Guiding Principle Of Male-Female Relations

This is going to be unpleasant.

I’ve been writing this blog for almost three years, and turns out I have failed to get across the guiding principle of male-female relations to women of the United States.

The guiding principle of male-famale relations:


If you are a woman over 30 who is single and unhappy, it is because you are overweight, have short hair, or have standards far higher than your attractiveness.

In Argentina the girls are fucking nutcases, but it is impossible to find a 26+ year old skinny Argentine girl with hair touching the top of her ass. Impossible.

In Brazil the girls are chubbier and less attractive but they have what is called sex appeal. Men are very attracted to this trait. Since you are American and have as much sex appeal as a woman from Afghanistan, your only hope is getting your looks together.

I know losing weight is tough with so many delicious flavors of Haagen Daz ice cream and Starbucks frappuccinos, but listen: calories in must be less than calories out. You can decrease calories in by eating less food, or you can increase calories out through exercise. Doing both will give you faster results. Also, lifting weights or doing toning exercises will give your body a pleasing appearance. This is something you have to do for the rest of your life. I know it will be brutal to miss your favorite television programs to get your body looking good, but this is the tremendous price you must pay.

Bonus tip: I have never met a fine bodied girl who washes down a night of beer or wine drinking with cheese or meat. Please research the calorie content of your favorite alcoholic beverages and the common late-night snacks you consume afterwards.

I know having long hair is a pain in the ass when it’s hot and I know it takes forever to dry, but you are not helping your cause with that “cute” bob cut. Men are not attracted to cute. If we did we’d all own puppies.

I’m sorry you have an unattractive face. Life is not fair. But you will have to significantly lower your standards if you want children or a husband. Not everyone is going to have an attractive mate. I have back and ear hair and various other deformities but since you are not as looks oriented as I am all I have to do is have personality, be interesting / confident, make jokes, etc. (i.e. have game) in order to get with women more attractive than I am handsome. These game traits help you so much less than me that it would be a waste of your time to work on them in place of body slimming or hair growing.

Also, have you have experimented with ways to maximize your looks potential?

You cannot compensate for fat, short hair, or an ugly face with education, an impressive job, or fancy purses.

“But Roosh I am thin and attractive with long hair but am over 30, single, and unhappy.”

Then you do not really want a husband or children.

I know every girl is going to write this off as too simplistic, mean, and unfair. It’s too easy for a girl to blame socioeconomic forces, a lack of “good men,” bad luck, or the media for her inability to hook one decent guy. So what I’m going to do is write a very complicated book called “Bang For Girls” that will be a glorious resource for how to look at guys, how to talk to them, how to date them, and so on. Let’s work on everything but your looks, which make the greatest impact on the men you get, so that you can say you are at least trying to make changes.

“But I don’t want a guy who just appreciates my looks. I’m intelligent, independent, witty, funny, blah blah.”

Reread the guiding principles of male-female relations again. Accept it or stay single.

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  • Bobby Rio

    Any girl that argues with your here is simply dillusional..

    Bobby Rio’s last blog post: Sofia Vergara is Delecious Latina Goodness.

  • GJ

    Epic. Life is unfair, but really most of what you describe is the fact one needs to work hard in order to succeed at dating. Men have to learn to be interesting (game), women have to work to be attractive and pleasant. Feel free to dispute these cruel truths, but a lack of effort in dating is why there are beta men and unmarried women.

  • The Dude

    What about being nice? I’ve met plenty of girls who are older, single, and unhappy but also decent looking and can’t understand why even though they have a totally bullshit bitchy attitude.

  • Irina

    it ain’t all looks, but it’s mostly looks. Men are operated at least 90% by their penises, or at least that’s what I’ve noticed.

    I agree with The Dude, too. I’ve seen many older women who just act really dominant and bitchy, yet are rather attractive, even compared to younger women. And they’re single and unhappy.

  • tom’s girl

    my first gut reaction is to disagree, but there is truth in between the lines. this, as with most of your posts dear sir, is genius…. also quite funny and entertaining.

    high five and a smack in the ass.. well done.

  • terps

    good post. as soon as I read the first line “this is going to be unpleasant”, I laughed outloud and said to myself “oh this is gonna be interesting.” it was.

  • Bobby Rio

    “what about being nice?” I think many guys will put up with a shitty attitude if she looks good…

    But most guys (with game) won’t put up with sup par looks even if she’s got the best personality in the world… maybe they will for a month or two (to try to convince themselves they’re a good person) but after awhile it will eat them up that they’re not fully attracted to the girl they are with.


    Great point about Brazilians having sex appeal.. Even some American girls I know will admit how guys can be attracted to a chubby Brasilada… simply because they ooze sexiness

  • Hope

    too simplistic, mean, and unfair.

    It’s not that unfair. Women can do a lot of mean and unfair things, and they can overcome the “looks” barrier easily.

    Men are operated at least 90% by their penises

    Exactly! Just as men can work on their game, women have certain tricks they can do to directly appeal to the lizard brain down there controlling the male penis.

    A lot of men have this thing called fetishes. Most men are into more “conventional” things like boobs and ass, but there are a lot of men into totally wild and weird shit. Women can keep guys coming back to them over and over again, if they know how to push those kinky buttons.

    My advice to women who aren’t blessed with good looks: find out the fetishes men have that you can tolerate and exploit them. A lot of women don’t feel like pushing them, which works in the favor of women who can and do. A woman can find a really awesome guy with weird kinks by catering to them, like feet / nails / Dom / dress-up etc. She can date “out of her league” this way.

    Also, a sexy attitude can go a long way. I don’t flirt at all, so even though my looks are above average I received very little attention from men. Mainstream “feminism” is not nearly as empowering as a woman using all of her sexual powers at her disposal. Of course, most women who figure these things out decide to keep these secrets from other women they don’t want the competition.

    Girl power is all about knowing it and using it. 😉

  • The Dude

    I have to disagree Bobby– in a long term relationship I would rather have a girl who is a 7 with a great attitude, who is not a bitch and I get along with than a 10 who is a tough to get along with.

    You can put up with someone’s bullshit for a while, but in the long run it gets old no matter how hot you are (at least for me). If you’re annoying and rude and ultimately not fun to be around, then I will just move on and find someone else. I guess I answered my own question!

  • Bobby Rio


    I’m not saying the girl has to be a 10… I’ve always said a fun 7 is the ideal girl to marry… but You have to be physically and sexually attracted to that fun 7…

    I agree too, I won’t put up with a girl’s bullshit no matter how hot she is… but I’ve had enough hot girls to know there is always another one waiting…

    many guys get their first taste of super attractive pussy and don’t want to let it go no matter how much bullshit they deal with..

    Bobby Rio’s last blog post: My Worst Hook-up Stories.

  • Hope

    I think many guys will put up with a shitty attitude if she looks good

    Only for a short while. That’s how the pick-up community operates but not how the average people operate. Giving advice about looking good to women is in the best interest of the man seeking flings and one-night-stands, not in the interest of the woman wanting to hold onto a long-term thing.

    Great point about Brazilians having sex appeal.. Even some American girls I know will admit how guys can be attracted to a chubby Brasilada… simply because they ooze sexiness

    Precisely what I mean by attitude. A sexy attitude is part of the arsenal of weaponry a woman can use in seducing men, and most men are defenseless against it because they are taught to be the predators and chasers, and get caught off-guard.

    Beautiful women can attract lots of men, but they are in danger of becoming boring quickly if they don’t try to be sexy at all and are too passive. This is why men will cheat on their beautiful girlfriends or wives with worse-looking girls, because those girls who will push his buttons and act “hot” and “sexy” get him off more than the more “objectively” beautiful woman who doesn’t even try.

    If you’re annoying and rude and ultimately not fun to be around, then I will just move on and find someone else.

    Other personality traits like intelligence, integrity, sweetness, kindness, sense of humor, etc. are bonus and great for relationship harmony, but won’t keep a man 100% faithful if she can’t blow his mind away with her sexiness.

    It’s not just about variety and looks. A woman can’t keep a man devoted to her forever (looks fade or change over time, and become unexciting by themselves) unless she figures out how to use those kinks and fetishes to make him aroused all the time.

  • Lou P.

    It usually baffles me when I hear women complain about not being able to understand guys. Guys are simple to understand, by and large, often to a fault with a lack of subtlety. Women can be intensely complex, which can be both fascinating and frustrating at the same time.

  • Jack Goes Forth

    Harsh, Brutal Honesty. This is the DC Bachelor getting back to its roots. Good work.

    Jack Goes Forth’s last blog post: Two Roads Diverged in a Wood….

  • Joe T.

    Roosh, Roosh, Roosh.

    The DC area is GROUND ZERO for attractive men dating plain women. It’s just everywhere. Having lived there for 10 years, I became inured to it.

    Great Myths of the DC area:

    1. There are no attractive single men; all the men are nerdy, ugly policy wonks.

    2. DC women are frustrated because there aren’t enough “good” men around to date.

    Actually, just the *opposite* is true. The DC area is a paradise for young, single women.

    One prime indicator: The world of Washington, DC area (includuing suburban MD and VA) yuppiedom is perhaps the one, single place in — not just the USA, but the world — where you invariably will not encounter young, single, attractive women out-and-about unescorted, i.e., alone.

    This makes it much harder for single guys on the prowl.

    And I’m not talking about nightclubs and bars, I’m talking about in the daytime, at bookstores, restaurants at lunchtime, in supermarkets, etc. — your usual daytime pickup venues.



    I am very widely traveled. I travel all over the US — East Coast, West Coast, Dirty South…

    I travel all over Europe… UK, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Eastern Europe…

    Single young women out-and-about alone, or only with other single young women, EVERYWHERE. I mean EVERYWHERE.

    Go to DC, and you won’t spot one. Not one.

    Either they’ve developed a culture where they’re ashamed to go out alone, or they want to show off their “boy” to everyone. Probably a combination of both, and a very strong one.

    But the underlying meaning in all this is that there are definitely enough available, desirable men for all these young single women.

    So much so that every halfway-decent looking girl in the DC area is attached, and usually she DATES UP.

    Usually her “boy” is better looking than she is.

    Plain Jane policy wonkettes and damn-near-ugly nonprofit gals dating dashing artists, journalist-types, and politicos everywhere in DC.


  • terps

    Joe T, I’m not sure if I agree with single women not traveling alone during the daytime in DC. At night? sure, they are all in groups. but during the day, I do see them by themselves scattered about in some places. But if you’re talking about their approachability, I might agree with you if you say that DC women are generally unapproachable compared to other places. That’s probably a different topic altogether.

  • Generate


  • terps

    another thought… if DC is really the paradise for single young women, then why are so many of them frustrated and complaining?

  • Anonymous

    Two things: “In Argentina the girls are fucking nutcases, but it is impossible to find a 26+ year old skinny Argentine girl with hair touching the top of her ass. Impossible.”

    is this a typo or am i reading it wrong? do you mean one that is single cuz it seems like they all sould be 26, thin, and w/long hair.

    Two: Joe T is very right. As a 31 year old single guy I realized it wasnt that often i came across girls in my daily, non bar life that I saw attractive. Then i took a few trips to other countries and places in the US and noticed ‘all the sudden’ i was seeing attractive, sexy girls out and about on a regular basis. So i’ve made it a point now to actually stop and think about it when i see a ‘gf material’ type girl out and about in dc, nad i’ll tell you its very rare, and no, i’m not a hermit. which got me wondering why. think about the type of girls that move to DC. valedictorian types, lawyers, tech consultants, mostly unattractive career types. and lots of the beautiful girls i have known in DC have left, to places like California, Texas, FL, NYC, etc. So I have the suspicion that most attractive girls are wired the same and attracted to qualities in a city that DC cant provide – be it beaches, skiing, fashion, etc. They’re certainly not attracted to crappy weahter, career oriented lifestyles, and beltway traffic. So to get the hot girl you’re going to have to get out of DC, at least until you are married, then you can consider moving back.

  • Joe T.

    terps, thanks for your comment.

    I think so many of ’em complain because collective expectations are in the stratosphere.

    Remember the DC area has tons of young people arriving every year from all over the country. Many of these people are very ambitious achievers who have very high expectations for everything in life — careers, relationships, etc.

    When these young women get to DC the first thing they see is all these hot, high-achieving alpha political types in dashing around in expensive suits with influential jobs, and they WANT ONE.

    So immediately expectations get ratcheted up very high.

    But when everything shakes out, most of these girls who do all that complaining end up making out pretty well. They end up hooking up with quite a number of desirable guys.

    It’s a lot of the guys I knew in the DC area who suffer in silence, going month after month (and sometimes year after year) without a decent date or hook-up.

    DC is a very lopsided place, and the dating dynamic is HUGELY skewed in favor of females.

    This has become so pervasive and deeply-ingrained, I would argue, that many people, especially the guys, don’t see it.

    But you made a very accurate observation that DC girls are largely unapproachable, terps — much more so than other places.

    You have to ask the question, what does this unapproachability grow out of?

    I would argue that it grows out of the overwhelming availability of willing, fawning, desirable young men who throw themselves at these women — often girls who would have a much harder time scoring so many “hot” guys and alphas in a normal place.

  • Joe T.

    Terps! This comment of yours says it all:

    “…but during the day, I do see them by themselves scattered about in some places.”

    How often do you get out of the DC area, my friend?

    In other places around the world… pick one… Vegas… LA… London… Berlin… it’s not just “scattered about in some places”. It’s all over the fuckin’ place, all the time!

  • Lisa

    I couldn’t agree more on the weight thing. Seriously women of the world, why is it so bad that looks are important? Especially, especially when you are not a natural thin person and your looks are hard won.

    But let’s take a look at the hair issue. Marilyn Monroe, Sofia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor; all famous sex goddesses and all with famously short hair. Gina Lollobrigita or however you spell it. All I’m saying is modern haircuts are crap. Viva la pineapple.

  • dchero

    “a sexy attitude can go a long way.”

    This reminds me of another truism: “a little moan goes a long way”. So true.


    Since when does this really matter? If her ‘boyfriend’ isn’t really her boyfriend, you can at least get digits. You gotta approach and see what happens.

    In DC, women are everywhere. Since I have such low standards, it’s less important to me what they look like, and much more important to me that this area is a training ground for picking up girls in the same way Afghanistan is a training ground for terrorists.

    dchero’s last blog post: Abortions: At Lowest Rate Since 1974.

  • terps

    “How often do you get out of the DC area, my friend?”

    I might be a little biased, but I was born and raised in the DC area… and you might have gotten the idea that I haven’t been to a lot of places. Sorry I wasn’t clear on that, but I have done PLENTY of traveling.

    Boston, NYC, Florida, Texas, California (LA and SF), Colorado, Chicago, Mexico, Canada (Montreal and Toronto), London, Norway, Paris, Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Seville), and lots of other places.

    I would say that Paris is WORSE than DC. London wasn’t much better. LA has tons of beautiful women, but they are a bit fake. SF is a cool city, but I don’t know if I’d live there. Texas – especially Austin and Houston are FULL of hot women. Head turners galore. Montreal is great, too. Spain and Norway are okay, but better than DC.

    Joe, to be honest with you, I want to move out of DC. I’ve been looking for work in CA, TX, and NY and a few other places, but haven’t had much luck so far.

  • Anonymous

    So, being a smart, responsible, independent, interesting woman isn’t worth anything? I am a guy, I have dated some beautiful women, but I won’t marry one unless she contributes positively to the gene pool in terms of more than good looks, and doesn’t need rescuing from something every five minutes. I think you are out of your depth when you talk about marriage. Looks are important, but I’ll take slightly less good-looking in exchange for these other qualities. Fat is always bad, because it’s a sign that she doesn’t take care of herself. But there’s a difference between fat and more heavily built (but still fit/attractive). Long hair? Matter of opinion, and how it looks varies with the individual. Also, a comment on your alpha/beta breakdown. Your categorization only works for people who attempt to operate in the world like you do. In that set of people, those who are good at your game are alphas, those who are bad at your game are betas. But there are a lot of people who don’t agree with your way of looking at things–you seem to label them betas too, but that categorization doesn’t make sense. I stand by previous comments I’ve made: you aren’t that bright, and are basically a dick, but have cornered a niche market on the frat-guy dating system. You have managed to capitalize on your own shortcomings, and I guess you deserve some props for that.

  • Joe T.

    Terps, interesting comments…

    By the way, as an aside, in my experience, London (and the UK in general) is the single most underrated place in the world, in terms of hot women.

    Maybe it’s just me because I like light hair, fair rosy complexions, blue eyes with those high arching eyebrows, and delicate features (probably more so than Roosh, whose tastes run more to the dark and sultry)… but London is an absolute hotbed of stunning girls. Everywhere you turn, in the Underground, on the streets, in museums, in restaurants, your eyes are bombarded with gorgeous girls. And I’m not even talking about models… most of them are just average, everyday British girls. Same for almost all places in the UK.

    French women – they have attitude. They are very hard to get to know, and very private. They don’t like small talk. French girls (like all French people) are proud, intellectually arrogant, closed, and obsessed with their personal space. That’s much different from the sense of entitlement of DC girls, who all think they’re entitled to a 9 or 10 boyfriend no matter how plain they look.

  • terps

    Joe, that might explain how you feel about London… my tastes are more like Roosh’s, which makes sense bc I’m middle eastern. I’d date blonde women with blue eyes, but I don’t go crazy about them. but those brunettes with curves walking around in Texas, Spain, and NYC, man…

  • Joe T.

    Terps, also plenty of Middle Easterners, Greeks, Indians, etc. in London… It’s the most diverse place I have ever been in, and that includes NYC and LA.

  • tom’s girl

    Lisa you answered your own question.. regarding the short hair, those women you mentioned were all FAMOUS. celebrities are always exempt from the rules. look around at the everyday women you see.

  • Lisa

    Well if you want to stand out I’d say DON’T look around at the everyday women. Modern women just follow the trends. They don’t consider what really enhances their features. Therefore they flip their hair out, have muffin tops and never wear dresses.

  • Joe T.

    Lisa, what is this thing with all the young professional women wearing pants suits these days in DC and NYC? This is a big turnoff.

    Hate to keep on bringing up London, but not only are the women amazingly beautiful there, they also don’t skimp a bit on showing their femininity. The vast majority wear skirts and dresses to work, and really pay close attention to looking “pretty”.

    I find that very nice, refreshing, and puts me in such a good mood when I go there. It’s like being in a different world.

  • Anony
  • Tampa

    As looks oriented as they come, it is still kinda nice to have a chick who is chill. They don’t seem to really exist much anymore.

    My buddy use to always say to me.. “show me a guy with a hot chick, and I’ll show you a guy that is tired of fucking her.”

    So looks are what hook, but a chill personality is what keeps the cat from straying.

    And most of the time the guys that are banging the hot chicks have a mulitude of options. I am from the camp that states that 15% of the guys are baning 90% of the women. If you want those 15% of the guys, you have to be chill. Nothing gets older than a controling – sappy- pretentious – hot chick who just lyes there as you bang her.

  • Joe T.

    Anony, I saw that article too, when it came out, and I can honestly say that guy doesn’t know what the fuck he’s talking about.

    First, notice that he does mention that British women are blessed with “natural” beauty, which is true.

    On the grooming issue, this guy must be either gay or he must be living in his cellar playing video games.

    OK, maybe if you go out into the British countryside, or in small industrial towns, and mind you concentrate on only older women, say, 45+, yes, British women may be unkempt, or more commonly, wear gnarly, very conservative and unsexy clothes.

    Compare that with American women in cities like LA and San Diego, where you have a lot of these so-called “urban cougars”, who are women 40 or 45+, who still think they can get younger, hot guys by getting plastic surgery, tanning, and working out. Those things in general are phenomena that don’t exist at all in England.

    But if you concentrate on the younger women (and I mean 20 and 30 something) of London, just the opposite is true. The density of naturally stunning women is higher there than I’ve seen anywhere in the United States — not slightly higher, much higher.

    Plus, they are exquisitely well groomed, and they will actually wear a stylish, sexy dress (not the asexual pants suit or some other nondescript “sweater, pants, and jacket” combination), to work. And these aren’t tarts, they’re young women working at comparable jobs to what you’d see in DC.

  • Anonymous

    I think any girl that disagrees with you probably just doesn’t want to date your kind anyway. There is a whole world of plain people, men and women, that date and marry other plain people. Their life isn’t dictated by the bar scene. They have families and take summer vacations,have brunch with their friends on Sunday and take their kids to ballet class. They don’t care what Roosh says, or whether a high-powered DC attorney would want to fuck them or date them.
    The fact that you live in a world where your way is the only way makes YOU delusional. I know it’s cool to be single and alpha and hitting the hottest thing that wanders up to the bar these days, but you gotta wonder who is ultimately happier…the dude with a sub-par wife who makes him pancakes every saturday, or the dude who spends his life country-hopping for adolescent drunk girls. Just saying…

  • Sarah

    Latino and black men like “thick” women. I consistently see sexy latino or black men with fat women. This rule doesn’t apply there.

  • Joe T.

    Anonymous, whoever you are (the one who’s posted two tirades on this thread insulting Roosh)… Roosh is not prescribing his code of conduct for everyone. His blog, his book, his stories and his advice, for what they’re worth, are targeted at a very specific audience.

    It’s funny, your second little diatribe sounded like a speech by Mike Huckabee or something. Very funny, but it has nothing to do with what Roosh is actually doing on this site.

  • Bronson

    So where would you say the most attractive women are in the US? Narrow it down to a single zip code if possible; I hate walking far.

  • Anonymous

    You need to travel a little more. Go to a good Colorado-Oklahoma American-style football game and it’s like you’ve found Norway in America. Same for deep south (Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, etc). They’re into looking good.

  • Ida

    Every girl should at some point experience short-ish hair; it’s a worthwhile realization.

    Not to mock you, but word has it that Neil Strauss is writing The Game for women.

    Ida’s last blog post: I need adult supervision….

  • GetSome

    Spot on job my friend, spot on.

  • Anonymous

    southern girls are beautiful. west coast talent is pretty strong. even mid american has some good ones. does that mean DC and hte rest of the northeast is just plain unlucky?

  • Bobby Rio

    Northeast just unlucky???? I can say that New Jersey and New York have some smoking hot girls…

    But the Jersey attitude is notoriously bad… so yea maybe we are unlucky

    Bobby Rio’s last blog post: My Worst Hook-up Stories.

  • DF

    Joe T, I’ve lived in London – currently live in NY – and I continue to travel between the two cities. London does not have more talent than NY has, it simply doesn’t. You can’t exclude the borroughs when speaking of NY either. Moreover, the UK doesn’t hold a candle to the talent in Norway or Sweden. London has benefited from a recent surge of Polish immigration but that’s very recent. I don’t see London as being anymore diverse than NY. In my opinion the most underrated place in Europe is Estonia, specifically Tallinn.

    However, I think NY is anomolous for the northeast. The best looking women in the US continue to be found out west and in the south. What Manhattan women suffer from, which takes away from their attractiveness (and I single out Manhattan girls) is self-selection. Many come to NY because they are ambitious, agressive, and many Manhattan girls are obsessive status seekers. These girls don’t know how to relax.

  • mike says

    how does chicago fair in the rankings? i’m talking looks and personality.

  • boc

    anon, you need to travel more. Ok, Co? you’re joking right? Try major cities in Italy, Japan and France. They’re beautiful there.

  • Work from Home

    Joe T – I must say I disagree with you. There are TONS of attractive women in DC all over the friggin place, where do you hang out? Go to Lauriol Plaza in Adams Morgan on a weekend, or hit some of the newer spots like Ibiza, Posh, Fly. I was at Ibiza when they brought Kim Assdashian (I think DJ AM spun that night) and I could have sworn that I was in Mansion at South Beach. It was like a United Nations meeting, beautiful women all shapes, colors and sizes. Sorry Joe T but i’m calling BS on that comment.

    Work from Home’s last blog post: The World’s Most Evil blogger is sending one lucky person to Las Vegas.

  • Joe T.

    DF, thanks for your comments.

    I agree that NYC is a huge hotbed of beautiful women. I just think London is thicker. In NYC the majority of the beautiful girls hang out in Midtown and the Upper West Side, near 7th Avenue, Lincoln Center, and the Juilliard. Most seem to be starving actress types. So they are there for a reason.

    In London it’s just your rank-and-file British girls who are there for no other reason but that it’s their home. They’re the natives.

    In the boroughs of NYC yes, you have a some talent, but a lot of that is “ethnic”. You also have a lot of unusual ethnic mixes from all the immigrants. You might meet a girl who is Greek, Arab, and Norwegian, who’s like 6’2″, with Middle Eastern looks except blue eyes. That’s the kind of talent you occasionally see in New York.

    Unfortunately never been to Scandinavia except Iceland. Icelandic girls are definitely hot, but not much more so than, say, German girls. In Iceland you also have a small but significant subset of the population with exotic “Eskimoish” or “Lapp” looks like Bjork.

    I knew someone was gonna bring up the Poles and other Eastern Europeans who have flooded into London. Yes, they tend to be very good looking, but when I praise the women of London, I am NOT talking about recent Polish and Slovenian immigrants. I’m talking about the native-born English girls, who actually have a more intense and distinctly unique brand of hotness even than the Eastern Euros.

    Put an English 10 beside an Eastern European “10” any day and maybe you’ll see what I mean. They are in two completely different categories. The English girl will make your head spin, at least they do mine.

  • irina

    “But I don’t want a guy who just appreciates my looks. I’m intelligent, independent, witty, funny, blah blah.”

    the right guy will enjoy those things, too.

  • Trin

    I think young DC (and other American) women don’t go out solo because they’ve grown up with their ear stuck to a cell phone. They have no idea how to be alone with their self. They think it’s abnormal NOT to be talking to someone and looking for approval from others.

    If I was a guy, I’d run from any woman who was ALWAYS with other people. She’s going to turn out to be a very needy Cling-on.

  • roissy

    Women can do a lot of mean and unfair things, and they can overcome the “looks” barrier easily.

    this is a myth perpetuated by woman on the cusp of attractiveness who want to believe they still have a shot at snagging an alpha. the truth is that the typical woman can only boost her score at most 0.5 points by the proper application of makeup and sexy clothes. the underlying bone structure of her face and the natural tone of her skin, plus her youth, will account for 90% of how her beauty is perceived by men.
    the morning after, that 7.5 girl the guy met the night before is going to revert to her natural state of looking like a 7.

    In my opinion the most underrated place in Europe is Estonia, specifically Tallinn.

    the last two 10s i met were both estonians from tallinn.
    my travel plans are set.

    roissy’s last blog post: Moving Day Vignette.

  • Joe T.

    Trin, I think girls don’t go out solo in the DC area because a culture has developed whereby it’s considered a sign of being a “loser” for a girl to go out solo. This is a deeply-ingrained, and pervasive, pattern and amazingly it doesn’t exist elsewhere. In the DC area (for a lot of reasons), a culture of the “couple” has developed, where people think the highest and most status-filled position one can occupy is being part of a couple.

  • terps

    alright thats it, I’m moving out of DC

  • Peter

    If you are a woman over 30 who is single and unhappy, it is because you are overweight, have short hair, or have standards far higher than your attractiveness

    It would be a very interesting experiment to take a sampling of 35-year-old* women and compare the marriage rates of the least attractive (warpig – 3) with the marriage rates of the most attractive (8 – 10). I would be very surprised if there were any appreciable difference in the rates. Of course the hotter women would have higher-quality husbands, but would that necessarily translate into happier marriages?

    * = 35 is a good age to choose because most women who will ever marry are married by that age

  • Lisa

    I have a cute bob. This totally disqualifies me from being hot?

    Lisa’s last blog post: So, do you work together?.

  • eugenius

    I second the quality of estonian girls, a lot of them are a total knockout

  • Lisa

    Well cute does have a hard time being hot. You’re either one or the other. But guys do like cute girls regardless of what was said earlier. Cute is more approacheable. To rephrase the Simpsons, Hot is when she looks at herself. Cute is when you look at her.

    A good red lipstick can be the difference between cute and hot.

    Joe T., to be fair, in the corporate world a woman in a dress will probably not be taken as seriously as a woman in a suit. Your attire can work as a metaphor, and a woman in a dress is metaphorically not dressed for fighting. Along with this there is a degree of conforming. Women all look the same in suits. (So do men; they all look great.) There is comfort in conforming regardless of whether it actually looks the most flattering. Also women may say pants are more comfortable. You don’t have to shave your legs, worry about things flying up, some people’s thighs rub together etc.

    I think women just don’t know *how* to wear dresses anymore.

  • Joe T.

    Lisa – bobs are HOT! I have a bob fetish, actually, but it has to be the right bob on the right girl.

    I don’t know where Roosh is coming from, with his anti-short-hair thing.

    A plain looking girl will look a lot worse with short hair and can enhance her looks about 1 or even 2 points by growing it long.

    OTOH, an attractive girl is just as attractive whether her hair is long or short. Sometimes she can even look better with short hair.

    A chin-length bob, parted on the side (like Linda Fiorentino in the first “Men in Black” movie) is my absolute favorite hairstyle for a woman. One of my exes had that hairstyle and it was the very first thing that attracted me to her!

  • T.

    WHat;s the big deal about long hair? I never really cared all that much about it, and i never understood guys that did. When a girl is hot, I actually like the short hair more. It’s a true test of whether your girl is a 10 or not. Is anyone really going to act like Halle Berry for example looks better with hair getting in the way of that face?

    T.’s last blog post: The Unconscious Genius Of Athletes.

  • Anonymous

    Short hair only works on skinny chicks.

    if your thick — big boned… or wear higher then a size 3 or 4 — short hair will never work

    its like a fat guy with a beard… in only enhances his fat face.

    short hair on a skinny short chick actually looks really fucking hot.

    sorry roosh.

  • mike says

    Joe T. has no cred because he only likes lily white girls…and apparently especially the ones with little boy cuts.

  • Roya

    I have to agree with Joe on the DC thing. It is a great place for girls to meet guys. I moved here from the west coast and felt like the city was 80% male, and most of them had some kind of direction to their life… which is more than I can say for late twenties CA hipster boys.

    I think there is something to be said for personal taste too. I have seen conventionally attractive Abercrombie-looking boys ready to marry/in love with anorexic, old-ish looking girls…

    Roya’s last blog post: He’s just not that into me.

  • K.

    I’m coming late to this discuss, but girls and guys mean totally different things when they rate girls on looks.

    Attractive girls are usually pretty brutal when rating each other. Girls get marked down for any flaws. Unattractive girls seem to rate a girl as attractive if she has any attractive feature at all (as in she’s so cute because she has pretty eyes even though she’s overweight and has bad skin). No wonder guys seem like desperate horn-dogs to one group of girls and undeniably shallow to another.

    Guys on the other hand are pretty generous as far as ranking girls. For the most part, the scale is binary. Girls are either bangable or not. The 1-10 scale only enters into things when a guy decides how much effort he’ll put into bedding a girl and how much of her crap he’ll put up with. I’ve compared with friends, and basically being in shape and having no major deformities will bring a girl to 6. Bangable (while sober) usually starts at 7. And I think most guys would be pretty happy with a 7 who is pleasant to be around and are interesting to talk to.

    That said, there is not much a girl who is below 6.5 can do bring herself into the bangable range. Her best bet is to make sure she is in shape, never leave the house without looking her best, and be open and friendly when guys talk to her. That way, she might find a guy she likes who finds her a little more attractive than other guys do.

    The problem is that there are some girls who aren’t attractive enough that guys will make any effort and who are too picky and who don’t make any effort of their own (Jewgirls anyone?). I’m like “Ladies, I hit on enough girls to know that I don’t get my first choice when girls it comes to girls, that’s why I’m talking to you. That and the off-chance that you might be cool. But if you’re going to be bitchy, I might as well talk to a girl I’m actually attracted to and get the bitch act from her…”

    Since we’re comparing towns, I won’t name my town, but it has a reputation for having hot chicks. I think of it as the capital of “Is she really go out with him.” The town attracts a lot of twentysomethings who don’t know what they want to do with their life who work McJobs. The other sectors of the town are on average sausagey. Most of the bars are full of cougars and not hot chicks. I think a guy working in the service sector can pull a lot more than a guy with game who goes to bars and clubs…

  • Sassy

    You are my hero!!! For real

    Sassy’s last blog post: RIP Heath Ledger.

  • Lisa

    Well when I was really fat I had short hair and it was definately more flattering than long hair. But good hair doesn’t make you a size 2 and it doesn’t make a fat girl hot.

    Actually whether short hair looks good on you is determined by your face shape.

  • Anon


    If you hate DC, stay out of NYC. Everything bad you said about DC is the same in NYC, except worse.

  • terps

    Joe T, what are your thoughts on Houston, TX? I’m seeing quite a few job opportunities in my field down there…

  • Anonymous

    Are you a machinist?

  • Lisa

    woops that was me. Are you a machinist?

  • Joe T.

    Terps, my sister lives there but believe it or not I’ve never been there myself except for George Bush International Airport. From what I hear, it’s a very conservative/Republican place, they enforce few or no zoning statutes so that the city looks like a libertarian/anarchic dystopia, with skyscrapers next to condemned properties, and the climate is VERY hot and humid in the summer — even worse than DC, if that is possible.

    If you’re gonna go to Texas, I’d say Austin would be a much better bet. I plan on being at the South By Southwest festival, this March (7-11 for Interactive and 12-16 for music). From what I’ve heard, Austin is jammed with smokin’ girls.

  • Nikita

    I’ve had short hair for years, but ever since Roosh told me it would look better long, I’ve been growing it out. By this summer, I’m hoping I’ll have a really sexy ponytail and lots of guys will want to sleep with me.

  • Anonymous


  • terps

    Joe T, thanks for the comment… I think the conservative/republican thing probably applies to the suburbs of Houston, from what I heard it’s more moderate within the city limits. That’d make sense to me, because cities tend to be more liberal than the more conservative suburbs and rural areas. My cousins go to university in Austin, and from their pics on facebook, I’d say you’re right – girls there are smokin’. I hope it’s the same for Houston since it’s a bigger city and the average age there is just under 30.

  • Write your own paycheck

    Hey Roosh where’s my post?

    Write your own paycheck’s last blog post: The World’s Most Evil blogger is sending one lucky person to Las Vegas.

  • LONG haired girl

    – long hair (check)
    – sexy (check)
    – confident (check)
    – shapely (check)
    – fun (check)
    – intelligent (check)
    – shaves legs (check)

    ha ha ha ha ha

  • Joe T.

    Lisa – my guess is either Terps works for NASA, or he rides the mechanical bull for a living. (imagine smiley of your choice here.)

    Joe T.’s last blog post: Twenty-Four Hours In Buenos Aires.

  • Reggie

    Wikipedia claims that Estonians are closely related to Finns. Anyone care to weigh in on the talent in Finland?

    To whoever asked about Chicago: It’s the third biggest city in the country and the largest in the Midwest, so it attracts a lot of the best and hottest in the region in a smaller-scale version of the way New York draws attractive people from all over the country. I’d say that the majority of young, hot 20-somethings come from the surrounding suburbs, however, which are pretty white-bread, so if you’re looking for exotic variety, you won’t find too much of it. There’s also the matter of the weather: it gets punishingly, insanely cold here during the winter, the kind of cold that forces you inside where you pass the time by angrily eating fattening food, of which Chicago has a definite tradition. This creates a population with a weight problem, especially in the winter months, and exacerbated by the ability to cover up those extra pounds with the extra layers of clothing you need to withstand the cold.

    So while there are a lot of attractive women here and the male/female ratio seems pretty even, I doubt it can compare with cities in warmer climates where women have to expose their flesh to judgmental gazes on a more regular basis. The upside is that the women tend to be more relaxed and playful, perhaps because while Chicago is important, it isn’t the center of the world for finance, government, or entertainment.

  • Hope

    Reggie, it explains a lot that you’re from Chicago. Guys here are really quality.

  • roissy

    Anyone care to weigh in on the talent in Finland?

    i had a brief fling with a finnish chick. my impression of finn girls from dating her and from what i’ve heard described by people who have visited finland:

    very cute.
    very loyal.
    girlfriend material.
    silky smooth skin.
    sexual but not kinky.
    value provider betas more than american chicks.

    roissy’s last blog post: Thoughts On Morality.

  • LONG Haired Girl

    Chicago: agreed… the general 20-30 something populace is really good looking. Goes back to the fact that the midwest has nordic stock. Best looking city I’ve been to (in the states)

    Sweden: ..if you are into tall blonds. (Check out to see what I mean) -it is a site full of pictures from Stureplanet, which is the part of Stockholm where most of the trendy clubs are found. Swedish women are REALLY liberated. And as such, Swedish women are not used to men opening doors etc, and will find such American antics quite endearing.

    Estonia: yes, related to Finland. However, unlike Finland, Estonia has been under more foreign rule. -Russia, Sweden, Germany… Estonia and Finland actually have more blonds than Sweden and Norway. The look of your average Estonian is more “exotic” though than the Swede.

    Finland: They do share a language similar to Estonian. -perhaps I am biased. (Since I’m Estonian myself.) But I equate the Finns with white blond hair and bad skin.

  • Lisa

    Joe T. – actually he’s probably a *programmer* and he’s pissy about my calling him a machinist. But it’s not like I said operator. Seriously I’d bet money on the general industry.

  • Joe T.

    Lisa – I just thought because he mentioned that there were jobs specifically in Houston that he was qualified for (as opposed to Austin), that he’d be interested in NASA’s Johnson Space Center. Maryland has a NASA facility, and of course Houston has a big one. Austin is loaded with programming jobs, in fact it’s one of the biggest IT and tech centers anywhere.

    I just thought he might be looking for this girl:

    Jen from Liberty Meadows.

    Joe T.’s last blog post: Twenty-Four Hours In Buenos Aires.

  • Dasha

    I have travelled a lot as well and I studied in Switzerland. I found that most young professional (20-mid 30s) carried themselves with more confidence than I see some american girls. And it was not that “bitchy” attitude that some girls have in DC when they blow off a guy.
    To those girls who complain, let a guy hit on you, maybe you will get along with him. Go on one date, according to Roosh you don’t have to sleep with him until the 3rd date, so have some fun and don’t be so uptight.
    I agree with a majority of the comments about DC. But it does also depend on what you are attracted to and the scene you are looking for. Roosh’s post criterion is not for everyone.

    I think all girls should wear dresses, I know I do. The weather is too stuffy down here to wear a pantsuit, plus it is ugly. You can still be conservative and look attractive without pulling a Hillary.

  • Lisa

    Every girl’s a spinner in outer space.

  • Joe T.

    LONG haired girl – would love to know more about Estonia. I was thinking of going there, but aren’t there really bad relations between Estonia and Russia right now? (Cyber war, riots, etc.) If I get an Estonian stamp on my passport, will the Russian police harass me if I go to Moscow next?

    Joe T.’s last blog post: Twenty-Four Hours In Buenos Aires.

  • Ava V

    amen to the overweight issue. why do so many women fuck up things they can change? you can lose weight or get a good hair cut. Stop trying to be like a guy and match your boyfriend wing for wing. and stop trying to pretend you’re victoria beckham when you’re looking for a new haircut…it won’t work! you can’t change the face you’re born with. so if you have an ugly face, stop pretending that guys don’t matter and you don’t care. get up, go to the mall, hair salon, and for god sake’s get on a fucking treadmill!

    Ava V’s last blog post: Seinfeld Experiment.

  • Dasha

    Roosh, why didn’t my comment post?

  • LONG haired girl

    I haven’t been to Estonia in a couple of years so I am not sure of the whole Russia/Estonia thing.
    However, relations haven’t exactly been peachy between the two this past century or so…
    How a passport stamp will jeopardize future travel I am not too sure of. Unless you are planning on doing the travel during your same visit to Europe… I’d just say “get a new passport”

  • Joe T.

    LHG – the process of getting a new passport has become a colossal hassle in the USA these days, since the State Department made a passport mandatory for travel to/from Mexico and the Caribbean. This resulted in a flood of millions of new applications and chaos at all the passport centers around the US, so I would never recommend this to anyone. Once you get a passport, GUARD IT WITH YOUR LIFE, and know where it is at all times. Keep it until it expires. Losing your passport, or having to renew it, is one of the worst travel experiences you will ever have.

    Joe T.’s last blog post: Twenty-Four Hours In Buenos Aires.

  • terps

    Me? Work at NASA? pfffffttt NO! Actually, I used to work for them as an intern… I was hoping to be hired as a full time employee, but they said it would take two years to hire. I left the agency in disgust. In fact, I think they are a total joke outside of their space exploration programs.

    If you can imagine a black hole, right now… good… you know what it does to other stars and galaxies around them, right? Sucking everything around it right in. Now imagine your taxpayer money being sucked into a black hole like that. NASA is the black hole for your taxpayer money.

    No, Joe… excellent guess, but I’m more into the energy/enviromental field.

  • terps

    Lisa said: “Joe T. – actually he’s probably a *programmer* and he’s pissy about my calling him a machinist.”

    pretty quick to assume what my reaction was, eh? tsk lol

  • Joe T.

    Terps, I’d say it was an astounding guess (ahem…) Out of all the people in the DC area, how many intern at NASA… maybe 0.00001%? And I nail it without ever meeting you?

    Joe T.’s last blog post: Twenty-Four Hours In Buenos Aires.

  • terps

    Joe – damn straight, lol! Actually, I’m glad you nailed it… because if you did, then you’re probably right about DC women :) I’m definitely going to move.

  • Radar

    “Latino and black men like “thick” women. I consistently see sexy latino or black men with fat women.”

    As a black man who can appreciate some chunk, let me add that “thick” does NOT equal “fat.” I’d go out with Jenna Bush or Kim Locke for damn sure. But not Oprah or Roseanne.

  • Radar

    [i]To whoever asked about Chicago: It’s the third biggest city in the country and the largest in the Midwest, so it attracts a lot of the best and hottest in the region in a smaller-scale version of the way New York draws attractive people from all over the country. I’d say that the majority of young, hot 20-somethings come from the surrounding suburbs, however, which are pretty white-bread, so if you’re looking for exotic variety, you won’t find too much of it.[/i]

    …unless you come to the city. The vanilla suburbs don’t rule EVERYTHING. You can get all the shades you want in Chicago.

  • Dent

    “let’s take a look at the hair issue. Marilyn Monroe, Sofia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor; all famous sex goddesses and all with famously short hair. Gina Lollobrigita or however you spell it. All I’m saying is modern haircuts are crap. Viva la pineapple.”

    I don’t consider those women short-haired (even if their hair does stop around their earlobes).

    When I think of short-haired women I think of BUTCH shorthairs like Annie Lennox or Grace Jones. Neither of whom I would look twice at.

  • Lisa

    “I’m definitely going to move.”

    Awesome. Live in Houston where you’ve got the job. It’s a cool international and cultural city to live in as long as you’re inside the 610 loop. then on the weekends you can go down the road to Austin to ogle the girls at the UT games or ogle the girls on Lake Travis; party on 6th street all night; watch the sun rise on Mt Bonnell before you crash, have late breakfast gingerbread pancakes at the Omlettrey and then back to Houston. It’s the life.

  • terps

    Lisa, thanks for the information! I’ll definitely take up on your advice as my cousins currently live in Austin and go to UT there.

  • LHG

    Joe T.
    -try the whole greencard process renewal if you think getting a passport was bad…

  • Mel R.

    Take it from a local player, it ain’t all looks when it comes to women. Or at the very least, these guys aren’t looking for something “conventional,” as Hope says.

    Here’s the thing, the dating game works virtually the same way with each sex. If you’re looking for a good night out, of course you’re going to look for somebody sexy, whether that means somebody is physically attractive or just has that special something that nails it for you. But even a lot of guys will pass that bitchy blonde when they’re thinking about someone they want to settle down with, and you would be surprised at how many guys drool over redheads with glasses, or even fat chicks. Think that’s not the case? Maybe you should take a look at this little thing called the internet. There is porn out there for just about any taste, and that porn wouldn’t exist if there wasn’t a market for it.

    In any case, being a bachelor/bachelorette is a total blast for people like me, but on both sides there is a craving for a home life. It’s just a stupid gender stereotype that gives people the idea that all guys want to spend their lives getting tail and the girls just want to get married and have kids. Most people are looking for a happy medium.

  • dtcb

    To be straight forward, I enjoy being in Asia because it almost forces western women here to compete with the asian female to maintain a decent weight. Everyone tries not to ‘over do it’ and puts the chopsticks down before going too far. Being fat here not only stands out; in Asia it is ok to say to someone that they are “fat.” Asians are very straight forward about appearances. Ironically, they also seem to care less about them. Ugly people here do just fine dating. Fat on the other hand struggle more. To an asian it appears being fat equates to having no self control.

  • Mel R.

    That’s actually pretty interesting, dtcb.

  • Marley


    Your comments are more or less spot on, but you overgeneralize American male tastes in women. Is most of your audience white and middle class? I agree that women should get in shape and stop bitching, but plenty of men don’t mind a big girl.


  • Anonymous

    I learned the hard way that looks are really only important in the beginning…I’d say, about the first six months or so. By then, most of your friends have met her, you are used to her…like anything, the novelty begins to wear off. Those same traits that you overlooked because she was such a hot piece of ass slowly become more important. If there was never a really genuine connection, it gets old.
    If you are just on the hook-up, going on looks alone is fine. But if you are wanting to spend a lot of time with someone, better to find someone you just love to be with…seriously.

  • Mike

    “Since you are American and have as much sex appeal as a woman from Afghanistan, your only hope is getting your looks together.”

    I don’t know what you’re saying dude, I’ve met some HOT ASS afghan girls in this dc/northern VA area.. hotter than the iranian or arab girls.. some with black hair, blue eyes and shit.. HOT!

  • Sanjay

    He can get all the shades you want in Chicago.

  • Brandon

    Damn, it is really sad but true. I put up with a whole lot more from a 9. I’ve dated 9 that were so hard to get along with sometimes, and had they ben a 7 they would have gotten the boot. Guys will put up with a lot more shit from a 9 than a 7 or bellow.

  • Robino

    “Every weed in the desert is still a flower”
    -“Don’t Mess with the Zohan”

    Why can’t American men and women 1) accept gender roles 2) stop being prude 3) start being more open

    In other countries and what not [I’m also well-traveled] I notice male-female relations are much better.

    E.g. Girls go out with guys just to have fun, guys are social and willing to have conversations, girls are more willing to get down with guys . . .

    Here, there seems to be a strong culture of animosity and distrust of all but the most idealized, stereotypically handsome men and for many guys, a long history of extreme frustration with women.

    I think the main problem is guys not truly living their roles as men and women being way too close-minded with regard to even speaking to different guys.

  • K.

    I am a 20 year old American, and I love reading your blog. I should probably be extremely offended – hahh – but I’m not. I am very amused. Mostly because I don’t feel bad for girls who are used by players..they bring it upon themselves.

    Anyway, I have had a short “bob” hair cut my whole entire life, and have never had any problems getting guys interested in me. Kinda disproves your theory – but at the same time I guess I should take into consideration that I am still relatively young and “cute”…if I may say so. “Cute” is not sexy, but it does attract boyfriend-material type guys and seems to keep the players at bay.

  • Fabian

    Good post. I might add what I’ve learned myself: Any woman who has her act together and wants a man can get a man. Those that can’t are one or more of the following:

    1) Miserable
    2) Nasty
    3) Crazy
    4) Ugly as Sin (includes obese)

    Hell, there are even guys who go for women who fall into those four categories, it’s just harder for afflicted women to find them.
    Most men, on the other hand, are mostly socially inept. That’s why blogs like this have proliferated in the first place.

  • psywtdczo gyvn

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  • Seanna

    What you described here is OK for picking a one night stand, or casual partner, or high school flirt… Not a girlfriend. Let alone wife…LOL. In the end ALL that matters is the character. Here, I am sayin’ it: Character.

  • gg

    what you’ve said is…depressingly true!

    and very funny!

    “But Roosh I am thin and attractive with long hair but am over 30, single, and unhappy.”

    Then you do not really want a husband or children.”

    to quote a line from my favourite romcom – the wedding date – every woman has the exact love life she wants!

    gg’s last blog post: Public Transport!.

  • Emmaline

    Good day! The babes are here! This is my best site to visit. I make sure I am alone in case I get too hot. Post your favorite link here.

  • Atman

    THANK YOU Radar, no one seems to get that, yes I know I’m late on this thread but for fuck sakes, people on this side of the Atlantic Ocean don’t have a distorted idea of equating ‘thin’ with ‘sexy’…there’s a difference between ‘thick’ and healthy (i.e. really good indicators of fertility which means they have a better chance of having healthy kids which is why we used to have sex in the first place) and unhealthy, ‘I don’t take care of myself’ fat. That concludes my massive run on rant. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    You need to write this book ASAP so I can give it out this Christmas!!

  • rcker

    English chicks r my favorite they always pull down their pants when with me and i only game 8’s and above. I lived in maryland 2 where i got very little action for 2 much effort and those things about california and texas r completely right i never fail to get action with babes down there.

  • Anonymous

    Wow. You are a moron. I hope to God you die alone with chlamydia contracted from an overweight hooker with a bob.

  • Sif

    If men consider only looks for a serious relationship, how do you explain the hot guys marrying ugly girls? I’ve seen that a lot, including Europe. What makes the plain Janes desire hot ass boyfriends/husbands is cause they see such couples on the street. I have seen countless handsome guy-butt ugly midget couples in my lifetime. Makes you think, ‘if this ugly midget with thick ass glasses gets that guy, why shouldn’t I? I deserve that more than that troll’
    It’s in celebrity stuff too, look at Josh Holloway and his ugly troll wife. It gave a lot if ugly girls false hopes.

  • kEiThZ

    Guys get hooked for their provider status. A hot guy who can’t provide isn’t as attractive to women and therefore he has to settle for a less attractive girl.