Goodbye Poland

May and June in Poland were two of the best months in my life. I had to research ways to increase my libido so I could keep servicing the insatiable sexual appetites of Polish women, who have long since been neglected by their goofy men. After an abrupt summer pause the action resumed in October, meaning all was good in the world, right?

No matter how great a movie is, it just isn’t the same when you watch it a second time. In October I went to the same clubs that I was so successful before, but I couldn’t regain the excitement, and decided that I’d be happier trying to find another great movie. Even paradise feels normal after a while.

My time in Poland can be represented in two innocent events, both of which happened on the same day.

I went to the dental clinic for a basic cleaning, surprised to find that my dentist was an attractive woman younger than me, with revealing curves despite her loose white coat.

It took me ten minutes to realize that she was actually flirting with me. After she did a fine job sand blasting my teeth, I sat by her desk and flirted back. We talked for a short while and one step short of going for the number it comes out that she’s married. Not comfortable pursuing a married woman, I aborted my attempt, but how common is it to be in a country where not only the dentists are pretty, they’re interested in you as well?

I was on my way home when I saw a tall girl on the street walking towards me. I immediately focused on her sexy legs; they seemed five feet long. My eyes slowly moved up, savoring her magnificent body, building up to the moment of eye contact. I got up to her face and immediately recognized her as a girl I had fucked a couple months prior. How common is it to be attracted to an anonymous girl on the street only to find you already banged her?

I’m completely aware that it may never get better. Poland may be the best place in the world for me, but leave I shall. I don’t want to bleed, and I don’t want to suffer, but I need the drug of new experiences, new action, new places, and new women. I’m like a baby who needs a new toy jingling in front of him, or else he gets irritated and kicks wildly into the air.

Goodbye Poland. You’ve made me a happier man, a better man. Even though I can come back to defile you anytime I want, I know it won’t be quite the same.


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  • Anonymous

    What’s next? What about Norway, Finland, the Baltic states, or Eastern Europe?

  • samseau

    It’s true that a movie is never as memorable as it’s first viewing.

    But it is also true that great movies can be revisted every few months/years and provide a totally different experience.

    So when you eventually return to Poland, you’ll find something new and amazing about it that you missed during your first stay. You’ll be happy that you returned.

  • Alpha

    Excited to hear about your upcoming adventures, bro! Good luck and safe travels.

  • Alex

    Roosh – enough suspense already man, where are you going now?

  • Johnny Milfquest

    Where next Roosh?

  • Next destination?

    What will Roosh’s next destination will be?

    I think he’ll go to ASIA but I’m not sure where exactly. First it is time for some X-mas cake back home in the US…

    What do you guys think? Where will ROosh go to next?

    Roosh: So long, lonesome cowboy…Samseau is right, I think eventually you will return to Poland, after yet another Bolivia effect, to bang that peculiar 8 or 9 again.

  • Anonymous

    What’s Turkish for “Ancient Mariner”?

  • Bengalltigerr

    I’m pretty damn sure he’s heading back to Iceland.

  • Roosh

    I’m in Latvia.

  • polandthertal

    I’m glad our girls are appreciated all over the world. :)

  • Yams

    Good luck in the Baltics. You’ll get a sample of those Russian women soon enough and I’m sure that will determine your next route.

  • Bronan the Barbarian!

    G Manifesto will approve of the new destination.

  • Alex

    Excellent, Riga is going to get rooshed… Definitely one of my favoured destinations.

  • Tampa

    Dude, you need to hit up France. Paris. It’s mainstream but it’s the best city in the world. Amazing women. Awesome food. Great vibe.

  • Bengalltigerr

    Tampal Latvia is so much better than france.

  • Rooshing Riga?

    Great Roosh! you´ll love it…reminds me of banging my favourite russian (8) one of these days…

    “Latvia is historically predominantly Protestant” (Wikipedia)

    Curious how that will influence day & nightgame as well as bang rate.

  • FunBoyhehe

    How about S. Africa, Ethiopia, Japan, S. Korea?

  • warpedfuture

    Roosh to Egypt. 15-1 odds.

  • Giovonny

    Inspiring lifestyle creation!

    I’m quiting my job because of Roosh.

  • JoyStick

    were you learning to speak latvian before you left poland?

  • greenlander

    Hey Roosh, if you stay in Latvia until May then you can go watch the Blonde Parade!

    Simply yummy.

  • Anonymous

    He’s going to Russia.

  • OGNorCal707

    Roosh I know you’re all about slaying that poonanie, but I think you’re one crazy mofo for going to Latvia in the winter time! Isn’t it going to be like 10 degrees farenheight every day? Shit I’d much rather be chillin on a tropical beach somewhere drinking exotic cocktails.

  • anon

    hey roosh, i heard that iceland is good.

  • outlaw josey wales

    I don’t think Roosh is ever going to go to Asia (i.e. Phillipines, Thailand) because, 1) he generally doesn’t seem to like asian girls, and 2) it would be too easy for him.

    Roosh, why not go to Ethiopea and go after the Habeshas you lust after so much. :)

  • Lord Rooshman

    So are you in Riga right now? What are your initial thoughts?

  • Blunt

    Curious, if Latvia is part of the Schengen area how can you still get a visa after staying in Poland for 6 months?

  • pepini

    Roosh is going to Madre Russia.
    A good place for him to live would probably be France.

    Problem with Poland is that besides girls (which are great) everything just sucks big time. Food, weather, people, cities.

  • Russki

    @Blunt: He doesn’t. There are no border controls within the Schengen area. He’s going to get raped badly when leaving it.. but until then, he’ll be OK.

  • Lord Rooshman

    “There are no border controls within the Schengen area. He’s going to get raped badly when leaving it.. but until then, he’ll be OK.”

    No, he won’t get raped. For tourists, visa overstaying is not a big deal. There are people who overstay their visa by a year or more and don’t even get fined.

    The worst that could happen is a fine & travel ban for a while…but that is the worst.

    Just avoid leaving from a country notorious for being anal, like Germany.

  • busty

    no worries, Roosh will be back in Poland, for sure. Yeah, everything sucks. Except the girls, and people in general are nice.

  • Roosh for CEO?

    Blonde Island Resort In Maldives Planned By Lithuanian Firm.

    NO kidding!

  • Mr. International

    Hey man you are in Latvia…so am I, I am in Riga until tomorrow. You can’t beat the women here, true platinum blondes, 9s and 10s everywhere “model quality”..and above all they are sweet and very easy to approach. Definitely coming back in a few weeks. Had a hell of a weekend here. Check out the “I love you bar” “Pussy lounge” and Club Essential”…Giggity Goo!!


  • Orange

    Latvia in fuckin’ winter? Are you kidding me?

  • Ryu


    One thing that PUAs always harp on is that race doesn’t matter.

    So – which race of women are PUAs going after? Nearly all white.

    And what countries are they visiting? Australia, Europe, North America. They don’t want to go to Africa or some hovel in South America.

    Blondes with Aryan features in Lativa. There you go. You want to live in a white country where there are white women. There’s no better indicator than preference.

  • The Glee Manifesto

    “Eastern Block Bang”
    coming soon to an e-reader near you

  • Zolin

    @35 … PUAs visiting North America for women??? … Unless they are coming from a distant galaxy without having a clue maybe!!

  • God

    I’m just not convinced that game works. I often wonder if the women Roosh fucks look any good. I mean, I’ve known guys who fuck like crazy (a different girl everyday of the week), but the vast majority of the women they sleep with are pigs. If Roosh is doing the same, then so what? I wouldn’t mind if Roosh could do a post showing us the kind of women he slept with in Poland etc. That would go along way towards convincing me and many others of the effectiveness of game. Otherwise, as far as I’m concerned, he’s fucking fat pigs and boasting over it. How do I know every woman in Iceland he managed to bang wasn’t some kind of pig? Roosh, can you help me out here?

  • Fubsy

    why not go for some Pygmy pussy in the Congo next?

  • Peter

    You’ll probably find an even better heaven. There’s still lithuania, estonia, czechia, and slovakia to try out.

  • album

    @38 God makes a point here. While I do believe Roosh fucks 7s and up, it would be good to have some pics of chicks he banged. I have a personal “family album” where I collect most of them. This works fine to improve my bangs and boost my confidence. While Facebook doesn work to improve my game, adding her as a FB friend once you banged her is fun: you even don’t need to get the pics of all your bangs:)

  • gingko gecko

    “One thing that PUAs always harp on is that race doesn’t matter.”

    Don’t know what PUAs you’ve been hanging out with, race-obsessed fool. I find there’s a large overlap between the PUA and hbd blogging communities.

  • Lumiere

    Careful in Riga. G Manifesto got badly burned there and I day gamed a chick on the street a few months ago only to meet her at a bar later where they tried to scam me into buying her an over-priced drink. Looked like a totally regular bar too.

    They did not get away with it so I just paid for my own drink (regular price) and left.

  • nguyenimproved


    hey why-”RYU”-alive!…
    how are you.

    firstly, pretty much no one goes to australia or north america unless they’re misinformed
    ppl go to sth america, eastern europe and sea.

    roosh has already done brazil so you can’t say he’s into aryan only.

    even if he what.
    most asians are as well.

    it’s just they are about 0.01% as successful as the hairy Persian.

  • Anon

    “I’m just not convinced that game works. I often wonder if the women Roosh fucks look any good. I mean, I’ve known guys who fuck like crazy (a different girl everyday of the week), but the vast majority of the women they sleep with are pigs.”


    1. Guys who fuck a lot, like to fuck. Guys who like to fuck, fuck their more than their share of pigs.

    2. Guys who get hot girls, are often guys who fuck a lot, who fuck more than their share of pigs.

    That said, you need to stop worrying about whether the dick of some internet dude you’ve never met has plowed hotties or pigs. That’s borderline homo. Just worry about your own dick’s happiness

    3. Game works for those who game works.

  • MK

    Good on you for avoid married chicks I admire the ethics.

    I vote Australia next..

  • Mig Mack


    According to what he writes, Roosh bangs girls in the 6-7 range, with the occasional 8 thrown in. Good enough if you ask me.

  • Tony D

    It’s funny when I hear guys asking what “quality” of chicks a guy who writes about chicks for living bangs.

    You practice pickup so you can bang the chicks you want to bang.

  • God

    You guys are missing the point. The purpose of game, from what I understand, is to pick up quality females. You don’t need game to fuck fat bitches, fuglies, cougars etc. as these women are extremely easy to come by. Anybody can go out and fuck a fat bitch without using any game whatsoever, provided they’re not so low in SMV to be virtual omegas, but rare is the man who can attract an HB9 or 10, with or without game. My point is that, if Roosh is going to Poland and other places only to fuck fat bitch after fat bitch, then you guys have been sold a steaming pile of horseshit.

    How can anybody have confidence in a man as a pick up artist when you don’t even know what kind of bitches he fucks?

  • Donkey_puncher


    Quick question for you. Poland sounds really good. Somewhere I might go one day. Did you ever have language problems or do most girls there speak English?

  • Luis

    “How can anybody have confidence in a man as a pick up artist when you don’t even know what kind of bitches he fucks?”

    He wrote a book! :banana:

  • Joe

    Why are Polish men so Beta? I mean, they are just about the most Beta, pathetic men I have ever seen. Down to every last one.

    Why is that?

  • TheWiseMan

    Why polish men are beta? One reason only: The SUN. HOLLY SUN. Exactly why Spanish, Arab, Cuban guys are alphahorny. More sun means more vitamin D equals more testosterone = more male power.

    Black men also tend to have more muscles, bigger and whiter and stroger teeth, bones, larger cock.
    Least masculine men are from: UK, Finland, Poland, North Germany.

  • Magic

    The wiseMan:

    WTF? So what about Indonesia, thailand, phillipines itp? Are they alpha with big cocks:P?

  • JST

    TheWiseMan is making a strange argument. It happens that those “least masculine men” also happen to be rich and powerful and can get all sorts of women to be interested in them due to their high socioeconomic status on the international totem poll (except Poland). Trust me, I travel and I don’t see many of those “very masculine guys” around.

  • TheWiseMan

    Thailand, Indonesia: exceptions which confirm the rule.
    Sure, in Germany and UK there are many rich men. Again, they are an exception, outliers. Look at the majority of British/Scandinavian/German men: not really alpha.
    Poland is absolutely the worst combination: poor country, no sun, weak fathers who drink way too much (same in Sweden, Russia).

    However, its not very wise to generalize. What counts is the individual. These things always help to be more masculine: more energy from the sun, more hard training, more hard work bringing $$$, variety of bangs, less TV and computer games, and COOLNESS.
    Roosh! Go to Ukraine. Beautiful girls and 2x poorer than polish ;-)

  • Latvian woman

    Get your infested dick out of my country, you pathetic piece of shit. And get a wash, you look very unkempt.

  • Deb

    I identify with checking girls out in the street only to realise you fucked them. Where in live, it’s becoming more and more like a village for me. Everyday I walk through the city centre, smile and make eyes at almost every hot girl I see, whether she’s with her boyfriend or not. I start chatting to them, and then realise they know I have slept with them, or I have taken their number but not called, etc etc

  • Deb

    Wiseman, stop talking out of your ass

  • Anonymous

    I think roosh is handsome.I can because im a girl.I think game works better and more successful with a handsome guy.

    What girl doesnt like a nice strong handsome man.

    but no girl wants to be fooled…downfall to being a pretty girl is that men will trick you all the time…

    Theres nothing wrong going after these 8′s or 10′s.Its only nature,its her choice to tell him yes or no^^

    Thats why i stopped having sex,even though i like sex…ill stick with the vibrator until i meet one that wants a wife.Simple as that.

    Im attractive and i know what a man likes…How hard is cooking,cleaning or raising kids? its not hard at all.

    Sometimes i dont even get women myself and i am a

    I enjoy my life instead of laying around eating dozens of pies and crying about what a guy did to me,i may feel down for awhile.

    Then i remeber that all men are NOT the same and i just have to hold out a little longer until i find one that really loves and cares for me.The one that wants to be with me because he cant get me out of his mind.