Guiding Principle Of Male-Female Relations

This is going to be unpleasant.

I’ve been writing this blog for almost three years, and turns out I have failed to get across the guiding principle of male-female relations to women of the United States.

The guiding principle of male-famale relations:


If you are a woman over 30 who is single and unhappy, it is because you are overweight, have short hair, or have standards far higher than your attractiveness.

In Argentina the girls are fucking nutcases, but it is impossible to find a 26+ year old skinny Argentine girl with hair touching the top of her ass. Impossible.

In Brazil the girls are chubbier and less attractive but they have what is called sex appeal. Men are very attracted to this trait. Since you are American and have as much sex appeal as a woman from Afghanistan, your only hope is getting your looks together.

I know losing weight is tough with so many delicious flavors of Haagen Daz ice cream and Starbucks frappuccinos, but listen: calories in must be less than calories out. You can decrease calories in by eating less food, or you can increase calories out through exercise. Doing both will give you faster results. Also, lifting weights or doing toning exercises will give your body a pleasing appearance. This is something you have to do for the rest of your life. I know it will be brutal to miss your favorite television programs to get your body looking good, but this is the tremendous price you must pay.

Bonus tip: I have never met a fine bodied girl who washes down a night of beer or wine drinking with cheese or meat. Please research the calorie content of your favorite alcoholic beverages and the common late-night snacks you consume afterwards.

I know having long hair is a pain in the ass when it’s hot and I know it takes forever to dry, but you are not helping your cause with that “cute” bob cut. Men are not attracted to cute. If we did we’d all own puppies.

I’m sorry you have an unattractive face. Life is not fair. But you will have to significantly lower your standards if you want children or a husband. Not everyone is going to have an attractive mate. I have back and ear hair and various other deformities but since you are not as looks oriented as I am all I have to do is have personality, be interesting / confident, make jokes, etc. (i.e. have game) in order to get with women more attractive than I am handsome. These game traits help you so much less than me that it would be a waste of your time to work on them in place of body slimming or hair growing.

Also, have you have experimented with ways to maximize your looks potential?

You cannot compensate for fat, short hair, or an ugly face with education, an impressive job, or fancy purses.

“But Roosh I am thin and attractive with long hair but am over 30, single, and unhappy.”

Then you do not really want a husband or children.

I know every girl is going to write this off as too simplistic, mean, and unfair. It’s too easy for a girl to blame socioeconomic forces, a lack of “good men,” bad luck, or the media for her inability to hook one decent guy. So what I’m going to do is write a very complicated book called “Bang For Girls” that will be a glorious resource for how to look at guys, how to talk to them, how to date them, and so on. Let’s work on everything but your looks, which make the greatest impact on the men you get, so that you can say you are at least trying to make changes.

“But I don’t want a guy who just appreciates my looks. I’m intelligent, independent, witty, funny, blah blah.”

Reread the guiding principles of male-female relations again. Accept it or stay single.

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