Girls Have Normal Sense Of Time

Three years ago a girl told me after sex that the last time she did it was a “really really long” time ago. Because I’m curious to a fault, I asked her how long was it. For me, really really long is six months, the longest I’ve gone without sex since losing my virginity. Her answer: “almost two months.” Since then, I’ve noticed that “long time” is getting shorter. It’s just a matter of time until I get “last week.” Keep in mind that I don’t dig for this information. It usually finds itself thrown out there in the bedroom ether.

Because women start feeling very uncomfortable in just a few weeks of no sex, I’m forced to conclude that men are the sexual camel of the species. We can wait so long because we are used to waiting, unlike a girl who can be banging in 2 minutes from the time she makes the decision to bang. Therefore, men are more patient than women, more likely to control their sexual desires (not necessarily by choice), and less likely to need instant gratification. That goes against the fact that many men have banged monsters, but I’m confident those were isolated incidents, in rare moments of weakness. :paranoid:

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