited technology and the males would hunt, fight, and would not show emotion to other humans, and the female would nurture the children, create alliances with others of the same species and look after the nest, it is not the same today.
    We have evolved after the past thousands of years. We are considerably taller that ancient Greeks, and the female shape has become more straight. We do not have the same shapes we have that we had thousands of years ago. The shape of Marilyn Monroe for example. The 70% hip to waist ratio is considered the ultimate human female shape because it shows the male that she can bare the children, that he is more likely to pick the hourglass shape, over the straight up and down shape.
    How many people do you know today that have a perfect hourglass shape?
    You are more likely to find those of pear, apple and ruler.
    This is because humans are biologically changing, our species is evolving and we are not as gender orientated as we used to be.
    Don’t get me wrong, we still have that slight primal instinct in us that separates males from females, such as; the way females talk a lot (to create alliances with the other females while the men were out hunting of fighting) and the way that most of the gamers are male- for example Call of Duty (due to the fact that killing an enemy over the computer is like killing an enemy in real life), but these days you can catch a female working in Automotive, or a male who designs clothes, you can’t use the lion as an excuse now.
    In todays society and culture we believe that males and females are equals. It is morally wrong to cheat on a partner due to the fact that relationships and emotions are important to human survival and each individual because we are naturally sympathetic and empathetic beings.

    In my personal opinion.
    I pull a huge middle finger to those who cheat, and pull two to those who make exucses for the reasons they cheat, and say there is nothing naturally wrong with it.
    If Sociology was a person, they would kick you out of the human race.

    Thank you for reading

  • Ange

    Like you book bang could teach a man to pick up me..
    You can’t win a good girl like me with lying just to get me in the sack and then ditch me the next morning.
    You would call girls like me a bitch
    but then you would call girls that put out a hoe.

    I walk down the street, i get whistled at, i get double takes, but what you men don’t realise is that i am the one with the power.Females are the ones with the real power.
    I could make you do anything i wanted you to do. Pout my lips, arch my back, wear a push up bra.. i will make you drool.. but then i will take it all away from you.

    But this isnt even as close to the feeling that a female feels when she is cheated on

  • Lika

    >>We are human beings: We are a type of animal that feels and expresses emotion

    The difference between mammals and reptiles is precisely the capacity to feel emotions…

  • Anonymous

    that doesn’t even make sense.
    if Roosh has a degree in Sociology maybe i may listen to him about Alpha.
    There are so many things that can disprove the fact the men need multiple partners.
    As i said, what about male penguins, male dolphins?
    The have life partners, and i said that they are not weak because they don’t give into cumpulsive selfish urges which our culture believes that aspects like this make the human race weak.
    How are you Alpha if you are giving into cumpulsive urges, making excuses to why you a cheating on someone that cares about you. THAT IS WEAK and i honestly laugh at all who make the excuse they are alpha to go out and cheat… weak.
    You are no lions. Lions have courage, if you had courage, if you werent scared, you wouldnt do a CSI sweep.

    and “They show respect to their partner by hiding the fact that they have sex on the side. They are not little pussies who have to be “honest” and torture their girlfriends with details of their sexual life with other girls”
    When you are ina relationship with a woman, a closed relationship, there are always silent rules that are set up. These rules are 1. be honest, 2. be loyal, 3. be trustworthy. If these rules are broken, that is a disrespect to the other partner whether they are male or female. Its just up to the other person how much they will take of it. Sometimes its small things like lying about you taking out the trash, and sometimes its big things like lying to someone that you didnt cheat on them. That is the most disrespectful thing. You are breaking all 3 silent rules of being in a closed relationship.

    I admit i have broken a few rules to my bf of 3 years in the past. But the difference is, i owned up to it, i said sorry for hurting him and i will never do it again.


  • Anonymous

    at least us females will be the ones that won’t grow old alone.
    You males that cheat will
    because you are the type of people that turn women lesbian
    and all the other women will be taken by men that REALLY care about her.

    what is up with how you talk about “cheating on a girl you care about”
    Obviously if you cared about her you wouldn’t cheat!

    Man sometimes i think males have no brains

  • Anonymous

    And another thing about the whole penguin and dolphins that mate for life, and dont cheat because they are not compulsive and selfish, because they are not weak.
    I have found some more animals that mate for life:
    Gibbon apes, wolves, termites, coyotes, barn owls, beavers, bald eagles, golden eagles, condors, swans, brolga cranes, French angel fish, sandhill cranes, pigeons, prions (a seabird), red-tailed hawks, anglerfish, ospreys, prairie voles (a rodent), and black vultures — are a few that mate for life.

    ohh would you look at that, there is an ape in the description… arent we more related to apes and doplhins than we are to lions? hmmmm

  • Holly

    who would want to be an aplha male, when you can me an omega male.

    Omega males are a lot more attractive.
    They dont cheat on their girlfriends, but they eat the aplha male for breakfast without the ego.

    Omega males are the males every chick wants.

    Aplha males as the above says, are weak

  • Nicola

    This is hilarious! Wish I was a guy so I could pull shit like this.. Infidelity is so sexy ;)

  • Anonymous

    At least for me, cheating is not that good of a deal, because I don’t like the guilt. So I do this: Many women wold welcome a second girl in the bedroom if they felt safe enough regarding your feelings and if you know how tho make her think it was her idea. So, after subtle suggestions and opened talks, I got my last three stable girlfriends not only enjoying a threesome, but picking up the girls too in some cases (this is a good thing because it gives them confidence that they are in control). Of course, you don’t have to exaggerate and she must be “the main course” in the bed. If you know how to reach deep in their minds, you will find out that most girls are a lot kinkier then the men.

  • Deer

    Very well written. I worry about my sociopathic tendencies–feeling disconnected from the ideas I was / we all were raised in. I suppose it’s natural discomfort to break away.
    I feel like by maintaining such a superficial relationship (perhaps that’s the wrong adjective) you miss out on some of the experience. It’s nice having a girlfriend that becomes incorporated into your life, becomes your friend, etc. Perhaps it’s just a matter of priority. I wonder if there’s a way to develop the quality, or bond, friendship, whatever, and still be able to disconnect yourself enough to engage in physical satisfaction. Directed at OP: do you find your LTR offers similar benefits? I feel like even objectively looking at time put in to a relationship, building your connection and such would make it hard to be successfully employing these tips. As I said, maybe it’s just a matter of priority. I guess I just wonder whether it’s really having your cake and eating it too? A serious question, I’m legimitately curious. And following that, I wonder if there’s a way to approach this with a different style of LTR in mind. Obviously the danger of exposure goes up ten fold once she’s integrated into your day to day life. Something to think on. Thanks for the thoughtful post, and again, it’s really a pleasure reading intelligent literature.

  • Anonymous

    Have you ever actually loved a woman? Or even regarded one as a human being?

  • Anonymous

    This is an essay by Paul Graham on how to intelligently (and more effectively) disagree. This is aimed at the comments such as “Have you ever actually loved a woman? Or even regarded one as a human being?”. Check it out, it´s well written and educational:

  • Mysogony

    I love how women come on here and talk about integrity and morality.

    It does not occur to them that what “you don’t know cannot hurt you emotionally”

    Like men should waste their lives having sex with the same women. BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!! They fail to realize that a man cheating on you does not necessarily mean there is something wrong with you. He just likes variety. however women lack the logical intelligence to comprehend this… so it does not suprise me to say the least.

  • Mysogony

    @ Anonymous 96

    You are comparing a human man to a Gibon ape and penguin. Are you serious. You even said that those animals dont give into selfish urges as men do?
    Are you serious or are you mentally ill? How does the behavior of those animals translate or have anything to do with a Man desire to have multiple partners.

  • Niing

    Seriously, I think you all need to read this:

    Maybe that will make you males less stupid. She gives you steps on how to not cheat. It’s step by step so you will be able to understand it easier. -_-” Cheaters do not have courage.

    READ IT!

  • Anonymous

    I am surprised that this topic has not come up before. But if you want a girlfriend and you like to have sex with other women you need a bisexual girlfriend. Then you can both meet other women and if everyone is comfortable then have a threesome. Maybe there was another post about this topic.

  • Anonymous

    Men that are insecure about their sexuality and ability to keep a decnet woman engage in this type of behavior. It’s sad. Men do not act in this fashion but overgrown boys do. Women, don’t waste your time, there are decent men out there that are good looking and kind. Don’t settle for creepy STD seeking freaks like this guy! That is unless you are an insecure, then by all means, hit up this loser!

  • Anonymous

    This has to be a joke.

  • owen

    How sad that this all passes for ‘game’. Not right really.

  • Man

    Women think it’s so easy for men to just suppress their genetic, innate desires to procreate with multiple women. The truth is, if a man could get away with it and not get caught and not feel remorse, they would. EVERY man would. It’s in our genes to do so.

    Maybe let’s compare this to overeating. I think a lot of American women could understand this. You shouldn’t eat that doughnut or the chips or the chocolate bar, but they are addictive, our brains tell you to eat it because in past times people needed to consume all the calories they could to ensure survival. But it makes you fat; ruins your health; makes you far less attractive; decreases your lifespan; gives you bad skin; gives you diseases – this list goes on. Why don’t you just stop doing that?

    Well the numbers say it’s not that easy. 64% of American women are overweight. Almost 2 out of 3. I would bet _at least_ half the remaining non-overweight women have a genetic advantage to prevent this, and probably a third are young and will eventually be overweight. So let’s say maybe 10% of women are able to maintain a healthy bodyweight from will power and determination. 1 out of 10. Great numbers.

    Now imagine a desire 10 times as strong! That is the desire for men to have sex with multiple women. This is in our genes because in times past it was in the best interest for the survival of our species. Our lives are centered around sex. Wars are fought over it, empires are built, lives are destroyed, because men love sex more than anything else. Men will blow themselves up for the promise of virgins in the afterlife. I personally know men that have given up all friendships for a woman(sex), moved across the country away from all family and friends for a woman(sex), bought cars just to impress a woman – I could go on and on.

    There are a few reasons men don’t cheat and it’s not bravery or courage. The first is because they risk losing the source of sex they have – most betas are worried they won’t find another. The second is social pressure – they risk being outcast and labelled a ‘cheater’ and looked down upon. The third is personal remorse that has been brainwashed into them by society. They have been told since they were children that they are a bad person if they cheat. Finally, money – if you are married or common law like many people, for some reason women get half your money.

    So why can’t women understand this and let men be men? In many societies (Latin America, parts of Europe, Africa, Asia), cheating/a mistress is accepted. At the end of the day, if a man comes home and is there for a woman, why can’t he have sex with others? Most women hardly care for sex except to help them start relationships. At least not on the same level as men. Why do women here just have to look down on sex, instead of trying to be constructive about it?

    There’s a great episode of South Park about this, about celebrity sex addicts. The government claims that sex addiction has been brought to our planet by a wizard alien (that it’s not an inherent part of male behavior). All the men play along, and create a SWAT team to hunt it down, then proclaim the end of sex addiction. It’s great because it shows how silly our culture is ignoring reality. Saying that these celebrities have problems when they are just doing what most men would do in their position. Denying that every man is a sex addict, which we are. Women have to stop looking down on us, calling us weak etc, simply because we are following our instincts. Make allowances, it’s not such a big deal. Figure something out because denying the truth does nothing. If you really think that all it takes is will power, then get back to me when less than 10% of American women are overweight just because of willpower. Not going to happen.

  • wakeupfolks

    So….men aren’t actually capable of love. They want sex much more than love and companionship. I get it now, thanks guys.

  • Anonymous

    I hope you get castrated.

  • Anonymous

    What Melanie said.

  • Anonymous



  • bwahahahaha!

    Ridiculous post with godawful grammar, and a dishonourable premise.

    You shame all men by being a bad sample yourself. Not only are you afraid to come out of the closet, fearing you will lose your girlfriend (and you will), you are actively advocating your poor life style choices to others.

    I’m glad you use condoms, because it minimises your partners’ risk of STIs and it prevents your sociopathic genes from being multiplied.

    Polygamy can work, but is based on one important tenet: that you can take care of all your spouses the same, materially and emotionally. Also, the spouses obviously know about one another. There is zero parallel with polygamy and your situation. You want the emotional security you get from your girlfriend, and you want the excitement of a new sexual partner every time it suits you. Your relationships are entirely on your terms and involve no compromise on your part. Thus, you are asking all your sexual partners to compromise for you. And you like it. That is not the mark of a man, that is the mark of a child who throws a tantrum if things don’t go his way.

    Sociobiology is not a well-respected field of science. You cannot invoke this ‘science’ to back up (or denounce) your behaviour; men and women cheat at the same rates and for similar reasons. SB is merely a just-so story to justify certain commonly held stereotypes (that men are natural cheaters, and women unnatural cheaters, for instance).

    You will lose your girlfriend, if you haven’t already a long time ago. Karma is a bitch.

  • Anonymous

    My wife and I have both agreed if we need a fuck with someone else then we go fuck. We are not falling in love with our fuck partners and it is only a 1 night thing. We don’t introduce our fucks to our friends or our children. They don’t know where we live. Usually this happens during business trips or we hunt together during vacations.

    As a couple gets older maybe they get more realistic. I think what slips most people up is that they get feelings for another person that they are sleeping with. This is simple hormonal response and to get rid of that is by not sleeping with the same person more than once.

  • Anonymous

    Hmm…any woman will still catch a man (or should I say boy) who follows these rules simply because….any man who always keeps his phone locked and/or glued to him is keeping a secret…any guy who mainly texts is keeping a secret…many woman nowadays can tell when things are going on…”intuition”….woman also tend to sometimes “check up” on their man purposely or to surprise them…oh and who knows maybe she doesn’t care about you and ALL this space you need because she is getting some on the side since you are not giving her enough attention…oh and lastly…maybe you didn’t learn this in school BUT you CAN get HERPES even using condoms and we all know you cannot get rid of that STD…so creep if you must, but it is a lot easier to just date multiple people and have fun instead of being deceiving a partner that has no idea and possibly giving someone an STD that you can get from “safe sex” or as I say safer but not completely safe…

  • noname

    I have a better solution to the guilt issue – don’t feel guilty about it. I have the nicest, kindest, most loving, caring understanding girl in the world. And given the chance, I would fuck a donkey-girl if I didn’t think she’d find out. Guilt free.

    No guilt, no change. Just have to worry bout the physical evidence.

  • Anonymous

    when my man cheated on me and i found out i got 4 guys to hide in my basment got my man for sex pretended i wanted bondage tyed him up to a chair and fuck the 4 guys in front of him hahaha but then one of them got me pregnet

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  • marie

    Wow guys, thanks for helping women getting you caught when you cheat.. you truly are as stupid as you seem ;) And then you wonder why you get caught almost every time *rolling eyes*

  • Tyler Durden

    Dude! Thank you!! Best advice ever!

  • katrina

    Hello there guys. You boys are not truly looking at what you are doing. Talk to your girl about things don’t just think she going to go crazy. I did with my man and you know something he gots a lot of cake and he still got me. He is very spoiled and he had more then 4 in a bed at one time. Now guys would you like that or the other. Because if my man cheating on me without me knowing I would cut his balls off and hand them to him. Just saying think about what your doing and how it may hurt you.

  • dot

    all men are animals. they’ll fuck anything that moves, will cheat if they know they can get away with it. and because of this, i treat men like animals, cos none of them deserve to be treated like human anyway. sometimes i purposely go out of my way and seduce married men, just so that i can puncture holes in his balls with my spikes. the feeling u get when you know you’ve destroyed a cheating man’s testicles, it’s fucking overwhelming :)

  • Darkgrey

    You’re all fucking idiots

  • Shania

    Guys do what you gotta do, but girls are way ahead of you. But the thing with us is, we fleece you for cars, money, mobiles whilst we do the rounds. Men are dumb fucks!

  • Anonymous

    @avis: Love not only exists, it can even be purchased, and often for less money than you think. Maintenance can be tricky at times, but if you approach the situation with the right attitudes, you have a good chance of succeeding. Roosh seems to like the Latin women, but I have found the most love amongst German girls, particularly Porsches and Shepherds. I’m with a 46-year-old and a 13-year-old right now, and neither one has ever let me down. They also stand a good chance of helping you find love amongst the human species. But, if not, I still haven’t run across any pussy that is better than a good drive with a good dog. That’s Alpha.

  • Tiemyshoe

    I think I will follow this strategy and see how it goes. But I dont think my girlfriend will notice I’m cheating on her with a guy. Its cool right? I mean im not gay or anything Im just into both penis and pussy and monkeys. I like turtles.

  • Tiemytie

    Fuck you gay faggot ! Who the hell fuck monkeys?! you sick perverted dickless pussy licking STD face shit hole !

  • Paris hilton

    That’s hot (:

  • Anonymous

    Your a creep. An intelligent one but still a creep.

  • Anonymous

    As far as evolution goes, men are programmed for mutliple partners. There is a huge protest of morality and values against cheating, but ask yourselves, why. There are of course negatives, being deceitful and potentially hurting someone emotionally invested in you. I can’t deny the selfishness behind being okay with risking that, but we all have to be a little selfish sometimes. I can offer a girl the world, make her feel love, happiness and a flurry of emotions she couldn’t feel without me. Unfortunately, women may be able to offer me emotional connection, but none can satisfy all my physical needs. If my creeping improves my happiness and keeps my relationship strong then no harm, no foul. Why would I deprive myself of a relationship that I could grow as a person and achieve things I normally wouldn’t because I don’t want to supress my natural male urges.

    I love my girlfriend, I make her happy and she’s absolutely in love with me. Personally, I like to have my cake and eat it too. I’m sorry for all the upstanding men who won’t ever be able to have the best of both worlds, I’m alright being a scumbag.

  • Anonymous


    you speak as if we all don’t know women do that already lmao…’re probably already draining your beta male’s credit card and banging a rooshv blog reader on the side

  • big dawg

    this is a great article a mirror image of what im currently doing right now as i read this lol. great way to no get caught and keep that dog inside running free in some girls underware thanks for the advise dude

  • Anonymous

    Lol…… In the bathroom going through your shit!!!!!

  • hjkjk

    you are a worthless shit

  • Rebecca Smith

    You guys are bad people.

  • RooshIsaHero

    Roosh you are a hero. And what you wrote here is very good.

    Thank you

    Keep up the great posts. This one is gold.


  • Anonymous

    Hey man, cheating on your GF isn’t cool. Dump your girl and keep banging the 8′s and 9′s bimbos, but don’t be a douche. There’s a HUGE difference between being a grade-A player and a jerk.

    Hell, even jerks tell their girls they’re cheating on them. In fact, lying and not *facing* consequences & pain is a very beta trait. You actually sound like the typical AFC who learned to fake the system but would have otherwise been a complete loser if it weren’t for the PUA community.

  • Vixen Girl

    I’m not sure why this post is titled “How to cheat on your GIRLfriend”…because every time I fool around on my “boyfriend”, this is exactly how I do it. I don’t have a Facebook, I use Google Voice to talk to my “side-boys”, keep my cell-phone locked, have a guest account on my laptop that I switch to so my emails, other passwords, chat histories, general history is all off-limits to anyone but myself, use excuses of being a “private person who needs time alone” when I’m out at bars, have multiple loyal girlfriends as alibis (who themselves know very little of what I’m up to), never bring any guy to my own place (We can’t go back to mine, I have cranky room-mates? Is your’s close?), and even wash my privates with vinegared water before sex so everything is clean and tight. And I’ve NEVER been caught.

    I always had a feeling growing up that I’m slightly psychopathic and only a fear of being caught and punished has kept me from doing whatever I wanted to. So I don’t really feel guilty about cheating on my ass-hat boyfriend. He is a bar owner and probably (definitely?) cheats on me anyway but I keep him around because of the expensive gifts he gets me (probably because of the guilt he feels) and the full access to one of the best bars in the city that I get because I’m his girl. This makes me sound immoral but you can’t possible expect a young 21-year old girl to not make-out, have sex, and take gifts from other cute boys right? I’ll change my ways, I promise!

    Anyway, you would never guess this about a girl like me. I mean, I’m getting my Bachelor’s from Columbia University, I come from a wealthy house-hold, I have a bright future ahead of me with Law-school being my only priority, and I’m cute, friendly, and very intelligent. Like I said, I don’t expect to keep up this lifestyle forever. I definitely plan to straighten out by my late-twenties and marry a good guy with a great income like most girls like me(educated, pretty, wealthy) do. I hope I’m mature enough by then that I don’t cheat on him after I’m bored in a couple of years (but no guarantees ;) ) and the only lie I may have to tell is the one about my past. Which is pretty easy to hide in an anonymous city like NYC. Maybe I’ll move to another state? Don’t know for now.

    But here’s to all the players of the world! We are just impulsive, selfish, in-the-moment types, so forgive up ya nay-sayers!

  • wsimpson86

    Wtf! If you have to cheat than why be with the person? Save them the heartache and STDs that you’re pathetic ass is spreading. I bet though if you were to get cheated on you’d be pissed off. It’s low lives like you cheaters that STDs are getting spread like they are. Fucking grow up not everything is about you and what you want. This is just fucking pathetic! Cheating is not ok no matter the circumstance. The point of a relationships is to have somebody you want to make happy and care about. You just only want what you want. Little boys are what you are, real men treat women right.

  • udolipixie

    “I love my girlfriend, I make her happy and she’s absolutely in love with me. Personally, I like to have my cake and eat it too. I’m sorry for all the upstanding men who won’t ever be able to have the best of both worlds, I’m alright being a scumbag.”

    Do you love her enough to stay with her if you found out she was having the best of both worlds and cheating on you? Are you alright having a scum bag for a gf?

    After all it’s human beings who as far as evolution goes are not programmed for multiple partner. In nature females look for the best sperm and often go through multiple men and when they settle down it’s usually not for monogamy reasons but to secure the partner’s resources as their own and for their security.

  • Anonymous

    absolutely hilarious ow completely pathetic you and all these deluded “men” are.. haha.. to be honest, women are bigger players,and use men, and you think us women actually give a shit if you mess aroumd, a good girl wouldnt settle for a loser who makes excuses, only desperate,easy girls with issues would settle. truh is men cheat, and even when a woman finds out most the time she doesnt want to believe it and doesnt leave the guy, if that man had any self respect or decency he wouldnt do that to anyone, karma is a bitch and what goes around comes around. trust me. if you unhappy with your girl, and she cant keep yous atisfied than leave her, dont cheat on her as it could do so much damage, i know 3 people who have commited suicide from this, and one woman cut off her mans penis.and he was left with nothing and she is successful and is married to a model who is also a doctor from harvard uni. and can have sex all she wants. as her ex can never do that again. and i think every woman should make men pay for the pain they cause the person they with. and you, who wrote tis post.. your time is coming.. i promise you, bad will happen to you and the cheaters out there.

    haha i find this too funny.

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  • Anonymous

    How to cheat on your boyfriend and not get caught:

    1.) Don’t flirt with his friends, or really anyone else when you spend time together – when together, all of your attention is on them.

    2.) Don’t hook up with anyone that could communicate within their friend circle – guys talk with eachother about who they score with. Best if your “pick up ground” is in a town/neighborhood at least 15-20min away.

    3.) Never leave a paper trail. Immediately delete any correspondence. Make sure the other guy knows not to initiate contact.

    4.) Be upfront with the guy(s) on the side – either let them know you’re cheating, or tell them you’re in an open relationship. They won’t care, and it will allow you to place rules on when and where, and make sure they keep any digital/phone contact platonic.

    5.) Set up day time play mates that you can fuck over the lunch hour – so you’re not taking time away from your man.

    6.) Don’t suddenly change your dress style/perfume/start working out/etc. to impress another guy – they’ll notice.

    7.) Admit you have a strong sex drive, be open to threesomes with another girl. Start up a profile on a sex search engine like AFF, tell him about it but don’t give him the password, and say you’re looking for other females. You can also use it to easily pick up hot boy toys without a lot of effort. This is also handy if you travel for work, because you can set up someone to hook up with while you’re out of town.

    8.) Never go back to your place. If you can’t go to theirs, have them pay for a hotel room – most will.

    9.) Don’t worry about setting up a regular fuck buddy – mix it up. There’s a world of horney men out there just looking for some pussy that would be happy to have a one night stand.

    10.) Use birthcontrol – preferably an implant – and always insist on a condom. No worse way to get caught than getting knocked up or infected.

    (Men – the ladies out there can sneak around just as easily. If you have a girlfriend that you only see twice a week, I would bet she’s sneaking around just as much and probably way more effectively than you are.)

  • Belissimo

    I cheat on my boyfriend all the time. Who wants to shag the same man all their life? The benefits for women are that we get wined and dined and presents brought as well as the shag at the end of the night. The man walks away with his load taken care of and empty pockets. Keep on top of the game ladies.

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  • Chris

    I love how all these girls and guys disagree with this. If u disagree then whyd you read it idiot. Anyways this post is the shit. Being with one girl is jus too boring. Cheating is the only solution :D . And to anyone that disagrees to this comment and is gonna talk shit. All i have to say is , you getting mad is making me all that more happy :D once again i love this post , Bye Bye:))

  • Chris

    Oh and this is too Anonymous. Lol i understand your mad and what not. And that youre sexist :p but whether you like it or not guys are better at cheating than women. And when you try to use us we know. Were just taking adavantage of you being a whore so we can have some sex as well :) just thought you should know the truth. B’bye :)

  • Christian

    Oh and this is too Anonymous. Lol i understand your mad and what not. And that youre sexist :p but whether you like it or not guys are better at cheating than women. And when you try to use us we know. Were just taking adavantage of you being a whore so we can have some sex as well :) just thought you should know the truth. B’bye :)

  • Anonymous


  • Little Lady

    I’ve been cheated on by someone I loved very much, & who claimed to love me. Men, you can’t imagine the pain and sickness women feel when we are cheated on, lied to, and used. The sadness, doubts, insecurities that occur stay with us forever. You ruin us for life. Maybe I’m just incredibly naive, but I really thought when someone said they love you & you have great sex, fun times together, closeness, happiness for one another that it could be enough. Reading this & mens responses literally turns my stomach.

  • Anonymous

    This post literally made me want to vomit. I’ve been cheated on. If you are doing this to your girl, it’s unfair for SO many reasons, the main one being that this poor girl is with someone but has no idea who he really is. I caught my boyfriend cheating (his demise was me finding emails/texts) and it was the most emotionally devastating thing I’ve ever gone through. It proved that he was nothing but an fake dirtbag who took advantage of me. Had I known who he was before all this I never would have gotten involved. This is an absolutely disgusting thing to be promoting.

  • youre a male ho

    Seriously? If youre gunna cheat, might as well be in an “open relationship”. You should consider becoming a male prostitute. No point bein a wuss about it. Fuckmates ares so fake. Real relationships are waaay better. Cant compare!

  • youre a male ho

    Most of you ppl on here are no class, no taste trash. Fuck cheaters

  • jet

    I am very happy I am with another women after reading this. Women are more loyal. We have better sex together then I ever had with a man also.

  • Anonymous

    Dude this works like gold! I’ve got two more girls on the side and it’s heaven, even my girl is getting better sex since I’m getting much hornier when I see her.

    The best shit is that I know I have the power to make the other girls fall in love with me if I wanted, or if my girl finds out!!


  • Anonymous

    You guys are losers and if any of these “tips” work, you’re probably dating stupid, ugly women who would take you back if you got caught anyways.
    A woman more sure of herself would never let half of that shit fly. Keeping a lock on your cell phone sends off immediate red flags. Nevermind that getting someone’s password is as easy as watching them type it. And if my boyfriend had a lock on his phone you can bet your ass I would crack it.
    I would also never consider a guy I only spent two nights a week with as my “boyfriend”. I would typically consider that a “friends with benefits” situation, and honestly most of my FWB I spent more time with than that.
    Get some standards. Date attractive women that are confident and independant who have a back bone. I am willing to bet your desire for cheating reduces significantly.

  • Anonymous

    You are a sick person.

  • brilliant

    This is a satire right? If so this site is totally brilliant.

  • Anonymous

    as a guy who is a former cheater, I found out the hard way why it was a bad idea, after contracting herepes and HIV in the same night with the same side piece (yes condoms and all) shit still happens. So you can imagine my girl friends suprise when she went to have some routine blood work/physical and check up done. Good Luck boys hope you had better luck than me and I had been doing it for years and never got caught. All the pussy I got in the past doesnt make up for being all alone now, family friends and flings alike all abandoned me around the same time

  • Anonymous

    Disgusted!!! lame excuse for a human being!!!

  • girl next door

    Yes, I am the girl next door that man want to bring to meet his momma. A good girl who always wanted a good man in this life. Caught my then husband cheating from a text massage, and my now boyfriend, a couple time caught trying to bones another woman. I can’t believe I still with him. Pretty stupid I know… just because I don’t care anymore, you see… just like Ms.Rhianna said “When a good girl gone bad, she gone forever “. Now, if you find a good girl and you treat her like shit, good luck finding another one.
    The only thing separated man/woman from cheating is opportunity.
    For all the cheater and cheater wannabe, don’t have a relationship when you still want to fuck around, grow the fuck up.

  • Kayle

    Just as guys cheat on girls, I cheat on guys. I mean why be faithful if they will go fuck the first short skirt they see. Guys are pretty much stupid and will believe anything we say since we have the advantage of them thinking us innocent. If I say I’m going out with the girls or with family i can get away with anything. If they call and i don’t pick up i simply say I didn’t hear the phone and I was busy with work. I try to send as much text messages as possible detailing how much I love them and miss them to build up their confidence. It’s just a strategy to get them off my back while I have a few encounter with other gentlemen. My excuse…if guys do it why can’t girls?

  • Lady

    After reading this post I fully realized my boyfriend is a player and I broke up with him. Thanks for getting the information out there where anyone can find it Roosh!

  • Hmmm

    The advice is way too legitimate to be a joke. The dude is serious…

  • Anonymous

    Listen to the anonymous person who wrote two weeks ago – the one who contracted HIV and herpes on the same night using a condom. And then gave it to his faithful girlfriend. Think about that. He handed her a death sentence. All because he cheated, used whatever justifications you’re using “men have urges” (like women don’t?) “it doesn’t matter if you don’t get caught” “I keep my girl satisfied, so it’s okay if I go out and get pussy”… Think about it. He gave her a death sentence. He gave her a double whammy. And now he’s alone. And he regrets it. He would probably do anything to take it back, including unfuck all those pussies (correct me if I’m wrong, Mr. Anonymous). Do you really want to be that person? And what if you were the faithful one? You remained faithful just to find out that your loved one, the person you devoted yourself to for who knows how long, cheated on you, put his penis in another woman, and then brought you home a fatal disease. You stayed faithful for a cheating murderer. Think about that the next time you try to entice a “strange” girl to open her legs. DON’T. DO. IT.

  • Aarushi

    i’m a girl and i just happened to come across your post.. I apply pretty much the same technique in my ‘escapades’.. especially like the bit about not letting the guilt change your routine!

  • Anonymous

    No problem cheating American women, but don’t cheat on foreign chicks – they are special and should be respected.

  • ck

    To all of those cheaters. Remember,’ what comes around goes around ‘. So just wish you to be cheated on by somebody you really love and feel the pain you never felt before.

  • tk

    guys be smart

  • Ewk

    As a brazilian-argentinian girl myself, I have to say that the sleazy gringo prototipes like Roosh are finally being seen as what they really are: a bunch of little, sad, pathetic and lonely douches with a worrying lack of self respect (let alone respecting others). Disgousting.

  • essexjak

    been in a relationship with my bird for 2 and half years now. she loves me alot more than she should and tbh i don’t deserve a woman who is willing to do so much for me. the thing is i was playing game long before we got together, was seeing like 5 different birds from 18 to 28 wen i was 20 never cheated before tho as was “seeing” girls with no committment before her. then i found my current gf. true love.
    she’s a whore like the rest
    banged 4 of my mates in the same night one after the other.
    see the thing is morales don’t mean shit to a woman, “unless her dad beat em into her or her looks faded with age”. i was always a decent lad of “honor and integrity”. but let’s face facts, u cant be a knight in shining armor without blood on your sword. and my sword’s a dick forged in the fires of Mt.Poon.

    if your naive enough to think women under 35 care for anything but dick and status it’s because you aint had enough “relationships” to work that out yet. cheating is dishonest and immoral but so are women and behind every cheating man is either a list of female frankensteins, an alpha orientated upbringing or both. fact is noone would post a thing on this page if you all weren’t looking for advice on the opposite sex or googling “how to cheat on your girlfriend” for some extra tips so most of you whiney muppets are betas and the rest who accept it for what it is are obviously alpha. I for one googled this shit ;)

  • Anon

    Damn there’s alot of comments on this one. Guess this subject hits right at the heart…lol

    Everything Roosh mentioned about the cell phones and computers is 100%. I’ve caught more cheating girlfriends using social networking sites and email than phones. They are smarter than you think, especially if they are seasoned veterans.

    If you suspect your wife or girlfriend is cheating, follow these tips.

    Make a fake profile with someone else’s picture on every dating website you can think of and search frequently for women of her “characteristics”. Chances are she has more than one and you’ll stumble across it while finding someone on the side.

    Use a keylogger on your computer and leave it on, preferably on the social networking site she frequents or the email log in she uses. She will think nothing of it and presto. (works every time) Now there are some ethical points to this method but hey, it’s your computer. Just don’t log on and start talking with her friends. Thats just retarded. Also, get well accustomed to keyloggers and the ways you can find them…she may have installed one on your computer without your knowledge.

    Going through her phone is the number one way but don’t get caught. It’s a privacy thing and could lead to legal ramifications. But smart women prefer the computer anyway. Keep your trails clean. Burn the billing statements (after you pay of course).

    Missing condoms are a sure sign something is up. As mentioned in another topic, women usually have condoms on hand as they like to sleep with random strange men. Take a quick count and remember it for the next time you need to recount. The number always seems to change…..

    Take notice of how she composes herself after “a night out with the girls”. The most damning evidence is in the smallest of details.

    And the last tip; Learn from your experiences as the cheater and the cheated. Eventually you will be so good you will be able to see who is the cheater and who is the cheated in almost any relationship.

  • Anonymous

    man you suck so much

  • Anonymous

    I will describe my personal experience and what ive been spotting around.
    I had a relationship with a guy 30 years older than me, italian, when I was 19, at the same time going out with a guy in college same age as me. I got pregnant and my older guy found out the baby wasnt hes baby after 3 year, just cause i got tired of lying, was much work than just rest and bee myself. We broke up.
    So i stick with the other one for extra 2 years when i started to be paranoid if he was doing the same with me ( none of them knew about the other btw, i havent seen anyone smarter than me so far ), so looking for evidences i found out he was having sex with one girl i knew. Dumped him.
    Left the country with my kid, started dating this guy, found out he was cheating but didnt cared cause he gave me one apartment. He was italian. But i got bored and i started cheating on him with someone else, an american. He found out and kicked me out of the apartment. So again i stick with the american and became, for some reason, totally loyal. Turns out he wasn’t faithful to me as well, so shit started to be serious.
    I had one other relationship with a scandinavian which I truly liked, but the paranoid after the american made me cheated him “before he could hurt me”. He found out and we broke up after 2 years together.
    I became alcoholic, tried drugs, had threesome, foursomes, forced myself into guys, All to distract myself from what ive been doing, causing pain and receiving pain around. I developed anxiety, my head was a eternal spinning hell cause all of this. It affected me so hard I wasnt sure if I could deal with this all, I started to think if wasnt a good time to rehab.
    You see, Im brazilian, great looking, 12 countries experience living and 2 college degrees, I already slept with guys from drug dealers to millionairess. At that point I could look myself in the mirror and I think what ive become.
    I cant say i did what i did cause i was young and free, this was just to justify my cheating, but because i wasnt good with myself. I dint care about myself.
    I dont think cheating involve love. Cheating isnt about been a man or been a woman. Cheating isnt a golden medal cause your are alfa or omega or mega. Cheating is personal and is totally about who you are.
    Ive learned my lesson since cheating brings you remarkable luggage afterwards. One after another I analyzed my relationships and I could see myself in every fase of my life. I became what i choose to do. I wasnt happy cause i havent have good relationship but i was a scumbag myself. When cheating you turn exactly the same material you wanna to avoid. People with good values stick with the same group.
    Today im engaged. I dont cheat. Sometimes I think if hes cheating but I know today im confident and smart enough to choose someone with good morals. I opened the bisexual door to him and we agree to go out twice a year to find girls for a threesome. I stop my anxious medication and I finished my alcohol treatment. I dont go to the hell of cheating scene, what i became after this behavior make me realize my peace of mind worth more than a dirty cock that i cant even suck decently, probably cause is full of std.
    In my humble opinion you cheat cause you like to taste yourself, its a bit of narcissistic deal. In the end every person knows that lock your stuff is the main red flag. Maybe the person just stick with you cause shes doing the same, or she cant do better, and this is the case she probably aint a good material to stick with as well.
    Karma it is a bitch.

  • Travis Clifford

    Cheating is wrong in any way you don’t love the person your with if you have to cheat if you really need to cheat then be honest and say you don’t love him/her than doing something stupid

  • load of crap

    yep. unfortuantly there are people who cheat. break peoples hearts and mess with peoples feelings. you make it sound relaly easy to cover your tracks. you can tell if someone is a cheater, they dont care about getting to know you as a person, they just care about getting laid. they think with their dicks. chances are if you’re cheating, you’re being cheated on. surprise cockfags.

  • voblex

    i think many guys intend to be loyal to their gf’s but there’s only so much lame irregular vanilla sex a man can take
    i had a previous gf who was incredible in bed
    did i think of cheating on her?
    no, never crossed my mind, cos she knew that the best way to nail a man is to keep him satisfied in bed
    i’ve been with good girls, with hearts of gold, but sadly so many of these women are boring in bed and often have little desire to learn how to be more open and exciting when it comes to sex
    this is the sad truth of why guys start thinking of cheating, they’re not automatically ‘bastards’ for feeling this way, this is simply innate male programming

  • Anonymous

    I don’t understand why you wouldn’t just casually date the girl you are cheating on. That way you wouldn’t have to do all this. What is the point of lying and potentially hurting someone? Seems like a lot of wasted effort when simple honesty would work just as well. Maybe I am missing something.

  • http://ebay Dennis

    It is MUCH harder for a guy to cheat because women start to get all “Clingy” suddenly they NEED the guy who they have been seeing as a “Bit on the side” How many times has this been said……”When are you going to tell your wife/girlfriend it is over” This is why I use ho0kers for “No strings” sex. What my wife does not know will not hurt her (I always were a condom BTW) I can pull my pants up..Pay the £90 walk away without the worry of getting caught. I have FAR to much to lose and can’t take the risk of “Clingy” bits on the side.

  • rose

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  • Angelina

    Remember, women can cheat too and since they aren’t “expected” to cheat, they can probably get away with it too. Remember, it works both ways. I know how to play the game and have successfully played it (I’m reformed now because no good can come of it). I also can spot a cheater from a mile away, regardless of these “subtle” tips since I’ve been there done that myself. I hope these men who practice these deceitful practices realize, it’s a two way street. It’s usually these people (cheaters) who would probably go crazy if they found out their woman was pulling the wool over their eyes. A woman doesn’t need to practice ways to “get” men. All they have to do is walk out the door…..Remember this, the next time you think you’re accomplishing something by creepin’ on your lady.

  • roosh v

    this is really something every girl schoud read

  • George

    “my current game strategy is to get a girl-next-door type who isn’t a club rat and treats me well and then return the favor by taking her out, pleasuring her, and caring for her when she has the sniffles. During that time I lie and creep on the side with random girls.”

    This is a deeply rooted beta and scarcity mindset. Roosh, have you ever considered the possibility that a woman might want a man not because he takes her out, but because she just adores him? With this setup, you conciously take the beta role, and assuming that you will run into problems, you lower the bar and want to settle for a lower quality woman.

    If you want a women to treat you well and respect you, you should NOT try to get a girl-next-door and expect her to automatically adore you, you should learn how to act like a man. Being a cheater just confirmes your beta mindset, and eventually even a low quality woman will lose the respect for you. It doesn’t matter if she’s girl-next-door or not.

    If you instead act like an alfa, you wouldn’t even have to lie or hide anything, you would be free and honest (and actually attractive to the opposite sex).

    “I knew a couple guys who had this “open” type deal with a girl who I eventually met and they were pretty low quality.”

    I don’t see why this is worse than getting a girl-next-door gf and then cheat on her. Unless you want a complicated life and to “live a lie”.

  • Xor

    I got a particular situation that has shifted my definition of cheating. I have been with a girl for almost 3 years and she is very determined to have sex for first time in the honeymoon. Im 20, and I dont want to marry her. I have been thinking about having an affair with one of my college friends. I love my girlfriend but I need some action too. I think this guide helps me a lot with this.

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  • http://fasf STEVE

    thanks bud u help me a lot i am currently doing step # 4 i’m on to girl # 25 my girl dont kno nothin, and i have banged all 25 girls. I love this book i brought three copies thanks VER VERY VERY MUCH

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  • Emma

    Reading through all of Roosh’s blog posts … I’m amazed at all of the negative comments left by WOMEN. I’m a woman and I love this site!! I’ve learnt heaps from Roosh … mainly about the best ways to dress down to make sure that I don’t attract a man who’s out prowling for pussy. Just take it as it is. If you want a decent man then go and find a decent man. But if you want a shag, then Zoosh is a one-stop shop. He never pretends to be boyfriend material, and never says that this is a site for ladies. It isn’t the dream of every middle-aged man to have a house, wife and kids. He has picked a different path – leave him to it.

  • Real Man 21

    You are all really stupid. hahaha come on now lets not play the bandwagon game because that’s the only game you can play. Lets be honest for a second, I know what i want and when, and I know whether i want pussy, or a REAL girl. not all girls r fucking crazy, some hell yeah but theres a girl who has it all and is great for us. I used to be like that, but it got lonely and boring.. I didnt even mean for her to happen. but i dnt know why all you guys pretend to be okay with this, when half of you probably can’t even pick up a chick

  • some girl somwhere

    thx now i know what to look out for

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  • max

    Ty i used these tips to cheat well on my gf thanks ^^

  • james

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  • LKS

    American women you made your men to like cheating since you like whoring around, so don’t complain. Unfortunately in other parts of the world women who are very decent and family oriented are many times cheated by their spouses, Roosh thanks to you it seems american will stop to have good since american men used to have good reputation as good boyfriends and husbands. I have a questio for you Roosh: Don’t you have some fear that the feminist in USA can make you any harm in the legal aspect?

  • viki choi

    ahh sex is sooooo good

  • Anonymous

    Might as well call this “HOW TO TREAT WOMAN LIKE COMPLETE TRASH” ………..Hey ROOSH. Karma is a Bitch, Yeah

  • Autumn

    You know, I would actually prefer if my boyfriend were to tell me when he slept with someone else. I would feel more hurt if he had sex with someone and didn’t tell me about it than if he were just honest and open about it. That said, I am okay with open relationships…not many people are.
    Though I will say that after reading a few of these posts this Roosh guy, whoever he is, is a douche. And he probably can’t get laid anyway. Why else would he spend so much time blogging on the internet?

  • Anonymous

    Old story short: Being and selfish comes at a price.

    and ye, all of you who are hating each other here.. i regard to you as an example of how not to be.

  • mike

    Well, i creeped a bit on the side and in the end it gave me herpes(i think the last random hookup did it, i am not sure) and that’s how my girl found out. She now has herpes as well. She dumped me and now all of my fiends and family know.

    I really wish i could take it back, but i don’t deserve it. At least i did not get HIV like that other poster.

    Also to the people claiming that men in latin america have mistresses and that it is normal and progressive thinking, they are deluded.

    yes some latino men have mistresses, but also those same guys cannot accept the fact that their wives are usually mistresses to other men. If they were really progressive they would have an open relationship.

    Karma is a bitch.

  • Jo

    The game gets tired on both sides after awhile.

  • Anonymous

    You are a very, very bad person.

  • Anonymous

    cheating is flat out wrong. It is a testament to what kind of person you are. I still value your observations on game, and traveling, but weak people cheat, not just on relationships, but anything. And some profit and get away with it, but oftentimes, do not and get severely punished. If you condone cheating in a relationship, then you condone cheating on other things too, like a politician betraying the trust of the public via money laundering or other scandals. Or a pro athlete using PEDs, having a dynamite of a career, but dying a horrible death of cancer at an early age. Morals aside, cheating doesn’t even make sense on a societal level: it is just highly contrary to progress.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, seems like a lot of time wasted.

    Maybe you should try watching internet porn, or better yet, see a professional, cause obviously you have a problem dude.

  • Sarah

    You’re insane.

  • Sarah

    And, I would also just like to point out that my guy friends are, at this point in their lives, more interested in polyamorous relationships, and hence tell women they begin dating initially about their lack of interest in being monogamous.

    As a woman who has been hit on by numerous men all her life, has been asked out more times than she can remember, I have so much respect for the honest guy, and will always find him to be the most attractive guy in the room.

    Respect to the guys who speak their truth, whether you want to be with five women, one woman, or two men. Whatever. I will always find you more attracted than men who adhere to these ideals that this writer, Roosh- whatever the heck your name means- writes.

    <3 honest guys forever <3

  • Anonymous

    “Fathers and teachers, I ponder, “What is hell?” I maintain that it is the suffering of being unable to love.” – Dostoevsky

    You are fucking disgusting, Roosh. I hope you get the STD you deserve, and watch while your cock withers and the good women you lied to all leave your cheating ass.

  • Machiavel

    Just discovered your blog, really funny :)

    Some other things i’d like to add that are more “passive” securities, ie some things that I realized saved my ass in case i’d speak to fast (i believe one unconsciously wants to get caught!) or forget to do some active covering up…

    -First thing is what i like calling ‘feeding the hyena’ : everything that is not forbidden is authorized, and starting from this I do not hesitate to drop some info that might have her get angry a little, but not have enough to actually leave me for that. I’d say : “but i cant lie to you, the truth always comes up, ones unconsciously wants to get caught… i cant hide the bad stuff from you, so you know everything…” Of course, never say : “I wouldnt tell you anyway!” As for the big things, I’d look at her in the eyes, and lie or deny.

    -I shift the focus to other targets. For instance, for a while we were split apart and i was hanging out a lot with an dutch and an italian girls. I was telling her often how well i was going along with the dutch, “how we would see the world alike (who cares honestly?), how clever and educated she was (as if we would choose a girl for this…), etc. too bad her friend the italian is always around, she’s annoying, i dont really like her.” She was quite jealous of the dutch, and i would let her be like this and do any investigation about her because… i was banging the italian.

    -I always play on humour about this subject. “-Where were you ? -”Oh i was banging the neighbour! -Haha!” or some other jokes like. She’d laugh because she wants to be funny and get into this game. Once, I got home early morning. “-Did you have an orgy at Patrick’s ? -Yes, we fucked a polish girl in a threesome, it was great! -Haha!” It was the truth.

  • Don LadyKiller

    The single most powerful act you can perform to cement yourself in a woman’s heart is to cheat on her and let her find out.

    Women love to be cheated on by a man they love.

  • Anne

    You’re a fucktard

    -Toronto, Ontario

  • HaterrrrrrHumann

    I came here wanting too see just how people do the cheating thing consistently. I’m disgusted by the love and emotion you players will never experience. Your parents, and society have always had the capacity for intimacy. I suppose you never have ever experienced intimacy, or you would never lie and cheat.

  • Anonymous

    It’s no coincidence that Roosh rhymes with douche….

  • Jason R

    Roosh. You are disgusting, and probably a liar. I was prepared to entertain reading your post until I got as far as “I was washing my cock off after sex…” Yeah, fucking Shakespeare aren’t you. Your writing truly elevates the soul and raises the spirit. Eew.

  • Just your average girl

    I think this is vile, if your not happy with a girl you should just leave her, why cheat. It makes you seem like such a twat. You should be ashamed on yourself if you’ve cheated on a partner, it doesn’t make you big or cool.

    When all you cheats do find ‘that special someone’ I hope they cheat on you, then you’ll know what it feels like.

  • Anonymous

    Any intelligent and respectable woman can see through these tricks. It appears to me that scum attracts scum- so any man using these “tricks” thinking they are the “boss” is probably attracting low grade women. It’s hilarious that you cheat on the your girl but worry about her cheating on you. The truth of the matter is you are most likely too preoccupied with your flings that you won’t realize when she soon is interested in other men. So good luck with the pathetic women you attract haha and don’t forget that like attracts like so you’re just attracting scumish and pathetic women back to you!

  • Anonymous

    also, the men who complain that women “make” them cheat are usually the ones who attract shitty women because they are not decent men. So what is the lesson here? Well pathetic boy attract pathetic girls and decent, respectable men attract respectable women who have character. But unfortunately I’ve also come to the conclusion that many men & women from foreign countries have a backwards mentality.

  • jealous

    Funny stuff – you are there to get multiple dopamine rushes from sexual penetrations and a girl may feel cheated as if you were signalling future resource limits to her babies, as if you were creating some culture with a relationship.

  • muzi79

    Hi Roosh,

    i absolutely love your advices, could you please make a post about how to game to get mistresses while having a wife or girlfriend at the same time? would you tell the mistress that you already have a g.f or wife?

    many thanks Man. you rockkkkk

  • Mokub

    Greatest advice to the blue pillers Roosh!
    You are heaven sent – keep up the great work of mass education. Us in the know love your work!!!

  • derpina

    This advice is terrible, srsly.

    I’d rather have a guy tell me up front what the deal was – because it’s obvious you don’t want a relationship. You just want sex. So why go to all that trouble?

    You’ll get more respect by telling her upfront what the deal is and bonus, if she’s OK with it, then you don’t have to play mindgames.

  • isaac

    You are all pathetic and need some help. I know none of you but I know people like you. They’re low arrogant and sad. How can you justify cheating. How can you call a women a whore if you’re doing the same? And tell me what if that were your younger sister or mum being disraspected. Cheated used like a bit of meet. Huh yeah you would do the im going to knock him the fuck out when I do even know what respect honesty comitment love or self respect is. If you cheat and disraspect your girl its because deepdown in that mind of yours theres a lot of neglect and hate upon yourself. You know its reverse psychology sometimes not always. You treat people the way you want to be treated and you live life once and what happens when you have a child or someone falls pregnant. Yeah be smart and say theres protection guess what I have 2 daughters and protection can fail but I wouldnt change them for the world. I have a gf whom I love yh we have our ups and downs but shit happens u grow up and get over it. There are many words in the english and all other dictionaries that describes how low and pathetic you all are. While you’re at it you might aswel post a forum how to beat your girl without getting caught because its the same principle emtional and physical and mental pain all do damage. Yeah to you its a harmless bit of fun cheating but what when she does find out and she will they will girls aint stupid. Your harmless playing can seriously damage that girl mentally like depression anxiety the list is endless so think about the long term emotional damage you didnt think about before shagging about. I am an anxiety sufferer for many reasons so I can relate. No not all girls or guys will get that way but if they love you and you’re playing them whether you like it or not emotionally it will hurt them. This isnt just sexual pleasure for you guys its emtional. Bullying and im sure if it were your sister etc. Youd have something to say so if one of thier family members finds out and knocks your block off you know why cos it that were my kids id do more than rearrange you’re facial features. Sort your selves out and check out mental profesional help seriously.

  • felonyFIGHTER

    Bro, This is exactly what I was looking for. I know all about cheating on girls, I think your first point “start on the right foot” is a MUST. I guess I have to get better at that tho. Breaking a heart is never fun, but having a jar full of broken hearts I guess it is. Also, when a girl finally caught you and pours her heart out infront of you is quiet the experience. Hate the player not the GAMEE !!!!!!

  • Fuck you roosh

    I hate you and all you disgusting cheaters, I hope you all die a horrible death, for doing disgusting stuff like this to people that don’t deserve to be cheated on.

  • Not a Farmer

    All anyone has to do is link to this blog post when the subject of cheating American women comes up. All this gnashing of teeth about those horrible, faithless whores, and we read this? Oh yeah, we feel so sorry for you, all you poor guys, women are so unreliable, such cheaters, poor you! How wronged you have been! You just want to find a good girl, but there are no faithful, decent women out there!

    So when you find a nice “girl next door,” you cheat on her? And somehow, at the end of the day, it’s okay, and you men are the injured parties because women are such lying, cheating whores?

    LOL! Comedy Gold! I couldn’t make this shit up!

  • conscience

    this is so idiotic and poorly written. this article reads as if you are desperately trying to prove your masculinity to strangers.

    also, misleading someone is morally wrong. whether or not she finds out you are still lying to her and doing something that, if discovered, would hurt her. you cannot label something as just simply because, if executed precisely, there will be minimal chance of being caught and therefore no penalty. if you were to murder someone, whether or not you were caught it is still morally wrong.

    i feel bad for you. it seems that you live a very shallow and petty life. but you might be a very nice person that is just immature and if thats the case i hope this phase of your life passes and you meet a truly amazing woman that you fall for and then go on to marry. and then i sincerely hope several years into the marriage you discover she’s been cheating the whole time.

  • Roosh Douche

    Roosh, this is the silliest thing every written by another human being on the internet. Bottom line?….if you are in an exclusive relationship deception is morally wrong in all cases. There’s no justification for it. If this is the lifestyle you condone I can’t wait for the karma to catch up to you. Aren’t you a student of Buddhism? What would Buddha do?

    If this article isn’t ridiculous enough the most obvious flaw is that it exposes your game to the entire civilized world. Any chick you plan to bang can read this and is aware of your strategy. Real smooth bro.

    Roosh = Douche!

  • Endo

    Roosh the douche. Yeah, that fits.

    One thought: You know how you think it’s OK to eat pussy with all the girls you have sex with, ’cause everybody does it? Well now we’re finding out that men get HPV in their throats from oral sex with women who have the virus. And there are like 80 different strains of HPV, so you can’t just get it once.

    Roosh you’re gonna go all Michael Douglas before too long … haha! I Just feel sorry for any slut stupid enough to get with you.

    Why not just be honest, both with yourself and with your lover(s)?

    And since you’re curious, here’s my stats:

    I’m a 35 y.o. white male, graduate degree, live in Ohio; I’ve had sex with 40 girls in my life, and I cheated only once at age 18 w/ first girlfriend. Now happily living w/ my exotic girlfriend who is 13 years younger than I am. When we got together we agreed that if either one of us ever feels the need to branch out and have sex with another person, we’d talk about it w/ each other first. And that would be OK. But so far, we haven’t felt the desire to do so.

  • Anonymous

    great man.. now u r officially a man-whore! we need more men like u to establish gender equality and let the world know that even men can be whores :) (by an “open-minded” female)

  • Anonymous

    You are the shit.

  • Amazed foreign girl

    It seems odd that the author writing this column is the same one complaining about women who cheat and don´t take marriage seriously at ¨42 Things Wrong With American Women¨. When men cheat it is ok trying to protect themselves from being caught but when women cheat they are wrong. Seriously, the author has to grow up.

  • : fvaetha: el

    @Mr. Pilkington
    “American women want to be loved, but do not know how to be lovable.”

    Beautifully worded. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t have a problem with polygamy, but I do with people who are dishonest. Almost inevitably, one or both of the following situations will occur:

    1. Your double life will lead to complications. Lying consistently is much harder than people seem to think. Unless you’re a pathological liar or some kind of psychopath, you will feel slightly guilty or at least uneasy about the situation. As you said, if you don’t want to run the risk of her finding out, you’ll have to keep those little excursions to yourself. Bottled up. Silently. Even if you are one of those extremely rare people who can lie without any guilt, a double life will put a lot of stress on you, as you always have to be secretive (which can drive you to paranoia) and operate alone.

    2. She will find out. Chances are that one day, maybe after a particularly bad fight or really crappy event, you will slip on one or several of your techniques and your house of cards will collapse. Be realistic. Professionals often make mistakes. So can you. Even if she’s naive, chances are pretty good that she will find out one day, one way or another.

    If # 1 happens, at least you’ll have brought it upon yourself and you’ll know it. But if # 2 occurs, you will most likely scar your girl. Think of how insecure your average woman is, and then think of what an event like this will do to her when she is already so fragile. She will probably never be able to trust a man again. Unless she’s a slut herself or expected you to cheat, you’ll have literally fucked her up for life, and the world will lose another decent woman, whose scarcity you so often lament.

    Have a heart, man. Even if you don’t think cheating is wrong, at least consider the potential ramifications. If you know you can’t control your desires, just go solo.

  • Anonymous

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    this post. I will be coming again to your blog for extra soon.

  • Anonymous

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  • girl

    I’m a girl and this is excellent for learning the tricks that some sly guys would/could want to do. If I found out a guy cheated on me, I’m out. I do agree that don’t give let your significant other have access to your phone if you want to have your secrets. I had a very possessive boyfriend who was very jealous and he busted me chatting with a cute English guy. The thing is the only way to guarantee your privacy is to establish your “personal space” and make the other feel guilty for invading it. He demanded my password and I declined and accused him of being nosey but since I had no established “personal space” in our relationship and we agreed for us to be very open to each other it was obvious I was the guilty one and I finally had to confess my password. He read every single flirtatious text and never trusted me again. He always had suspicions beforehand that I was dishonest and always tried to dig up trouble even if there wasn’t any. I found him overbearing to the point he was pushing me away from him. It got to the point where I had headaches because of the stress we had in our relationship. I wouldn’t ever physically cheat on my partner. The English guy I was texting I had no personal interest for but he was definitely a distraction from my relationship problems. He wasn’t worth it at all for me and my boyfriend to break up. But my ex never believed I didn’t have interest or feelings to the English guy. I have learned a lot from my relationship though and I would know spot on if someone was cheating on me.

  • girl

    Also, I don’t condone cheating at all. It is despicable and the worst betrayal of all. Even just texting another guy made me feel so bad the way it hurt and tore apart my boyfriend. It hurts to hurt. I do admit I was never ready for a committed relationship and was too immature to handle the responsibility. Its more complex than I ever thought. If you are not ready for a committed relationship, date casual. When you are in a committed relationship, you form love, trust and responsibility of the feelings and concerns of the other partner. Don’t make it into a game. You could really hurt someone. And don’t get with an overly possessive guy(girl)even though it is cute at first when you two get along. It can bite you in the back later on. My ex told me im not allowed to date me again and threatened to ruin my life if I ever dated someone and loved again. Hopefully we can get back together. Or maybe it’s too fucked up. I’m only a teenager and it was my first relationship. :’(

  • Mike

    While the article is well written. I do not agree with this philosophy. There is no real reason to cheat if you are honest. If you two are not compatible or are not communicating with each other it seems that two people should not be together. we discuss this further in one of our posts about relationship goals here.



  • Anonymous

    I bet women appreciate this so now they’ll know what to look for. But quite frankly, I hope you get hit by a bus. Like why be in a relationship if you’re gonna cheat? It ruins women mentally. It crushes their self-esteem and gives them trust issues that could interfere with having future relationships with “real men” instead of some coward like yourself. You, my friend, need to seek professional help.

  • grtbtr

    lol this is fucked. just break up with her if your game is “good” your attracting multiple women all the time. why do you even need her to be entertained? you obviously don’t actually liker her that much, and second your game must no be too good if you cant actually find a women you truly like.

  • grtbtr

    it’s also super fucked and weird how you throw any sense of morals out the window just because someone is a female. would you pull the same mental/emotional sabotage on your male friends in some other method? I couldn’t live with myself

  • A Real King Is No Ogre

    Men are not loveless, soul-less animalistic creatures of the underworld. I’ve read too much Pablo Neruda and have too many beautiful brothers (6 brothers) to think otherwise.
    To be honest, I think you’re suffering from a lot of pain that perhaps someone caused in your life. You haven’t let yourself process it because you don’t want to feel weak, which ironically just makes you weaker and less of a man, a deep yearning with you. But you’re human and it’s okay to feel whatever its is you feel towards people, and even towards women. It’s okay to feel this way and to be frank, you must feel this way in order to get to the deeper side of things. I feel like you won’t take this seriously or may even stereotype me as something horrible but I am speaking from my own life’s eye.
    What were you created for? What inspires you beyond words? How do you challenge yourself other than working out and trying to up your “game”? You detest, disrespect, and distrust women yet it seems like they take up quite a bit of your time and thoughts. Do you believe that there is a male and female counterpart living inside you at this very moment? Because there is. You have estrogen as much as I have testosterone. This is a weakness to you?
    Take up your living, breathing, virtue and morals inside you and unite them with your leadership, strength, nobility, and honor that you were so wonderfully given to you. This page is called Return of Kings. In any journey, the hero must leave his home (your present beliefs, which takes courage,) and go into unchartered lands where he fights battles, loses, learns, wins, and eventually expands his scope of knowledge through these experiences. He returns home with a higher consciousness and spirit, learning to act with his fear rather than because of it. He ultimately brings the boon back to share with the people, and becomes a noble and courageous king, marrying a bride worthy and equal in wit and honor, respects her, laughs with her, and unites in the most sacred way possible, together ruling and supporting one another till the end of time.
    That is what men in this Western society are truly called to do. Women are called to be queens and we have our own journey and vanity to overcome, this is true. But the first step to any journey is to begin, and to begin is to leave or question our pretenses, the battle is within yourself- the integration of ego and selfish desires with what your true self is desperately trying to reveal but what your fear keeps shutting down. The return is coming home again, changed.
    You want to return before you’ve even started. I entreat you to begin.

  • Mrperfc

    Leave Roosh alone, he’s doing his thing and you guy are just hating on the kid!

  • Le Sigh

    High drive? Desire for variety? Stay casual or be in an open relationship. There are plenty of girls out there who like freedom AND having a connection, too. What you seek is seeking you if you’re honest. Too insecure to handle competition? Therapy can help.

  • Poor Roosh

    He probably doesn’t do it. Most of Roosh work is that of his imagination and not founded in reality. Dont worry too much about him, he just likes to think that he does these things.

  • Poor Roosh

    Kid is about right, maybe infant even, I am, of course, talking about his level of maturity.


    Step 10, no matter what you do you will be busted and if the girl forgives you she is going to remember your soulless routine, it will be imprinted in her head, and all those lil things like “hanging out with steve” will be gone, so say bye to 85% of your friends. Why not with hold “dating” until you find the right girl, instead of making someone fall for you and break there heart and cause more insecurities. Then you don’t have to go to so much effort picking up strands of hair, controlling your load and making up lame excuses, to not get caught. fuck like a slut when your single, instead of going out of your way to play someone. Is there any decent males out there? obviously not.

  • no one

    I have been cheated on and lied to countless times and the men try to make out your going mad and that your just needy. I was questioning my own sanity. I stayed on my own 3 years to build myself back up then went out dating again. Only to find out 3mths later he was married, the next was sick of emailing me like he did when we got together and sent afew scraps of texts…like you say its easy to cheat like this. I found out a year later that he was playing around. I give it one last shot and met someone else…a real gentleman and far from goodlooking but had a good heart. Once again, just found out via him needing space..that his space he as been with for over 10 years and i am number 6 that i know of. I don’t believe anyone anymore and its sickening you post things like this. It is heartbreaking to be in this situation. Use your heart and soul not your cock. I am staying on my own am sick of bring hurt over and over by liars. There really is no need.


    I am testifying on how Dr Wisdom help me to bring back my ex-husband who left me 3 months ago i got his email on the internet on an article how he had help so many people,so i emailed the Dr and tell my problems to him and after that day he gave me assurance of 3days,to my greatest surprise my husband came back to me in third day of contacting him,i want to say a very big thank you to for all his help..

  • rico suave

    Umm yeah roosh. you forgot to mention that some whores are scratchers. you need to lay the ground rules before you stick it in make sure there’s no hickies no scratching no biting that must be made loud and clear. tell then you work part time as a lifeguard you cant be having no scratches all over your back etc. in fact some of these b****** will do it just to f*** you up with the next target.

  • Wtf

    I think you shouldn’t in a relationship if you’re going to fuck a lot of girls. You piece of shit. I hate cheaters. Hope you FUCK AND DIE.

  • Giovanni O

    HAhahah – You hope he gets hit by a bus?Didn’t ya see his last sentence? (No offense)

  • Anonomys

    Best thing I have ever heard in a looonngg time

  • Anonymous

    You cheat because you are in a relationship that can lead up to marriage, and if you cheat on someone when your dating them and then expect to get married then what’s stoping you from still cheating even when married?
    That’s why

  • 1love

    you got everything pretty much on lockdown roosh. 1 slip up though that would cost you. never leave the condom wrapper in a bin in your property. throw it out a window. burn it. even eat if you have too… to all the women haters here, youd probably never ever understand this kinda shit, and too all da men haters. grow a pair and use em.. and to all the real mans reading this, stay on point! real talk roosh, stay true. from 1love (naattt)

  • Randa

    One word that sums you up, ASSHOLE.

  • InsanePumpkin


  • InsanePumpkin

    That’s because they don’t

  • ThatPerson

    Read all this and figure out how to destroy your girlfriends life when she finally catches on! And read to fine out how much a hypocritical thing this is!
    Really do men think
    ” We’ll lions have a lot of mates I should too!” Like seriously? Or “I should bang some chicks off the street because my girlfriend isn’t enough for me and im and alpha male and its okay, but if she cheats on me it’s over”
    Dump your girlfriend and save the trouble of ruining her life cause women don’t deserve selfish douchebags

  • james


  • jave

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  • Claire

    So let me get this straight…it’s wrong for women to have sex with different men, even when they’re single, but it’s perfectly fine – and even encouraged – for men to sleep with multiple women even when they’re IN A RELATIONSHIP with a sweet person. You’re a sick bastard who’s going to die alone.

  • HAhaha

    I find it interesting that this compulsion of yours to cheat, is actually a way to avoid vulnerability. Porn does wonders for releasing sexual desires but what you write about it more than sexual desires. When you need to please a woman and compliment her to get her into bed, it makes you feel accomplished, attractive and manly. It also helps you not feel so vulnerable with the nice girl at home.

    Watch out though because when you are guilty, all you can see in your partner is all the time they possibly had to sleep with the guy next door, her cute co-worker and even, possibly your brother.

    Enjoy seeing a therapist in 5-10 years.

  • KT

    While I do think you’re a little scoundrel, this is excellent reading and good to know info for women.

  • moderniste

    My boyfriend found this site, and apparently spent about 3 hours reading stuff, and came away so amazed at the intricacy of the world Roosh has created for himself that he wanted me to see it. Thanks, Torsten–I got a kick out of it.

    I’ve been with two players at different times in my life. One of them was very much like Roosh. His whole life was involved with trying to sleep with as many women as possible, yet he found it necessary to keep a “serious” GF. He went to great lengths to lie to her, and to the girls he picked up on the side. He didn’t just lie to me about having a GF, he went to an elaborate degree of manufacturing this whole fake “life”, going into great detail about a fake job, a fake education and a fake upbringing.

    Of course, he made himself out to be a rich lawyer who went to Yale and came from an old money Eastern seaboard WASP family when in reality, the guy was a telemarketer for a phone company, had an AA from a community college, and was a middle class Jewish guy. Thing was, he was very cute, and I wouldn’t have really cared about his background had his personality and lovemaking skills been up to par.

    Eh–so I had a one-night stand that wasn’t so great. He spent a good deal of the evening talking about how so many girls have “gone postal” on him and stalked him, I guess to puff himself up as such a desirable commodity. All of his bragadoccio vanished after he realized that I wasn’t going to stick around the rest of the night after “the deed”. All of a sudden, he starts ranting about “sluts” and “bitches”–and I was very good mannered about making my excuses to go home that evening, and that I didn’t really need his number.

    I could have really let loose on the dude after this whole evening of not letting me get a word in edgewise whilst he went on about his great fake life; it was pretty obvious once we got back to his crappy apartment that things didn’t add up. And the awful lovemaking–it still makes me cringe. But he was cute–if he had an honest and good personality, and was a more attentive lover, no girl would have needed the phony income and background. All in all, this guy had nothing good to say about women, yet seemed to have a pathological need to rack them up on the scoreboard and have them be under his thumb–making the move to leave was NOT okay.

    Contrast him to the other player I met. This guy came right out, with a big smile on his handsome face, and admitted that he was a big-time player, that he never dated a girl more than a month, but he was so genuinely fun, hot, and a really happy guy that he was totally irresistible. I knew that it would be really stupid to get hung up on him, so I saw him 4 times, and had an awesome time, then moved on with absolutely no drama–and I still have great memories of those 2 weeks. Needless to say, this guy was one of the most passionate lovers I’ve ever had, but totally not available for anything much past that. He too had experience with girls that had ignored his warnings and gotten stalkerish, but he was so upfront about things that it could only have been their fault. This player was the way he was because he really and truly loved and worshipped women, and he made you feel that when you were around him.

    Roosh has written all of these posts about deceiving women, making them feel insecure and off-balance to offset any power they might have, being a selfish and one-sided lover (who is missing out on some pretty hot ADULT sex), and not liking female bodies unless they fit a VERY specific description, yet he still insists he’s a player. And before you do what you do, I’m an ex-fashion model (not a cheesy lingerie-type model), tall and very thin. Roosh, you really seem to not like women very much at all, so I can only assume that you are doing this for reasons of power only. You’ve identified a population that you can easily exploit and you seem to get off not on sex or companionship with women, but with being able to dominate them, then throw them away.

    It occurs to me that if you really are this kind of pathological guy, you should focus upon exploiting something else–women are so complicated and messy, and you don’t even really like them anyways. Why not go into investment banking, where you are essentially required to not just succeed and “win”, but to utterly destroy your competition and take no prisoners in your quest to “have it all”. At least you’ll be walking away with a financial gain.

  • MARK

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    LAME techniques -_-

  • drizzy8705

    Man nobody want to read all that shit! shut yo dumb ass up!

  • L

    Get into an open or casual relationship if you really don’t want to be committed to one person.

    I just can’t understand the point of establishing a closed relationship with someone if you actually don’t want to be monogamous. Sure if might turn some women away from you, but in the end you’ll be getting what you want and she’ll be getting what she wants, you’ll both be as bad as each other, and neither of you will have to be fussed about the prospect of cheating.

    You can’t honestly expect a woman to be faithful to you when you’re unable to provide the same for her. Just avoid the heartache and let them know what they’ll be getting into.

  • mark22

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  • Bella Batali

    i think its funny you talk about how women are whores and skanks yet you post an article about how to cheat on women. cheating is certainly morally wrong, if your such a player and a pimp you dont need to decieve or cheat, be open with a women and say you dont want to be tied down you want to play the field, if you got it like you seem to think you do that wouldn’t be a problem. also if you were as great as you seem to think you are you could probably get your lady bringing women home to you. im not a fan of this article. also wearing a condom though “thoughtful” will not stop you from bringing home crabs, hpv or herpes

  • BarryMccackinhoes

    Thanks roosh!! your strategy is solid! using your techniques i was able to sleep with my girlfriend’s sister and her best friend and he never found out! it’s awesome i would try her mother but she is old and ugly maybe next ill go for more of her friends.

  • Alisha Fox

    These are the great blogs; I assure you that I really enjoyed a lot in reading.

  • Miks

    Fuck off bitch! U dont need to cheat your gf if you love her! If you really want to have sevaral gf then play all of those bitch! :p

  • kako kako

    Girls here should calm down.
    Girls, you’re talking about how bad you phychology feel when you’re cheated on.
    But WTF! Girls do you know how 99% of guys feel like when they fuck only 1 girl (their girlfriend) over several years? Same as you when you get cheated! It is very hard for men to be satisfied with 1 girl only over a long perdiod (for sex), men need to have sex with other girls some times, it is a simple biological attraction !

  • joyce

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  • Jimmy Bills

    It’s a man’s job to be loyal; its a woman’s job to be faithful. There’s nothing wrong with a man getting some strange on the side, but for a female this is absolutely unacceptable. Just one of the differences between men and women.

  • andrew

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  • zion

    im sorry but i had to read that again u gave me good advice :]

  • franker

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  • the predator




  • Everyone

    You’re a dumb piece of shit, which is unacceptable. It’s because of assholes like you there’s so many fucked up women out there, and on the flip side women like this fuck up a hell of a lot of men. You’re a puss who was probably one of those. No matter what you say, all anyone who read what you wrote here will just see ‘I am a demented fuck who is so small of a man I can’t control myself without daddy or mommys watchful eye’ little boy.

  • Yeah

    Okay I understand you are trying to make some point, but let’s be real, you, ESPECIALLY you have no power whatsoever. Morality is the only thug that protects you. Otherwise you’d be just a handsome piece of meat. So why don’t you take that ego and shove it down your throat, before you waltz into the wrong neighborhood, and something else is shoved down there instead.

  • Jimmy Bills

    Lol damn you’re mad, someone must have fucked your girl lmao

  • Drea

    This is nonsense. Lol guys if you want tips on how to cheat go to a girl to get them. This advice “will get you caught” pffffft amateur!

  • Someone

    lol, this comments made my day jahaa



  • Ann Taurus

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    Beautiful write up.. well said!!!

  • IcePrincess

    I meant this post and not the article. The author is definitely not sane. What a moron!!