Going For Sex Early

Here’s an excerpt from Bang:

It took me some time to get comfortable with venue changing to her place or mine. I used to think not enough trust was established and there was no way she’ll let a strange guy she just met a couple hours ago take her somewhere alone, that I probably was going to murder or rape her. But this isn’t the case—if the girl thinks you are a murderer or rapist she won’t spend time talking to you. When a girl declines a venue change, it’s either because of logistics or because she doesn’t want to appear as a slut. The girls who do get turned off by your one night stand attempt are the ones who would take a long time to get into bed anyway. The attempt screens out those girls who aren’t serious about sex. Plus, having a sexual intent by using physical touching and the desire to isolate makes it clear that friendship is not in the cards. She will just walk away from you before settling into a friendship, which you are not interested in. Going for sex early is win-win: if she submits to your moves then you get laid, and if not then you can move onto the next girl without wasting valuable time.

Some of you are thinking that by only going for easy girls I’m screening out “good” girls who are worth more investment. I’d believe you but I already tried that—I tried going slow on girls I thought were more valuable than the rest, but it rarely worked out in my favor. I was either putting way too much work in it for little back, the interaction would end before I got sex, or the girl wasn’t as valuable as I initially thought.

I have much more patience with Colombian and Brazilian women because with them I’m rewarded for waiting a date or two longer. Our connection gets deeper, the intimacy is better, and generally I feel like the relationship is more healthy and not primarily based on sex. For some reason that type of patient mindset doesn’t serve me well with American girls. It’s better I just hit and quit with them, enjoying the quick casual relationship while fantasizing about a “real” relationship with a women who is more suitable for type of thing.

Of course there are exceptions and not every American girl is permanently damaged for all eternity, but it seems a lot harder to find relationship prospects in the States than in South America. The odds are simply not in my favor. Going for a relationship with a girl who has had a few dozen large cocks before me just doesn’t make a lot of sense as I would be paying more for a product that has been at a heavy discount (or free) for so many years before. I could look for many years in America before finding something acceptable, whereby it would take a fraction of the time in a different country.

Bottom line is if she’s a whore then treat her like one so you’ll at least get yours instead of getting played in the process. And then the time will come where you meet a girl who is more needy with less cock experience. Sure she doesn’t talk like a porn star in bed but she’ll genuinely care about you and want to make you happy while overlooking your many flaws. Then you can slow it down and get to know her as a human being. But until you meet that girl, it’s in the best interests of your cock to get sex as fast as possible.

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