Go Down On Women And Get Oral Cancer

Via the New York Times:

Smoking and alcohol abuse are the major causes, but 25 percent of oral cancers appear in people who have never smoked or drunk to excess. The suspected cause of at least some of these cancers is human papillomavirus, or H.P.V., the same sexually transmitted virus that causes most cervical cancers, which can invade the mouth during oral sex. “Some are already hypothesizing that if kids are inoculated against H.P.V.,” Dr. Kahn said, “there will be a turnaround in the oral cancers caused by H.P.V., too.”

I think more research needs to be done in this area for the millions of men who, for whatever reason, go down on women voluntarily. They need to know if they’re putting their lives at risk by going out of their way to give a woman pleasure.

Luckily I have already been taking the proper precautions without even knowing it, and am pleased that not going down on girls will pay off with a potentially longer lifespan.

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